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POTATO BLIGHT! Was a great famine, and this famine had lasted about four years to 1845 to 1849. This was caused be not being grown well. That had millions of people died by starvation, and diseases. Also a lot of people had to move to different countries.

Potatoes are call spuds. Potatoes based alcohol fueled Irish plane in World War 2.potatoes are part of the tomatoes, tobacco, chili pepper, egg plant and the petunia family. Germans eat twice as much potatoes as Irish.

Hurling Hurling is Ireland’s national passion. Hurling is a very fast sport. Hurling is an outdoor ball and stick played with fifteen players on a field larger than a soccer pitch.

Gym class in school includes dance outdoor adventure and water sports. Irelands main sports are hurling rugby steeple chases and football or as we call it soccer. Music in Ireland they play fiddle pipes penny whistle in Ireland they play fiddles pipes penny whistles and drums.

Ireland has many tourist attractions. Most of them are monuments. Lots of those monuments are castles. One of the monuments are the brownshill tomb. It may not look like a tomb.

The earliest people from Ireland The earliest people were the people from 10,000 b.c . Ireland First started when the first known settlement around 8,000 B.c , and these people came from continental Europe. Then Ireland came the republic Ireland around 1948.

Some of the castles are destroyed because of wars and natural disasters. Not only castles but islands are also destroyed. One island is the Canon Islands of Abby. The Drombeg Stone Circle is one of the most visited megalithic sites in Ireland.

The Dublin castle is a popular tourist attraction. Dublin is the capital of Ireland. Larger castles often hold banquets for kings and queens or town parties. Regardless of there condition and the current uses, the castles remind us of Ireland’s history.

The king’s bridge was built to commemorate the visit of King George the IV. I wonder how old the king’s bridge is? The Saint Patrick’s Cathedral is 200 feet tall. Wow! That is huge!

Sports with horses are very popular in Ireland. The horse races are called steeple chases. One of the most famous track in Ireland is curragi.

Leprechauns!! This myth started when a man woke up being dragged in the water by three leprechauns said by a man but it ended up being not true. The man got caught a few days later. To the Ireland people the leprechauns are fairies to them. Leprechauns are only about three feet tall.

In past heavily wooded landscape was idle for game. The cattle of early Ireland were smaller than modern breed. Within a century the potato was a common item in diet.

Roasted chicken with haze nut stuffing is one of the main dishes. Another main dish is leek, potato, and cheese pie. There main dessert is fruit cake. There favorite bread is brown bread.

Golfing has grown at an enormous rate in Ireland. Most people in Ireland will play the sports or be spectators. Mickey ward was always the underdog. He was always the one to stage a stunning comeback.

Saint Patrick!! Saint Patrick was born in 387a.d. Saint Patrick was kidnapped when he was very young. But he had escaped six years later. The year that he had returned was 432 a.d. and Saint Patrick was from great Britten not Ireland.




BY ISAAC, HUNTER, ADAM, BRANDON ENJOY YOUR IRELAND EXPERIENCE!!! POTATO BLIGHT! Was a great famine, and this famine had lasted about four ye...

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