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Oscar’s Guide to Germany By: Bailey Wiege, Paige Storlie, and Ally Smaby

Oscar’s Comment: “This is me as a puppy! Wasn’t I so cute?”

Hi! My name is Oscar. I live with the Meyers. They have two kids named Abigail and Derek, and their parents names are Dan and Anna.

I forgot to mention that I’m a secret agent for the Puppy Protection Program or P.P.P. I need to learn all I can about Germany, for my next secret mission is going to Germany to save a little beagle puppy from Evil Cat Man.

Puppy Protection Program Here I am at the Underground doghouse. Trying to learn some more about Germany.

Search- Holocaust

Date-Started January 30, 1933

Facts- Jews were killed during the war. Put in concentration camps. Were killed with guns, gas chambers, or starved to death. Six million Jews were murdered. Took place in Germany, but Germany also invaded Poland. The Nazi anti-Jews invaded to Soviet Union. Dachau is a museum about the Holocaust, which also has a guided tour.

Date-Ended- December 28, 1945

Geez, that’s cruel. I never thought people did that to each other.

Search- Berlin Wall

Date- Constructed-August 13, 1961

Facts- The wall was built, and separated the city in to parts for more than 28 years. People who tried to cross the wall were shot and killed. It was the border between the East and the West of Berlin. Walter Ulbricht, leader signed commands to close the border. Next Sunday at midnight the army and police began to bolt the city.

Date-Torn Down-November 9, 1989

Wow! Sounds harsh. I wouldn’t want to be separated from the Meyers by a HUGE wall.

Search- Brandenburg Gate

Date-Constructed- 1791

Facts- Built for Fredrick William the second. The Court Superintendent Buildings and the main architectural design of this landmark haven’t changed since it was first constructed in 1791. It is also Berlin’s most popular landmark.

Date- Still Existing

Wow! I wonder if after the mission I would be able to see that landmark.

Search- Pergamon Museum

Date- Constructed- 1910-1930

Facts- Located on Berlin’s island. You enter the island by bridge. The museum includes folk art, East Asian art, Islamic art, and Near-east Antique collection.

Date- Still Existing

Awesome! I wonder how many artists have art in that museum. Ok, let’s move onto the topic of German food.

Search- Sausage

Facts-In Germany there are about 1,500 different types of sausage. 67 pounds of sausage are eaten a year by one person. Also sausage is one of Germans most eaten meats.

Oops. I think I am drooling on the keyboard. Let’s get through this topic before I get to hungry.

Search- German Party Foods

Facts1. Stollen Bites: This is sweet pastry- styled bread with candied fruit inside the dough. 2. Sauerkraut Meatballs: Classic meatballs, which combine meat and sauerkraut. 3. Miniature Bratwurst: Cocktail hot dogs, and they are mostly mini brats. 4. Black Forest Mini Cupcakes: These mini cupcakes are mostly mini chocolate cherry cakes. Black Forest Mini Cupcakes Stollen Bites

Oh, that sounds good!

Search- Foods Germans Eat

Facts• They eat rabbits and frog legs. • Germans eat a lot of sausage. • They also eat a lot of potatoes, noodles, dumplings, sauces, and pastries. • Their main meats are beef and chicken.

Yum! After this mission I am going to have to eat!

Search- Other Food Facts

Facts• When they have breakfast they eat: rolls, jams, coffee, cheese, meat, honey, and milk. • They want fresh food to cook ethnic foods. • What they eat for lunch is what they might not have for dinner. • They do not reuse foods. (No leftovers)

Oh, gosh. I am glad we are off that topic, and on to things about German’s daily life.


Facts- People celebrate by drinking and eating at Oktoberfest. 200,000 pairs of pork sausage and 480,000 spit-roasted chickens are consumed by 6 million people in a 2 week span. As you know Americans also celebrate Oktoberfest.

No wonder everyone goes to Oktoberfest. They sound like a lot of fun. Too bad dogs can’t go. ď Œ SearchWork

Facts- Factories usually open around 7am and most stores, offices, and schools open by 8am. 40 hours of work a week is common. Traditionally, the role of German women was confined to church, kitchen, and children in the old days.

People work more than I thought they had too.

Search- Gestures

Facts• Chewing gum in public is inappropriate. • Germans don’t even have a word for dating they call it an appointment. • Pointing the index finger at one’s own head is an insult indicating the other person is crazy. • Talking with one’s hands in pockets is disrespectful.

People here are strict. I’m glad I live with a nice family.

Search- Children

Facts• Everyone attends school together till 5th grade. When they are separated by the results. • Young children often share rooms. • Most schools get out around 12 or 1 pm. • All German children begin attending school at age 6.

Well, time to save the beagle for Evil Cat Man. Here we go! Hand over the Beagle!



Only if you can answer these questions on Germany.


What is the Holocaust?

When the Jewish were killed by the Nazi’s.

Correct! One more question then. What is the main meat in Germany?

Sausage! Now hand over the puppy!


Thank you!

You are welcome. It’s all part of the job.


Oscar's Guide to Germany1  

Oscar’s Comment: “This is me as a puppy! Wasn’t I so cute?” By: Bailey Wiege, Paige Storlie, and Ally Smaby Hi! My name is Oscar. I live wit...

Oscar's Guide to Germany1  

Oscar’s Comment: “This is me as a puppy! Wasn’t I so cute?” By: Bailey Wiege, Paige Storlie, and Ally Smaby Hi! My name is Oscar. I live wit...