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BY Nicholas S. Carter E. Calvin W. Let’s start at the beginning of Puerto Rico. In the time before the Spanish ruled the island, the Arawak

people ruled. In the year of 1493, Christopher Columbus came to the island and called it San Juan Bautista. (st. john the Baptist) Back in 1508, Juan Ponce de Leon began the actual conquest. In 1521, the settlement of San Juan was founded.

The Puerto Rican culture is somewhat complex and colorful. Back in the 1800’s, the Spanish captured Indian women and used them as brides. When African slaves were imported, Chinese immigrants came too. Long after Spain lost control, many different immigrants came to the isla qH21Ys/author-541/Smiling-Chinese-man-ShanghaiChina.jpg

In 1807, the printing press was finally brought to the island. When Puerto Rico’s first artist became known, it was discovered he was self taught. Puerto Rico’s music is so good, it is said to be their richest form of expression. Markets in Puerto Rico overflow with different foods. Their main food is tropical fruits. So now you know the history, immigration, and culture of


Cockfighting is a very popular sport where two roosters fight to the death. The arena in which the roosters fight is 20ft in diameter. Most matches consist of one on one however, some matches are two on two. Cockfighting is so popular almost every town has a cockpit.

Puerto Rico is big into fishing. In Puerto Rico there are 12 man-made lakes. Tourists love to come and fish at these man-made lakes. There have also been many fishing records set there. /_gcNb8BU50Hw/TLX7BfJ7YLI/AAAAAAAAKSs/WnxGijlpurI/s400/dominican_repu blic_flag_covered_baseball_photosculpture-p153629845742539774tro3_210.jpg

Baseball and basketball are 2 very popular sports in Puerto rico. Puerto Ricans are very good at baseball 2 have even been elected into the hall of fame. There are 16 basketball teams in Puerto Rico. Basket ball courts can be found everywhere In Puerto Rico.

Facts about Puerto Rico Puerto Rico`s capital is Juan, which is north-east in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico`s population is four-million which comes mostly from its capital Juan. Puerto Rico became a common wealth in July 25, 1952. Puerto Rico elevation is four thousand, eight hundred, eight-nine above sea level. An ancient church in Puerto Rico.

Natinal birds,flags ,and other stuff. Puerto Rico`s officials name is common wealth of Puerto Rico or Estado. Puerto Rico`s motto is “John is His Name� or Juannes Est. Numen Evis referring to St. John the Baptist. Puerto Rico`s national bird is the strippedheaded tanager o neinita mora. Puerto Rico`s national animal is the coqi, a tree frog. The National Flag of Puerto Rico.

Every Day Life in Puerto Rico The island of Puerto Rico itself remains poorer than the United States, but its growing to middle class. Two-Third of Puerto Ricans have house. Puerto Rico has a Catholic society, brought over by the United States of America. The United States of America bought Puerto Rico in 1898, which is over 113 years ago. A typical House in Puerto Rico.

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