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JUL 16 – JUL 22 2009

volume 7 no. 28

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Silver Bullet Bar

Call, stop-by or go online today! Fitness Center Champaign 355-8794

*60 or 90 minutes. Expires 12-31-09

Illini Union Oasis Urbana 239-1104

18 to enter • Mon-Thur 8pm-1am • Fri-Sat 8pm-2am • $5 Cover (Always Hiring, We’ll Train)

407 W. Windsor Champaign 351-1011

Topless Female Dancers

ARC Champaign 239-5865 021709 BZ

1401 E. Washington Urbana 217.344.0937

Roll Your Own 10 Locally Grown

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Tomahnous Farm bring organic goods to CU Get some bites on the digital bookmobile


How to survive this weekend’s Pitchfork Music Festival

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The end to surgical abortion?

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Wild About Books


Thursday, 16

Thursday, 16

Urbana Free Library, U, 11:30 a.m.

Carmike Beverly Cinema 18, C, 7:40 p.m.

If I were still in grade school or had a kid that age (don’t worry mom, that won’t happen anytime soon), I’d take them to Wild About Books at the Urbana Library that’s happening July 16. There’s really nothing better than the combination of food and literature. Michell Eloy, Community Editor

Thursday, 16

It’s that time of year again. The Champaign County Fair is well on it’s way. Check out a preview of the event online this Tuesday.

Goodrich Savoy 16 Theater, Savoy, 10:30 p.m.

Music: Find out what This Book is Broken: A Broken Social Scene Story is all about on Saturday.

Likes & Gripes Molly Durham Producer for LIKES

Any Day

1) Harry Potter: It’s always worth staying up til 3 a.m. to see the midnight showing, and yes, I’ve dressed up for one (or more) of them before. 2) Today: It’s my 21st birthday. I’m a real person now! 3) Weekends in Chicago: Going up for Pitchfork this weekend to a reunion of many friends.

480 CR 2500 North, Mahomet, Ill. 61853 I would really love to check out Tomahnous Farm in Mahomet. As a self-proclaimed “foodie” and a fan of sustainable agricultural efforts, this place sounds legit. And, man, do I love fresh goat cheese. Mmmm, cheese. Michell Eloy, Food and Drink Editor

place as anyone. So instead of us always telling you what concerts to go to and what restaurants to dine at, we’ll be allotting more space for your words, your ideas and your opinions. On the, for instance, make sure to check out our new WPGUtube contest, allowing you to submit a homemade video to our website. Whether the video is an enlightening documentary on the local music scene like last week’s winner, Dave Cohen, or just footage of your friends in the dorms doing stupid things, submit it to and maybe it’ll be chosen as the winner for the week. In addition to WPGUTube, keep an eye out for buzz’s new “Rants and Raves: Tri-Town Talk”

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince review up on Thursday.


Michell Eloy Food & Drink and Community Editor GRIPES

E D I T O R ’ S N O T E by Tommy Trafton


Seeing as how I missed out on Bruno last weekend, looks like I’ll be pulling a double feature of Harry Potter and Bruno. Transferring from a kids’ movie about wizards to a raunchy comedy about homosexuals is going to be quite jarring. Matt Carey, Movies Editor

Tomahnous Farm

It’s crazy how fast summer speeds by. With just about a month left before the streets get swarmed by new students carrying T.I.S. bags and practicing their routes to class, buzz is already prepping for the fall semester with a redesign ready to launch in late August. We’ll be trying some new things in the meantime, however, and need your help to put some of these ideas into motion. The focus of the buzz redesign is conversation. Champaign and Urbana are transient towns and with the buzz staff being completely comprised of students, we have as much to learn about this

Look for the next installment of the wine column, “The Dregs,” this Friday.


Physical Challenge Dance Party

For whatever reason (tired, lazy, tired and lazy), I have yet to check out the Wednesday night Physical Challenge at the Canopy Club. After hearing nothing but good things about the dance party, however, I don’t think I can wait any longer to sweat out the mid-week frustrations to quality local DJs. Amanda Shively, Music Editor

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince


Carmike Beverly Cinema 18, C, 10:45 p.m.

Food & Drink

Canopy Club, U, 10 p.m.

Goodrich Savoy 16 Theater, Savoy, 7:50 p.m.


Wednesday, 22


feature, which will premier in print and online within the next month. If you’re sick of the terrible band on the other side of your apartment wall playing at two in the morning or estatic about the newest business on main street, e-mail us at We love hearing your opinions so much we’ll have them printed 20,000 times and distributed all around town. (Check out page five for more information.) With these new features and other plans, buzz is looking forward to a fresh new look to come along with the upcoming semester. Keep an eye out for further changes to the magazine and let us know what you think by emailing buzz@!

1) The Great Friend Diaspora of Summer ’09: This time next month, I’ll have watched my sister and five of my best friends head off to far away places. I’m all for you guys doing great things, but do you really have to do them all at once? You better write, call and send carrier pigeons. 2) Unit air conditioners: Aptly named not because they fit in the window unit but because they only air condition a very small, small unit of the apartment. 3) Grown men who act like 10-year-old girls: Seriously, stop texting me. Pick up the phone and actually call. While you’re at it, grow a set (too harsh?).

JUL 16 – JUL 22 09

food & drink How To ...


Use Chopsticks

Tomahnous Farms supplies local goods to the CU area

by Tim Anderson Imagine you’re taking a date to a fancy Asian restaurant and the only utensils people are using are chopsticks. You don’t want to be the person who has to ask for a fork, do you? Though the above worst case scenario is all the incentive you’ll ever need, there are other reasons why the use of chopsticks is a valuable skill, besides avoiding potential minor humiliation. Using chopsticks announces that you’ve developed a skill rooted in cultural tradition surrounding Asian cuisine. In addition, the real joy of using chopsticks is that they force you to slow down a little bit, allowing for more enjoyment in the food you’re eating. As opposed to using a fork to shovel food into your mouth, chopsticks require a delicate finesse and pace. The fork is a sprint; chopsticks are a marathon. Fortunately, using chopsticks is a simple threestep process. Once your technique is right, all you need to do is practice.

by Jeanine Russel whole new approach to living alongside the food we need to eat and using it to create more food. “Oil and salt” meals, served on nights when everything cooked comes from the farm except the oil and salt, are popular in the family’s house. “We have goat’s milk to make cheese, dough from the wheat and our own tomato sauce. It’s very satisfying to be able to do that,” Haynes said. They even grow their own garlic, which is one of the most popular items sold on the farm. Tomahnous Farms is very well-known for their varity of garlic. Each season differs, but they try to offer between 15 and 20 different kinds. “I like growing garlic a lot,” Haynes said. “I love and hate the way it’s a continuous cycle. Twelve months of growing garlic.” Their mushrooms are also popular — so much so that they are almost all accounted for before they come up each season. “Mushrooms are something people covet,” Haynes said. Tomahnous Farms’ goods are easy to get in the surrounding CU area, but the trip to Mahomet is well worth it. “We grow unusual crops — certified organic — and we’ve very diverse,” Haynes said.

1. Begin by setting one stick in the groove between your thumb and index finger. Press the inside of your thumb against it to keep it in place. This stick remains still while you’re using the chopsticks.

Photos by James Kyung.

There are many different ways to be responsible about where your food comes from. Buying local and checking for organic labels are options, but at Tomahnous Farms in Mahomet, a family has taken it upon themselves to make sure they know their food is wholesome by growing it themselves. Tomahnous Farm is a small, family-run organic farm offering an original array of certified organic produce, grass-fed, free-range meats and other items such as goat’s milk and honey. Their produce can be found at the Urbana Market, the Mahomet Market and through Community Supported Agriculture. “My husband does row crop and hay and half the animal chores, and I do most of the produce,” said Lisa Haynes. She and her husband, Eric Thorsland, run the farm together with their children’s help. Diversity is something Tomahnous Farms prides itself on. There seems to be little they won’t try, and their goods and produce are different every season. “Wheat is super-duper satisfying to grow it, harvest it and make a loaf of bread. You feel in tune with civilization,” Haynes said. Tomahnous Farms is more than just organic food as a trend — it’s a

2. The second stick is held as almost as a pencil. It rests between the tips of the index and middle fingers. This stick is manipulated up and down against the first to pick up food.

