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AUGUST 20, 2009

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Make your event with L.A. Catering




Paleo-art at Orpheum Children’s Museum

105 N. Market St. Downtown Champaign (217) 355-1236




... at Champaign’s Champagne festival



Your guide to this week’s events







Before heading out to Quad Day on Sunday, check the217 for a breakdown on which booths to visit for musically oriented groups. Whether you are a musician looking for band mates, or a fan wanting to help promote on-campus shows, we’ll let you know which clubs can cater to your needs.


ARTS Hip hop is manifested in so many different styles. Read about the different styles “America’s Best Dance Crew” showcases on Friday. 119 W. Main St. • 217.328.4405 • TUE-THURS 8AM-3PM • FRI-SAT 8AM-8PM • SUN 8AM-2PM

COMMUNITY The start of school means it’s time for the annual Quad Day. With hundreds of student organizations, picking what you want to get involved with can be a challenge. Avoid the drama by referring to our tips for getting the most out of Quad Day, online Saturday.

FOOD AND DRINK Summer may be on its way out, but there’s still some time to enjoy the warm weather. Do just that by celebrating National Lemonade Day on Thursday, August 20. Look online now for a recipe for this sweet and citrus-y beverage.


GYNOS On call 24 hours. Close to campus. Walk-in appointments. N Check ups N Skin care N All women doctors HEALTH PRACTICE 2125 South Neil Street Champaign, IL 61820

N Student insurance accepted



SOMEDAY, THIS WILL ALL MAKE SENSE Photoshoot for local band You & Yourn. 2


Don’t let this whole “new buzz” thing throw you off. It’s still the same magazine, still spelled with a stubbornly lowercase “b.” And it’s still run by the same kids. We still edit stories during class, between bands at a show or instead of having a life. We all will still like the Internet for a couple more years, mainly for (but also for Grooveshark or We still play Starfox 64, design with 3D glasses and will continue to remind you that we really know how to survive summer music festivals like Summercamp, Pitchfork and Lollapalooza. Our office still smells worse than the DI but better than Kam’s and our Managing Editor is still working here (even after last weekend). But, as you might have been able to tell from this week’s cover and throughout the rest of the issue, something is slightly different. Imagine us still doing everything we’ve been doing like we always have, except wearing bright colored spandex. This is what the buzz redesign is all about. This is the reason why you may be mildly confused or disoriented as you peruse this week’s buzz magazine. And this is why buzz just got even closer to becoming as cool as A) a frat house or B) someone on their MacBook at Caffe Paradiso. buzz magazine is now in spandex. So this week’s issue should feel like that first Technicolor scene in The Wizard of Oz where Dorothy begins to realize that she is surrounded by munchkins. Just like the world first being able to see Dorothy’s dress as blue and hair as red, we can now see more of the bright new colors of buzz. And just as the munchkins came out to play, so can you, the reader with many of our new features like Rants and Raves, buzz’s photo corner (to the left) or the babbler (explanations on page 4). We’ll literally print anything you want us to. And in color. That’s what the spandex is all about. Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think.


Add your CU photos to our Flickr pool on and get a chance to have your original photo featured on the Web site on Mondays as well as here in print.







17 | august 14 | august 28

What are you excited about for this school year?

AUGUST 20 - 26, 2009

come outside and play !


I’m most excited for football season. Plain and simple.





Fear not broke college students. The University YMCA will be hosting the annual Dump and Run sale this coming weekend. Held at the University Stock Pavilion (1402 W. Pennsylvania Ave. in Urbana), the sale will take place from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, August 22, and from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, August 23. For a $2 admission fee on Saturday (the sale is free Sunday), Shoppers can find everything from posters, backpacks and school supplies to furniture, computer parts and household appliances. “It provides inexpensive items for those in need,” said Becca Guyette, director of development for the University YMCA. “The environmental benefits of this sale are huge. Most of these items would be in dumpsters and therefore ultimately in landfills,” said Guyette. How the sale works: the YMCA collects reusable items during two series of collection sessions, one that lasts throughout the month of May and the other during the first few weeks of August. The items collected are then organized and priced, and then sold during the sale. Not only can students get household items at a low price, but by buying used furniture and appliances, students are also giving new life to things that would otherwise be thrown out. So rather than heading out to Target, Walmart or some other large chain for your apartment needs, check out the Dump and Run sale for great prices and green living. COVER DESIGN Bryan Kveton EDITOR IN CHIEF Tommy Trafton MANAGING EDITOR & COPY CHIEF Mark Grabowski ART DIRECTOR Tanya Boonroueng PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR Rebekah Nelson IMAGE EDITOR Claire Keating PHOTOGRAPHERS James Kyung, Sarah Syman DESIGNERS Bryan Kveton, Claire Keating MUSIC EDITOR Amanda Shively FOOD EDITOR Maggie Carrigan MOVIE EDITOR Matt Carey ART EDITOR Jean Kim COMMUNITY EDITOR Michell Eloy CU CALENDAR Amanda Shively COPY EDITORS Tom Cyrs SALES MANAGER Sarah Gleason MARKETING/DISTRIBUTION Brandi Willis PUBLISHER Mary Cory ON THE WEB EMAIL WRITE 512 E. Green St., Champaign, IL 61820 CALL 217.337.3801

We reserve the right to edit submissions. buzz will not publish a letter without the verbal consent of the writer prior to publication date. buzz Magazine is a student-run publication of Illini Media Company and does not necessarily represent, in whole or in part, the views of the University of Illinois administration, faculty or students.

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I’m most excited for my senior year, and completing my “bucket list.”


I’m excited for my first year as an RA, and the opportunity to build a new student community.



August 28 4p-close Green Fair 5p Post Historic 6p The Duke of Uke 7p High Cotton 8p Hot Buttered Rum Admission is free! At the corner of First Street and St. Mary’s Road, Champaign



LIKES 1) Urbana: I just moved to the other side of the quad and I couldn’t be happier. I have a house, a yard and a porch swing. Shout out to my roomies AE, AC and AT. Holla! 2) Senior Year: I know all the secrets to campus, like which staircase in the Armory will get me to my needed destination and which buildings have the best bathrooms. However, this is not likely to be a “like” for long. 3) Finding my Food & Drink Editor Replacement: I’m sad to see the section go, but I will loooooove to watch it leave. MATT CAREY ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR

GRIPES 1) No car: I had a car down

here all summer, but now it’s gone. I now find walking to be a giant pain in the ass. I’m thinking of getting a Segway. 2) Writer’s Block: Since I’ve become an editor, I now hate any and all types of writing. Or, maybe I’m just really lazy. It’s probably the latter. 3) Murphy’s expanding: It’s probably a good idea from an economic standpoint, but I’m afraid that making the bar bigger will attract fratty douchenozzles to come to my favorite bar.

we’re listening... Call to MusiCians We’re searching for musicians to perform at our Krannert Uncorked wine tastings. For consideration to perform between October 2009 and August 2010, send a CD with at least three selections and a group description by 5pm, September 4 to: Tammey Kikta Krannert Center 500 S Goodwin Ave Urbana, IL 61801 Acts should be acoustic or low tech. Music will be featured at Krannert Uncorked on the first and third Thursday of each month from 5pm to 7pm. Please include your name, day and evening phone numbers, and e-mail address. Payment of $75 for first musician, $50 for each additional musician. Thanks for your interest! 217/333-6700




If you can see yo poon, shit ain’t pants.

Make Your Movies

What is a babbler?

Champaign Movie Makers Helps Aspiring Filmmakers Get A Start

You may have noticed the lines of non-sequiturs at the top of each page of the buzz. These are our new “babblers” and we can use your help making them. If you have a blurb or two to spare, drop by and deposit your nuggets of goodness at our new babbler forum.

by Matt Carey


iving in Champaign, it can be difficult for aspiring filmmakers to get a movie made. Beyond finding a way to pay for it, getting in contact with actors and crewmembers may be a major chore. However, the Champaign Movie Makers looks to remedy these problems. The Champaign Movie Makers is a club that seeks to give anyone who wants to get involved in the art of filmmaking a start. The club has members from each aspect of movie production, from actors to editors. By providing a place for filmmakers to meet, the group is able to give new people experience and an opportunity to work with people who can help you out. The group does both short and feature length films, with two members having already shot feature length films. “The primary purpose of the Champaign Movie Makers is to provide a place for all parts of a movie production to meet each other,” creator of the group, John Robinson, said. Robinson started the group a little over a year ago, using Craigslist and grapevine connections to find people who would be interested in helping out the club. Once he did that, word got around town about the club and now there are 60 active members with the number constantly rising. Robinson’s reason for starting the club came.

RANTS & RAVES Tri-Town Talk

“I moved here just this June, but I’ve been coming here for three years and have a lot of interest in filmmaking,” said Robinson. “But it was hard for people who wanted to make movies to get together.” On the third Tuesday of every month, The Champaign Movie Makers have a meeting with all of the members. There is no definitive place for the meeting; it has been at places ranging from group member’s houses to the WILL building. Meetings generally follow the same routine. The first thing on the agenda is that you introduce yourself, and what you’re working on or want to work on. Then, there is a presentation on a certain aspect of filmmaking. Some topics covered in these presentations include screenwriting and voice dubbing. Or, there may just be a presentation on a film someone in the group made and what the shoot was like. Finally, the group discusses their future plans, such as making a film with the whole group instead of everyone working on their own work. The club is in the middle of a group shoot this summer. They also plan one-day shoots in which they film an entire short film on that day. Besides meetings, the group has other events, though not on a monthly basis. There are workshops that focus on a certain aspect of filmmaking, and there will be one on location sound recording on September

Our new weekly feature, “Rants and Raves: Tri-Town Talk” is a space for your words, not ours. Tired of your neighbor always leaving their trash cans in the street? Overheard a hilarious conversation the other day that you just have to pass on? Want to commend the driver who let you into traffic the other day when no one else would? “Rants and Raves” is a space for you to do just that, anonymously. Send an email to or (even more anonymously) post your rant or rave on our online forum at (click on the forums tab at the top and scroll to “Rants and Raves” and we will also print it in an upcoming issue — with minor grammatical, and if necessary, content edits of course). We do reserve the right to refuse to publish any email on the basis of content, so if you want to be truly offensive, do it somewhere else. But if there is something you just want to get off your chest, this will be your anonymous opportunity to do so.


I was invited to hang out with frat bros the other night. I guess they like arguing about baseball, referring to each others’ favorite teams as “we” and “you guys”, all while watching cage fighting. After a commercial break presented the bros with male enhancement advertisements, they started arguing about what women like better, girth or length (oddly enough they still kept referring to “we” and “you guys”). I ended up leaving the hangout before they reached a conclusion, but I concluded that none of them knew anything about what women like. Oh well, at least they know how much money Aramis Ramirez makes per home-run.


My new place is totally the boss. Clean (with no cracks in the walls), quiet (the floors are no longer one-inch thick and my downstairs neighbors do not have their stereo hooked up to their bass amps), and right in downtown Urbana, could I ask for much more?


“End of summer” parties in the beginning of August. I’m all for parties, but hearing that it’s the end of summer as soon as August starts puts a damper on the three weeks of summer still left.


Photo by Melissa Larson. Used with permission from the Champaign Movie Makers.

20. Also, on August 22, the group will be having a mixer at Sleepy Creek Vineyards in Fairmount. At the party, they will show local short films and have live entertainment. The event is open to the public. There will also be overnight camping for anyone who doesn’t want to have to make the drive back. One point Robinson wants to stress is that all levels of filmmakers are welcome to join. “We’ve got some people who will carry equipment and hold a microphone, and others are professionals

who make their living filmmaking,” Robinson said. In order to get in touch with anyone in the Champaign Movie Makers, simply use your computer. The Champaign Movie Makers have a group page on Yahoo with contact information, photos and messages from people involved. While the Champaign Movie Makers hasn’t been around long, it has already established itself as a great place for rookie filmmakers to get their feet wet and, hopefully, make some really interesting movies.


Six tips for heading back to school by Michell Eloy Face it kids. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but summer is over. Forgetting what day of the week it is is no longer an option. Classes are about to start up again, and that means tests, papers and a whole slew of stressful situations are soon to follow. While avoiding the back-to-school blues is much easier said than done, you can make the process less painful by following these easy steps: 1. Lay everything out The morning of the first day of school is not the time to be running around figuring out what you’re going to wear, what you need for class, where you need to go, etc. The night before, pick out your clothes, organize your bag and write down the location and classroom number of all your classes for that day. Going back to class is stressful enough. Why add to it by being disorganized? 2. Do some research No, not by Facebook stalking your new roommate to find out which movies he/she likes best. Go online to the Illinois website. See if your teacher has a website of their own rather than contacting them via email, or find out about your professor at Look up information on the courses your taking. Knowing what you’re getting into before hand can help prevent the back-to-school shock.

