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READING ROYALS 2010-11 Season


2010-11 Season Summary For Reading Royals Hockey

May 10, 2011

“Let’s Just Be Glad We Had Some Time To Spend Together…”

Team - Player Records & Notes


For the Good Times, Kris Kristofferson, © 1970

Eastern Conference xy GRN Road Warriors 46 - 22 xy READING Royals 44 - 23 xy Kalamazoo Wings 40 - 24 x Wheeling Nailers 38 - 29 x SC Stingrays 37 - 29 x Florida Everblades 37 - 30 x Cincinnati Cyclones 33 - 29 x Elmira Jackals 32 - 30 Toledo Walleye 33 - 33 Gwinnett Gladiators 30 - 34 Trenton Devils 27 - 37 -

3 2 2 0 3 1 6 7 4 3 2


1 3 6 5 3 4 4 3 2 5 6

= = = = = = = = = = =

96 93 88 81 80 79 76 74 72 68 62

ROYALS PLAYOFF RESULTS Eastern Conference Quarter-Finals Game 1 Reading v Cincinnati Loss Game 2 Reading v Cincinnati 2-OT Win Game 3 Reading @ Cincinnati Win Game 4 Reading @ Cincinnati 2-OT Win Reading wins Best-of-Five Series (3-1)

2-5 5-4 3-0 2-1

Eastern Conference Semi-Finals Game 1 Reading v Kalamazoo Loss 3-8 Game 2 Reading v Kalamazoo Loss 4-5 Game 3 Reading v Kalamazoo Loss 4-5 Game 4 Reading v Kalamazoo Loss 4-5 Reading loses Best-of-Seven Series (0-4)

“Oft expectation fails, and most oft there/Where most it promises; and oft it hits/Where hope is coldest, and despair most fits.“ All's Well That Ends Well (II, i, 145-147), William Shakespeare

Expectation is a funny thing. If you don’t have high expectations for yourself, chances are you’re not going to accomplish very much. If, on the other hand, you feel compelled to fulfill the expectations of others, the weight of that burden can crush your soul. And if expectations grow into feelings of entitlement, well, at that point you can pretty much assure yourself that trouble with a capital “T” is looming on the horizon. That being said, expectations for the 2010-11 Royals, whether self-imposed or thrust from without, were pretty high— and with good reason. In many ways, this was the most successful Royals’ team ever—or at least they won more games faster than any other team in the ten year history of the organization. And, some might argue, to go to the Billy S. quote-board again, ‘therein lies the rub’: when things go your way frequently enough—dare we say ‘too frequently’—you grow to expect that it will just naturally always be that way—oops, there’s the “E” word again. But, for me, I prefer to remember this season for several other E-Words, as coined by Pat Richards in his catch-phrase ‘3-E Hockey’: Energy, Effort & Enthusiasm, which (I must admit) I see, not so as much a formula for success in pro hockey, as it is for the enjoyment of life. But there is one other E-Word that I believe deserves mention—and for which I would like to thank the boys of 2010-11—Excitement….See you next season, Mark Thompson.

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ALL-TIME PLAYOFF RECORD 2001-02 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11

Did Not Make Did Not Make 8 - 6 Lost In National Conf. Finals 4 - 4 Lost in North Div. Finals 1 - 3 Lost in North Div. Semi-Finals Did Not Make 7 - 6 Lost in North Div. Finals Did Not Make 10 - 6 Lost in American Conf. Finals 3 - 5 Lost in Eastern Conf. Semis


2001-02 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11

27 32 37 43 42 32 38 24 37 44 356 -

36 - 2 - 7 = 63 35 - 1 - 4 = 69 25 - 3 - 7 = 84 22 - 2 - 5 = 93 23 - 3 - 4 = 91 33 - 2 - 5 = 71 26 - 6 - 2 = 84 42 - 3 - 3 = 54 29 - 1 - 5 = 80 23 - 2 - 3 = 93 294 - 25 - 45 = 782



The Royals had a winning record in every month this year—except the first: October (3-4-0-0) and the last: April (4-6-0-0). For only the third time in team history, Reading won nine games in two separate months this year: (i) December at 9-2-1-0; and (ii) February at 9-4-0-0. This season was the first time the Royals ever won nine games in December.

The Royals reached the high-water mark of the season at twenty-two games over .500 twice, first at 35-13-2-3 on February 23, and a second time at 44-22-2-3 on the 71st game of the regular season: a 5-3 win at Trenton on April 1. The 2004-05 team set the record at 23 games over .500 at 43-20-7 on April 7, 2005.

May 10, 2011

2010-11 Season Summary for Reading Royals Hockey

Team - Player Records & Notes

TOP TEAM NOTES 1. The Royals won the 2010-11 Atlantic Division Regular Season Title in the ECHL’s Eastern Conference. This marked only the second regular season divisional title in the ten year history of the team. The 2004-05 Royals won the what was known then as the North Division Title in the ECHL’s National Conference. 2. For the second consecutive season, the 2010-11 Royals won as many games as the organization ever has in a single season during the ten year history of the team. As with the 2009-10 and 2004-05 teams, this year’s club ended up with a total of forty-seven wins (forty-four in the regular season and three in playoffs). The forty-four regular season wins for the Royals established a new team record in that category. The three playoff wins, however, were the second fewest ever for a Royals’ team that made it to the post-season. (In the 2006 playoff season, the Royals only won one playoff game when the team was ousted in the first round by the Wheeling Nailers.) 3. The 2010-11 Royals established a new team record with twenty-two regular season road wins, surpassing the twenty road wins for the 2005-06 team. Reading also won the team’s first two road games of the playoff season. The twenty-four total wins by the Royals was also a team record. The prior record for total (regular season and playoffs) wins on the road was twenty-one established in 2005-06 (20 regular season plus 1 playoff) and equaled in 2009-10 (16 in regular season plus 5 in playoffs). 4. The 22 home wins for the Royals in 2010-11 tied the third most in team history. The team record for wins at the Sovereign Center is 25 which was accomplished in 2003 -04 and 2004-05. The Royals have won twenty or more games at home six times in team history, and the team reached the playoffs in all six of those seasons. 5. The Royals put together eight streaks over the course of the regular season in which the team won three or more consecutive games. Reading also had a three game playoff winning streak. The Royals rang off five consecutive wins twice this season (11/06 - 11/17/10 and 02/13 - 02/26/11). The season long unbeaten streak extended for nine games (7-0-2-0), which was one game shy of the team regular season record for consecutive games without a regulation loss established in the team’s inaugural season (9-0-1) (11/24 - 12/14/01). At one point of the season, Reading went ten consecutive at home without a loss (7-0-1-2), but that isn’t even half-way to the team record of 23 straight home games without a regulation loss (11/14/03 - 02/24/04). 6. Reading lost four in a row twice in the regular season—and, unfortunately, once in playoffs, as well. The second four game losing streak during the regular season came directly after the team had run off a season high five game win streak (02/26 - 03/05/11). 7. The Royals were the leading scoring team in the ECHL in the regular season with 257 goals, which averages to 3.57 per game. That was just four goals shy of the team record (261) established by the high-flying Royals of 2002-03. In 2010-11, the Royals scored six or more goals ten times during the course of the regular season (and went 10-0-0-0 in those games). The season high-water for goals scored was hit on March 19, 2011, in a 9-2 victory over the Elmira Jackals. That game tied the team record for the greatest margin of victory of seven goals (which had been accomplished twice before). The team record for goals in a single game is ten (10-3 v Greensboro Generals on 01/18/02). Reading has scored nine or more goals in a single game three times in team history. 8. The Royals allowed 220 goals during the 2010-11 regular season (3.06 team gaa—ninth in the league), which was far from the team record (161 in 2004-05), but was the best team defensive effort in five years dating back to the 209 goals against in 2005-06. In the regular season, the Royals held the opposition to two goals or less thirty times and compiled a record of 28-1-0-1 in those games. Reading allowed six or more goals against six times (0-6-0-0) in the regular season with the opposition topping out at eight when Elmira put up an eight-spot on the Royals on March 18 (8-5). Of course, the Kalamazoo Wings did the same in Game One of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals against the Royals (8-3), which established a new team record for goals against in a playoff game. 9. Reading played to a plus-37 (+37) in the goal differential category this season, which is the third best goal differential ever for Reading. (The 2004-05 Royals played to a team best plus-59). This year continued the trend that if the Royals end the season with a positive goal differential with respect to the opposition they make the playoffs. Last season was the first time in team history that the Royals made the playoffs despite having a negative goal differential (-21). ((

