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CONTRIBUTINGWRITERS Jor dan Waldm eier M ar sh Buice Jer emy Pr ice M ike 'Happy' Hor ton Jason M achulski Duane Ber ger on Dr. Tr ip Goolsby Kir k Eidson, Not an M .D. Nikki Sue Alston

I have had the pleasur e of w or king alongside Dave on num er ous occasions, and it is my honor to consider him a fr iend. W hat he has done w ith the little str ip betw een the tw o Lunas is adm ir able enough, let alone the dom ino effect that he has caused. Dave is a for ce of natur e. He battles and r oar s (quietly, because he's actually kind of r eser ved and extr em ely w ell m anner ed) to give the people of Lake Char les a place w her e they can enjoy them selves as if they w er e aw ay on vacation. Gr eat food, am azing ser vice, kickass festivals, explosive ar t, m ind-m elding m usic, and m ir aculous taste in decor ar e only a few of the item s on Dave's r ĂŠsum ĂŠ. He is also a doting father and husband, and a gr eat listener. Cheer s to you, Dave, for being the badass you ar e. Please live for ever.

CONTRIBUTINGPHOTOGRAPHERS Jason Car r ol l m onsour sphotogr

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Jon Lan dr y


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EXPOSURE M AGAZI NE | Decem ber 2016 VOLUM E 2, NUM BER 11 Published m onthly by Conquer , Inc., P.O. Box 443, Lake Char les, LA 70602. Pr inted in USA. Exposur e M agazine is a r egister ed nam e of Conquer , Inc. Repr oduction in w hole or in par t w ithout w r itten per m ission is pr ohibited. Opinions expr essed in ar ticles ar e those of the author. All r ights r eser ved on entir e contents. Adver tising inquir ies should be dir ected to publisher @r eadexposur . Unless other w ise noted, ar tists featur ed in Exposur e M agazine r etain copyr ight to their w or k . Ever y effor t has been m ade to r each copyr ight ow ner s or their r epr esentatives. The publisher w ill be pleased the cor r ect any m istakes or om issions in our next issue. Exposur e M agazine w elcom es editor ial subm issions; how ever , r etur n postage m ust accom pany all unsolicited m anuscr ipts, ar t, dr aw ings, and photogr aphic m ater ials if they ar e to be r etur ned. No r esponsibility can be assum ed for unsolicited m ater ials. All letter s w ill be tr eated as unconditionally assigned for publication and copyr ight pur poses and subject to Exposur e M agazine's r ight to edit and com m ent editor ially. Exposur e M agazine is Published by Conquer , Inc. em ail to: editor @r eadexposur r eadexposur

PUBLISHER'SNOTENOVEMBER2016 What is it about humans that makes us human? Is it our compassion, consciousness of self, or opposable thumbs? No, it can?t be the thumbs thing because rats have thumbs. Maybe that?s why scientists are always doing science-y things to rats. You see how that works, people? we just solved an entirely different question without even starting out with that in mind. We sat down, started talking, and got to the bottom of a matter that didn?t even matter two minutes ago (4 minutes ago if you?re a slow reader).