Five Questions with a Local Chef

Joon Chang of Sushi Avenue

Sushi Avenue has become a go-to location on campus for affordable sushi and Korean food. In honor of their upcoming one-year-of-business anniversy, buzz magazine sat down with Sushi Avenue’s head chef, Joon Chang, to talk about his experience in the art of sushi-making. buzz: How did you get started? Chang: I started five years ago at Todai Seafood Buffet in Woodfield Mall (Schaumburg, Ill.) and then in restaurants in downtown Chicago. After living in Chicago, I moved to Las Vegas and worked at the famed Sushi Avenue and Steakhouse. buzz: What is your educational training and background? Chang: I started in the kitchen and worked my way up. It is through this that I learned the basics and then the technique. JUL 16 – JUL 22 09

buzz: Did you notice a difference in the way sushi is prepared in Vegas versus Chicago? Chang: Yes, they vary. Each restaurant I have worked at has blended traditional Japanese sushi and their own technique to create new sushi combinations. buzz: What is your biggest challenge when preparing sushi? Chang: The timing. You prepare sushi with your hands, so timing becomes difficult when there is a dinner or lunch rush. buzz: If someone has never had sushi before, what should they start with? Chang: Our menu features regular rolls and special rolls. They should start with the regular rolls because they are based on traditional and popular sushi rolls. My personal recommendation to them would be the spicy tuna roll.

3. To open the top stick, lift with the middle finger. To close, use the index finger. It is this motion that is used to work chopsticks. The rest is practice.

Photo by Rebekah Nelson.

Photos by James Kyung.

by Sabrina Santucci

come and get it

buzz 5

Wild Pages The Urbana Free Library works to get people excited about reading by Michell Eloy


re you looking for something new to do with your kids this summer? If so, the Urbana Free Library is looking for people with whom they can “get wild.” Working in collaboration with the Illinois Library Association and their iRead summer program, “Read on the Wild Side,” the Urbana Free Library is hosting a number of events to get both kids and parents excited about reading. Barb Lintner, the director of children services at the Urbana Free Library, said annual programs like these are important in developing reading skills in children during their time off from school. “The main impetus for summer reading is to keep the kids, especially those in the first couple of grades when they’re learning how to read, to keep their skills up during the summer months,” said Lintner. “When they go back to school, they’re not in a deficit situation.” One of the more popular activities the library is hosting this year is the Readers Club. Designed for children through fifth grade, every registered child that reads 10 books this summer will receive a free book from the friends of the Free Library. For every subsequent five books, the child is then entered in the X Treme Reader

Bonus drawing, scheduled for September 5, to win other prizes from local businesses. Lintner said this is great motivation to keep kids active during the summer months. “Reading is just instrumental,” said Lintner. “Let’s face it. If you’re going to be successful academically, it’s the reader that has the leg up on everyone else.” And for those not quite ready to pick up a book on their own, the Urbana Free Library has also developed the Read-to-Me Club. Designed for parents and children still in the early stages of reading, children who have five books read to them are invited to come into the library receive a sticker, while 50 books earns them a free book. Latté Da coupons are also awarded to the adult readers. “There are a lot of studies that show that the kids who read well to have an easier time learning how to read and in school in general,” said Lintner. “They have the vocabulary preparation for later on.” The Urbana Free Library is also hosting various events at the library as well. This week on Thursday, July 16, the library is hosting “Wild About Books Brown Bag Lunch” from 11:30 a.m.

Used under the Creative Commons license. Photo by Ragib Hasan.

to 12:30 p.m. This event is for those reading at a fourth grade level or higher. Children are invited to bring in a favorite book to share as well as a lunch. There will be activities and reading aloud. Also on Thursday from 2 to 3 p.m., the library will host a program entitled “Wild about Illinois.” This activity will introduce children in kindergarten through fifth grade to the plants

and animals native to Illinois in a very handson way. Lintner said it’s programs like these that get kids into the library, build a sense of family and also a stronger sense of community in Urbana. “It’s just a great way for a family and families to come together,” said Lintner. “I think that’s a wonderful thing.”

Books on MP3


The Digital Bookmobile comes to Champaign


by Katie Blair Our libraries are turning digital. This coming Friday, July 17, the Digital Bookmobile will appear at the main branch of the Champaign Public Library from noon until 4 p.m. This Digital Bookmobile is different than a traditional bookmobile in that it doesn’t offer books but rather brings a service by teaching willing people how to download audio books and e-books. The Digital Bookmobile is run by, an online library where people can download audiobooks, e-books, music and videos. Those working the bookmobile will be employees of MMM, not of the local library. Instead of renting out books, the afternoon will be treated more like a regular vendor show. It will showcase how to utilize services the library offers, mostly downloading audiobooks. This will be the first time the Digital Bookmobile visits Champaign. Teen

librarian at the CPL Betsy Su noted, “The service was started a couple years ago, and we thought more people needed to know about it.” Normally, people download on their home computers instead of at the Digital Bookmobile. The files are too large to download at the library, but if you bring CDs or a large USB port, you may be able to download on-site. However, the library has slow Wi-Fi, and there needs to be Internet access on the bookmobile. Su said it will be hard to predict how many people will show up this upcoming afternoon but also that people will see it because of its large size and visibility in front of the CPL. The turnout should be good because, Su said, “People want to take advantage of what’s offered to them.” Illustration by Maureen Walrath

Kevin Matsuo, an unemployed art student here at U of I , is currently reading A Confederacy of DUNCES by John Kennedy Toole.

Earl Medina, a proud barcoder in the U of I library system, is currently reading Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man by Steve Harvey.

Moey “Dandelion” Walrath, a student currently nannying 5 days a week, is reading Erotica which is a collection of poems.

RANTS & RAVES In a few weeks, buzz is going to be trying something new, and we need your help. Our new weekly feature, “Rants and Raves: Tri-Town Talk” will be a space for your words, not ours. Tired of your neighbors always leaving their trash cans in the street? Overheard a hilarious conversation the other day that you just have to pass on? Want to commend the driver who let you into traffic the other day when no one else would? “Rants and Raves” will be a space for you to do just that — anonymously. All you have to

do is send an e-mail to, and we will put it in the next issue (with minor grammatical and, if necessary, content edits, of course). We do reserve the right to refuse to publish any e-mail on the basis of content, so if you want to be truly offensive, do it somewhere else, but if there is something you just want to get off your chest, this will your anonymous opportunity to do so. So start sending those e-mails now, and we will compile the best for the first round. JUL 16 – JUL 22 09


Paint, Over and Over “Michael Hoag: Layered Images” at Parkland Art Gallery by Daryl McCurdy Parkland Art Gallery is currently host to the painting exhibition “Michael Hoag: Layered Images.” Hoag, a social worker currently living in rural East Central Illinois, has exhibited his work throughout the Midwest. In the body of his work at Parkland, Hoag uses gouache on paper and oil on canvas to build multiple overlapping fields of line and color. In nearly every composition, the foremost layer consists of a portrait. Each layer of paint is applied in confident and sweeping strokes, providing a jumbled, symmetrical backbone to the composition. Hoag creates an all-over accumulation of paint that, in its symmetry, begins to resemble a Rorschach inkblot test. In both the gouache and oil pieces, Hoag adheres to a jarring color scheme consisting of saturated and undiluted color. Hoag’s employment of complementary color pairings and intense hues makes the layers even more difficult to separate, further contributing to the blurring of layers. On top of the intense layering of colors and lines sits an outline of a human head in a more nondescript and camouflaged color. The portrait Hoag includes in his work is generic, and the same variation appears over and over. Given titles such as “Orange Boy” and “Woman in Green,” one begins to throw away the idea that these are specific portraits and are instead general human representations. However, the portraits in “Nanny” and “Dylan” look the same as the rest. This interested me as I was left questioning Hoag’s relationships with his human subjects.

Free lessons entice CU dancers by Mary Russell Michael Hoag’s “Layered Images” exhibit at Parkland College Art Gallery. Photo by James Kyung

Besides this moment of curiosity, I soon became disenchanted with the portraits. After a while, the formula of building up layers of paint that concludes with a portrait became too expected, and I spent less and less time with each piece. However, “Orange Woman,” a large oil painting, resisted the blatant addition of a face and instead relied on Hoag’s strong and quite interesting use of color. I was left admiring Hoag’s brushstrokes, the texture of his paint and the accumulation of layers that, I think, are the some of the strongest parts of this work.

Hoag’s work has been said to play with the juxtaposition of chaos and order. This is indeed apparent as Hoag provides us with calculated conglomerations of mark and hue. Hoag reveals his process to us unabashedly as we become aware of the linear buildup of paint layers and the movement of his brush. It is this honesty that, I think, becomes the real star of this work. The portraits, in their expected and much more conventional form, remove me from this sincerity. “Michael Hoag: Layered Images” will be on display at Parkland Art Gallery until Aug. 11.

