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By: Eddie, Riley, Tailor, Jeff, and Quinton

Greek Poetry

Greeks are very artistic people most of their skills are poetry , music, and architecture. Greeks were the first poets. The first poem was made around 349 B.C. Some Greek plays often have poems in them. Most Greek plays are preformed on ancient stages in Greece.

“Hero’s”. Greek sculptors were paid immensely for their temples. Most Greek sculptors were Phidias. Most sculptors often portrayed gods and or goddesses.Greek sculptors were considered talented “Hero’s”.

Ancient Greece loved music. We know that Greece had pipes ,lyres, drums and cymbals. Their pipes were made of wood or reeds . Some were played like flutes and some were played like recorders.

Greek holidays

Military related holidays

One of the most important military days is Ochi day. When the Greek ruler said, “No” to Hitler when he wanted Greece to be his allies. They also have a day for military’s saint Barbara. They celebrate Independence day. Last they have a Greek anniversary they finally overthrow the Turks that ruled them over 400 years.

Special events

Easter Sunday is a very important day for Greek churches. During lent the Greeks don’t drink alcohol, eat meat, and olive oil. On Labor day they have picnics and have kites in the sky. At midnight in New Years Eve the Greek have a special cake. Inside the cake is a coin, the person who finds the coin is believed for “good luck” for the rest of the year. They also have a day called,Pascha day for the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Last they celebrate the Olympics.

Music and dances related

On Europe music day, the Greeks play music for 3 days. They

GREEK HISTORY Ancient History Let’s start of with some simple ancient facts. The first Olympics were held in 776 B.C. Literature, philosophy, and art began to flourish in ancient Greece. Ancient Greece civilization reached its peak during that period. During that period Athens was the center of a vast over Sea Empire. Philip of Macedonia conquered Greece in 338 B.C and was assainated.

Before the Trojan horse was in Troy Odysseus wanted to make a giant wooden horse to get a group of soldiers in to troy. So he left Sinon behind to open the gates of Troy. Then the Greece sailed away. Then they sailed back that night to charge into troy. While the soldiers where still in the horse.

The horse in troy The Greece soldiers then came out of the horse. The other Greeks charged in to troy. The Greeks killed the Trojans in their sleep. The survivors were taken as slaves for the Greeks. Odysseus adopted a boy that was from a Trojan because it was Odysseus old friend. So Odysseus took the boy and his siblings and raised them.

also have goat dances for the gods. In the town of Anaxos on Lesvos they celebrate Saint Padelimos with music. The village of Agia Markela on the island of Chios has religious festivals with dancing.

Greek Mythology Greek Monsters The Greek monsters play a big part in Greek mythology. Here are some facts about the monsters. The Cyclops is a giant monster with one eye. The Hecatoncheries is a huge monster with 100 heads! That would be a scary sight. A centaur is a half man half human. They will actually help the humans in war against the monsters. Finally, the Gorgons are female monsters with snakes for their hair. That is what Medusa is!

Greek Gods

Greek Gods

The Greek gods are very cool and each with some kind of powers. Did you know that Zues’ Roman name is Jupiter? Hera was Zues’ wife. They lived on Mt. Olympus together. Poseidon was the god of the sea. He could make a nice and safe ride home for the sailors, or he could send in storms that would wreck their boats. Ares was the god of war. He supposedly helped the Spartans defeat Persia in the war of the 300 soldiers. There are twelve main gods that live on Mt. O

The Role of Greek Mythology Today Greek Mythology has a big part of what still happens today. Most of the planets are the Roman names of Greek gods. Greek Mythology is a religion that still is being practiced today. In poetry, poets often took their subject of writing from Greek myth. And still, Greek Mythology and its stories are still being told today all over the world in school.


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