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OCT 30 – NOV 05 2008

volume 6 no. 44

FRANK Circut Clerk

Dedicated to the service of the citizens of Champaign County Republican for Champaign County Circuit Clerk


Dance Competition Saturday, November 1, 9am–11pm Illini Union Rooms A, B and C Public Welcome! UIUC students watch free, other spectators $5. Funded by SORF.

Paid for by citizens for Linda S. Frank

Re-Elect Linda S. Frank

CU DJs International Beans

12 4

Columbia St. Rostery brings the foreign kick

Enjoy a unique dining experience

Last Meal

one writer’s picks for Bush’s ďŹ nal feast

Quick Change Doin’ It Well Calendar


on one of our


teppan grills.

How to create that last minute look Love nibbles to hunks of esh and everything in between


715 S. Neil, Champaign • 217.351.9898


Your guide to this week’s events

:\c\YiXk\?Xccfn\\eXk B U Z Z COV E R D E S I G N : Samantha Snyder

M U S I C E D I T O R : Tommy Trafton

COV E R P H OTO : Anne-Marie Cheely


E D I T O R I N C H I E F : Stephanie Prather

M OV I E E D I T O R :

M A N AG I N G E D I T O R : Mark Grabowski A R T D I R E C T O R : Matt Harlan PHOTOGR APHY EDITOR :


Isaac Bloom

C U C A L E N DA R :


Anne-Marie Cheely Tanya Boonroueng Kate Lamy Samantha Snyder



T A L K O N T H E W E B :

Michell Eloy Keith Hollenkamp Drake Baer Suzanne Stern Bonnie Stiernberg Amanda Brenner Kerry Doyle Omair Ahmed Brandi Willis Mary Cory


 =i`[Xp#FZkfY\i*(110gd Â&#x203A;;AIXe[Xcc<cc`jfe Â&#x203A;(''gi`q\]fik_\Y\jkZfjkld\ Â&#x203A;*Zfm\i11(;iX]kj11)D`cc\iC`k\


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Illinois administration, faculty or students.

flk[ffik`b`YXiÂ&#x203A;kXgXjd\elÂ&#x203A;[i`ebjg\Z`XcjÂ&#x203A;]i\\gXib`e^ First copy of buzz is free. Each additional copy is 50¢ OCT 30 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; NOV 05 08

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thursday 30

friday 31

saturday 1

Scary Movie Night

Living Blue Halloween

Celebrate Halloween early at the Virginia Theatre with a screening of Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride. Prizes will be awarded for the three best costumes. Tickets are $5, and the movie starts at 7 p.m.

Catch a special Halloween performance by The Living Blue and Elsinore at Radio Maria at 9 p.m., then stick around for a costume contest judged by the bands. The winner will receive a $200 cash prize. Tickets are $15.

“Her Name is Sabine”: Documentary Film and the Ethics of Institutions This forum is part of the 4th Annual Tournees French Film Festival. Beginning at noon, it will feature four panelists at the Illinois Program for Research in Humanities. Food: Log on right now to find a list of halloween cocktails. On Monday, look for “The Weekly Feed”

Movies: Reviews of films from the French Film Festival at Boardman’s will be up on Saturday.

Music: Look for a preview of Canopy Club’s Halloween Bash now on

sunday 2


Jekyl and Hyde

On Wednesday, look for an article on the outcome of the election.

Catch the Illini Union Board’s fall musical at Foellinger Auditorium at 2 p.m. Tickets are $13 for students.


Likes & Gripes

monday 3

Drake Baer Arts Editor LIKES

Lunch and Learn: Obama and McCain: Where Do They Stand on LGBT Issues? Before you vote tomorrow, head to the Illini Union Room 323 at noon to learn more about the candidates’ positions on LGBT issues and help you make an informed decision.

Art Chantry stands with his posters. Used with permission from

tuesday 4

wednesday 5

“My Name is Art”: The Life and Work of Art Chantry

Girl Talk Mash-up master Gregg Gillis descends upon Urbana tonight in what’s sure to evolve into one of the biggest dance parties the Canopy Club’s ever seen. The show starts at 9 p.m., and tickets are $15.

Come to the Parkland Art Gallery and check out fifty original posters by Art Chantry, a famous graphic designer who created promotional materials for many Seattle-based bands.

Used with permission from

E D I T O R ’ S N O T E by Stephanie Prather This week’s cover is particularly dear to my heart, as it documents this onceevery-four-years phenomenon of having the election and Halloween jammed into one issue of buzz. Halloween weekend is always my favorite weekend of the year in CU. The temperature has usually fallen significantly, the leaves have turned, and the mood of the twin cities is just right for

Halloween partying. Halloween also ghoulishly kicks off the holiday season. Unfortunately this year I will be in Kansas City at the National College Media Convention, and will miss the weekend’s festivities. Since I can’t spend Halloween in CU, I have decided to forgo a real Halloween costume and have opted to dress as an out-of-town college journalist. This year just won’t be the same without you, CU. Lucky for me, I can make up for the missed weekend by celebrating Election Day on Tuesday.

Isn’t it weird that the longest presidential race in history will finally be over next week? That day I plan to go to class, cast my ballot and then stare at the TV until I know who our next president will be. Then, if my candidate doesn’t win, I will start a riot outside my apartment building on Healey Street in residential Champaign and start my application for Canadian citizenship. In next week’s Editor’s Note, I will let you know if buzz and any awards over the weekend and my opinion about the future of America.

1) Six-hour barcrawls: Only good things result. 2) Lights and music: They’re on my mind. 3) Vitamin D: I know where you can get your fill.

Matt Harlan Art Director GRIPES

1) Fingerless gloves: Seriously, whats the point in wearing a glove if you’re fingers are going to freeze anyway. Unless you’re playing the flute, I guess that’s okay. 2) Those spinning things they have in playgrounds: Though at one time I greatly enjoyed disorienting myself for pleasure, my adult(ish) self just wants to ralph everytime I look at one. 3) Halloweeen costume pressure: I think I reached my Halloween costume peak in 3rd grade when I went as a taco. It’s been all downhill since then.

OCT 30 – NOV 05 08

food & drink As Bushâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s term comes to an end, Andrew Krok compiles a list of what he should eat on his ďŹ nal night by Andrew Krok

A Pretzel For those of you who donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t really remember, our unbridled genius of a president managed to choke on a pretzel while watching football, even losing consciousness at one point. How this could happen, we will never know. Theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re a rather basic food to eat; eating a pretzel should be no more eventful than tying some shoelaces or watching grass grow. Maybe if he eats a couple more at his Last Supper, the pretzels will ďŹ nish the job it started last time.

At this point, he may as well crumple it up, eat it and deny we ever had such a thing.

A Piece of Humble Pie Seriously. Does he still think heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s gift to the world stage? He shouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t consider himself an agent of any deity. His dictionary has CIA-like black marker all over the entry for humility. Once he begins to see himself as less of a demi-god and more of a human, heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be ready for the rest of his meal.

The Bill of Rights

A Case of Steel Reserve

Sure, paper doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t taste all that good, especially paper thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been sitting around for years. However, Bushâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s history with basic human freedoms is less than upstanding â&#x20AC;&#x201D; the establishment of Guantanamo Bay took a heaping Cleveland Steamer all over the Sixth and Eighth Amendments. The Patriot Act followed suit all over the First and Fourth Amendments.

After all, this is his last day as president. Sure, heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been sober for an awful long time, but thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a ďŹ rst time for everything, even falling off the wagon. Who would have thought that a man who doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t drink could end up as a president with one of the lowest approval ratings in history? Maybe a beer or two will actually help his judgment. Who knows, he still has one day to get things right.


Dubbyaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Last Supper

World Blend Columbia Street Roastery brings

coffee from all over the world to CU

by Anne Koval Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Saturday night and you have decided to eat at an upscale restaurant in Champaign. After a hearty meal, you want to order that warm cup of coffee to go with dessert. Sipping at the rich coffee, you probably do not realize that what you are drinking, though purchased in Champaign, was grown in the grass-plains of Africa. Columbia Street Roastery, purveyor of international coffee beans, purchases itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s products from countries all over the world, including Indonesia, the Dominican Republic and Ethiopia. Though Columbia Street Roastery opened 10 years ago, its owners, the Herriott family, have been in business in Champaign since 1951. In the retail section of the store, a picture of Herriottâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Cities Service gas station hangs on the wall. This was the ďŹ rst business started in Champaign-Urbana by Merle Herriott 57 years ago. The family decided to venture into the coffee service in 1989, and in 1998 Herriottâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Coffee purchased the building that is now home to Columbia Street Roastery. This long standing tie to the community is what motivates the Herriott family to help community members ďŹ nd the perfect blend for them. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Cuppings,â&#x20AC;? or what the roastery likes to call â&#x20AC;&#x153;Sit and Sips,â&#x20AC;? are scheduled appointments that allow both restaurant owners and community members to taste a variety of coffees offered by the roastery. Customers can learn the subtle differences between

Central American coffee and African coffee or how acidity affects the ďŹ&#x201A;avor so that they can ďŹ nd the perfect blend for their home or restaurant. The extensive information provided about each blend is no doubt part of the reason why upscale restaurants in CU utilize Columbia Street Roastery to create a unique blend for their restaurants. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Jim Gouldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s decided on the blend â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Out of Africa,â&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;? said Merle Herriott, owner of Columbia Street Roastery. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Now, that blend is unique to their restaurant.â&#x20AC;? According to Herriott, beans are roasted six times a week to provide the freshest coffee. They follow a detailed eight-step process to ensure that they ďŹ nish with a sweet and rich aroma. What sets Columbia Street Roastery apart is the creation of its own original blends from the origin countries. In addition to the 17 origin blends, the roastery has 21 different types of blends to choose from, eight of which are organic. All of the blends are offered decaffeinated or in a 50/50 blend, which is half decaffeinated. However, what makes the coffee special is the amount of people involved in making that cup you are sipping on in that upscale restaurant happen. According to the Columbia Street Roastery Web site, there are up to one thousand people involved behind the brewing of one cup of coffee. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Once you see how people are paid,â&#x20AC;? said Herriott, â&#x20AC;&#x153;youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll never drink a cup of coffee the same again,â&#x20AC;?



:fdgc\k\>cXjj\jXe[:fekXZkj`eZcl[\j1 Â&#x203A; :fdgc\k\<oXd Â&#x203A; )9fo\jFJ@JkXe[Xi[fi8M);`jgfjXYc\ :fekXZkj Â&#x203A; (GX`i:fdgc\k\>cXjj\j]ifdj\c\Zk ^iflgf]:I$*0c\ej\j  Â&#x203A; DXepfk_\igXZbX^\jXmX`cXYc\% Â&#x203A; :Xcclj]fi[\kX`cj% Lf]@Jkl[\ek;`jZflek ('f]]:fdgc\k\<p\<oXd )'f]]:fdgc\k\>cXjj\j J_fnpflimXc`[jkl[\ek@;


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?`jmfk\nfe_`dXjn\\kN``gi`q\gXZbX^\% NXkZ_]fifk_\i9\jkf]:Ln`ee\ijXeefleZ\[`ek_\Efm\dY\i(*`jjl\f]Ylqq

N`k_:fdgc\k\>cXjj\j GliZ_Xj\  N\Xi\Xgifm`[\i]fi <p\D\[Â&#x17E;#Le`k\[?\Xck_ZXi\# :`^eX#Jg\Zk\iXdXepdfi\ `ejliXeZ\j%


;i%B\ccpJXe[\ij#F%;% ;i%:lik`jAf_ejfe#F%;% >C8JJ<J@E8E?FLI%%%FIJF 

<M<E9@=F:8CJ OCT 30 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; NOV 05 08

,(/<Xjk>i\\e#:_XdgX^e#@C DN=0Xd$-gd2 KKI0Xd$.gd2 JXkli[Xp0Xd$+gd G_fe\*,($-(('

:_\Zbflk@cc`e`<p\:Xi\%Zfd]fiJg\Z`Xc@ek\ie\kJXm`e^j come and get it

What Will

He Do for Me?

Candidates’ stances on issues important to college students by Abby Wilson

Higher Education



Barack Obama: Simplify the application process for financial aid: Get rid of the financial aid application and allow families to check a box on their tax forms, authorizing their tax information to be used and eliminating the extra application process. Create the American Opportunity Tax Credit: The new American Opportunity Tax Credit will be fully refundable and will ensure that the first $4,000 covers two-thirds of the cost of tuition at the average public college or university. Make community college tuition free for most students, but the recipients of the credit will be required to do 100 hours of community service.