What UIUC’s College of FAA can learn by Alyssa Schoeneman

JUL 16 – JUL 22 09

of Tango

Photo by Ross Topol

Motor Oil and Mutual Support If you ask me what I will remember most about living in Durham, N.C., my answer will not be the city’s tobacco district or the humid weather — it will be the gas station attendants. Allow me to explain. As a press intern at the American Dance Festival, it is my responsibility to find and clip all media related to the ADF. On my daily newspaper run to the BP gas station last week, I was involved in a lengthy conversation with the cashiers and a local resident about what a great asset the ADF has been to the Durham community. When I returned to the gas station the following day, I was greeted by a large sign bearing the words, “Welcome ADF!” Never before have I seen a community support the arts the way that Durham does. Throughout my weeks at ADF, I have watched a mutually supportive relationship with the Durham community thrive. Funded by the Duke Energy Foundation and the Durham Merchants Association Charitable Foundation, ADF faculty members are teaching children’s dance classes in downtown Durham’s El Centro Hispano. A longtime partnership between ADF and the Nasher Museum of Art on Duke’s East

A Taste

Campus produced last weekend’s Community Day. Families participated in an African dance workshop, listened to storyteller Faye Stanley, made crafts with The Scrap Exchange and played with the larger-than-life puppets of Paperhand Puppet Intervention free of charge. This Friday, July 17, ADF choreographer-in-residence Mark Dendy will present a site-specific work at the Golden Belt during Durham’s “Third Friday.” Once a historic textile mill, the Golden Belt in downtown Durham has been newly restored to showcase the work of upcoming artists. Foot traffic through the artist studios at Golden Belt greatly increases on “Third Fridays,” giving budding artists much-needed exposure. Music, comedy and free food are also highlights of the Friday events, making them beneficial to a wide range of businesses. I would love to see UIUC’s College of Fine and Applied Arts (FAA) learn a lesson from Durham’s artistic symbiosis. The departments of FAA would strongly benefit from fostering communication and from building stronger relationships both intracollegiately and intercollegiately. Large populations of UIUC students know little to

nothing about FAA showcases and events due to inefficient marketing across campus. Also, many events overlap between departments within the college, making it difficult for FAA students to support their peers. Increased collaboration between departments of FAA will give its students opportunities for crossdisciplinary networking that are difficult to find outside of a college setting. A strong network will enhance students’ career prospects in the future and will provide important resources for them as they work toward achieving their BFA degrees. Networking and learning opportunities also exist between colleges. For example, many athletes could benefit from dance-based crosstraining, and many dancers could use a crash course in philosophy. The resources for intercollegiate networking and learning are already in place, but the networking itself needs to be better facilitated. A wider range of classes with fewer major restrictions would allow students from different colleges to intermingle and connect. With these goals in mind, maybe one day Assembly Hall will boast a “Welcome FAA!” sign. It can’t hurt to dream, right?

Last Wednesday night, I attended a free tango lesson at Cowboy Monkey. It turns out the back of the bar contains an open floor area perfect for such an activity. Though initially intimidated by tango’s sensuous and fast-moving reputation, I was relieved to find out that we would move slowly in our lesson. The instruction was very basic, and the environment was welcoming of all skill levels. There’s no need to come with a partner, as dance partners are rotated each time a new skill is taught. The lesson began with all of the participants walking in a circle, practicing the basic tango step. Next, everyone practiced the step with a partner, using a practice hand position. The two instructors, Carlota and Joe, shuffled their way around the group and danced with each participant to make sure they were dancing with correct form. The group eventually progressed enough to tango with the correct hand position, tango in place, tango in a straight line and change direction. I thought I was able to catch on pretty fast, considering my dance training does not extend beyond what I learned in high school gym class. Although I had a hard time keeping my eyes off my feet at first, by the end of the lesson, I could sense that the dance is more about feel and less about precision. I learned that it’s important to keep your shoulders square in front of your partner and focus more on the movement of your hips when doing the tango steps. Lessons are every Wednesday at Cowboy Monkey from 7:30 to 8 p.m. After the lesson is over, the floor is open for tango. Around 9:30, veteran dancers begin to arrive and show off their moves. Anywhere from 20 to 40 people will fill the dance floor on a given night. August will mark the sixth anniversary of Carlota and Joe teaching free lessons on Wednesdays. Carlota and Joe teach tango classes throughout the year at the Channing-Murray Foundation in Urbana as well. Carlota explained that many people are initially hesitant to sign up for a class, so the free lesson gives them a taste of what it’s all about. For more information about their classes, visit come and get it

movies & tv

Favorite Scenes The Planetarium Scene from Manhattan by Sarah Gorr

A Disappointing Follow-Up Bruno Review by Sarah Gorr After the wild success of Borat in 2006, Sacha Baron Cohen took things to the obvious next level with Brßno. Unfortunately, the only thing the two really have in common is Cohen’s name. Brßno fails in nearly every way that Borat succeeded, making a viewing almost completely intolerable. Part of what made Borat great was its uncanny ability to expose hypocritical America and its racism through its documentary/hidden cameralike episodes. While it was always clear certain scenes were staged (as with the now infamous hotel room scene), the authenticity of others, like Borat’s appearance at a rodeo, shone through. However, almost every scene of Brßno feels staged. Very few people in the movie seem to be genuinely outside or unaware of the joke and because of this, its intent to expose homophobic America falls utterly flat on its face. Instead of Brßno cleverly slipping into our real, everyday lives and showing us that perhaps we’re not as accepting as we think, there is nothing but a slew of gay bashing that seems to serve no real purpose. The film’s climax, depicting a crowd of wrestling fans that fall into riotous behavior upon witnessing Brßno himself making out with another man, doesn’t seem to prove our homophobia. In fact, it doesn’t really seem to prove anything. It crudely and amateurly demonstrates that those we had always suspected to be homopho-

bic are indeed homophobic, and if the goal of the sketch was to demonstrate what we already knew, why do it? In the end, it merely puts gay bashing on display. It isn’t that all of Brßno’s efforts need to have a purpose aside from entertainment, but when showing such a borderline offensive outpouring of hate, it shouldn’t be too much to ask that there be one. The scene makes no comment whatsoever on the subject it broaches and yet still asks the audience to laugh and applaud its pathetic efforts. All Brßno really manages to do is slap the viewer in the face over and over again with juvenile vulgarity and stereotypes that feel less like hyperbole and a lot more like ignorance and prejudice. There are a few scenes, however, that would be redeemable if they totaled more than 10 or 15 minutes of the film’s 83-minute running time, but it’s simply not enough. Ultimately, Brßno’s real failing is the fact that it’s little more than a sub-par version of its perfectly balanced ideal: Da Ali G Show. Cohen’s television show seemed to know its limits, its pacing and its timing far better than either of his films. Anyone hoping to see Brßno at his hilarious peak is better off renting old episodes of Ali G and saving themselves both the money and the agony of what has surely been one of the worst movies of this year.

In Woody Allen’s so called “love song� for New York, Manhattan (1979), he uses the city as a backdrop for intertwining stories of love and life amidst isolation and disconnect. These ideas are perfectly visualized in the scene where Isaac (Woody Allen) and Mary (Diane Keaton) escape from a thunderstorm by ducking into the planetarium. It is here where the two characters finally seem to connect as they walk through the exhibit as silhouettes against a celestial backdrop. The two argue about what they find important in life as Isaac infamously states, “Nothing worth knowing can be understood with the mind.� They talk about emotions and rationale and at one point are completely eclipsed by the darkness until the slightest sliver of light illuminates just their profiles. Part of what makes the scene so wonderful is the juxtaposition of Isaac and Mary’s talk of feelings with the void of space, as represented by the planetarium. Throughout their discussion, parallels are continually drawn between the two so that despite their supposed differences in their conversation, they’re more alike than they seem to want to believe. The fact that this exchange takes place in a space representative of isolation and loneliness shows just how separate they really are from their own feelings. The gorgeous photography of it all almost seems to sum up Allen himself as it takes the neuroses and insecurities we all have and makes them beautiful. Manhattan is truly Woody Allen’s masterpiece, and this scene alone has the power to prove it.

Carmike’s Stimulus Tuesdays: $1 Popcorn & $1 Drink Every Tuesday ADVANCE TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE FOR: THE UGLY TRUTH.


HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE PG (2:53) DLP (10:15 Fri-Sun) 11:00 – 11:30 – 12:30 – 1:00 – 1:30 – 2:15 – 2:45 – 3:45 – 4:15 – 4:45 – 5:30 – 5:55 – 7:00 – 7:30 – 8:00 – 8:45 – 9:15 – (10:15 – 10:45 – 11:15 – 12:00 Fri & Sat) KID’S SUMMER SERIES – MADAGASCAR 10:00 AM Tues & Wed I LOVE YOU, BETH COOPER R (2:02) DLP 11:00 – 1:30 – 4:00 – 7:00 – 9:30 (12:00 Fri & Sat) BRUNO R (1:43) DLP 11:00 – 11:30 – 1:10 – 1:40 – 3:20 – 3:50 – 5:30 – 5:55 – 7:40 – 8:00 – 9:50 – 10:00 (12:00 Fri & Sat) MOON R (2:07) 1:30 – 4:00 – 7:00 – 9:30 (12:00 Fri & Sat) ICE AGE 3: DAWN OF THE DINOSAURS 3D PG (1:54) DLP 3D SURCHARGE WILL APPLY/NO DISCOUNT TICKETS ACCEPTED 11:00 – 1:30 – 2:15 – 4:00 – 7:00 – 8:00 – 9:30 ICE AGE 3: DAWN OF THE DINOSAURS 2D PG (1:54) DLP 11:30 – 1:45 – 4:00 – 7:30 – 9:45 PUBLIC ENEMIES R (2:43) DLP 1:00 – 4:00 – 7:00 – 10:00 MY SISTER’S KEEPER PG13 (2:10) DLP 11:00 – 1:45 – 4:20 – 7:00 – 9:30 (12:00 Fri & Sat) TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN PG13 (2:51) DLP 11:00 - 1:00 – 4:30 – 4:45 – 8:00 – (10:30 – 11:15 Fri & Sat) THE PROPOSAL PG13 (2:08) DLP 11:00 – 1:30 – 4:00 – 7:00 – 9:30 (12:00 Fri & Sat) THE HANGOVER R (2:00) DLP 11:00 – 1:45 – 4:30 – 7:15 – 9:45 (12:00 Fri & Sat) UP 3D PG (1:56) DLP 3D SURCHARGE WILL APPLY/NO DISCOUNT TICKETS ACCEPTED 11:00 - 1:30 – 4:15 – 7:00 –9:25

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gem In the late 1960s, when the era of the extravagant big screen movie musical was coming to its end, director/choreographer Stanley Donen, who made such classics as On the Town, Singin’ in the Rain, and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, shifted creative gears and collaborated with screenwriter Frederic Raphael to create one of the most beautifully told, bittersweet movie romances of all time, Two for the Road. Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney star as Joanna and Mark Wallace in a rather complex narrative that covers a dozen or so years in their lives, as seen from different French holidays they experienced over the years. Donen interweaves and overlaps flashback segments framed by the couple’s present vacation to a beach in the south of France where they met and fell in love years before. While very appealing with its romance and comedy, the film is really a serious exploration

Two for the Road (1967) by Syd Slobodnik



Movie News by Matt Carey


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into the function of the modern marriage and how a couple evolves from their earliest happy and romantic days through times of bickering, parenthood and to moments of infidelity and eventual reconciliations. Four or five significant flashbacks occur as Joanna and Mark reflect on what kept them together. Both actors were in their prime of youthful popularity: Finney a few years off his roguish Tom Jones popularity and Hepburn coming off the success of Breakfast at Tiffany’s and My Fair Lady. Both, according to Hepburn biographer Donald Spoto, had a somewhat secret off-screen romance while making the film, which made their on-screen chemistry completely believable and dynamic. This tender and realistic look at a couple’s love/hate relationship is ever so charmingly accented by an unforgettable Henry Mancini musical score and remains one of the great hidden gems of the ’60s.

• Ryan Reynolds announced to play The Green Lantern, beating out Bradley Cooper and Justin Timberlake for the role. • SNL character MacGruber (Will Forte) is set to make the move to the big screen. • Cameron Diaz is in negotiations to play Kato in Michel Gondry’s The Green Hornet. • ’80s TV show T.J. Hooker is being adapted into a movie with Chuck Russell (The Scorpion King, The Mask) directing. • Screenwriter Randall Wallace (Braveheart) has been brought on to rewrite director McG’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea adaptation.

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JUL 16 – JUL 22 09

music Eco-friendly Beats OUTSIDE at the Research Park begins three-part series by Amanda Shively For the third year in a row, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts and Fox/Atkins Development, LLC have come together to provide a three-part concert series at the University Research Park. An initiative providing free music and local food in an outdoor setting, OUTSIDE at the Research Park aims to bring the community together in celebration of the summer season and a green frame of mind. As noted by Krannert Center for the Performing Arts Public Information Director Bridget Lee-Calfas, “The OUTSIDE series has provided an ideal opportunity to share [the sustainability] sensibility with

our community.” With featured community partner Habitat for Humanity ReStore, sponsors Advantage Recycling and Marco Recycling, Divisions of Mervis Industries, Inc., an anonymous sponsor and with special thanks to the Illinois Natural History Survey, each event will feature biodegradable food materials and recycling bins, as well as the recent addition of bike racks and a stage powered by a biodeisel generator. The first evening of OUTSIDE will be held Friday, July 17 and includes five-time Chicago Music Award winners Funkadesi as well as local brother-sister duo Hathaways. Performances begin

at 6:30 p.m. and will be held just southwest of Assembly Hall in the Research Park. The Friday event will also feature catered food and wine from Biaggi’s. “The OUTSIDE venue was designed to be a relaxed, inviting and intimate space, providing a welcoming atmosphere for all-ages audiences to refresh in a casual setting,” Lee-Calfas said. Future OUTSIDE at the Research Park events include performances from Kathy Mattea and Ryan Groff on Friday, Aug. 14 and Post Historic, The Duke of Uke and His Novelty Orchestra, High Cotton and Hot Buttered Rum on Friday, Aug. 28. The

final evening in the series will also feature a green fair for local businesses and exhibits interested in supporting and demonstrating their involvement in the sustainability effort. For more information about the OUTSIDE at the Research Park series, please visit Though no specific plans are underway for the future of the series, Lee-Calfas said that “[We] certainly hope to continue the great relationships, quality performances and environmental commitments that we have developed through this series well into the future.”

Quick Pick Album Reviews Artist: Bullion Album: Young Heartache Label: One-Handed Music Relatively under the radar, Bullion can be described as one of the most eclectic producers out there in the farthest reaches of musicdom. Based in West London, a rather young lad by the name of Nathan Jenkins takes reggae, hip hop, surf pop and old school jams to create a soulful and seamless amalgamation. His efforts in propelling a more soulful and universal sound culminated in his Young Heartache 12” EP release. Your summer owes “Time For Us All To Love” a listen as Bullion is worth his weight in gold. — Kevin Hsia SKIP or STICK WITH: STICK WITH

Artist: Siriusmo Album: Diskoding Label: Boysnoize Records Hailing from Germany, a bolder flavor of revamped funk and electronica is churning under the skin of Moritz Friedrich, working under the moniker of a wily wolf. Choosing to remain reclusive and refusing to perform live as of yet, his works reveal a beefy swagger and childish naiveté. Released in 2008, Diskoding is wonderful fun. “Lastdear” demonstrates his melodic pitchbending grooves and flourishes, and “Diskoding” revels in the raw analog power of future funk. — Kevin Hsia SKIP or STICK WITH: STICK WITH

Artist: Dear Landlord Album: Dream Homes Label: No Idea Records The debut full-length from Midwestern supergroup Dear Landlord is quick, raw and catchy — the best parts of a summer pop-punk album. From the opening notes of “I Live in Hell,” the men of Dear Landlord barrel down with 14 tracks about “high fives for low lives” and somehow positive self-deprication. Clocking in at just under thirty minutes, Dream Homes is a perfect album for that open-road, open-window, destinationless trip, and is a must hear for fans of the Copyrights, Off With Their Heads and Banner Pilot. — Amanda Shively SKIP or STICK WITH: STICK WITH






119 W. Main St. • 217.328.4405 • TUESDAY-SATURDAY 8AM-8PM • SUNDAY 8AM-2PM JUL 16 – JUL 22 09

• Live Bands & DJs • Outdoor Beer Garden • Over 90 Different Beers • Large Scotch/Whiskey Collection 105 N. Market St. Downtown Champaign (217) 355-1236

come and get it

buzz  music   

Pitchfork Music Festival Line-Up FRIDAY: 8:40 Built to Spill 7:20 The Jesus Lizard 6:10 Yo La Tengo 5:00 Tortoise

Yo La Tengo. Image used with permission from Matador Records.