10. The Royals registered 2178 shots on goal this season, which is an average of 30.25 shots per game (13th in the league). That is the second fewest shots the Royals have ever posted on the opposition’s net. Only the 2008-09 Royals, who registered 2143 shots on goal, had fewer shots on net than this year’s team. 11. The opposition generated 2612 shots on the Royals’ goal this year, which translates into a 36.28 shots against per game. That was dead last in the league in that category; but it was actually forty-three shots fewer than the team allowed last season (which was the worst ever for the team). Reading’s shot differential in 2010-11, however, was a minus-434 (- 434), which is the worst ever in team history. 12. Over the course of the regular season, the Royals scored 69 power play goals in 331 chances with the man advantage, which translates into a 20.8% scoring ratio and was third best in the league. That was the third best power play performance in team history. The 2002-03 and 2005-06 Royals both scored PPG at a 21.2% scoring ratio. In playoffs, the Royals power play sputtered by a considerable margin—particularly in the first round series against the Cincinnati Cyclones, when Reading went 1 for 21 with the man advantage. Against K-Zoo, the PP was a bit more effective (4-17); but the 5-38 playoff PP dropped rather precipitously from the regular season (13.2%). 13. In regular season, the Royals’ penalty kill allowed 60 PPGA in 340 chances for the opposition with the man advantage (82.4% kill ratio—ninth in the league). That is the sixth best kill ratio in team history. (In 2005-06, Reading killed at an 85.4% ratio). For whatever reason, this season, the Royals PK was considerably better on the road (85.2%—second best) than at home (79.3%—sixteenth in the ECHL). Once again, playoffs were not kind to the special teams—particularly the Kalamazoo series, in which the K-Wings went 8-17 on the power play against the Royals. Reading’s PK had a 67.7% kill ratio in playoffs.

GET READY FOR A WILD TIME The Royals enjoyed the team’s 29th sellout in team history (7160) at Sovereign Center on Fan Appreciation Night on April 2, 2011. The Royals historically 11-12-6 in sell-outs at home. Our next milestone? Some time next season we expect our Two Millionth Fan to pass through the Sovereign Center turnstiles—there’s a pretty decent chance of a party…..

ROYALS HISTORICAL ATTENDANCE Year 2001-02 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11

REA Total 217,624 208,430 193,367 194,865 198,864 193,238 195,481 180,180 177,934 164,437 1,924,420

REA Avg. 6,045 5,789 5,371 5,412 5,524 5,367 5,430 5,005 4,983 4,568 5,345

REA Rank 3/29 2/27 2/31 4/28 8/25 6/25 6/25 7/21 8/20 7/19

ECHL Total 4,197,947 3,645,201 4,366,824 4,035,770 3,933,193 3,752,503 3,756,191 3,317,017 3,229,463 2,967,752 37,201,861

ECHL Avg. 4,021 3,750 3,913 4,004 4,370 4,169 4,173 4,258 4,485 4,338 4,148

May 10, 2011

2010-11 Season Summary for Reading Royals Hockey

Team - Player Records & Notes




Andrew Sarauer led the Royals with 67 points (25g-42a) in 60 regular season. He tied for the team lead in goals (25) and power play goals (11) and led the team in power play points (30), short-handed goals (4) and first goals (7). For the second straight year, he finished the season on a tear, registering 46 points in his last 31 games of the regular season—and ended the playoffs on a six game point streak. In mid-March, Sarauer was selected as the ECHL’s Player of the Week, when he racked up 10 points over three games—a span which included his second hattrick as a Royal and his second 6 point game with the team. He is now the 3rd leading all-time scorer for the Royals: 130 pts (53g-77g) in 131 games.

Chris Blight registered 59 points (25g-34a) in 46 games, which made him the most productive player on the team on a points per game basis (1.28). Blight’s 25 goals tied for the team lead. Blight had an explosive month of March scoring 20 points (10g-10a) in 15 games, which he capped with his second hattrick as a Royal (the first dating back to November 10, 2007), when he scored 3 goals, including the game winner in Reading’s 4-3 win in Gwinnett on March 27. Blight, who picked up four GWGs this year, led forwards on the Royals by playing to a plus-18 (+18) this season. Blight is the ninth leading scorer in team history with 98 points (46g-52a) in just 86 games (a 1.13 pts/game average).

Ben Gordon became the Royals all-time leading scorer on March 18, when he registered his 140th point with the team. He completed the regular season with 57 points (23g34a), which gives him 144 pts (53g-91a) in 124 total games with the Royals. Gordon, who had 15 multi-point performances during the regular season, put together a 9 game point streak (8g-6a=14pts) from late-December through mid-January.) Gordon led the Royals with 215 shots, which catapulted him to the top of that category all-time with the team (472); but his most important shot may have been the one he took 88:15 into Game 2 of the Eastern Conf. Semi’s against Cincinnati, to end the second longest game in team history.




Team Captain Ryan Cruthers registered 57 points (22g-35a) in 51 games, a 1.12 points per game regular season (which included 17 multi-point games— tied with Chris Blight for team lead). Cruthers tied for the team lead with 5 GWGs—4 of which were of the 3rd period tie-breaking variety. Of course, none of Cruthers’ GWGs came later—or was more meaningful—than the series clinching double-OT GWG against Cincinnati, in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Semis. Cruthers, who is the team’s all-time leading playoff scorer (13g-19a=32pts in 32 games), is 4th on the Royals career regular season scoring list with 128 points (44g-84a) in 111 games.

Yannick Riendeau was the fifth leading scorer for the Royals during the regular season with 43 points (18g25a) in 54 games with the team. But Riendeau was clearly saved his best for last, scoring 7 of his goals during the regular season in the team’s last ten games—a late run that carried over into the playoffs, where he was the Royals most effective offensive force. In playoffs, he ended the season riding a seven game point streak which included four goals in the team’s last three playoff games. In his thirteen career playoff games with the Royals, Riendeau has racked up a total of 13 points (8g-5a). Riendeau, who was a breakaway magician, went 3-6 in the shootout.

Caruana scored 18 goals and 34 points in just 34 regular season games with the Royals. What is just as remarkable as scoring 18 goals in just 34 games—he did it on just 72 total shots, which translated into an ECHL leading 25.0% shooting percentage. His shooting percentage was nearly as good in playoffs when he racked up four goals on 21 shots (19.04%). Caruana, who along with Yannick Riendeau, had the team’s longest point streak of the regular season, rang off fifteen points (10g-5a) over a span of ten games from 10/29 - 11/21. He was the team’s leading scorer when he was called to the Toronto Marlies on 12/30. He played 33 games in Toronto (6g-4a=10pts).




Casey Haines led all rookies on the Royals with 34 points (18g-16a) in 64 games. Haines’ 18 goals came on just 106 shots, giving him a 17.0% shooting percentage, which was fourth best amongst rookies in the league. Four of Haines’ points (2g-2a) this season came while the team was playing a man short , which was tied for third amongst first year pro’s in the league. Haines final goal of the regular season came in the third period of the 71st game of the year and proved to be Haines first GWG as a pro—as he was one of 16 Royals to bag a GWG this year.

Jared Ross was the twelfth leading scoring defenseman in the ECHL this season with 33 points (8g-25a) in 61 regular season games with the Royals. Nineteen of Ross’ regular season points (and 16 assists) came while the Royals were on the power play. Of his 8 goals, none was more dramatic than his GWG registered on January 22 in Estero, Florida, which completed a three goal ‘kook show’ comeback for Reading. In playoffs, Ross was equally effective for the Royals, where he led d-men while Reading was still alive in the post-season with 5 assists in 8 games.

Olivier Labelle led the Royals in goals per game average (.552) with 21 goals in 38 games. Labelle, who tied Ryan Cruthers with 5 GWGs, scored his 21 goals on just 109 shots (19.3 shooting %). He racked up the second most penalty minutes on the team, as well, with 105. Labelle has 44 total goals in 93 career games with the Royals, which is tied for 5th all-time with Ryan Cruthers and Brock Hooton. In playoffs, Labelle registered 7 points (2g-5a) in 7 post-season games, He is also tied with Cruthers as the all-time leading goal scorer in Royals’ playoff history with 13.