Barack Obama: On Withdrawal: Would redeploy U.S. troops at a pace of one to two brigades a month. His proposed schedule would remove them from Iraq within 16 months and be complete by summer 2010. He would pursue diplomatic efforts to reach a comprehensive contract on the stability of Iraq and the region, including Iran and Syria. Contract would aim to secure Iraq’s borders, keep neighboring countries from meddling inside Iraq, isolate al-Qaeda, support reconciliation among Iraq’s sectarian groups and provide financial support for Iraq’s reconstruction and development.

Barack Obama: Would implement an economy-wide cap-andtrade program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the level recommended by top scientists. Would establish a National Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) to speed the introduction of low-carbon, non-petroleum fuels. Would make the U.S. a leader in the global effort to combat climate change by leading a new international global warming partnership.

John McCain: Simplify federal financial aid: Consolidating programs will help simplify the administration of these programs and help more students have a better understanding of their eligibility for aid. Simplify higher education tax benefits: The existing tax benefits are too complicated, and many eligible families don’t claim them. By simplifying the existing tax benefits, a greater number of families have a lower tax burden when they are helping send their children to colleges and universities.

John McCain: Does not believe in setting a withdrawal timetable. Believes that the United Nations should play a role in supporting provincial governments’ elections in late 2008 and the national government elections in 2009. Believes that economic progress is essential to sustaining security gains in Iraq. The international community should bolster proven microfinance programs to spur local-level entrepreneurship throughout the country.

John McCain: Climate Stewardship and Innovation Act of 2007 with Sen. Joseph Lieberman: Legislation is designed to reduce the nation’s greenhouse gases, accomplished through a combination of trading markets and the deployment of advanced technologies. Would propose use of alternative energy sources, including nuclear.

repeal the Defense of Marriage Act and voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment. Supports full civil unions that “give samesex couples equal legal rights and privileges as married couples, including the right to assist their loved ones in times of emergency as well as equal health insurance, employment benefits and property and adoption rights,” Obama said. John McCain: Gay Marriage: Opposes same-sex marriage. Voted for the Defense of Marriage Act but voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment.

Employment NonDiscrimination Act Barack Obama: Should be expanded to include sexual orientation and gender identity.

LGBT Issues Barack Obama: Gay Marriage: Opposes same-sex marriage but also opposes a constitutional ban. He would

John McCain: “I think that enforcement of existing law could work rather than passing special laws for special categories of people,” McCain said.


Mon-Sat: 10-5 Fri: 10-8 Sun: 12-5 204 N. Neil St. 217.352.3231


Mon-Fri: 11-9 Sun: 12-5 9 E. Taylor St. 217.355.9333

Furniture Lounge All Located in Downtown Champaign

Sun-Wed: 12-4 Thur-Sat: 11-5 9 E. University Ave. 217.352.5150 OCT 30 – NOV 05 08

music Tricks and Treats at Canopy Cornmeal and Family Groove Company headline Halloween bash

Used with permission from

by Josh Fisher If last year’s Halloween show at Canopy Club was any indication of the excitement Midwestern music can create, this year’s concert should be just as exciting. With four great bands from the great state of Illinois and an abundance of scary/ sexy costumes, there shouldn’t be a dull moment. Family Groove Company will be returning to play All Hallow’s Eve in Urbana for the second straight year, and added to the bill is Cornmeal, last years Jammy Award winners for best up-and-coming jam artist. Both artists have a dedicated following and are coming off an exciting summer, featuring multiple sets from each group at Summer Camp Music Festival 2008. If those two nationally famous bands aren’t enough to get your feet moving, then maybe the local acts completing the bill can convince you to strap on your dancing shoes underneath your floor-length cape. Kicking things off is the recently transplanted band, Jobu. The band recently decided to make the move from Carbondale to Chambana for more live show opportunities and exposure. Don’t be late because their fresh blend of rock, reggae, and jam music is more than just the sum of their parts. Also booked for the event is Zmick. In unprecedented efforts to breathe life into the music scene, the past year and a half has been filled with Monday Night Jam sessions, bringing numerous not-so-local bands to Chambana’s attention. Zmick has introduced artists like Jaik Willis, Brainchild, Herbert Wiser Band and Bill Smith to the CU. Zmick will be playing a couple covers and gooey jams, full of their original progressive style and affinity for long jams. Also, be on the lookout for keyboardist Mike Donato, heavy favorite to win best costume this year. After Jobu and Zmick, Family Groove Company will be reprising their appearance last year on Halloween. One year ago they donned silly glasses OCT 30 – NOV 05 08

and boas to recreate the music of Elton John. Yet again this year, they plan on taking you on a trip down Nostalgia Avenue with a set featuring music from the movie that became an ’80s classic, Top Gun. Unfortunately if you’re a fan of bassist Janis Wallin’s surgical precision while slapping and popping funky grooves, you may be disappointed to hear her pounding away on those straight and heavy eighth note runs. Either way, it should be an exciting ride into the “Danger Zone.” Last but certainly not least, stick around to catch Cornmeal. What the band intends to play for their set remains a bit of a mystery. However, what is certain is that two weekends ago in Peoria, the band played a Halloween show as The Doors. As intriguing as it would be for a bluegrass band with no keyboard player (they do have Ally Kral on fiddle) covering a psychedelic rock band laden with keys, people would certainly not be disappointed to hear one of their original sets. Cornmeal’s arrangements of traditional bluegrass songs and their original works are filled with powerful vocal harmonies. If Cornmeal decides to dress up as the famous L.A. band and sex-god Jim Morrison, you can be sure that it will be a helluva show. This show takes place tomorrow on Halloween. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are $8.00 in advance and $10.00 at the door. (They can be bought in advance at Family Pride convenience store at Oregon & Goodwin in Urbana.) Wear your costumes and dancing shoes! Schedule: Jobu 7:30 Zmick 9:00 Family Groove Company 10:15 Cornmeal: 11:30 come and get it

buzz music 7


Of Montreal’s Skeletal Lamping by Eric Heisig

There have been a lot of comparisons as of late between Of Montreal and Prince. It is apt, though. Both artists (if one considers Of Montreal in the studio to be solely lead singer/ guitarist Kevin Barnes) record their albums in

their studios with their libido making a nasty mess all over the songs and lyrics. This may seem like a strange and, frankly, a vulgar description, but it is not unwarranted for Of Montreal’s new album, Skeletal Lamping. Just check out the lyrics to “St. Exquisite’s Confessions”: “Maybe I’ll blow you/Whatever kind of kisses you want/Because you’ve got so much in common/With my big c**k creator.” Need I say any more? These lyrics pretty much sum up the direction of the record. If Skeletal Lamping was going to be compared to any Prince album, it would probably have to be his 1981 album, Controversy. That was the album that found Prince taking what he had learned on his previous album, 1980s breakthrough Dirty Mind (much like Of Montreal’s 2007 album Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?), and pushing it further and freakier. Seeing a pattern? That’s not a bad thing either. Musically, this album is just as creative as Barnes has ever been, transitioning from thrash to funk to psychedelia

to electronica, often at the drop of a hat. His singing is also at an all-time best. With his new “character,” Georgie Fruit (a former black funk singer who has undergone multiple sex changes), Barnes has found a good use for his falsetto. It shines through on cuts such as “For Our Elegant Caste,” where he builds harmonies over his own falsetto. It works well. There is certainly a lot going on, but it is fairly easy to put this record on to just dance (with the exception of the painful “Touched Something’s Hollow,” which serves as a nice reprieve from the otherwise high octane music). It’s a record that works on a complex level (multiple listens reward listeners) and a simple one as well. And to have something complex come off simple, that’s quite a feat. The price scale: To rate albums, I will be more or less rating them by price. Since a fair price at a place such as Best Buy for a CD is around $12.99, Of Montreal’s Skeletal Lamping, I say, stands at a value of: $11.50/$12.99.

W H AT ’ S T H E W O R D ? by Tricia Scully

Black Ice No, the bird is not the word. “Black Ice” is the first title chosen for this newfound column. What’s the significance? Well, let’s just take a look overseas and turn our heads from the musical turmoil of America today (like our darling Britney Spears) and glance at how equally twisted it can be within the borders of other creative countries. Each week on for as long as you readers will allow me, I’ll take a look at a different country’s list of top selling albums, and pick the top seller apart. This week, I’m taking you to Australia. Here we circle back to our words, “Black Ice” which is given an all-new meaning as the title of last week’s top selling album by AC/DC. AC/DC hadn’t released an album since Stiff Upper Lip, so the hype over the release of their 2008 album Black Ice was unmatched. The album was released worldwide Oct. 20, and shot straight to the number one spots in the UK, Australia, Sweden, Ireland, Belgium, Finland, and Argentina. Walmart played an integral role in the promotion of the album, ironically making a deal with Columbia Records to put forth particularly strong efforts to sell the album.

Walmart designated the most floor space that it’s ever agreed to for the promotional materials of Black Ice. The aggressive promotions as well as the dryspell of new AC/DC material for hard-rockers alike guaranteed the immediate success of this album. Our question now is, will it live up to the hype, or will the glamour be only surface level and end with the album art just behind the CD cover? Most reviews out so far give ACDC’s latest a three out of five stars. Only time will tell if these boys are back in black to put their musical careers in coffins, or if they’re dressing up for potential award ceremonies. Now what did they do exactly during their eight-year sabbatical? The group switched record labels to Sony (Columbia Records) of course, and overcame physical ailments with bassist Cliff Williams after he injured his hand. Falling onto broken glass after an attempt to clean up after shattering an oil lamp (due to rock-star anger and partying I’m sure), Williams tore all the tendons in his arm, setting his bass slapping back 18 months. The men of AC/DC obviously have some fight left in them — and it’ll be a tough choice between the oil lamp and the light bulb from now on.

Whether or not this album will stay at the top for days, weeks, or years, AC/DC demands just a little more time in the spotlight before they’re pushed out completely by the novelty of the new and the hip. With the help of excessive promotions through Wal-Mart and the annoyances of new label contracts and band member injuries, AC/ DC is indeed treading on “black ice.” Will they make it across or slip in their attempt?

OCT 30 – NOV 05 08

  music  buzz

Up and Coming On Again, Off Again by Kim Nguyen

NXekX [\\g\i i\cXk`fej_`g n`k_9lqq6


Contray to what the group name suggests, the upbeat tunes, smooth vocals and raw but polished sound in their four-track demo is definitely on ... consistently. Bassist Sam Edgin, drummer Dan Gray and guitarist/ vocalist Mike Winegardner, along with a guest appearance by Amanda Lyons from the Chicago duet Like Young, round out the force behind the debut release from the band On Again Off Again. The four-track release can be heard on their MySpace page at, but keep your ears perked as they’ll soon be hitting up the stages around CU. buzz: What is your songwriting process like? Mike: I wish I could say the songs just birthed themselves out of magical jam sessions or something, but it’s usually just me with an acoustic in my room. The songs never sound good when they’re forced out, though, so a lot of the lyric writing and melodies just pop up while I’m walking around or in the shower. buzz: How do you feel about your style of music integrating into the local music scene? Mike: I feel confident. There are good musicians in CU, and we really want to play shows with them. It seems like we have to somehow “pay our dues” as a band, though. Either way, I think people will like the songs.