SATURDAY: 8:40 The National 8:30 The Black Lips 7:30 Matt and Kim 7:25 Beirut 6:30 Lindstrøm 6:15 Doom 5:30 Wavves 5:15 Yeasayer 4:30 Ponytail 4:15 Final Fantasy 3:35 Bowerbirds 3:20 The Pains of Being Pure at Heart 2:40 The Antlers 2:30 Fucked Up 1:45 Plants and Animals 1:45 The Dutchess & The Duke 1:00 Cymbals Eat Guitars 1:00 Disappears

SUNDAY: 8:40 The Flaming Lips 8:30 The Very Best 7:30 Mew 7:25 Grizzly Bear 6:30 Vivian Girls 6:15 M83 5:30 Japandroids 5:15 The Walkmen 4:30 DJ/Rupture 4:15 The Thermals 3:35 Women 3:20 Pharoahe Monch 2:40 The Killer Whales 2:30 Blitzen Trapper 1:45 Frightened Rabbit 1:45 Dianogah 1:00 The Mae Shi 1:00 Michael Columbia



buzzPICKS FRIDAY: Yo La Tengo — Hitting the Aluminum stage at Friday’s show is Yo La Tengo, an indie band that comes complete with choreography and stylized vocals. The three guys that make up Yo La Tengo have been rocking since their formation in 1984, and their live performances have been known to capture an audience with sweet melodies and sick guitar solos. A diverse range of songs contains everything from heartfelt ballads about speeding motorcycles to energy-raising songs such as “I Heard You Looking.” — Vivianna Sapien

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart — Don’t let the cheesy name fool you. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart’s first self-titled record is a terribly fun listen and most likely one worth hearing live. — Eli Chen The Black Lips — Saturday’s show features The Black Lips on the Balance Stage. This band is singlehandedly bringing back the essence of classic rock, fusing everything from ’50s ballads to ’80s mullet rock. The Black Lips are a crowd pleaser, always encouraging the audience to dance, and their energy is anything but low, as witnessed in their animated track, “Bad Kids.” — Vivianna Sapien

Frightened Rabbit — The last day of the Festival will feature Frightened Rabbit on the Connector Stage. This Scottish band brings a refreshing charm to the indie scene, as with honest lyrics, strong instrumentation and passionate vocals, the band beams success. — Vivianna Sapien

Frightened Rabbit. Image used with permission from the band.

Pack For the Bare Necessities Tips for surviving the Pitchfork Music Festival by Kevin Hsia Akin to the style and electivity of Lollapalooza, since 2006 Chicago has been home to a second buzzworthy music festival, the Pitchfork Music Festival. An annual event held in Union Park, Pitchfork runs a similar three-day span, and can be considered as the leaner (in both size and cost) cousin to Lollapalooza. Nonetheless, the showcased acts are an eclectic handful, faithfully catering a noted “diverse range of hip-hop, experimental, electronic, jazz, and dance acts.” The 2009 Festival will take place from July 17 to 19, and has called forth the powers of artists ranging from Friday’s Built to Spill and the Jesus Lizard to Sunday’s The Flaming Lips and M83. Comparatively, if one calculates the cost-benefits of attending Lollapalooza versus Pitchfork, the price for each artist performance comes out to be relatively the same. The overall inexpensive tickets of Pitchfork for the solid handful of acts are equated to Lollapalooza’s costly tickets, balanced by the sheer quantitative grandeur of Lollapalooza’s lineup. In the end, it really comes

down to a few considerations: how much time, money, and mobility you’re willing to commit to the artists, and how many of the days you’re willing to attend. In support of Pitchfork, I share my personal experience of the 2008 summer festival. If you don’t plan on hitting up every day, and would rather choose to attend one or two select days, Pitchfork would be a comfortable venture. It’s sizeable lineup and timely duration, as well as a guilt-free three-day pass lends positive remarks. I’m sure you’re also noticing the absurd heat wave beamed down on us, so take a few moments to ensure your survival.

How to Survive Pitchfork: Dress cool. Literally, dress to stay cool with only the basics. As minimal as possible is best without being inappropriately lewd. Whites and light pastels in breathable cotton can repel some of the sun’s rays. Apply sunscreen in areas of open exposure beforehand and frequently onwards. Have a water

bottle ready to refill. There are water stations available, and rebuying liquids will be unfortunately costly. Wear sunglasses to protect from massive eyestrain and to vividly enhance the quality of shows. Bring comfortable sneakers — something with a bit of sole support and traction. From then on, only pack the necessities — wallet, keys, phone, tickets. If you are attending more than one show, look up friends who are attending the same days, and strive to make carpooling work. This reduces emissions and exponentially increases the fun. Trains, buses, taxis, and other transits also work very well. Basically, keeping possessions as light and as minimal as possible will tremendously enhance a fun and breezy time. Good luck and enjoy! As of press time, three-day passes, as well as Saturday and Sunday day passes are sold out for the event.

Catching Up With ...

Super Killer Fire by Amanda Shively Thursday, July 16, Danville-based Super Killer Fire has one of the largest gigs of their career opening for nu metal staple Sevendust at the Canopy Club. In the wake of the band’s latest release, The Test, vocalist Brandon Taylor took the time to discuss the upcoming show and future plans. buzz: How has your experience playing in and around Champaign-Urbana been so far? Brandon Taylor: I think we have had a great reception in the CU area. There is always a very welcoming crowd everytime we play. We can’t be happy enough with the talent pool either. Every time we get over [to CU], we get to play with awesome bands like Verdict, Vanattica, Scathe ... the list goes on and on. buzz: How was the album recording process? Brandon Taylor: Recording with Erik at Eclipse Studios in Normal is always an awesome experience and a great time. He is a great engineer/producer and equally a cool dude. In the studio, there is always so much you can do with your album — add this, add that, throw harmonies here and there, but we didn’t want to overproduce our work. We are a simple band and like to be able to complement our CD with a live show that sounds as close to the album as possible. We feel we put out a disc that we are all very proud of and can’t wait to go back for our next effort. buzz: Your next show is opening for Atlanta hard rock act Sevendust. How are you preparing for the performance? Brandon Taylor: Just getting the opportunity to step on the stage and jam with a band that has influenced you (such as Sevendust) in your musical career is amazing. Saying that, we just want to put on a show that the audience will enjoy from the first note to the last goodnight. We may have a surprise or two in store for everyone that comes to the show — especially if you have had a chance to see us at a show before. We can’t reveal the secret. You will just have to come to the show and see what we’ve added to our mix. One hint ... he may or may not be human. buzz: What is coming up for Super Killer Fire? Brandon Taylor: We have a busy August ahead with shows and working on new material for our next release. We hope to have everything recorded by the end of the year with a possible drop date in early 2010. We can’t forget about our annual Super Killer RockFest that will happen in the November/December time frame, and you can bet your bottom dollar that the best talent in Central Illinois will be there. And who knows, this year we may have a surprise national touring act headlining. Stay tuned! For more information on Super Killer Fire, visit the band’s MySpace page at superkillerfiredanville, or head out to the Canopy Club on July 16. Tickets are $20 and doors open at 7 p.m. JUL 16 – JUL 22 09








alk into any Chinese restaurant in the United States and one thing that’s sure to be on the menu are egg rolls. These little appetizers have become synonymous with Chinese cuisine and can sometimes be a preview of what’s to come in terms of quality of food. But every place has its own recipe, and every place claims to have the best. So to put the controversy to rest, the buzz editorial staff sat down and sampled the egg rolls of five different Chinese restaurants on campus. Here’s what we thought:

Not as pretentious or cliche as you’re thinking

Bo Bo China 404 E. Green St., Champaign Crispiness: 4

410 E. Green St., Champaign


Crispiness: 3 The edges were crispy, but the roll becomes a bit soggy as you work your way in.

603 S. Wright St., Champaign Crispiness: 4

The egg rolls were wrapped in multiple fried layers, making them intensely crispy.

Value (size v. price): 5

Another roll wrapped in multiple layers, making them extra crispy.

The rolls were huge and just more than a dollar each.

Value (size v. price): 5

Value (size v. price): 5

Tastiness: 3

Three large rolls for $1.75 is hard to beat.

Not bland but not very savory either.

Tastiness: 4

Visual Appeal: 4

These guys packed a lot of flavor in each bite.

The inside ingredients were distinguishable and nicely wrapped in a crispy-looking shell.

Visual Appeal: 4

The rolls are large and wide and only $1. Tastiness: 2

The rolls could have been a little more flavorable. Visual Appeal: 3

The rolls were golden brown on the outside, but their indistinguishable insides made them a little less appealing.




alone. This number gives the film the biggest midnight screening of all time, beating out The Dark Knight, which made $18 million. The film was originally scheduled to open in November of last year, but Warner Brothers delayed the release, putting blame on the writers strike. It seems the wait created more hype, as the film is poised to have a huge weekend.

The inside ingredients seemed fresh and tasty while the outsides were crispy brown.



HARRY POTTER & THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE n Tuesday night, Harry Potter finally returned to the Savoy 16, after a two-year wait with the sixth film in the series, Harry Potter and the HalfBlood Prince. Fans apparently have been anxiously waiting, with the Savoy 16 Theater selling out six theaters for the midnight screenings. This correlates with reports saying that the film made $22.2 million dollars from midnight screenings


Empire Chinese

Savoy 16 celebrates

Artwork displayed in Robert Chapman’s Dog Boy Dreaming exhibit at Sleepy Creek Vineyard. Photos by Ross Topol.