The point to this conclusion is that: we, as conscious beings tend to believe that we are on our way to learning something. Even discovering that rats have weird, creepy opposable thumbs is exciting. It?s something trivial to tell your friends, even though you learned it from this article and the writer learned it from a very odd YouTube video. We are all on a journey to enlightenment- ups, downs, beginnings, middles, and ends- and that brings a certain expectation that isn?t found anywhere else in the animal kingdom. The obvious answer is, of course, aliens. But, let?s try and keep this discussion grounded to the terrestrial realm for now. This article was inspired by all of the sports fans in my life. I, like many others out there, do not care too much for sports. We walk amongst you carrying out our everyday lives; working jobs, driving cars, shopping at Best Buy. I get why others enjoy sports, and don?t judge them for doing so, but I just can?t see the appeal. Fans get all dressed up to gather with other fans and rejoice in the possible victory that their teams might earn. Cheering, singing, and clapping are all present at these gathering while I just sit there wondering what drives these folks to participate week-after-week. As I "researched" for this piece, I found that this phenomenon has been present throughout all of written history. We know that the sport of football is terrible for the future of the participating players- the NFL agrees that one in three players is/ will be affected by brain trauma- but the stadiums continue to fill up, just as the coliseums of ancient Rome did. It isn?t the violence of the game that causes me to question fans?loyalty. It?s the actual loyalty. Rooting for ?your? team is not something only related to sports. It is everything to everybody, i.e., politics, family, Apple, PC, Android, Sony, Marvel, DC, etc. We build myths based on ourselves and then we believe them. If you?re a hardcore right/ left wing conservative/ progressive who is also a devout Catholic/ Baptist, it?s safe to say you weren?t born that way. Let me specify further: If you have any political or religious affiliation, they were not inclinations you were born with. All of these ideals happened to align with your life?s trajectory due to decisions you either made for yourself to belong within a particular group, or decisions made for you by a group to allow you acceptance. You?ll never find a two year old attending a funeral who cares about the ?rules and traditions? because every child is designed to seek out basic pleasures. That explains the child giggling and jumping on the prayer bench while the adult minister stands stoically posed in a carefully chosen outfit reciting specifically chosen words, and delivering them in a universally accepted/ awkward tone. During my observation of this exact situation I related more to the child. The kid understood himself far more than any of the adults in the church. Everyone panicking and grappling with the idea of their own mortality, while the kiddo was innocently enjoying himself in the moment. There had, at the time of this observation, been no socially driven agendas psychologically imprinted onto the child that would cause him to choose a political side, have negative racial assessments, or a favorite sports team. But, in time, he will develop ?his own? opinions. He will enter school and be exposed to the ideas and ideals of everyone who exists in his life, and all anyone can hope for is that all of these influencers are good and decent people. That they can all be on the same page. That when the child needs them throughout his life, they can stand united even when not together. Here?s to hoping that kid is part of a solid team. Merry Christmas,

Calvin Tyler, Publisher Exposure Magazine

9 TheRoundAbout: Spinningthe ideaof musicbacktoitsroots When the world innovates, sometimes it moves in the wrong direction. Lake Charles now [again] has a business that respects music, and how you're supposed to enjoy it.

ArtsFest 2016! What aSuccess!

12 I'mnot cut out for this...

16 U.S.Department of EnergyAuthorizes MagnoliaLNGNon-FTA Exports

20 TheEvil Empire?sDeathStar Serenade

26 "Hav e y ou ev er w on d er ed w h y y ou qu es t i on qu ot es ?" -Calvin Tyler

433.2333 Š Copyright 2016 Monsour's Photography all rights reserved.

433.2333 Š Copyright 2016 Monsour's Photography all rights reserved.

121 Artisan Bistro

Danny Paul

Photo by Chad W hited




Spinn ing the idea of musi c

back to i ts r oots By Calvin Tyler

The world around us moving faster than it ever has. Sure, our grandparents saw innovations such as color television, the moon landing, and microwaves, but we, today, are witnessing the world evolve by the hour. You might even say we're moving in stereo. I apologize for such a forced The Cars reference (not really, that song rocks), but we're gonna have autonomous cars. Those are cars that will drive themselves. Let that sink in. Like, in real life you will be able to get into an automobile, tell it where you need to go, and it will transport you there faster and safer than you've ever traveled before. This is going to happen within our lifetime, and our grandkids will think we were barbarians for having to drive ourselves. It will feel bizarre at first. We won't accept it for a while, then we'll reluctantly admit that it's kind of nice, then we will all get used to sleeping in cars while they graciously drive us to work. The difference between cars and music is that, with cars: we've been doing wrong this whole time. Music: we innovated away from the proper medium. Listening to recorded sound might appear to be a silly thing to over think. It is not. There is a whole lot of science that points to direct correlations between the warmth of noise frequency and brain function. A cassette tape might be able to play back the sounds and words you like to hear, but there is something lost in the transfer. Vinyl records, on the other hand, do not lose this thing. There is a beauty to such an archaic piece of almost dead technology that is hard to describe. How can something so simple, that seems so stupid when compared to more advanced counterparts actually be the most enjoyable way to listen to music? I'm not as old as to say I've come from a time when browsing the record shop for the next musical obsession. I came into spending money on music in the time of CDs (compact discs). When I bought Guns N' Roses' Appetite For Destruction I distinctly remember opening the case to find the photo artwork staring back at me from the opposite side of the terrible-looking disc. I was drawn to it, looking over all of the stage photos and thinking to myself, "These people live rock n roll!" I put on the CD, and as I waited for the first song to load, I opened the booklet and found all of the song titles and the lyrics listed beneath them. Then, like life of the gods being breathed into me, the guitar intro for Welcome to the Jungle dropped.