3. Map it out There are over 30,000 students that attend the University of Illinois, making campustown bigger than many actual towns. Make sure you’re not running from one end of campus to the other by making a map of where your classes are being held, and adjust your schedule accordingly. This may not be a necessary step for seasoned senior veterans, but for new students, this is a must. 4. Do a test run If you’ve ever walked into the Armory, you know that there are what seem to be 5 million staircases, none of which lead to the room you need. The Armory isn’t the only building like this on campus. Avoid the confusion by doing a walk through of your class schedule before classes start, locating each room you’ll need to find. Once again, probably not a necessary step for older students, but great for new students. 5. Plan your weekend Plan a party with your friends you haven’t seen in a while, or schedule a lunch date with one of your roommates. Having something to look forward to at the end of the week will help keep your mind off syllabuses and cranky professors. 6. Pour yourself a stiff drink Four months of tests, papers, midterms, finals and inevitable computer problems stand between you and Christmas break. Drink up my of-age friends. It’s going to be a long semester.




CATERING TO SUCCESS L.A. Catering mixes presentation with customer service by Amanda Wielgus A family farm in rural Illinois is not a typical location for the headquarters of a high-end catering company. Yet just west of the small town of Thomasboro resides L.A. Gourmet Catering, a high-end catering service that prides itself on impressive presentation and tasty food. The masterminds behind this edible endeavor are Lauren and Annie (“L” and “A” of L.A.) Murray, two sisters born and raised in the Champaign-Urbana area. With the help of their family, the sisters opened L.A. Gourmet Catering in September 2006. Since its conception, Lauren and Annie have catered over two hundred weddings and countless private parties and local events. When asked what makes their catering company so different, Lauren and Annie both agree it’s “the food people love, the friendly service, and [listening] to what our clients want.” Those three ideals are expressed in the company’s motto: “Eat well. Entertain often. Impress always.” The sisters believe this adage explains what to expect when being served by L.A. Gourmet Catering. Annie and Lauren pride themselves on their flair for presentation, their fresh ingredients and their willingness prepare food to suit even the pickiest customer’s tastes. “For the most part, our food is made from scratch

One on One

and from fresh ingredients,” said Annie. “We like to be able to put our name to our food.” With an always-changing menu, the sisters say they draw their inspiration from a number of different sources, allowing them to curtail their menu to individual tastes. “We turn to cook books, magazines, and our staff for inspiration. We have a vocal staff that offers great, new ideas. We also travel to try new foods,” said Annie. And when it comes to staffing, the girls turn to their Alma matter, the University of Illinois. “We utilize U of I’s Hospitality Management program to provide staff. We have a close relationship with the staff and professors within the Hospitality Management program,” said Lauren. “Plus, college students don’t mind working at crazy hours. College students are always eager to work,” said Annie. That resourcefulness and their desire to please their clientele have brought the sisters staggering success in the CU area. Since 2006, the company has seen continual growth. With the help of Lauren and Annie’s family, the two sisters have been able to double the size of their kitchen. They’ve also hired four full-time employees along with another seventeen part-time employees and six part-time kitchen aids. The sisters are quick to attribute much of their

Photo used with permission from L.A. Gourmet Catering.

success to their family, from where they say their support comes. According to Lauren, “We stayed in Champaign because we love central Illinois. Annie always wanted to go to the city, but it has been a family affair. Our family has always helped us out.” In addition to the growth of their business, the sisters have received many awards, despite their relatively short time in the catering industry. In 2008, the College of ACES recognized Lauren and Annie with the Outstanding Young Alumni Award. In addition, two of their recipes have been featured on “Three Minute Grill,” a food special featured on the local network “Channel 3 News” every Friday. However, the sisters said the greatest achievement has been the large amounts of positive feedback from their clients, who rave about how they “just took care

with zachary grant

of everything.” What the sisters hope to provide to all of their clients is consistent food that can be recognized for quality. “We want our food to taste as good as it looks,” said Lauren. “We change our menu according to what the client needs,” For Annie and Lauren, wellpresented food helps make for a memorable event and shows that the hostess cares about the guests. The future of L.A. Gourmet Catering looks bright as the sisters keep learning about running a business and catering. According to Annie, “We don’t want catering to get boring. We want to try and keep up with the trends and master catering before we decide to move on.” “We want to be the best in town,” said Lauren. “Catering never gets boring and we’re still learning how to run a business.”

Is It


Farm Manager

sweet corn

by Amanda Wielgus

by Page Roth

This week, buzz sat down with Zachary Grant, manager of the new student-run farm at Lincoln and Windsor in Urbana. The farm has been operating since this past spring, and is currently supplying a vareity of produce to the campus area, such as tomatoes, green peppers, herbs and salad greens. Unlike other University farmland, this two-acre farm is being used almost exclusively to provide fresh produce to campus dining halls and catering. Some residence halls were even lucky enough to eat some of the produce from the farm during finals week. Grant remains optimistic with the positive support the farm has received thus far, and is waiting for the first full calendar year to see how support for the farm will grow. buzz: Can you tell us a little bit about your background? Grant: I received my degree from Illinois State University in 2002 in Agribusiness and Horticulture and have spent time working on a number of different farms. I received my master’s at U of I in Horticulture last summer. buzz: Being a student run farm, do you receive any assistance or support from the University, like from the College of ACES? Grant: We have received support initially from funding from the Student Sustainability Committee, and former Dean and Provost Robert Easter from the College of Aces has visited the farm.

Now that corn season has reached its height, it takes only a quick peek at our stalk-filled landscape to see how well this local vegetable thrives. For gardeners who have planted sweet corn, it’s important to be aware of the small window when this tasty mid-western treat is ripe. When sweet corn is ready to be harvested, the ends of the tassels will begin to turn brown. Another way to gauge ripeness is to see if an ear is in its “milk-stage,” in which kernels release a milky-white liquid when pierced. Under-ripe ears will have kernels that release translucent, or watery liquid, while overripe kernels will be hard, or doughy. The milk stage lasts for less than a week, and once the ear is picked, it loses its sweetness within moments as the sugar breaks down into starch. So the sweetest ear of corn is one that you grow in your own backyard. However, if you don’t happen to have your own tall and tidy sweet corn plot growing nearby, don’t be discouraged. Urbana’s Farmer’s Market provides freshly-picked, local sweet corn. Also, be sure to check out the Urbana Sweet Corn Festival, happening next weekend in downtown Urbana.

Zachary Grant harvests tomatoes at the new student-run farm at Lincoln and Windsor. Photo by Rebekah Nelson.

We also receive support from the community through our volunteers as well. Both Engineers Without Borders and the Dining Services have supported us as well, with the dining halls composting their own food waste, which helps with the resource loop. buzz: What makes the farm unique? Grant: One thing that makes our farm unique is that our produce is exclusively served in-house to places like the dining halls and residence halls. We operate year-round toward food production, and hope to become financially and in-house sustainable. From June to August is when we do most of our outdoor work, when students aren’t usually here. buzz: How can the University or people from the area better support the efforts of the farm? Grant: Not many people know that if they volun-

teer with the farm, they can bring home some free produce, sometimes a lot of free produce. buzz: What has been one of the greatest challenges so far? Grant: I would have to say labor, working out how to balance the help we need for harvesting with the day-to-day farm operations. buzz: What do you see for the future of the farm? Grant: We’d like to plan to have five acres next year at the most. The sky’s really the limit. We would like to turn our focus to providing for one of the dorms on campus throughout the year. There will also be a graphic design class helping to spread the word of the farm with signs. Nothing is direct marketed, although we might want to work with Bevier Café in the future.






Major paleo-illustration company creates dino mural for Orpheum

by Brad Vonck may be currently just beginning to take shape, but Marshall has been brainstorming the direction he would like to take Paleospectrum for almost a decade. Their collaboration with Orpheum will provide the Champaign-Urbana community with a work of art that both entertains and educates the mind. It is that combination of entertainment and education that is the driving force behind Marshall’s creativity. “I want to do something really cool with the prehistoric animals,” says Marshall. “[I want to] depict them in a way that is more life-like and more real. Something that people can say, ‘Oh my god I feel the texture of that skin,’ or ‘I can smell his breath from your Illustrator Todd Marshall (right) with his marketing and sales manager, Steve Pollutro. Photo by James Kyung painting.’ I wanted something to be more real.” Marmagine if it were possible to stare directly into and longtime friend, Steve Pollutro. Jones indicates shall, whose work has been published in countless the eyes of dinosaurs, the same prehistoric crea- the overall connection between Orpheum and Pa- scientific publications, has a quality of flair within itself tures that continue to fascinate the minds of children leoSpectrum was evident from the beginning. “Our that really pushes it away from the old, dry approach as well as adults everywhere. The CU community’s initial conversations revealed a mutual interest in the to scientific endeavors, and into a realm of realism imagination will have an opportunity to be trans- education of children around paleontology with a that is truly out of this world. In fact, Marshall’s work ported back to prehistoric times on Aug. 29 as the focus on current thinking and ideas in the field. It was has been so accurate that he has worked side by side Orpheum Children’s Science Museum unveils a perfect timing that Steve contacted us in regards to with many distinguished paleontologists. Such a list 28-foot-tall mural, designed by the up-and-coming PaleoSpectrums’ work right as we were in the midst of includes the notable Dr. Paul Sereno of the University paleo-illustration company, PaleoSpectrum. our innovative Dino Days programming, she says.” of Chicago, whom Marshall aided by illustrating the The mural’s unveiling comes at the tail-end of a Marshall, a lifetime fan of dinosaurs, wanted to newest dinosaur discoveries from around the world, summer-long program at the Orpheum known as share the excitement he gathered in his youth with bringing them to life for the very first time. Dino Detective Days. This program teaches chil- the children of today. “When I was a little kid I had Extremely gifted, Marshall is still humble and thankdren about the methods behind scientific research all of those cool little dinosaur books, and [they] ful for the opportunity to work with such prestigious during a creative and entertaining experience. took me places,” says Marshall. “I would just sit in members of the academic community. “My part is just Meadow Jones, the Orpheum’s associate director, my room and stare at [the drawings] for hours, and a cog in the wheel in bringing these things to the public further discussed how the events are an excellent that’s what I wanted to do for kids.” It is through the and making these things happen,” says Marshall. “I owe it all to these guys who and unique opportunity for children to learn about reaches of PaleoSpecthe scientific method. “Specifically, children learn trum that Marshall and the orpheum children’s do all this back-breaking, how our original hypothesis may need to be con- Pollutro want to create hard, dirty, filthy work.” science museum The unveiling of the mural tinually revised based on the discovery of new and a medium of artwork 346 N. Neil St., C depicting accurate, possibly contradictory information,” says Jones. is set for 2 p.m. Saturday, Who: Todd Marshall, world renowned paleo-illusAug. 29 at the Orpheum The paleo-illustration company responsible for captivating visions of trator and founder of PaleoSpectrum What: He is creating a 28-foot dinosaur mural for the creation of the mural, PaleoSpectrum, is the the dinosaurs that once Children’s Science Museum, the Orpheum brainchild of world renowned paleo-illustrator Todd defiantly roamed the located on 346 N. Neil St., in When: The unveiling is set for Aug. 29 downtown Champaign. Marshall, as well as his marketing and sales manager Earth. The company



Fleurish’s Sarah Compratt gives flower arranging pointers by Daryl McCurdy Sarah Compratt opened her flower shop, Fleurish, in downtown Urbana in February. After spending 14 years managing a flower shop in Los Angeles, Compratt has developed a lot of signature styles. Upon entering Fleurish, you can begin to get a feel for Compratt’s aesthetic. When describing her own style, Compratt calls it, “tight, clean and simple.” “I’m also really interested in the scientific aspect of flowers,” says Compratt. An avid collector of containers of all types, Compratt sometimes arranges flowers in old beakers and lab equipment. Compratt also collects, and has available at her store, salvaged glass bottles that are aged and worn. “You can make them look really modern,” explains Compratt. “These bottles lend themselves well to a field flower,” suggests Compratt. 


