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AUGUST 12, 2010

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Topless Female Dancers 18 to enter • Mon-Thur 8pm-1am • Fri-Sat 8pm-2am • $5 Cover (Always Hiring, We’ll Train)

Silver Bullet Bar

Local band members of Elsinore prepare to debut their new album entitled, Yes Yes Yes. Photos by James Kyung


Find out how to use coriander more than once in a blue moon.





Locals sound off about race in America.


ON THE217.COM ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT Parkland is beginning production of Duck Hunter Shoots Angels. Do you think it has anything to do with that old NES game? Regardless, we’ll give you the inside scoop on Saturday.

MOVIES & TV A review of Sylvester Stallone’s ode to ‘80s action movies, The Expendables, on this Saturday.

MUSIC Mumford & Sons take the stage Sunday during Lollapalooza. Photo by Sarah Syman



Syd reviews The Kids Are All Right.

COMMUNITY Looking for a book that will keep you up at night? Lauren reviews Her Fearful Symmetry, up on Monday.




FOOD & DRINK Are you as obsessed with Mad Men as almost everyone else alive? See how Don Draper — I mean, Mad Men — has influenced “Ellen’s Fancy Drinks” on Friday.

1401 E. Washington Urbana 217.344.0937


Why our State Fair is the best state fair in the state!



Your guide to this week’s events


This is certainly a time of transit! Here on campus, with the onset of the fall semester fast approaching, students are moving out of their worn in, old places and into their exciting, new places of residence. Lucky for me, I am living in the same house as I did for all of last year, which means I get to bypass the whole “packing up my life, moving down the block and settling into a new environment” thing. This doesn’t seem to be the case for many other people, though, which brings me to the big question: Why is it that the companies who rent out these places to the college students don’t get together and figure out an easier system for moving people in and out? There are people everywhere who have their old place closing on one day, and their new place opening up a week or so later. What are they supposed to do with all their stuff? In this situation, they are almost forced to move three times, out from the old, into the temporary, out of the temporary and into the new. Does this seem ridiculous to anyone else? I know that there has to be time for the companies to get in and do repairs, or replace furniture and do maintenance, but can’t they see the frustration and the problems the current system brings with it? As with anything else, I think it is just a matter of finding a better way to communicate. With students coming and going every year, these places have the opportunity to try some new things out, learn from them and grow to better service their clients. It’s a constant opportunity for trial and error! Step it up, realtors, step it up. Students are stressed enough, getting back into the mindset of school and working hard to be responsible, just let them have a place to put their things!

Click the Buzzer SPLASH Lollapalooza was again upon us, bringing us our favorites: The Dirty Projectors, The Strokes, Jamie Lidell and ... Lady Gaga? Aaron, Adam and Matt bring you the coverage of Lolla 2010.

Email this phrase to for your chance to win pool passes!   August 12 - 18, 2010



Learning to Fight Back by Rebecca Halleck


buzz staff

We all like to think that in a community such as Champaign-Urbana, we’re safe. After all, we know the roads and our neighbors, and we prefer to assume the figure approaching on a darkened street has intentions as friendly as our own. Yet, the number of crime alerts seemed to take a sudden rise in the wrong direction last semester, shaking our sense on security. Thankfully, however, there are steps you can take to make yourself feel and be ready should you end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. For those tired of spending the walk home looking nervously over their shoulder, Hwa Rang Do Champaign Academy is offering free self-defense courses on different Saturdays, every month, throughout 2010. Great ways to feel more in control of your environment, selfdefense classes have become a necessity. A fact that has become all too real for some. “Everything happens so fast, you hardly know what’s going on,” said Kimberly Johnson, a UIUC student, who was attacked returning home last year. “Maybe if I’d taken one of these classes, well I’d like to think it would’ve helped.” The class is open to the public and will cover different topics, situations and moves each month. And, since no former training is required, everyone is welcome. Just wear loose clothing that is easy to move around in, and come willing to learn. “I think mentally preparing yourself is even more important than the moves I learned,” said Maria Bashko, a Champaign resident who attended a similar self-defense class in the past. “Taking a class every month, to have that reinforcement, that’s crucial.” Cover Design  Will Wyss Editor in Chief  Brad Thorp Managing Editor & Copy Chief  Claire Keating Art Director  Annaka Olsen Photography & Image Editor  Annie Goold Photographers  Sarah Syman, Jess Easter, Sarah Ludmer Designers  Will Wyss Music Editor  Eli Chen Food Editor  Jeanine Russell Arts & Entertainment Editor  Matt Carey Community Editor  Lauren Hise CU Calendar  Elisia Phua Sales Manager  Carolyn Gilbert Marketing/Distribution  Brandi Willis Publisher  Mary Cory On the Web Email Write  512 E. Green St., Champaign, IL 61820 CALL  217.337.3801

We reserve the right to edit submissions. buzz will not publish a letter without the verbal consent of the writer prior to publication date. buzz Magazine is a student-run publication of Illini Media Company and does not necessarily represent, in whole or in part, the views of the University of Illinois administration, faculty or students. © Illini Media Company 2010




Claire Keating Managing Editor


» Illini 4000’s return: Yes, I’m proud of them for riding across the country and raising money for cancer research, blah blah blah. Mostly I’m just glad my gal pal (and former buzz editor) Michell Eloy has come back so I have someone to go shopping and talk about boys with. Wanna compare awful bike shorts tan lines? » The British invasion: I’ve recently become acquainted with a couple of Brits. We have been exchanging cultural memes, and I’m working real hard on incorporating their colloquialisms into my everyday speech. However, I don’t think I’m quite ready to give up on celebrating my American heritage. You may have given us the Beatles, but we gave you Bruce Springsteen, bitches. Nonetheless, I still say, “God save the queen!” » My mom’s Facebook status: She claims she is going to start an all-librarian pop music cover band called Lady Biblioteca. Her status: “If you liked it then you should have put a hold on it.”

Country Fair A P A R T M E N T S 2106 W. White St. Champaign, IL 61821

(217) 359-3713 |

CALL ABOUT OUR AMAZING SPECIALS • FREE High Speed Internet and Exanded Cable TV • Spacious 1 and 2 Bedroom Apartments • ZERO deposit Look-n-Lease Special • NO RENT Till October 2010 • FREE Hot & Cold Water • FREE Poolside WIFI • FREE Heat

Annie Goold Photography & Image Editor


» Falling behind: I’m one of those weirdos who requires a schedule to be productive. But, lately, I keep saying ‘yes’ to too many projects and not saying ‘no’ enough when I KNOW there is going to be overlapping with events. Then, I have to run back through my contacts list, put out the fires of my own making, and pray I remembered appointments. Overall, I end up feeling like I did a horrid job on completing the daily tasks for which I’m being paid. For all those I’ve impacted poorly these past weeks, I apologize wholeheartedly. » Moving out: Don’t make me go! Can’t I sleep in the attic or in one of the closets for the next nine months? To leave these people I’ve literally just met and grown to love is making me well up, and you wouldn’t like to see me cry. The contents of these boxes and bags piling up around me hold no value as great as having shared 13 weeks of glory with each of you guys. You know who you are and you know I mean that. » August: Aside from friends’ birthdays, August holds daunting temperatures, ridonkulous humidity, the ever-begrudging memories of classes starting again (sans A/C) and a great likelihood of momentary homelessness — all things found to be less than savory in my mind. The sooner we can get through this month, the better. Anybody got a spare couch for the next week? No takers? Oh. Okay. I’ll just ... go over here ... by this... construction site. Looks cozy and safe enough. Nails and whatnot all strewn about the place. Yeah.

