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Chapter 1 Religion

Every Sunday morning we go to church. Not very many people go to church because they would rather play sports and do recreations than going to church on Sunday mornings. Did you know that in East Germany, for 40 years, churches were tolerated rather than welcomed by their government. The Protestant church in East Germany has not only been a place for religion but also a court house for people who disagreed with the laws.

Some of the main religions in Germany are Christianity, Protestantism, Islam, and Roman Catholic. Germany’s main religion is Christianity. About 58 million germens are Christian. There are 30 million Protestants and about28 million are Roman Catholics. There are many other religious beliefs, but about 28 percent of Germany has no religious beliefs.

How did Germany get so many religious beliefs? Roman Catholics came to Germany by the works of St. Boniface. Protestantism came into Germany in 1517, under the leader ship of Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King protested papal authority and brought revolution in a church by his proclamations.

There are many interesting things going on in the religions in Germany. The St. Michael’s Protestant church, in Hamburg, was built in the eighteenth century. In 1806, it was destroyed in a fire, was rebuilt, and destroyed again in World War II. Later, it was restored. Also, towns and regions belonged to one faith depending on the local ruler’s choice. That is why there are mostly Catholics in the South, West and Protestants are usually in the North and East.

Chapter 2 Sports

Steiff Grafor is a famous tennis player. She started playing at a very young age. She has been a live since 1969. She is 41 years old and is still playing tennis. She has two children and is married to Andre Agassi. Tennis is one of the sports in Germany. She held a record for 186 weeks.

Michael Schumacher is a famous racecar driver over in Germany. He gets paid $30.million a year. He raced back in 2006. Michael loved to race his whole life. Michael Schumacher won championships between 1994 and2004.



Germany people play lots of different sports. Some of the winter sports are hockey and skiing. All the summer sports are soccer, golf, tennis, table tennis, cross-country, swimming, baseball, basketball, and track or field. Germans play many of the same sports we do.

Soccer is one of Germany’s most popular spots in Germany. More than 200,000 people attend a match. There are soccer fields in all the towns. Another name for soccer is ”Fuss ball”. Soccer means a form of football played between two teams.

Chapter 3 Famous Places

Did you know that Germany is one of the biggest countries in Europe? It is also one of the oldest countries in Europe.

Do you want to know about Germany’s famous places? Well, I’m going to tell you about Germany’s capital Berlin. A lot of people travel to Berlin to see what it is all about. Berlin is a huge capital!

Another famous place to go to in Germany is the beer hall. A lot of people travel to Germany so they can visit the beer hall. Germany is known for its beer.

Munich is a very expensive place, but it is a very fun place to go! It has lots of rides and games. It’s like a fair, but it lasts all summer long.

Chapter 5 Clothing

German clothing is one of the most popular in the world. They have many different styles like classical, elegant and even punk rock. There is also a children’s section. There used to be a design school called Bahaus; it was the only design school in Germany which closed in 1993.

In Germany, the men have a variety of clothing. They wear a hat called a trachton, which is a triangular shaped hat with a little tuff of hair. The men also wear leather jackets.

The women also wear a variety of clothing. For instance their traditional dress is called a dirndle. The dirndle included an apron.

Much of German clothing is made of wool. The shoes they wear are usually clogs. As you can see, some of their styles are not much different than Americans.


Chapter 1 Religion Every Sunday morning we go to church. Not very many people go to church because they would rather play sports and do recr...

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