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Vietnam culture!!!!!!!!!!

By Mikala G,Shelby Y,Alex S,Brenden S,and Savannah G.

Objects Vietnam a place of colorful buildings and customs, see how and the customs are in Vietnam. Many of the Vietnamese live along the coast with a bunch of outside markets. They sell baskets, hats, and food, most hats and basket are weaved by hand and sold at markets. The market happen everyday every where! Their flag is red with a yellow star in the center. Other objects are most Vietnamese would bike, with a common motorbike in every house. Last is their instruments either it could be string or homemade ones.

Food Everyone knows that in the Asia continent everyone grows white rice grows rice. They grow white rice in big fields, like we Americans grow corn and other fruits and vegetables. People in Vietnam fish in small boats, throw the net over the side, and catch fish to eat for their meals. Most of their classic meal is rice and chopped vegetables, better known as stir-fry. They eat lots of fruits and vegetables, probably more than us because they have farmer’s markets everyday and get 100% fruits and vegetables. So last is the doings of Vietnam and if you eat a watermelon with a dark red center it means good luck for the year.

Doings Vietnam has a population of over 64 million and a lot of doings. People in Vietnam have a home alter where they light candles to remember there dead ancestors. They bow down instead of shaking hands like we do in America. Most of their doings begin in a social situation like fashion, food, and dance style. When they eat and what they wear they bend down on pillows and eat, plus for religious wear they wear colorful silk. The customs are important because so they know where they came from and what country who to give credit to, so hope you know

all the customs of Vietnam.

Clothing, fabrics and styles in Vietnam

People in Vietnam wear common clothes and occasionally ao dai. Ao dai are a traditional dress worn by both men and women. Ao dai could come in different colors. Ao dai differ for men and women. A woman’s is longer and tighter. A man’s is shorter and looser.

Ao dais was originally made of Lao. Lao is a fabric used for ao dais awhile ago, but other fabrics are now used in ao dais. So Lao isn’t as commonly used as it used to be. People also wear a straw hat to protect them against the sun. Sandals were probably made from straw in ancient times. Lao stands for silk.

An example of what ao dais is made of. (This is a silk pouch)

People wear special ao dais for festivals. Each festival has a special ao dai in a respective color for each festival. These ao dais are made from Lao. People also wear a low cone shaped hat. So with all that said Vietnamese people have many different fabrics and styles of clothing and festivals.

Vietnamese Food The Popular Dishes and Drinks of Vietnam Popular dishes have sautĂŠed vegetables, tofu, and a seafood-based broth with vegetables called Cahn, and a variety of pork, fish, of meat dishes. The most popular feast items are pork, chicken, and vegetable dishes served with rice. The national dish of Vietnam is Pho, a noodle soup. Widely available drinks are soft drinks, fruit and sugar cane juices and coconut milk. Green tea is the most popular drink.

Some Other Ingredients in Food Most Vietnamese eat chiefly fish, rice, and vegetables. People in central Vietnam often eat beans, corn, cassava, sweet potatoes, or other starchy foods other than rice. Rice has long been the basic food in Vietnam. Many Vietnamese eat boiled rice with vegetables, tofu, seafood, chicken, pork, or duck. Nuoc Mam is a fish sauce it is used to season many dishes.

Other information about Vietnamese food Vietnamese eat with chopsticks and rice bowls for most meals. Rice is the dietary sample which most people eat three meals of a day. It is considered lazy to eat a rice bowl on the table so they use their hands to hold the bowl.

Vietnam Religion By Mikala Gilbertson

Part 1: The Religion they practiced One of the most popular religions in Vietnam is Buddhism. Some of the other people in Vietnam practice Christianity. Cao Dai is the name of the religion that is only found in Vietnam. 9% of the people practice Buddhism and 7% of the people are Catholic. Vietnamese practice several religions at the same time, they are also always guaranteed freedom of religion. They also believe in Islam and Protestantism.

Part 2: Ancestors and Spirits. Most of Vietnamese also worship the spirits of their ancestors. Almost every Vietnamese family has an altar were they worship their ancestors. Almost all Vietnamese worship spirits. Families also worship the Cong, or the god of the home, who protects the home and blesses the family.

Part 3: New Years and more Religions. Hoa Hao is another type of religion in Vietnam. Most religions are on the southern part of the country. They call New Years Day “Tet.” The most important ritual event is the Lunar New Year they celebrate the religion of their ancestors and spirits.

Vietnam War I’m going to tell you some important facts about the Vietnam War that many people don’t know, like, the Vietnam War was one of the longest wars in history, that’s why I’ll tell you the dates in a time line. In 1868, the Vietnam War became part of the French Empire. In 1946, war breaks out between France and Vietnam. In 1959, the first U.S. military advisers were killed in Vietnam. In 1960, John F. Kennedy was elected U.S. president, than a year later, he promised more aid to the South Vietnam. Finally last, in 1965, the first U.S. fighting troops were sent to Vietnam, 184,310 U.S. troops in Vietnam were sent to fight the French.

More Vietnam War For many Americans, the war in Vietnam is a bad memory. It’s also the most unpopular war in our history. Millions of Vietnamese and 58,000 Americans lost their lives in a distant war few people understood. We couldn’t keep the Vietnam from becoming a communist country. Today, Americans still talk about the Vietnam War and how 246 men were awarded the Medal of Honor during the war. That’s so cool!

The Vietnam War 75,000 men were severely disabled after the Vietnam War and 5,283 lost limbs. Of those killed, 61% were younger than 21 and the oldest man killed was 62 years old. 5 of the men that were killed were only 16 and of those killed 17,539 were married. The Vietnam War is the longest war in which the U.S. took part. By 1969, the U.S. slowly began to withdraw troops. That’s all that I found, but there is plenty more facts.


vietnam culture

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