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By: Madalynn Mckenna Madison Megan Ricki

History on Norway Have you ever wondered about the history of Norway? Well now you’re about to find out. First of all Norway has an amazing capital, booming population, and a celebrated national holiday. It has an interesting form of money, a wonderful anthem, and a motto that they go along with. Norway’s history is filled with interesting topics including origins, constitution, and rulers. Norway’s history comes together with interesting facts that will keep you wanting more.

Norway’s capital, population, and national holiday are different from ours. The capital and largest city of Norway is Oslo, which has 791,500 people that live there. The population of Norway is 4,676,305 people, which was counted in 2010.Norway’s national holiday is Constitution Day, which is celebrated on May 17. To conclude, Norway is a popular place to be. Oslo their capital city

Norway’s form of money, anthem, and motto are all very unique. Norway has two different anthems, a royal anthem which is “The King’s Song”, and a normal anthem which is “Yes We Love This Country”. The motto for Norway is “Royal: Everything for Norway”. Their form of money is krone. Krone was introduced in Norway in 1875. To conclude Norwegians care a lot about their country.

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Norway has an outstanding history. It is filled with origins, rulers, and a constitution. Norwegians like Danes and Swedes are all part of the Teutonic Origin. Olaf II Haraldsson became the first effective king of all Norway in 1015. The first Norwegian constitution was made in 1814. They based it off of the American Declaration of Independence. To conclude Norway’s government, rulers, and origins were important to Norwegians.

Have you ever wondered about the history of Norway? Well now you know. Norway’s capital is Oslo, its population is 4,676,305 people, and their national holiday is Constitution Day. Norway’s form of money is krone, their motto is “Royal”, and main anthem is “Yes we love this country”. Norwegians are mainly from the Teutonic Origin, their first constitution was made in 1814, and its first effective king was Olaf II Harldsson. To conclude Norway’s history means a lot to the Norwegians, and is something that they are proud of.

Norwegian Art!!! picture from

Do you like art? Well if you do Norway’s art will fascinate you. First, the 19th century Norway brought art to their country. Next, Edvard Munch is well known in Norway. Last Norwegian people speak English. Little confused, well you won’t be any more once you read about Norwegian art. Picture from

Picture from

Norway is big in art, but how did it all start? It all started in the 19th century, when Norway first started art with portraits. These portraits were defined by Johan Christian. Then came sculpting, Gustav Vigeland is Norway’s best sculptor. Last was landscape paintings, landscape paintings helped Norway because now some of Norway’s oldest churches are stave or stone churches. www. famouswonde

Picture from

http:// ww s?q=ancie nt +norwegia n+a rt&hl =e n&sa fe=active&g bv =2&biw =1280& bih=827&tbm =isch&tbnid=nJBX oPVZqCGXSM:&img refurl=http:// ww w.nea.g ov/about/ 40th/indemnity.html&docid=x NdR kz6tMB ua8M&img url =http:// ww 40th/imag e s/indem 2.jpg&w=300& h=350&ei=jClzT86E A6be 2AXuazlDg&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx =539&v py =283&dur=203&hov h=243&hov w =208&tx =134&ty =128&sig =108095795161356509387&pag e=1&tbnh=139&tbnw=119& start=0&ndsp=24&ve d=1t:429,r: 8,s: 0&surl =1

Edvard Munch helped Norway into international art history, but it didn’t start like that. At first, Edvard’s contribution had no immediate impact on modern Norwegian art. Nor did his contribution attract international attention to Norwegian artists. It all changed when Edvard made books about sculpting and painting in 1940-1990. Now Norwegian artists have taken up non-figurative modernism. picture from ww w.fore stwood.

Not all Norwegian people speak English, but a lot of them do. Also, Norway believes that men and women are equal. Another thing about Norwegian culture is they don’t practice their religion. Norway is also a very protestant country.

Norway has lots of different things about their culture. One different thing is instead of three meals a day they have four.

Picture from Picture from

In conclusion, you know that Norwegian art is a big part of Norway. I talked about how some of Norway’s oldest churches are stave churches. Stave churches are famous Norwegian churches made out of wood. Also, Norway is a protestant country. A protestant country is that they believe of the Christian bodies and the

reformation. Last, I talked about how Norway doesn’t practice their religion. Practicing your religion is repeatedly studying the religion. I hoped you learned a lot about Norway and Norwegian arts. Picture from

Norwegian Foods! Have you ever thought about a Norwegian’s apatite? Norway eats lots of fish, meat, and bread daily as different parts of the four different meals.