8/31/2010 | 6-9pm

Win a MacBook Pro +

Free t-shirts, free food, and more. Stay tuned for more details.

OOPS ... we made a mistake! In the August 4 issue of buzz, we incorrectly stated that Tiny Greens Organic Farm is located in Champaign. The correct address is 2314 N. High Cross Rd. in Urbana. You can visit Tiny Greens online at

512 E. Green St. | buzz   

August 12 - 18, 2010 

In plane sight

Help the Chanute Museum keep flying

by Lauren Hise


hock is probably not the first emotion that you would associate with a museum. Higher up on your list might be fascination or even nostalgia, and with good reason. After all, walking through a museum is often the only chance some of us have to see what was or revisit who we were. Nevertheless, shock is one of the first emotions most people feel after walking into the Chanute Air Museum, where you are sure to find far more than just a collection of planes. Opened in 1994, the Chanute Air Museum was created after the Chanute Air Force Base was closed the year before. Out of a desire to preserve the planes scattered across the base, an effort was made to have them brought together and displayed for the public. “We started out with a fairly large collection with the airplanes,” said Curator Mark Hanson. “We also hold the Chanute Air Force Base History Office collection. We get a lot of material from outside donors, folks who were at Chanute, family members of people who were at Chanute. We purchase nothing. It’s all donations that come in that we build our collection with.” Over the last 16 years, the museum has occupied the land, which once held the famous base, as a lasting memorial to those who passed through, and to the technology that helped shape our history. “There are stories here that can’t be told without having the objects,” said Ernest Christensen, a restoration volunteer at the museum and one of many who was once stationed on the base. “It’s a piece of history that can’t be retold, can’t be duplicated.” It’s also a piece of history that is at the risk of being lost. Due to a lack of funding, the museum is now faced with the very real possibility of having to close its doors. “There are a lot of great ideas and different things that can be done,” said Operations Manager Robyn York. “One of the things we’ll run into is manpower to get it done, and then the first thing we run into is money.” Chanute, which receives no state funding, is relying mostly on admission and membership to keep its doors open. Even more trou-

bling than the loss of the museum, however, is what would become of the astounding planes currently resting in its hanger. “The aircraft we have are unique and rare,” said Christensen. “If we can’t find homes for them, the planes will all be destroyed.” There is also the matter of the many other exhibits housed at Chanute, which include rooms dedicated to POW/ MIA and the Korean War. “We’re doing good work, but it’s a struggle to continue,” said Hanson, whose favorite exhibit is the 99th Pursuit Squadron, “and that’s what we really want to do. We want to become a better museum and continue to grow as a museum.” Hanson believes that the value of the museum also lies in the base’s history with Rantoul and Illinois as a whole. “[The Chanute Air Force Base] was a driving force in Rantoul and this part of Illinois for many, many, many years. I believe it was one of the biggest industries in the state in terms of manpower, payroll,” said Hanson. “Over two million people came through Chanute when it was an Air Force base, whether it’s trainees, civilian employees. In Air Force circles, military circles, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t at least know about Chanute Air Force Base. Because of that wide reach, what we do here, our mission, is important, because we’re it.” A testament to how much the museum means to those who knew the base, visitors from across the country can be found wandering the barracks room or taking in the pictures and objects showcasing America’s passion for flight.

Tradition Carries on

tra Illus

Will tion by


“It’s a really good museum,” said Bob Smith, who drove from White Oak, Texas, and trained on the base in 1969 and 1984. “It has a whole lot more inclusive stuff than most museums that you run across, especially since it has the civilian stuff and the military stuff and the Illinois history. Being that it’s on the historic base, to me, it’s just amazing.” For all that the museum has to offer in size and number of artifacts, one of the things that sticks with you the most is the dedication of the staff. I had only started to make my way through the museum when Christensen came across me, stopping to share stories about the Tuskegee Airmen, the planes and his own experience with the base and the museum. He also made sure to remind me to look up, since like any good museum dedicated to the skies, Chanute has its fair share of things to see above eye-level. It’s the personal touches like these are what make the museum truly worth visiting. “What we do is unique,” said Hanson, “and it fills a niche that no one else is able to or is capable of filling.”

Take in the old and start the new at the State Fair

Who doesn’t love a fair? Judy Garland clearly did when she sang “Meet me at the fair!” with a jovial tone unparallel to any silly old gathering in Meet Me in St. Louis. And, after all, any place that allows you to throw baseballs at a target in order to send a person into a tank of ice water has to have its merits! For all those that love the fair, this attraction along with many others will be awaiting you, Aug. 12 through August 22, at the Illinois State Fair. “There are staples that people expect every year,” said Jeff Squibb of the Illinois State Fair Press Office. “You don’t mess with traditions!” Traditions can include sights as well as activities come fair time. One of the largest crowd-drawers and oldest of sights, the Butter Cow Display will once again be housed in the Dairy Building on the grounds. “Sharon BuMann sculpts 400 pounds of unsalted butter into the shape and size of an actual cow,” said Squibb, “and she’s been making extra scenery out of the butter just to add to the scene and unify it as a whole art piece.” 


If a buttery bust isn’t too enticing for you, though, don’t worry! There are loads of other fair regulars worth visiting. “Our famous corndog stand and lemon shakeups are a must for the majority of people visiting the fair,” said Squibb. “And, of course, our giant slide is a big crowd-pleaser. It’s really easy to find: right across from our giant Abe Lincoln statue.” Fortunately, not everything stays the same. With every year, there are new people, new attractions and new things worth our childish excitement. “This year, we have an exhibit called Farmer’s Little Helpers,” explained Squibb. “It’s an interactive exhibit where kids learn about the foods they eat.” Combining education and fun, Farmer’s Little Helpers takes a child through the food industry in a very hands-on manner. “They learn how to plant crops like corn and soybeans, care for livestock, milk a cow, how to sell their harvest and, with the ‘money’ earned, purchase an actual treat.” Nearby, in the Agriculture Tent, there will be a

little something different this year, too. “There will be 18 different food companies serving samples,” Squibb said. “It is a promotion [the fair is] doing to bring about brand-awareness and to stress the importance of food processing.” It’s a good place to stop and nibble on items such as homemade noodles and organic candies before heading off to answer the call of fame. On Aug. 13 between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m., MTV will be holding a casting call for their hit reality show MADE. Whoever you are and whatever floats your boat, know that fun is inevitably in your future if you head to the Illinois State Fair this year.

Come be a kid again at the Illinois State Fair.

by Annie Goold

“I just remember how much fun it was to spend time with my family and watch them win awards as members of their 4-H club,“ said Nancy Baird, a former 4-H mom and frequent visitor of the State Fair. “The memories may be of warm weather, but they’re also made of a lot of excitement.”




AUGUST 12 - 18, 2010



by Tolu Taiwo Stemming from North Africa, South Europe and Southwest Asia, coriander is a hairless herb that’s part of the Apiaceae plant family. The name coriander is thought to stem from the Greek word korriannon; the name is similar to the Greek legend Minos’ daughter Ariadne, who helped Theseus defeat the Minotaur. Don’t let the spice’s sophisticated name and its connection with Greek mythology turn you off, however. Coriander is used in many common foods and drinks, including Blue Moon beer. If you were ever strolling through a spice-laden garden, you would be able to pick out coriander — just look for the plant with flowers. Coriander is a unique, almost all-purpose super-spice because all of its parts are usable(the leaves, the base or root, and the seeds), though the best parts to use in most recipes are the leaves and the seeds. Coriander has many uses — it can stop certain foods from spoiling and its juice is an ingredient for some acne treatments, just to name a few. It’s mostly recognized in foods, and can be used for just about anything.