While Fleurish creates lovely arrangements, you can also buy individual or bunches of wrapped flowers. Compratt is happy to offer advice or pointers to anyone looking to make an arrangement for themselves. Roses, which along with orchids are Fleurish’s top sellers, can look really great in a big mass. When you first purchase a rose at Fleurish, the bud will be pretty tight and closed so it will last longer. Before an event or occasion, put the rose outside in the sun for a bit so it can breathe, puff up and become very full. Compratt works with farms in California and Oregon to get some of her more unusual flowers, but this time of year, she explains, you can get all

Photo by James Kyung.

Beautifully Arranged

types of local flowers. Lilies, hydrangeas, dianthus, begonias and snapdragons, just to name a few, are all in bloom right now. Gladiolas are also readily available this time of year and do well in one color on their own. “You can see really unusual colors of gladiolas too, like dark, dark purple and chartreuse green,” says Compratt. “It’s a really pretty and long lasting summer flower,” she explains further. Whether you want to buy a beautiful arrangement or try your own hand at flower arranging, hop into Fleurish for some lovely flowers and lots of inspiration.

ALTERNATIVE BACKPACK FASHIONS Think outside the pack by Mary Russell It’s time for back to school, and while that backpack you still have from high school might have served you well in the past, it’s likely a little worn at the seams. Backpacks often look and feel bulky, so it might be a good idea to explore backpack alternatives. Combine functionality and style by looking at messenger bags, tote bags and satchels. There are numerous varieties to suit your personal aesthetic. Illini Union Bookstore 809 s. wright st., c

IUB has a good selection of Illinois tote bags and protective laptop cases. For a backpack substitute that still has a classic feel, IUB stocks a $50 JanSport messenger bag in black and pink. This is a good choice for those with a more casual sweatshirt style. It’s also very functional for late-night trips to the library with interior padding to protect a laptop and various compartments for a water bottle, cell phone and writing utensils. Urban Outfitters 507 e. green st., c

For affordable leather and other bags with fashionable metal decals, Urban is the place to go. Urban carries a black leather slouchy satchel by Deux Lux for $68. The satchel has a side zipper compartment that can be used for pencils and has two strap options so that it be carried like a briefcase or worn as a shoulder bag. The bag can fit a laptop (with protective sleeve) and a small amount of notebooks, so it works great for class on a lighter day and can easily be used as a small weekend bag. Vilardo 1729 w. kirby ave., c

Vera Bradley bags are a very popular alternative to backpacks on campus, with many colorful patterns to choose from. IUB used to stock the bags, but have recently been lacking. Vilardo’s, located at the Old Farm Shops on Kirby and Mattis, is a licensed Vera Bradley retailer and stocks virtually every item and every print that are available online. The “Vera” is a popular tote for its roomy interior and pockets and sells for $78. Many Vera Bradley prints are very bright, but for the fall and winter Piroutte, a solid black print with small reddish flowers, may be a better choice. ††August 20 - 26, 2009

I really need to ween myself off of weens. You mean dongs?

movie review



by Syd Slobodnik

Hidden gem

Hayao Miyazaki films



  "!2'!).47),)'(4 $ ! ) ,9         0 -



by Sarah Gorr



Spirited Away (2001)

Heralded by critics worldwide as one of the finest films of 2001, Spirited Away showed American audiences that anime films can contain substance and overwhelming beauty. Spirited Away tells the story of little Chihiro’s journey into the spirit world on a quest to save her parents. Like many of Miyazaki’s films, Spirited Away is more about growing up than it is about monsters or witches. Yet the creatures that inhabit the world created here are positively captivating. Both eerie and spellbinding, Spirited Away is definitely one of Miyazaki’s finest.

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creatures (or men), there isn’t exactly enough time &REQUENT-OVIEGOER#LUB %ARNPOINTSSEEMOVIESFORABARGAINPRICE in under two hours to make any one point clear. For many that won’t matter, because the immediate impact of viewing District 9 is so engaging.

Commando (1985) Used with permission from Twentieth Century Fox

by Matt Carey If you’re in search of an ’80s action movie filled with superfluous explosions and corny one liners, then look no further than Commando. Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as John Matrix, a former army man who retired to raise his daughter. But their peaceful life is disturbed when the villian, who is looking to pull a coup in a South American country, kidnaps Matrix’s daughter in an attempt to get Matrix to assassinate that country’s president. Matrix has other plans. One of the reasons this is an ’80s classic is the third act. When Arnold finally gets to confront the villain, he literally kills an entire army by himself. The last half hour is Arnold running around a mansion using every weapon you can think of to murder soldiers. Try playing a drinking game with this movie. Every time Arnold kills someone or has a ridiculous feat of strength, take a drink, and keep a puke bucket close by.




District 9 is a sci-fi, visceral action film that’s undeniably exciting to experience, but leaves many questions upon further thought. The film’s main focus concerns a mysterious mother ship of aliens that appears on Earth, and a race of extraterrestrial aliens who are then kept in a refugee ghetto in South Africa. Why these aliens choose South Africa and not the US, Asia, or Europe is never clear. These seemingly weak, lizard-like aliens are initially captured by white South African officials, and contained in townships, reminiscent of the horrid white South African apartheid legacy, where they are referred to as “prawns�. After alien uprisings, a private security firm is sent in to manage the alien resettlement. A completely inept bureaucrat named Wikus Van De Merwe,(Sharito Copley) is placed in charge of the camp cleaning. His attempts lead to a plethora of video game violence and splashing red matter. Convoluting the plot further is the government’s plans to master the captured alien weaponry, and Van De Merwe’s infection by an alien virus, which is causing him to grow an alien claw. Novice director Neill Blomkamp, who co-wrote this tale with Terri Tatchell, seems to have so many elements on his plate that eventually nothing is ever made too clear. With the visual flare of a television documentary, the action packed tension and the serious allegorical depiction of man’s inhumanity toward other


The film may be corny and silly, but it actually is a good and rewatchable movie. Commando may not have won any Oscars, but it is guaranteed to entertain you.

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (1984)

In a post-apocalyptic future hundreds of years after man was nearly decimated by a nuclear holocaust, there’s a world struggling to survive. Into this world voyages young princess Nausicaa, who sets out to bring peace and understanding to the mutated environment in which she lives. What’s to be commended here is Miyazaki’s utter fearlessness in making a movie for kids that has the guts to go deeper into the human condition than The Little Mermaid ever could.

My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

Not all of Miyazaki’s films are reliant on darker themes; some of them happen to be sweet and uplifting. The film tells the story of two little girls who move to the country to be closer to their ailing mother. As they wait for her to recover they encounter the strange, yet loveable spirits that live nearby. There is an innocence and purity to My Neighbor Totoro that makes it positively endearing.

the ticker Âť Godzilla is being brought back to the screen by Legendary Pictures.

Âť David Mamet has signed on to write the screenplay for a movie about Anne Frank.

Âť Paul W.S. Anderson is developing a prequel to his remake of Death Race 2000.

Âť A movie version of Battlestar Galactica is to be directed by Bryan Singer.

Âť A script based on the Lego toys is being developed at Warner Bros.

 Robert Downey Jr. is in talks to play Lestat in a reboot of Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles series.

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Carmike’s Stimulus Tuesdays: $1 Popcorn & $1 Drink


X-GAMES 3D: The Movie PG (1:46) DLP 3D SURCHARGE WILL APPLY/NO DISCOUNT TICKETS ACCEPTED 1:00 – 3:15 – 5:30 – 7:45 – 10:00 INGLORIOUS BASTERDS R (2:52) (11:00 Fri-Sun) 2:15 – 5:30 – 8:45 (12:00 Fri & Sat) SHORTS PG (1:49) DLP (11:00 Fri-Sun) 1:30 – 4:00 – 7:00 – 9:30 (12:00 Fri & Sat) POST GRAD SURVIVAL GUIDE PG13 (1:49) DLP (11:00 Fri-Sun) 1:30 – 4:00 – 7:00 – 9:30 (12:00 Fri & Sat) DISTRICT 9 R (2:13) DLP (11:00 Fri-Sun) 1:00 – 1:45 – 4:00 – 4:20 – 7:00 – 8:00 – 9:45 (11:00 Fri & Sat) THE GOODS: LIVE HARD, SELL HARD R (1:49) DLP (11:00 Fri-Sun) 1:15 – 5:40 – 7:45 – 9:50 (12:00 Fri & Sat) THE TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE PG13 (2:08) DLP (11:00 Fri-Sun) 1:30 – 4:00 – 7:00 – 9:30 (12:00 Fri & Sat) BANDSLAM PG (2:11) DLP (11:00 Fri-Sun) 1:30 PONYO G (2:00) DLP (11:00 Fri-Sun) 1:30 – 4:00 – 7:00 – 9:30 A PERFECT GETAWAY R (1:58) DLP - 9:40 GI JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA PG13 (2:20) DLP (11:00 Fri-Sun) 1:00 – 1:40 – 4:00 – 4:20 – 7:00 – 7:15 – 9:40 – 10:00 JULIE & JULIA PG13 (2:24) DLP (11:00 Fri-Sun) 1:45 – 4:30 – 7:15 – 10:00 (500) DAYS OF SUMMER PG13 (1:55) DLP (11:00 Fri-Sun) 1:30 – 4:00 – 7:00 – 9:30 (12:00 Fri & Sat) FUNNY PEOPLE R (2:46) DLP 1:00 – 4:00 THE UGLY TRUTH R (1:56) DLP 7:15 – 9:30 (12:00 Fri & Sat) THE ORPHAN R (2:23) DLP 4:00 – 7:00 – 9:45 G-FORCE 3D PG (1:50) DLP 3D SURCHARGE WILL APPLY/NO DISCOUNT TICKETS ACCEPTED (11:00 Fri-Sun) 1:30 – 4:00 – 7:00 – 9:30 THE HANGOVER R (2:00) DLP (11:00 Fri-Sun) 1:45 – 4:30 – 7:15 (12:00 Fri & Sat) THE HURT LOCKER R (2:25) 1:00 4:00 7:00 9:50

buzz †â€


From Big Beat to House

Physical Challenge showcases up-and-coming local DJs

by Amanda Shively


he art of beatmixing and matching is not the most common of hobbies. While the average college party almost isn’t complete until someone announces his or her prowess at acoustic guitar — and ability to take requests — finding a true DJ is less of a common occurance. Becoming a DJ is not an interest one can just “pick up” without a drive to produce and ear for not only what will blend well together, but what songs and beats can get a crowd out of their chairs and onto the dance floor. “One of my best friend’s older brother is DJ Bozak [a local DJ], and he was always playing records while we were playing video games in the basement and I thought it was really cool. I started collecting a

DJ Famicom (left) and Lucknow (right). Used with permission from Ian LeSueur.

lot of electronic records, and at one point I thought, ‘I have a lot of this. Why don’t I start mixing it myself?’” explained DJ Famicom (Ian LeSueur). “I probably wasn’t into it as quickly as Ian,” shared Lucknow (Justin Cudmore). “I grew up and my mom was always into pop music, and I think a lot of the rock music I listen to lends itself to remixes and I started to take an interest.” LeSueur and Cudmore, both seniors at the University, are just two names in a rising crowd of recognizable student DJs representing their art at weekly events like the Canopy Club’s Physical Challenge: A Dance Party Getdown. While LeSueur also regularly plays a more Top 40’s influenced set for the crowd at downtown Champaign’s Chester Street, or “C Street,” both DJs also work at local house parties and anywhere an opportunity is provided. “The Physical Challenge is great because we really have a lot of freedom and choice in what we play. At C Street I have to throw in a Beyonce song or Katy Perry, and I’m pretty much limited to strictly Top 40, but on Wednesday nights we get the opportunity to experiment — do things like add a video screen of movie mash-ups, which is something I have been working on lately,” LeSueur said.

As regulars for the Wednesday night Canopy grounds. “There’s a point where you kind of have Club crowd, Cudmore and LeSueur are better to intermix songs that everyone knows,” Cudmore known as Lucknow and Famicom (not Famicon said. “We’ll throw in things like Passion Pit — muas often incorrectly adversic that is still recogniztised) respectively, their “we really have a lot of able to the crowd, but self-appointed DJ names. able to be manipulated,” An important part of the freedom and choice in LeSueur added. DJ culture, the names what we play ... we get the Realizing the power of common themes, create an identity that is the two mentioned a often indicative of the in- opportunity to experiment” dividual style and music great deal of plans for DJ Famicom (Ian LeSueur) preferences of each DJ. the upcoming season of Playing what Lucknow refers to as the “big beat” Physical Challenge, which could include a whole style, Famicom’s name is a reflection of the Family crop of new fans when students arrive on campus Computer, the Asian version of Nintendo’s origi- looking for a weekly routine. nal 8-bit console. “I never know what my genre “We want to introduce a new aspect to the muis ... I play so much random stuff and I like to mix sic. We’ll call it Jukebox night for now,” the two it up,” he explained. shared with a laugh, not wanting to spoil too much On the other hand, Lucknow finds his inspira- of the surprise. tion from “a lot of disco and ’90s house,” and his For now, you can find DJ Famicom and Lucknow name was taken from a city in a story he read for at the Canopy Club on Wednesday evenings hard an English course last year. “I had a harder time at work for the Physical Challenge. With a slew coming up with the name, but I just thought it of plans ahead and a prime spot DJing a preshow sounded right,” he shared. for the Pygmalion Music Festival, there’s little Either way, both agree that their music works sign of slowing down for the two friends, or CU’s well together because of a number of common emerging DJ scene.