It seemed that every time Eric Castonguay started to get his offensive game for the Royals rolling, something would happen to interrupt it—usually in the form of a call up or injury. Nonetheless, in 42 games with the team, Castonguay ended up with 30 points (10g-20a), fourteen of which (4g-9a) came in his last 11 games with the team. Within that span, he had a couple of GWGs including an unassisted, shorthanded tie-breaking game winner in Wheeling on 02/11. He also had 2 shootout winners this season.

Rob Kwiet was the 19th leading scoring defenseman in the ECHL this season with 30 points (8g-22a) in 56 games with Reading. His 23 power play points (5ppg18ppa) was second amongst D-men in the league. Kwiet, who tied with Jared Ross for the most multipoint games for a Royals’ defenseman (with 6), concluded the season on a three game playoff point streak, as he registered a goal and an assist in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Semis and picked up an assist in Games 3 and 4.

When it came to 3-E Hockey (Energy, Effort and Enthusiasm) this year, few guys were the Equal of Rob Slaney. Not surprisingly, Slaney relished the backagainst-the-wall work-load associated with penalty killing, where he was a principal factor in the late season resurgence of the PK. Four (1g-3a) of Slaney’s 24 points (7g-17a) came while playing a man short. In playoffs, Slaney bided his time until getting his shot in the Semis against K-Zoo, where he was a point-agame guy (1g-3a) in 4 games .

May 10, 2011

2010-11 Season Summary for Reading Royals Hockey

Team - Player Records & Notes




The Royals certainly had a number of players this season who could flat shoot the puck, but Alain Goulet was probably at the top of that list. You could tell that when Goulet loaded one up from the point, even the bravest of souls out in front of the net went diving for cover. Goulet, who earned an extensive re-call to Providence in March (where he promptly caught fire and registered eight points in sixteen games) ended up with 18 points (4g-14a) in 43 game for the Royals.

Todd Perry made his presence felt on a number of levels for the Royals this season. Three of his four goals this year were game winners, including a comefrom-behind OT GWG against Cincinnati in November. Perry, who led defensemen on the team in games played (63), logged a boat-load of difficult minutes and still played to a plus-9. Physically, Perry imposed his big frame on the opposition throughout the season, leading the team in penalty minutes both in regular season (115) and playoffs (40).

If we’re going to talk 3-E Hockey, it won’t take long for John Scrymgeour’s name to enter the conversation. Signed originally on a tryout, Scrymgeour, who ended up with 10 goals (3 of which were game winners) and 12 assists, just made the most of his opportunities. He also earned the honor of representing the Royals at the ECHL All-Star Classic where he picked up 3 assists. Late in the season, Scrymgeour earned an AHL call-up as well—and he reportedly played in his exceptional 3-E style.

ADDITIONAL PLAYER NOTES 1. Although defenseman Louis Liotti was the only player who played 25 games or more for the Royals and did not register a goal (0g-13a=13pts in 57 games), that fact may have just served to earn him recognition as the team’s Unsung Hero because those watching closely were more than willing to sing Liotti’s praises. He ended up plus-15 (+15), which was second best for defensemen on the team, and he logged critical minutes while battling through a series of injuries that would have kept many out of the line-up altogether. 2. Defenseman Ryan Donald scored in his first game as a Royal (in the season opening 6-5 win over the Trenton Devils)—and his last with the team, as he scored the first goal in Game Four of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals against the Kalamazoo Wings. In between, Donald was integral member of the Royals defensive corps—and more than one person associated a defensive slip late in the season for the team with the extended call-up of Donald to Providence. Donald, who tied for the team lead with five fighting majors, led first year pros on the Royals with 101 penalty minutes. He was also extremely effective on the penalty kill, where he led the league in shorthanded assists (4) and led all rookies in the league with five short-handed points. 3. Shortly after arriving to the Royals from the P-Bruins in late December, defenseman Cody Wild rang off a four game assist streak and put up nine points (1g-8a), while playing to a plus-6 (+6) in the month of January. Wild was another one of the defensemen the team lost down the stretch—he to an injury on February 23—that seemed to send the team into a late-season defensive swoon. 4. In one more ’interesting’ series of transactions of the season (which you would only see in the ECHL and over which the Royals had no control whatsoever), Tyler Murovich was playing for the Royals on assignment from the Springfield Falcons one day—and suddenly, on the next, he was playing against the Royals for the Wheeling Nailers (after Springfield recalled and traded him to the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins, who in turn assigned him to Wheeling). Murovich, who is still playing for the Nailers in the ECHL’s Eastern Conference Finals, had 10 points (4g-6a) in 14 games for the Royals, including the GWG in the 2-0 win for Reading at Elmira on January 8. 5. Few players have made the transition from U.S. college hockey to the pro game as seamlessly as defenseman Denny Urban. With a calm, cool demeanor and a skill set that reminded many of one of the best defensemen to ever play in Reading (Eric Werner), Urban joined the Royals after completing his senior season at Robert Morris University on March 6. Two games later, his first pro goal proved to be a game winner (against the Toledo Walleye on March 12, against whom he had a three-point night. Urban’s third pro goal also proved to be a GWG this one coming in the Royals 2-0 win in Elmira on March 20, when the Royals clinched the Atlantic Division Title. 6. Say what you will, but Vladimir Nikiforov, who registered five assists in twenty-four games for the Royals, was a source of energy and enthusiasm for the Royals in virtually every game he played for the team. There was an argument to be made that he was the fastest Royal all season long, often times creating turnovers on an aggressive fore-check and doing an admirable job of protecting the puck when he gained possession. 7. As long as you didn’t blink, it was hard not to like what we saw out of Mikhail Stefanovich while he was in Reading. His NHL-quality shot was on full display in his final game with the Royals on November 24, 2010, when he became the first player in team history to complete the hattrick with an OT GWG (against the Cincinnati Cyclones). 8. Forward Dale Mitchell made a big splash with the Royals when he became only the third player in team history to register three points (2g-1a) in his first game with the team—a 6-3 win over the Trenton Devils at the Sovereign Center on February 23. Mitchell, who spent the majority of the season with the Toronto Marlies of the AHL, played the five games necessary to become playoff eligible for the Royals, but unfortunately sustained an injury in his second playoff game with the team—the 2-1 double overtime victory in Game Four of the Eastern Conference Quarter-Finals. 9. .Brent Gallant made a strange and circuitous journey from the Elmira Jackals (for whom he virtually jumped Olivier Labelle in the Royals’ home opener) to the Royals, (where he racked up 52 penalty minutes, which included five fighting majors, and scored a goal in twelve games) to the Bridgeport Sound Tigers of the AHL (where he found a home in early February and racked up 73 PIMs and a goal 17 games. 10. Ian O’Connor joined the Royals on March 18 after the completion of his senior season at Providence College. In his second game with the team (a 9-2 win for the Royals over the Elmira Jackals at Sovereign Center), O’Connor made some lifelong fans in Reading when he reminded Yannick Tifu why you should always research a guy’ s background (particularly when it includes mixed martial arts) before squaring off with that guy. Lesson learned— or at least taught. 11. Antoine Roussel put a new twist on things when he asked to be sent to Reading from the P-Bruins of the AHL so he could become playoff eligible and gain pro postseason experience. Roussel proved an important asset playing with an aggressive style and producing a critical dividend when he assisted on the double-OT GWG by Ben Gordon in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Quarters.