Vanilla Spice Bread Ingredients: » ¾ cup water » ½ cup milk » 1 ½ teaspoons vanilla extract » ¼ cup brown sugar » 2 tablespoons sugar » 1/8 teaspoon ground cardamom » ¼ teaspoon ground coriander » 2 tablespoons vegetable oil » 1 ¼ teaspoons salt » 3 cups bread flour » 1 ½ teaspoons active dry yeast Directions: Put all the ingredients except for the flour and yeast into a bread machine pan

Pour in the flour, sprinkle yeast on top, and turn on the machine to dough cycle. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Grease a pan, preferably 9x5 inch. When the dough is finished, put the mixture in the pan, knead if needed, make a loaf shape and then cover the pan for about 30 minutes. Put the dough in the oven and bake for about 40 minutes. Let it cool for roughly 5 minutes before removing the bread from the pan. Eat, enjoy and give yourself a pat on the back if you can recognize the taste of the versatile spice called coriander. (Info found on

CU PRIDE FESTIVAL Champaign-Urbana’s first Gay Pride Festival August 20, 2010 4PM-9PM Lincoln Square and 88 Broadway in Urbana

Afterparty for 19+ until 2AM at 88 Broadway • • • •

Visit with local artists, vendors, and community organizations Family friendly entertainment from 4PM-6PM Food provided by Piato Catering and PoBoys “Taste the Rainbow” of Piato’s rainbow cupcakes and 88 Broadway’s rainbow drink specials (available after 6PM) • Raffle for a weekend trip to Chicago and other prizes • Performances by Amasong, C-U Theater Company Choral, Desafinado, Zoo Improv, and others

Pride Fest will be the culmination of events happening throughout the week of August 16 throughout the CU community. The Champaign Public and Urbana Free Libraries will create pride-themed book displays. Businesses in downtown Champaign are also participating in the festivities. Tuesday Night Trivia at Boltini Lounge will feature pride categories, Luna and Café Kopi will show works by local LGBTQ artists, and the Art Theater will show special late night screenings of “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”. Although gay pride festivals have become regular events worldwide since 1970, when they were first held in the United States to commemorate the Stonewall Uprising in New York City, there has never been one before in Champaign-Urbana. Nearly 350,000 LGBTQ people live in Illinois, with Champaign County having one of the highest populations in the state. CU Pride Fest is being coordinated by a committee made up of Champaign-Urbana residents with support from the Uniting Pride Center of Champaign County, the LGBT Resource Center at the University of Illinois, the Buzz, WEFT 90.1 FM, Urban Outfitters, and Fluid Events. CU Pride Fest Committee co-chairs are Evelyne Tardy and Caroline Nappo.

For more information contact CU Pride Fest Committee co-chair Caroline Nappo: • 217-355-1587 buzz



August 12 - 18, 2010


Say “Yes yes yes� to the midwest Upcoming show debuts Elsinore’s new full-length record by Eli Chen

with over 350 in stock -Guitar and amp repairs 202 W. Main Street & 71 E. University Street 217-352-1477

Details at

Together for six years now, the quartet has stayed intact since their beginnings at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, where they lived before deciding to move to CU. “It’s really a fourperson marriage,� said Groff. “We’ve been able to make it a team and figure out who Having just released their latest full-length album of glory, Yes Yes Yes, Elsinore has cities does best at this and singing along and out for more! Photo by James Kyung that. So, we moved to his Saturday night will have you saying, Champaign after two years [of starting out], “Yes, yes, yes!� as local band Elsinore gets and after playing here, we decided this is where pumped to take the Canopy stage and celebrate we wanted to live and there’s not some better the release of their long-awaited full-length music scene waiting for us.� Yes Yes Yes itself is a mix of the contemplative album. Earlier this year, the band released The Chemicals EP, welcomed with much enthusiasm and declarative, pronounced by an emotionally by Elsinore’s rich local fanbase. Now, they aim to provocative variation of pop and rock ‘n’ roll styles take that enthusiasm up a notch not only in CU reminiscent of major league artists such as Rabut also in St. Louis, Indianapolis, Chicago and diohead and the Arcade Fire. many other major cities. “We looked at the songs and thought about the “We expect a sudden crescendo to this climax of dynamic contour, the loudness, the speed and the having a record finally come out,� said Ryan Groff, musical flow,� said Groff. “It’s not meant to be, singer and guitarist of Elsinore. “We’ll also have horn ‘Read this left and right, and you’ll understand.’ and string sections coming to play with us at the It’s more like, ‘Read this as a whole and it’ll make shows and it’ll feel good to replicate what we’ve been sense to your ears and heart and brain as one "5:: doing with those sections. We’ll be debuting two or thing.’ The more accessible ‘pop’ songs are meant 4(523$!9 three new songs, which will be pretty exciting.� to balance out the heavier songs.� !5'534


SAVOY 16   


  "!2'!).47),)'(4 $ ! ) ,9         0 -



S %!4 02!9 ,/6% 0' 

        3#/440),'2)-634(%7/2,$0'       4(%%80%.$!",%32      S      &2)3!4,3 4(%/4(%2'5930'            &2)3!4,3 34%050$0'  02%-)5-0%2$4)#+%4      $)..%2&/23#(-5#+30'       &2)3!4,3 #(!2,)%34#,/5$0'   &2)3!4,3 S 4(%+)$3!2%!,,2)'(4 2      &2)3!4,3 S 3!,4 0'       2!-/.!!.$"%%:53'    ).#%04)/.0'      4(%3/2#%2%23!002%.4)#%0'  &2)3!4,3 S $$%30)#!",%-% 0' 02%-)5-0%2$4)#+%4      &2)3!4,3 $%30)#!",%-%0'      &2)3!4,3 4/934/29'    #/50/.






8 catching THPAGE up with ...

New Age Nomenclature


2)&&42!8,)6%2%%&%2-!$.%33 4(520-

3AVOY%XP3%04 "5::

Over the course of two years of producing Yes Yes Yes, Elsinore met with a number of interesting challenges, which included working with two producers — one in Champaign and the other in Chicago. “We put so much trust and faith in them,� said Groff. “For us to go into studio thinking we knew what we wanted to do and for them to go, ‘Yeah, guys, I don’t think that’s going to work,’ was really important in helping us grow as a band.� Elsinore was nearly sued by the Roy Lichtenstein estate for using a Lichtenstein-influenced painting as their album cover. The end result of the issue, however, turned out to be a net plus. With the advice of Geoff Merritt, the owner of Parasol Records, they posted the album cover image on the popular blog Boing Boing. “We generally get maybe thirty hits on our website daily and then [after Boing Boing], we got ten thousand hits in two days,� said Groff. “After dozens and dozens of angry e-mails telling us that we should ‘punch them in the face,’ we did get a few e-mails from a few intellectual property and copyright lawyers who told us that the [Lichtenstein Estate] didn’t really have a case and that [our friend’s] version actually looked more like the original comic strip Lichtenstein used himself than his own piece.� Get yourself out to Elsinore’s show at the Canopy this weekend, which will also be joined up with Common Loon and Canasta. Tickets are available, $8 in advance. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear these songs fresh out of an spectacular record.