We made a start at Pogo Studios with Mark [Rubel], so we’re hoping we might be able to jump on a good bill down here soon. buzz: Has your music style changed since your first song? How would you compare your very first song to your latest? Mike: Well, I can’t say I recall my first song, but compared to earlier stuff, the songs I’m writing now are more like pop songs. I’ve wanted to write livelier songs lately, maybe just to wake myself up from everyday routines and stuff, whereas I used to write songs to relax. buzz: What can people expect from your live show? What kind of impression would you ideally like to make on your audience? Mike: I don’t think we’re trying to drop jaws or anything when we play live. But I do think we are trying to keep you from getting bored. It’s a creamy sound. I’m hoping people feel like they just drank a really good latte after watching us. buzz: Do you plan to continue with your music after you graduate? Mike: Yeah, that’s the plan. My bandmates live in Chicago, so the goal right now is for us to set up camp in the city next year when I’m out of CU. I think all three of us are in the state of mind where we are determined to make it work and willing to make the sacrifices when we have to.

c u s o u n d r e v i e w by Mike Ingram

Aw crap, it’s Halloween again (oh yeah, and some election thing ... )



C.V. LLOYDE MUSIC CENTER 217-352-7031 Oct 30 – NOV 05 08

Here come the slutty costumes and the complaints about being cold in said costumes! Hooray! But before we get into Halloween proper, let’s discuss the fact that Tuesday brings us the chance to have our voices heard (unless you vote Democrat in Ohio — we’re still not sure if your voice will be heard). I don’t care who you vote for, people, just vote. This election has certainly done a better job of turning out young voters, which is great, considering how completely worthless the 18-to-25 crowd has been in recent decades. And don’t just decide that your vote isn’t worth anything on either side in Illinois — there are plenty of down-ticket races that could be very close, on top of the fact that high turnout is a big deal. So take a few minutes to read up on the issues that are important to you, and then vote based on that and not on any kind of silliness. This columnist will be driving people to the polls all day, so if you need help getting to a polling place, e-mail forgottenwords@gmail. com for more information. I’ll also be hosting a show on election night at Cowboy Monkey featuring Ryan Groff (of Elsinore), Mike Droho and the Compass Rose (formerly the Profits) and more. The idea is to hang out with others and watch the results come across the TV while listening to some great music (the presence of alcohol might also make the evening more fun). The evening will kick off at 9 p.m., and there is no cover.

Turning back the clock to shows that are happening this weekend before the election because Halloween is always a big night to catch a show, and it just happens to fall on a Friday this year. First off, tonight, Cowboy Monkey will host DJ LEGTWO (Larry E. Gates II — for those keeping score, formerly of Lorenzo Goetz and currently of Curb Service), laying down an evening of hip-hop, R&B, soul and more. The night is also rumored to feature some special guests, including Krukid. There is no cover charge, and the needle drops at 10 p.m. Elsewhere, the 88 Broadway piano bar will host a free show from jazzy songstress Cara Maurizi, starting at 7 p.m. Underpaid Packy is tackling an unlikely room, playing Firehaus, starting at 9:30 p.m. Man, I played there back when it was R&R’s. Old. Let’s get to Halloween already. Choices, choices, choices. Here’s where that crafty costume might get you some cash. Ladies, I understand the urge to go as Sarah Palin is overwhelming, but believe me when I say you’ll run into at least 10 other girls dressed the same way. At the first bar you go to. Right by the front door before you can even wander around. And yes, they will all think that they’ve got the accent down too. It’s like the damn Burger King mask all over again. Also, let’s not make UIUC the site of the next blackface exposé on Dateline, OK? Aren’t we all smarter than that? Yes, even if you’re trying to go as Robert Downey Jr. from Tropic Thunder, it’s still going to offend people. So with those things in mind, let’s figure out where you can win some cash and/or prizes ... The Brat Pack have a long tradition of treating

every night like it’s Halloween in the ’80s, so it is fitting that they will be playing the Highdive on Friday. While ’80s costumes are certainly not necessary, they might help grease the wheels to get you into the running for the cash prizes available during the judging period (11 to midnight). How much cash? It’s a secret, it seems, but several places will be awarded. The night starts at 9:30 p.m., and there is a $7 cover. Another costume contest will commence at 10 p.m. at Radio Maria, the restaurant that occasionally turns into a rock venue at Taylor and Walnut in downtown Champaign. If you’re not feeling ’80s covers, you might instead enjoy the stylings of both the Living Blue and Elsinore, who will both convene to decide a costume contest winner who will receive $200 in cash. Second and third places will also win prizes. The $15 cover will get you in to see two of the area’s best bands playing in a cool space that will likely be filled with lingerie. And that’s just behind the Elsinore drum kit on Dave Pride — who knows what the other show-goers will be wearing? Other venues will be hosting Halloween shows, but no official word on bucks for your costume or other prizes. Canopy Club has a loaded bill featuring Cornmeal, Family Groove Company, JoBu and Zmick if you’re in the mood for some epic jams, and the Courtyard Café is hosting Sense L., Manifest, Supastition and Krukid if you’re looking for solid beats and rhymes. Check the venue pages for more information. —Mike Ingram can be reached at VOTE. come and get it

art One-on-One with the Man Named Art The buzz interviews the Northwest design legend by Seth Jansen

purely about shapes changing and transforming. Then he pointed me over to the corner, where his intricate ink drawings were mounted. His work reminded me of looking through a microscope at very squishy plant cells. I won’t spoil the fun by reprinting the jokes in witty series such as “Romance in Red” by Eric Millikin or “Black Guy for the White Guy” by Keith Knight. Some of the more grotesque images, such as “Supreme Court 3000,” leave nothing about the artist’s political views to the imagination; others rely on the storyline to make a point about life as a minority. My personal favorite is called “Stars, Crosses & Stripes” by Christian Hill, which managed to blend personal history, an American flag and really fun imagery into one piece. Some of the art is also projected on a screen in the middle of the gallery, as well, for anyone who wants to sit and chill. For a sneak peek, check out this site: http://www.kam.uiuc. edu/pr/outofsequence/checklist.cfm. “Out of Sequence” will be here until Jan. 4 and is sponsored by the Office of the Chancellor, the Office of the Provost, the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, the Illinois Arts Council, the Krannert Art Museum Director’s Circle and the Krannert Art Museum Council.


There’s a colorful new exhibit at the Krannert Art Museum right now called “Out of Sequence,” spotlighting minority comic book artists and graphic novelists. A wild variety of topics — gay marriage, the Supreme Court, the Normandy invasion — are addressed in sassy panels, poems and action-packed images. I’m not a comic book connoisseur, but I have to say that it was well worth my trek through the rain to attend the exhibit’s opening last Thursday. Curators Damian Duffy and John Jennings of Eye Trauma Comix were on-hand to introduce several of the artists. Mark Staff Brandl, aka EuroShark, a former University of Illinois student now living in Zurich, Ill., gave a brief talk explaining his bright yellow panels called “Carried Away,” followed by a Q & A session. To the question, “What’s the difference between graphic novels and comics?”, Brandl replied that he didn’t really make a distinction but that images and words were “codependent and independent” in each — “like a marriage.” Brandl also showed off a rack full of colorful cardboard comic book covers, individually hand-painted, including some celebrating this very exhibit. I chatted with artist Andrei Molotiu, who said he had decided in the past six or seven years to move on to comics as a more experimental form of art, one

by Erik Johnson The Land of Lincoln sings With pride of history And Arizona stings With a common misery No Abraham have they Like we with license plates It is not fair to say They’ve no presidential traits Illinòis had her man To lead and free us all It’s Arizona’s hand And Alaska has been called Obama step aside You’re hogging all the stage McCain has reached high tide Desert pride is all the rage Big Media retreat Spout agendas no more And respectfully treat Senator and Governor


by Betsi Freeman

“My Name is Art: the Life and Work of Designer Art Chantry” goes from Nov. 3 to Dec. 6 at the Parkland Art Gallery. Chantry’s artist reception will be Nov. 6 from 6 to 8 p.m., and the luncheon lecture will be the following day from noon to 2 p.m.

State Arrogance


Comics and minority culture at the KAM

For the full transcript, including Art’s take on coming up in Seattle with Sub Pop and Estrus Records, head over to

r ParklandA

On-Hand and “Out of Sequence”

bills.” I always find that in the end, the experience of working with corporate bureaucracy is so miserable and stifling and they are so afraid in there that when it’s all over, it’s just not worth it. I’d much rather work with a smaller business where I have direct collaboration with decision makers. buzz: From what I’ve read, you are a bit of a selfproclaimed asshole. AC: Oh, I started calling myself an asshole 25 years ago. I’m really not an asshole, but when you call yourself something, you get saddled with it. Then it becomes real. I began to call myself an asshole in order to scare off the corporate folks who are so afraid of everything you represent. It was a filtering process at first. Since then, people out there have treated me like I’m an asshole, and the game begins. Basically, calling myself an asshole was a marketing ploy. Never trust a marketing ploy, doggone it, you betcha!


artist. As a classic postmodernist, I subscribe to the standard contemporary style of appropriation. Basically, we don’t come up with new ideas any more in our culture but take old ideas and revamp them to fit our current projects. I do exactly that in my design work. I could go on and on about how that is all anybody out there is doing right now — in any medium you choose — but it gets boring. I work in the contemporary high-decadent, postmodernist style of deconstruction and appropriation. In 2008, we all do. I just am a little more directly interpreting that method than most. buzz: Is it difficult to find these previous works? AC: I used to be a garbage man. So, no, it’s extremely easy to find materials for my work. I’m a pro. buzz: You are considered by many to be a “commercial” artist, yet you’ve turned down offers from Microsoft, Coke and Nike. Was this strictly based on the business end of the deal or on the creative process? AC: Well, that’s true. I’m viciously anticorporate in nature and philosophy and politics. However, I’m very procorporate about taking their money. My experience with corporations over the years has been that it’s extremely difficult to get your pay out of them. They have divisions of bookkeepers and lawyers whose job description is “not paying


Seattle-based graphic designer Art Chantry, known worldwide for his work with bands such as Nirvana and Soundgarden, opens a solo exhibit at Parkland Nov. 3. buzz writer Seth Jansen sat down with Art; the (condensed) results are below. buzz: What goes into making your works, or how does the creative process begin? AC: The most essential part of any project is the research. You have to get to know the client and the project at hand very, very thoroughly. Never forget that this is a collaborative art form. We don’t follow our “muse,” but we follow our clients’ needs, desires and dreams. For instance, when I get asked to hire to do a logo, I have to find out everything I can about the project, the client, his dreams and ideas about what he does, who he is, where he fits into the cosmos, on and on. Then I make a little black and white squiggle that represents all of that and it’s about the size of a fingernail. When looked at from that perspective, you can plainly see the immensity and complexity and difficulty of the task I do. It’s much, much harder than just making something pretty or following your muse. It’s an entirely different activity than “art.” buzz: When I spoke with Paul Young from Parkland, he said you “take ‘bad’ art, rearrange the elements and make it into ‘good’ art.” AC: Well, I have always been an assemblage

Events in Verse

2400 West Bradley Avenue Champaign Gallery hours & info: 217/351-2485

Exhibition dates: November 3 thru December 6

This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, A State Agency. Sponsored by Parasol, Electric Pictures, Hawthorn Suites Ltd. and That’s Rentertainment.

MEET ART CHANTRY IN PERSON! Reception: Thursday, November 6, 6−8pm Gallery Talk at 7pm by Art Chantry LUNCHEON AND LECTURE WITH ART CHANTRY Friday, November 7, Noon−2pm in D244, $25 per person A portion of each ticket will support Parkland Art Gallery Reservations: OCT 30 – NOV 05 08

movies & tv Oui, Oui to

French Films

The Tournees French Film Festival Returns to Boardmanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s by Stephanie Poquette