May 10, 2011

2010-11 Season Summary for Reading Royals Hockey

Team - Player Records & Notes

MATT DALTON Alright, let’s just get beyond the level of surprise that most of us experienced when Matt Dalton returned to Reading for another year of work with the Royals. Not many people saw that coming for Dalton, who was the Team MVP and Rookie of the Year for Reading in 2009-10. Dalton himself, who may have been as surprised as anyone, got over it just fine, accepting his role in what many considered the best early-season one-two goaltending punch in the league. What clearly wasn’t a shock was that—for the second straight season—Dalton ultimately became the back-bone of the Royals’ exceptional goaltending corps this year. After starting the season on a rough note in the home opener against the Elmira Jackals, in typical Matt Dalton fashion, he bounced back for a shutout win in Wheeling on October 29 that not only halted the Royals early season four game losing streak, but triggered the most successful run of fifty games ever experienced by the Royals in the ten year history of the team. Also on the not so surprising level, in late December, Dalton was recalled to the AHL’s Providence Bruins, where he apparently experienced the extreme outer edges of both ends of the emotional spectrum—at one point ringing off an exceptional string of games for the P-Bruins (which included two shutouts) and earning their Player of the Month Award for January and at another having his ears rung and perhaps pinned back a bit in a rough patch of the road in February. And it was fresh off that emotional roller coaster ride that he ended up back in Reading in mid-February when he promptly put together one of the most dominant three game stretches of goaltending in team history, during which he (i) established the team record for saves made in a shutout performance (48) against the Wheeling Nailers (in the team’s first ever ‘shutout-shootout’ in Johnstown, PA) on February 18; (ii) kept the team ’Perfect in Pink’ the next night against the Nailers; (iii) finished the weekend with a 37 save win over the Elmira Jackals at Sovereign Center on Sunday afternoon; and (iv) earned the ECHL’s honor as the Goaltender of the Week. In those three games, Dalton faced 115 shots and made 112 saves (.974 save %)—ah, the shots and the saves...there were more than a few of those this year for Dalton (not to mention rest of the goaltending corps). Six times over the course of the regular season, Dalton made forty or more saves in a game. He ended the season with over 1000 saves in 33 games played and had the third best save percentage in the league at .919. (Barry Brust is the only goaltender in team history to have played more than 20 games in a season for the Royals—42 in 2004-05 (.928)—and have a better save percentage than Dalton’s this year.) But, there is only one number that ultimately matters in pro sports and it’s in a column under the ‘W’, and that is the column in which Matt Dalton has most prominently excelled over the past two years with Reading. Succinctly stated, he is the only goaltender in Royals history to register back-to-back twenty win seasons. This past year, Dalton also joined Barry Brust and Cody Rudkowsky as the only goaltenders that have had three (or more) shutouts in a single season for Reading. But there is one shutout victory that probably stands out more than any other for Dalton, and that was his fourth—on April 8, 2011 in Game Three of the Eastern Conference Quarter Finals against the Cincinnati Cyclones at U.S. Bank Arena—which just happened to come in his return performance in that building just short of a calendar year after battling through the disheartening 1-0 loss to the Cyclones in Game 7 of the 2010 American Conference Finals. Of course, this year’s shutout win in Cincinnati set up the double-overtime victory for Dalton and his teammates on the next night that served to vanquish the team’s Cyclone playoff demons of years past. And, there’s something about Matt Dalton’s role in that that surprised just about no one.

BEN SCRIVENS The ECHL has shown itself to be a bountiful proving ground for prospect goaltenders beginning the long (and sometimes not so long) journey towards the rarefied air of the NHL. We had one of those guys relatively recently who made rather ’quick’ haste to hockey’s highest hallowed halls and really was the talk of the town in the first round of the NHL playoffs despite the elimination of he and his Los Angeles Kings’ teammates. When Ben Scrivens arrived in Reading last October, he too gave the air that he may be beginning a similar trek to the top. The first element that was immediately apparent with Scrivens was that he had the right mindset for a prospect goaltender. He was focused on the process of learning and improving and not so much concerned with the location of where that process occurred. And not only did Scrivens have a positive mindset, he inspired a profoundly confident psyche amongst those around him when he was on the ice. Even when the Royals stumbled out of the gate at the start of the season and Scrivens was a hard luck loser in three of his first four games with the team, you had the feeling that things were going to turn in his direction in pretty short order. And then they did...and did...and did….for nine consecutive games all Scrivens did was win. Starting on October 30, with a shootout victory in Toledo and continuing through his final regular season game with the Royals on February 6, 2011, (a 41 save 4-3 win over the Trenton Devils), Scrivens became the first goaltender in Royals’ team history to win nine straight games. To be sure there were several spectacular performances in the streak—the fifty-save 5-2 win in Trenton on February 4 was quite a show— but his performance in that string was almost more impressive because of the way he made things look so mundane and routine, even though the Royals were a team that—to put it gingerly—had a tendency to give up a shot or two (or fifty-two as the case may have been). Of course, Scrivens was ultimately called to the AHL, where he ultimately earned the spot as the Toronto Marlies’ Number One, and he even got a look at a couple of NHL games from the bench while he backed up another former Royal, James Reimer, with the Maple Leafs. After the conclusion of the AHL season, Scrivens returned to the Royals in time for the second round series against the Kalamazoo Wings; but unfortunately he didn’t have the time necessary to re-create the rhythm of his run earlier in the year. And when he sustained an injury early in Game Three against the K-Wings, Scriven’s rookie season was brought to an abrupt end. But, from what we were able to observe, that was one of those endings that gave you more of the feeling that it was really more of a beginning.

May 10, 2011

2010-11 Season Summary for Reading Royals Hockey

Team - Player Records & Notes

THE GOALTENDING CORPS In addition to Matt Dalton and Ben Scrivens, five other goaltenders saw action in the Royals’ net this season—and every one them won at least one game for the team, except for Adam Courchaine—who got his introduction to pro hockey in a rather rude fashion in the second game of the season with the Royals, as Trenton’s Trevor Kell blew the first shot he ever faced as a pro right by him 14 seconds into the game. In that game, things went progressively down hill from there for Courchaine, who was credited with five saves on nine shots in 7:13 of game time as a Royal; but things went progressively uphill for Courchaine when he was recalled by the Boston Bruins and re-assigned to the Alaska Aces, where he went 17-7-1-1 (2.52 gaa, .909 save %) with four shutouts—and he’s the only goaltender who played for Reading this year who’s still playing, as the Aces (who were the best team in the ECHL’s regular season) are currently waiting for an opponent in the Kelly Cup Finals. It hardly seems fair to lump the other prospect goaltender the Royals received from the Bruins, Michael Hutchinson, in the ‘corps’ of goaltenders, as Hutch played in 18 games for the Royals this year and picked up at least a point in 13 of them (9-5-1-3). Hutchinson registered his first pro shutout on January 9—in his third game with the Royals—at First Arena in Elmira, New York, when he became one of three Reading goaltenders (Matt Dalton and Daren Machesney being the others) to shutout the arch-rival Jackals this season. If the Bruins were looking to get Hutchinson some work when the sent him to Reading for the mid-season stint, they certainly accomplished that task, as he faced forty-or-more shots in five of his last seven games with Reading and ended his ECHL stint with a more-than-just-respectable .918 save percentage. As with Hutchinson, It seems equally unfair to just lump Daren Machesney in the list of ‘other’ Royals’ goaltenders. Machesney, a guy with a Calder Cup Championship notched on his belt, had a topsy-turvy season in the ECHL which saw him bounce around with three teams, including the arch-rival Jackals (where the Royals actually beat him twice) prior to landing with the Royals late in the year. In Machesney’s first game with the team, he was introduced to Royals-hockey at it’s finest, facing 50 shots from the Toledo Walleye. In keeping with the Alice-in-Wonderland World of the ECHL, Machesney’s first win for Reading came against his former teammates in Elmira on Saturday, March 19, which was followed the next day by his Atlantic Division clinching shutout win over the Jackals on their home ice. Zane Kalemba, who played three games for Reading, won one of the most improbable come-backs in team history on January 8 in Wheeling, West Virginia, when the team was down 3-0 mid-way into the third—and on the precipice of falling into a deep slumber—but somehow found the spark necessary to pull off the late game three goal comeback for the shootout win. And lost in that victory was a late game save by Kalemba—which may have been the most unbelievable stop all season long—on Wheeling’s Mikael Bedard that preserved the Royals’ hope for the come-back win. Bobby Jarosz made 32 saves in his only appearance for the Royals in a 6-3 win over the Trenton Devils on February 23 that completed a string of fifteen games in which Reading went 12-3-0-0.

DEFENSE STILL WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS (OR AT LEAST GAMES) The most telling stat still of the season seems to be the most simple. The Royals held the opposition to two goals or less in thirty regular season games this season and compiled a record of 28-1-0-1 in those games. The only game this year that the Royals lost in the regular season when holding the opponent to two or less was the 21 loss to Wheeling at Sovereign Center on March 6 in which the Royals only mustered nineteen shots on goal. In playoffs this season, the Royals held the opposition to two goals or less twice, and, yes, won both of those games.