Norwegians take part in four different meals a day, one more than us. Norway’s traditional Christmas meals offer all kinds of food all over Norway. Norway’s apatite has interesting foods that will make you want to learn more about them!

The main food Norwegians eat on regular bases is fish. Some of the national delicacies are fish that are usually extremely salty, and have a strong odor. Dry fish dishes such as lute Fisk originally a process developed to preserve food for harsh winters. Mutton or sheep are the most common meat, and blood sausage. Norwegians eat all different things all around the country. CM:&imgrefurl= // dur=0&sig=106525228285323182747&page=2&tbnh=144&tbnw=193&start=23&ndsp=29&ved=1t:429,r:12,s:23&tx=24&ty=62&surl=



Lute Fisk

All Norwegians eat 4 meals a day, Breakfast, Lunch, Middag, and supper. Breakfast, Lunch, and Supper all feature smØrbrØd (smurbur), a typical Scandinavian, open faced sandwiches. All meals are cold meals except for Middag, which is usually served with fish, boiled potatoes, and vegetables. Traditional desserts include fruit soup, risengrysngrØt (rice pudding), and fresh berries during the summer. In all Norwegians take part in 4 meals a day. SmØrbrØd

risengrysngrØt (rice pudding

In Norway each part of the country has different traditional meals. In eastern Norway many people prefer pork ribs, with pork sausage and Christmas sausage.

Lute Fisk

Christmas traditions along the coast feature fresh cod, halibut, or lute Fisk. Dried mutton ribs are a west coast specialty. Christmas is celebrated all over the Norway for the same reason, but dinner is a little bit different.

Norway exports and imports a lot of food. Half of the food in Norway is imported, including a lot of its sugar. Norway’s main exports are Jarlesberg cheese, salmon, and aquavit. Livestock and grain have always been the staples of Norwegian farms. Norway’s food is either usually exported or imported.

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Norwegian Sports!! Have you ever wondered about the sports that they have in Norway? Like Olympics and medals that they won and what the children did, if not you are about to find out all about it! In Norway they ski all the time during winter! They have lots of summer sports too, they do winter and summer sports. Have you ever wondered about what the kids did? No, they didn’t help their parents with chores, they played sports too. Norway is a great place to go on vacation to do some sports.

http:// ww s?q=sports& hl=e n&sa fe =active&biw =1280&bih=827&gbv =2&t bm=isch&tbnid=0hcbE nMvdB DPOM:&imgrefurl =http:// ww w.dea s.php&docid=X0hp03M1vL_ 4EM&imgurl=http:/ /ww w.dea nts/ sport s.gif& w=427&h=364&ei=0CFzT 77IDuH K 2A WLs_jJDg&zoom =1&iact=hc&v px=688&v py =148& dur=1328&hovh=207&hovw =243&tx=118&ty=131&sig=101764966201254199111& page=1&tbnh=147&tbnw =173&start =0& ndsp=23&ve d=1t: 429,r: 3,s: 0&surl=1

http:// ww s?q=norwegia n+sports&hl=e n&sa fe =active&biw=1280&bih=827&g bv =2&tbm =isch&tbnid=a r2Vj9RSK WEDAM:&img refurl=http:// ww w.thonhotel hotel s/ part ners/&docid=U Dfy heV u1s2QEM&imgurl =http://w ww.thonhote Om% 252520oss/ pa rtne re/nff_ log o.jpg& w=320&h=320&ei=liFzT9udD4XK 2A Wm59z1Dg&zoom =1& iact=rc&dur=891&sig =101764966201254199111&pa ge=1&tbnh=149&tbnw=149& start=0&ndsp=24&ve d=1t: 429,r: 2,s: 0&tx=69&ty =91&surl =1

Norway is big in sports especially with Skiing! They go cross-country skiing, ski jumping, and downhill skiing. People even go skiing when it’s dark out! They have about 25,000 lit tracks all over the country to go skiing on in the night. Skiing is the Norwegians #1 winter sport. With this, they have the Holmenkollen Ski Jump that is over 100 years old and people still ski on it today. Norwegians Ski all the time during the winter! During the day and at night.