SAVOY 16   



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Fries arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t the only good thing with a French label.From mistresses to red balloons, the Fourth Annual Tournees French Film Festival, sponsored by the University of Illinois and Parkland College, begins this week with an interesting mix of ďŹ lms sure to satisfy everyoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s appetite. The festival, held Oct. 31 to Nov. 6 at Boardmanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Art Theatre in downtown Champaign, was started by Assistant Professor of French and Cinema Studies Maggie Flinn in 2005 with the hope of exposing college students and Champaign-Urbana citizens to â&#x20AC;&#x153;riskierâ&#x20AC;? ďŹ lms they might not have the chance to see in theaters. Audrey Evrard, a PhD candidate in French studies and a native of France, also wants to combat the stereotypes that surround French cinema. She said people often associate French ďŹ lms with â&#x20AC;&#x153;high-brow, adult cinema,â&#x20AC;? but she argues they have more to offer than just that. â&#x20AC;&#x153;There are comedies, there are period ďŹ lms, there are really avant-garde and artsy ďŹ lms, but you also have very simple family dramas or politically charged ďŹ lms, and sometimes you also have really boring ďŹ lms,â&#x20AC;? Evrard said. This yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s selection is anything but boring with six award-winning ďŹ lms in the lineup. The festival includes Blame It on Fidel, a ďŹ lm about a young girl whose parents abandon their traditional ways to become revolutionaries in the 1970s; Her Name Is Sabine focuses on the directorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s autistic sister and the health care system in France; The Last Mistress is a provocative ďŹ lm about aristocrat marriages and lowly affairs; and Dans Paris is a comedy about the complications of love. The festival also includes a francophone ďŹ lm, a movie spoken in French but not located in France or about France, called Daratt, which focuses on

one boyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s struggles surrounding the civil war in Chad. Intern Vanessa Bordo, a senior majoring in international studies and French, is most excited about the double feature of Albert Lamorisseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s classics, The Red Balloon, about a boy who befriends a balloon, and White Mane, about a herd of wild horses. Bordo remembers watching The Red Balloon in school when she was younger. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I had seen it a long time ago ... but it is good to be able to sit down with my family now and watch the film without worrying about the content,â&#x20AC;? Bordo said. By including the double feature, Flinn hopes that people who watched the ďŹ lm when they were young (the ďŹ lm is more than 50 years old) will bring their children to watch it now so a whole new generation can discover the ďŹ lm. Each year, professors, graduate and undergraduate students working on the festival choose the ďŹ lms off a list provided by the French Ministry of Culture and Foreign Affairs based on what they believe will draw more people to the festival. But they also have to take into consideration where the festival will be held each year to hold its increasing numbers and diverse viewers. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Boardmanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Art Theatre is perfect in the sense that it is neutral, it is a community theater, but it is also known as the Art Theatre, so people are not surprised to see foreign ďŹ lms there,â&#x20AC;? Evrard said. Flinn also pointed out that unless you live in a major metropolitan area, it is very hard or close to impossible to view any of these ďŹ lms on DVD,

Still from the 1956 ďŹ lm The Red Ballon

let alone the big screen. She said that Boardmanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s allows the viewers to have the most â&#x20AC;&#x153;normalâ&#x20AC;? or theatrical viewing experience versus watching a DVD in a classroom. As a teacher, Evrard believes in the importance of people watching foreign ďŹ lms to learn about other cultures and to diversify their exposure to the arts, cultural expressions and views on the world. In order to help students process what they have viewed at the festival, a panel discussion will be held Nov. 3 at noon by the Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities, titled â&#x20AC;&#x153;Her Name Is Sabine: Documentary Filmmaking and the Ethics of Institutionsâ&#x20AC;? at the Humanities Lecture Hall. The festival will allow Champaign-Urbana citizens a new cinema experience with the opportunity to gain a cultural knowledge of France along the way. Viewers should not worry about the language barrier because each ďŹ lm has subtitles or has been dubbed in English, and each ďŹ lm is relatable, said Bordo. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Were just trying to get people to hear the French language and be exposed to the culture,â&#x20AC;? Bordo said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Also, the ďŹ lms carry universal themes like love, and who doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t enjoy a good love story?â&#x20AC;?

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3AVOY%XP./6 "5::

OCT 30 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; NOV 05 08

Hidden Gem Frida by Syd Slobodnik Julie Taymorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s remarkably short career as a ďŹ lm director clearly reďŹ&#x201A;ects her theatrical ďŹ&#x201A;amboyance and expressive visual creativity (Tony winner for Lion King), and this is no more evident in her noteworthy cinematic gem from 2002, Frida, the biography of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. Coproduced by and starring Salma Hayek, this fascinating ďŹ lm explores the loves and inspirations of one of Mexicoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most innovative painters, who delved into surrealism as well as realistic depictions of self-expression and pain. From Kahloâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s early illnesses and physical handicaps, Hayek, a stunning look-alike, wonderfully portrays an individualistthinking woman who does everything in her life

with passion and conviction. Equally brilliant is Alfred Molina who costars as Diego Rivera, Fridaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s loving but unfaithful husband, the controversial muralist and socialist. Taymor sprinkles the ďŹ lmâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s narrative with inspired visual tricks, including some animated sequences that depict Fridaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s creative outbursts and pains; colors (blues, yellows and reds, especially) burst on the screen, mimicking the visual aspects of Kahloâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s famous art. The ďŹ lm, which also features terriďŹ c costarring performances by Edward Norton as Nelson Rockefeller and Geoffrey Rush as Leon Trotsky, gave Taymor the access to make the equally expressive Across the Universe. come and get it

buzz movies & tv 11


Got Zac?

Game Over

HSM3 returns with singing and dancing but not better acting

Not only is Saw V unoriginal, it’s also un-gory!

by Jenna Hicks

by Andy Herren


“I want to play a game.” These chilling words struck with fervor during the original Saw. An uncompromising and ultimately shocking little thriller (with its whiz-bang ending that nobody, no matter what they may say, saw coming), Saw seemed groundbreaking for horror. Its fresh premise (that those who take life for granted are forced to either change their immoral ways or die in elaborate traps set by crazed serial killer Jigsaw) and low-budget style proved to be the recipe for roaring success at the box office as Saw grossed more than $50 million dollars in ticket sales when it only cost a little more than $1 million to make. Saw II, Saw III and Saw IV followed suit year after year, hitting theaters just in time for Halloween and making just as much money, if not more, than the first entry in the series. As would be expected, the novelty and originality of Saw are nearly completely absent from the latest entry, Saw V. Saw V is not as scary, not as gory, not as original and not as coherent as previous films in the series. Even if one has seen all four Saw movies, Saw V is still extremely hard to follow. Flashbacks interchange with present storylines to give viewers a muddled,

mundane and confusing plot. People do not go see the Saw films for the plot, though. They go for the kills. Sorry to disappoint, but the kills in Saw V seem outdated and boring, ultimately presenting a case of been there, done that which just echoes older films in the series rather than furthering the creativity of the gore that the franchise is famous for presenting. Saw V signals the creative death of an already fading series. Sorry, Jigsaw, but it’s about time for this game to end.

Used with permission from Lionsgate

make it an even more difficult decision for him, Disney throws in the fact that the basketball scholarship is from his dad’s alma mater, so most of the film follows Troy and the other characters’ angst about their futures. The plot leaves something to be desired, but the choreography and overall production value of the film is incredible.

Used with permission from Disney

Are you in the mood for cheesy musical dance sequences that start randomly? Do you feel like watching six teenage stars who are not only younger than you but have much more money than you perform those dance sequences? Do you want to see shot after shot of Zac Efron? If you answered yes to any of those questions or are between the ages of 8 and 15, then High School Musical 3: Senior Year is the film for you. The third installment of the successful series and the first to be released in theaters once again follows Troy, Gabriella, Ryan, Sharpay, Chad and Taylor in their quest to perform the perfect musical. The main conflict of the film stems from the fact that Troy (Efron) and Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) may have to break up as they are both planning to go to different colleges. Meanwhile, Troy, Ryan, Sharpay and the composer of the music for the musical, Kelsey, are all in the running for a scholarship to Juilliard, which causes Troy to rethink his future. Does he want to go to school on a basketball scholarship or performance scholarship? To

Friday Juicebox : : 5–7pm : : $3 Glass Pours! Saturday Tasting : : 2–6 pm : : $5 Election Wines! Boo or Yay! Sunday Beer Tasting : : 2–5 pm : : $3 It’s cold, let’s have some warm beer!

Corkscrew Wine Emporium

203 N Vine St, Urbana • 217.337.7704 Mon-Sat: 11–8 Sun: 12–5

The Daily Illini will be your source for live and local election night news. - Listen to WPGU livestream on from 7pm-11pm - Get expert analysis from professors and other guests - Call in with questions and comments

- Live reports from local campaign headquarters - Live up-to-the-minute results on local and national elections - Watch the WPGU studio window for a map of how the presidential race is shaping up state-by-state

OCT 30 – NOV 05 08

front & center

Scratch tc tch and

DJ Mertz Brian Mertz aka DJ Mertz has been interested in spinning since New Year’s Eve 1998/1999. Spending the holiday in London, he attended a party with thousands of other people present, welcoming 1999 with electronic music that raised the energy like Mertz had never seen. Inspired by that event, he started playing electronic and hip-hop, inviting DJs to come and spin on a university radio station during his undergraduate studies at Illinois Wesleyan. Upon arriving to the U of I for law school a little later, he invested in turntables and made a name for himself in the CU community of spinners alike. He’s been at it now for about six years. Hailed by other local DJs (DJ Belly made a point to mention Mertz often when buzz had the opportunity to talk to him), Mertz mixes a lot of different genres in ways you cannot deny the impressiveness of. Catch this local marvel on Saturday nights at Boltini Lounge in downtown Champaign.

by Tricia Scully and Morgan Bonges Behind emcees, club and bar dancing, and (the best) house parties in town stand individuals of a very different breed. These individuals have the ability to seamlessly tie together an entire evening of entertainment for you, and they are more than justified in bearing a title that many with a burnt CD of pop-songs-turned-techno offensively try to claim: the DJs of CU. Equipped with turntables, vinyl, CDs, TV monitors, huge but ever-so-stylish headphones and a difficult and venue-specific musical strategy, these DJs raid the town almost every night of the week at various locations for your own head-bobbing/booty-shaking pleasure. As the bands begin to hibernate for the winter, these DJs will make certain to fill the voids of silence and assert their hobby as a dynamic and adaptable art.


DJ Belly Kevin Miller aka DJ Belly got his name from his little brother and friends around two years ago at the beginning of his DJ career. They started calling Miller DJ Belly and putting the name on fliers for parties and shows without telling him. Needless to say, the name is quite catchy and stuck with him since. Miller has opened for big name acts such as Lupe Fiasco and the Ying Yang Twins, and he also backs local emcees Krukid, Cornbread, Agent Mos and Jonah from time to time. You can currently catch DJ Belly spinning on Thursday nights at Boltini Lounge, but look out for him in November because he’s working on putting together a dubstep show (one of his favorite types of music to spin) — an extremely textured genre of music that’s chill enough to sit back and enjoy but upbeat enough to get up and dance to if that’s what you’re into.

buzz file photo

buzz file photo

buzz file photo

DJ Delayney Douglas Layne aka DJ Delayney has been a big part of the local spinning scene for around seven years now. With as much ambitious commercial endeavor and talent that he has, the story of how DJ Delayney learned the ropes of his turntables is probably the most interesting thing about his career: He learned it all over the phone. DJ Delayney’s cousin DJ Rasta Root spun in Atlanta and gave him pointers from more than 700 miles away, equipping him with the tools to become one of the biggest driving forces in the club scene here in Champaign through simple telephone wires. DJ Delayney also started a music entertainment company (that is very involved with the U of I campus) called Power n Soul Pro. with co-CEO Reginald Jones. The two formed Power n Soul by merging their respective companies Collective Soul Promotions and Powerhouse Promotions in 2002 after working together on various graduation parties. Currently, you can catch DJ Delayney at Radio Maria on Friday nights to dance to telephone-induced talents.

Larry Gates, 35, also known as DJ LEGTWO, an acronym for Larry E. Gates II, approaches DJing as an art form. Gates refers to himself as a “purist,” preferring his imagination and ears over beat machines. “Nowadays, people can show up with their laptop and rock the whole set, which is convenient ... but for me, for now, it’s all about exploring the art of turntablism,” Gates said. Gates DJs at Boltini Lounge in Downtown Champaign every Wednesday beginning at 9 p.m. He begins the night with old funk and soul such as James Brown and Curtis Mayfield, and by 11 p.m., he has traveled to the underground world of hip-hop. “Every now and then, I’ll break out some classics if it’s Dre or Biggie or something like that, but what I try to focus on is stuff that I’m passionate about in the underground like Black Delicious or Saint Francis,” Gates said. Boltini allows Gates the freedom to play what he wants instead of what he refers to as “God-awful ringtone hits,” which allows him to educate people on new music, a job aspect Gates believes is important for DJs.

Photo by Anne-Marie Cheely

DJ Mingram Mike Ingram takes people back to a time when they moonwalked with Michael instead of cranking it with Soulja Boy and shook their backsides to Sir Mix-a-Lot instead of Fergie. Mike Ingram, 26, began DJing in high school and played what he thought of as “terrible ’90s dance music.” It was a short-lived hobby until three years ago when he resumed DJing. Now, every Wednesday starting at 10 p.m., he returns to his roots and DJs “I love the ’90s” night at Soma. Fortunately, he has a new outlook on ’90s music, calling it “terribly good stuff to play.” Ingram also DJs ’80s night every Monday at Highdive, where ’80s music videos are played in sync with the music, and people are encouraged to come dressed in the decade’s finest. “It’s pretty funny, especially when you do the older stuff because if the song is really popular, in the first five seconds, you hear the crowd go, ‘Ooohhhhh,’ and that’s kind of fun because you get that recognition thing with old stuff that people haven’t heard in a long time,” Ingram said. When not playing themed nights, Ingram still prefers older hip-hop and R&B to the current music that, he thinks, is overplayed elsewhere.

