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exposure JUNE, 2016

PUBLISHER'SNOTEJUNE2016 I recently enjoyed a vacation to Fort Morgan, AL with my family. Great time. Highly recommend you go if you get the chance. If not, it's summer time now and pretty hot outside. It's hot inside, too, if your A/ C goes out. Another high recommend from me is for ACR Air Conditioning and Heating in Lake Charles. I can't say nice enough things about this company and the power couple that run it. Greg and Tara Hairr are possibly the kindest people I've ever met. When the thirty four year old heating system in my 116-ish year old house cracked into pieces and tried killing me with carbon monoxide, Greg showed up with his team and had everything replaced with a brand new central cooling and heating system within three days. Now, for the first time since pioneers built this place, I can walk through the entire house and not even care about the temperature outside. Did anybody else see Mars a few weeks ago? It looked like a bright, copper colored star. Dr. Larry Dilks couldn't see it from wherever he was at the time, and I only know this because he wouldn't stop texting me about it. We get it, Larry. You couldn't go to Fort Morgan, AL because you had to work. Boo hoo. I saw Mars. It was cool. Recently, a buddy whom I haven't heard from in years reached out to me. Long story short: He confessed that I was completely honest with him when he was going through a difficult time, and that it made him angry. Radio silence for four years. He realized that honesty is exactly what he needed at the time to force him to make some necessary changes in his life. For the last year-and-a-half he has understood this, but it took him that long to call me. Let go. Be honest. Make the call. Or don't. It's up to you. Sometimes you've just got to enjoy the silence and see how it changes you. It meant the world to me to hear from him. I've been hearing that there is yet another show being produced in where two teenagers get hitched. Big deal. I was married eleven days after my eighteenth birthday, and I only ever talk about it always. Speaking of my marriage; Me and Megan are going on thirteen years this month. Been together almost fifteen years. We beat the odds and looked great while doing it, too. She gave me two beautiful sons that are smarter and greater than me in every way. I only give them a hard time because it's my parenting style. I only act like an asshole to Megan sometimes because I can be a bit of an asshole. Sorry for this. It's been an adventure, one that I look forward to continuing forever, and I'm extremely thankful for being able to go through it all with her by my side. Nobody's as lucky, like, actually lucky (right place at the right time) as me. The best wife, best kids, best friends. I deserve none of these lifelong gifts.

Happy birthday to me, Calvin Tyler, Publisher Exposure Magazine

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ARTCONTESTFORYOUNGARTISTS: WINNINGARTWORKWILLBEFEATUREDON5,000 LITTERBAGSTHROUGHOUTCALCASIEUPARISH Children ages 5 to 12 years old are invited to join the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury?s fight against litter by creating their own litterbag design. One entry will be selected to appear on 5,000 litterbags to be handed out throughout Calcasieu Parish. Entering is easy. Artwork must be related to the theme ?Keep Calcasieu Clean. Don?t Litter.? These words, or another anti-litter message, may appear on the artwork. However, the participant?s name or other contact information must not appear within the design. Only one entry per child will be allowed. Artwork must be the child?s original creation and the winner will be chosen by a panel of judges. The deadline for the contest is Thursday, June 30, 2016.



Entry forms are available at all Calcasieu Parish Public Library locations. A downloadable entry form, along with a complete list of rules, can be found at trash. Completed artwork can be returned to the library or scanned artwork can be emailed along with the entrant?s contact info (first and last name, age, grade, school, address and phone number)

For m or e infor m ation on the litter bag ar t pr ogr am , contact Cindy M ur phy at cm ur



