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Brazil By: Laurel (food) Adelaide (sports) Kaitlin (holidays) Annabelle (animals)

Food!!!!!! :) Have you ever wondered how popular Brazil’s food are well your about to find out. Brazil grows the most fruit in South America. A Brazilian job is selling watermelon or other fruits to enjoy in the hot summer sun. Mostly every meal in Brazil consists of rice and beans. Brazil celebrates lots of food festivals wow!

Brazil grows the most fruit, or at least a lot. Brazilian foods represent a variety of traditional foods. Brazilian’s use fruit to make popsicles, and you can have or get any fruit flavor. They also use fruit to make soap and what’s really cool about that is that there are chunks of fruit inside the soap depending on what flavor soap you got or bought. Well I guess we found out Brazil does use a lot of fruit in the past, modern, and future.

A Brazilian job is selling watermelon and fresh fruit for the hot summer sun. Brazilian’s made chocolate and also has a wide variety of candy. They make a lot of seafood and made seafood for others as well. They make tapioca pudding and also sold it. Brazil makes a lot of food WOW!!! If I ate as much food there as I wanted to, well oh boy!!!!!

Mostly every meal consists of rice and beans. (ONLY!!!!) Sugarcane is used in pretty much every cocktail ever sold. It's not hard to be a vegetarian in Brazil because they have so many fruits and veggies. Brazilian's thought and sold so many fruits and veggies cheap to because they are so healthy. Holy lots of facts on that sub-topic sugarcane, veggies, fruits and more one word WOW. (Again)

Brazil had a lot of food festival as well as celebration. At carnivals food is the most important part of the celebration. Brazilian's celebrate food with huge festivals. Brazil usually celebrates food with fruits and veggies. There are lots of in Brazil but they sure sound good!!!!! :)

Sports in Brazil In Brazil, there are many interesting sports played. They have a wide variety of sports and recreation. Soccer, or futebol, and samba are the top two sports played in Brazil. One of the best soccer players, Edson Arantes do Nascimento, is from Brazil. Soccer is the most popular sport in Brazil. 1/09/brazil_logo.jpg

Some of the sports played in Brazil are soccer, volleyball, rowing, sailing, swimming, car racing, surfing, hangliding, and judo. Another interesting sport played in Brazil is capoeira. Capoeira is a form of self defense using dance steps. When playing capoeira you wear special pants, abadas, and play inside a circle called a roda. In Brazil, capoeira is played like we play baseball and basketball in America, on the streets for fun or in organized groups.

Samba and soccer are two things people love to do in Brazil. Samba is a Brazilian dance that many people there like to do. Another sport Brazilians play, soccer, is wrote futebol and pronounced foot-tee-ball. Brazilians play professional soccer in the second largest stadium in the world. Over all, soccer is the most popular sport in Brazil, they have won over four world cups in soccer.

Better known as Pele, Edson Arantes do Nascimento, from Brazil, is one of the best soccer players in the world. Another nickname for Pele is “O Rei do Futebol” which means “The King of Soccer”. Pele was selected to play for the Brazilian National Team at the age of sixteen. In 1974 Pele first retired, but returned to play in 1975 when the New York Cosmos offered him a multimillion dollar contract. After many years of soccer, Pele fully retired in 1977.

Brazilians are very successful in sports. They have won fifteen medals in the Olympics. Three of those medals were gold. They have also won over four world cups in soccer, or futebol. Many different sports are played in Brazil, but Brazilians will always love to play soccer.


Let me take you through the wonders of Brazil’s holidays. Brazil has many holidays important to their culture. Children & adults both love to attend their huge carnivals. In addition they celebrate many fiestas’ including the 40 days before Easter. In all Brazil’s holidays are the most amazing things to talk about.

Holidays in Brazil are amazing and what they do for the holidays. Brazilians celebrate Easter like we do but a lot bigger and they also do fun stuff like have huge fiestas and carnivals. Brazilians celebrate Christmas but they make dried corn and prepare for Christ’s death. Brazilians celebrate the birth of Jesus with food and music. In all Brazilians celebrate the same holidays as us.

The fascinating carnivals of Brazil. Carnivals in Brazil are the best and famous Holidays. Carnivals mixed with cultural depictions of local folklore. There is a Micaretas as it is called off –season carnival. In all Brazil carnivals are fastening.

The fastening fiestas and I will talk about what the Brazilians do for it. Annual festival is held forty six days before Easter. Catholic season called Lent is a fiesta. On Saint John’s Day people have a fiesta and square dance. In all fiesta’s are really fastening.

Brazil has a lot of amazing holidays. They have many holidays including Christmas, Easter, and New years. Brazil has lots carnivals including folklore and Micretas. Brazil has a lot of fiestas including Easter, Lent, and Saint John’s Day. In conclusion, Carnivals and fiestas are an important Brazilian's culture.

Brazil is home to many animals such as the sperm whale, titi monkey, farm animals. The sperm whale is found in the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. The titi monkey is found in wet or dense forests. Brazil has many farm animals that includes cattle, sheep, pigs, horses. In all Brazil is the home to many animals.

Whales The sperm whale can weigh up to 50 tons and get up to 12 meters long. The sperm whale lives near the coast of Brazil. The sperm whale swims to the depths of 3kms.

Titi monkey

Titi monkeys are found in wet or dense forests. They live in family groups which consist of parents and their children, about 3 to 7 members in a group. Their life expectancy is up to 12 years.

Farm animals

Both the horse and cattle are checked regularly to ensure they are healthy. The cattle are vaccinated four times a year. The farmer usually uses the horses for work but occasionally enters them in races for fun. Furthermore horse and cattle are popular farm animals in Brazil.

Brazil has excellent conditions for a variety of animals that live there. Like the sperm whale or the titi monkey or farm animals. In conclusion, Brazil has grassy plans, a cool climate, and large rivers and the Atlantic Ocean, to provide perfect conditions for most animals.

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