Photo by Anne-Marie Cheely

OCT 30 – NOV 05 08

come and get it

OCT 30 – NOV 05 08


Complete listing available at


Submit your event to the calendar:


Online: forms available at • E-mail: send your notice to • Fax: 337-8328, addressed to the217 calendar Snail mail: send printed materials via U.S. Mail to: the217 calendar, Illini Media, 512 E. Green St., Champaign, IL 61820 • Call: 531-1456 if you have a question or to leave a message about your event.


THUR, OCT 30 live music Latin Jazz Combo — U of I Combo Iron Post, U, 7pm Emerald Rum The Embassy Tavern & Grill, U, 7:30pm Big Naturals Rosebowl Tavern, Ltd., U, 9pm Andy Moreillon Memphis on Main, C, 9pm Judy Powder, XXX Smutt, & Lineage Memphis on Main, C, 9pm, $5 Zorbas Jazz Zorba’s, C, 9:30pm, $3

Guarneri String Quartet Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, U, 7:30pm, $34, $29 seniors, $25 students, $20 UI and youth Master w/ Estuary, Seven Year Existence, and Gritheryn Canopy Club, U, 8pm, $7

karaoke Karaoke and DJ Tumble Inn Tavern, C, 8:30pm Karaoke Senator’s Bar & Grill, Savoy, 9pm


IPRH Film Series — Ed dj Wood Disco Thursdays Krannert Art Museum Fallon’s Ice House Tavern, and Kinkead Pavilion, C, C, 6pm 5:30pm DJ Halfdead Scary Movie Night Radmaker’s Rock & Roll — Corpse Bride Tavern, Tolono, 8pm Virginia Theatre, C, 7pm, Free Swing Dance $5 McKinley Presbyterian Featuring a costume conChurch and Foundation, test with prizes for the C, 9:30pm best three costumes. DJ Legtwo Silver Bullet Cowboy Monkey, C, 10pm Virginia Theatre, C, DJ Bob Bass 9:15pm, $5 Soma Ultralounge, C, stage 10pm Hamlet DJ Belly Krannert Center for Boltini Lounge, C, the Performing Arts, U, 10:30pm 7:30pm, $15, $14 seniors dance music and students, $9 UI and youth Country DJ and Line Anon(ymous) Dancing Lessons Krannert Center for Radmaker’s Rock & Roll the Performing Arts, U, Tavern, Tolono, 8pm 7:30pm, $15, $14 seniors Friday Salsa Cafe and students, $9 UI and Bar Guiliani, youth C, 9pm

Parkland Theatre presents: The 18th Annual Student Production The Murder Room Parkland College Theatre, C, 8pm, $8

kids & families

Negangard Pumpkin Patch Negangard Pumpkin Patch, Sidney, 9am The Halls of Madness Halls of Madness Haunted House, Paris, 7pm, $5-$10

Discovery Room Savoy Recreational Center, Savoy, $2/Residents and Members, $3/NR (per visit, per child) Ages crawling-7. Nature Walk Series Champaign Public Library, C, 9:45am, 10:45am Baby Time Douglass Branch Library, C, 10:30am ARTfusion Douglass Branch Library, C, 4pm



Artisans 10-Plus Show Pages for All Ages, Savoy

UC Books to Prisoners work session Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center, U, 2pm Sun Singer Wine 5th Anniversary Benefit Wine Tasting I-Hotel & Conference Center, C, 5pm, $20 To benefit the Carle Foundation’s new Heart Center.


lectures Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism in Latin America Illini Union Bookstore, C, 12pm Facts, Counter Facts, and the Ending of the Pacific War International Studies Building, C, 4pm Gallery Conversation Krannert Art Museum and Kinkead Pavilion, C, 5:30pm Prelude: Guarneri String Quartet Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, U, 6:30pm Discovering Everyday Opportunities to Build Children’s Health with Barbara H. Fiese, Ph.D. Spurlock Museum, U, 7pm

wpgu Halloween Eve Party @ Kam’s Kam’s, C, 11pm


Japan House Tours Japan House, U, 1pm The Bike Project Open Shop Hours Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center, U, 6pm Check out the tools and government work stands you can use to fix your own bike and PACE Political Forum Sunnycrest Mall, U, 4pm tour their massive collecNaomi Jakobsson and Frank tion of parts, spares and used bikes. Calabrese are attending.

The Haunted Dungeon The Aquarium, Rantoul, 7pm, $7 Nigeria Coffee Hour Cosmopolitan Club at the University of Illinois, C, 7:30pm Coffee, tea, and homemade ethnic desserts are served. Show Time at the Union Courtyard Cafe — Illini Union, U, 9pm, $3 students / $5 general public

FRI, OCT 31 live music Happy Hour and Live Music Silvercreek, U, 5pm Boneyard Jazz Quintet Iron Post, U, 5pm Prairie Dogs The Embassy Tavern & Grill, U, 5:30pm Canopy Club’s Halloween Bash feat. Cornmeal and Family Groove Company w/ Zmick and Jobu Canopy Club, U, 7pm, $8 in advance Prairie Dogs Huber’s West End Store, C, 8pm Deak Harp The Embassy Tavern & Grill, U, 9pm Halloween Party w/ Feudin’ Hillbillys Radmaker’s Rock & Roll Tavern, Tolono, 9pm Halloween Party W/ E.S.P. Memphis on Main, C, 9pm, $5 Dyke & Chrissy Corson Trio Rosebowl Tavern, Ltd., U, 9pm Halloween Party Cowboy Monkey, C, 9pm, $5

Living Blue Halloween Radio Maria, C, 9pm, $15 Halloween Party The Embassy Tavern & Grill, U, 9pm, $5 Halloween Bash with Ghost Iron Post, U, 9pm The Brat Pack Highdive, C, 9:30pm The Show Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center, U, 10pm Ian Procell, DJ ReFlex, D.O.M. Boltini Lounge, C, 10pm Kilborn Alley The Embassy Tavern & Grill, U, 11pm, $5

dj DJ and Dancing Joe’s Brewery, C, 8:30pm, $5 Country Dancing at Bradley’s II Bradley’s II, C, 9pm, $5 DJ Delayney Radio Maria, C, 10pm DJ and Dancing Highdive, C, 10pm, $5 No cover before 11pm with student ID. DJ Tim Williams Soma Ultralounge, C, 10pm, $5

concert Champaign-Urbana Symphony Orchestra: Halloween: Fright Night! Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, U, 7:30pm, $31, $28 seniors, $5 students and youth Third Day with special guests Needtobreathe and Revive Assembly Hall, C, 7:30pm, $21-$31

Halloween Eve at Kam’s KAM’S, OCT. 30

Avoid the horrifyingly long lines at the bars on Halloween by celebrating with WPGU a day early at Kam’s. The fun kicks off at 11 p.m. and continues until 1 a.m. Don’t forget to wear your costume. If yours is deemed the best, you’ll take home a $300 gift certificate to the Apple Store. Second place wins an iPod Nano.

stage Hamlet Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, U, 7:30pm, $15, $14 seniors and students, $9 UI and youth Anon(ymous) Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, U, 7:30pm, $15, $14 seniors and students, $9 UI and youth Parkland Theatre presents: The 18th Annual Student Production The Murder Room Parkland College Theatre, C, 8pm, $8 IUB Fall Musical Production — Jekyll & Hyde Foellinger Auditorium, U, 7pm, $13


4th Annual French Film Festival Boardman’s Art Theater, C, $9 ($7.50 students)

Halloween Happy Hour @ Seven Saints Seven Saints, C, 5pm Illini Hockey Ice Arena, C, 7:30pm, $8 ($6 students) WPGU Halloween Parties all over town: Soma Ultralounge Soma Ultralounge, C, 11pm WPGU Halloween Parties all over town: Chester Street Chester Street, C, 11pm WPGU Halloween Parties all over town: Firehaus Firehaus, C, 11pm



Negangard Pumpkin Patch Negangard Pumpkin Patch, Sidney, 9am The Halls of Madness Halls of Madness Haunted House, Paris, 7pm, $5-$10

The Haunted Dungeon The Aquarium, Rantoul, 7pm, $7 Bike Tune Up—Cheap repairs The Quad, U, 10am


lectures Friday Forum: Markets, Market Failures and the Election University YMCA, C, 12pm

kids & families Discovery Room Savoy Recreational Center, Savoy, $2/Residents and Members, $3/NR Ages crawling-7. OCT 30 – NOV 05 08

Tales for Twos Douglass Branch Library, C, 10:30am Chocoholics Only Douglass Branch Library, C, 4pm Enjoy chocolate games, chocolate trivia and prizes.

food & Drink Ford’s Official Pre-Halloween Party Joe’s Brewery, C, 3pm Ultimate Happy Hour Radio Maria, C, 4:30pm

SAT, NOV 1 live music New Orleans Jazz Machine The Embassy Tavern & Grill, U, 5:30pm come and get it

buzz calendar 15 Maria & Company Pages for All Ages, Savoy, 7pm James Bean The Embassy Tavern & Grill, U, 9pm Pearl Handle Band Rosebowl Tavern, Ltd., U, 9pm Santa w/ Butterfly Assassins, Pomegranates, John Hardy and the Public, The Names that Spell Canopy Club, U, 9pm, $7 Snowsera Cowboy Monkey, C, 10pm, $5

dj DJ and Dancing Joe’s Brewery, C, 8:30pm, $5 DJ Tim Williams Highdive, C, 10pm, $5 (students free before 10:30pm) DJ Mertz Boltini Lounge, C, 10pm Kosmo at Soma Soma Ultralounge, C, 10pm Saturday is Distinto y Diferente Great Impasta, C, 11pm, $3 a person or $5 a couple

dance music Radio Salsa Radio Maria, C, 10pm, $3 Salsa, Merengue, Bachata music & dancing w/ DJ Bris.

karaoke Karaoke Senator’s Bar & Grill, Savoy, 9pm Liquid Courage Karaoke Geo’s, U, 9pm

stage Hamlet Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, U, 7:30pm, $15, $14 seniors and students, $9 UI and youth Anon(ymous) Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, U, 7:30pm, $15, $14 seniors and students, $9 UI and youth Parkland Theatre presents: The 18th Annual Student Production The Murder Room Parkland College Theatre, C, 8pm, $8 IUB Fall Musical Production — Jekyll & Hyde Foellinger Auditorium, U, 7pm, $13 Bhangra: Indian Folk Dance Champaign Public Library, C, 2pm House Arrest II Lincoln Hall, U, 7pm

festivals 4th Annual French Film Festival Boardman’s Art Theater, C, $9 ($7.50 students)



The Halls of Madness Halls of Madness Haunted House, Paris, 7pm, $5-$10

4th Annual French Film Festival Boardman’s Art Theater, C, $9 ($7.50 students)



Artisans 10-Plus Show Pages for All Ages, Savoy

kids & families Discovery Room Savoy Recreational Center, Savoy, $2/Residents and Members, $3/NR Ages crawling-7. Champaign County Audubon Society Annual Field Trips Anita Purves Nature Center, U, 10am

wpgu Illini Hockey Ice Arena, C, 7:30pm, $8 ($6 students) McKinley pre-football game Party McKinley Presbyterian Church and Foundation, C, 11:30am WPGU Day of the Dead Party @ Fiesta Cafe Fiesta Cafe, C, 10pm Halloween Party Highdive, C, 11pm

miscellaneous The Bike Project Open Shop Hours Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center, U, 2pm Check out the tools and work stands you can use to fix your own bike and tour their massive collection of parts, spares and used bikes. Ballroom Dancing competition Illini Union, U, 9am, $5 for non-students, $3 for UIUC students

SUN, NOV 2 live music

FingaLickin The Embassy Tavern & Grill, U, 8pm Monday Night Miracle with Zmick Canopy Club, U, 9pm

The Piano Man Canopy Club, U, 9pm

Babies’ Lap Time Urbana Free Library, U, 10:30am dance music Goodnight Storyshop David Phy Presents Salsa Champaign Public Library, Latin Jazz @ the Iron Post C, 6:30pm Iron Post, U, 7:30pm