I am now a grownup and spend my hard earned dollars a little more responsibly. That little taste of action I got from CDs was overshadowed when I received my first vinyl record. The art was deeper, the stories and information more broad. Then the sound---oh my stars--- the sound is incredible. Warm and resonant as it pours over you. There might not be a more intimate way to spend time with yourself than oiling a record, setting it to play, and reading through and appreciating the artwork inside of the sleeve. Now, thankfully, Lake Charles has The Round About. A record store with a great collection sure to convert even the most staunch Steve Jobs fanboy into a Vinylphile. Do your ears a favors and invest in them, because they invested in you without judging your love for terrible sound quality. The Round About is located at 311 Broad Street in historic Downtown Lake Charles, and Christmas is right around the corner. Just saying. It's better to give records than receive phony looks of appreciation for that Dollar Store candle. #supportlocal

TO THOSE WHO OPENED THE ROUND ABOUT: I have had my eye on the Tears For Fears Songs From the Big Chair album, and will be coming in soon to pick it up. Thank you.




Click the image to enter the site DECEMBER 2016


HolidayArt Market

offersunique,local gift shopping By Jody Taylor

Located throughout historic Central School, the annual Holiday Art Market will return December 9-11 with an eclectic array of fine and handmade items crafted by regional artists, encouraging the Lake Area community to ?Shop Local, Give Local!?. Each year, a spotlight organization receives a portion of the proceeds from sales at Holiday Art Market. This year, donations will benefit the Family & Youth Counseling Agency, and will purchase art supplies for the Shannon Cox Counseling Center?s Grief Initiative. Holiday Art Market vendors include watercolor artist Sue Zimmermann, Naquin?s Woodworks, photography by Heather Arsement and Marisa Getz, pottery by Anita Ahrens, Jason Machulski, Debbie Wilfer, and Tracy LeMieux, stained glass by Glassical Creations, handwoven baskets by Emma Hughes, handmade jewelry from Cajun Moon and JM Designs, and additional works by Morgan Allain, Peggy Borel, Daneisha Davis, Tony DuPuis, Erik Jessen, and many more. Holiday Art Market will also feature performances from F.G. Bulber Youth Orchestra and other student groups, plus bakery treats from A Spoonful of Sugar and Air Confetti, pet?s gifts at the Art Associates Gallery, and a Kids Zone sponsored by The Art Factory, where children can create their own Christmas cards and gift wrap, plus other fun arts-related activities. The Mardi Gras Museum will be open, and the popular Hi-Licious Street Kitchen will serve their delicious Asian cuisine. Times for the festive event are as follows: Friday, December 9 (3-7pm), Saturday December 10 (10am-5pm), and Sunday December 11 (12-5pm). Holiday Art Market is presented annually by the City of Lake Charles and the Arts Council of SWLA. For more details, contact the Arts Council at (337) 439-2787.

Catch & Release Fishing Program for McDonald?s fry and ice cream cone coupons




Roll Indoor Cycling

Danny Paul DECEMBER 2016


Same thing I always get, Boba Gump Tacos...



I'MNOTCUTOUTFORTHIS... I hear this, just before a salesperson throws in the towel to quit. Some of them are right, many are often wrong. It?s not that you?re not cut out to be a salesperson, it?s that you haven?t yet cut in to be a good one. Think of your sales career as a bunch of hissing, sparking live wires cut in half. With each Up and every No; the callers who hang up in your face and the appointments that don?t show up; the times you should?ve said something and the times you said too much, you?re building your new skill set. Your failures aren?t failures, they?re new connections rewiring your failures to your favorable, desired outcomes. Michelangelo didn?t cut a David out of that huge block of marble; rather he cut in to the marble and found his David. Keep cutting in and you?ll find your masterpiece.

