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MAY 30, 2014



UNIVERSITY BAPTIST CHURCH on campus at 4th & Daniel Sunday Worship at 11am

a church for students, where students lead and serve ZZZXRILEDSWLVWRUJ








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Earth Witch brews up a weekend full of local shows

Your guide to this week's events in CU

A Healthy, SunKissed Glow

May is Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month, but with a whole summer ahead, protecting your skin has never been more important. Get information about the best products for summer skin care.

By Melisa Puthenmadom


buzz columnist Ryan tackles the tough issues, like the thought process leading up to indecent exposure. Tune in to his column this week for further details!


Vegan Remix Amirah Zaveri

Swans "To Be Kind" Review

Ryan's World By Ryan Vasicek

Check out The Red Herring's array of new vegan meals offered, alongside their new summer event of vinyl-inspired dinners. buzz interviews the restaurant about their most recent innovation.


Drawing upon the immense similarities found between Office Space, The Matrix and Fight Club, Ash notes the cliches found in all three. What could they have in common?

By Westley Banks 2 buzz May 30-June 5, 2014




Check out the Daily Illini online at all summer long!



Fighting the power By Ash Valentine

The prolific experimental rock band fronted by the legendary Michael Gira isn't showing any signs of stopping well into 2014. Check out our review of the band's stellar 13th studio album.

The best feature of my house is the balcony. When friends come over for the first time, I am always sure to conclude tours of the house on the balcony. Their reactions are immediate: a word cloud of these responses would include affirmations such as “sweet,� “rad,� “awesome� and “dope,� but the huge, bolded center would be “fantastic.� The space itself features a comfy lounge setup with a couch and two armchairs, as well as a plethora of end tables within arms’ reach from any seating position on the balcony, constantly providing a convenient place to rest the cold Fat Tire you just grabbed out of the mini-fridge in the hallway just inside. The true appeal isn’t about what’s on the balcony though, but what’s off of it: trees grow close enough to reach out and touch, giving things a secluded, lush, Secret Garden-esque atmosphere. A clearing directly in front leaves a grand expanse of sky exposed, revealing epic nighttime scenes and allowing plenty of moonlight to flood the balcony. And only one block in from Lincoln, there is a steady flow of cars and pedestrians, making for ideal people-watching conditions. The balcony was obviously unusable during the long, cold winter, so when spring arrived and everything began to thaw in April, I utilized the balcony daily. Eating lunch, studying, hanging out: the balcony is the perfect spot for it all. For those first few weeks, we were in that sweet spot where the weather is nice, but the bugs haven’t shown up to the party yet (pre-summer?). Everything was roses. The air crisp and sweet, sunshine rolling over every surface, birds chirping–until the June bugs showed up. Evenings lately tend to follow the same pattern: friends come over, we hang out on the balcony, have a great time, and then we hear that cacophonous buzzing. How could wings so tiny make a noise so big? The shrill warning of the June bugs’ approach transforms into a battle cry though, once the June bugs start charging at us. At first I thought they were vengeful, attacking me for getting too close to some hidden June bug nest or trapping their beetle brethren under beer cans. After a bit of Googling, I discovered I was neither delusional nor paranoid; June bugs really do charge at people but not with any malicious intent. They’re consumed by sexual overdrive, but only live for three to four weeks, according to some underground gardening blog. With such a short time frame, who could blame them for being a little desperate? After all, everyone is just looking for love in this crazy, messed up world–even June bugs.

Are you a chicken farmer? Because you're raising my cock.






BY HALIMI CASTELLANOS The summer season is finally here, and what better way to spend the warm weather and extra free time than listening to free live music? This summer, the Urbana Park District is hosting free outdoor concerts every week. These weekly shows will be held on Wednesday nights from 6:30-8 p.m. until August 6 and will feature an array of great local bands and artists. The concert series kicked off on Wednesday, May 28 at Carle Park with a show by E.S.P. The next show will take place on Wednesday, June 4 at WheatfieldPark and features local band High Cotton. Following performances will include The Live Jukebox Show, Keith Harden and The Shy Guys. The majority of the shows will be held at neighborhood parks, with the venue varying from week to week. For more information regarding postponements, scheduling, nightly features and locations, visit the Urbana Park District website ( Free popcorn, lemonade, fun family activities and a groovy mix of tunes are all guaranteed. So, why not spend a warm summer evening outside enjoying the musical talents of CU musicians? Not only do these events make for enjoyable summer evenings, but they additionally provide community members with the opportunity to support and discover talented local artists. Younger attendees will also have the chance to check out an Urbana Police squad car and visit with an officer. So, grab some chairs and a picnic dinner, gather up family and friends and head out to Neighborhood Nights! BUZZ STAFF COVER DESIGN Jillian Martin EDITOR IN CHIEF Tyler Durgan MANAGING EDITOR Kaitlin Penn ART DIRECTOR Jill Martin COPY CHIEF Esther Hwang PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR Diana Diggs IMAGE EDITOR Kaitlin Penn PHOTOGRAPHERS Diana Diggs, Kate Boyer DESIGNERS Bella Reinhofer, Elyce Heffez MUSIC EDITOR Sean Neumann FOOD & DRINK EDITOR Paul Angelillo MOVIES & TV EDITOR Ash Valentine ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR Anwen Parrott COMMUNITY EDITOR Carly Gubbins ONLINE EDITOR Maya Trilling DISTRIBUTION Brandi and Steve Wills ADVERTISING SALES MANAGER Deb Sosnowski PUBLISHER Lilyan J. Levant

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resist trying a computer game with that title? The game starts with the player as an architect of dubious qualifications, recently hired to build a private prison from the ground up that soon becomes home to cartoon inmates. Over time, you expand your prison and get to channel your inner Kommandant by putting down bloody riots and systematically denying your prisoners their basic human rights. While managing my palace of concrete walls and iron bars, I probably have way more fun than I should ordering shakedowns, sending people to solitary and otherwise ruining the lives of the cute cartoon criminals. 10/10, yo.



Online Editor

» Tinder leftovers: I decided to redownload Tinder for probably the eighth time this semester only to find that similar to campus this time of year, Tinder is also a ghost-town. Needless to say there was a plethora of unsightly characters to be seen (myself included.) So to anyone trying to meet their match this summer, perhaps take a Tinder hiatus and go enjoy the beautiful quad.



