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By: Jenna Butzler and Savanna Jensen

Kenya is located on the Eastern part of Africa. The Indian Ocean and the five countries border Kenya below. Kenya’s estimated population is about 20,000,000. Most of their religions are Christians, Roman Catholic, and Muslim. Their language most spoken is English.

The capital of Kenya is Nairobi. In 1963, Kenya’s flag was recently adopted with the colors of black, red, green, and white. Eye contact is very important, because it shows respect, in their country. Kenya’s president today is Mawi Kibaki.

Kenya’s flora depends on the landform, climate, and rainfall. Tropical fruits are a very important part of Kenya. The country side is very exotic and a wide variety. They are sorted into the plains, land regions, and highlands.

The Kenya Savanna’s animals are the most fascinating. These include lions, leopards, cheetahs, rhinos, giraffes, zebras, and African Elephants. Kenya’s national animal is a lion. The lion is a symbol of fear and courage.

In Kenya most of their stable foods are goat, beef, lamb, chicken, and fish. Their main dishes are Rice with Beef Stew, and Vegetable Curry. Most of the families in Kenya farm or grow their own food, to support their family.

Kenya’s clothes are very interesting. Each tribes wear different kinds of clothes. Many of the Kenya’s people dress western. A style most of Kenyans wear is, Arabic style.

Kenya’s wildlife brings tourists in with the famous animal, a lion. Tourists can buy elephant hair, bracelets, bead jewelry, musical instruments, silver and gold necklaces, soap bars, wooden carvings, tribal masks, paintings and more. Tourists buy mostly the instruments, because they represent the Kenya culture.

The Masai are the most famous tribe not only in Kenya, but part of Africa too. There are 40-70 different groups of tribes. Each tribe is divided in many different groups on skills of courage, weakness, and hunting.

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