http:// ww s?q=norwegia n+sk iing&hl =e n&sa fe=activ e&sa =X&gbv=2&biw =1280& bih=827&tbm =isc h&tbnid=hEqKx NaX9u4v9M:& im gre furl= 04/08/inve stors-to-buy- 49-in-norwegia n-skiing-re sort-from-dnb- nor/&docid=NwOiFrx6O78T0M&imgurl=http: //bl p-conte nt/upl oads/ 2009/04/ hafje ll_i_ma nel ys_ 390.j pg&w =468& h=303&ei=SiJzT46TFa Wg 2AXeuuzK Dg&zoom =1&iact=hc&vpx =211&vpy=317&dur=94& hov h=181& hov w=279&tx=161&ty =91&si

http:// ww s?q=spee d+skating& start=151&hl=e n&sa fe =active&gbv =2&biw=1280&bih=827&t bm=isch&tbnid=5Z2x hl ZennOdNM :&imgre furl =htt p:// www. olym speed- skatinglt/photos/23821/&docid=n0-k phi9Lo8M2M&img url=http:// ww w.olym photos/ 2006-S pee dSkating-K ristina Groves-ClaraHug hesChristine Ne sbitt_jpg_ 427x 1200_upscale_q85.jpg& w=427&h=547&ei=cy NzT8iKG 4TW2AXYv7DK Dg&zoom =1&iact =hc&vpx =428&vpy=414&dur=375&hovh=254&hovw =198&tx=90&ty =162& sig =1017649662 01254199111&page =7&tbnh=149&tbnw=131&ndsp=26&ve d=1t: 429,r: 22, s: 151&surl =1

Do you wonder about the children sports? They play lots of sports just as well. Over 500,000 children and young people, under the age of 17, participate in a sport or two. Girls enjoy handball, jazz ballet, and aerobics. Boys enjoy doing crosscountry skiing and football (soccer). Children love doing sports such as cross-country skiing to jazz ballet. They enjoy it all!

http:// ww s?q=ha ndba ll&hl =e n&sa fe=active&g bv =2& biw =1280& bih=827&tbm =isch&tbnid=G 4uUa 2MYt75aRM:& imgre furl =http://mc2.vic home/ ndente rt/we b/ha ndbal lassociat ionofvictoria.html& docid=wpA 6oz5CzNg LqM&img url =http://mc2.v au/home/ nde ntert/ web/ female_ ha ndball_ 1.j pg&w =400& h=318&ei =hSRzT43fFYTm2g Wcy6D8Dg&zoom =1&iact=hc&v px=395&v py =148& dur=468& hov h=200& hov w=252&tx=128&ty=119& sig =101764966201254199111&page =1&t bn h=142&tbnw =251&sta rt=0&ndsp=23&ved=1t:429,r:1,s: 0&surl=1

http:// ww s?q=jazz+ballet& hl=e n&safe =active&gbv =2&biw=1280&bih=827&tbm=isch&tbnid=ZxT pS0nG 1ocQHM:&img refurl=http://cal sm 04/ jazz-ballet.html& docid=pjS iWQQz h4GG 3M&imgurl =htt p:// qD_ Q/S 9f_ gqtT 8I/AAAAA AAAAA 8/G n1bJkHbg 9s/s1600/jazz% 252Bballet.jpg&w=500& h=500&ei=7yNzT 86N NOHg2AWV wOj JDg&zoom =1& surl=1

http:// ww s?q=soccer&hl =en& safe =active&g bv=2&biw =1280&bih=827&tbm =isc h&tbnid=l- 6zlFZ9e 4wIiM:&im gre furl=http://w ww.clke rt-26036. html&docid=8za pmZ8_ 8V41zM&imgurl =http://w ww.clke rts/ 7/ b/d/ b/ 1237099752389782475nicubunu_S occer_ba d.png&w =300& h=299&ei=xyRzT-GQB 4ae 2gXLtvj- Dg&zoom =1&iact =hc&vpx =861&vpy=294& dur=1312&hovh=224&hovw =225&tx =106&ty=129&sig =101764966201254199111&pa ge=1&tbnh=162&tbnw =163& start=0&ndsp=22&ve d=1t: 429,r: 9,s: 0&s url=1