by Justine Chan From the small town of Denver, Ind., arrives someone new and extraordinary with an old soul. Meet the Urbana-based one-man wonder of New Age NomenClature, led by the spontaneous songwriter and main brain Garen Carter, who plays bass, drums and guitar. His music resonates with the classy old school sound of the Temptations and Stevie Wonder, along with a new school, modern burst of Led Zeppelin and others. You can spot New Age NomenClature at the open mic nights at Firehaus every Tuesday and Green Street CafĂŠ every Wednesday. Âť buzz: What’s the story behind the name? Garen Carter of New Age NomenClature: It’s kind of a weird thing. I was watching History Channel one night and the word “nomenclatureâ€? came to me. Nomenclature describes language or jargon from certain time period or culture, and it just seemed to fit with “new ageâ€? because then it was like New Age Old Language. I just like band names that mean something and still sound spontaneous. Like Nirvana. Âť buzz: What have you been up to, musically, this summer? GC: Lots of things. I’ve been playing a lot of shows and working as a drum and guitar tech at a lot of different shows and even a summer camp. I’ve also finishing recording for my first album, Jesus

LP, and started writing for my second album. The two albums are really different where the first one has a little more things going on musically and it has more of an old school sound and I use a capo more. But for the second one, I’m using an open scale, a drop D, and it has a different, more modern sound. Âť buzz: How does the songwriting process work for you? What inspires you? GC: It’s really weird for me. I try not to force it, really, but it almost always comes naturally to me. I’ll start with one thing and keep building it. And my music is really based off my emotions — music is mainly my life — and some of my best songs come from a bad day and picking up my guitar. My inspiration is the fact that I’m disappointed in music. Music today has changed to becoming all pop-y and about American Idol and I’m just waiting for the revolution to go back to the ‘60s, musically and politically, when people actually loved music. Not a lot of music sounds like the stuff back then, and I want to bring that back. Âť buzz: What challenges have you faced so far? GC: Wow, there are so many. I’ve been so broke at times I was barely able to eat ramen, and I have

This one-man band is lighting up CU in a truly chill manner. Photo used with permission from New Age Nomenclature

Largest Selection of Guitars in Champaign

been so close to being kicked out of my apartment. I could have worked in business or real estate, and that would make my parents proud, but music is what I love to do. It’s my heroin. There are sacrifices that I’ve had to make and many more — but I’m ready for it. I’m too ambitious.  buzz: If you lived to 150, who would be at your birthday party? GC: My family across the coast from Portland and England and Chicago — all over. My musician friends too from here [in Urbana] and Denver. It would just be nice to hang out with friends and family—at 150, that’s pretty good. Maybe a new guitar.

arts movie review




The kids are all right

August - 18, 2010 †† I Am Love (Io12sono l’amore) (R)â€

By Syd Slobodnik


3Favorites Julianne Moore movies

Boogie Nights (1997):


defend a movie

Photo used with permission fromFocus Features

of day with Jules when she is hired to do landscaping at his California pad. Nic is initially upset by having to “time share� her kids with this strange single guy who rides a motorcycle, then is thoroughly betrayed when Jules finds Paul irresistible. But, instead of falling into a seemingly emotional soap opera abyss, the narrative deals with the realistic difficulties of teens coming of age and wondering about a father, the highs and lows of women committed to a long-term same-sex relationship while raising children in a loving household, and a somewhat carefree spirit discovering his inner paternal instincts. The acting is uniformly compelling by all five leads; the young Mia Wasikowaska nearly steals the show as the daughter forced to grow up in an unconventional household and learning to find herself. The film features rather explicit sexual scenes that clearly earns its R rating, as well as several instances of its low budget, where hanging boom mics are clearly visible.

Predator 2 (1990)

by Nick Martin After Arnold Schwarzenegger tore through the Guatemala jungle, decimating guerrilla soldiers and inciting many explosions, it was practically impossible for Predator 2 to live up to the first film. But the sequel, though not without its flaws, is still worth a viewing and will probably grow on you with time. The setting is a future Los Angeles, where gangs have practically taken over the city. Stuck in the middle is cop Michael Harrigan (Danny Glover), a do-anything-it-takes cop trying to bring justice back to the city. When a Predator lands in the area and begins slaughtering gang members in increasingly gruesome ways, Harrigan begins to suspect that something otherworldly is at work. Despite warnings from his superior (played by Gary Busey), Harrigan eventually crosses paths with the monster, and is forced to battle for his life.

Inherently, bringing the Predator character to a metropolis is a stupid idea with little to gain from it. Predators are characterized as master hunters who are able to use camouflage and hide from humans, even in broad daylight. Thus, a Predator could hide in a city for years and kill sporadically and they would not find the beast. Despite all of this, the film has a lot going for it, like some extremely well-executed action beats and a cool ending that actually builds positively on the mythos of the Predator. At the very least, Predator 2 deserves credit for upping the violence considerably instead of backing off. Don’t get me wrong, it is not perfect, but it is a more enjoyable flick than you would think. Since the shock value from the original of actually setting eyes on the Predator is gone, that deflates the sequel’s balloon a bit. At the very least, it’s a hell of a lot better then either of the Alien Vs. Predators films.

Now serving wine and beer.

Week of Fri. Aug 13 - Thu. Aug 19 The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Man som hatar kvinnor) (R)

Subtitled Fri - Sun: (4:30), 7:30 Mon: 7:30 PM Tue: (2:30), 7:30 Wed & Thu: 7:30 PM

by Matt Carey

or over a decade, independent filmmaker Lisa Cholodenko has lived in the cinematic shadows of other better-known women writer/ directors such as Kathryn Bigelow, Sofia Coppola and Nancy Meyers. Her initial films High Art and Laurel Canyon were insightful character studies, but her latest film, The Kids Are All Right, may be her breakout film into the A-list classification. Cholodenko films are usually comedies about the pratfalls of romantic relationships. The Kids Are All Right is all that, plus rich character studies of five unconventional people who form a different kind of family. Julianne Moore and Annette Bening are Jules and Nic, a middle-aged California lesbian couple who are raising a son and daughter whom they both conceived with a donor’s sperm. Into their lives enters Paul, played by Mark Ruffalo, a charming restaurant owner who Joni discovers is her father/donor. All sort of conflicts upset an otherwise peaceful family when Paul attempts to integrate into the kids’ lives, then shares more than the time

Locally Owned, Personally Managed

While his first movie, Hard Eight, was a victim of poor marketing and a ..from Arttheatre (house id 7616) lackluster studio release, Paul Thomas Anderson’s next piece of work is an energetic ensemble piece that truly fits into many different genres. Mark Wahlberg stars as Eddie Adams, a dishwasher at a Los Angeles nightclub who quickly becomes involved in the burgeoning business of 1970s pornography. However, once Eddie starts to develop a cocaine habit, his life starts spinning out of control. Moore plays Amber Waves, one of the adult actresses who acts as a mother figure to this group of pornographers, while also struggling with her own battle for custody of her child. Filled with Anderson’s penchant for long tracking shots and stylish editing flourishes, Boogie Nights is a terrific film. Children of Men (2006):

Arguably one of the best films of the last decade, Children of Men is one of those rare science fiction action movies that manages to have a huge heart behind it. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Clive Owen and Moore give great performances. The story, about a future where women can’t conceive, is chilling. Fortunately, one woman has inexplicably gotten pregnant, so Owen and Moore must protect her from government agents who are after her. Even if this movie didn’t have wildly exciting action sequences, the strength of the movie is the exceptional writing, and apt direction by Alfonso Cuaron.