Liquid Courage Karaoke Geovanti’s, C, 10pm

open mic

Amateur Comedy Night Memphis on Main, C, festivals lgbt Artisans 10-Plus Show 8:30pm karaoke Pages for All Ages, Savoy 4th Annual French Film Rainbow Coffeehouse Original material only. Festival Liquid Courage Karaoke Wesley-United Methodist Open-Mic Night lgbt Boardman’s Art Theater, Geo’s, U, 9pm Church & Wesley Founda- Radio Maria, C, Mpowerment C, $9 ($7.50 students) Karaoke with Randy tion, U, 6:30pm 10:30pm Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Miller The LGTBQA Caucus of art exhibit Transgender Resources, Bentley’s Pub, C, 9:30pm the GEO offers the oppor- stage U, 4pm My Name is Art: The Life tunity to learn more about Anon(ymous) Mpowerment is a comand Work of Art Chantry open mic the LGTBQ representation Krannert Center for munity group for young Parkland Art Gallery, C, Original Music Showcase in the Graduate Employthe Performing Arts, U, gay/bisexual men. 12am Espresso Royale, U, 8pm ees’ Organization. 7:30pm, $15, $14 seniors Open Mic Night and students, $9 UI and fundraisers lectures Memphis on Main, C, WED, NOV 5 youth UC Books to Prisoners Lunch and Learn: Obama 8pm The 2008 Tour Of Gymlive music work session and McCain: Where do Open Mic Night nastics Superstars Urbana-Champaign InThey Stand on LGBT Cowboy Monkey, C, 10pm Donnie Heitler Assembly Hall, C, 7pm, dependent Media Center, Issues? Great Impasta, C, 6pm $29.50-$79.50 festivals U, 12pm Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Traditional Irish Music festivals Rattlesnake Master “Run and Transgender Resourc- 4th Annual French Film Session for the Prairie” es, U, 12pm Festival Bentley’s Pub, C, 7pm 4th Annual French Film Meadowbrook Park, U, 9am Paul Tiyambe Zeleza— Boardman’s Art Theater, Rocket Science At Festival To benefit Grand Prairie Immigration: History and C, $9 ($7.50 students) Senator’s Inn Pub Boardman’s Art Theater, Friends, a nonprofit group Policy Senator’s Bar & Grill, SaC, $9 ($7.50 students) committed to conserving Spurlock Museum, U, 4pm art exhibit voy, 8pm art exhibit and restoring local natural My Name is Art: The Life Girl Talk with special kids & families and Work of Art Chantry guests The Death Set and My Name is Art: The Life areas. FriendShop Used Book CX KiDTRONIX Discovery Room Parkland Art Gallery, C, and Work of Art Chantry Store Open Canopy Club, U, 9pm, $15 Parkland Art Gallery, C, Savoy Recreational Cen12am Champaign Public Library, ter, Savoy, all day, $2/ ”Masque Appeal” 12am dj C, 1:30pm Residents and Members, — Masks & other works kids & families All sales benefit the library. $3/NR Country Dancing at by Gregory Slawko Bradley’s II Discovery Room Ages crawling-7. Heartland Gallery, U, miscellaneous Bradley’s II, C, 9pm, $5 Savoy Recreational CenRemarkable Rodents! 10am The Bike Project Open DJ Bob Bass ter, Savoy, all day, $2/ Lake of the Woods Forest art Shop Hours Highdive, C, 8pm, $3/$5 Residents and Members, Preserve, Mahomet, all Urbana-Champaign InArtisans 10-Plus Show after 10 pm. $3/NR day, $5 dependent Media Center, O Baby! Pages for All Ages, Savoy, DJ Bris Ages crawling-7. U, 2pm Cowboy Monkey, C, 8pm Around the World Champaign Public Library, all day Check out the tools and DJ LEGTWO Wednesdays C, 9:45am, 10:30am kids & families Boltini Lounge, C, 9pm work stands you can use to Spurlock Museum, U, fix your own bike and tour Reggae Night @ Barfly 9:30am, $2 TUE, NOV 4 Discovery Room their massive collection of Barfly, C, 10pm Storyshop Savoy Recreational Cenparts, spares and used bikes. live music DJ Mingram Champaign Public Library, ter, Savoy, all day, $2/ Acoustic Tuesday with Residents and Members, Soma Ultralounge, C, 10pm C, 9:45am, 10:30am Duct Work MON, NOV 3 Jeremy Harper $3/NR karaoke Savoy Recreational CenMemphis on Main, C, Ages crawling-7. live music ter, Savoy, 5:30pm, $25 7:30pm Tuesday Twos Paul Faber Dragon for residents of Savoy; Jazz Jam Hosted by MRS Jeff Kerr and Billy Galt Champaign Public Library, Karaoke $32 for non-residents Trio The Embassy Tavern & C, 9:45am, 10:30am, The Embassy Tavern & Ages:5-12. Iron Post, U, 7pm Grill, U, 8m 11:15am Grill, U, 9pm

Babies’ Lap Time Moonlight Edition Urbana Free Library, U, 6:30pm

miscellaneous The Bike Project Open Shop Hours Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center, U, 6:30pm Check out the tools and work stands you can use to fix your own bike and tour their massive collection of parts, spares and used bikes.

support groups Among Women: A Lebian and Bisexual Women’s Support Group Asian American Cultural Center, U, 5pm We are an informal support group made up of lesbian, bisexual, queer and questioning women students at UIUC; a place to meet other women who share your concerns and to form or broaden your social support network. Coming Out Support Group Illini Union, U, 7pm Safe place to listen, talk and learn about sexual identity and coming out issues.

Emerald Rum Blind Pig Co., The, C, 5pm

Puck a Fumpkin with PGU.

concert UI Wind Symphony and UI Symphonic Band I Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, U, 7:30pm, $10, $7 seniors, $4 students

Happy Halloween!

stage Hamlet Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, U, 3pm, $15, $14 seniors and students, $9 UI and youth Parkland Theatre presents: The 18th Annual Student Production The Murder Room Parkland College Theatre, C, 3pm, $8 IUB Fall Musical Production — Jekyll & Hyde Foellinger Auditorium, U, 2pm, $13

Surfabilly Freakouts Halloween Hootenanny 9pm–11pm

Two hours of the best in Halloween music. Come down to the studios at 512 E. Green St. to party in style with the Surfabilly crew.

Das Rock!

The Warzone

European voices and the best in live rock getting you ready for the bars.

The biggest party on the radio for all of your Thursday night needs. The jukebox of your afterhours.



OCT 30 – NOV 05 08

This week

Kr annErT CEnTEr for ThE PErforming arTs

RomÉo et Juliette The sensual music of Charles gounod perfectly captures the powerful emotions of shakespeare’s timeless, tragic love story in this exquisite opera. gounod follows shakespeare’s plot closely, depicting the warring montague and Capulet families and the forbidden love of their children. four stunning love duets by the star-crossed couple culminate in a final, passionate outpouring as Juliette awakens from her death-like sleep only to see the dying roméo. The consummate shakespearean director henson Keys teams up with maestro Eduardo Diazmuñoz for the third time in what promises to be an outstanding and unforgettable production.

th oct 30

thaNk you to the FolloWiNg SpoNSoRS:


Krannert Uncorked // marqUEE

guarneri String Quartet


Prelude: guarneri string quartet // marqUEE

avis and Dean hilfinger


guarneri string quartet // marqUEE

melanie loots and george gollin


Hamlet // DEParTmEnT of ThEaTrE

lois and Ernest gullerud


Anon(ymous) // DEParTmEnT of ThEaTrE

antje and Edward Kolodziej Jean and howard osborn

FR oct 31

gay and Donald roberts


Champaign-Urbana symphony orchestra: Halloween: Fright Night! // CUso



Hamlet // DEParTmEnT of ThEaTrE

anthony Brown’s asian american orchestra


Anon(ymous) // DEParTmEnT of ThEaTrE


Sa Nov 1


Taste of the arts // KCsa


Ui Varsity men’s glee Club // sChool of mUsiC


Hamlet // DEParTmEnT of ThEaTrE


Anon(ymous) // DEParTmEnT of ThEaTrE Su Nov 2

Th-sa nov 13-15 at 7:30pm; su nov 16 at 3pm


Dessert and Conversation: Hamlet // DEParTmEnT of ThEaTrE

Tryon festival Theatre


Ui Philharmonia and Pacifica quartet // sChool of mUsiC


Hamlet // DEParTmEnT of ThEaTrE


Ui Wind symphony and Ui symphonic Band i

This presentation is supported by the Performing Arts Fund, a program of Arts Midwest funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, which believes that a great nation deserves great art, with additional contributions from Illinois Arts Council, General Mills Foundation, and Land O’Lakes Foundation.

// sChool of mUsiC

We Nov 5


Ui Trombone Choir // sChool of mUsiC


Anon(ymous) // DEParTmEnT of ThEaTrE

global transfer afterglow: yang ying Band

th Nov 6


Krannert Uncorked: innovators improv // marqUEE


Concert Prep: anthony Brown’s asian american orchestra // marqUEE


anthony Brown’s asian american orchestra // marqUEE


Anon(ymous) // DEParTmEnT of ThEaTrE


global Transfer afterglow: Yang Ying Band // marqUEE C A L L 3 3 3 . 6 2 8 0 s 1. 8 0 0 . K C P A T I X

Corporate Power Train Team Engine:

Marquee performances are supported in part by the Illinois Arts Council—a state agency that recognizes Krannert Center in its Partners in Excellence Program.

OCT 30 – NOV 05 08

40 North and Krannert Center—working together to put Champaign County’s culture on the map.

come and get it


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020 APARTMENTS Furnished

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Guitar and Amp! *ESP (LTD) Electric guitar, black cherry strat shaped with upside down headstock. Double humbucker, Dunken pickups, Floyd Rose locking tremelo with whammy bar. *Crate 120 watt, 2x12 amp. Excellent amp. Excellent clean and distortion sounds. With chorus, echo, reverb, and flanter. Both in excellent condition. Never played live. $450/both or best offer. 217586-1517 for more info.




BEST VALUE CAMPUS 1 BR. loft from $480. 1 BR. $395 2 BR. $580 3 BR. $750 4 BR. $855 Campus. 367-6626. August 2009




1005 S. Second, C.

111 E. Chalmers, C.

Fall 2009 Studio and 4 Bedrooms Secured building. Private parking, Laundry on-site. Value pricing from $375. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

August 2009 Studio and 1 and 4 bedrooms. Furniture, skylights, offstreet parking, laundry. Value pricing. Office at 309 S. First. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

1006 S. 3rd, C. Fall 2009 1, 2, 3 bedrooms. Location, Location. Covered parking, laundry, furnished, patios. Value pricing. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

209-211 E. Clark 2 BR Available Now



105 E. John, C Available Fall 2009. 1 & 2 bedroom furnished, great location. Phone 352-3182. Office at 309 S. First, Champaign. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP BEST OFFER CAMPUS 1 BR Loft 2 BR 3 BR 4 BR Campus. 367-6626 For August 2009


Many Utilities Included! Great units near the POOL at: •903 S. First St. •33 E. Chalmers St. •56/58 E. Daniel St. Come between classes! No appointment necessary

Roland Realty- 217-328-1226

Available Immediately 505 S. Busey

2 BR Apt. $595/mo. Ideal campups location, quiet Urbana neighborhood rent includes trash + ethernet off-street parking available furnished apartment Wampler Property Management 905 S. Neil Street, Suite C Champaign, IL 61820 217-352-1335

420 APARTMENTS Furnished


Old Town Champaign 510 S. Elm, C Available Fall 2009. 2 BR close to campus, hardwood floors, laundry, W/D, central air/heat, off-street parking, 24 hr. maintenance. Value pricing from $595/mo. 841-1996. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182



HEALEY COURT APARTMENTS 307-309 Healey Court, C Fall 2009. Behind FU Bar. 2 bedrooms. Parking, laundry, and value pricing. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

503-505-508 E. White, C Fall 2009. 2 and 3 bedrooms. Furnished with internet. Parking and laundry available, value pricing. Onsite resident manager. Call Justin 359-7297. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182




Furnished 207/211 John C. 506 E. Stoughton, C.

