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Welcome to France, in this tour you will learn about the fashion, food, holidays, and language about France.

In France the biggest public holiday is Christmas. For Christmas they have huge feast to celebrate, they even sell live chickens! When they celebrate Christmas in France, the kids think is means that they leave their sobs or sadness by the fireplace for Saint Nick or Santa Claus. They have two actual days of Christmas, December 25th and 26th. In France they start getting ready for Christmas around December 6th and end around January 6th.

There is actually fourteen public holidays in France. Halloween in France is known to be where the spirits rise from the dead and join living things for a day. Unlike the U.S. the costumes are very scary. They don’t dress up like super heroes or princesses. Halloween became a public holiday in France around 1995.

Here are some random facts about holidays in France. To show respect, the children give flowers to older family members. One different holiday in France is that they celebrate the coming of spring. In Celebrations for St. Patrick’s Day, they will bake a flat bred cake (king cake) and hide a lucky charm inside it. To celebrate their music they have a celebration called la fete de la musique, the music party.

French Agriculture Before World War One half of all the people in France were farmers. In 1955, 18.5% of the people were employed in agriculture; in 1988 there was only 5.8%. France produces 10% of the world’s sugar beets. Then in 1990 they imported 122,000 tons of tobacco. To produce all this stuff they need big farms. The average farm in France is 103 acres. In France the main crops are sugar beets.


French Traditions and Meal Times When French people eat they always have their fork in the left hand, and the knife in the other. Their delicious bread is eaten at every meal. Some formal meals can last more than two hours, with eight to twelve courses. At the table their elbows may not be on the table. For men their wrists can be on the table. For women their forearms can be on the table.

France and Fast Food In France the McDonald’s has told their costumers to eat LESS of their food. People in France don’t agree to fast food. In a magazine in May 2010, McDonald’s France told people to limit their eating there. The U.S. doesn’t agree with France. In 1999 a French farmer named Jose Bove lead a group of farmers to smash a McDonald’s windows. As you can see the French do NOT agree with fast food.

French language Did you know in communication, lousiness, and diplomacy, French is only second to English? French students begin learning their first forgiven language at age nine. Also instruction is a second foreign language begins at thirteen. In France communication skills are emphasized over grammar. Another fact is English is the first foreign language.

French was diplomats all you know language that spoken only most of these taught in first great

once spoken by over the world. Did around the 1500’s the is now is French was around Paris. In regions, French is schools. Also the writer in France was Francois Rabells, a Renaissance man.

Language French is an important international language. Although about 85% of the French population, only 8% actively practice the religion. About 4% of the population claims no religious affliction. And the French government has stressed the language so much that almost everyone in France speaks French despite the different nationalities represented.

COOL FASHION FACTS! Did you ever notice how people in France often wear dark colors? They do because they like to! Unlike the United States, they do not wear tennis shoes, unless working out which they don’t very much. In my opinion I think that they wear much understated clothing! France is the number one-leading fashion capitol of the world.

OCCASIONS FOR FASHION! In the U.S. people dress up for special occasions, but not like the people in France! If you take a trip to France during a holiday, you’ll often see golden masks during the festivals or parades. At a nice carnival you can’t just have an ordinary costume, but a wacky one! Sometimes costumes are fashioned in flowers for the celebration of them! It sounds different doesn’t it?

FACTS! Here are just some more facts! People often carry fashionable umbrellas because it often rains a lot. France is known for their famous stores and brands of clothing. Most of the biggest fashion shows and fashion houses have their headquarters in France. The fashion industry has been increasing their competition in London, New York, Milan, and Tokyo. French people mainly wear fancy clothes and accessories. France is a wonderful place! Now you this is Leonardo Da Vinci’s house in France. His house is “must see” sight museum! He was a magnificent artist! Know more facts about France!

Now this is what you’ve learned about language,food,fashion,and they’re holiday hopefully you have enjoyed our book!!!


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