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A Tour Of Italy By:Hannah,Skyanne,Cashianna, and Kassidy

I will be your tour guide on Italian foods. In Italy the most important time of the day is spent eating together. Also for breakfast is just a sweet roll or a piece of bread.

Deserts are only eaten on Sundays or special occasions. Also fresh bread, wine, and mineral water are always on the table. Here is more Italian food. They are known for pasta. This is their known pasta; it is Antipasto that is a hot or cold appetizer. The last food I will tell you about is their desert called Dolce, that is a desert that looks like chocolate chip cookie bars. I hope you enjoyed your tour.

Hello, my name is Skyanne and I will be your tour guide for the sports of Italy. Get ready to learn some new things! I hope you enjoy your tour! The most popular sport played in Italy is soccer. That’s cool, soccer is played in a lot of places. A unique sport in Italy is bocce ball. The way you play bocce ball is you have two balls and you try to knock the other ball out of its place.

A cool sport in Italy is horseback racing. Wow, I didn’t think horseback racing was a sport, I thought it was just a hobby. All types of ages participated in horseback racing. A sport that I think is interesting is fencing. Fencing is a pretty popular sport. Oh neat, I have watched shows with people fencing. I didn’t know that was a sport.

A sport that I like to play is cricket. In Italy they don’t find cricket the best sport. Cool, I have never heard of playing cricket outdoors. Sounds fun. My favorite sport played in Italy is volleyball. Volleyball is a sport that I like to play.

Roller blading is something that I like to do except for the part where I fall a lot. In Italy, adults like to participate in roller blading. A unique sport in Italy is hunting. I didn’t really know hunting was a sport, I thought it was a hobby. I like to go hunting too.

Traditional Events in Italy

Some traditional events in Italy are also traditional events in America, such as Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and May Day. Most traditional events or holidays end with fireworks. The majority of Italy’s events take place before lent; in America, most take place after lent. Some events feature giant floats and people dressed as people from medieval times. Many people begin preparing two months in advance for festivities.

Italians celebrate Liberation Day, which marks the end of Germany’s fascist control, which ended on April 25, 1945.

Italy’s Labor Day, “festa dei lavoratori”, is a celebration dedicated to the worker, also called May Day by many, and is celebrated on May 1.

San Valentino (Valentine’s Day) Two centuries after the martyrdom of Saint Valentine (Patron Saint of lovers), Valentine’s Day was established. Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers to exchange gifts of chocolates and flowers, and enjoy a romantic dinner.

Corsa dei ceri (the race of the candles) Festival Corsa dei ceri is by far one of the most sensationally famous festivals in the world. Celebrated on May 15; the festival of the Candles dates to the mid 12th century. Corsa dei ceri celebrates an important victory in a war against some enemy cities, and is an expression of gratitude to the then bishop of Gubbio Ubaldo for the part he played.

Tourism in Italy Hi my name is Kassidy and I am going to telling you about tourism in Italy, enjoy

50 million people visit Italy every year. That is a lot of people! Also, people can visit the ancient ruins of Pompeii. That would be very cool! Many of the people that live there came as tourists. Wow, I thought that all of the people were born there. Pisa the leaning tower is one other place people can visit.

Some people are attracted to the warm climate. During the summer people visit the warm seaside beaches. Tourists also can visit the three most popular places; Rome, Florence, and Venice. Tourists also visit historical museums. People from all over the world are seen throwing coins into a fountain to ensure their return.

Italy is one of the most popular countries visited in the world. There are 14 most visited places in Italy. A lot of people visit the Adriatic Sea.

Parco Nazionale Del Grand Paradiso is a national place for people to visit. A lot of the most popular places for people to visit are lakes and mountains. San Marino is the smallest republic in the world. Carnival of Venice is a popular festival for people to visit. One of the people that make Italy famous is the singer Cecilia Bertoli.


A Tour Of Italy By:Hannah,Skyanne,Cashianna, and Kassidy I will be your tour guide on Italian foods. In Italy the most important time of the...

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