Creating a Participatory Music Community CU Folk and Roots Sampler features hands-on workshops


Photo used with permission from the Hathaways


run by Lori Caterini, and “Songs for the Young and Young at Heart,” hosted by Banjulele, which features acoustic instruments and a percussive instrument called the “Lumberjack.” The sampler at the Channing-Murray Foundation is just one of many fundraisers the organizers are holding to fund the Festival. Fundraisers have been held at the Iron Post, Rose Bowl, Phillips Center, and most recently, last week at the Canopy Club. “Each one reaches out to a different segment of the community. Folk music has something for every segment of society, not just the 20somethings or 40-somethings. It’s a genre that’s acccesible to everyone,” Koenig said. The CU Folk and Roots Festival will begin Friday night and end Saturday night at midnight from September 25-26 in downtown Urbana. The event will feature all kinds of folk and roots music and experiences, from Creole to Bluegrass to Celtic to Conjunto, as well as storytelling, square-dancing, blues jams and art sessions. According to the official web site, “The festival is designed to celebrate American traditional arts in all their diversity, and to engage people across generations and ethnic communities in active participation.” Says Koenig, “Making music as a community is really valuable to the human spirit. [With folk music], there isn’t separation between the art and the audience. It’s something everyone can do.”


block party

by Amanda Shively

by Leslie Goldberg After wandering through the plethora of booths at Quad Day, head over to the East side of the Quad to the Channing-Murray Foundation for the CU Folk and Roots Festival Sampler. From 2-8 p.m., the sampler will offer any number of folk and roots experiences to gear up and raise money for the Festival at the end of September. Brenda Koenig, a member of the festival organizational committee, says: “This event will be hands-on, participatory folk art. This is not just come, sit down, and listen to a band. This is come, roll up your sleeves and become a part of the art.” The festival sampler will feature all forms of folk art: dancing, music, storytelling, and visual art. All events, with the exception of the acoustic music showcase from 6-8 p.m., are fully participatory. One highlight is an All-Family Dance from 2-3 p.m. with caller Jonathon Sivier and music provided by Dancing Singers (a dance band of middle school students). There will also be Yiddish dancing to Klezmer music provided by Don’t Ask, and a clogging workshop. All dance events are open to beginners. One of the most intriguing events at the sampler will be a guerilla instrument sampler. “Anyone who wants to can walk in and pick up an instrument: banjo, guitar, dulcimer, whatever they like,” says Koenig. There will be teachers providing 10-minute lessons for free. Other events during the afternoon are a folk art session,

HEADS cowboy monkey

CU Folk and roots fest CHANNING-MURRAY FOUNDATION, URBANA When: Sunday, August 23 Why: Help raise money and awareness for the

upcoming CU Folk and Roots Festival at a sampler featuring guerilla instrument workshops and participatory folk art.

On Saturday, August 22 head out to Cowboy Monkey for the free family-friendly outdoor block party. Held in the parking lot adjacent to the patio, the Back-2-School event will take place from 5:00 p.m to midnight and features food, beverages and a line-up of 8 local bands ready to represent the best of CU. Elsinore: Catch them while they’re back in town following local studio performances and an appearance at the downtown Streetfest. New Ruins: The group adds a touch of polished electric guitar to the line-up, hopefully playing a number of tracks from February’s We Make Our Own Bad Luck. Hot Cops!: Check out their latest release, Everyone’s An Animal, for a blend of powerpop, shoegaze and Midwestern post-rock. Mordechai in the Mirror: CU’s resident renaissance artists — combining dance, art and video with their music. Curb Service: The turntable beats of Larry Gates find a humble middle ground in the Back-2-School line-up. Common Loon: This local duo describes themselves as “pre-apocalyptic dream pop of the late industrial age.” Lonely Trailer: Late 80s favorites Lonely Trailer return for a slew of dates around town. Heyokas: CU’s newest supergroup features Kelly McMorris, John Hoeffleur, Marc Turner and Jesse Greenlee.   August 20 - 26, 2009

...But really, should I penis?

One on One


by Emily Carlson If there was one word to describe So Long Forgotten, it would be passion, and you’ll know that after a single song. The Champaign-based group blends soulful and heartfelt lyrics with flowing, walking bass lines and driving chords to create an unmatched sound. Lead vocalist Micah Boyce talked to the buzz about all things new for the band, including their upcoming album and label. buzz: You signed to a new label, Come&Live!, in January. What can you tell us about the label and your experience so far? Micah Boyce: [Come&Live!] works through donations from fans. The idea is that by giving our music away more people will have it, and because more people will have it, more will be inclined to donate. The label isn’t totally launched at the moment, but it will work like the Internet does, like how an advertisement pays to keep a web site running. For example, our record will come out and if you pick it up in a Best Buy, they’ll be partnering with a different record, and if you buy one album, you’d get ours for free. The main idea is fair trade music. Kids will be able to go to our record label web site and donate. They make money through shows and music, and donations as artists, rather than paying a set amount. buzz: When can we expect your new album, and how is it a departure from your last work? Micah Boyce: Officially, [the album] comes out August 25. It’s definitely more eclectic and shows our versatility as a band. We tend to be very dynamic, and the new record we show we can still do that, and do that even better. But, we also show we can just be soft, which we’ve never really done before. The second half [of the album] is basically us entering uncharted territory — some songs are just very different and everything is much more mature. This album is much more patient. Songs seem more thought out, and it’s structured better. buzz: Is there a lyrical theme to the new album, and what was the inspiration behind it?

Photo used with permission from So Long Forgotten

Micah Boyce: Musically, it’s kind of the same old stuff. We’re all big fans of mewithoutYou and Explosions In The Sky and Radiohead, but at the same time, since our last album we’ve been getting into more classic rock and 90’s rock. The biggest influence for a few of the guys was Third Eye Blind, and there’s definitely parts that are very ’90s rock influenced—straight up rock & roll. Lyrically, it’s a concept album, and it tells a story. The first song sets up the story and the last song kind of concludes it, and every song is a different chapter, with each then telling its own story within. The main theme is really found in the title. Things We Can See and Things We Cannot, sums it up. People put so much emphasis on the spiritual or physical, but not both — not the idea that the two can be connected, and that’s the main theme of the record. [The theme is] to maybe take away the focus from putting all our attention on life after death, especially from a religious standpoint. The album talks about taking that idea of Heaven, and living that out in the world today. The idea of the physical world and the spiritual word are separate, but also one. buzz: What is different about the production of your new album versus previous work? Micah Boyce: It was an incredibly positive experience. We’re all way more stoked about this record than anything we’ve ever done. A lot of the extra time we put in really paid off. There is a lot of symbolism with nature on the album. Tyler [the album’s producer] surprised me — and I wasn’t angry — on my birthday, and took me into the woods and just left me there with a tent and some food to be by myself in nature to inspire me to write lyrics. And that was just one thing he did to help us. He’s awesome and a great producer. buzz: What are your upcoming tour plans? Micah Boyce: Well, our CD release show is at Canopy Club on August 21, and then we have a 15-day tour with My Epic from August 21 through September 5. buzz






AUGUST 20 - 26, 2009








PHOTOS BY JAMES KYUNG B. Lime offers literature on how to live an eco-friendly lifestyle.


Wendi Lindsay, owner of B.Lime.

ith the surplus of information about going green in our society, becoming more ecoconscious can seem like a monumental task. B. Lime in Downtown Champaign is a store designed to make what’s meant to be a simple lifestyle change be just that — simple. Opened in November 2008, B. Lime strives to carry eco-friendly products that can be easily integrated into the buyer’s everyday life. Although stores like this are popping up in big cities across the nation, society’s consumption problem reaches far beyond city limits, prompting owner Wendi Lindsay to open B. Lime in the heart of Champaign. “I really wanted to bring something like this to Champaign-Urbana,” Lindsay says. “You go to Target and Wal-Mart and you see people buying stuff we don’t need. We just live in such a disposable culture.” Public response to B. Lime has been phenomenal, proving that the community has been ready

to go green but may not have known how to go about it. B. Lime has remedied this problem by not only offering the tools, but the knowledge on how to be green. Lindsay offers free regular classes on anything a neophyte greenie might want to know. “We’ve offered classes on composting, using rain barrels and we have an upcoming one on cloth diapering,” she says excitedly. If time is an issue and classes aren’t an option, the store has a host of literature on everything from biking to work to creating a carbon-free home. Just picking up a few of their products can dramatically change one’s outlook on going green. From cool bamboo silverware and plates to recycled dog beds to adorable baby clothes, being green suddenly seems effortless and cool. They even carry the coveted EarthLust stainless steel water bottles that were included in the Oscar Awards’ gift baskets.

But it’s not the trendy products that are flying off the shelves. Lindsay says that B.Lime’s best selling product is their rain barrel. “It saves people a lot of money,” she explains. Right up there with the rain barrels are compost pails and cleaning supplies, revealing that people are really adopting green life as a lifestyle rather than a fad. Teaching through example, Lindsay and her husband, Bart, reconstructed the store’s space using all found materials and non-toxic paints — which are also for sale. “We used reclaimed furniture from places like Habitat for Humanity, and this counter is actually from my dad’s barn,” Lindsay says, tapping on the surface she is resting her arm on. “I just want people to put thought into their purchasing habits,” Lindsay says. “You know, just stop and think about where it’s made.” B. Lime certainly gives visitors a lot to think about and brings CU’s eco-consciousness into the limelight.

B.LIME 12 E. WASHINGTON ST., CHAMPAIGN WHY Wendi Lindsay’s and B.Lime is spreading

the green word out about living a more sustainable lifestyle through its products and the free classes about green living, like composting, rain barrels and cloth diapers.

A tote that can be utilized as a reusable grocery bag.

STORE HOURS Sun 12-4 » Mon 10-2

Tues-Wed-Thur 11-6 » Fri-Sat 10-5 GET INVOLVED! Classes about green topics are

free. They’ll just cost you your time and attention.


he idea of champagne often evokes images of luxury, extravagance and celebration, of people ching-chinging slender flutes filled with the pale, effervescent spirit in the name of some person, event or cause. Come this Saturday, those images will not only be characteristic of the bubbly libation of northern France, but also of a different sort of champagne — the city of Champaign, Ill. Starting at 9 a.m. and lasting until midnight on August 22, the Champaign Downtown Association, in conjunction with Fluid Events, will “toast the town” with the inaugural

Champaign Champagne Festival. The festivities will take place behind the News Gazette building and Orpheum Museum, and will feature champagne-themed events throughout the day. Though the festival is meant to celebrate the downtown Champaign area, Jeff Grant, the event manager for Fluid Events, sees the festival as a way to recognize the people in the community and the support they’ve given to the downtown area. “We’re giving thanks to everybody that comes down and spends time in the area and enjoys the things downtown has to offer,” said Grant, who wanted to create a festival in which the whole community could participate. Grant and his company are doing just that by providing an array of activities that will cater to everyone in the area, not just one specific age group. The festival will kick off with the “Orange and Blue Brunch” with Illini coaches, followed by a bubble battle, a bubble blowing contest, a live concert series and ending with a DJ’ed foam party at night. There will also be champagne seminars throughout the day hosted by Piccadilly, as well as inflatable rides for children and special “Toast to the Town” sessions given by community members. In addition to the events and attractions, local restaurants will also be tailoring their menus by providing specialty dishes for the festival. One such restaurant is Jim Gould’s, which will be serving a

champagne ceviche, a citrus-marinated seafood dish for dipping, in addition to offering half-priced champagne beverages. “To bring people downtown and enjoy the beverage of champagne in Champaign, well, that’s just kind of neat,” said Jim Gould, the owner of the restaurant. Admission is free (with the exception of brunch, which costs $20), though a $3 donation is suggested. All proceeds will help support the festival and a few not-for-profit organizations, particularly the CDA, who plays a critical role in supporting Champaign businesses. “We wanted to help ... [the CDA] generate those funds that are needed to then turn around and spend in the community,” said Grant. “Without the funds to do so, it makes it really hard for them to provide money and services for the businesses.” Bolstering the downtown businesses is another objective of the Champaign Champagne Festival. Trisha Bates, president of the CDA and a local business owner, said the fact that the event falls on the same weekend university students move in is no coincidence. She believes this festival will be a great introduction to the downtown area for new members of the community. “We can incorporate businesses and have a representation of what’s going on downtown in one place,” said Bates, who hopes the festival will draw people downtown and show them the thriving, urban atmosphere that she believes characterizes the area. Both Bates and Gould want the event to showcase the area’s versatile attractions, that it’s not just a location for young 20-somethings or older community members, but a place for families, students, senior citizens — everyone.