There aren't many times in this life that one has the chance to meet a person with true vision, attention to detail, and the ambition to see an idea all the way through from conception to reality. I, without knowing so, stumbled across such an encounter. It changed the way I will view the potential of our area for the rest of my life. Growing up is Sulphur, LA was less than interesting for me. Not knocking the place, just a personal observation. If were the kind of person who was into hunting, sports, working on your automobile, or partying, then you might have gotten more out of this small town. I lived inside of my favorite movies and got by as a child enjoying the stories of those much older than myself. This was the earliest indicator I can point to when looking back on my road to now. Finding the interesting that lies in an interesting person, and never being able to let that go until I was somehow able to pass it along elsewhere. Having never run across anyone in my hometown with ambitions beyond working in the plants/ refineries or making it big with their band, the types with aspirations to seek and create new and fascinating opportunities caught my eye. In my tenure as a storyteller, I have run across those who have championed when it comes to building the hot dog, driving tacos around, resurrecting historic homes, devoted themselves to serving the health of others, and even a madwoman English guru. But what brought me to string together this particular group of words was Eric Avery. A Sulphur boy himself and proprietor of Avery Archives, I was asked to meet with him in regards to what was to become his latest venture. Crying Eagle Brewery. I arrive to the offices of Avery Archives and walk in blind to what I was about to experience. The receptionist (sorry for not remembering your name; you were nice) asked me to hang out for Mr. Avery would be with me in just a moment. I wander around the hall impressed with the decor while simultaneously curious about what this company actually does. Been known to not do his research, this guy right here has been told. Avery comes out from around a corner saying, "Calvin? Would you like a water?" I, not being one to impose on others say, "Absolutely. The farther away and inconvenient the better." Avery smiled, came back with possibly the coldest water ever, and invited me into his private office to discuss business. Eric Avery has a certain style to his demeanor that is unforgettable. Carries himself with a confidence one could only



have when they've put in the time to know every possible outcome. Calm; Articulate; Honest. A person like this doesn't come around that often. Avery takes his time interviewing me. We go over where I'm from- not far from where his grandmother lived- and my vision for the future of Exposure Magazine. In that ten minutes, we learned who one another was. A couple of Sulphur kids trying to do something unexpected and fun in a big way. His unexpected and fun thing was way more complex than mine, but it's not a race. Where most craft breweries start really small and slowly grow to the largest possible point, Crying Eagle has been set to go big on day one. This Avery character thought of everything. My mind slipped into temporary insanity as he went through the details. It was way too much information for my feeble mind to contain on an impromptu meet-and-greet. We sample the beers, making sure to keep our smiles and giggling to a minimum because, you know...we're professionals. After the tasting, we make our way to the property next door to view the construction of the brewery. I immediately see his vision! This place is going to be successful. It's going to go national. It's going to blow all of us away. Not too shabby for a local boy from the other side of the bridge.

Paul Boudreaux on Facebook asks, "Where specifically will they [ Crying Eagle Beer] be available first and any idea when? That's what everyone wants to know. Lol" Crying Eagle Brewing responded with, "We're brewing beer as we speak! With fermentation, we are still a few weeks out. The very first tastes will be available in our tap room on a limited basis so stay tuned for updates! Once we are out in the market, we plan to be everywhere in the LC area before expanding East."


TREATYOURSTRENGTHS ASAWEAKNESS Why do we alienate what we have and covet what we don?t? We?re quick to ignore what is in our search for what else in life-always longing for the shiny balls of strengths that everyone else seem to possess-ignorant of our own. You have strengths that you do not fully utilize, why? Because your strengths aren?t painful-and when it doesn?t cause discomfort, when something comes so effortlessly, so naturally, it often gets taken for granted. For some people what may take them months to read a book, you complete it in a few hours; while some unsuccessfully try to cram into memory a blur of stats, facts, reviews, rebuttals and closes, you?re one and done-thanks to your photographic memory; where some find meeting new people very awkward, you have the uncanny ability to get a complete stranger to open up and share their whole life story with you in minutes. You have dozens of strengths-strengths that others could only wish for, yet years later you still find yourself standing in the familiar rut of, average at best, on the way to your grave of untapped potential. Like a dog faithful to its abusive master, your strengths are present, but undeserved. In the absence of tension, strengths morph into weaknesses. You can?t walk between skyscrapers on a loose tightrope; you won?t win the Tour de France with slack in your chain; you?ll never be able to play like Hendrix with loose guitar strings, and you?ll never realize your full potential without the tension. Your greatest opportunity for growth comes from the tension between complacency and discontent. Many of your greatest strengths were unearthed during your weakest moments in life-all thanks to tension. When there were moments that you were physically, mentally, spiritually, or financially at your rope?s end, it was tension that tied the knot enabling you to hold on. You weren?t focused on the realities of what couldn?t be done-you were too focused on the possibilities of what had to be done. And like the tenacious jaws of a rabid dog you refused to let go- narrowing your focus, upping your intensity, and stretching your resolve? until tension finally broke the obstacle standing in your way. And that was during your weakest, lowest moments in life. Just think if you treated your strengths much the same way? Instead of using your strengths as a crutch, limping into the kingdoms of Just Enough, what if you used it instead to vault into newer, higher realms of possibilities? If you did it when you didn?t think you had it [ in you] , then why, when you know you have it [ in you] don?t you use it to do more? In the sport of pole-vaulting, the faster you run the higher you?ll go. Energy is transferred from the runner?s feet to the pole, vaulting him over the bar. Your energy is found in your strengths, the problem is you?re not running fast enough. It?s time to stop strolling and start running. Sure, adding tension causes discomfort, soreness, and fatigue, but that?s where the growth is found and that?s precisely the point when most people let up-when it begins to hurt. We may not always like the effort, but we always enjoy the results. Keep your lines of success tight by dripping tension as needed.