Short Cuts (1992):

A lot of people don’t like Robert Altman. His movies are slow burns, there are many characters to keep track of and he is no stranger to having a three hour running time. However, Short Cuts is great, with an excellent slew of moments and strong character work. The ensemble cast includes Andie McDowell, Tim Robbins, Lily Tomlin, Jack Lemmon, Frances McDormand and Robert Downey Jr. It’s a hard plot to make a synopsis for since there are many different stories going on, often going to strange and unexpected places. It isn’t Altman’s best (that award goes to McCabe & Mrs. Miller), but it is a really well done movie.

High Fidelity (R)

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Kids Garden Club: Bugs in the Garden Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve, Mahomet, 9:30am, $5 Call (217)586-2612 to register Second Saturday Story Time Urbana Free Library, U, 11am DIY Weekend Wizard Orpheum Children’s Science Museum, C, 1pm

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Math: not even once.




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Rantoul, 4pm Junior high kids (Grades 69 in the Fall) Champaign County YMCA’s Drop In Chess Champaign County YMCA Fitness & Family Center, C, 5:30pm Children third-grade and up Goodnight Storyshop Champaign Public Library, C, 6:30pm For children ages 2 to 5

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August 12 - 18, 2010 


by Jo SangEr and Ross Wantland

kids ask the darndest things Dear “Doin’ It Well,” In your recent column you talked about how lube is not only in grocery stores, but it’s also advertised on TV. As a parent, what do I do if my kids ask me a question about what lube is or why they might use it? — Puzzled Parent Dear Puzzled, Thanks for this fabulous question. Talking to kids about sex may feel like a daunting enough task, but when we add the challenge of discussing sexual aids like lube with our kids, it can feel downright impossible. And kids aren’t stupid; they know something is up when their parent changes the channel quickly or speeds up going through the grocery aisle. So how can we know how, when and if to talk to kids about sexual topics when they are brought up? Sex and Sexuality

When we’re thinking about talking to young children about sex, “Doin’ It Well” believes it’s important to distinguish between sex and sexuality. When we talk about sex, we’re usually talking about the “what goes where” mechanics of sexual intercourse. Sexuality, on the other hand, is the broad spectrum of behaviors, feelings, physical development and attitudes that make up our sexual selves. Sexuality is a component of all human beings, even those who are not having sex. Providing information and

engaging in appropriate conversations with children about sex and sexuality are important components for their sexual development. Being Appropriate

As adults, we also have a responsibility to be appropriate — not only age-appropriate, but also emotionally. Sometimes adults want to share sexual information with children in an effort to shock or provoke a reaction. Talking to kids about sex should focus on the child’s need for information and their growth, not from the adult’s needs for a confidant. Kids may also test their boundaries because they know that certain information or behavior seems taboo. As adults, we have a responsibility to keep a cool head and maintain responsible boundaries even if the child or teen is pushing those — because we’re the adult! Being appropriate means we take the child’s questions and concerns very seriously. It can also mean realizing that we might not always be the person they want to talk to so we can provide access to people, books or other resources that will give them good information.

Talking with your kids about sex

chance to build our awareness and understanding, we may feel at a loss. By exploring our own sexual values and increasing our sexual knowledge, we help our conversation with a child, and we also improve our own sex lives by understanding our bodies and selves a little better. Need-to-Know Basis

Talking with kids about sex can vary widely. The dialogue may depend on their questions and their age or maturity. Most resources do not speak explicitly with younger children about sexual aids or the mechanics of sexual response. For children entering puberty, understanding the mechanics of sex and sexual response can be helpful in knowing how their bodies work. If a child sees a commercial for KY His + Hers and has questions, their question may just be about what those two people did in bed, not the friction-reducing properties of lube. Your answer may be as simple as “Those two people were having fun together,” or more specifically, “They were kissing each other and touching one another because they like each other.” As for the lube in the supermarket, you could simply say, “It’s kind of like a lotion that people use because it feels good.”

Our Sexuality, OurSelves

Having these conversations relies heavily upon our own understanding of sexuality, sexual behavior and our sexual values. If we haven’t had a

Under Construction

Discussing sexuality with kids and young adults is usually a new task for most of us. As such, it requires

practice. Before sitting down to talk to a child about sex, practice with an adult. Just try to say the words you might hope to say, and get some feedback about how you did. You could talk to and find support in other parents or a sex educator, even! And once you have the talk — don’t focus on saying everything perfectly. Ideally, there isn’t just one “sex talk;” it is a lifelong process of learning and dialogue, whether you’re 8 or 80. Keep the communication open, and you’ll have many opportunities to assist the child’s development and understanding of sexuality. Thanks again to Puzzled for the excellent question! Check us out next week as we attempt to make sure both partners are fully satisfied! Jo and Ross know that there are no bad questions. Send them to

SEX 411

Summer Reading » Robie H. Harris has written an amazing series of age-appropriate, medically accurate books about sexuality. Check these out to read to your child, or just to get some tips on talking with kids about sex. • It’s Not the Stork (Ages 4-6) • It’s So Amazing (Ages 7-10) • It’s Perfectly Normal (Ages 10 and up)

at the research park Discover great music, fresh food, and a green state of mind in an out-of-the-ordinary micro-urban oasis. Admission is FREE! August 13 5-7:30pm Tours of solar Gable Home 5:30pm-close Green fair with local organizations 6:15pm Local opening act 7:30pm Occidental Brothers Dance Band International with Samba Mapangala At the corner of First Street and St. Mary’s Road, Champaign. Parking is free and bike racks are available. community partner:



The sun makes me sneeze!

buz z ’s   August 12 - 18, 2010


Salsa Night with DJ Dr. J Radio Maria 119 N. Walnut St., C. Saturday, Aug. 14 10 p.m. - midnight $5 A friend took me to Radio Maria’s salsa night for the first time as soon as spring semester ended and I loved it, despite the fact that my ankles kept getting scraped by razor sharp stilettos. I’m looking forward to another go-around, but this time I’ll really learn to fight for my space. — Eli Chen, Music Editor

Puzzle Exchange Rantoul Public Library 106 W. Flessner Ave., Rantoul Monday, Aug. 16 5 p.m. - 7 p.m. There is something oddly satisfying about putting the last piece of a puzzle in place. There’s the sense of accomplishment, of order, of hours spent procrastinating doing actual work. Yes, for all these reasons, I will be hauling myself over to Rantoul on Monday to add some new puzzles to my pile. — Lauren Hise, Community Editor

Tons O’ Fun Band Fat City Bar 505 S. Chestnut St., C. Saturday, Aug. 14 8 p.m. - midnight If blues music is supposed to make you sad, how come I laugh so much whenever I watch The Blues Brothers? It’s hard hitting questions like these that I’m going to ask Tons O’ Fun, a band that specializes in the blues. Well, not so much ask as scream at them from the crowd in the middle of a solo, but you get the point. — Matt Carey, Arts & Entertainment Editor



August 12 - 18, 2010 


(March 21-April 19) When I studied method acting with David Mamet, he taught us to develop such a vivid imagination that we could taste the pretend coffee that we drank out of an imaginary cup. We’d feel the heft of the cup in our hand and the steamy heat rising. We’d hallucinate the bitterly flavorful smell, and the muscles of our face would move the way they might if we were sipping the real thing. Pop star Lady Gaga didn’t work with Mamet while she was maturing as an actress, but she got similar teachings. Recently, she told *New York* magazine that she can “feel the rain, when it’s not raining.” And more than that: “I can actually mentally give myself an orgasm.” If you think that you will ever want to have that strong an imagination, Aries, now is a good time to start working toward that goal.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) When they say “Go with the flow,” what “flow” are they talking about? Do they mean the flow of your early childhood conditioning? The flow of your friends’ opinions? The latest cultural trends? Your immediate instinctual needs? When they say “Go with the flow,” are they urging you to keep doing what’s easiest to do and what will win you the most ego points, even if it keeps you from being true to your soul’s code? I’m here to ask you to consider the possibility that there are many flows to go with, but only one of them is correct for you right now. And in my opinion, it is flowing in an underground cavern, far from the maddening crowd. GEMINI

(May 21-June 20) “There would not be such a thing as counterfeit gold if there were no real gold somewhere,” says a Sufi proverb. Why am I bringing this to your attention at this particular moment in your life story? Here’s the bad news: You’re in possession of some counterfeit gold that you think is authentic. Here’s the good news: Within a short time after waking up to the truth about the fake stuff, you will locate the real thing.


