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The Big Book Of IRISH!!!

Table of Contents Chapter 1: Irish Holidays and Traditions Chapter 2: Irish Clothing and Outfits Chapter 3: Irish Sports Chapter 4: Irish Food Chapter 5: Irish End

The main public holidays are New Years Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Labor Day, and Christmas. St. Patrick’s Day and Christmas are the most celebrated holidays in Ireland. Religious festivals in Ireland include St. Patrick’s Day, the Blessing of the Sea, and St. Steven’s Day.

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated because according to legend, St. Patrick drove all of the snakes out of Ireland. On St. Patrick’s Day, people celebrate by throwing street parades, and eating boiled bacon and cabbage. St. Patrick’s Day is probably the most celebrated holiday in Ireland.

On Easter, on the first day of Lent, Irish people stop eating meat, but also stop doing stuff like smoking or drinking. Churches tried to ban alcohol from funerals, but failed. Irish wedding gifts include salt and pepper shakers, tall toasting glasses, and porcelain bells that signify the bells that rang when they got married.

At a time in Ireland, it was illegal to speak Gaelic. Celtic laws in Ireland lasted in Ireland for about 1,000 years. Irish dancing is popular with all ages. Step dancing costumes are based on Irish peasant dresses and are decorated with Celtic designs.

Men wear pants, a dress shirt, a tie, and a sweater. Women wear dresses and/or skirts with a sweater. Kids dress the same as their parents but some boys depending on age they do not wear ties.

The cold and wet weather forces Irish people to use oil on sweaters to stay warm. Also the oil is used to make the sweaters water resistant. Linen and wool are used to stay warm.

The national dress is also the same as the dancing dress. An Irish wedding dress is the same as the regular American wedding dress but with a fur cloak. A tux is the same as an American tux.

Aram wool is very warm. So it helps with the cold weather. Irish tweed is a warm fabric they use for clothing.

A game called rugby is a game kind of like tackle football. They don’t were any armor which makes it vary dangerous. Camogie is a game was only girls’ play. Calorie is a second version of hurling which boys play. In Ireland they have a boxing sport it is very popular.

In Ireland, they have horse races, and use horses in races because they are very fond of horses. The most popular game in Ireland is Curragh. CrokĂŠ Park in Dublin holds has the largest sport stadium in Ireland. In Ireland, there are many wagers about who can win and who will lose.

There is a very special but dangerous sport. It is called road bowl. It involves metal balls, 2 people and of course a road. People throw a metal ball into the road and whoever throws it the farthest wins. There is also a game called hurling. It is also the best sport in Ireland.

Hurling is played in many places. They have a much played sport called darts. Croquet is a very popular in 20 countries including Ireland. The have a sport called skittles. It is played like bowling, but during you’re turn, you can earn 27 points.

Only 4 % of workers in Ireland are workers in the department of agriculture. Between 1845-1848, a potato blight hit Ireland. Too bad.

Never to fear, though! By 1688, potatoes became a staple of the Irish diet!! The foods of Ireland are sometimes considered bland. Hear is a picture of the Irish food pyramid.

British explorers brought potatoes to Ireland from Peru. They also have a lot of cooking terms. Wow! That’s a lot to think about!

But something even more important is Irish food history. The first potato spuds appeared in Ireland in the 16th century. A cattle rising has been a part of Irish food history since the Stone Age!


IRISH!!! Of Chapter 4: Irish Food Chapter 2: Irish Clothing and Outfits Chapter 5: Irish End Chapter 3: Irish Sports The main public holiday...


IRISH!!! Of Chapter 4: Irish Food Chapter 2: Irish Clothing and Outfits Chapter 5: Irish End Chapter 3: Irish Sports The main public holiday...