Movies & TV Editor

» Prison Architect: Who could




Managing Editor

MAY 30-JUN 1 AND JUN 4-7 AT 7:30PM

The Brothers Size By Tarell Alvin McCraney // Illinois Theatre in association with Definition Theatre Company

JUN 11-14 AT 7:30PM AND JUN 13 AT 10PM

The New Short Play Festival // Illinois Theatre in association with Definition Theatre Company

Evening News By Aaron Carter Pigeons, Sharks, and Vixens By Matthew-Lee Erlbach Seward, Kansas By Matthew-Lee Erlbach Stepping Out By Damir Konjicija and Leah Williams Blackie’s Funeral By Paco José Madden A Taurian Tale . . . By Tarell Alvin McCraney Just Suppose By Tucker Rafferty The Space behind Your Heart By Steven Simoncic

» The mercy of some librarians: A relationship that has proven both as beneficial as it has a (surprising) cash cow, my ties with the library have always been somewhat tumultuous. While sometimes given a sudden break in my schedule, I go on intense library binges. Be it through the long list of recommended books, movies and music that have been compiling for months, there's a lot to check out. However, in turn, I am often left with massive compilations of library fines. Most recently, I had to face the music of potentially facing a collection agency with how badly my fines had tolled up. In both awe and disbelief, I knew I had to resolve the issue, and quickly. Dropping into one of the town's public libraries, I swooped up to the staff's service desk and explained my situation: "I'm so sorry, but I left all of these books back at my folks' home in Wisconsin. I wasn't able to get them back until this past week!" Thankfully, the kindhearted gal behind the counter took away about 2/3+ of my collected debts, making the hit much less to my bank account. Thank you, sweet librarian goddess, you helped my dumb ass out of a bind both–literally and figuratively. Don't read into it too much, but it means more than you know.

C A L L 3 3 3 . 6 2 8 0 • 1. 8 0 0 . K C P A T I X

Corporate Power Train Team Engine

Marquee performances are supported in part by the Illinois Arts Council— a state agency which recognizes Krannert Center in its Partners in Excellence Program.

40 North and Krannert Center —working together to put Champaign County’s culture on the map.

May 30-June 5, 2014 buzz 3

6$92<,0$; 217-355-3456

S. Neil St. (Rt. 45) at Curtis Rd. and on Facebook

SHOWTIMES 5/30 - 6/4

No passes


MALEFICENT (PG) 11:05, 11:30, 1:30, 1:50, 3:55, 4:10,

6:15, 6:30, 8:35, 8:50 FRI/SAT LS 11:00 D-BOX LIMITED SEATING AVAILABLE: 11:05, 1:30, 3:55, 6:15, 8:35 FRI/SAT LS 11:00 A MILLION WAYS TO DIE IN THE WEST (R) 10:40, 11:40, 1:20, 2:20, 3:55, 5:00, 7:10, 7:40, 9:45, 10:15 FRI/SAT LS 12:00 X-MEN: DAYS OF THE FUTURE (PG-13) 12:25, 12:40, 12:55, 1:25, 3:15, 3:30, 3:45, 4:15, 6:05, 6:20, 6:35, 7:05, 8:55, 9:10, 9:25, 9:55 FRI/SAT LS 11:45, 12:00, 12:15 BLENDED (PG-13) 11:20, 2:00, 4:40, 7:20, 10:00 CHEF (R) 11:15, 1:50, 4:25, 7:00, 9:35 FRI/SAT LS 12:05 THE RAILWAY MAN (R) 9:30 GODZILLA (PG) 11:10, 1:55, 4:40, 7:25, 10:05 FRI/SAT LS 12:15 MILLION DOLLAR ARM (PG) 10:45, 1:30, 4:15, 7:00, 9:45 NEIGHBORS (R) 12:30, 2:50, 5:10, 7:30, 9:50 FRI/SAT LS 12:10 MOM’S NIGHT OUT (PG) 7:15 THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 (PG-13) 12:00, 3:05, 6:10, 9:15 FRI/SAT LS 11:15 RIO 2 (G) 11:55, 2:25, 4:45


corp note...keep this same size always

MOVIE 1 X REVIEW 4.75 1/8th page


Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore mix it up a third time BY DAVID ROBERTSON

3D MALEFICENT IMAX (PG) 11:45, 2:05, 4:25, 6:45, 9:05 FRI/SAT LS 11:30


11:30, 1:50, 4:10


(R) 7:10, 9:45




++++, PG 13 Adam Sandler in Blended. Used with permission from Warner Bros.



UHDGEX]]FRP 4 buzz May 30-June 5, 2014

now, many moviegoers are tired of Adam Sandler’s shtick but, if they’d give his latest a chance, they might be pleasantly surprised. There’s a multitude of reasons that this comedy is far better than his past few flicks, e.g. Grown Ups 2 and That’s My Boy. Sandler’s career has been on a downward spiral for the last couple of years, taking a sharp turn for the worst after 2011’s disastrous Jack and Jill. However, Sandler’s “Audrey Hepburn,” Drew Barrymore, swoops in to save him in Blended. This marks the actors’ third time in a movie together, following now-classics The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates. As is standard of any Sandler production, the supporting roles consist of goofy characters that often steal a lot of laughs. Wendi McLendon-Covey wrings many giggles out of her dialogue as the leading female’s best friend, Jen. McLendon-Covey has proven her comic chops in Bridesmaids and What to Expect When You’re Expecting and continues to do what she does best in Blended, complaining about children and putting people in their places with her snappy, cynical one-liners. Newcomer Jessica Lowe is good for a few laughs as Ginger, a big-breasted,

ditzy blonde that shares meals with the main characters’ “blended” family. Terry Crews is also on hand as an amazingly over-the-top singer at the South African resort named Nickens, delivering a performance which is sure to make audiences roll their eyes on several occasions. Some may cringe at the worst of these painful to watch moments, but Blended wouldn’t be an Adam Sandler movie without at least a couple of them. Some might think Sandler uses his films as funding for his own family vacations (2011’s Just Go With It involved a trip to Hawaii), and Blended does not attempt to alter that trend, as its characters travel to a sumptuous South African resort. The film attempts to justify this latest excursion to the audience in a plot that starts with single parents Jim (Sandler) and Lauren (Barrymore) vowing never to see each other again after a blind date that can only be described as horrific. However, after mutual friends cancel a luxurious South African vacation, Jim and Lauren take the tickets and end up staying in the same suite together. Of course, the two despise one another at the start of their trip but, as the audience can pre-

dict, through mishaps and mayhem including a safari, ostriches, baseball and more, they eventually warm up to each other and fall in love. The film is jam-packed with immature and physical comedy. Some of the film’s gags strike the right notes while many of the rest fall flat (sometimes literally). In addition to the cheap laughs, if you’re easily offended, then this is definitely not the movie for you. Let’s just say Sandler won’t be winning an award for social justice anytime soon, and the film doesn’t exactly treat its South African locale with respect and cultural sensitivity. Personally, I don’t mind the more offensive jokes: it’s almost expected of the comedian at this point. While you know what you’re getting with Adam Sandler comedy, Sandler and Barrymore have undeniable chemistry and Barrymore nicely offsets Sandler’s sometimes over-the-top and obnoxious performance. Even through the excruciatingly corny moments, I can’t help but root for them all the way. Blended, though silly and immature at times, finds the right balance of Sandler’s trademark zany humor, slapstick and schmaltz, and as such is worth the price of admission.


PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT Earth Witch takes time with its music, and the patience is paying off BY WESTLEY BANKS


van Catron is not only the vocalist and lead guitarist of Champaign’s stoner-metal band Earth Witch, but he’s also heavily tied into the local music scene as a member of multiple others. While at Error Records, which is run by Catron’s bandmate Nathan Landolt, he takes a moment to talk about his past experience with “crappy” high school emo bands, the foundations and roots of Earth Witch, and talk about the band’s shows at Error Records (Friday) and Mike 'N' Molly’s (Saturday) this weekend. »buzz: The Earthbound EP seems like it’s pretty successful, so I’m wondering why you guys haven’t put out anymore music. Are you looking to release anything soon? »Ivan Catron: Yeah, we have two songs that we really want to record; we just haven’t had the time. We really like these two new songs so we want to demo out the songs first and figure out all the little things we’d like to do just as a little test version and then maybe do a more legitimate recording with somebody like our friend Ryan Brewer. He’s been knocking down our door, figuratively, to record these two new songs. He plays guitar in Hank. and also records a lot of bands in town and does audio and sound at a lot of shows (at Error Records) and around town. »buzz: All three of you are pretty involved and play in other bands along with Earth Witch. How does that affect this band? »IC: I’m not really sure how if or how it affects it. Timewise, it can be difficult to get in multiple practices for multiple bands, if we’ve booked a bunch of shows back-to-back. Other than that, I wouldn’t say there is really anything else that affects it. We like a lot of different kinds of music, so we just kind of enjoy expressing ourselves in a couple of different ways. We really like punk music so, we’ve a got a couple of punk bands here and there, and I’ve got a little drone and noise project because I’m really into Sun and Earth and “droney” stuff like that. It’s just what we like to do and what makes us happy, so we preoccupy as much of our time with it. »buzz: What would you say influences the sound of Earth Witch specifically? Do you take influence from any local bands? »IC: Probably not a lot of local stuff because I haven’t really heard a lot of bands here in town that do the late ‘60s or early ‘70s doom metal—or for lack of a better term, stoner rock. But there are some bands, as far as current bands go, like Red Fang. There’s this other band, Danava, that’s really sweet. As far as some of the older stuff, we really like Pentagram, Sir Lord Baltimore, Blue Cheer— those bands are these really obscure bands but they had really heavy sounds for coming out in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s before you really heard a lot of that stuff. Sir Lord Baltimore’s Kingdom Come is like this little hidden gem. It’s amazing, the tones

Used with permission from Ivan Catron.

they got out of the guitars way back then. And also it’s undeniable that we love Black Sabbath of course, but there’s a lot of other music that gets overlooked. People think Black Sabbath was the one band, but there were so many bands that had the same vibe as Black Sabbath around that time. Also, a little more modern, stuff from the ‘90s and early 2000s like Sleep and High On Fire. »buzz: I’ve heard some people say Earth Witch’s sound is similar to Wolfmother, but without the scratchy high pitch vocals. »IC: Yeah, I know of Wolfmother. I would say my voice is a lot deeper than that guy’s. I always really liked that track “Dimensions.” I haven’t listened to a lot of Wolfmother, but “Dimensions” was always such a good track where they have that chorus that gets really heavy and he’s just like “purple hazes in the sky.” That part is so legit. I think a lot of people look down on that band because they’re fairly popular, and their sophomore effort wasn’t as big as their first album that got big, but that’s just how it goes. »buzz: What made you three to come together and form Earth Witch? How did it all start? »IC: Well, back in 2012, around the end of Summer, Nathan just asked me to come out to his house and jam with him in his basement and we didn’t have any idea what we would play exactly, we just knew it would kind of be heavy. I think we messed around with different stuff that sounded more like a Baroness or Torch direction, but then it always kept coming back to grooving on the really Black Sabbath and Sleep kind of vibes. So eventually, we wrote a song and a half and then we invited Sean Hermann over and got up and going. We practiced for a really long time before we played a show. I don’t know if we played any shows in 2012. I think we made it to January 2013 before we played our first show. We really just wanted to get really tight and get everything down. Sean, he left the band last winter because he’s really

busy; he runs Skeletal Lightning and he’s also in Enta and he has had a lot of stuff with school in addition to his label, so he left but he’s still our bud. Derrin Coad plays bass now and he’s a really good fit because I’ve played in some other bands with him. He’s in Orange Soda and Gnargoyle and he has always been a really good player, so he picked things up really quickly and we sound great now. Hopefully, we’ll get some new songs recorded and we’re wanting to put it out on a 7-inch. »buzz: How long until then? »IC: If we are able to record it by the end of summer, maybe we could have it out in the fall or early winter. »buzz: How did you, Nathan and Sean know each other? Were you really close before? »IC: Nathan ran a show house over in the Midwest part of Champaign near Hessel Park called Error House. I met him from going to shows and he played in some bands with my friends. He really liked my band Dino Bravo and he wanted to put out our tapes. We just started hanging out through musical friends and at shows, and he saw that I was a good guitar player so he just wanted to get something together because I liked the heavier kind of music. We just hit it off on the heavy stuff. »buzz: How did you personally get involved in music way back when, and when did you start playing guitar and performing? »IC: I got my first guitar in 2003 as a birthday gift. I was graduating junior high or something like that. The funny circumstance is that I didn’t get the guitar because I was going to learn how to play really well and stuff; that wasn’t at the forefront of my mind. I got the guitar because some friends of mine were talking about starting a band, but I wasn’t invited to be in the band because I didn’t have a guitar. They all had acoustic guitars and were looking to start some sort of Tenacious D style project,