For August 2009. Extra large efficiency apartments. Security building entry, complete furniture, laundry, off-street parking, value pricing. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

John Street Apartments 58 E. John, C August 2009. Studio, two and three bedrooms, fully furnished. Dishwashers, center courtyard, on-site laundry, central air, parking, and value pricing. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

2, 3,4 BR. Great Location, on-site laundry, parking. 3 BR with 2.5 bath/ spa with own washer/dryer. 4 BR with leather furniture plus Flat screen TV. Value Pricing from 420/ person. 309 S. First C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

Great Value 306-308-309 White, C August 2009. Furnished studios, 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms. Balconies, patios, laundry, dishwashers, off-street parking. Value pricing. 841-1996 9 Month Leases Available THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

18  classifieds  buzz


420 APARTMENTS Furnished

420 APARTMENTS Furnished


106 Daniel, C.

604 E. White, C.

605 S. Fifth, C.

For August 2009. 1, 2, 4 bedroom apartments and townhouses. Parking, laundry, value pricing. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

Security Entrance For Fall 2009, Large studio, 1, 2 bedroom, Loft Apartment. Furnished, balconies, patios, laundry, off-street parking, value pricing. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

Fall 2009 5th and Green location Outdoor activity area. 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms available. Garage offstreet parking, laundry, and value pricing. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

104 E. Armory, C. Fall 2009. Location!! 4 bedroom, 2 bath. Covered Parking. Laundry, value pricing from $375/person. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

411 HEALEY, C. Best Location - Fall 2009 Spacious 3 and 4 bedroom apts. Fully furnished, dishwasher, laundry, and value pricing. Covered parking. Phone 352-3182. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP

509 Stoughton, C Fall 2009 Near Grainger, spacious studios and 2 bedrooms, laundry, value pricing, parking. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

203 S. Sixth, C. For August 2009. Large 4 bedrooms, 2 bath. Balconies, laundry, covered parking. Value pricing. Office at 309 S. First, Ch. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

509 Bash Court, C. Fall 2009 Great 3 and 5 bedrooms, near 6th and Green. Fully furnished, dishwashers, laundry, and value pricing. Off-street parking. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

509 E. White, C. August 2009. Large Studio and 1 bedrooms. Security entry, balconies, patios, furnished. Laundry, offstreet parking, value pricing. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 217-352-3182

705 W. Stoughton, U NOW and Fall 2009 3 bedroom apartment. Spacious living area. Communal balcony & great backyard. Plus a bar area in kitchen, dishwaser, washer/ dryer in each unit, value pricing from $250/person. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

1107 S. 4TH, C. For August 2009. 5 bedroom lofts. Best location. Completely furnished. Laundry, parking garage, elevator, flat screen tv. $1750/mo. Phone 3523182. Office at 309 S. First, Ch. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP

602 E. Stoughton, C 307 & 310 E. WHITE, C 307 & 309 CLARK, C Jan. & Fall 2009 Large studio, double closet, well furnished. Starting from $350/mo. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

Fall 2009. Unique 1 & 2 bedroom apartments. All furnished, laundry, internet, value pricing and parking available. Must see! THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

510 E. Green Secured building Large 2 BR Washer and Dryer Sunroom or Sleep-over Room Balcony, Free Parking Call Cindy 841-3028 $1300/mo


Round Barn Apartments Spacious 1BR ($450+) & 2BR ($550+), A/C, laundry, free parking, near shopping, on busline. Some with brand new kitchens appliances! Call Paul at 637-4104 or 344-1306

Sunnycrest Apartments Spacious 1BR, A/C, laundry, free parking. On busline, near the new Meijer in Urbana. Available NOW. Starting at $410. Call Paul at 637-4104 or 344-1306



Guitar and Bass lessons available. Call CV Lloyde Music Center. 3527031


ADS! 20 Words, 5 Days


Best Selection in Town - over 1000 apts. 211 W. Springfield, Champaign 217-352-1129


10 Words, 5 Days


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Lions and Tigers and Dads, Oh My? Some easy costumes that are dad-approved


very year, the inevitable question arises: “What are you going to be for Halloween?” It sneaks up slowly. You hear whispers of it around August, and as the months pass by and summer turns to fall, those whispers morph into constant jabber. It seems every time I find myself in an awkward situation, my go-to conversation topic has become the inevitable Halloween fluff. The question sounds simple enough, but when you consider the pressure that comes along with your costume choice, I would hardly say it is an easy decision. Everyone wants a clever costume, one that people will appreciate and remember. Making people laugh at your hilarity doesn’t hurt either. As if this wasn’t enough, now the students of the University must contend with an additional component to the Halloween mix — DADS. This year marks the convergence of the Day of the Dead and the Weekend of the Dads. Simply put, girls tend to dress a bit more scandalous than usual on this holiday. I’m sure this does not come as news to any of you. I trace my recognition of this costume norm to the movie Mean Girls. Laugh if you wish, but after seeing that movie, my concept of Halloween changed from one of trick-or-treating and ’80s costumes to crazy parties and lingerie get-ups. I vote we transition

back to the days of covering up and creativity! I’m sure that many of you already have your costumes ready to go for tomorrow’s festivities, but for all of the procrastinators out there, I want to offer some easy costume ideas that I think are both fun and father-friendly. Ü Sunless tanner gone wrong: All you need for this costume is some orange body paint. We’ve all seen girls who have gone a little overboard trying to be tan. By covering your visible skin in orange body paint, you can poke fun at this American phenomenon and have a cheap costume. There is an added bonus: If you have any leftover paint, you can cover yourself again for the Illinois v. Iowa football game on Saturday. It’s a win-win! Ü Put a bandana on your head, wear Under Armour clothing and act like a crazy person. Who are you? A member of the MTV Real World/Road Rules Challenge cast. Ü A college senior: Wear a business suit, and walk around with a look of fear and anxiety. You might want to carry around a resume with a heading of “Please hire me. I’ll work for next to nothing ... wait, if things keep up in the economy, I might actually work for nothing. Another unpaid internship? Sure, why not. Just hire me!” I really wish I were kidding ...

Random Shit Box:

Illustration by Kate Lamy

by Bridget Luehrsen

Ü Now it’s time for my favorite: Dress up as Dad! It only seems appropriate, considering campus will be swarming with dads this weekend. For this costume, just dust some baby powder in your hair, slap on a mustache, put a bit of padding under a polo shirt and viola! You and Dad will be nearly indistinguishable. When else will dressing up as a dad be so fitting? I say take advantage of this opportunity! So there you go. I hope I have simplified your last-minute costume dilemmas. I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with; be creative — after all, this is one of the most important holidays in a college student’s life. You have the opportunity to take some great pictures for Facebook, so do not mess it up.

What does the “i” in iPod stand for?






iPooed OCT 30 – NOV 05 08

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D O I N ’ I T W E L L by Kim Rice & Ross Wantland

Love Bites Sex & Biting


ecently, a reader asked us if we could discuss biting in our “Doin’ It Well” column. He explained that he had been with a woman who liked to bite and thought it would be an interesting topic for our readers. Many people have experimented with sensual nibbling on a partner’s ear, nipples or neck during sex play. Others, however, are into more intense biting behaviors, mixing pain with pleasure and perhaps adding issues of power and control to the sexual scene. Even the Kama Sutra addresses this sexual behavior. Because there are many reasons people like to bite and get bitten, we decided to sink our teeth into biting.

Love at First Bite Physically, the sensation of being bitten can be different or more intense than other types of stimulation (such as kissing or licking) and might therefore add to sexual arousal. Biting also feels differently depending on the body part; the lower lip, inner thigh, clitoris, lower back, penis, scrotum, shoulder and buttocks each feel differently when bitten. Simply put, biting can feel good. In addition, there can be emotional or psychological factors. Biting may feel animalistic and can elicit raw feelings of sexual arousal,

desire and passion. Experiencing biting from a partner can be a turn-on simply because it’s different than what you might be used to. When biting is used to inflict varying degrees of (consensual) pain, power is a part of the scene and can be a turn-on for people. In this way, one person has the power to give and to stop the pain or pleasure, teasing his or her partner, who may have to then tell them how intensely they are feeling the sensation and ask them to continue or to stop the stimulation.

Something to Chew On Motivation of the biter may be important for the receiver. Is the person biting doing so to turn the other on and give pleasure, or is he or she biting because inflicting pain arouses him or her? Depending on the answer, receiving bites from a partner might be something you are into or not willing to try. Be sure to explore your reactions to being bitten, and, as always, only engage in what you are comfortable with. This may mean asking your partner what they like about biting or why they want to bite you. Both partners should focus on learning about their partner’s sexual desires, versus trying to shame or judge their behaviors. Just because one of you may not want to get bitten or bite the other doesn’t mean that person is wrong for being interested or turned on by those things.

Once Bitten

Bite Marks

What do you do if you hook up with someone and he or she starts biting you? For starters, you can say “OW!” Of course, it’s ideal when partners can talk about sexual behaviors ahead of time, but we all know that sitting down with someone you’ve recently met and saying, “I like to bite, are you into that?” doesn’t always happen. More commonly, people start engaging in sexual activity, one person “tries” something and then gauges the response of their partner. Like any sexual behavior that a new partner might suggest or try, prepare how you will handle things you may not be immediately comfortable with. It can be helpful to consider phrases you will use, such as “Let’s slow down a minute” or, by keeping it sexy yet direct, “What is it you want to do to me?” Knowing your partner’s ideas will help you decide if it’s something you want to explore. For biters, it’s important to take it slowly with a new partner — and ask first. Start out with a light bite to a less sensitive part of the body, and ask him or her if he or she is OK with it. Then increase the intensity, checking in with your partner along the way. Certainly, not talking may add to the excitement, suspense, mystery and fun, but leaving a partner the next morning with a bad biting experience is not sexy either.

If you’re new to biting, keep in mind that it can leave a mark or bruise, so consider where you’re being bitten, and redirect your partner to a different part of your body if you don’t want the mark to be noticeable to others over the upcoming week. Both biters and those bitten alike sometimes enjoy the marks left by biting. For biters, it may be a sense of leaving a reminder on the partner’s body. For those bitten, marks or bruises can be a nice memento of the enjoyed experience, allowing them to relive through fantasy an intense sexual experience.

True Blood Sometimes biting can draw blood either intentionally or by accident. Remember that exposure to blood can increase your risk for HIV and Hepatitis (B, C). If you’re into biting, vampire or blood play, be sure you and your partners are tested for these infections and vaccinated against Hep B. Thanks to KC for help with this column. Stay tuned next week as we address a reader question about fantasies. Kim Rice and Ross Wantland like hearing from readers! E-mail them at

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“Early and Often” — an election selection. by Matt Jones Across 1 Broadband Internet alternative 4 Words after “spring” or “take” 9 “Blue Ribbon” beer 14 Kwik-E-Mart proprietor 15 ___ loading (marathon runner’s strategy) 16 Kona greeting 17 LINE 1 20 Chips, elsewhere 21 Piercing site 22 “Bali ___” (“South Pacific” song) 23 Weird Al’s Star Wars parody of a Kinks song 24 What to do in one of the three circled squares 28 Exhibit 30 Like WWE wrestler Umaga, by birth 34 Defunct space station 37 Egg-shaped 40 “Fiddler on the Roof” character 41 LINE 2 44 Mild cigar 45 Video game plumber 46 They appear before U 47 Kawasaki competitor 49 Traveler’s stops 51 How to decide which one of the three circled squares to fill in 54 “Moby-Dick” captain 58 Scatter seed 61 D.J.’s dad, on “Roseanne” 62 University of Maine town 63 LINE 3 68 Frozen food or cereal, e.g. 69 2008 Olympics protesters 70 Funny or ___ (humor website) 71 Foul (up) 72 Kind of question with a 50-50 answer 73 “___ Blues” (song written by John Lennon)

Down 1 Bugs’ pal/antagonist 2 Former veep Agnew 3 Shocking, like tabloid news 4 Takes to the stage 5 Fond du ___, Wisconsin

Solution in Classifieds.