3 Lai Lai Wok 402 E. Green St., Champaign

403 E. Green St., Champaign

Crispiness: 2

Crispiness: 1

The rolls are lightly wrapped and turn soggy rather quickly.

Chewy more than anything.

Value (size v. price): 5

Value (size v. price): 2

The rolls are good sized and only $1.10 each.

Out of all the rolls we tried, these were by far the smallest, but they were still priced the same as those at the other locations.

Tastiness: 5

An assortment of flavors graces your taste buds upon each bite.

JUL 16 – JUL 22 09

Mandarin Wok

Tastiness: 1

Visual Appeal: 5

There wasn’t much taste in these at all.

Carrots, cabbage and pork were all apparent inside. The rolls were also large, golden brown and tasted just as irresistible as they looked.

Visual Appeal: 1

Winner: Lai Lai Wok Though not necessarily very crispy, these egg rolls trumped the competition in terms of taste, value and appearance. While it was a close call, if you ever have a craving for egg rolls, Lai Lai Wok is the place to go.

rt and wine are natural companions, but never have they come together like Sleepy Creek Vineyard’s blend of the two. Despite the unassuming exterior of the simplistic and rustic barn-inspired tasting room, the winery’s spacious loft is a treasure trove of art from local artists. Known as the Hayloft Gallery, the space was always part of the plan for the tasting room for owners Joe and Dawn Taylor. “I’m a wannabe artist myself, so I figured I can’t be rejected from my own gallery,” Joe said. There is something refreshing about the unpretentious combination of art and wine at Sleepy Creek. The open and airy unfinished wood space with its thick beams overhead and woody scent redefines the term “art gallery,” making it more inclusive and allowing the viewer to simply enjoy art. Until Sept. 6, the upper level of the vineyard’s tasting room is currently home to an exhibit known as “Dog Boy Dreaming” by Champaign artist Robert Chapman. Chapman’s work is a mixed media extravaganza. Using cast paper, paper pulp that is set into a mold to conform and set, Chapman creates a multilevel surface that can be imprinted with patterns and designs. He then uses bold colors from not only paint but also colored pencils and pastels to create his scene. Chapman’s scenes range from stunning landscapes, such as his “Hedgerows and River

at Sunset,” to multiple portraits of unknown faces that are simply labeled, “Portrait with Red” or “Portrait with Yellow.” There are also several works that Chapman created for the children’s book A Gift for Abuelita that was featured on the PBS network classic, Reading Rainbow. In addition to his colorful cast paper works, Chapman also has a wall of small black-andwhite ink prints from his self-published zine, a magazine that springs from the musings of the creator. From this zine comes the title of the exhibit as it features the story of a dog dreaming that he was a bird. An upcoming exhibit entitled “Rivers” begins Sept. 26, featuring river-themed art that serves as a fundraiser for the Prairie River Network. The exhibit also kicks off the Salt Fork River Art Festival, which will spill out onto the vineyard’s lawn as artists from the area come to display and sell their art for the weekend. One thing is for sure: Visitors will never step in the same river twice when it comes to artwork at Sleepy Creek.

Dueling wizards at the air hockey table at Savoy 16 on Tuesday night.

Marissa Mykines (right) and Jenna Carosio (left) put their own spin on Harry Potter’s apparel.

The lobby of Savoy 16 is crowded an hour before showtime.


1. Why do you still cling to loving Harry Potter even though it’s aimed for children? 2. Which movie is your favorite and why? 3. If you became a wizard, what would be the first thing you would use your powers to do?

Owen Kingstedt and Billy Quesse Students 1) [We] came here tonight to see a whole bunch of nerds and figured we’d put them to shame with our wizard mafia. 2) ALL OF THEM! [We are] big fans of playing on light and dark. 3) [I would] conjure up some money because I’m broke.

Craig and Laura Tepen

Recent Graduates. 1) Laura: I don’t feel like it is aimed for younger kids because in the later books darker issues come up. Craig: I only started reading because I was dating her. 2) Laura: Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite because I loved the artistic direction from the director. Craig: Goblet of Fire, because I loved the athletic scenes and the dragons. 3) Laura: I would apparate so I can get everywhere on time. Craig: [I would] buy a broom and fly.

We really couldn’t tell what we were eating, and the rolls were small and looked a little under-fried. come and get it

JUL 16 – JUL 22 09


Complete listing available at

Submit your event to the calendar:

Online: forms available at  •  E-mail: send your notice to  •  Fax: 337-8328, addressed to the217 calendar Snail mail: send printed materials via U.S. Mail to: the217 calendar, Illini Media, 512 E. Green St., Champaign, IL 61820  •  Call: 531-1456 if you have a question or to leave a message about your event.

THURS, JULY 16 live music Traditional Jazz Orchestra Iron Post, U, 5pm Krannert Uncorked Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, U, 5pm Road Song El Toro Bravo, C, 6pm Kevin Turner Jazz Trio Iron Post, U, 7pm, $3 Steve Meadows Aroma Cafe, C, 7pm Sevendust Canopy Club, U, 9pm, $20 Condition Blue Iron Post, U, 9pm Geovanti’s Live Band Geovanti’s, C, 10pm

weather, this event will be moved indoors to the Illini Union.

different location around campus hosting awesome events and giving away free prizes. Join us the entire summer from 6-8pm every Thursday.

DJ Delayney Highdive, C, 10pm, $5

dance music



live music

Market at the Square Lincoln Square Village, U, 7am

Dinner w/ Panache Jim Gould Restaurant, Illinois Shakespeare FesC, 5pm tival presents Richard III Road Song karaoke Ewing Manor, Blooming- FRI, JULY 17 KoFusion, C, 6pm ton, 7:30pm CG Productions presents High Cross Road Reunion live music RockStar Karaoke featur- Iron Post, U, 6pm markets Jeff Helgesen Quintet ing Crazy Craig Dave Cooper and Joni Historic North First Iron Post, U, 5pm Senator’s Bar & Grill, Dryer Street Market Road Song Savoy, 9pm Huber’s West End Store, First Street, C, 3pm Cafe Luna, C, 5pm ”G”-Force Karaoke C, 8pm Monticello Market on Appy Hour & Live Music Po’ Boys, U, 9pm GTO & The Glasspaks the Square at Silvercreek Rosebowl Tavern, Ltd., stage State Street, Monticello, Silvercreek, U, 5:30pm U, 9pm 3pm 3rd Annual OUTSIDE Illinois Shakespeare Battery: A Tribute To at the Research Park Con- Festival: A Midsummer’s Metallica art exhibit cert Series Night Dream Canopy Club, U, 9pm, $8 “Michael Hoag: Layered Research Park at the Ewing Manor, Bloomingdj Images” University of Illinois, C, ton, 8pm dj Parkland Art Gallery, 7:30pm Directed by Deb Alley. Dance Pop Country Night w/ DJ C, 10am, Illinois artist Krannert Center partners Chester Street, C, 9pm, $3 Halfdead and Free Line Michael Hoag brings us with Fox/Atkins Develop- art exhibit Saturday Night ThrowDance Lessons from complex portraits in a col- ment, LLC, and the U of I “Michael Hoag: Layered down featuring DJ Mertz Scotty Van Zant orful summer exhibit. Research Park to present Images” Boltini Lounge, C, 10pm Radmaker’s Rock & Roll another three-show seParkland Art Gallery, C, Kosmo at Soma volunteer Tavern, Tolono, 8pm, No ries of summer concerts 10am Soma Ultralounge, C, 10pm cover before 8pm UC Books to Prisoners in an eco-friendly public DJ Tim Williams recreation DJ Belly work session venue featuring temptHighdive, C, 10pm, No Boltini Lounge, C, 10pm Urbana-Champaign Ining food and beverage Summer Prairie Skies Cover for Students Before Goth Night with DJ Rick- dependent Media Center, options from Houlihan’s William M. Staerkel Plan- 11pm; $5 Cover After 11pm bats, DJ Kannibal and U, 2pm Restaurant. etarium, C, 7pm, Adults Radio Salsa w/ DJ Juan Stitches Scathe featuring Sacred $4; Children, Seniors, Stu- Radio Maria, C, 10pm, $5; kids & families Dawn & Iniquity of Sym- dents $3, A live-narrated No Cover Before 11pm The Clark Bar, C, 10pm Critter Camp metry tour of the wonders of tokaraoke Orpheum Children’s Memphis on Main, C, night’s sky, accompanied karaoke DJ Hollywood Karaoke Science Museum, C, 8pm by some of the legendary Dragon Karaoke with It’ll Do 2, C, 8pm 8:30am, $140-Members, PBS at Huber’s stories of the ancient sky. Paul Faber DJ Bange $150-Non-members, $10 Huber’s West End Store, Bad Astronomy: Myths & CJ Dane’s, Tolono, 7pm Rosebowl Tavern, Ltd., U, Sibling Discount C, 8pm Misconceptions CG Productions presents 8:30pm Two camps will be hosted; Back Paiges William M. Staerkel Plan- RockStar Karaoke featurCG Productions presents one for children in grades Rosebowl Tavern, Ltd., etarium, C, 8pm, Adults ing Matt Fear RockStar Karaoke featur- K-2 and one for children in U, 9pm $4; Children, Seniors, Senator’s Bar & Grill, ing Crazy Craig grades 3-5. Pumpin’ Ethyl Students $3, Join Phil Savoy, 9pm Senator’s Bar & Grill, Sa”Get Buggy” Camp It’ll Do 2, C, 9pm Plait as he takes a critical voy, 9pm Orpheum Children’s Sci- Candy Foster and the look at popular myths and movies ”G”-Force Karaoke ence Museum, C, 1pm, Shades of Blue misconceptions to show The News Gazette Film Memphis on Main, C, 9pm $120-Members, $130Geo’s, U, 9pm audiences how science Series presents: Dances CG Productions presents Non-members Seven Year Existence can be used to evaluate With Wolves (1990) RockStar Karaoke featur- For Grades 3-5. Canopy Club, U, 9pm, $6 questionable claims. Virginia Theatre, C, 1pm, ing Karaoke Opie 7pm, $5 dj kids & families Bentley’s Pub, C, 9:30pm lgbt stage CG Productions presents Live and Let Live GLBT Country Dancing at Critter Camp RockStar Karaoke featur- Alcoholics Anonymous Bradley’s II Orpheum Children’s Illinois Shakespeare Fesing DJ Switch Meeting Bradley’s II, C, 9pm, $5 Science Museum, C, tival presents Scapin Rock’s, C, 10pm McKinley Presbyterian Top 40 8:30am, $140-Members, Ewing Manor, BloomingChurch and Foundation, Chester Street, C, 9pm, $150-Non-members, $10 ton, 8pm movies C, 6:30pm $3 Sibling Discount festivals IUB Summer Quad DJs Ian Procell, D.O.M., ”Get Buggy” Camp wpgu Cinema Series ­— Juras& AMP Orpheum Children’s Sci- Food Not Bombs sic Park Thirteen Thursdays Boltini Lounge, C, 10pm ence Museum, C, 1pm, West Side Park, C, 5pm The Quad, U, 9pm 6pm, Every Thursday, DJ LEGTWO and DJ Belly $120-Members, $130Serves free vegetarian/ In case of inclement WPGU-107.1 will be at a Radio Maria, C, 10pm Non-members vegan food every Saturday.

