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By: Hope yang, and Kao Joua Thao

Nyob zoo= hello! We are going to take you on a little tour, to Laos to learn about the Hmong cultures.


In Laos Hmong people wears Hmong clothes. Hmong clothing are really uncomfortable at some points. Hmong usually wears Hmong clothes during weddings, and to the Hmong New Year. Hmong clothing’s are very colorful and beautiful.

Each year there is a Hmong new year where every Hmong’s celebrates. Hmong new years are very fun. At the Hmong New Year Hmong’s wears traditional Hmong clothing.


Everyday Laos the Hmong’s have all different kinds of chores. Like going to the garden, feeding the animals, and doing the laundry. In Laos there really isn’t anything to do but chores, so Hmong’s just have mostly free times to do.

In Laos there are many kinds of interments that Hmong play for fun. One of the most traditional interments is called a qeej. Hmong use this interment during funerals or weddings sometimes. This is one of the most important interments to the Hmong culture.


In Hmong religion, shamans are important to the Hmong culture. Shamans help with people with hard times and illness. They believe that the spirits live in animals too.

Ceremonies are for illness and it sounds like thunder. Shamans believe in one religion only. Shaman is chosen by spirits. If they refuse, he or she remains sick.


In Laos people eat shredded papaya with fish sauce and sticky rice. They also cook fawn with spicy broth and noodles with vegetables and add soup with lemon grass. Laj is a type of meat with hot pepper over rice it is very spicy.

There are many yummy foods to eat. There is stir-fried baby bok Choy with pork. Pumpkin soup with pumpkin leaves and chicken mix together. This is one of the plainest foods which are rice porridge. You eat plain rice with water.

Hoped you enjoy our tour in Laos. Sib ntisb duq = goodbye!!