(June 21-July 22) Here’s a thought from the Cancerian philosopher Gaston Bachelard: “He who listens to the singing of the stream cannot be expected to understand the one who hears the singing of the flame: They do not speak the same language.” While I mostly agree with that poetic formulation, I think you’re about to be a temporary exception to the rule. Normally you are acutely attuned to the singing of the stream; your skill at reading its nuances are supreme among the zodiac. But I expect that in the coming days, you will not only have the power to appreciate the song of the fire; you’ll even be able to empathize with and understand people who are entranced by the song of the fire.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Paul, a fortune-telling octopus in Oberhausen, Germany, had an amazing run of success predicting the results of World Cup competitions a while back. His technique? His handlers gave him a succession of choices between two tasty morsels, each representing one of the teams in a given match. The treat he picked to eat was the team whose victory he prophesied. I wish I could access his expertise to help me sort out your upcoming decisions. It’s really important that you not over-think the possibilities, but rather rely on simple gut reactions. Why don’t you pretend you’re an octopus, and imagine that each choice you have to make is symbolized by some food item. Ask yourself, “Which is yummiest?” VIRGO

(Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Lewis Carroll’s sequel to *Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland* was *Through the Looking Glass.* As he wrote it, he invited his illustrator John Tenniel to offer editorial advice. In response, Tenniel tactfully suggested that Lewis cut out a certain chapter. Lewis agreed, and so the story, as we read it today, doesn’t include Alice’s meeting with a grumbling wasp who wore a bright yellow wig that sat disheveled on its head like a clump of seaweed. Think of me as your version of Tenniel, Virgo.



August 12 – 18

As you finish up your labor of love, consider following my recommendation to omit the part that resembles a wasp in a wig.

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(Sept. 23-Oct. 22) If you and I were sitting face to face and I asked you, “What are the most important lessons you’ve learned these last 11 months?”, what would you tell me? I think you need this type of experience: an intense and leisurely conversation with a good listener you trust -- someone who will encourage you to articulate the major developments in your life since your last birthday. Here are some other queries I’d pose: 1. How have you changed? 2. What long-term process needs to come to a climax? 3. What “school” are you ready to graduate from? (And by “school” I mean any situation that has been a hotbed of learning for you.)

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) The film *Avatar* hammers out such vehement antimilitary, anti-capitalist, and anti-imperialist themes that it could have been endorsed by the leftist rock band Rage Against the Machine. And yet it’s the highest-grossing film in the history of the world. One critic marveled at its popularity in even the most conservative areas of America, noting that it got “a theater full of people in Kentucky to stand and applaud the defeat of their country in war.” Your assignment in the coming week is to do what *Avatar* has done: Try to make sure that your opponents and skeptics are entertained by your message -- maybe even excited and intrigued. SAGITTARIUS

(Nov. 22-Dec. 21) I recommend that you enjoy an abundance of recreational time in the coming days, Sagittarius. But I hope that you will favor a rigorous physical challenge over lying lazily on the beach. I hope that you will read great literature instead of mass market paperbacks, and that you’ll attend a brain-bending workshop rather than being a spectator at a sports event. Catch my drift, Sagittarius? Say yes to embarking on a vision quest that scares the fear out of you and pumps up your spiritual ambition; say no to wasting away in a puddle of sluggish, circuitous daydreaming.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Sixty-nine percent of conservatives think that hell is a real place, and over half of all liberals do. Shocking! Ridiculous! I hope that you, Capricorn, give zero credence to the idea that there is a realm of eternal damnation. In my astrological opinion, believing in hell would grossly interfere with your ability to know the truth about your life right now. So would an irrational fear of failure, an obsession with enemies, or a tendency to define yourself in opposition to bad stuff. Here’s the alternative: To thrive, all you have to do is accentuate what you love, identify what you want, and focus on rewards. AQUARIUS

(Jan. 20-Feb. 18) This is an excellent time for you to get more conscious and proactive about what images you bring into your life and surround yourself with. It’s always important to monitor the pictures flowing into your imagination, of course, but it’s especially crucial right now. Your mental and physical health are unusually dependent on it. So please do yourself a big favor and gaze upon as much uplifting beauty as you can. Favor gardens over garbage dumps, soaring vistas over strip malls, interesting faces over scowling mugs.


(Feb. 19-March 20) Every year smokers toss away over four trillion cigarette butts, fouling the environment terribly. But recently a few Chinese scientists embarked on the seemingly impossible project of finding value in this noxious waste. Collecting up big piles of discarded filters, they developed a process to extract chemicals that are effective at preventing corrosion when applied to steel pipes. Your assignment, Pisces, is to accomplish a comparable miracle: Turn some dreck or dross into a useful thing; discover a blessing in the trash; build a new dream using the ruins of an old pleasure.


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August 12 - 18, 2010



HOUSEHOLD HELPER Needed for children 16 y, 14 y, and 12 y. 7- 8:30 a.m./2:30-8:30 p.m. Duties include help with homework, tutoring in writing, math, science; help with piano, saxophone, percussion. Meal preparation instruction in basic organizational skills for life. Some carpooling. Send resume to:



The Federation of Animal Science Societies (FASS) seeks experienced IT professional. For a complete job description, see positions.asp. EOE. Deadline for applications is August 20th. No phone calls please. Ag/AnSci Get great experience with pets and animal nutrition as a part-time sales associate for Prairieland FeedsAmerica's Country Store. Knowledge of pets/horses helpful. Some heavy lifting required. Ask for a manager. 352-2232. After School Program Help Wanted After School program at Independent K-8 Champaign school. 2:45-6: 00 M-F. Some Flexibility. $10/hr. Please call to schedule interview 217355-1253

HELP WANTED Full/Part time


Disabled male student looking for Personal Attendants. 3-4 hrs/day, various duties, will train. 6 to 8:30am $9.50/hr, after $8.75. Must pass background check. Call 630-518-8790


BEST OFFER CAMPUS 1 BR Loft 2 BR 3 BR 4 BR Campus. 367-6626 Available August 2010

Courtyard on Randolph 717 S. Randolph, C. One 3 Bedroom Left RENT REDUCTION $695/month. Near Campus and Downtown Champaign. Includes Direct T.V., Water, Trash and Parking. Has balcony with seasonal pool on-site. 217-352-8540 3BR, $990 includes heat, water, w/d, 3 parking spaces, 301 W. Illinois, U. 2 BR, 601 W. Springfield, C. $620 includes heat, water, parking; $380 studio, all utilities, parking included Call Chris at 684-2226 or Great 2 bedroom in downtown Urbana Great 2 bedroom, 1 bath in secure building in downtown Urbana. A/C, washer/dryer, workout room. Take over lease starting Sept. 1. $910/ month, off-street parking available., (309) 7500836.