JUL 16 – JUL 22 09


Salsa Night at Cafe Luna Cafe Luna, C, 8:30pm, $5

art exhibit “Michael Hoag: Layered Images” Parkland Art Gallery, C, 10am

volunteer UC Books to Prisoners work session Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center, U, 2pm

miscellaneous Illinois Green Party State Meeting Eastland Suites Hotel, U, 9am, $25 At this meeting attendees will have the chance to participate in the recognizing of the Green Party statewide candidates in 2010, including candidates for Governor and U.S. Senate.


Live music at Carmon’s Carmon’s Restaurant, C, 5:30pm Champaign Park District Douglass Park Summer Concert Series Douglass Park, C, 6pm Shawn Maxwell - jazz Grass Roots Revival West Side Park, C, 6:30pm Heartsfield Rosebowl Tavern, Ltd., U, 8pm Billy Galt and Jeff Kerr Po’ Boys, U, 8pm WWHP presents Heartsfield Rosebowl Tavern, Ltd., U, 8pm, $15

dj Patio Party Cowboy Monkey, C, 5pm

dance music

miscellaneous Illinois Green Party State Meeting Eastland Suites Hotel, U, 9am, $25

classes & workshops 40 North presents West African Drum Classes Capoeira Academy, C, 4pm, $12 Students/$15 Adults Per Class Classes taught by Master drummer Bolokada Conde. All levels from beginner to advanced. West African Dance Classes with Djibril Camara Channing-Murray Foundation, U, 6pm, $10 Students/$12 Non-students Guests can attend regularly or drop in for single sessions.

Country Western Dance Independent Order of MON, JULY 20 Odd Fellows Arthur Lodge live music 742, C, 5pm, $2 Free Show w/ The Gold karaoke Tops classes & Dragon Karaoke with Memphis on Main, C, workshops Paul Faber 10pm 60-Minute Success Semi- CJ Dane’s, Tolono, 7pm dj nar — When Customers open mic Refuse to Pay Industrial Night: DJ Champaign County Anything Goes Open Mic SorceryKid presents Chamber of Commerce, Night w/ Jeremy Harper Nekromancy C, 12pm, Chamber Mem- Memphis on Main, C, Chester Street, C, 9pm, bers $15, Non-Chamber 8:30pm $2 Members $25 ’80s Night stage Greg Gonda and Mary Highdive, C, 10pm Shores of Midstate Col- Illinois Shakespeare dance music lection Solutions will Festival: A Midsummer’s help you with assisting Night Dream Maniac Mondays your customers in payEwing Manor, Blooming- Cowboy Monkey, C, 4pm ing for your services and ton, 7:30pm Summer Dance Classes how to select a collecin University YMCA art exhibit tion agency should the University YMCA, C, need arise. Drinks will be “Michael Hoag: Layered 6:15pm, $45 provided — please bring Images” Beginner Waltz/Fox Trot/ your own lunch. Parkland Art Gallery, C, Swing/Cha-Cha/Polka: 10am Mondays 6:15-7:15 pm; SUN, JULY 19 Advanced Swing/Cha-Cha: fundraisers Mondays 7:15-8:15 pm live music FriendShop Used Book karaoke Ben Smith and Matt Store Open Turino Champaign Public Library, MCJS Karaoke Iron Post, U, 7pm C, 1:30pm American Legion Post 24, Brunch w/ Panache The Library Friends sell C, 7:30pm Jim Gould Restaurant, C, used books for $1 or less, CG Productions presents 10am plus CDs, videos, and RockStar Karaoke featurEmerald Rum DVDs for $1.50, along ing Matt Fear Blind Pig Co., C, 5pm with unique gift items. Mike ‘n’ Molly’s, C, 10pm

come and get it

buzz calendar 13 stage

mind/body/ spirit

“Michael Hoag: Layered Images” Parkland Art Gallery, C, 10am

RockStar Karaoke featuring Crazy Craig Geo’s, U, 9pm Paul Faber hosts Dragon Karaoke The Clark Bar, C, 9pm CG Productions presents RockStar Karaoke featuring DJ Switch Bentley’s Pub, C, 9:30pm


open mic

Board Game Night w/ DJ Casanova Radio Maria, C, 10:30pm

Open Mic Night w/ Mike WEDS, JULY 22 Ingram Cowboy Monkey, C, 10pm live music John Coppess game-playing Carmon’s Restaurant, C, Boltini T-N-T w/ Ben 5:30pm Gorski Donnie Heitler solo piano Boltini Lounge, C, 7pm Great Impasta, U, 6pm WPGU presents Trivia Barb Hamilton ’60s and Dinner hosted by Fishing ’70s Blues/Jazz accoustic With Dynamite guitar and vocals Canopy Club, U, 7pm La Gourmandise Bistro on Each Tuesday night start- Main, U, 6pm ing at 7:00pm, comeChampaign/Urbana Park dians from Fishing with District Neighborhood Dynamite will host a live Nights Summer Concert gameshow, built around Series 6:30pm trivia questions to win Chip McNeill Jazz Combo great prizes. Iron Post, U, 7pm Dave Cooper and Joni volunteer Dreyer UC Books to Prisoners Senator’s Bar & Grill, work session Savoy, 8pm Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center, dj U, 7pm Country Dancing at Bradley’s II kids & families Bradley’s II, C, 9pm, $5 Kitchen Science Hillbilly Humpday w/ DJ Orpheum Children’s Halfdead Science Museum, C, Radmaker’s Rock & Roll 8:30am, $140-Members, Tavern, Tolono, 8pm $150-Non-members, $10 DJ LEGTWO Sibling Discount Boltini Lounge, C, 9pm Two camps will be hosted, Weekly Top 40 one for children in grades Chester Street, C, 9pm K-2 and one for children in Physical Challenge Dance grades 3-5. Night Tuesday Twos Canopy Club, U, 10pm Champaign Public Library, I Love the ’90s C, 9:45am, 10:30am, Soma Ultralounge, C, 11:15am, Enjoy stories, 10pm songs, and movement activities for two-year-olds dance music with a parent or grandpar- Tango Night w/ DJ Joe ent. No registration. Grohens Goodnight Storyshop Cowboy Monkey, C, 8pm Champaign Public Library, Swing Dance C, 6:30pm Illini Union, U, 9:30pm For ages 2 to 5. Registrakaraoke tion is not required. CG Productions presents lgbt RockStar Karaoke featurRainbow Coffeehouse ing DJ Switch Wesley-United Methodist The Corner Tavern, MonChurch & Wesley Founda- ticello, 8pm tion, U, 6:30pm The Legendary Karaoke