so I asked my mom for an electric guitar for my birthday. It’s just kind of funny how petty my original intentions were; I got it to make my friends jealous but as it turned out, I lived in the middle of nowhere on a farm so I had a lot of spare time. Not having anything else to do, I just played all the time. I didn’t actually get into a band until 2005. »buzz: What kind of a band was that? »IC: I believe it was a mixture of “street-punk” music like Anti-Flag; a mixture of that and emo music. I didn’t really know what emo music was when I joined the band, then my friends showed me some stuff like Coheed and Cambria and Boys Night Out. For all intents and purposes, widely popular emo music is what we played, but it was just a crappy little high school band and I don’t care that I played in an emo band. Other people are ashamed, but I don’t care. »buzz: What’s going on this weekend for Earth Witch? »IC: We are playing three shows in a row Thursday through Saturday. We’re playing Thursday night at Cowboy Monkey with Acker, which I have never heard play, but I hear they’re pretty cool. Someone said they’re a grungy band, so I’m looking forward to that. We are playing here at Error Records on Friday with Resinater, so if you like really low end heavy music that’s definitely a good one to check out. On Saturday, we’re playing at Mike 'N'Molly’s with Roberta Sparrow. They’ve been around for so long and they’re cool, weird, punk locals. They’ve had such longevity it’s just something you’ve got to respect for those dudes to have been playing for so long and still be really tight and sound really good. Other than that, we’ve got to record too, so we might be playing a little less so we can clear our schedule for some recording. Catch Earth Witch this Friday at Error Records ($5, 8 p.m.) and Saturday at Mike ‘N' Molly’s ($7, 8 p.m.). May 30-June 5, 2014 buzz 5



CU’s colorful blossoms hold a hidden, culinary purpose BY SHRUTI SRIKUMAR

Lavender at the Arboretum. Photo by Diana Diggs


ith the turbulent spring gone and summer peeking just around the corner, it’s hard not to be inspired to do something creative with all the newfound free time and hospitable weather. One interesting option for home cooks, gardeners and, honestly, anyone who wants to try something new is cooking with flowers. Though it may seem like a project solely for wedding planners and scavengers, cooking with flowers is actually far from being a culinary compromise or novelty. For one, a wide variety of flowers showcase lovely aromatic scents that can add a divine new taste to many summer food favorites. Second, you’ll find that an abundance of edible flowering plants can be found right here in the CU area, making recipe ingredients surprisingly accessible. Last, and perhaps most notably, cooking with flowers adds a beautiful aesthetic element to nearly every dish that will enchant your guests and brighten up even the most subdued food. Below is a unique collection of recipes that not only utilize fragrant flowers, but are also guaranteed to curb your summertime sweet tooth. Recipe number one features the vivid, sweetsmelling lilac. With healthy bushes harboring full-bodied clusters of tiny pale purple florets, the lilac is a natural candidate to use in cooking. However, make sure to act quick as this gorgeous and deeply aromatic plant is an early and fleeting bloomer with peak season lasting around two to three weeks in early spring. If you’re unsure what to make with freshly harvested lilacs, try out Jim Long’s refreshing lilac sorbet recipe shown below. The essence of the flower’s flavor combines with a lovely aroma to make a cool treat for a hot day.

6 buzz May 30-June 5, 2014

Lilac Sorbet Ingredients: »2 cups water »1/4 cup sugar »1/2 cup (or more) lilac flowers, stems removed, chopped slightly in the food processor Method: Pour the water into a non-aluminum saucepan, add sugar and stir to dissolve. Bring to a boil, turn down the heat and add the flowers. Allow the liquid to simmer for three or four minutes. Remove from heat, cover with a lid and chill in the refrigerator for two hours or overnight. Strain. Pour strained liquid into a small ice cream freezer or sorbet maker and freeze. Serve as soon as sorbet is fully frozen or pack in ice or the freezer for an hour. Another wonderful option for cooking with flowers is the violet. Besides being a lovely addition to food, the violet is also, incidentally, the state flower of Illinois. If you’re one of many who notice your lawn speckled with small bluish purple splotches during the springtime, you can finally turn that familiar flower into just the dessert that’ll impress your guests. Miche Bacher’s recipe below makes colorful use of the petals, candying violets and adding them to a mouthwatering cupcake that not only serves as incredible eye candy, but also a downright delicious dessert.

Violet Flower Cupcakes Ingredients: For the cupcakes: »3 cups (24 fl oz) cake flour, sifted »1 teaspoons baking powder

Lavendar lemonade. Photo used with permission from pradaforbreakfast on

»1 teaspoon salt »1 cup (8 fl oz) unsalted butter, room temperature »2 cups (18 fl oz) sugar »1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract »4 egg whites »1 cup coconut milk For the frosting and topping: »1/3 cup violet jam »3 cups violet butternut »1 cup unsweetened coconut flakes »About 24 candied violets Method: Preheat the oven to 350 F. Line the wells of 18 muffin cups with cupcake liners. In a bowl, whisk to combine flour, baking powder and salt. Set aside. Beat butter and sugar in another bowl with a mixer on medium-high speed for five minutes until light and fluffy, scrapping down the sides of the bowl as needed. Add vanilla and beat for one minute more. Add egg whites to butter mixture, one at a time, beating like crazy after each addition to lighten the batter and pausing to scrape down the sides of the bowl. This should take about five minutes all in. Beat in flour mixture and coconut milk in alternating additions, starting and ending with flour mixture: do not overmix. Divide batter evenly among muffin cups. Bake for 25 minutes, or until a tester inserted in the centre of the cupcake comes out clean. Let cool. Place coconut flakes in a small bowl. Cut a cone-shaped piece of cake out of the top of each cooled cupcake and drop a dollop of vio-

let jam into the well. Replace the caps on the cupcakes. Top each with a generous dollop of buttercream and dip in coconut flakes. Top cupcakes with candied violets and serve. In keeping with the “purple theme,” a last suggestion for an edible flower to cook with is the aromatic favorite lavender. Once again, this fellow royal purple tinted flower is a great option because it offers a pungent yet delicately sugary aroma and taste. Additionally, most varieties of lavender have a blooming period from June through September, so anyone wanting to cook with this exciting bit of nature has an ample amount of time to do so. For a remix of a nostalgically classic summertime drink, don’t hesitate to try lavender lemonade.