LARRY COURVILLE In his second full season as the Royals’ head coach, Larry Courville’s 2010-11 Royals won more regular season games than any other team in the ten year history of the organization. That’s quite a dramatic turnaround from when Courville took over the reigns of the Royals on January 6, 2009 with the team fourteen games under .500 (9-23-2) and basically lilting at sea. Courville’s 96 regular season wins (in 182 games) for the Royals (96-71-8-7) is the second most amongst the persons who have served as the team’s head coach. (Karl Taylor’s 112 wins in 216 games leads that category.) Courville’s regular season .568 win percentage is third (Derek Clancey = .615; and Karl Taylor .569). But Courville is on the top of the heap with respect to post-season performance: his teams have played more (24) and won more (13) playoff games than any other in team history. Courville’s teams in Reading have also been characterized by an element that’s somewhat difficult to quantify and even more difficult to attain throughout the ECHL—and particularly in Reading: continuity. No fewer than ten players logged time for the Royals on both Courville’s 2009-10 and 2010-11 teams, including core performers such as Ben Gordon, Ryan Cruthers, Andrew Sarauer, and Olivier Labelle. The fact that he was able to recruit to the this year’s team several players who played for the Royals under AHL contracts in 2009-10, e.g. Todd Perry, Rob Kwiet, and Jared Ross, is a testament to what those players thought about playing for Courville. And the fact that, for the first time in team history, every player on the Royals’ opening day roster had an opportunity to play in the AHL at some point this season is strong evidence of Courville’s commitment to work for the advancement of his players’ careers. Beyond the numbers, Courville and his assistant, Tim Branham, have consistently exhibited the dedication, desire and work ethic that they demand of their players on day-in and dayout basis. But, any way you cut it, there’s still a piece of post-season hardware that’s missing from Courville’s (and Reading’s) mantle-piece—and, fair or not, in pro hockey that’s the way guys at the top of the pyramid are ultimately evaluated.

DOWN BUT NOT OUT The 2010-11 Royals established a new team record with 18 regular season come-from-behind wins, surpassing the seventeen regular season come-backs for the 200708 team. Two of the Royals comebacks this year were of the three goal variety (including the ‘kook show’ comeback in Florida)— something that has only happened six times in the regular season over the course of the team’s ten year history. Reading also had one come-from-behind playoff win this year—the double -overtime victory in Game Two of the Eastern Conference QuarterFinals against the Cincinnati Cyclones. The 2007-08 Royals hold the record in that regard with five come-from-behind playoff wins, including a three goal come-back overtime win against the Elmira Jackals in Game Two of the North Division Semi-Finals.

May 10, 2011

2010-11 Season Summary for Reading Royals Hockey

2010-11 REGULAR SEASON (First Half) 10/16/10 10/17/10 10/23/10 10/24/10 10/28/10 10/29/10 10/30/10 11/05/10 11/06/10 11/11/10 11/13/10 11/14/10 11/17/10 11/19/10 11/21/10 11/24/10 11/26/10 11/27/10 12/03/10 12/04/10 12/09/10 12/11/10 12/12/10 12/15/10 12/17/10 12/18/10 12/19/10 12/26/10 12/28/10 12/30/10 01/07/11 01/08/11 01/09/11 01/14/11 01/15/11 01/17/11

@ @ v v @ @ @ @ @ @ v v @ v v v v v v @ v v v @ @ @ @ @ v v @ @ @ v @ v

Trenton Trenton Elmira Elmira Wheeling Wheeling Toledo Elmira Elmira Wheeling S. Carolina S. Carolina Trenton Trenton Elmira Cincinnati Cincinnati Florida Elmira Trenton S. Carolina S. Carolina Elmira Cincinnati Kalamazoo Kalamazoo Wheeling Trenton Florida Florida Toledo Wheeling Elmira Toledo Elmira Trenton

W L L L L W W so L W W W W W L W ot W ot W ot L W W L W W W so L W W W OTL W OTL W so W W L SOL


6-5 4-6 2-7 2-3 2-3 3-0 3-2 3-4 6-3 2-1 5-3 3-2 3-2 2-5 3-2 4-3 4-3 2-4 6-1 3-2 0-4 4-3 5-0 2-1 2-3 3-2 3-2 5-3 3-4 4-3 3-4 4-3 2-0 8-2 3-6 1-2

1– 0– 0– 0 1– 1– 0– 0 1– 2– 0– 0 1– 3– 0– 0 1– 4– 0– 0 2– 4– 0– 0 3– 4– 0– 0 3– 5– 0– 0 4– 5– 0– 0 5– 5– 0– 0 6– 5– 0– 0 7– 5– 0– 0 8– 5– 0– 0 8– 6– 0– 0 9– 6– 0– 0 10– 6– 0– 0 11– 6– 0– 0 11– 7– 0– 0 12– 7– 0– 0 13– 7– 0– 0 13– 8– 0– 0 14– 8– 0– 0 15– 8– 0– 0 16– 8– 0– 0 16– 9– 0– 0 17– 9– 0– 0 18– 9– 0– 0 19– 9– 0– 0 19– 9– 1– 0 20– 9– 1– 0 20– 9– 2– 0 21– 9– 2– 0 22– 9– 2– 0 23– 9– 2– 0 23– 10– 2– 0 23– 10– 2– 1

Games Start For the fourth straight year, the Royals took care of business in our annual 5 10 Pink in the Rink Celebration at Sovereign Center on February 19, 2011, by 15 defeating the Wheeling Nailers, 3-1, 20 as the team maintained it’s perfect 25 record in pink. But this season, our 30 success wasn’t just limited to one 36 night of wearing a specially designed 50 uniform. Virtually every time we put on a jersey that was intended to raise 60 72 funds for a charitable cause, the Royals won: (i) Law Enforcement Night (for Berks County Sheriff’s Department Reading K9 Unit; (ii) Penn State Night (for the Penn State Alumni Association, Berks County Chapter in support of THON—a 4-2 win over the Greenville Road Warriors on January 29; (iii) Jazz Fest /St. Hattrick’s Night (for Berks Arts Council)—a 5-2 win over the Toledo Walleye on March 12; and (iv) V&M Towing Warm-Up Jersey Night (for the Olivet Boys & Girls Club courtesy of Steph Hackash and her efforts in the Kiss a Pig Foundation) (03/30 v WHL).

01-02 0-3-1 1-3-1 3-5-2 4-9-2 7-10-3 12-10-3 15-12-3 16-16-4 22-23-5 25-27-8 27-36-9

Team - Player Records & Notes

2010-11 REGULAR SEASON (Second Half) 01/19/11 01/21/11 01/22/11 01/28/11 01/29/11 01/30/11 02/02/11 02/04/11 02/05/11 02/06/11 02/11/11 02/12/11 02/13/11 02/18/11 02/19/11 02/20/11 02/23/11 02/26/11 02/27/11 03/02/11 03/03/11 03/05/11 03/06/11 03/09/11 03/12/11 03/13/11 03/18/11 03/19/11 03/20/11 03/23/11 03/24/11 03/26/11 03/27/11 03/30/11 04/01/11 04/02/11

@ @ @ v v @ v v @ @ @ v v @ v v v @ v @ @ v v v v v v v @ @ @ @ @ v @ v

Florida Florida Florida Greenville Greenville Elmira Wheeling Trenton Trenton Trenton Wheeling Trenton Trenton Wheeling Wheeling Elmira Trenton Elmira Gwinnett Cincinnati Toledo Wheeling Wheeling Trenton Toledo Toledo Elmira Elmira Elmira Gwinnett Greenville Gwinnett Gwinnett Wheeling Trenton Trenton


4-7 3-4 5-4 3-4 4-2 6-5 3-1 4-2 2-4 4-3 4-2 2-5 5-2 1-0 3-1 5-2 6-3 4-5 4-6 2-3 1-4 7-2 1-2 4-3 5-2 3-7 5-8 9-2 2-0 2-3 2-5 7-1 4-3 3-2 6-3 2-5

23– 11– 2– 1 23– 11– 2– 2 24– 11– 2– 2 24– 11– 2– 3 25– 11– 2– 3 26– 11– 2– 3 27– 11– 2– 3 28– 11– 2– 3 28– 12– 2– 3 29– 12– 2– 3 30– 12– 2– 3 30– 13– 2– 3 31– 13– 2– 3 32– 13– 2– 3 33– 13– 2– 3 34– 13– 2– 3 35– 13– 2– 3 35– 14– 2– 3 35– 15– 2– 3 35– 16– 2– 3 35– 17– 2– 3 36– 17– 2– 3 36– 18– 2– 3 37– 18– 2– 3 38– 18– 2– 3 38– 19– 2– 3 38– 20– 2– 3 39– 20– 2– 3 40– 20– 2– 3 40– 21– 2– 3 40– 22– 2– 3 41– 22– 2– 3 42– 22– 2– 3 43– 22– 2– 3 44– 22– 2– 3 44– 23– 2– 3

GETTING RIGHT TO THE POINT The goal scored by Ryan Cruthers 8 seconds into the third period in the Royals’ overtime come-frombehind win at the Sovereign Center against the Cincinnati Cyclones is the fastest goal ever scored into a period by a Royals player, surpassing the goal scored by Cail MacLean 10 seconds into the game (against the Peoria Rivermen on April 3, 2005) and the goal scored by Eric Fortier ten seconds into the second period of the Royals 4-2 win in Dayton on January 30, 2005.

