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By: Austin B, Alex D, Alex H, Dylan T

History Do you know anything about Scotland? Well I am going to tell you about the history of Scotland. Scotland is the second biggest part of the United Kingdom. Scotland is in the middle of the United Kingdom. Scotland is north of Brittan. Scotland covers the north of Brittan.

Next, Scotland has very many islands that are parts of it. Scotland is located in the Atlantic ocean. The Moray is the biggest body of water that runs through Scotland. Edinburg is the capital of Scotland.

Lastly, England and Scotland had a rivalry. This rivalry ended in 1707. But the Scottish border between England still stands today. Scotland’s flag is blue and white.

Scotland food Here are the popular foods in Scotland. Haggis is the most popular food in Scotland. Popular drinks in Scotland include tea, coffee and milk. Also for acholle beverages their favorite is scotch. Families often eat arbroch smokies, salted herring and fish. Scotland also enjoys a variety of cheese which they make in over 25 chesses companies. Also fast food is growing in Scotland as people enjoy chippies “which is fish and chips.

Now these are some traditional foods in Scotland. Traditional foods in Scotland include Haggis, kippers and salmon. Haggis the heart liver and lungs of a lamb. Some traditional breakfast foods include eggs, bacon, and sages. They also eat sausage patties and oatcakes which are buttery croissant.

Finally I’m going to be talking about weird foods and deserts. A weird desert they eat is black pudding. They eat this in the morning for breakfast. I thought this was weird because why would you eat pudding for breakfast.

Scotland Sports Scotland has many popular sports like golf, the highland games and shinty. Shinty is a popular sport in Scotland. Shinty can be very dangerous. The referee tosses a ball up. The players try to it a leather ball in the other team’s goal. Only the goalie can stop the ball with his hands. The players use hockey sticks to play.

The highland games have been going on for years in Scotland. They have different games such as the high jump, hammer though and pole vaulting. People come just to see one game and that is the caber toss. Anyone can compete in the highland games.

Scotland is the birth place of golf. Many people enjoy golf, young and old. Many golf courses are found by the coast. Scotland has many famous golf course like Braids, Cru den Bay and Dornach. People come form all around the world for them.

Scotland/Life Do you know what houses in Scotland are made of, or what kind of festivals they have? English is the official language of Scotland. Crowding and population are rare in Scotland. Most houses are made of stone. After World War, the government began extensive efforts to improve living conditions.

Scots are known for their sense of humor. They also value honesty and personnel honor. About 12,000 men and women worked as crofters. During the 1990s, one in three people experienced poverty. In Scotland, there is a holiday called ‘Preen Tail Day.’ It is held on April 2nd after ‘Hunt the Gawk Day.’ On this day you attach paper tails onto other people’s backs.


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