Amy’s Lavender Lemonade Ingredients: »1 tray ice cubes »1/4 cup dried lavender »2 cups boiling water »3/4 cup white sugar »8 lemons »5 cups cold water, or as needed Method: Place ice cubes into a two-quart pitcher. Place the lavender into a bowl and pour boiling water over it. Allow to steep for about 10 minutes, then strain out the lavender and discard. Mix the sugar into the hot lavender water, then pour into the pitcher with the ice. Squeeze the juice from the lemons into the pitcher, getting as much juice as you can. Top off the pitcher with cold water and stir. Taste, and adjust lemon juice or sugar if desired. Pour into tall glasses, pull up a lawn chair and a good book, and relax!

When I work in Photoshop I have out-of-body experiences. Is that weird?

THE FACTS GET A FACELIFT After 20 years, the FDA updates the nutrition facts label to focus further on health BY LEILA SHINN


efore we get into a discussion on the proposed changes to the nutrition facts label, let’s review the facts. In the 1990s, the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act was enforced and required all packaged foods to exhibit a nutrition label and that all health claims for foods be consistent with terms defined by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Food ingredients, serving sizes and terms such as “low-fat” and “light” were standardized. After 20 years of remaining unchanged (except for the addition of trans fat information), the FDA has finally announced that there will be some changes to the nutrition facts label. This label was created to help consumers make informed food choices and maintain healthy dietary practices. The proposed changes, in short, include greater understanding of nutrition science, updated serving size requirements and new labeling requirements for certain package sizes and a refreshed design. In order to promote a greater understanding of nutrition science, the FDA’s proposal mandates that nutrition labels require information about added sugars, updated daily values, the addition of potassium and vitamin D content and the removal of “calories from fat.” A serving size is traditionally defined as “the amount of food or drink that is generally served.” By law, the label information on serving sizes must

be based on what people actually eat, rather than what they should be eating. Although the serving size of most beverages is about eight fluid ounces, most people consume 20 fluid ounces of soda (a typical vending machine bottle) in one sitting, without a problem. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the second main change to the nutrition label involves updating serving size requirements and labels for certain packages. For example, a 20 ounce bottle of soda will now be labeled as one serving rather than its current “2.5.” For packages that can be consumed in more than one sitting, “dual column” labels will be present indicating nutrition information for both a serving and the entire package. Finally, a refreshed design will display the calories and servings sizes in a larger, more prominent font to emphasize the important parts of the label that address current health concerns like obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Rather than being on the right side of the label, the Percent Daily Value (how much of certain nutrients you are getting from a particular food in the context of a total daily diet) will be shifted to the left of the label so that it is seen first. In order to find out what the public thinks about these proposed changes, I surveyed 25 people ranging in age from 18 to 49 years old in varying majors and occupations. Nine of these people said they

hadn’t heard of these changes until I had asked them to fill out my survey, 12 were aware that there were proposed changes but didn’t know much else, and the four people that claimed to know a lot about these changes were all nutrition majors. When asked, everyone said that the changes were needed. While the majority of the participants said that this change would help people to make better eating choices, one stated that they thought people’s eating habits wouldn’t change just because the nutrition label changed. For calorie counting, the minority of participants said that these changes would result in unnecessary stress, saying that calories aren’t as important as what you are actually putting in your bodyWhen asked for any other comments, two participants stated that they preferred the original label because it was less clustered, and the new one makes them feel like a child because of how huge the font will be. Another participant stated that they were confused as to why serving sizes were getting bigger because people are already eating too much, but that it made sense because people underestimate how much they are consuming. Other participants commented that they were happy to see a section for added sugars. Another participant commented that this change will make it difficult for people who currently consume and follow existing serving sizes because

they will now have to calculate how many calories an original serving would be in order to stick to their current intake. Personally, as a Dietetics major, I’m torn on how I feel about the changes. On one hand, I find it depressing that such major changes need to be made in order for people to understand a nutrition label. Maybe it’s because reading a nutrition label has become second nature to me, but I never really found them to be too complicated. On the other hand, I am hoping that these changes benefit the public by making it easier to comprehend and making more information available, like potassium, vitamin D and added sugar content. The whole increased serving size thing, nonetheless, scares me because I am one to count calories and now I’m just stressed about having to do the extra mental math to continue consuming current serving sizes. While the changes certainly divide opinion, they are not set in stone just yet. The FDA issued two proposed rules regarding the new nutrition facts that must pass through a standard procedure before they can be enacted. Anyone can review these rules and send in their comments (which must legally be addressed) at from now until August 1, 2014. So, now that you’re a nutrition label expert, go share your opinion!

Limited space available for Fall 2014! Check out our 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom pet friendly apartments!

May 30-June 5, 2014 buzz 7


20/20 INSPIRATION PechaKucha Night Champaign-Urbana Volume 15 brings communal innovation a step further into the future with a blast from the past BY CARLY GUBBINS

Presenters from PechaKucha Night C-U Vol. 14 at The HighDive. Champaign, IL. Photo by Anna Longworth

T he

sound of conversation, chit chat, PechaKucha. All of these expressions mean the same thing; however, PechaKucha has evolved into something much bigger than a simple conversation. PechaKucha started in February 2003 in Tokyo as a way for creative minds to come together and share their ideas and display their works. Over the years, PechaKucha has turned into a worldwide celebration of artistic expression. CU’s own Krannert Art Museum (KAM) and Champaign-Urbana Design Organization (CUDO) will be hosting PechaKucha Night C-U Volume 15 this Saturday night! “20 images x 20 seconds each." It is a simple idea that PechaKucha’s presentations revolve around. According the CUDO, these 20 x 20 presentations keep the event moving, perhaps leaving less emphasis on the presentation aspect and leaving more of a focus on presenters’ creativity and ideas. This year, presentation topics range from art and culture to comedy and storytelling. PechaKucha has only been held in KAM twice before this. “The museum space definitely adds a unique vibe to the event because guests and presenters are literally gathered among beautiful works of art during the show,” PechaKucha Night Champaign-Urbana project manager Katie Harrell said. Saturday night’s PechaKucha will begin at 8:20 p.m., and doors open at 7:45 p.m. There will be

8 buzz May 30-June 5, 2014

free admission for all guests. The nine presentations, ranging from “Art and the Zen of Stormwater Management” to “I Wanna Dance with Somebody: My Life Through Whitney Houston Songs," have one caveat: Due to possible mature content, CUDO and the Krannert center asks that attendees be 18 years of age or older. Oh, and one more thing: This PechaKucha Night theme is '80s prom, and dressing the part is encouraged. The Whitney Houston presentation seems more fitting now, doesn’t it? “The volunteer organizers always try to plan the events around a central theme, but for this volume, we’ve really outdone ourselves… Everything from the entryway to the programs will be tied to the '80s prom theme,” Harrell said. Guests will be able to enjoy some '80s tunes provided by DJ Wisconsin and take picture in PechaKucha Night Champaign-Urbana’s first-ever #PKNCU photo booth area. So, get ready to cut loose and get pretty in pink because this event is sure to be a full house! Phew, that’s a lot of '80s references in one sentence. But seriously, CU’s PechaKucha is expecting a big turnout, so those wanting to get in on the totally tubular (last one!) action that tomorrow night has to offer, get there early! “After witnessing a PechaKucha Night, people are often hooked, which is why event attendance and our volunteer group has been steadily growing with each volume,” Harrell said.