Instead of just skiing for winter, they have many others that they play in the summer. The most popular summer sport is football which is also known was soccer. They also do crosscountry skiing, wrestling, speed skating, curling, cycling, dancing, athletics, sledge-dog racing, handball, karate, orienteering, canoeing, rowing, sailing, shooting, weight-lifting, swimming, and women’s football. They are coming up with a new sport which helps you with traveling and it’s a scavenger hunt and it’s called orienteering. They have a lot of fun sports to play in the winter and in the summer.

http:// ww s?q=curling&hl =e n&sa fe=active&g bv =2& biw =1280& bih=827&tbm =isch&tbnid=G 4pdy iGVhOTiMM:&imgre furl =http://e /wiki/Curling& docid=XSe La3hAHy-wIM&imgurl =htt p:// uploa d.wik /wikipedia/commons/thumb/ 7/7a/Curl ing_Ca nada_T orino_2006.j pg/ 300px-C url ing_Ca nada_Torino_ 2006.j pg&w =300&h=225&ei=LiVzT7y-JKXy 2QW5yrT dDg&zoom=1&surl =1

http:// ww s?q=orie nteering&hl=e n&sa fe =active&gbv =2&biw=1280&bih=827&tbm =isch&tbnid=VSyqbktl J3qSXM:&img refurl=http://e n.w ikipe iki/ Orientee ring&docid=9St 7RinK_Mla bM&img url =htt p:// uploa d.wikime 8/ 87/ Karolina_Hoj sgard.j pg/220px -Ka rolina_Hoj sgard.jpg&w=220& h=330&ei=AiVzT 83bFqjo2QXZtOHeDg&zoom=1&iact=rc&dur=547&sig =101764966201254199111& page =1&tbnh=152&tbnw =111&start =0& ndsp=22&ved=1t: 429,r:0, s:0&tx =63&ty=81& surl =1

Stop wondering about the Olympics medals that they won and just start reading. They won Olympics medals in a number of typical minor sports. Gold medals in wrestling and sailing. Silver medals in rowing, canoeing, and women’s handball. Bronze medals in canoeing. Norway has won lots of medals and maybe even more in the years to come.

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http:// ww s?q=gold+meda l&hl =e n&sa fe=active&g bv =2&biw =1280& bih=827&tbm =isch&tbnid=yBHS o_4Onxh6pM:&img re furl= 3Fattachment_id% 3D1185&docid=LuxVRgx 2ZYUTWM&img url=http:// fra ncowrite p-conte nt/upl oads/2011/03/Gold-

Norway Animals!! Hello, have you ever wondered about the animals of Norway? Well I’m here to tell you all about it‌..Common animals of Norway include Bears, Fox, Wolves, Minks, Polar, Bears, Moose, and Deer. Did you ever wonder if there are snakes in Norway? Well I can tell you one thing; there is. Adders are the most poisonous snakes in Norway. Its Zigzag stripes down its back makes it really easy to see. If you want to see these amazing snakes, Norway is the place to be.

Birds are popular in Norway. One of the many birds of Norway is the Puffin. Puffins are the most common seen birds in Norway. Puffins only come to Norway for spring. Puffins are 12.5 inches long with a wingspan of 23 inches. Puffins over all are pretty cool birds.

Picture found at nat ure

Picture found at e dgeofthe pla

Another common animal of Norway is the Caribou, also known as the Reindeer. Caribou get to be around 162-205 cm, in length and 180-260 pounds. Caribou have very big antlers. Their antlers are used for scraping away snow for food, in winter. Caribou can live to 13, but usually only to 4.

Picture found at ala skat rophya dve nture

Picture found at Al ask a-in-

One of the less popular animals of Norway is the Polar bear. Polar bears weigh around 770 pounds to 1500 pounds. Polar bears eat seals. Polar bears spend most time in the sea, hunting.

Picture found at found at


Last, but not least we have the Arctic fox. Arctic fox is also known as the White fox. Foxes furry paws let them walk on ice and find food. When a fox finds its food it pounces, and attacks.

Picture found at

Picture found at a-z-animals .com

Well there you have it, Norway animals. So what do you think? Do you want to take a trip to Norway? I do.

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