I'l l see you next t ime on t he Bl ackt op.

By Marsh Buice




M arsh Buice is the sales manager of M ark Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep. He can be contacted at 866.535.5006, or by email at

REACHOUTTOMARSHTODAY Youcanreadmoreof MarshBuice'sexcellent writingonhisblogover at DealerElite. Just click here,andbesuretohit thefollowbuttontoreceiveanupdatewhenhisnewarticlesarive!




Tr uly an ancillar y benefit to a sm all business star t up, the Business Incubator , pr ovides not only the space needed, but also coaching ,counseling, tr aining, and m any other r esour ces to help a business ow ner gr ow and successfully develop ones business. Those that eventually gr ow out of the Business Incubator to expand their business fur ther into the business com m unity, have show n to be a m or e sustainable in the business m ar ket. If w ould like to inquir e on how the SEED Center can help your business flour ish, please contact them at

w w w.seedcenter sw

A CR Air Conditioning&Heating, Inc

As your local Lennox and Trane dealer, we?re proud to offer the finest heating, cooling and indoor air quality products, with prompt and professional customer service. Regardless of the season or the temperature outside, we can make your home feel perfectly comfortable.

337.625.1706 Proud prov i der of Lennox and Trane to th e l ak e area.

U.S.Department of EnergyAuthorizes MagnoliaLNGNon-FTAExports Lake Charles, LA? Liquefied Natural Gas Limited (LNGL), the parent company of Magnolia LNG, is pleased to announce that the US Department of Energy (DOE) has announced today its decision granting Magnolia LNG Project authorization to export liquefied natural gas from the proposed facility in Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA to countries with which the United States has not entered into a free trade agreement (non-FTA approval). Greg Vesey, LNGL Managing Director and CEO and Magnolia LNG President and CEO, advised, ?Our Magnolia project team is very pleased to have successfully received this final piece of the regulatory framework enabling our Magnolia LNG project to export US-produced natural gas to the global energy market. We recognize and appreciate the hard work and timely efforts put in by the DOE and other cooperating agencies in reaching this decision. Going forward, we are well underway in progressing on the final offtake milestones to enable us to move this leading energy efficient, innovative and low cost project into the construction and operations phases.? For more information on the Magnolia LNG project, please visit About Liquef ied Nat ural Gas Limit ed Liquefied Natural Gas Limited is an Australian listed company (Code: LNG and OTC ADR: LNGLY) focused on development of mid-scale LNG plants. LNGL?s business strategy aims to deliver lower capital and operating costs, faster construction




timelines and improved efficiency, relative to larger traditional LNG projects. LNGL?s portfolio includes Magnolia LNG LLC, an 8 mtpa project in Lake Charles, Louisiana; Bear Head LNG Corporation, an up to 12 mtpa project on the Strait of Canso in Point Tupper, Nova Scotia; Gladstone LNG Pty Ltd, which is progressing the 3.8 mtpa Fisherman?s Landing LNG project at the Port of Gladstone in Queensland, Australia; and LNG Technology Pty Ltd, which owns and develops the OSMRÂŽ LNG liquefaction process. About t he Magnol ia LNG Project The Magnolia LNG project is 100% owned by Magnolia LNG LLC, which is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Liquefied Natural Gas Limited. The project comprises the proposed development of an 8-mtpa LNG project on a 115-acre site, located on an established LNG shipping channel in the Lake Charles District, State of Louisiana, United States of America. The project is based on the development of four LNG production trains of 2 mtpa each using the Company?s wholly owned OSMRÂŽ LNG process technology. Magnolia LNG?s business model provides liquefaction services to LNG buyers who pay a monthly fixed capacity fee, plus all LNG plant operating and maintenance costs. LNG buyers contract for liquefaction services under two contract models ? a Liquefaction Tolling Agreement, whereby the LNG export terminal is only responsible for processing natural gas into LNG, and an LNG Sales and Purchase Agreement under which the customer buys LNG on a free on board basis (FOB).