PechaKucha Night C-U Vol. 14 at The HighDive. Champaign, IL. Photo by Anna Longworth

Harrell believes that “nurturing creativity and coming together to celebrate one another are both vital ingredients to cultivating a healthy community. “It’s fun to be a part of an organization that does both of these things so well,” she said. However, accomplishing these goals during PechaKucha Nights in CU is no simple feat. Harrell says the all-volunteer team “runs on a shoestring budget, strong community partnerships with venues—like KAM and our sponsors—and a whole lot of passion.” Sponsors for PechaKucha C-U Volume 15 include Anna Longworth: Photography and Design, The I.D.E.A. Store, Weiskamp Screen Printing, French Paper Company, CUDO and Unisource. The volunteer team, which Harrell says make this event possible, include Irenka Carney, Leon Harrell, Karissa McDermott, David Michael Moore, Stacey Peters, Joy Rust, Eszter Sapi, Jessica Snyder, Jeremy White and Christina Wondra. Not everyone will have a chance to experience tomorrow night’s event, but not to worry: PechaKucha Night C-U Volume 16 is underway! It is scheduled to take place on Friday, August 8 at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts. Those interested in presenting are encouraged to apply by visiting As few as eight and as many as 10 applicants will be selected to give a six minute and 40-second presentation on a

topic that they absolutely love and, if time permitted it, be able to “chit chat” about it for hours. Locals can also stay connected to the creative energy by following PechaKucha on Twitter (@ PechaKuchaCU) and liking its Facebook page. PechaKucha Nights are not only big ways to connect with the community, but they allow participants—viewers and presenters, alike — to be a part of something bigger, to contribute to a larger, worldwide conversation. Harrell says that a PechaKucha Night “brings together hundreds of community members in CU by featuring 8-10 outstanding presenters from our own backyard. The presentations are inspiring; guests and presenters alike leave motivated to learn more about topics they heard and to create or share their own unique stories in the community.” These events bring communities, especially CU, closer together.“(PechaKucha) encourages collaboration—we’ve had many presenters team up with people they met after presenting, and it’s really exciting to see those partnerships happen,” Harrell said. Everyone has a different story and a different way to tell it. PechaKucha allows these stories to be told in a safe, fun and creative way. As for tomorrow night, “Event attendees can expect another night to remember that will highlight some of the best assets Champaign-Urbana has—our amazing community members.”


A SECOND TASTE OF THE HOMER SODA FESTIVAL The celebration of craft sodas and small town life returns for its second year BY ANWEN PARROTT


use the age-old expression, soda is “always the bridesmaid, never the bride.” Cans of soda are consumed thoughtlessly, to wash down lunch on the go or to provide a burst of energy while running late to work. Soda isn’t something consumers often take the time to slow down and simply appreciate. Local businesswoman Kate Boyer wants to change that. As the owner of the Homer Soda Company, Boyer has made soda her life’s work. With the second annual Homer Soda Festival, she hopes to share her passion for carefully crafted and inventively flavored sodas with the surrounding community. buzz had the chance to speak with Boyer about her company, her festival and the joys of vintage bottled soda before this year’s Homer Soda Festival, which is scheduled for Saturday, May 31. »buzz: Could you tell me a bit about your business, the Homer Soda Company? »Kate Boyer: Sure! Well, the company started as a little retail store in downtown Homer opened by Ray and Christine Cunningham about 10 years ago. They started this little store as an antique shop, and they had an old soda cooler that they put it in their shop with some vintage sodas. At first, it was just a dozen, and then it was a couple dozen, and before they knew it they had hundreds of glass-bottled sodas. It very quickly became a

little gem that people from all over the Midwest would visit to pick up their favorite vintage soda pop. About 5 years ago, I took over the business from them and actually expanded it, and now we wholesale to other small retail shops all over the country on top of maintaining the retail store. We also sell to places in Champaign like Black Dog, Pizza M, The Urbana Butcher Shop, Aroma Café, and Sunsingers, among many other places in the area. »buzz: How was the Homer Soda Festival started? »KB: Last year, we decided to host our first annual Homer Soda Festival. We thought that it would be really neat to do something for downtown Homer…and we wanted to do something centered around soda, so we thought it would be really fun to do soda tastings. If a lot of people see a bottle of something like Prickly Pear Soda, they might not really want to try it and commit to the whole 12 ounces, but they might be more open to trying just one ounce. And hey, if you don’t like it, you’re out one gulp, and if you do, you may have just found your new favorite soda for all of eternity. This was kind of our guiding thought behind the festival and it’s just exploded. »buzz: What flavors of soda are offered at the festival? I’m sure there are quite a few. »KB: There are 250 different flavors of soda at the festival. We have about three dozen root beers, two dozen cream sodas, dozens and dozens of

Soda at the Homer Soda Fest. Photo used with permission by Kate Boyer

fruit flavors, and all of them are very different and unique. A lot of the sodas offered are bottled by the original bottlers who have been doing this for hundreds of years, while others are actually new craft flavors, so it really runs the whole gambit of different types of sodas. »buzz: Is there any flavor that you’re particularly

excited for, or one that has been a big hit in the past? »KB: A big hit - mainly because you either love it or you hate it, and either way you never forget it – is Blenheim’s Hot Ginger Ale. It is an extraordinarily spicy ginger ale from a bottler who has been doing it for well over one hundred years. Find the rest of the article at




Ju mm ne e 2 rS - J es ul sio y 26 n

“Some people say Iyengar yoga is the easiest [yoga style]. Some people say it is the hardest. But once you’ve done it, all of the other styles seem reckless.” - Shape Magazine

Class Times Mon.

407 W. Springfield, Urbana


344-YOGA (9642)

Thurs. Sat.