2 BEDROOMCAMPUS From $725/month. 217-367-6626

1405-1407 W. KIRBY, C. Chartwells Dining Services located on the Parkland College campus is hiring for the fall semester! Shifts available, AM cook, utility, cashier, prep and 1 PM cook shift. Cartwells is an EEOE and offers competitive rates and benefits. Please submit resume no later than 8/18/10 to ftm@ or fax 469-6713828.



Apple imac 2.16MHz with all accessories and free printer. Great condition. $600 or best offer. Please call 217-355-8559.




406 and 604 E. Clark Prices start at $480/month. Includes 1 parking place. phone Pat at 309830-1111.

Best Offer Campus

Great deal! 2 Bedrooms from $710/month Special: LCD TV $15/month 367-6626

Available Now/August 2010. Attractive Colonial building, on busline. Large 2 bdrm corner apts approx 739 sq. ft. $450/mo, Interior 2 bdrm apts. from $425/mo, $50/mo to furnish. Central A/C, carpet, laundry, parking avail. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873




COUNTRY FAIR APARTMENTS 1 & 2 bedroom, furnished or unfurnished, FREE gas heat, water, trash removal, basic satellite TV & FREE parking! Pool, tennis court, inside laundry. On 4 MTD bus routes. Small pet O.K. Ask about our student leases. M-F 9-5:30, Sat. 9-12. Call 359-3713 or just stop by our office in the red barn, at 2106 W. White, C.




1 Bedroom Furnished 506 & 508 W. Griggs, U. Includes parking & trash removal. Laundry in-building. $470-485/mo. CampoRental 344-1927






HUGE 1 BR. Hardwood floors. Looks and feels like a small house. NEAT NEAT NEAT. Free Parking. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 217-352-3182

34 MAIN, C. Available August 2010. Amazing 2 bedroom units in the heart of downtown Champaign. Units feature hardwood floors, designer kitchens with granite countertops, central A/C, dishwashers, W/D, 20' ceilings with 10' windows and much more! Rents to $1,100/mo. Call for showing times.

1 Bedroom, Quiet Quaint, Urbana. $499/mo 344-6576

Furnished 1 BR 110 E. John. Lofts on John, which include w/d, dishwasher, ice maker, and loft bedrooms. Available for the Fall. $750/mo. Call 356-1407

711 W Elm, Urbana EFFICIENCIES: 705 W. Elm, U 1 BEDROOMS: 1308 Grandview, C

2 BEDROOMS: 3 BEDROOMS: 604 1/2 W. Elm, U 610 W. Elm, U 905 W. Springfield, U 711 W. Elm, U 4 BEDROOMS: 711 W. Elm, U

Hunsinger Enterprises Inc. Call 337-1565 for an appointment.

• 3 & 4 Bedroom Townhouses • Engineering Campus • 3 Level Townhouse • 2 Bathrooms • Balconies off Bedrooms • 1 Covered Parking Included • Additional Parking Available • Laundry Onsite • AC/Dishwasher • Garbage Disposal 91/2 Month lease available. Sign in June, recieve 1 month free on select units.


close to campus

NEWER 1BR, approx 600 sq. ft. C/A, 1 parking spot incl. No pets, from $575, LAST ONE LEFT · 351-1800


cAmpUS · AUG 2010

2BR, 1BA, from $655. located at 1003 W Stoughton C/A, on-site laundry, Ethernet Incl., No Pets 10 month lease available · 351-1800


BUILDInG In 2008! 503 E Springfield, C. W/D, D/W, 1 BR walk-in closet, C/A, No Pets From $765 Avail Aug 2010 · 351-1800

Choice of 1, 2 & 3 Bedrooms for Fall

Fall 2010 Apartments Efficiencies

2 Bedrooms

1 Bedrooms

104 E. John

208/210 E.White

508 S. First

1103 S. Euclid

1103 S. Euclid

108 W. Charles

11 E. Logan

104 E. John

4 Bedrooms 210 E. White

103 E. Healey

3 Bedrooms

105 S. Fourth

1103 S. Euclid

310 E. Clark


807 S. Locust

108 E. Daniel

208/210 E. White


Call for an appointment · 351-1800 rentals@

1 bath, w/d hkups, 1 car garage, C/A, D/W, near shopping, park, & busline, No Pets $710



now leasing

• Laundry Facilities, many with washer/dryer in unit • Dishwasher/Microwave • Intercom Entries • 24 Hour Emergency Maintenance • Balconies • Parking

* $1,000.00 off 3br while supplies last Take a virtual tour at

For showings call 217.328.3770 to set up an appointment Monday - Saturday 217.328.3770



August 12 - 18, 2010




307-309 Healey Court, C


Fall 2010. Behind FU Bar. 2 bedrooms. Parking, laundry. Starting at $350/person. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

307, 309 Clark, C Fall 2010. Large studio, double closet, well furnished. Starting from $350/mo. Behind County Market. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182



Furnished 1 & 2 bedroom near John & Second Studios on Healey and First $345/mo. Available Now. Call 356-1407

705 W. Stoughton, U Fall 2010 3 bedroom apartment. Spacious living area. Communal balcony, great backyard. Plus a bar area in kitchen, dishwasher, washer/dryer in each unit, value pricing. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

Smith Apartments

Now Renting for August 2010 217-384-1925 2 Bedrooms 511 W. Church, C .................................. $660 604 W. Stoughton, U (2 baths) .... $1000


203 S. Sixth, C. August 2010. Large 4 bedrooms, 2 bath. Balconies, laundry, covered parking. Starting at $250/person. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

604 E. White, C. Security Entrance Fall 2010, 1 bedroom. Furnished, balconies, patios, laundry, off-street parking, value pricing. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

602 E. CLARK CHAMPAIGN Furnished studio apartments. Block east of Beckman. Only 4 units remaining. Call now for your personal showing. $395/mo 217-352-1335

House 1207 S. Busey, U


John Street Apartments 58 E. John, C. August 2010. Three bedrooms, fully furnished. Some flat screens and leather furniture. 6 and 10 month leases available. Dishwasher, center courtyard, on-site laundry, central air, parking. Starting at $250/person. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

1&2 Bedroom $395 -$495/month Washer/Dryer 104 N. Fifth, C. 217-841-5407

GREAT VALUE 306-308-309 White, C August 2010. Furnished studios, 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms. Balconies, patios, laundry, dishwashers, off-street parking. Behind County Market. Starting at $230/person. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182


see line ad in section 510 for more info Parking available, laundry available

Two Bedrooms Furnished Urbana Side

3 Blocks To Quad! $695 DW, microwave, desk, central a/c, balcony

Bailey Apts. 344-3008


Single Rooms/Studios Furnished Rooms Near Gregory and Arbor, Champaign Call: 217-384-0333 or 217-840-6860 (cell) for tour.