BUSINESS| SPONSORED by Southwest Louisiana Entrepreneurial and Economic Development Center | 4310 Ryan St , Lake Charles, LA 70605 | 337.433.0977



Thank you for keeping us #1 for over 40 years



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th ank s f or th e support


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TheEvil Empire?sDeathStar Serenade By Dr. Henry Goolsby

Am azing, n?est ce pas, the num ber of health m etaphor s one can find in sim ple science fiction that r elate back to health and m edicine? Or is this just m e? Bear w ith m e and I pr om ise I w ill find additional cinem atogr aphic r esour ces next year !

Once espoused to the pow er of the death star w e becom e, for better or for w or se, the ser vant; seeking ever deepening indulgent behavior w hose ser vice is only beneficial to the dar k lor d and dem ands ever expanding taxation on our dependent or gans.

That said, I w as ponder ing the evils of the sugar m olecule and its der ivatives and, for som e r eason fell upon this sim ilitude. I?m blam ing my dear sw eet w ife LeNae for this one. Tr uth be told, she only said sugar w as like the ?death star ? and my im agination took over fr om ther e.

W hen I think about the long ter m effects of this nutr itional hooligan, I like to r em em ber fir st and for em ost w hat the daily r equir em ents ar e and w hy w e only need such sm all am ounts. Daily consum ption of 20 to 30 gr am s is all that is tr uly r equir ed. W hy is that? A num ber of r easons such a sm all am ount is needed, the pr im ar y being that the only or gan in the body that consum es glucose as its sole sour ce of ener gy is the br ain (gr anted, in pr otr acted star vation it can use ketones der ived fr om fatty m olecules if necessar y, w hen a sudden decr ease in blood sugar levels occur s the r esulting scenar io is not pr etty). Secondar ily w e m aintain stor age of this potential pathogen in the liver and m uscles that pr ovides for up to seven to ten days of r eser ve. Lastly, our biochem ical m achiner y in those sam e or gans is capable of m aking glucose fr om other biologically available sour ces (am ino acids and fatty m olecules). So yes, even the Jedi knights need to be aw ar e of the r isks and pow er of the death star.

Yes, w e ar e in m idst of an epic str uggle betw een good and bad w hen w e consider the nefar ious activities of the glucose m olecule (sugar ) as it tr avels the univer se that constitutes our bodies. It is as though the evil galactic em pir e had cr eated, at the behest of the ?Dar k Side,? the ultim ate destr uctive w eapon by w hich to enslave the univer se and achieve total dom inion (oh the hor r or ).

M or e im por tantly, the dam age to the body that is pr oduced by the death star is cr eated by differ ent m echanism s that take their toll over tim e. One of the m ost im por tant pathologies that is the bypr oduct of glucose excess and toxicity is type 2 diabetes m ellitus. Like the voyage to the dar k side of the for ce, it is a choice. Unfor tunately this choice is one that is being m ade unconsciously by m any based on naivetĂŠ and poor




know ledge base. Cur r ent statistics about this gr ow ing global epidem ic estim ate that alm ost 450 m illion people w ill have type 2 diabetes by 2030, doubling the cur r ent r ate. The cur r ent death r ate fr om this disease is 5 m illion per year appr oxim ately. The cause is com plex and gener ally associated w ith pr oblem s of the insulin secr eting cells of the pancr eas (beta-cells) being less sensitive to glucose along w ith the insensitivity of other body tissue to the effects of insulin once it has been pr oduced, secr eted and passed thr ough the bloodstr eam . All of these effects have their r oots in our genom ic infr astr uctur e and ar e expr essed follow ing epigenetic inter ventions cr eated by our envir onm ental and nutr itional exposur es as w ell as the dom inant m ind-body envir onm ent. The m ind-body effects ar e typically r elated to the pr esence of ongoing str ess and the hor m onal effects it cr eates. How does the death star r elease its dam aging potential and cr eate tur m oil inside our cells? Hyper glycem ia (excess blood glucose [sugar ]) is r esponsible for m ultiple differ ent dam aging effects inside our cells w hen it is pr esent in excess. The com m on denom inator effectuating the dam age is the over pr oduction of r eactive oxidative species that cause dam age to the cellular infr astr uctur e in our blood vessels, ner ves, hear t, br ain, eyes, etc... M any of the oxidative r adicals ar e pr oduced in the m itochondr ia (r em em ber the m idiclor ients?) leading to cellular dam age by vir tue of the inefficient use of oxygen. Ther e ar e a num ber of other paths to the for m ation of oxidative r adicals involving glucose and other car bohydr ate der ivatives w hose activities com pound eventual cellular dysfunction and then or gan com pr om ise r esults w hen the available r eser ve is unable to m aintain adequate or gan function. M any of the natur al and phar m aceutical substances that attem pt to r esolve diabetes and/or its com plications ar e focused on r eplacing or elim inating the detr im ental effects of glucose on these pr otein system s. For exam ple Ginseng and cinnam on have both been show n to effectuate r eductions in the for m ation of r eactive oxidative species giving r ise to im pr oved insulin sensitivity and glucose intr acellular tr anspor t w hile dim inishing the for m ation of advanced glycation end pr oducts and im pr oving antioxidant activity in hum ans. A num ber of phar m acologic substances have also been show n to be effective in the labor ator y setting but have yet to yield r esults in the clinical ar ena. A sim pler r oute that has pr oven to be alm ost unifor m ly successful in my pr actice how ever is the elim ination of