4:00-5:15pm Intro (Gentle) 6:00-7:15pm Intro 9:15-10:45am (Yoga for Women) 4:00-5:15pm Intro 7:00-8:30pm (Yoga for Men) 5:45-7:15pm Experienced Beginners 7:30-8:45pm Intro 9:45-11:15am Experienced Beginners 11:30am-12:45pm Intro May 30-June 5, 2014 buzz 9






U Microwave

$ 820-860

U Dishwashers (In 2-3-4 Br Apt)
























 " %'#%$ %  % )  $$*$ $%& %$%% '#$%)! !$ #()$!! !#!$   !# $$*$  ! %!" 














6XGRNX 6.,//  



















































































Most apartments furnished parking & laundry available
















$1050+ $725

604 W. Stoughton, U. 511 W. Church

2 Bedroom 217.384.1925

Smith Apartments

For Info: (217) 344-3008 911 W. Springfield, Urbana

Action Ads

Pest Control



1010 W. Springfield, U $1080-1380




entral A/C 2 BedroomU C(except 1004 building)

&$//8672'$< 901 W. Springfield, UMaintenance +8*(6(/(&7,212)$0$=,1*6327/(66 UĂ&#x160;Ă&#x201C;{Ă&#x160;r. $))25'$%/($3$570(17+20(6 $ 720-760 UĂ&#x160;>Ă&#x2022;Â&#x2DC;`Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x160;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x192;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x152;i UĂ&#x160; Â&#x153;Ă&#x160;*iĂ&#x152;Ă&#x192; 4 Bedroom 111 S. Lincoln, U   #&%300."1"35.&/54 UĂ&#x160;>Ă&#x20AC;L>}iĂ&#x160;Â&#x2DC;VÂ?Ă&#x2022;`i` 1010 W. Springfield, U $1696-1840 13*$&4'03&7&3:#6%(&5 $ 820-860 U MonthlĂ&#x17E; Preventitive 3 Bedroom

,!##+% #( (&&$


  !%#+) *-*(+'*&* ( '("!%)')+(%!) !% &%** (!)    ('.%  &*$!#&$

Garage Sales




$"" % !"#

$"" %  $ $"" % &!$($!'!%


<28*(7:+$7(9(5 ,6/()7


$ 720-760

111 S. Lincoln, U


901 W. Springfield, U


U On eU ngineering & 911 W. Springfield, computer science $ 580-630 campus (Urbana Side) U DSL AvU ailable 1004 W. Springfield, U Parking Available $ 525-550 U Furnished 2 Bedroom


$1400 | (773) 888-1751

901 W. Springfield, U $ 540-595 911 W. Springfield, U $ 580-630 1004 W. Springfield, U $ 525-550


Photo Sellers

1 block from Lincoln & Green, A/C, Fireplace, Living, Dining, Kitchen, W/D, includes parking. Available August. No Smoking. No Pets. Pictures/Showing available upon request.




Very Attractive, Furnished 3 BR/2 BA

1 Bedroom


! !    "        "     !  #!    !     

   " #  

! $!" !  



    $  !%% %$  " ! !# !  !   !$!

:+(1<28:$,7817,/ 7+(/$670,187(

1 to 3 blocks to Grainger, Siebel and Computer Science


Apartment Search from The Daily Illini, Champaign-Urbanaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leader in rental information, lets you shop for an apartment from a database of hundreds of apartments from dozens of local rental companies. Just choose the features important to you. Your search will reveal photos, maps and amenities. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s that simple!









10 buzz May 30-June 5, 2014



 (%"&  ' !$"#(&)' *%$ $#%

! &%#!!$(&#"(& " 

!#"' "'   

1 Bedroom


"##! " %"" %!""  &"    ! $""$ ' '  #!" " #!"% "' %"%"""!"""   (&!#% '!&    #"!% $ '#$"%"""!" &""!!%" '#  !#' &""" !#! 


        ! $    "    ### ! $

 &'$#  ( ! ( '#!)#(&#(! *&#&' )""&#!!( $#%( $#     $#( "% # 


          !%! $'  %#% )& &)&&$% #!  (!""!#%& %$% ((#! "#!"#%$! !#   





Full time



000 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900

 !.+($,# )()-' *.,%,)(+ (-$+,-1))+ .($-/$&.( ') &&      $"+)* +-0(" ' (-




Employment Services Merchandise Transportation Apartments Other Housing/Rent Real Estate for Sale Things To Do Announcements Personals








Deadline: Thursday for that Fridayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s edition. Display ads: 11 a.m. Line ads: 2:00 p.m.

Place an Ad: 217 - 337 - 8337


I cloned a dinosaur and his name is Spot.


by Matt Jones

Armory House Properties 2nd and Armory


Burnham 310 310 E. Springfield


Campustown Rentals


F    Spacious rooms, modern fitness center, full service, movie rm


101 Green


F    Laundry on site. Sewer & trash included.

101 Green


F    Sewer & trash included.

207 Green


F    Sewer & trash included.

Faron Properties/MJ Partners


713 S. Randolph

2, 3



Laundry center, seasonal pool, balcony, from $642

Small Buildings




Variety. Old town/downtown Champaign. Some utilities incl.

Hunsinger Enterprises, Inc Hunsinger Apartments


Klatt Properties F    


On-site laundry, some utilities paid, great locations


204 E. Clark, C.



Laundry on-site. Includes internet & basic cable.

505 W. Springfield, C.



Heat Included

409 W. Elm, C.



Most Utilities. Heat Incl. $750-800

MHM Properties

314 E. Clark, C.



New! Fall 2014

606 E. White, C.



New ultra luxury

101 E. Daniel, C.




Bi-levels, free internet

808 S. Oak, C.




Free internet, spacious

Royse & Brinkmeyer Royse & Brinkmeyer 1,2,3

The Tower at Third 302 E. John



U    Fireplaces, lofts, garages




F    Individual leases, leather furniture, balcony & dishwasher






“The End Is Near”--x, y or z, it’s all the same to me.


F    No Security Deposit

Tri County Management Group


705 S. First, C.



Remodeled units. Parking $40/mo

705 S. First, C.



Remodeled units. Parking $40/mo



Stumped? Find the solutions in the Classifieds pages.