111 E. Healey Large studio & 1 Bedroom Apts. New Furniture, New Carpet New Appliances Starting @ $395/mo For showings Call 217.352.3182



205 E Green, Champaign Water Included · On-site laundry No Pets · A/C · Starting $515


Semester lease (5 months) = $465 10 month lease = $435 12 month lease = $385 Office Located at 610 S. Randolph 217.359.3527


1006 S. 3rd, C. Fall 2010 1 bedroom. Location, location. Covered parking, laundry, furnished, patios. Value pricing. $450/mo. Includes some utilities. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

807 to 809 W. ILLINOIS, U Aug 2010. 1 Bdrms corner of Lincoln & Illinois. Window A/C, Laundry, Rent $550/mo. Parking $50/mo. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873

203 Healey, C. Fall 2010. Great location on the park. Private balconies. Fully furnished 3 bedrooms, $310/person. Parking, laundry, value pricing. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

Old Town Champaign 510 S. Elm, C. Available Now & Fall 2010. 2 BR close to campus, hardwood floors, laundry, W/D, central air/heat, off-street parking, 24 hr. maintenance. Value pricing. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

1005 S. Second, C. Fall 2010 studio. Secured building. Private parking, laundry on-site. Value pricing. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

509 Bash Court, C. Fall 2010 Great 3 bedrooms, behind Legends. Fully furnished, dishwashers, laundry. Off-street parking. Starting at $330/person. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

One block from Lincoln and Green, furnished. One bedroom, living room eat-in kitchen, study, bath, patio, parking. Available August. $525/mo. No smoking, no pets.

no hiddEn costs


506 E. Stoughton, C.




For August 2010. Extra large efficiency apartments. Security building entry, complete furniture, laundry, off-street parking, value pricing. Office at 309 S. First, C. Semester Leases, $420/mo. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

Safe Quiet Street

Secured underground parking for $30 per month



WWW.PPMRENT.COM · 351-1800

Includes: furnished, electricity, gas, water & internet 609 S. Randolph, C. 1 block from campus 1 bedroom with private bathroom– share living room & kitchen with 3 other people



3 Bedroom New Security Building

808 S. Oak, C. -FREE INTERNET IN MOST UNITS 337-8852

602 E. Stoughton, C Fall 2010. Unique 1, 2 bedroom apartments. Furnished, laundry, internet. 2 Bedrooms starting at $325/ person. Includes some utilities. Parking available. Must see! THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

509 E. White, C. August 2010. 1 bedrooms. Security entry, balconies, patios, furnished. Laundry, off-street parking, value pricing. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

THE NEVADAN 903 W. Nevada, U We've redefined luxury with these spectacular 2 bedroom units built August 2007 right in the heart of the U of I campus, around the corner from Cafe Paradiso. Wall-mounted flat screen TVs, wine & beer fridge, designer furniture package, W/D, buzzer entry, elevator, covered parking and MUCH MORE!!! Rent from $1,350/mo. Call for showing times! BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873

APARTMENTS Unfurnished


Crystal Lake Park Large 1 BR + Study; 2 BR. Now available, convenient to campus, $520-$610 217-840-5134

800 W. Church, C Economical 2BRs Now Available Near Shopping/Transportation $500/mo Call 217-352-8540 Now Leasing for Fall 2010 $99 Deposit for ALL Apartments. 2 and 3 Bedrooms. Free Heat and Water. Landmark Apartments. 502 W. Main, Urbana IL. 217-384-5876.

1 Bedrooms Now Available, C. 711 S. Randolph 811 W. Hill 515 W. Washington Starting from $405/mo. and up Call 217-352-8540 or

111-121 W. Park, U Aug 2010. Overlooking Crystal Lake Park. Adjacent to Carle Clinic and close to U of I Campus- Engineering & Computer Science. Efficiencies from $365/mo and 2 bedrooms from $465/mo. Shown 7 days a week. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873

606 S. Prairie, C. $445/mo. Includes trash hauling, water, sewer, off-street parking. 3 blocks from Green and Neil. Large 1 BR apartments available August. Call for showing. 217-352-1335.


Charming one bedroom, Urbana. 847-302-5254. Brand New Luxury Condos 1 and 2 bedroom starting at $890, near campus and downtown Champaign. 217-390-6685.

512 W. GREEN, C. Aug 2010. Double security brick building in excellent location. Large 2 bdrm apts with approx 800 sq. ft. Parking, Central A/C, Carpet, Laundry facilities. On busline. Rents $475/mo to $495/mo. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873

SOUTHWEST PLACE APTS, C. August 2010. Located in SW Champaign near Windsor & Mattis. 1 bedrooms. Carpet, gas heat, central a/c. Laundry in bldg, dishwashers, patio/balconies, parking. 1 bdrms from $490/mo. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE 356-1873 Bright and sunny one bedroom apartment Available August 15. 1 bedroom, kitchenette, front room with wood floors and 3 large windows in secure building. 3 blocks east of downtown Champaign. Convenient to campus, bus lines and grocery. Perfect for grad students wanting quiet, central location. $500/mo, all utilities included. For info and application, call (217) 377-0634.

705 W. CHURCH, C. Aug 2010. Very attractive apts located near downtown. On busline. Large apts. Balconies or patios. One bdrms from $425/mo. Two bedrooms from $475/mo. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC 356-1873

TURNBERRY RIDGE, C. Huge, luxury 2 & 3 bedroom duplexes in high-end residential neighborhood in SW Champaign. 2 car attached garages, central A/C, gas log fireplaces, walk-in closets, w/d hookups, dishwasher, disposal, 3 bdrms 2.5 baths from $1,275/mo + utils, 2 bdrms - 2 baths from $1,020/mo + utils. Shown 7 days a week. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873



$699/Month 2 Bedroom. On Campus. 367-6626

308 1/2 W. William, C Very spacious 4 BR, LR, DR, 2 full baths, fire place, finished basement, enclosed porch, free parking, garage. August 217-337-8852

713 W Springfield URBANA · AUg 2010 4BR, 2BA, 1 block East of Lincoln. 2 car garage, No Pets. Internet hookup, washer/dryer provided

$1,375 · 351-1800   August 12 - 18, 2010

She probably only drinks “bitch fuel” like Burnett’s vodka and Long Islands and white zinfandel.

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by Derek Beigh

Is race still a relevant issue in America?


acism has an ugly history in America, from the African slave trade to cartel slavery and the Civil War. Fortunately, since that dark part of our past, things have slowly changed. The 14th Amendment guaranteed racial equality in theory, and Martin Luther King’s influence in the 1960s furthered the cause to fulfill that doctrine’s

promise. Many years later, President Barack Obama’s 2008 election was widely considered a significant victory for racial equality, and a “post-racial society” has become a commonplace theory. Despite those developments, however, subjects like affirmative action and the metaphorical glass ceiling are still discussed and

debated, and the battle against racism rages on in politics and business. Recently, the Shirley Sherrod scandal led Obama to call for an increased dialogue on the subject. After all these years, is race still a relevant issue?

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“Definitely! I think that the people who are not white feel as though it is an issue. And, you know, I think that white people in general definitely do. I always hear that white people are really afraid of black people, so if they still feel that way, then I think it’s an issue.

“Yes. In everyday life, I see different people; they look at you one way, and other people look at you another way. It’s still there. No matter how you put it, it’s still there. People will try to hide it, but it’s still there.”

“I do think the racism still exists, yes. And it is still a relevant issue. I don’t think people have ever acted in a racist manner towards me, but I’ve never been a minority.”

“Of course, definitely. There was a guy who thought his company was being racist, so he shot up the place [on Aug. 3]. It happened in Connecticut. So yeah, it’s definitely still an issue. I think that we are just more proactive with dealing with it, but I definitely see people that are racist.”

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Buzz Magazine: Aug. 12, 2010  
Buzz Magazine: Aug. 12, 2010  

Aug. 12, 2010