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Guam for Geeks!!

By: Ashley K, Nicole S, Aspen B, & Alyssa B

This is going to be epic. Clean off your glasses and get ready for this. This is going to be life changing.

Lifestyle in Guam! A typical day in Guam is very laid back. Kids go to school everyday. Adults out of school, go to work to support their family. After work and school spending time together is a must. Air condition is a huge part of Chammoro’s everyday life. That is just a typical day in Guam.

Respecting the traditions and religion is very important in Guam. Respecting grandparents and elders is a tradition that Chamorros follow daily. Religion is also a huge part in Chamorro life, respecting the bible and going to church on a weekly basis is very important. Taking a role in the house is a way of respecting your family and showing

responsibility. Holidays are important times; also a way of showing respect to your family is by hosting the holiday at your house. Those are just a few of the things about the traditions and religions of Guam.

In Guam there are a few things you have to do to be in a relationship. First, the boy must ask the girl’s parents to take her out on a date. Second, if the couple decides to get married, the boy must again ask the girl’s parents to propose. Third, if the parents agree to let the couple marry, both sets of parents get together and split the cost of the wedding to congratulate the couple. Forth, on the night of the wedding, for respect, the groom’s family would host a Fandang, which is a large fiesta. Fifth, on the next day there would be a large church ceremony. Sixth, after the ceremony it is tradition for the bride to place her bouquet before the statue of the blessed virgin Mary. Those are just a few of the steps you got through for a relationship in Guam.

Guam Art!

Chamorro folk arts include weaving, carvings, metal work, and shell and bead ornaments. People in Guam like to listen to unaccompanied girl choruses singing harmony. Local museums, the university, libraries, private organizations, and government grants encourage and support traditional and modern art/artist. In Guam, there are celebrations with singing, dancing, and music.

The Plaza de’ Espana was made during World War Two, it was bombed, but there is three structures still standing. The Merzio Bell Tower was constructed in 1910, the beautiful tower, made from stone and cement, with a bell, was built for the Merzio Village; for church meetings/ services. The replica of The Statue of Liberty was built in 1950, by local Boy Scouts, when you arrive in the harbor, you see the beautiful statue.”Always Faithful” is a memorial honoring the dobermans that served with the marines in World War Two.

Tim Hanley is one of ten local artists chosen to paint a mural along a highway. The mural Tim is painting is about a girl becoming a mermaid. There are local groups involving young artist painting other murals. Art in Guam has been popular for years, in 1668 the church members built a beautiful brick church.

Guam Clothes and Celebrations! Guam clothing is a lot like the clothes we wear in the summer. They slacks, island shirts, and dresses to offices. Filipino men wear embroidered skirts, a barong, and square tails. Guam women wear traditional muumuus or mesitas for special occasion. Gold jewelry is highly cherished and passed down through generations. Otherwise their clothes are very similar to the clothes we wear.

For the celebration of Santa Rita Guamanians have a fiesta! Santa Rita was catholic, so the people of Guam go to mass as part of the fiesta. After mass the men carry a statue of Santa Rita through the town. The statue is surrounded by flowers and candles. All of the people escort the statue out of the town.

There are a lot of fiestas in Guam, because there are a lot of cultures in Guam. Children of all ages can attend the fiestas. The woman dance to celebrate. The dancers wear very colorful clothes called mesitas.

Food! Guam has many different types of food. Some examples are American, Jamaican, Italian, and Greek. For breakfast, most Guamanians eat fried rice, eggs, Spam, sausage, and bacon. Other mid-day meals include barbecued ribs or chicken and rice. Desert, everyone’s favorite, include pies, cakes, and ahu (a coconut pudding.) In addition to water and juice, Guamanians drink pop, alcohol, and tuba (a coconut juice)

Guam’s culture of food is a little bit of everything. They have Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Italian, Greek, Mexican, Jamaican, and American food. Most restaurants are American. Some of them are TGI Fridays, Outback Steakhouse, and my favorite, Hard Rock Café.


Believe it or not, Guamanians love to eat at special events just like us! Killing a cow or a pig and preparing vegetable and seafood dishes are typical for a fiesta. During funerals, family and friends give food, service, and money to the community for nine days after the funeral. More fiesta foods are guavas, bananas, and papayas. Wow, Guam food sounds amazing.

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That’s all geeks. Now you should be experts on Guam. See you in the library!


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