Across 1 Name before Dogg or Lion 6 Land of the lost? 10 Addis ___ (Ethiopia’s capital) 15 They may get locked 16 Cheese in a red rind 17 Bogs down 18 “Farewell, Francois!” 19 “All right then, leave!” 20 Controversial performers 21 Blue ribbon-worthy 22 Create raised lettering 24 He’ll be replaced by Stephen 25 “Charles in Charge” star Scott 26 Attaches using rope 27 Frigga’s spouse 28 Charlie Parker’s instrument 30 Laugh riot 32 More, in Managua 33 Marceau persona 34 Bee-related 37 Outdoor coat in harsh weather? 41 Backspace over 45 Valli’s voiced vote on a track event? 48 Bobcat cousin 49 “Resume speed,” musically 50 Billy of “Titanic” 51 Fast runner 52 Keebler employee, in ads

54 The brainiest explorer in history? 62 Longtime MTV newsman Kurt 63 “March Madness” org. 64 “The Empire Strikes Back” director Kershner 66 New Age giant 67 Some cookie crumbs 68 Hotel booking 69 Get happy 70 Angry hand 71 Ashton Kutcher’s role on “That ‘70s Show”

Down 1 Ranks on the reggae charts 2 “Forget it!” 3 End of an incredible statement 4 Boxing cat who can’t spell well? 5 Sch. in the Big Ten 6 CD full of electric guitarist Paul? 7 Acrobat software company 8 Africa’s largest city 9 Novelist who was uncredited on “The Joys of Yiddish”? 10 “I love,” in Latin 11 Cockatoo in the White House? 12 Donkey Kong’s establishment 13 “Fire! Fire!” speaker

14 Acquiesce 22 Flight board data, briefly 23 Brush-off 29 Hit the bottom 31 German actor Udo ___ 34 Merged sports gp. 35 Be inquisitive 36 Woosnam of golf 37 Start of some movie-sequel titles 38 Terms of ___ 39 Walton or Waterston 40 Roled up in one? 42 Pie-mode filling 43 First word of two MLB teams 44 Center of a hurricane 46 Poetic measure 47 On one’s own 51 Hitchcockian 53 Check for concealed weapons 54 Fuel that’s shoveled 55 Ms. Krabappel 56 Monopoly payment 57 Antioxidant-rich berry 58 Back muscles, briefly 59 “___ dat!” 60 More than mischievous 61 Raised bumps that don’t spell anything 62 Alkaline soap ingredient 65 Paleo- opposite

May 30-June 5, 2014 buzz 11


MAY 30 - JUNE 5, 2014

SUBMIT YOUR EVENT TO THE CALENDAR: • E-mail: send your notice to


COMMUNITY RUNNING OF THE RAMS 5K AND KIDS’ RUN Saturday, May 31; 6:30-9 a.m. St. John Lutheran School (509 S. Mattis Ave., Champaign); $10-$30

C.U.A.S. FAMILY SKYWATCH Saturday, May 31; 8-10 p.m. CUAS Observatory (Country Road 700 E.., Champaign); free



Tuesday, June 3; 7-8 p.m. Barnes & Noble; free

Thursday, May 29 Saturday, June 7; 7:30 p.m. Krannert Center; $10-$20


U OF I CREDIT UNION CONCERT DE ESPALDAS/SEEN FROM THE BACK Friday, May 9 - June 27; Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-10 p.m. & Saturday and Sunday -10 p.m. SERIES AT Illini Union Art Gallery; free ALLERTON IRISH FEST De Espaldas/Seen from the Back is a photography exhibit by Alejandro

Thursday, June 5; 3-4 p.m. Japan House (2000 S. Lincoln Ave., Urbana); free

FAMILY FUN FRIDAY Friday, June 6; 5-8 p.m. Market Place Mall; free

Visit the mall during this time for entertainment, retailer offers carousel rides. Shoppers will receive a Frequent Carousel Rider Card, valued at $10.

FOOD & DRINK THE RED HERRING’S FARM TO (TURN)TABLE DINNER Saturday, May 31; 5-8 p.m. 1209 W. Oregon St., Urbana, $10 per plate. BYOVinyl!

URBANA’S MARKET AT THE SQUARE Saturday, May 31; 7 a.m.-12 p.m. Corner of Illinois st. & Vine st., free


Monday, June 2; 5-10 p.m. 113 N. Walnut, Champaign; $50

SUSTAINABLE STUDENT FARM MARKET Thursday, June 5; 11 a.m.–3:30 p.m. Anniversary Plaza, 1401 W. Green St., prices vary per item

PRAIRIE FRUITS FARM WEEKLY Come and buy the fresh, locally-grown produce of OPEN HOUSE the University of Illinois’ own Sustainable Student Farm. Offerings include spinach, kale and small head lettuce, and all money helps support the farm’s focus on low-input, sustainable food.

Wednesday, June 4; 4–6:30 p.m. 4410 N. Lincoln Ave.; free

LOCKE Friday, June 6; 7:30 p.m., The Art Theater Co-op, Champaign

Ivan Locke (Tom Hardy) has worked hard to be where he is today. His meticulously planned existence, from his job as a construction foreman to his family, is the product of years of exertion on his part and Locke takes pride in it. However, after one mysterious phone call in which he learns that Bethan (Olivia Colman), a co-worker he had a one night stand with has gone into labor, his carefully arranged life slowly starts coming apart at the seams. The film is directed by Steven Knight.




Friday, May 30; 8 p.m. Mike 'N' Molly’s; free

Friday, May 30; 10 p.m. Cowboy Monkey; $5

Lugo, a professor of Latino Studies and Anthropology at the University. Two of his photographs are included in the permanent collection of the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago and has also been published in the South Atlantic Quarterly.




Friday, June 6; 6-9:30 p.m. Gate House Lawn, Allerton Park; suggested entry donation of $5/ person or $10/family

Saturday, May 31; 8 p.m. Mike 'N' Molly’s; $7

EARTH WITCH/RESINATER/ THUNDERTRUCK Friday, May 30; 7:30 p.m. Error Records; $5


Local doom metal band Earth Witch headlines a heavy show with new CU band Resinater (exHank. members) and Thundertruck. This show will Thursday, June 5; 8 p.m. be a rare stoner rock treat to the CU music scene. The Canopy Club; $5

12 buzz May 30-June 5, 2014


Sousa Archives and Center for American Music (1103 S. 6th St., Champaign); free Detailing the lives of many musicians and ensembles that toured the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, this exhibit showcases the Sousa Band and its travels. Looking at Otto Mesloh and his involvement with the John Philip Sousa Band and the Elite Musical Four, the story of how a train wreck that nearly killed him is explicitly expounded upon. Come see this show of an important part of music’s history!

Buzz Magazine: May 30, 2014  

Totally Blossom: Local Cuisine Comes Into Bloom

Buzz Magazine: May 30, 2014  

Totally Blossom: Local Cuisine Comes Into Bloom