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By: Hannah, Alyssa Y., Alyssa B., and Leslie

Sports! Some sports that are played in Madagascar are football, judo, tennis, basketball, boxing, and others. The most common and major sports are tennis and basketball. Those are also the sports that women have their own teams. Madagascar also is one of the many countries that participate in the Olympics.

Arts! The arts of Madagascar are very creative with painting and other arts. The people of Madagascar weave their own clothes. Even children are super good at painting. Children compete in world competitions with different art that they make.

Madagascar also has different art that doesn’t involve creativity. They also dance, sing, play different music, and perform stories and things. Certain kinds of groups of people have their own dances. All groups of Madagascar have a special type of music that they dance to.

Animals! There are some amazing animals in Madagascar! Do you think that, and if you don’t wait tell you read this. Well some animals that I’m going to be talk about are the lemur and elephant bird. The elephant bird and the lemur are only found in Madagascar and the nearby Comoros Island. They both are some of the most famous animals in the world of Madagascar. Can you believe it? That they are famous in the world of Madagascar. I can’t but they are. So let’s see them!

Let’s start with the lemur! The lemur has a monkeylike body parts and limbs. They have tails that are as long as there body. Lemurs have very very large eyes, and pointed muzzles. They also have flat nails, but except the second toe. Their claws are stout, and they also have woolly coats. Now the elephant bird! The elephant bird is the flightless bird of the family Aepyornithidae. Today they are known for there bone specimens and a few weypreserved eggs. These gigantic birds weight 1,000 pounds or 455 Kg. The eggs that the elephant bird lays are about 13 inches or 33 cm. This amazing animal’s bird survived until as late as 1649. They are known to have resembled monstrous.

Madagascar has some pretty amazing animals right? The elephant bird and the lemur are very interesting. What do you think? I think they are, but that my opinion. I hope you love the elephant bird and the lemur. This is my opinion again, but I think that Madagascar is pretty awesome all too together!

Food! In Madagascar people eat breakfast at 7 a.m., and dinner at 7 p.m. But because they eat so late, they eat a snack around 4 p.m. Just like Americans, they eat at a table and eat with forks and spoons. But the weird thing is everyone eats with their right hand only.

The main kinds of food grown on the island are coffee, sugarcane, vanilla, clovers, and sisal. All of that is grown on the island. They also raise cattle. The cattle are called zebu cattle. The number of cattle is almost equal to the number of people on the island the people aren’t aloud to eat pork or roast.

One of the most common meals is zebra steak and fries. The meals consist of less meat, more whole grains, and lots and lots of fruits. The people eat rice at breakfast, lunch, and supper. Rice can be made in stew with beef, fish, chicken or duck. Noodles are another option besides rice.

Holidays! Guess what? In Madagascar they have holidays that we don’t even have here in Wisconsin. One holiday is Marty’s day honoring those killed when French troops suppressed in 1947, this day is celebrated on March 29th. A national holiday in Madagascar is New Years Day. New Years is a time for parties at nice hotels or at friend’s houses. During these fun holidays they have line dancing and fun games. African Unity Day is on May 25th. Anniversary day is on May 8th. http\\\images\madagascar-map.jpg


In Madagascar the people have some different religions but some the same. The major religions in Madagascar are animistic beliefs and Christian and Islamite. The Malagasy bible was printed in the 1835’s. At least seven percent of Malagasy are Muslims. Almost half of the people in Madagascar follow only traditional religion about forty-one percent are Christians. The ancestors in Madagascar are known as Riana. They are treated with great respect and are thought to be very powerful. It is thought to be very dangerous to neglect the needs of the dead otherwise can lead to great trouble.



In Madagascar there are many people. The population in Madagascar is about 9,985,000. The people in Madagascar are called Malagasy. Also the capital is Antananarivo. The population in Antananarivo is over 520,000. The capital is the largest city in Madagascar. In a typical house hold the father is the head of the family. Children in Madagascar are taught “Those who are united are as stone but those who are separated are as sand�.



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