“Most communities have common goals and ideals, and as a community, we want to see similar things,” said Gould. “For our community, we want [this festival] to enhance the lifestyle and the enjoyment of people who live here.” So whether attendees are seven or 77, new to the community or long-time residents, business owners or simply business patrons, there will be a little something for everyone to indulge in at the festival. Everybody will have a something worthy of, and themselves be worthy of, a celebratory ching-ching. “We want to tip our glass to everybody in the community,” said Grant. “It’s a celebration of everyone, for everybody. We want to bring everyone together to celebrate the city of Champaign.”


Orange and Blue Brunch is $20

Inside the B. Lime boutique, customers can browse through a wide selection of eco-conscious products.






AUGUST 20 - 26, 2009

Complete listing available at


SUBMIT YOUR EVENT TO THE CALENDAR: Online: forms available at • E-mail: send your notice to • Fax: 337-8328, addressed to the217 calendar Snail mail: send printed materials via U.S. Mail to: the217 calendar, Illini Media, 512 E. Green St., Champaign, IL 61820 • Call: 531-1456 if you have a question or to leave a message about your event.


ing Karaoke Opie Bentley’s Pub, C, 9:30pm


Thirteen Thursdays live music 6pm �Inuencia de Jazz� Latin markets Every Thursday, WPGUJazz Sextret Historic North First 107.1 will be at a different Iron Post, U, 7pm, $5 Street Market location around campus Green River Ordinance North First Street, C, 3pm hosting awesome events The Quad, U, 8:30pm Monticello Market on the and giving away free Aushura Square prizes. Join us the entire Canopy Club, U, 9pm, $7 North State Street, Monti- summer from 6-8pm evLive Karaoke Band cello, 3pm ery Thursday. Cowboy Monkey, C, volunteer 10pm, $5 FRIDAY 21ST Geovanti’s Live Band Food Pantry Volunteer live music Geovanti’s, C, 10pm Opportunities Road Song Wesley-United Methodist Jeff Hegelson Jazz El Toro Bravo Restaurante Church & Wesley Founda- Quintet and Left Hand Mexicano, C, 10pm tion, U, 1pm Brewery Truck Volunteers are needed Iron Post, U, 5pm, $5 concert August 20th (1p-10p) for So Long Forgotten: CD Celtic Bards & Ballads: setup, distribution, and Release Show Storytelling and Irish cleanup. New distribution Canopy Club, U, 6pm, $7 Music volunteers must attend a The Mighty Pranksters Heartland Gallery, U, one-hour training. Fat City Bar & Grill, C, 7:30pm, $5 UC Books to Prisoners 8pm Comedy Show Work Session Illini Union LateNighter Courtyard Cafe - Illini Urbana-Champaign InIllini Union, U, 8pm Union, U, 9pm dependent Media Center, From a rock-climbing wall Featuring: Comedian Dan U, 2pm to a celebrity hypnotist Ahdoot show; from free video kids & families gaming on the hottest karaoke ARTfusion new systems and games DJ Bange Douglass Branch Library, to a Photo Booth; and Rosebowl Tavern, Ltd., U, C, 3pm, Children of all from open Bowling and 8:30pm ages are welcome to come Billiards play in the Illini DJ Hollywood Karaoke out and make a craft. Union Rec Room to Vegas It’ll Do 2, C, 8pm Style Casino Games. CG Productions presents lgbt Candy Foster and the RockStar Karaoke featur- Live and Let Live GLBT Shades of Blue ing Crazy Craig Alcoholics Anonymous Po’ Boys, U, 8pm, $5 Senator’s Bar & Grill, C, Meeting Scathe, Super Killer Fire, 9pm McKinley Presbyterian & Torn Inbetween CG Productions presents Church and Foundation, Memphis on Main, C, RockStar Karaoke featur- C, 6:30pm 9pm, $6

Trouvere w/ New Ruins Bentley’s Pub, C, 10pm, $4 Take Care and Withershins CD Release Show Mike ‘n’ Molly’s, C, 10pm, $4 Keith Harden Huber’s West End Store, C, 8pm

show audiences how science can be used to evaluate questionable claims.

SATURDAY 22ND live music

Back-2-School Block Party Cowboy Monkey, C, 5pm dj John Coppess Electro/club/house with Carmon’s Restaurant, C, Dj Famicom 5:30pm Chester Street, C, 9pm, High Cross Road $3 Iron Post, U, 6pm, $4 DJ Mingram 80s night Schizer Cowboy Monkey, C, 10pm Memphis on Main, C, DJ LEGTWO and DJ Belly 9pm Radio Maria, C, 10pm Dan Hubbard and Shandy DJ Delayney Wilsey Highdive, C, 10pm Bentley’s Pub, C, 10pm, $3



Summer Prairie Skies William M. Staerkel Planetarium, C, 7pm, Adults $4; Children, Seniors, Students $3 A live-narrated tour of the wonders of tonight’s sky, accompanied by some of the legendary stories of the ancient sky. Bad Astronomy: Myths & Misconceptions William M. Staerkel Planetarium, C, 8pm, Adults $4; Children, Seniors, Students $3 Join the “Bad Astronomer� Phil Plait as he takes a critical look at popular myths and misconceptions to

DJ Mertz Boltini Lounge, C, 10pm Dance Pop Chester Street, C, 9pm

festivals Champaign-Champagne Festival Downtown Champaign, C, 9am Will feature live music, food, family activities, a beneďŹ t breakfast, late night foam party and much more.

markets Market at the Square Lincoln Square Village, U, 7am

recreation Champaign Park District Skatefest 09 Spalding Park, C, 12pm This event will feature an extended street course, live music, a Best Trick contest, prizes, plus cool giveaways.

volunteer UC Books to Prisoners Work Session Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center, U, 2pm

fundraisers Kitten Shower Lincoln Square Mall, U, 9am An opportunity to meet adorable adoptable CCHS kittens! At the shower, you can start the adoption application process or just drop off a “shower gift� from the Kitten Wish List or a donation to help with kitten care expenses. HOTBOX WPGU TRACK OF THE WEEK Send your original songs you’ve made to us each week and we’ll pick a winner to be played on WPGU and featured on! Send your submissions with an mp3 attached to each week by Sunday night for your chance to win. WPGUtube Send your original videos you’ve made and uploaded to YouTube to us each week and we’ll pick a winner to be featured on the217. com! Send your submissions with a link to the video to each week by Sunday night for your chance to win.

BUZZ WANTS YOU The buzz is hiring new copy editors starting now and continuing into the school year. News editing (JOUR 420) or equivalent editing experience utilizing APA style required. Responsibilities include copy editing articles in the buzz on a weekly basis using a combination of APA and buzz style. This is a paid position. If interested, send an email to


10:00pm - The Dark Night live music Puzzle Painting Project 12:00am - The Big LebLincoln Square Mall, U, Quad Day owski 10am The Quad, U, 12pm Disney/Pixar’s “UPâ€? Join us in painting master This annual student involve- The Quad, U, 8:30pm paintings that have been ment fair provides students deconstructed (cut into with the opportunity to ďŹ nd festivals pieces) and will be recon- an organization to join, as Music for the Young and structed. well as to learn about the Young at Heart Eighth Annual Dump and many programs and serChanning-Murray FounRun Sale vices offered on campus. dation, U, 12pm Stock Pavilion, U, 8am, $2 Steak Out! w/ The Freak Everyone will have an opBrothers portunity to watch, listen Iron Post, U, 7pm, $3 and most of all participate Emerald Rum in a day full of dancing, The Blind Pig Co., C, 5pm music, storytelling, kids Live Music at Carmon’s folk art, and musical inCarmon’s Restaurant, C, strument workshops. 5:30pm


One Fabulous Night Only s Friday, August 21, 8:00 pm

dance music

Mesmerizing Evocative Seductive Produced by




The exhilarating dance that captivates the world

70ARK #HAMPAIGN ),sTickets: 217-356-9063



2302 W John St.

Champaign, IL 61821

For performances dates and cities in the Midwest, visit


Eighth Annual Dump and Country Western Dance Run Sale Independent Order of Stock Pavilion, U, 11am, $3 Odd Fellows Arthur Lodge classes & workshops 742, C, 5pm, $2 40 North presents West karaoke African Drum Classes Rock Band Sundays Capoeira Academy, C, Hosted by MC Remy 4pm, $12 Students/$15 Bentley’s Pub, C, 8pm Adults Dragon Karaoke with Classes taught by MasPaul Faber ter drummer Bolokada C.J. Dane’s, Tolono, 7pm Conde. All levels from beginner to advanced. movies West African Dance Pizza, Pitcher, & A Movie Classes with Djibril Canopy Club, U, 7pm Camara   August 20 - 26, 2009

Is there a plural form of the word “apocalypse?” I don’t know but I think that the word apocalgypsies should come into common usage.

Channing-Murray Foundation, U, 6pm, $10-12 Guests can attend regularly or drop in for single sessions.

MONday 24th live music $2 Too Wild Mondays w/ Jobu Canopy Club, U, 10pm Monday Night Live! Boltini Lounge, C, 10pm The Gold Tops Memphis on Main, C, 10pm

dj 80s Night w/ DJ Mingram Highdive, C, 10pm

recreation Ice Cream Giveaway on Quad The Quad, U, 2pm Get a free scoop of ice cream (while supplies last) from Serendipity and learn about all the exciting Illini Union Welcome Week events!

kids & families O Baby! Champaign Public Library, C, 9:45am, 10:30am Drop in any Monday for twenty minutes of lap bouncing, nursery rhymes, music activities, easy listening, and play time for the littlest ones. No registration.

Illini Union Bookstore, C, 11am Weekly Red Pin Bowling Special Illini Union, U, 6pm



Early Weekly Tango Cowboy Monkey, C, 8pm Swing Dance Illini Union, U, 9:30pm Weekly Salsa Night Cowboy Monkey, C, 10pm

Physical Challenge Dance Night Canopy Club, U, 10pm


WPGU Presents, TRIVIA DINER: Live Game Show Canopy Club, U, 6pm T-N-T Tuesday Night Trivia Boltini Lounge, C, 7pm



The Legendary Karaoke Night w/The Outlaw White Horse Inn, C, 9pm

UC Books to Prisoners Work Session Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center, U, 7pm


kids & families

Movie Night at the Women’s Resource Center Women’s Resource Center, C, 7pm Film Viewing: Transparent

stage Comedy Show Courtyard Cafe - Illini Union, U, 9pm Featuring: Jeff Bibik with special guests Fishing with Dynamite The Abe Froman Project - Improv Comedy Mike ‘n’ Molly’s, C, 9pm

auditions ”Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella” Auditions - Sign Ups Illini Union, U, 8:30am Auditions will be held Monday, September 7Wednesday, September 9 beginning at 5pm in the Illini Union Ballroom (2nd Floor North). Cinderella production will take place November 14-15 at Foellinger Auditorium, during Dads Weekend.

live music The Piano Man Canopy Club, U, 9pm Corn Desert Ramblers Rosebowl Tavern, Ltd., U, 9pm Jeff and Billy El Toro Bravo Restaurante Mexicano, C, 9pm

karaoke Karaoke by Paul Faber The Clark Bar, C, 9pm “G”-Force Karaoke Memphis on Main, C, 9pm MCJS Karaoke American Legion Post 24, C, 7:30pm

open mic Open Mic at the Monkey Cowboy Monkey, C, 10pm

auditions ”Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella” Auditions - Sign Ups Illini Union, U, 8:30am

WEDnesday 26th live music Dave Cooper and Joni Dreyer Senator’s Bar & Grill, Savoy, 8pm

IUB Quad Day Cinema featuring Up

dance music

Tuesday Twos karaoke mind/body/spirit Champaign Public Library, CG Productions presents Free Acupunctere Clinic C, 9:45am, 10:30am, RockStar Karaoke featur- For Veterans and Families 11:15am, Enjoy stories, ing Matt Fear Urbana-Champaign songs, and movement acMike ‘n’ Molly’s, C, 10pm Friends Meeting, U, 6am tivities for two-year-olds MCJS Karaoke with a parent or grandparAmerican Legion Post 24, classes & workshops ent. No registration. C, 7:30pm MELD (Monday Evening Goodnight Storyshop Life Drawing) Group Champaign Public Library, open mic McGown Studios, C, C, 6:30pm Open Mic Monday 7pm, $7 For ages 2 to 5. RegistraCanopy Club, U, 7pm tion is not required.