the death star ?s pr esence, or to m inim ize it. I have obser ved that the im plem entation of cer tain r estr ictions in this patient population has allow ed m e to r esolve the pr esence of hyper glycem ia and r em ove all m edications including insulin. As an exam ple, one of my patients had a 25 year histor y of type 2 diabetes w ith m ultiple com plications of his disease. He cam e to m e using 120 plus units of insulin daily and five or al m edications. His ?disease? w as cur ed w ithin 5 m onths of com pliant par ticipation in our integr ative pr ogr am and he is now m or e than tw o year s w ithout the need for m edication, his com plications have stabilized and som e have im pr oved. These ar e not so cur iously r outine r esults w hen w e consider the sour ce of the pr oblem . So it w ould seem that the death star , as an agent of the dar k side of the for ce, m ay have the upper hand for now , but it is clear that the for ce of light has tar geted differ ent pathw ays by w hich it m ay successfully end the r eign of the Sith. A ver y M er r y Chr istm as to all and a Happy New Year !

Dr. Tr ip Goolsby and the team of Infinite Health Integr ative M edicine Center ar e dedicated to inspir ing and em pow er ing our patient-par tner s to achieve tr anscendent health by pr oviding excellent patient-centr ic integr ative health car e that em br aces the m ind, body, and soul. Our com pr ehensive tr eatm ent str ategy takes an individualized integr ative appr oach by com bining w ester n m edicine w ith peer -r eview ed and clincally suppor ted com plim entar y ther apies. Our 4Pillar s Appr oach? addr esses nutr ition, fitness, hor m onal and m etabolic balances, com bined w ith var ious m ind-body pr ocesses such as dir ected im ager y, suppor tive gr oup m editation, r eiki ener gy ther apy, and tailor ed m ind-body life and health coaching. For m or e infor m ation visit w w w.Your or to schedule your initial consultation call 337.312.8234



Reduceyour stress& anxiety by devel oping sel f-regul ationskil l s whil ebuil dingmental & emotional resil ienceat InfiniteHealth. WWW.YOURI NFINITEHEALTH.COM

W h at you d o t od ay c an im p r ov e all of your t om or r ow s. -

Ra l p h Ma r s t o n


Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue (LCPBR) is a 501c3 organization. We are a community based organization that, not only provides service dogs and therapy dogs (See ?The Positive Pit Project?), but are instrumental in helping with animal cruelty cases (See ?Team Halo? and ?Eylsa?s Purpose?). We also provide training workshops as well as community services, such as helping to build fences for families in need. All of our dogs are fully vetted (spay/ neuter, microchip, all shots, heartworm neg,), and our adoption fee includes a training session with our trainer. All dogs under our care receive the best care possible, which has included heart surgery, Cancer treatment, and MRI?s all done at LSU Veterinary School of Medicine. We provide continued support for all of our adopted dogs when needed, and consider our foster parents part of our family!



Bayou Rum

Danny Paul







" If you were a vegetable, you'd be a cute-cumber." -Chris Culotta

Tel l your f ri ends! readex

Exposure Magazine, December 2016  

Louisiana is awesome! Lake Charles is moving into the center of it all.

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