By Marsh Buice



If you plan on going higher, you?re going to have to run faster. Set the bar and lace up. I?ll see you on the Blacktop.







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HISTORICCOOPERATION AGREEMENTSIGNED The JOVO Group and SCT&E LNG, Inc. announced today that they signed a historic Cooperation Agreement on May 13th in New York City at the China-U.S. Economic and Trade Cooperation Conference held at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Times Square. The event drew a standing room only crowd of more than 500 people with many VIPs in attendance, including key industry leaders and a number of state and federal officials.

agreement signed between JOVO and SCT&E LNG is a first of its kind between a U.S. LNG developer and a private Chinese LNG terminal owner. The agreement provides for long-term offtake of LNG from the future SCT&E LNG export terminal to be built on Monkey Island in Cameron Parish, Louisiana, and a potential equity investment into the SCT&E LNG facility by the JOVO Group.

The key note address was given by Mr. Hu Chunhua, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Party Secretary of the Guangdong Province. Mr. Hu Chunhua expressed his country?s interest in working with United States business leaders to improve trade and trust between the two countries. Among the dignitaries present were Mr. Hu Chunhua, Mr. Patrick Santillo, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for China, Ms. Kathy Hochul, Lieutenant Governor of the State of New York, Mr. CUI Tiankai, Ambassador of the People?s Republic of China to the U.S., Mr. Myron Brilliant, Executive Vice President and Head of International Affairs at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and Mr. XU Qin, Mayor of Shenzhen Municipal Government.

Mr. Zhang Jianguo, Chairman of the JOVO Group, stated, ?We evaluated multiple projects to supply LNG to our receiving terminal and selected the SCT&E LNG project. During the review process, my team and I built a strong relationship with Mr. Greg Michaels, Chairman of SCT&E LNG, and his team, and we have confidence in the project and our relationship moving forward. The JOVO Group currently imports LNG and has plans to expand its LNG import capabilities to further leverage the natural gas distribution network in Southern China.? Mr. Michaels added, ?We are extremely confident in the JOVO Group?s team and look forward to working together. We are excited about this agreement and the ability to supply LNG to meet the rapidly-growing demand for clean burning energy in Southern China, especially the Guandong Province.?

The long-term, multibillion dollar

The Guandong Province boasts one of the country?s most prosperous economies, and the region&# 39;s rapid economic development has been met with high-energy consumption, primarily through the use of coal and other dirty fossil fuels. The Guandong province has one of the highest capacities of coal-burning power, and Chinese leadership is now looking to curb its coal consumption by adopting clean burning energy alternatives, such as natural gas in the form of LNG. The agreement between SCT&E LNG and the JOVO Group represents a positive step forward for the region in meeting its country?s national air quality standards.