PICTURES ON THE WALL Going into the 2010-11 season, six persons associated with the Royals had been inducted into the Reading Eagle Wall of Honor: Larry Courville, Ryan Flinn, Brian Grogesky, Jon Francisco, Cody Rudkowky and Regan Rome. The Royals added 202 more names to that list on February 4, 2011, when the organization inducted those persons who have been season ticket holders for all ten years that the team has been in existence. The highlight of the induction may have been the group photo taken after the game in the stands at the Sovereign Center—if you don’t believe that, try getting 202 of your closest friends to sit still for a picture….


02-03 1-0-0 2-3-0 5-5-0 8-6-1 10-9-1 12-12-1 15-14-1 17-18-1 24-23-3 29-27-4 32-35-5

03-04 3-0-1 3-1-1 6-2-2 9-3-3 10-7-3 15-7-3 16-9-5 18-12-6 28-15-7 31-20-9 37-25-10

04-05 0-5-0 0-5-0 5-5-0 9-6-0 12-8-0 15-9-1 18-10-2 22-11-3 29-16-5 36-18-6 43-22-7

05-06 4-0-1 4-0-1 7-2-1 12-3-1 14-5-1 17-6-2 21-7-2 23-11-2 31-13-6 36-17-7 42-23-7

06-07 2-0-2 2-1-2 3-4-3 5-7-3 7-9-4 11-10-4 13-13-4 16-16-4 20-24-6 27-27-6 32-33-7

07-08 0-1-0 3-2-0 6-4-0 8-6-1 11-8-1 15-8-2 17-10-3 19-14-3 29-17-4 34-20-6 38-26-8

08-09 0-1-0 1-4-0 3-7-0 5-9-1 5-14-1 7-17-1 8-20-2 10-24-2 16-30-4 20-36-4 24-42-6

09-10 0-1-1 1-2-2 5-3-2 9-4-2 11-8-2 13-9-3 17-10-3 20-13-3 25-21-4 30-26-4 37-29-6

10-11 1-0-0 1-4-0 5-5-0 9-6-0 13-7-0 16-9-0 20-9-1 23-10-3 32-13-5 37-18-5 44-23-5

EVERYONE’S GOTTA GO SOMETIME For the first time in Royals history, every player who was listed on the Royals’ Opening Day Active Roster was recalled or loaned to the American Hockey League. John Scrymgeour completed the list of call-ups when he was loaned to the Portland Pirates on March 30, where he played three games before being returned to the Royals.

2010-11 Season Summary For Reading Royals Hockey

May 10, 2011

Team - Player Records & Notes

REGULAR SEASON AND PLAYOFFS INDIVIDUAL SKATERS STATS AND TRANSACTION NOTES Name Andrew Sarauer Chris Blight Ben Gordon Ryan Cruthers Yannick Riendeau Matt Caruana Casey Haines Jared Ross Olivier Labelle Eric Castonguay Rob Kwiet Rob Slaney John Scrymgeour Todd Perry Alain Goulet x Devin Timberlake Louis Liotti Ryan Donald Cody Wild x Tyler Murovich Denny Urban x Dallas Jackson x Mikhail Stefanovich x Matt Generous Vladimir Nikiforov Dale Mitchell x Richard Greenop x Brett Gallant Sam Roberts Mike Little x Josh Engel x Ian O’Connor x Justin Hodgman Antoine Roussel x Michael Hutchinson Matt Dalton x Will Acton x Brock Meadows x Matt Arhontas x Matt Baxter x Jimmy Martin x Eric Baier

GP 60 46 56 51 54 34 64 61 38 42 56 61 55 63 43 35 57 45 25 14 14 30 4 22 24 5 19 12 17 7 2 6 3 5 18 33 1 1 2 3 3 6

G 25 25 23 22 18 18 18 8 21 10 8 7 10 4 4 7 0 3 1 4 3 2 3 1 0 2 1 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

—Regular Season— A 42 34 34 35 25 16 16 25 11 20 22 17 12 18 14 7 13 9 10 6 6 7 2 4 5 2 2 2 2 2 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0

Pts 67 59 57 57 43 34 34 33 32 39 30 24 22 22 18 14 13 12 11 10 9 9 5 5 5 4 3 3 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0

+/+15 +18 +11 +7 +6 +3 -10 ev -2 -3 -4 +3 +5 +9 +8 +3 +15 +19 +7 +2 -1 -6 +1 ev +1 -7 +3 ev ev +6 -1 +1 ev -2 — — ev ev -2 ev ev -3

Pims 40 52 53 44 24 22 30 67 105 2 39 34 48 115 29 21 22 101 4 6 4 8 2 20 12 14 24 52 19 2 0 7 4 7 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

GP 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 7 2 4 4 1 8 6 N/A 8 8 N/A N/A 6 N/A N/A N/A N/A 2 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 8 N/A 7 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A


G 3 2 2 5 5 4 1 0 2 0 1 1 0 0 0

A 4 2 2 3 3 1 3 5 5 0 3 3 0 3 1

Pts 7 4 4 8 8 5 4 5 7 0 4 4 0 3 1

+/ev -1 -5 ev +4 +1 -1 +3 ev -2 +1 ev -1 ev -1

Pims 2 6 12 4 2 8 ev 0 16 0 2 0 0 40 2

0 1

2 2

2 3

-5 +3

6 26




















Transactional Notes 2 AHL Loans (RKF, HER): 0g-0a=0pts, 0pims in 2 games 5 AHL Loans (BRG, WOR, HER): 1g-6a=7pts, 2pims in 19 games 3 AHL Loans (ROC, BNG): 1g-2a=3pts, 0pims in 9 games 4 AHL Loans (LKE, MAN, HER): 3g-1a=4pts, 11pims in 15 games 1 AHL Recall (PRO): 0g-0a=0pts, 2 pims in 6 games 2 AHL Recalls (TOR): 6g-4a=10pts, 12pims in 33 games 1 AHL Loan (LKE): 0g-0a=0pts, 2pims in 1 game 2 AHL Loans (PEO): 0g0a=0pts, 0pims in 6 games 1 AHL Loan (BRG): 3g-2a=5pts, 74pims in 34 games 2 AHL Loans (BRG): 5g-3a=8pts, 2pims in 13 games 1 AHL Loan (BRG): 0g-0a=0pts, 4pims in 1 game 2 AHL Recalls (TOR): 0g-0a=0pts, 2pims in 8 games 1 AHL Loan (POR): 0g-0a=0pts, 0pims in 3 games 2 AHL Loans (PEO, WOR): 0g-0a=0pts, 0pims in 2 games 1 AHL Recall (PRO): 2g-6a=8pts, 10pims in 16 games 1 AHL Loan (PRO): 0g-0a=0pts, 0pims in 2 games; Traded to GWI (03/01/11) 2 AHL Loans (LKE, BRG): 0g-0a=0pts, 0pims in 4 games 2 AHL Recalls (PRO): 0g-2a=2pts, 13pims in 13 games 1 AHL Recall (PRO): 0g-1a=1pts, 2pims in 7 games Assigned by SPR (01/07/11); Recalled by SPR and Traded to WBS (02/18/11) Signed 03/06/11 (After Completion of Sr. Season @ Robert Morris University) Traded to GWI (03/01/11) 2 AHL Recalls (TOR): 0g-0a=0pts, 0pims in 2 games; Minsk (KHL): 1g-0a in 21 g 1 AHL Loan (12/15/10) (LKE): 1g-4a=5pts, 63pims in 40 games Signed 12/01/10; Released, 01/29/11; Signed 02/03/11 2 AHL Recalls (TOR): 5g-8a=13pts, 29pims in 48 games 2 AHL Recalls (TOR): 0g-0a=0pts, 23pims in 11 games Signed 01/04/11; 1 AHL Loan (BRG): 1g-0a=1pts, 73 in 17 games Traded from GWI (03/01/11); GWI stats: 2g-10a=12pts, 55pims in 49 games Signed 03/23/11 (After Completion of Sr. Season @ American Int. University) Assigned 10/15/10; 1 AHL Recall (TOR): 11g-8a=19pts, 14pims in 70 Signed ATO 03/18/11; Released 03/23/11; Signed 03/24/11; Released 03/28/11 Assigned 02/10/11; 1 AHL Recall (TOR): 12g-17a=29pts, 44pims in 42 games Assigned 01/29/11; 1 AHL Recall (PRO): 1g-7a=8pts, 88pims in 42 games Assigned 12/30/10; 2 AHL Recalls (PRO): 13-10-1, 3.13, .904 in 28 games Assigned 10/19/10; 1 AHL Recall (PRO): 7-9-0, 3.20, .894 in 16 games Signed ATO 03/22/11 ; Released 03/24/11; (TOR): 0g-0a=0pts, 0pims in 5 games Signed ATO 03/12/11; Released 03/13/11 Signed 03/09/11; Released 03/28/11 Signed ATO 03/02/11; Released 03/12/11 Signed ATO 03/30/11; Released 04/02/11 Signed ATO 03/06/11; Released 03/21/11