TUESday 25th

buz z ’s WEEK AHEAD

”Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella” Auditions - Sign Ups Illini Union, U, 8:30am

markets Market on Main Mahomet Community Center, Mahomet, 3pm

recreation IYA Park Tour: Star-gazing in the parks Hallbeck Park, C, 8:30pm

The Quad

Sunday, August 23

8:30-10:30 p.m.

Though it seems like I just saw the movie in theaters, I absolutely cannot skip out on a viewing of the latest Disney/Pixar masterpiece, Up, on the Quad on Sunday. Not only is this a free event, but for anyone who hasn’t viewed a movie from the Quad before, it’s a really fun environment. On top of the superb film quality — honestly one of the best movies I saw all summer, apparently the Illini Union Rec Room will be having a special with a 32 oz. pop and popcorn for a buck! Super cheap evening overall, and who doesn’t love those? — Amanda Shively, Music Editor

Comedian Dan Ahdoot The Courtyard Cafe in the Student Union

Thursday, August 20

9-11 p.m.

The man has written for such TV shows as Crank Yankers, and has opened for Patton Oswalt and Lewis Black. If he’s funny enough to open for those two, then he’ll probably have some great material. — Matt Carey, Movies Editor

Physical Challenge The Canopy Club

Wednesday, August 19

10 p.m.-2 a.m.

I’m looking forward to dancing off a hard day’s work at Wednesday’s Physical Challenge at Canopy Club. DJ Lucknow always spins hot tracks that make it hard for me not to move! There’s no cover, PBR pints are $1 and it’s probably one of the best dance events in CU! — Jean Kim, Arts Editor

Champaign Champagne Festival Downtown Champaign

Saturday, August 22

9 a.m.-12 a.m.

I will most definitely be heading out to the Champaign Champagne Festival in downtown Champaign. Some restaurants will be creating special champagne-themed dishes and there will be a lot of actual champagne to go with it. There’s even going to be a foam party at night! I’m really really hoping the foam will taste like champagne too. — Michell Eloy, Community Editor

game-playing Game Night in the Rec Room Illini Union, U, 7pm

mind/body/spirit Wellness Day on the Quad The Quad, U, 11:30am

Celtic Bards and Ballads Heartland Gallery in Urbana

7:30 p.m.

Thursday, August 20

Coming from a large Irish family, an evening full of Hibernian songs and tales will be like taking a trip to my grandpa’s house but without the lingering smell of mothballs and Cheese Nips. — Maggie Carrigan, Food & Drink Editor

10% OFF lunch or dinner buffet (when you bring in this ad)

Now Under New Management

Crazy Buffet (217) 351-6998 • 702 W. Town Center Blvd. Champaign IL 61822

recreation Illini Union Bookstore Photo Booth




by Jo Sangar and Ross Wantland

Caught on Tape

Making of Home (Sex) Movies


hile there’s nothing new about sexual partners taking explicit photos of each other or making sexual films, we recently realized we haven’t seen much discussion about filming yourself during sex or why people might want to film themselves. We may hear about an “amateur” video or celeb sex tape, but not about what to consider if you’re thinking about it. Although our AV skills are minimal, “Doin’ It Well” decided to give our readers some tips on filming it well! Coming soon

What exactly is the allure of snapping a sexy picture of yourself or your partner, or making a sex tape? It may be the element of exhibitionism and performance. Other people may not be watching, but the film’s own creator(s) could watch themselves. It becomes a way to step outside of yourself and watch your body, your partner and your sexual activities in a new way. The film (or pictures) may also be a way to communicate feelings for a partner. Sending a sexy picture or video might be both erotic and intimate. Remember, as we discussed in our column on “sexting,” [“Sext Ed,” June, 12, 2008] sending or receiving a sexual image of a minor — even if you’re a minor yourself — counts as distribution of child pornography and is illegal! But if you’re both of age and it’s consensual, a sex tape might be a way to send a care package to a long-distance lover, or give a special gift your partner won’t forget. With a partner, filming sex may be something both partners want to explore as a way to spice up the relationship. And individuals with or without a partner might like the thrill of filming their solo sex and watching it later. Where to Start

If you’re interested in recording your sexcapades, talk with your partner and see how they feel about it first. Clearly, recording someone without their permission is not sexy or cool — it’s sexually violating. By talking about it, you may find that your partner is really excited about making a tape, which would make the video much sexier. They may be horrified, or intrigued but unsure. Talk with each other about what you would like to get out of the experience. Will it be a turn on just to be filmed? Will you want to watch the tape together (or alone) later? What will you film-intimate moments or the recreation of a porn plot? And what is it about seeing them on film that you would enjoy? Chances are your partner may have reservations about being filmed. One of the main reservations is that the images may be shared



either intentionally or accidentally. Being filmed may also bring up anxieties about the ways our bodies look or our sexual performance. There are alternatives to taping. Making love in front of a mirror, or having a camera set up but turned off might add a thrill, and allow you to see what it might feel like to be filmed, if you do decide to record yourselves. Green Lighting

If you and your partner(s) are into the idea, you’ll need some equipment. If you’re planning on filming your sexual activities, you’ll need a camera that has enough memory and resolution. Also, you might consider purchasing a tripod. They are relatively cheap, and it will be much easier than propping a camera up on a nightstand. Finally, think about lighting. This isn’t a summer

blockbuster, but you’ll need enough light for the camera to catch what’s going on. If that feels like too much trouble, purchase a camera with an infrared feature. Sure, you’ll have that eerie green pall over you, but it will be worth it! No One Likes a Pirate

We cannot stress enough that filming someone during sex must be consensual. Not only can it be illegal to film someone without their permission, it’s disrespectful and dishonest to film sex without the knowledge of others. Additionally, this means that no one has the right to share someone else’s image with their friends — or the world. We’re all familiar with the “celeb sex tape” videos, not all of which claim to be consensually recorded, with men

bragging about releasing pictures of their (surprise, now-ex) girlfriends. This is definitely not “Doin’ It Well.” Even Paris Hilton has publicly discouraged young women from making sex tapes because of how easily they can be shared. Some suggest that you should only film yourself if you’re okay with everyone seeing it. Even if you trust someone completely at the time, you might want to think about what the consequences would be if they released these images. If you are ever in doubt, you can always tape yourselves, and then delete it afterwards. You still have the experience without the possibility of winding up on some user-driven porn site. Remember, just in case, hit erase. Jo and Ross are looking for your questions and ideas. Send them to us at

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HELP WANTED Part time ††August 20 - 26, 2009


Group leaders needed for after care program at Holy Cross School Champaign. Starting August 20, Monday- Friday 2:30- 5:30. Call Mrs. Devall, 398-2878.

Half time ofďŹ ce manager at progressive religious center. Greeting public, bookkeeping, scheduling. OfďŹ ce computer experience required. Now hiring GRAPHIC DESIGNERS! Gain valuable, real-world experience with a exible schedule at the Illini Media creative department. Must have 1) A strong sense of design and a conceptual mindset 2) The ability to work in a fast-paced, fun + collaborative environment 3) Experience in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign + Flash. Visit the CreativeWorks website at for more info. Interested? Contact Only U of I students may apply. Natural Resources Seasonal/ Internship Employment This position is responsible for assisting the Natural Resources Staff with the conservation and restoration of natural areas throughout the district. The ideal candidate would currently be working toward a degree in the natural resources ďŹ eld. Experience with restoration or conservation, agricultural implements and power equipment is beneďŹ cial. This position will report to Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve in Mahomet, IL. For questions, email Application info and job descriptions are available from the CCFPD website ( EOE

HELP WANTED Full/Part time



Dirt got you down? Experienced house cleaner with references. (217)390-2911



Mattresses and Box Springs Twin set $120, Full set $170, Queen set $190, King set $290. Will deliver. 309-452-7477.



2009 Genuine BUDDY 50 SCOOTER (62 original miles) added windshield, front & rear racks, battery tender, cover, cable & lock. ModiďŹ ed to go up to 45 mph. $1999.00 OBO 217â€?778â€?6609



Aug 2009. Classic Building-across from Jimmy John's on Lincoln Ave. Hardwood Floors, Laundry, Call for showing times. 1 BR + Sun Room $550/mo (UF), 1 BR + Den $550/mo (UF), 2 BR $490 (F) Parking $50/mo BARR REAL ESTATE, INC 356-1873

Campus 2 BR From $750. Most utilities included. 367-6626

1 BR at $485. 406 E. Stoughton Champaign. Near County Market. Free Parking, C/A, Laundry Call 766-3008.

BEST OFFER CAMPUS 1 BR Loft 2 BR 3 BR 4 BR Campus. 367-6626 For August 2009

508 W. Griggs, U. 1 Bedroom furnished. Includes parking and trash. Laundry in building. Campo Rental Agency. 217-344-1927.


)'NFI;J% :8CCKF;8P% **.%/**.

030 HELP WANTED Full/Part time





510 S. MATTIS, C. Available Aug. 2009. Beautiful luxury 1230 sq.ft. 3 bedrooms townhomes in great location with 2.5 baths, washer/dryers, ceramic tile, ceiling fans, garages. 3 Bdrm $900. To furnish $50/mo. additional. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE 356-1873


Billed rate: 42¢/word Paid-in-Advance: 36¢/word

Photo Sellers

30 words or less + photo: $5 per issue

Garage Sales

â&#x20AC;˘ 20 words, run any 5 days (in buzz or The Daily Illini), $20 â&#x20AC;˘ 10 words, run any 5 days (in buzz or The Daily Illini), $10 â&#x20AC;˘ add a photo to an action ad, $10

Available Immediately Available Immediately. 1 bedroom loft. Fully equipped. Balcony, parking. 409 W. Green. Call Hardwick Apartments 356-5272 or 621-1012

XXX5BOE$BQBSUNFOUTDPN $300 off first monthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s rent AND $50 b off every month on ALL floor plans! Stop in for a tour! 1 and 2 bedroom apartments FREE parking, 4 POOLS, Minutes to U of I, shopping, and restaurants. 1032 E. Kerr Ave. Urbana, IL 61801 (217) 344-7717



Courtyard on randolph < 717 S. randolph, C. > only onE 3 bEdroom lEft PricE rEduction: $695/mo

Newly Remodelled Near campus & downtown Includes direct TV, water, trash, parking, laundry facility, seasonal pool, all apts. have balconies 217-352-8540

Luxury One Bedroom 407 E. University. Available for FallLuxury Apartments. Avenue Court, fully equipped. W/D in unit. Balcony. Underground parking. Non-smoking. Hardwick Apartments 356-5272 621-1012

303 E. White, C. Close to campus, one bedroom furnished/unfurnished. $470/mo. Includes parking and trash. Campo Rental Agency. 217-344-1927.

New Japanese fast food restaurant on campus is now hiring for F/T and P/T positions as line cook, food prep, cashiers and experienced sushi chef. Must be clean, organized ,punctual and work well under pressure. Previous experience preferred. Will be flexible with student schedules. Competitive hourly compensation. Applications are available Monday-Friday 11:00 A.M. -2:00 P.M. @619 S. Wright St., 5th floor (next to Follettâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s). Interviews will be conducted on 9/5/09 from 10am-5pm.

2 p.m. Tuesday for the next Thursdayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s edition.

Action Ads

2 Bedroom Condo. Urbana. Laundry, parking undercover. Balcony. New Carpet. Very quiet. Secure entry. 217-855-3754


Sarku JAPAN Teriyaki and Sushi Express


30 words in both Thursdayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s buzz and Fridayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Daily Illini!! $10. If it rains, your next date is free.