6 The end of an ___ 7 “Li’l” comic strip character 8 George Eastman’s camera company 9 ___ thai 10 Chicken ___ king 11 This and that 12 Stadium to be replaced by Citi Field in 2009 13 What’s seen when ice skater Babilonia hails a cab 18 Of which there are way more than seven in the world 19 Some nest eggs 24 Step in a chess game 25 “If man makes himself ___ he must not complain when he is trodden on” (Immanuel Kant) 26 With “The,” magazine described as “the flagship of the left” 27 “Uncanny” superhero team 29 Laugh from the Green Giant 31 Finito 32 Affirmative votes 33 ___ earnings (phrase used when comparing a current and upcoming paycheck) 34 Cruise’s “Magnolia” costar 35 “Lost ___ Mancha” (2002 documentary) 36 Wander around 38 Food Network’s “Barefoot Contessa” host Garten 39 Greek architectual column style 42 Cafeteria holder 43 Weasel cousin 48 Automaker with the tagline “Vorsprung durch Technik” 50 Indian wrap 52 Live it up 53 ___ Rock Pete (Diesel Sweeties character) 55 Coat that covers your head: var. 56 Photographer Leibovitz 57 Participant in a historic 1899 war or rebellion 58 Attempt 59 2004 swing state 60 African American Studies scholar Cornel 62 Director Preminger 64 “Ooooooohhh.... On the ___ Tip” (platinum 1992 album) 65 “Yeah, like that’ll ever happen” laugh 66 Baby doctors: abbr. 67 What brave people use to fill in crosswords

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Free Will Astrology ARIES

March 21-April 19

What perplexing defeat was inflicted on you once upon a time -- a defeat that you still can’t figure out how to rise above? What painful memory continues to lurk at the edges of your awareness, taunting you with its implication that you’ll never be whole? This is the time and this is the place, Aries, to solve a riddle like that so that you can move on to the next chapter of your life. You will get unexpected help and inspiration if you make it your intention to heal what has been hard to heal. Halloween costume suggestion: a doctor or nurse wearing a sign that says, “Physician, heal thyself.”


April 20-May 20

You don’t have to be anything you don’t want to be, Taurus. Please read that last sentence again, drinking it in as if it were an elixir you’ve been longing for since you were 13 years old. Here are some corollaries: You don’t have to live up to anyone’s expectations. There’s no need to strive for a kind of perfection that’s not very interesting to you. You don’t have to believe in ideas that make you sad or tormented, and you don’t have to feel emotions that others try to manipulate you into feeling. In short, you are free to be exactly who you want to be. Celebrate that this Halloween season. Costume yourself as the person you’ve been hiding.


May 21-June 20

On some occasions in the coming week, you’ll be wise to act loyal, playful, and unironically enthusiastic. At those times, you will attract the influences you need if you adopt the mindset of a dog that loves to play Frisbee. On other occasions, Gemini, I advise you to be cannily self-possessed, fiercely attuned to your own needs, and determined to move at your own pace. Cat-like behavior will be rewarded at those times. Halloween costume suggestion: half-dog and half-cat.


June 21-July 22

“I like the dreams of the future better than the history

GYNOS On call 24 hours. Close to campus. Walk-in appointments.

bring those same skills to bear in the relatively benign circumstances you’re now in the midst of. Halloween costume suggestion: French Resistance leader.

OCT. 30–NOV. 5

of the past,” said Thomas Jefferson. It might feel a bit unnatural to live as if that were your motto, Cancerian, but I hope you’ll try it for a while. Here’s the experiment I propose: Whenever you have a spare moment, visualize a pleasurable and interesting scene you would like to create for yourself in the future. If a fearful image pops into your mind as you do that, imagine yourself rolling that image up into a ball and throwing it into a roaring fire. Meanwhile, any time your attention begins to wander off in the direction of the old days and old ways, pounce on it and redirect it into a vision of a fulfillment to come. Halloween costume suggestion: the person you’ll be five years from now.




July 23-Aug. 22

According to San Francisco’s Famous Wayne, the shoeshine king of the world, very few women get their shoes shined. Meanwhile, Ngo Thi Lam, the proprietress of the nail salon near my house, says that only a tiny percentage of her pedicure customers are men. I hope that you Leos buck these trends in the coming days. It’s high time for you to try new approaches to the lowest part of you. You need to become more grounded, and an excellent way to expedite the shift will be to pay close, creative attention to your feet. Halloween costume suggestion: Find or create gorgeous, extravagant shoes that don’t make your feet hurt.


Aug. 23-Sept. 22

If you and I were members of the French Resistance during the German occupation of our country in World War II, I’d want you to serve as the communication hub for our community. With understated ferocity, you would gather data about what’s going on behind the scenes. You’d be precise and economical in relaying messages between your comrades and allies, accurately representing the information people entrusted you with. You would be alert without being overwrought, and discerning without getting distracted by inefficient rage. In that dire setting, Virgo, I bet you’d be indispensable. I challenge you to

ish Bar!

st Ir CU’s Be

Sept. 23-Oct. 22

“If you don’t make mistakes,” says Nobel Prize-winning physicist Frank Wilczek, “you’re not working on hard enough problems. And that’s a big mistake.” Take that to heart, Libra. Here are some of the questions you might want to ask yourself in the coming days: 1. “Am I dallying with minor challenges that are beneath me?” 2. “Are my current dilemmas truly worthy of my soulful intelligence?” 3. “Should I go in search of more interesting problems?” 4. “Is it time to upgrade the level of mistakes that I’m risking?” Halloween costume suggestions: a magnificent klutz, a daring clown, or a pioneer wearing a big band-aid on your booboo. Oct. 23-Nov. 21

In the coming week, you can generate a lot of good karma for yourself by being an initiator. That’s why I advise you to never sit back passively and merely watch what’s unfolding, but rather formulate a vision of what you’d like to see happen, set your intention to make it happen, and then plunge into action with brisk aplomb. Halloween costume suggestions: fire-starter, seed-planter, fertility god or goddess.


Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Medical insurance is out of reach for 46 million of my fellow Americans. Our country is at war in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as with a ghostly omnipresent foe known as terrorism. Our national debt is stupendous, our stock market has plunged, and many companies once thought to be towers of strength have failed. Meanwhile, right next door, Canada has universal healthcare and a budget surplus. Its banks are solvent and it’s embroiled in zero wars. Am I jealous? Of course. Am I planning to emigrate? No. I’m going to stay here and keep agitating for goodness and justice and beauty. After evaluating your astrological omens, Sagittarius, I suggest that you do the equivalent in your own life: Stand your ground as you work to fix the flawed situation you’ve been given; don’t flee to where the grass seems greener. Halloween costume suggestions: an elder statesman, wise crone, or charismatic teacher.


Dec. 22-Jan. 19

You have the potential to throw the best party ever, and also to elevate the radiance of other people’s parties through the force of your personality. Your social instincts are superb, by which I mean they’re brilliant when it comes to mixing business and pleasure and knowing how to strengthen alliances while invoking maximum fun. Your knack for getting people to work together in a noble purpose is at a peak. Halloween costume suggestion: a cross between a party animal and a community organizer. Or you and your friends could re-enact the Boston Tea Party.


Jan. 20-Feb. 18

If I were dressing you for Halloween, I would be inclined to draw on the inspiration of those old fairy tales that feature the theme of restoration: like the prince who, because of a curse, has lived for years as a frog, only to be returned to his rightful body and role through the kiss of a merciful soul; or like a princess who is stolen as a baby from the royal family by an old bear and raised by the beast in a forest cave, but is finally tracked down and rescued by the queen on one of her endless searches. I bet your actual life will feature a storyline similar to those.


Feb. 19-March 20

If you knew how perfect a time it is for you to dance the forbidden dance, you would begin immediately. You would break out the sexy, world-in-upheaval grooves you sometimes slip into during your ecstatic flying dreams. You would unleash the words that have never been spoken, crack the codes that have never been broken, and give the love that has previously been verboten. Please, dear Pisces, have faith in your ability to thrive in the wild frontier where many of the rules are negotiable and every fantasy is ripe to be mutated. Halloween costume suggestion: the dancer who dances the forbidden dance.

Homework What is your greatest fear? Make fun of it this Halloween. Tell me about it at

Forget the Tricks. s ’ y ll o M ’ n e ik M o t e m Co for musical Treats! Thursday, October 30th Come celebrate Murph’s 40th Birthday

N Check ups N Skin care N All women doctors HEALTH PRACTICE 2125 South Neil Street Champaign, IL 61820

N Student insurance accepted


OCT 30 – NOV 05 08

Friday, October 31st The Number One Son’s & Lumus

SoCo Specials all weekend long! We don’t serve our own food, but we always welcome yours. 105 N. Market St Champaign 217-355-1236 come and get it

buzz 23



by Michael Coulter

Dress for Success? Wearing your work When I graduated college a few (i.e. several) years ago, my first order of business on the work front was buying a couple of suits to wear on job interviews. At this point, it still wasn’t clear exactly what sort of generally unskilled job I was going to pursue, but for some reason, I assumed I would need a nice suit to do that job in. As it turned out, I didn’t much care for jobs that required suits. This was perfect since most of the people hiring for jobs that required suits didn’t care much for me either. It worked out great. I’m still really not much of a dresser, work or otherwise. The weird thing is it wasn’t that I ended up wearing the suits just every once in awhile; it was that I never wore the damned things at all. If I actually had to sort of “dress up,” that soon began to mean a pair of Dickies from Farm and Fleet and a shirt that the dog hadn’t chewed more than two holes in. Coworkers initially would mock my lack of style, but in a general sense, I don’t think it mattered much either way. Eventually, your wardrobe at work simply becomes an extension of your personality. In the long run, it doesn’t matter so much as long as the work gets done. Oh sure, I can’t wear ass-less chaps and a tiara and still be looked at in the same way, or any way, for that matter. Still, I can dress a few levels above rodeo clown and be just fine. Since I’ve had the same job for some time and my jackoffiness where clothes are concerned has by now become commonplace, it never much occurs to me what proper work attire actually is. As luck would have it, a Web site called did a second annual “Fashion in the Workplace” survey that made me feel a little better about my dumbass fashion sense. They found a walloping 79 percent of high-end executives prefer to wear business casual or regular casual clothing to the office. Their employees felt that way too. Fine, I’m sure the key word there is “prefer.” I would prefer a ton of things, but just because I prefer them doesn’t mean they’re going to actually happen. Still, it seems like business casual is beginning to take hold. In their survey, 62 percent of the businesses asked said that business casual was now standard. Granted, this still doesn’t help me much as my wardrobe is often still a few notches below this at “hobo casual,” but at least I’m getting closer to the

pack. Business casual used to mean khakis and a nice shirt, usually polo or button-down, but now even that is sort of up to the wearer’s discretion. Even jeans can now count as business casual if they are free of holes and not acid-washed. Actually, the acid-wash thing is also a good rule of thumb for any occasion. The big question is what does this all actually mean? I generally don’t have much of a problem with folks being less than spiffy. That being said, I’m not sure I can ever pony up and get a car loan from a guy in a cut-off shirt and flip-flops. I also seriously doubt that morticians will ever participate in casual Fridays. “Oh, we’re super sorry about your loss, but this is casual Friday, so your husband has to be buried in a Hawaiian shirt. It’s cool, though. He’ll be ready to party as soon as he gets to the afterlife.” For a lot of the other people where dress really doesn’t matter much, it’s a different story. It is now sort of thought that those employees who dress casually are perceived to be more creative and more fun to be around. Geez, everyone must assume I’m insanely creative and an absolute hoot to chill with. They do, however, caution that employees who dress down too much run the risk of not being taken seriously. Oh, see, that makes sense now. Despite all the changes, a few things still don’t belong in a business casual wardrobe. Revealing clothing is the first one. See, I think that sort of thing on women is awesome, particularly if they’ve got something really great to reveal. Sure, it may not make me more productive as a worker, but on the other hand, it may actually give me a reason to come to work in the first place. The other faux-pas is flip-flops and sandals. I’m assuming there will be some leniency on this one if you’re a lifeguard or a beach comber, but everyone else should really try to suck it up and wear regular shoes. Where this will all lead, I don’t know. I must say I’ve never much liked the uniformity in the wardrobes of most of the science-fiction movies I’ve seen, so it’s nice it doesn’t seem we’re heading in that direction. At the same time, I still feel sort of weird if someone waits on me while they’re wearing a pair of pajamas. It’s nice to be creative and create your own little style, I suppose, but I like it a little more if it’s something I can at least recognize as a form of “outside the house” clothing. When it’s all said and done, I may be the best-dressed person you’ve ever seen ... and that will not be a good thing.

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Oct 30 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; NOV 05 08

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Buzz Magazine: Oct. 30, 2008  
Buzz Magazine: Oct. 30, 2008  

Oct. 30, 2008