Contact: Stephanie Moreau, Assistant to Greg Michaels SCT & E LNG, Inc. 15021 Katy Freeway, Suite 210 Houston, Texas 77094

About SCT&E LNG: Originally established by Southern California Telephone Company, SCT&E LNG, INC. is a Nevada corporation and developer of an LNG export terminal. The SCT&E LNG project is currently modeled as an LNG tolling facility utilizing cryogenic technologies to liquefy natural gas for export globally. The SCT&E LNG plan is to liquefy approximately 1.60 billion cubic feet (bcf) per day of natural gas to create approximately 12 million tons per annum (mtpa) of LNG at its future facilities on Monkey Island in Cameron Parish, Louisiana. Southern California Telephone Company, today doing business as Southern California Telephone & Energy (SCT&E), is a successful twenty-one year, privately-owned United States Public Utility Company. The company was originally founded in 1994 as Wholesale Airtime, Inc. by CEO Greg Michaels. Southern California Telephone Company is a Telecommunications and Energy Company which has developed, owns, and operates redundant telecommunications networks. The company maintains facilities on both coasts of the United States. SCT&E holds a U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Authority, allowing it to buy and sell energy nationwide. SCT&E has multiple locations, with its corporate office headquartered in Temecula, California.




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A CR Air Conditioning&Heating, Inc

As your local Lennox and Trane dealer, we?re proud to offer the finest heating, cooling and indoor air quality products, with prompt and professional customer service. Regardless of the season or the temperature outside, we can make your home feel perfectly comfortable.

337.625.1706 Proud prov i der of Lennox and Trane to th e l ak e area.




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"The greatest evil is p h y s ic a l

pain." -Sai nt A ugusti ne

YOUHAVE APrimer of Integrative Medical PainHealing By Dr. Henry Goolsby

Before I had the grand aspiration to pursue a career in medicine, I was in fact enamored with the pursuit of accounting. This lasted the duration of about one half of the first semester of college and many of you who follow this series may have an idea of why. Thank heavens for biology in so many ways! Now we have the human genome project that has given us the ability to account for the different appearances and disease process susceptibilities that we see over the course of our lifetimes. More importantly, this accountability to our genotypes gives, and will provide us, the ability to evade the disease processes of our family. That is if we credit the effects of our environment ?both internal and external? on the products of our genome (phenotype). Many issues may impact the balance sheet of our well being, but maybe none as poignant as the expenses credited to the effects of pain on our internal environment. In my integrative medicine practice I have accrued a somewhat formidable ledger of patients necessitating a more comprehensive approach to pain than is habitually applied in the ?pain management? setting. I perceive that ?management? is vocabulary that implies an energy of helpless stagnation anchored ultimately to an unchanging outcome ?and that would be what I typically see when a patient comes to be evaluated for the integrative pain healing approach. Conceptualizing the integrative approach to pain healing is not difficult; we simply need to audit all the modalities that have been accrued and found effective in decreasing or alleviating the different types of pain and apply them in an advantageous manner. From an anatomic and physiologic perspective, the two major types of pain we treat are nociceptive (resulting from trauma or inflammation) and neuropathic (originating from damaged nerves). The painful information from these two sources follow well described pathways from their sites of origin through nerves to the spinal cord then to the midbrain (thalamus) and ultimately to the appropriate area of the cerebral cortex where we receive the localizing information. This is a simplistic representation in that our brains integrate this information in a more holographic pattern, which then creates a complex memory hologram for future reference. Different nerve types define the character of the pain information based




Reduceyour stress& anxiety by devel oping sel f-regul ationskil l s whil ebuil dingmental & emotional resil ienceat InfiniteHealth. WWW.YOURI NFINITEHEALTH.COM



40 16

EXPOSURE EXPOSURE | CULT|URBEUS|INSPONSORED ESS| SPONSORED BY SWLA BY Southwest CONVENTION Louisiana & VISITORS Entrepreneurial BUREAU and | WWW.VISITLC.ORG Economic Development| Center Dow nload | 4310 the Ryan app,Sttoday! , Lake Charles, LA 70605 | 337.433.0977