REGULAR SEASON AND PLAYOFFS INDIVIDUAL GOALTENDER STATS AND TRANSACTION NOTES Name Matt Dalton Michael Hutchinson Ben Scrivens Daren Machesney Zane Kalemba Bobby Jarosz Adam Courchaine Scott Darling Caylin Relkoff Dan Dunn Adam Roy Brent Troyan Shane Davis Alex Sincavage

GP 33 18 13 7 3 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

—Regular Season—

W 20 9 10 3 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

L 11 5 3 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

OTL 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

SOL 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

SO 3 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

GAA 2.86 2.86 2.23 3.18 3.94 3.00 33.26 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00

SAVE% .918 .918 .938 .920 .884 .914 .556 .000 .000 .000 .000 .000 .000 .000

GP 7 N/A 3 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

—Playoffs— W 3

L 4


SO GAA 1 3.15

SAVE% .902






AND THEY’RE OFF... Okay, here’s our favorite ‘undeniable stat category’: the ever popular ‘first goal’. The Royals scored first 39 times this season—the second most in team history (the 2004-05 Royals scored first in 44 of the 72 regular season games that year)—and the team compiled a record of 29-7-2-1 in those games, which is a .782 win percentage (second only to the Alaska Aces in that category amongst teams in the ECHL). Historically, the Royals have scored first in 348 of the team’s 720 games (48.33% of the time). Reading is 240-73 -35 when scoring first (a .7399 win percentage). In playoffs this year, the Royals scored first in four (2-2) of the eight games the team played in the post season: three times against the Cyclones in the first round—and just once against K-Zoo (in Game Four).


Transactional Notes 1 AHL Recall (PRO): 7-9-0, 3.20, .894, 1 so in 16 games 2 AHL Recalls (PRO): 13/10-1, 3.13, .904, 2 so in 28 games 5 AHL Recalls (TOR): 13-12-5, 2.37, .924, 2 so in 33 games Claimed 01/27/11; 2 AHL Loans (WOR): 2-3-1, 2.79, .896, 2 so Signed 01/07/11; Released 01/30/11 Acquired in trade (SC) 02/19/11; Traded to GWI (03/02/11) 1 AHL Recall (10/19/10); Re-Assigned to Alaska Aces Signed 12/30/11; Back-Up 1 game; Released 01/05/11 Signed ATO 03/01/11; Back-Up 3 games; Released 03/12/11 Signed 04/05/11; Back Up 4 playoff games; (04/11/11) Signed 04/22/11; Back Up 1 playoff game; 04/23/11 Served as Emergency Back-Up 10 games Served as Emergency Back-Up 6 games Served as Emergency Back-Up 4 games

May 10, 2011

2010-11 Season Summary For Reading Royals Hockey

Team - Player Records & Notes


TWICE IS NICE Andrew Sarauer’s hattrick on March 18 against the Elmira Jackals and Chris Blight’s three goal performance on March 27 in Gwinnett were both the second hattrick racked up by those two players. Sarauer’s first three goal outburst for the Royals came on April 3, 2010—the last regular season game of the 2009-10 season— against the Trenton Devils; and Blight’s first ‘hattrick’ for the team was actually a four goal game in Johnstown on November 10, 2007. Only three players for the Royals in the team history have had more than one hattrick—and only one player racked up both of those hattrick’s in the same season: Brian McCullough (in 2002-03).

The Royals last home victory of the regular season, a 3-2 shootout win over the Wheeling Nailers on March 30, 2011, during which goaltender Matt Dalton registered forty-five saves, was the 200th home win in Royals’ history. That game was one of four over the course of the regular season that the Royals trailed into the third period (1-2) and still won (4-17-0-2). Historically, Reading has compiled a regular season home record of 200-124-36, which translates into a .605 win %. In 40 playoff games at home, the Royals are 16-12-2.

PASSING THE HAT Reading’s skaters registered three hattricks this season: (i) Mikhail Stefanovich in the 4-3 overtime win against the Cincinnati Cyclones at Sovereign Center on November 24, 2010; (ii) Andrew Sarauer in the 5-8 loss to the Elmira Jackals in Reading on March 18, 2011; and (iii) Chris Blight in the 4-3 win in Gwinnett on March 27, 2011. Players with the Royals have scored three or more goals in a regular season game twenty-five times and once in a playoff game over the course of the team’s ten year history.

SIX PACK Andrew Sarauer registered his second six point game as a Royal when he scored two goals and assisted on four others in the Royals 9-2 win over the Elmira Jackals on March 19 at Sovereign Center. Sarauer also racked up six points (3g-3a) in the Royals 8-4 win over the Trenton Devils in Game 72 of the 2009-10 regular season. Sarauer is the only player in team history to register six points in a single game.



Reading’s offense topped out with the nine goal outpouring against the Elmira Jackals at Sovereign Center on March 19. That marked the third time in team history that the Royals have scored nine or more goals. The team record in this regard was set when the Royals exploded for ten goals against the Greensboro Generals at Sovereign Center on January 16, 2002. The last time the Royals scored as many as nine goals was March 15, 2008—in the St. Hattrick’s Day Massacre against the Wheeling Nailers.

Mikhail Stefanovich’s hattrick goal on November 24 came on the overtime game winner 2:02 into OT against the Cincinnati Cyclones. That marked the first time in team history that a Royal completed a hattrick performance with an OT GWG. That goal proved to be Stefanovich’s last shot as a Royal, as he was recalled to the Toronto Marlies immediately after that game.

The Royals scored fourteen short-handed goals this season. That was second only to the Elmira Jackals—who had 18— in the ECHL this season. That marked the sixth time in team history that Reading has scored 14 or more shorthanded goals in a single season. The team record was set in 2004-05 when the Royals led the league with 16 SHGs. The Royals allowed 11 short-handed goals against, which was tied for eleventh worst in the league. That was the fifth time in team history that Reading has allowed eleven or more SHGAs. The team ‘record’ in this regard was set in 2002-03 when the Royals gave up 13 SHGAs.


BAGELS FOR EVERYONE Three different goaltenders registered a total of five shutout performances for the Royals this season. That is the second most shutouts put up by Reading goaltenders in a single season. (In 2004-05, Reading had 8 shutouts). The three shutouts by Matt Dalton marked only the third time in team history that a Reading goaltender has registered three zips in a single season—both Barry Brust (4) and Cody Rudkowsky (3) accomplished that feat in 2004-05. Three of the Royals shutouts this season came against the Elmira Jackals—by three different goaltenders, no less. Dalton blanked the Jackals on December 12; Michael Hutchinson racked up his first pro shutout in Elmira on January 9; and Daren Machesney kept the Jackals off the board in First Arena on March 20 in the Atlantic Division clinching win for the Royals.