Healey Court Apartments

106 Daniel Available Now. 1 bedroom, $390/mo. Parking, laundry, value pricing. OfďŹ ce at 309 S. First THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

1108 S. Lincoln, U August 2009. Classic building close to Jimmy John's on Lincoln Ave. Hardwood Floors, Laundry. EfďŹ ciencies- furnished rents from $355 to $395/mo. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873

307-309 Healey Court, C Available Now. Behind FU Bar. 2 bedrooms. Parking, laundry, and value pricing. $695/mo. OfďŹ ce at 309 S. First. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

602 E. Stoughton, C Available Now. Unique 1 ($495) & 2 ($650) bedroom apartments. All furnished, laundry, internet, value pricing and parking available. Must see! THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

307 & 310 E. WHITE 307 & 309 CLARK AVAILABLE NOW Large studio, double closet, well furnished. Behind County Market. Starting from $350/mo. OfďŹ ce at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

1 BR, 5 blocks East of Lincoln. 103 East Oregon. Furnished, AC, No smoking. Call (217)377-8797

1005 S. Second Studio Available Now Secured building. Private parking, Laundry on-site. Value pricing from $375. OfďŹ ce at 309 S. First THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

604 E. WHITE Security Entrance Available Now, Large studio, 1 bedroom, Furnished, balconies, patios, laundry, off-street parking, value pricing. OfďŹ ce at 309 S. First. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

101 N. BUSEY & 102 N. LINCOLN, U. Aug 2009. Near Green & Lincoln. 2 bdrm apts from $495/mo. Window A/ C, Laundry. Parking $45/mo. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873

1006 S. 3rd

102 N. GREGORY, U.

Available Now. 1 bedroom. Location, Location. Covered parking, laundry, furnished, patios. Pricing. OfďŹ ce at 309 S. First. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

Aug 2009. Close to Illini Union. 2 bdrms $495/mo, Carpet, Laundry. Parking $45/mo. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-173


(9\[iffdj ,'/J%=`ijk ('/N%:_Xic\j ('*<%?\Xc\p ('*<%Jkfl^_kfe



503 - 505 - 508 White 2 Bedroom with den $695 3 Bedroom $750



Contact Justin at 618-304-8562

Completely Furnished Water Included On-Site Parking & Laundry On-Site Resident Manager | 217-352-3182

)9\[iffdj ('*<%Jkfl^_kfe ((<%Cf^Xe#:% ?Xikn\cc;i%#JXmfp

56 & 58 E. Healey, Champaign

?flj\j ,'0J%<cd#:%

1 Bedroom Apartments $470 - 535 Rent includes: HEAT, SEWER & TRASH Secure building with intercom On-site Laundry Balcony / Patio Parking Available $40/mo Location: First St. between Green & Springfield (217) 377-8850

buzz â&#x20AC; â&#x20AC;

15   August 20 - 26, 2009



THE GEORGIAN 1005 S. SIXTH, C. Aug 2009. Best located 1 bdrms on U of I Campus. Next to UI Library. 1 bdrms from $450 to $550/mo. Laundry, Window A/C, Carpet. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873

GREAT VALUE 306-308-309 WHITE Available Now Studios($390), 2($725), and 3($775) bedrooms. Balconies, patios, laundry, dishwashers, off-street parking. Behind County Market. 841-1996 THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

Available Now Studio, 1, 2, & 3 Bedroom Apartments 217-352-3182




One Bedroom Residences Downtown Champaign A complete regeneration of living space in downtown Champaign. These artistically inspired residences are fully furnished and feature IKEA furniture and cabinetry, hardwood floors, video security, off street parking, and laundry on site. KARMA is designed to be a fusion of art and living in a contemporary urban environment. Barr Real Estate, Inc. 217-356-1873

509 E. White Available Now. Large Studio and 1 bedrooms. Security entry, balconies, patios, furnished. Laundry, off-street parking, value pricing. Office at 309 S. First THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 217-352-3182




John Street Apartments 58 E. John, C Studio, two and three bedrooms Dishwashers, center courtyard, onsite laundry, central air, parking, value pricing. 2 Bed ($675) 3 Bed ($875) THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

420 APARTMENTS Furnished

ARBOR APARTMENTS, C. Aug 2009. 1 bdrms at Third & Gregory across from Snack Bar. Window A/C, laundry. Parking $35/mo. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873


509 W. MAIN, U Aug 2009. 1 bdrm apts. From $415/ mo to $445/mo. Laundry, Window A/ C, Parking $45/mo. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873

Are you tired of renting from the large property see more at management companies where you are just a number in a sea of people??? Come to RentChampaign and experience more personal attention and quality places to live! Specializing in Single family homes with over 50 to choose from. Hurry, they won’t last long!!!


Place Apartments

Daily Specials!


509 E. Clark, C. Large Efficiency. 217-721-6295. 509eclark.html.

• Starting at $745 • See pictures online

217.328.2792 301 S. Race St. Urbana, IL 61801

• 4 bdrm - $995 • Beautifully furnished and remodeled! • NOW LEASING • Semester leases available • Move-in special: $500 off 1st month’s rent OR $500 gift card to a store of your choice





Any 3 Bdrm for $900

Any 6 Bdrm for $1200

Every 5 Bdrm Any 2 Bdrm for $1500 for $640



$100 off any apt signed this day

Any 1 Bdrm for $500

1 mile from UIUC Free 7-minute bus ride

Starting at

$ 329



your home is here.

1 BEDROOMS: 1308 Grandview 2 BEDROOMS: 705 W. Elm


HOUSES: 705 W. Springfield, 7 Bedroom

?LEJ@E><I<EK<IGI@J<J#@E:% )(. **.$(,-,›nnn%_lej`e^\iXgkj%Zfd

It’s About A Lifestyle.

Lease a 2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom for Fall ‘09 and Receive $310 OFF your monthly rent for the entire fall semester! Single leases now available Now renting by the Bedroom





We've redefined luxury with these spectacular 2 bedroom units built August 2007 right in the heart of the U of I campus, around the corner from Cafe Paradiso. Wall-mounted flat screen TVs, wine & beer fridge, designer furniture package, W/D, buzzer entry, elevator, covered parking and MUCH MORE!!! Some units have 2 baths! A must-see! Rents from $1250/mo to $1350/mo. Call for showing times! BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873



everything you’re looking for.

Find out more at: 866.631.6004 or





Aug 2009. 1 Bdrms corner of Lincoln & Illinois. Window A/C, Laundry, Rent $495/mo. Parking $50/mo. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873

semester, academic, and annual terms now available


• Indoor + Outdoor Parking • Convenient Grocery • Tanning Beds • Theatre • Fitness Center • Club Room • 10 - foot Ceilings • Modern Kitchens • Cable • Fully Furnished • Oversized Windows • Granite Counter tops • High - Speed Internet


807 to 809 W. ILLINOIS, U

Houses, houses, and more houses! 810 S. Oak St.

906 S. Oak, C 3 (2 BR with Study) & 4 (3 BR with Study) Bedroom Furnished Apartments For Fall 2009. Laundry in each apartment. No Pets. 9.5 Month Lease Available $840-1140 Steve Frerichs 369-1182




CALL *,-$(+'.

J\\:iX`^jc`jk   August 20 - 26, 2009

Sent from my iClicker.

APARTMENTS Unfurnished


115 W. WASHINGTON, U August 2009. 1 bdrms. Window A/C, Laundry. From $360/mo to $495/mo. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC 356-1873

301 W. GREEN, U Aug 2009. 1 bdrm apts from $505/ mo. Close to Urbana Library and Downtown. Free Parking Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873

508 S Mattis, C. Aug 2009. One of Champaign’s finest apartment complexes featuring a beautiful courtyard. 1 bdrm apts. at $475/mo. On busline with Central A/ C, Carpet, Gas Heat, Laundry facilities, Patios or Balconies, Covered Parking. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC 217-356-1873

Great Location 201 S. Wright St., Champaign. Adjacent to Engineering campus.Loft bedroom, security parking, balcony, A/C, laundry. Hardwick Apartments 356-5272 621-1012




4 BR house for rent. Unfurnished. 2 bathroom. Available immediately. $1, 000/mo.


3 BR or 2 BR plus study New kitchen, A/C, pkg, deck/patio Available Fall 2009 @ $599/mo The Weiner Companies, Ltd. 1-217-384-8001

206 W. Washington, C. 1 Bedroom available mid august. $485/mo. Spacious, downtown, champaign location. Call 217-3528540.



Quiet Furnished House - 606 W. Illinois St., U. 2 blocks from Lincoln on Illinois St., Furnished 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath, W/ D, A/C, D/W, full kitchen, off-street parking for 3 cars, garage, fenced back yard, available August 2009, $1485 per month. 805-964-7601

Best Offer 2 bedroom on campus. Available now. 367-6626

502 E. Springfield $500/mo negotiable. 2 males seeking third roommate. private bedroom, bath, and laundry with optional parking. 630-638-0401 or email


now hiring graphic designers at illini media!

House for Rent Two houses for rent in Urbana: One 4 bedroom on Carle Park and one 3 bedroom 5 blocks from UIUC. Contact: 217-377-8425.


2 Bedroom Small Garage. Close to campus. $725/mo. 367-6626

1 Block North of Carle ER. 3 Bedroom, 1 bath, AC, Dishwasher, Available August 13. 706 North Coler. (217)377-8797


visit for more info and to download a job application. *Must be a U of I student to apply.

Duplex $775/mo. 2 BR close to campus. Duplex. 605 West Indiana Avenue, Urbana. 1.5 blocks from McKinley. First floor unit. Quiet residential neighborhood. Central air. Small porch/study off second BR. 1 parking space in garage. 309-827-0388 or 309-828-4654 or

Your Source

for a campuS job.

LINKSVIEW, SAVOY Aug 2009. Located on 9th hole of UI Golf Course. 2 bdrm 880 sq.ft. Each apt has own garage, storage unit, 2 balconies/patios, dishwashers, disposals, w/d hookups. From $650/ mo. to $ + parking. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873

SOUTHWEST PLACE APTS, C. Aug. 2009. Located in SW Champaign near Windsor & Mattis. 2 bdrm Duplexes, Fourplexes, Townhouses and 1 bedrooms. Carpet, gas heat, central a/c. Some units have w/d's in units, w/d hook-ups, or laundry in bldg, garages, dishwashers, disposals, patio/balconies, parking. 1 bdrms from $490/mo. 2 bdrms from $610/mo. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE 356-1873


3 Bedroom House Close to Campus. Very good condition. 2 story house with basement. Washer and dryer, window A/C's. Good parking. 701 S. Randoph, corner of John and Randoph. $950/mo. Call Margie Hoss, 493-9033, for more info

5 Bedroom House 405 Lynn near downtown and bus. 5 BR, FR and DR with 2 car garage and w/d. $1500/mo. (217)721-2350

Large 4BR by Beckman 4 BR house w/ 1.5 BA, DW & WD. Lots of Space in 2 story home. Includes water, trash, lawn service and off-street parking. Two blks from Beckman Inst & Engineering Quad. Easy Access to nearby stores and buslines. $1200/mo. Ph: 217-7143330.

roommate wanted ads Looking for a roommate for the 2009-2010 school year? Let us help you! Submit a 20 word or less Roommate Wanted ad and we’ll print it for FREE! Offer valid August 24–September 4.

Call 217-337-8337 or email us at



Best Deal in Town! 1 BR/ Living Room suite for female student or professional in 5 BR Colonial home. shared kitchen, screen porch, yard, laundry. Exclusive SW Champaign subdivision. Near busline, stores, wi-fi, and central air. $350-400/mo. Utilities included. Available 8-15. Call 217-377-1350.

CAMPUS ROOMS AVAILABLE NOW All utilities from $335. 367-6626

FindoutmoreabouttheindependentstudentmediacompanyattheUofI.IlliniMedia offersawidevarietyofjobopportunitiesincludingreporters,salesreps,marketing reps,creativedesigners,on-airradiopersonalities,onlinebloggers,fashionistas,copy

Room for rent in artist's house, 6491767



Find out where you fit at one of the Illini Media units:

Female to share quiet furnished house near campus. benorris@uiuc. edu. (217)417-4514.

Seeking Roommate $350/mo. Pay half electric and cable. Campus parking. 217-6370314

2 Bedroom Apt. Pay half utilities, close to campus $395/mo. 367-6626


Events & Meetings


Left Hand Milk Stout Car Enjoy beer from our keg car with The Jazz Quintet. 5pm August 21, Iron Post.