It was on April 9th when I awoke to find that my 10 year old friend, Lady Samantha Tyler, had passed away in her sleep. She was very special to me and my family in the kind of way I couldn't put into words until she was gone. In the moment, there were too many things to consider, such as: Where would she have wanted to be buried? Which blanket was her favorite? Where's my shovel? What do I tell the kids? If I am thankful for anything in this life, it is for having the strength to honor Sam during these trying moments. It was hard watching my wife come to grips with her little girl not being there anymore, and our sons trying their best to grasp their own loss, but I somehow squeezed everyone through my own pain and found solace. We were dead set against adopting another dog at first, against the advice of numerous friends, stating that we would never have the same experience. When my lovely lady, Megan, brought Sam home she did so on New Year's Eve and I was wearing a tuxedo. How many times has that happened in your life? Didn't think so. Wasn't but 6 days after putting my sweet Samantha to rest that Megan received a call from a friend explaining that his 23 year old daughter's pit bull just had puppies and needed a good home. We responded in a "we need to think about it" kind of way. After making the decision to expand our pack with two sisters, we set up the date and begin prepping the house for the new puppies. The Sunday before Memorial Day (thanks to all who served) we load the car and head to Texas City, TX. Remember that this is Memorial Day weekend and that Texas City is not far from Kemah and Galveston. Three hours of traffic later we finally arrive to the address, and that's when shit got real. The daughter of my friend, who, by the way, committed to giving us two pups for free, is now requesting $200 per dog. Mrs. Tyler was kind enough to drop me off at the house while she and the kiddos ran to an ATM to get another $20 to add to the $30 I had in my wallet. We had decided to do this as a way to help cover any costs this woman might have had in the six weeks she kept our puppies alive. When Mrs. Tyler and company pull back up the house to hear what I just heard: the energy changed. Kids began crying in the backseat, the youngest of which insisting that this lady go to jail, Megan started texting and calling this dog holder's dad and stepmom. I walk back to the house and calmly explain that I've only paid money for one dog in my entire life, and that it was because some people I had gone to high school with were involved with a dog fighting ring and had showed up at my house one evening with a runt that was going to be fed to the bigger dogs if they couldn't sell her. I quickly gave these meth-heads $100, took the pitiful two week old pit bull, and raised it to


almost a year old before finding her a home with a dog trainer looking for a pup of her own. After calmly explaning all of this I offer the $50 for the two female puppies we had previously agreed on, while simaltaneously describing how our ten yearold dog lived a great life with us and that we were going to love and cherish these animals their entire lives. She asks for a moment to talk things over with her husband whom, I forgot to mention earlier, is working on his broken down pickup truck in the driveway with dubstep playing from within the garage. Don't know why such detail is important, but it stuck out. Back at the car now debriefing the Tylers on the situation when I hear, "Hey you!," hollered from the front of the truck. I walk over and her husband says, "I want you to tell me...word-for-word...what you just told my wife." I figured he was asking about the $50 and good life situation but I was wrong. "Nope. Tell me about the time you was fighting dogs," he mutters with his strongest attempt at intimidation. So, again, I calmly explain that some people I had gone to high school with were involved with a dog fighting ring and had showed up at my house one evening with a runt that was going to be fed to the bigger dogs if they couldn't sell her, and that I saved her. He starts telling me about how he don't know me and that he could run me off his property if I upset his seven months pregnant wife and that he just can't afford to let the two females go for $25 each. But, he's willing to strike up a deal with me because I seem like a nice guy. I ask to see the puppies and am taken into the laundryroom where I find all nine (9) of them in an infant's playpin lying atop a urine and feces-soaked sheet. It broke my heart.


On TheLake 1004 Nort h Lakeshore Drive Lake Charl es, LA 70601 Tel ephone: 337 494 1070

Broad Street & Hwy 14 732 S Mart in Lut her King Hwy. Lake Charl es, LA 70601 Tel ephone: 337 494 1700

DeRidder 735 N Pine St reet DeRidder, LA 70634 Tel ephone: 337 460 7788

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To see more of Justin Henry's work, you can click on any of his works within this issue, or you can visit his Vistercolor Facebook page by clicking the logo below.




Tel l your f ri ends. readex

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