Andrew Sarauer

NHL ROOKIE OF THE MONTH (March, 2011)………………….…

James Reimer

2010-11 READING EAGLE FAN’S CHOICE AWARDS Offensive Players of the Year Presented by Ned Ehrlich, Esq…... Ryan Cruthers Chris Blight Defensive Player of the year Presented by V & M Towing………… Todd Perry Rookie of the Year Presented by The Works at Wyomissing…….. Casey Haines The Heart Award………………………………………………………………………. John Scyrmgeour Unsung Hero Presented by Freymoyer’s Hotel & Restaurant……. Louis Liotti Scrapper of the Year Presented by V & M Towing…………………….. Olivier Labelle Most Valuable Player Presented by Auto Spa of Wyomissing…… Ben Gordon The Fan’s Choice Award……………………………………………………………. Andrew Sarauer The General Manager’s Award…………………………………………………. Alex Sincavage The Star of the Year Presented by Deibler Dental…………………….. Matt Dalton

May 10, 2011 UNTYING THE KNOTS The Royals played fourteen games that ended in a tie this season, going 9-5, which is a .643 win percentage in games that went beyond regulation time, which is the best win percentage in team history in games that ended with the two teams tied. Over the Royals ten seasons, the team has compiled a record of 69-70 in games ending in a tie.

2010-11 Season Summary For Reading Royals Hockey OK AT THE SHOOTOUT CORRAL

This year, Reading won six games in the shootout (6-3), which tied the team record for shootout wins in a single season. Reading’s shooters went 21 for 46 in the shootout, which translates into a 45.7% shooting percentage—the second best shootout shooting percentage in the league this year (and the best ever for the Royals). Reading’s goaltenders stopped 32 of the 46 shootout attempts this year, a .696 save percentage (eleventh best in the league), which was the second best save percentage in the shootout for the Royals in team history.

EIGHT’S NOT TOO LATE On March 9, 2011, the Royals won an eight round shootout at Sovereign Center over the Trenton Devils, which is tied for the fourth longest shootout in team history. (The 12 round shootout in Trenton on March 26, 2006 is the longest ever for Reading.) Denny Urban, shooting eighth for the Royals, bagged his first shootout goal—in his first ever shootout attempt—to end the game in Reading’s favor. Although Trenton’s Ryan Hayes, shooting first for the Devils, scored on his SOA, Royals goaltender, Matt Dalton, stopped seven shots in a row to pick up the win in the game.

OT OVERLOAD The Royals won three overtime games this year (3-2)—all three of which came in successive games at home: (i) November 21, 3-2 v Elmira; (ii) November 24, 4-3 v Cincinnati; and (iii) November 26, 4-3 v Cincinnati. That marked the first time in team history that the Royals have played in three consecutive games that were resolved in overtime (and concurrently the first time the team won three OT games in a row). It was the fourth time in team history that the Royals played in three consecutive games that ended up in a tie—but the first time that the team won all three. The overtime game winners came from three different players: Matt Caruana, Mikhail Stefanovich, and Todd Perry. Matt Dalton was the winning goaltender in each of those games. The regular season overtime losses for the Royals came in pretty short-order, as well, coming in two games our of three played at the turn of the new year: (i) December 28, 2010, 3-4 v Florida; and (ii) January 7, 2011, 3-4 @ Toledo). Reading has played in 54 regular season games that have been resolved in OT in the ten year history of the team and have a 29-25 record in those games.

Team - Player Records & Notes

BRING IN THE LEFTY This season, Andrew Sarauer had the best shootout performance ever for a Royal skater taking more than one shootout attempt. Sarauer went 4 for 5 in the shootout this season (an 80% scoring percentage). Over the last two seasons, Sarauer has gone 6 for 9 in the shootout. He is one of three players in team history who have scored six shootout goals for the Royals—the other two being Olivier Labelle (6-11) and Ben Gordon (6-15).

PLAYING A LITTLE ONE-ON-ONE Royals Goaltender Matt Dalton was perfect—or at least pretty close to it—in the shootout this season. Dalton won all three games in which he played that went to the shootout this year and stopped fifteen of the sixteen shootout attempts he faced this year, which translates into a .938 save percentage—the best in the ECHL out of goaltenders who faced more than five shootout attempts against.

POINTING TOWARDS THE CENTER CIRCLE Seven penalty shots were taken at Royals games this year—three for Reading and four for the opposition—tying a team record established last season. Ben Gordon and Chris Blight were rejected on their attempts on the penalty shot; Yannick Riendeau scored on his penalty shot 3:49 into the second period of Reading’s 7-4 loss to the Florida Everblades on January 19. Reading’s shooters are 9 for 19 on the penalty shot in the ten year history of the team. The Royals’ goaltenders stopped three of the four penalty shots they faced this season. Michael Hutchinson stopped his first penalty shot attempt (by Dominic Osman on January 7, 2011 in Toledo); but A.J. Perry bagged his shootout attempt against Hutchinson on January 30 in Elmira. Matt Dalton stopped both of the penalty shots that he faced this season.




Two former Royals made their NHL debuts this season, bringing the total number of players who have gone on from Reading to play at hockey’s highest level to 18. James Reimer (22 games with Reading in 2008-09: 10-7-2, 3.30, .904), who made his first appearance in the NHL on December 20, 2010 in a 6-3 loss to the Atlanta Thrashers, was in many ways primarily responsible for an improbable late season run for the Maple Leafs which ended just short of earning a playoff spot in the NHL’s Eastern Conference. Reimer, who was named the NHL’s Rookie of the Month for March, ended the season 2010-5 with a 2.60 goals against average and a .921 save percentage with 3 shutouts. Drew Bagnall, who played ten games for the Royals in the 2007-08 season (1g-2a=3pts, 32 pims), made his NHL debut with the Minnesota Wild on April 8 in a 3-1 win over the Edmonton Oilers. He played 2 NHL games this year without registering any points or penalty minutes.

In addition to James Reimer and Drew Bagnall, who made their NHL debuts this season, six other former Royals played in the NHL this season, including goaltender Jon Quick, who played 61 regular season games for the Los Angeles Kings and registered 35 wins (35-22-3, 2.24 gaa, .918 save %), six of which came by shutout. Quick was in many ways the talk of the first round of the NHL playoffs, where he had several spectacular performances—including a playoff shutout—but proved to be the hard-luck loser in an incredibly tight series (three games resolved in overtime) with the San Jose Sharks. One former Royal still playing in NHL playoffs is Rich Peverley, who is an integral member of the Boston Bruins, after being traded in the latter portion of the season from the Atlanta Thrashers (where he had fourteen goals in 59 games) to the Bruins, where he completed the regular season (4g-3a=7pts in 23 games) and has continued his standout play in the postseason (1g-5a=6pts in 11 playoff games so far). Deryk Engelland had a break-through season in the NHL this year, playing 63 games the Pittsburgh Penguins (3g-7a=10pts, 123 PIMs); George Parros continued his traveling circus with the Anaheim Ducks (3g-1a=4pts, 171 PIMs in 78 games); Scott Parse had an injury plagued year (1g-3a=4pts in 5 games with the Los Angeles Kings); and Dave Steckel was traded from the Washington Capitals (5g-6a=11pts, 24 Pims in 57 games) to the New Jersey Devils (1g-0a=1pt, 2 PIMs in 18 games).

The Eastern Conference Semi-Final best-of-seven second round series marked the first time in team history that the Royals have been swept in a playoff series. Of the 240 minutes of game time in the series against the KWings, the Royals trailed Kalamazoo for 183:17, while the Royals only held the lead for three short periods in the series, totaling 11:13. BETTER BRING A MID-NIGHT SNACK The Eastern Conference Quarter-Final best-of-five first round series between the Royals and the Cincinnati Cyclones marked the first time in team history that a playoff series had two games go to double-overtime for resolution. Game Two of the series ended when Ben Gordon bagged his first pro playoff OT GWG to end the second longest game in Royals history 88:15 after it started. The series clinching Game Four came to a close when Ryan Cruthers completed a give-and-go with Yannick Riendeau 57 seconds into the second overtime. Over the course of the six seasons that the Royals have qualified for the playoffs, the team has played in eleven games that have gone beyond regulation time, and the team has compiled a record of 7-4 in those games (4-2 at home; and 3-2 on the road).

Reading Royals 2010-11 Season Summary  

The summary of the ECHL Atlantic Division Champion Reading Royals 2010-11 10th Anniversary season.