Daily Illini





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INfo NIGHTS Thursday, August 27 @ 7PM Tuesday, September 1 @ 7PM

Illini Media Building 512 E. Green Street Champaign, IL



Free Will Astrology ARIES

(March 21-April 19)

Maybe you weren’t listened to very attentively as a child. Perhaps you were dressed in clothes you didn’t like, hugged only three times a year, and fed food you were allergic to. I suppose it’s even possible that your parents were psychotic drug dealers who kept you chained to a radiator in their squalid basement. If that’s the case, Aries, I would understand if you had an urge to devote the next three decades to bewailing your bitter past and scheming up ways to wreak revenge on the cruel world. But if you have ever been curious about whether there might be better ways to allocate your time and energy, I have good news. According to my reading of the astrological omens, you now have it in your power to overcome your toughest memories and set out on a course to become almost as secure as if those bad things had never happened.


(April 20-May 20)

Let’s say you’re listening to your favorite band on a stereo system. There is a place between the two speakers where you will hear the two streams of music blend perfectly, exactly as the sound engineer intended. This place is called the sweet spot. If you play tennis or baseball, you know about another version of the term “sweet spot.” It’s the area on the racquet or the bat where you get best results when striking the ball. According to my astrological analysis, Taurus, this will be your ruling metaphor for the next three weeks. You have arrived at your very own sweet spot -- the embodiment of all that is melodious, graceful, delicious, aromatic, and effective.


(May 21-June 20)

Squirrels often bury the nuts they find, intending to come back and retrieve their bounty at a later time. The only trouble is, they sometimes forget where their hiding places are, and the nuts go uneaten. This, at least, is the story told by children’s book writer Beatrice Potter, and I regard her as an authority on such matters. I bring this to your attention, Gemini, because you’re entering a phase when it will be wise for you to track down and accumulate extra reserves of a prime resource. As you do, make sure you remember all the pertinent details that will allow you to fully access them when you need them in the future.


(June 21-July 22)

For better or worse, you are at least temporarily becoming more psychic. It could be a blessing, or it might be a bit of a burden. You may really enjoy having an enhanced ability to tune in to what people are thinking and feeling, and it could prove eminently useful. Knowing what’s really on everyone’s mind might give you a significant edge as you work to turn grand fantasies into well-grounded realities. But it also might tax your empathy or tempt you to ignore boundaries that should be upheld. I hope that by informing you of this situation, I have made it far more likely that your higher sensitivity will be a gift instead of a glitch.


(July 23-Aug. 22)

Your strategies are very close to working. The results you’ve generated so far are almost useful, bordering on successful, and on the brink of being beautiful. My question now is: You won’t stop here, will you? You’ve already garnered a measure of recognition. You’ve gotten a taste of victory over your old bugaboos. Will you be satisfied with these partial breakthroughs, or will you fight and kick and scratch to strip away the almosts and ascend to utter triumph?


(Aug. 23-Sept. 22)


(Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

No more rotten dessert, Virgo. No more silky danger or juicy poison. No more worthless treasures or empty successes or idiotic brilliance. Soon all those crazy-making experiences will be gone, blasted, dead. By this time next week, the bad influences that were trying to pass themselves off as good influences will have fallen away in response to your courageous drive for authenticity. You will be primed to restore your innocence and play in places where purity is the rule, not the exception. Already, the wisdom of your wild heart is regenerating, giving you the strength to overthrow the sour, life-hating influences that were threatening to smother your spirit. An epic treasure hunt will soon begin. Are you ready for it? I don’t think you are. To get yourself in shape to perform at 18


August 20 - August 26

a high level, I suggest that you open your mind wider than you ever have before. The clues that will be most helpful won’t resemble any clues you’ve ever valued in the past, and they’ll be arriving from unforeseen sources. I’ll give you a hint about what to look for in the early going of the quest for the magic boon: What circumstance in your life has a certain metaphorical similarity to a speakeasy during the time when alcohol sales were illegal in America?


j o n e s i n ’ 

  “F r o m A


B”-- i t ’ s

a short trip

by Matt Jones

(Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

It’s not a favorable moment to get your honey’s name tattooed on your forearm. Maybe in November, but not now. On the other hand, it’s an excellent time to determine whether your lover is willing to have your name tattooed on his or her forearm. In the coming weeks, I also encourage you to figure out which of your allies would give you half of their fudge brownie and which wouldn’t; which authority figures would be inclined to give you precisely what you want rather than see you walk out of their lives; and which of your associates are too jealous of you to be truly helpful. Be cagey about how you apply the tests, Scorpio. See if you can subtly gauge where everyone stands in relationship to you.


(Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

I’d like to discuss The Game. Do you know what I mean? I’m talking about The Unnamed Game. The Uber-Game that is so vast and all-encompassing that it’s virtually a secret. What if you discovered that one of the seemingly sacrosanct rules of The Game was really just a local ordinance, and no longer applied if you played in a different arena or at a higher level? And what if I said that in this different arena or higher level, new allies are poised to introduce you to loopholes and shortcuts you never imagined existed?


(Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

I think you’ve been lurking and slinking long enough, Capricorn. For now, you’ve learned all you need to know about wrestling with camouflage and subterfuge. You’ve done all you could to clean up the crooked places and bring integrity to the twisted stories. Now it’s high time for you to come out and play -- to exit the claustrophobic maze and make a break for wide-open spaces. Some cautionary advice: To keep from getting pinched by trick endings, make sure all sales are final and all goodbyes are complete.


(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

Technically, this would be an excellent time to shuck all your responsibilities and plunge into a week-long bacchanalia, complete with rowdy feasting and delirious dancing and lunatic laughter and erotic abandon and mind-altering emotions. Realistically, though, while such an interlude might do wonders for your relationship with yourself, it could dampen your relationships with people who rely on you. Unless of course you could coax them into joining you on your binge.


(Feb. 19-March 20)

Did you ever notice that some people seem to be addicted to falling in love over and over again? While they may truly have a natural propensity to exult in the beauty of a great variety of their fellow humans, I also suspect that their addiction serves as an excuse for them to fall in love with themselves over and over again. At least in part, each new romantic partner is a pawn in their strategy for coming back home to themselves. Here’s what I’m inclined to ask these people: Why not simply eliminate the middleman or middlewoman? I’m not necessarily implying that you’ll benefit from this advice right now, Pisces. But then why did a soft, lulling voice in my head just suggest that I tell it to you?

Solution in Classifieds.


1 Make a groove 5 It’s high part of the time 9 They may be housebroken 13 “Julie & Julia” director Ephron 14 Kimono sashes 15 Stares in astonishment 16 Moral dilemmas, so to speak 18 How cold drinks are kept 19 Western carriage for a former Virginia governor? 21 It may get smashed 22 Farmer’s sci. 23 Raptor’s claw 25 Took off the truck 30 “ER” actor Noah 31 “Wow, it stinks like a spoiled kid in here”? 33 Mode preceders 34 Vigoda who’s still alive 35 Hot time in Quebec 36 Device that takes pictures of poetic metric units? 41 “You look fiiiine!” 42 Plastic bottle size 43 “___ to?” 45 Veinte divided by veinte 46 Hibernation place 47 Snoozes, online journal-style, to Tonto? 54 Novelist Potok 55 Right away 56 Vocal Apple 57 Uncredited credit, in quotes 58 “Love, Save the Empty” singer McCarley 59 Wine container 60 Fuzzy green stuff 61 It’s used to return mail: abbr.


1 One of the Es in E.E.: abbr.

2 Riding mower brand 3 Louie meat 4 Block in a loft 5 Dessert at an Italian restaurant 6 Letter-shaped steel girder 7 TV screen measurement, for short 8 ___ quam videri (North Carolina state motto) 9 ___ Games (2011 sporting event in Doha, Qatar) 10 Huge movie 11 Part of MIT: abbr. 12 One way to go: abbr. 15 10 to the 100th power 17 Concerning 20 Get ahold of 23 All-Pro cornerback signed twice to the New York Jets 24 San Antonio site 25 Retired “raw” Crayola shade 26 ___-do-well 27 Dismal, to a poet 28 “Suck it!” 29 Edge square in Battleship 30 “Hold up!” 32 Matching 37 Signature makeup, perhaps 38 Picture house 39 Resting upon 40 Gets up 41 Horse races 44 Hastened 46 Prom night rentals 47 “Eagle Eye” actor LaBeouf 48 Country that becomes its official language when you drop the final letter 49 Thailand, once 50 They lead to P 51 Actress ___ Flynn Boyle 52 Spunkmeyer of the cookie world 53 Ace and Peter’s bandmate 54 Ozone layer pollutant: abbr.

William Shakespeare appeared before me in a dream and told me not to shit where I eat. A true poet, he was.

AND ANOTHER THING ...   june 18 - 24, 2009


Penny pinchin’ Saving money with dog hair, roadkill or dumpster diving Everyone likes to get a bargain. It’s nice to feel like you’re saving money, but most times it doesn’t work out all that well. It usually doesn’t take very long to figure out why something was so inexpensive. “Oh wow, that chicken breast is really cheap. Oh, I see, because it has the texture of an eel.” Or “Geez, I can’t believe they can sell a car for that price. Man, people really don’t pick up hitchhikers like they used to.” Or even “That’s a really reasonable price for a massage. Hello, 911? I’ve been violated in an amazingly creepy way.” Most of the time, a bargain isn’t all that much of a bargain. This observation in no way keeps all of us from trying to save money, even though we kind of know what’s gonna happen. Well, recently came out with a list of extreme ways to save money. I assume they were trying to be funny, you know, like I try to do in this column. Sadly, they succeeded about as well as I usually do. Since it said, “extreme ways” to save money, I assumed it meant, “cool ways.” Extreme drinks are cool, same with extreme sports, even extreme toothpaste. They, um, didn’t mean cool extreme. Let’s have a look either way. Their first idea is to check the lost and found. They don’t mean to check it to see if anything you’ve lost is in there. They mean to check it to see if anything you’d like to have is in there. Holy crap, how much does a freaking umbrella cost anyway? Is it enough to make you appear to be a complete douche bag by taking something that isn’t really yours? What do they call it? Oh yeah, stealing. Whatever. Maybe they should change the name from “Lost and Found” to “Needed and Taken.” Their second idea was a little bit less rat bastardly, but far more creepy. Apparently there’s a company that will teach you how to knit with dog hair. Fine, I don’t really believe it, but even if it’s true, I’m not sure this is the way to go. If I wear a shirt two days in a row, it begins to get a little gamey. A freaking dog essentially wears the same damned coat every day for about fifteen years. That’s not to mention the dogs that enjoy rolling in their own waste…which is actually every damned dog. A shirt made of pet hair will not make you seem frugal. It will make you seem insane, smelly and insane. Extreme drivers can save a little off the old gasoline bill by turning off their car early and coasting into a parking spot. I’m sure this little

technique can save upwards of three cents a month. I’m sure it will also lead you to be rear ended on a fairly regular basis. I’m sure a person could also save a crapload of money by not replacing brakes and tires and oil and windshield wipers. This in no way means this is a fine idea. Finally, they get to a somewhat sound idea, eating road kill for dinner. Sure, it sounds pretty disgusting, but I’m from the country and I’ve eaten some fairly freaky shit in my time. In fact, I actually remember butchering a deer I’d hit with my car once. The meat tasted just fine to me though the butchering wasn’t the most pleasant afternoon I’ve ever spent. It may sound a little nasty, but when you’re trying to save money, the method of an animal’s death should probably play a minimal role. In a similar vein, they recommend dumpster diving as a method for saving some cash. First of all, let me say that even if you’re super enthusiastic, it’s not a good idea to actually dive into the dumpster. Ease yourself in as slowly as possibly and if you feel anything sharp about to pierce your skin, pull yourself out as quickly as possible. Second of all, if you find one of my drunk friends sleeping in the dumpster, don’t call me. Besides that, I guess you might as well take a chance. There have been times I’ve thrown away something that has been perfectly good. Still, there have been times I’ve thrown away three gallons of bacon grease. It’s really a pretty big chance to take. The rest of the ideas are about as awesomely extreme as these are. Suffice it to say they involve ignoring expiration dates, reusing tea bags (not the kind you’re probably thinking of, but actual bags of tea), stealing condiments from restaurants, and just about any thing else you can think of that doesn’t seem quite right. The best way to save money may be to ignore from now on. Trying to save money often leads to simply giving money away. If you go by this list, it can also lead to you being one of the most annoying people ever to walk the face of the earth. It’s an old saying, but it’s sort of true: “You get what you pay for.” My dad also used to have a good saying: “Don’t act like a dumbass all the damned time.” If you put them both together, you might actually have something. Some of the tips on this list might be tempting, but I think I’m staying away from them for now. I like saving a dollar whenever possible, but it’s also nice to have a little self esteem put aside for a rainy day.


19   August 20 - 26, 2009



Buzz Magazine: Aug. 20, 2009  
Buzz Magazine: Aug. 20, 2009  

Aug. 20, 2009