Monday Night Improv Courtyard Cafe — Illini Union, U, 8pm

art exhibit

kids & families Kitchen Science Orpheum Children’s Science Museum, C, 8:30am, $140-Members, $150-Non-members, $10 Sibling Discount Two camps will be hosted, one for children in grades K-2 and one for children in grades 3-5. O Baby! Champaign Public Library, C, 9:45am, 10:30am No registration.

classes & workshops Ballroom Dance Classes University YMCA, C, 6:15pm, $45 MELD (Monday Evening Life Drawing) Group Boneyard Pottery, C, 7pm, $7

TUES, JULY 21 live music The Piano Man Canopy Club, U, 9pm Surreal Deal Po’ Boys, U, 9pm Corn Desert Ramblers Rosebowl Tavern, Ltd., U, 9pm

dance music Summer Dance Classes in University YMCA University YMCA, C, 6:15pm, $45 Tango: Tuesdays 6:15-7:15 pm; Salsa/Merengue: Tuesdays 7:15-8:15 pm

karaoke ”G”-Force Karaoke Memphis on Main, C, 9pm MCJS Karaoke American Legion Post 24, C, 7:30pm CG Productions presents

Tarot Card Readings Carmon’s Restaurant, C, 5:30pm, $15

classes & workshops Ballroom Dance Classes University YMCA, C, 6:15pm, $45

Night w/ The Outlaw White Horse Inn, C, 9pm Wednesday Night Karaoke with Paul Faber’s Dragon Productions La Gourmandise Bistro on Main, U, 9pm CG Productions presents RockStar Karaoke featuring Crazy Craig Geovanti’s, C, 10pm ”G” Force Karaoke/DJ every Wednesday at Fat City Fat City Bar & Grill, C, 10pm

open mic Open mic at Green St. Green St. Cafe, C, 8pm Open-Mic Night Radio Maria, C, 10:30pm

stage Illinois Shakespeare Festival presents Richard III Ewing Manor, Bloomington, 7:30pm Open Stage Comedy Night Memphis on Main, C, 8:30pm, $2

markets Market on Main Mahomet Community Center, Mahomet, 3pm

art exhibit “Michael Hoag: Layered Images” Parkland Art Gallery, C, 10am

kids & families Kitchen Science Orpheum Children’s Science Museum, C, 8:30am, $140-Members, $150-Non-members, $10 Sibling Discount

classes & workshops Swing Dance Lessons University Place Christian Church, C, 6:30pm, $25 Mastery of Consciousness: How to Become a Stronger Force for Good in the World School of Metaphysics, U, 7:30pm, $20/week

support groups Coming Out Support Group Illini Union, U, 7pm

JUL 16 – JUL 22 09


Place an Ad: 217 - 337 - 8337

Deadline: 2 p.m. Tuesday for the next Thursday’s edition. Index Employment Services Merchandise Transportation Apartments Other Housing/Rent Real Estate for Sale Things To Do Announcements Personals

000 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900

• PLEASE CHECK YOUR AD! Report errors immediately by calling 337-8337. We cannot be responsible for more than one day’s incorrect insertion if you do not notify us of the error by 2 pm on the day of the first insertion. • All advertising is subject to the approval of the publisher. The Daily Illini shall have the right to revise, reject or cancel, in whole or in part, any advertisement, at any time. • All employment advertising in this newspaper is subject to the City of Champaign Human Rights Ordinance and similar state and local laws, making it illegal for any person to cause to be published any advertisement which expresses limitation, specification or discrimination as to race, color, mental handicap, personal appearance, sexual orientation, family responsibilities, political affiliation, prior arrest or conviction record, source of income, or the fact that such person is a student. • Specification in employment classifications are made only where such factors are bonafide occupational qualifications necessary for employment. • All real estate advertising in this newspaper is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968, and similar state and local laws which make it illegal for any person to cause to be published any advertisement relating to the transfer, sale, rental, or lease of any housing which expresses limitation, specifications or discrimination as to race, color, creed, class, national origin, religion, sex, age, marital status, physical or mental handicap, personal appearance, sexual oientation, family responsibilities, political affiliation, or the fact that such person is a student. • This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate that is in violation of the law. Our readers are informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal oppportunity basis.




Cupcake Bakers/Baristas Looking for creative, high-energy, friendly people that love cupcakes! Email

EXTRA CASH Students needed to inspect campus apartments in August. $9/hour. Stop by Roland Realty, 313 E. Green (4th and Green), second floor. Illini Media recommends readers take care when responding to classified ads, especially ads asking to send money. Illini Media does not knowingly publish fraudulent advertisements and requests readers report difficulties to the classified department by calling 217-337-8337.

Make cash quick! Hiring temporary employees for cleaning and painting from Aug 1021. $9/hr. Come to the new high rise on Green, 309 East Green Street. Spending Money Roland Realty is looking for students to paint campus apartments in August. $9/hr. Stop by 313 E. Green (4th and Green) Second Floor.

HELP WANTED Full/Part time


Need A Summer Job? Or a possible career move? Looking for full or part-time sales reps/ managers to sell new fiber optic TV service in the Champaign Area. HIRING IMMEDIATELY, SO APPLY NOW! Call Dan at (217) 979-7383 or send resume to T.I.S. Bookstore Now accepting applications. Parttime and full-time positions available. Please apply within or online. Wanted For August Managers, cashiers, and kitchen help needed. Nights and day available. Noodles and Company



BARTENDING! $300/day potential, no experience necessary, training provided. 1-800-965-6520x109.


2 p.m. Tuesday for the next Thursday’s edition. Billed rate: 42¢/word Paid-in-Advance: 36¢/word 30 words or less + photo: $5 per issue

Garage Sales

JUL 16 – JUL 22 09

BEST VALUE CAMPUS 1 BR. loft from $480. 1 BR. $395 2 BR. $580 3 BR. $750 4 BR. $855 Campus. 367-6626. August 2009




Efficiencies at $395. 1 BR at $495. 2 BR at $605. 406 E. Stoughton and 407 S. State St. Champaign. Call 766-3008 for more information.


410 APARTMENTS Furnished

1405-1407 W. KIRBY, C. August 2009. Attractive Colonial building on busline. Large 2 bdrm corner apts approximately 740 sq. ft. $440/mo, remodled $440/mo. Interior 2 bdrm apts. from $420/mo, Remodled $440/mo. $50/mo to furnish. Central A/C, carpet, laundry, parking avail. Call for a showing time. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873

QUIET TOWNHOUSE 2-3-4 BR quiet townhouse. 10001500 SqFt, C/A, D/W, Grad neighbors, busline. July/ Fall. $700-$950 398-1998


Available Aug. 2009. Beautiful luxury 1230 sq.ft. 2 or 3 bedrooms townhomes in great location with 2.5 baths, washer/dryers, ceramic tile, ceiling fans, garages. 2 Bdrm $890/mo, 3 Bdrm $1050. To furnish $50/mo. additional. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE 356-1873

609 W. MAIN, U. August 2009. 2 bdrm apts-Furnished $450/mo. 1 bdrm apts Furnished $425/mo. Parking optional, Central A/C, Carpet, Laundry, Call for showing times BARR REAL ESTATE, INC 356-1873

808 S. LINCOLN, U Aug 2009. Classic Building-across from Jimmy John's on Lincoln Ave. Hardwood Floors, Laundry, Call for showing times. 1 BR + Sun Room $550/mo (UF), 1 BR + Den $550/mo (UF), 2 BR $490 (F) Parking $50/mo BARR REAL ESTATE, INC 356-1873

Available Now Single rooms for rent. Clean, kitchen and laundry facilities, close to campus, located on busline. $260-$275/month. Utilities included. High-speed wireless internet. 367-4824


Furnished/Unfurnished 2& 3 bdrms. Near campus & downtownfrom $636/mo. Includes direct TV, water, trash, parking, laundry facility, seasonal pool, all apts. have balconies 217-352-8540


1006 S. 3rd

106 Daniel

Fall 2009 1 bedroom. Location, Location. Covered parking, laundry, furnished, patios. Pricing. Office at 309 S. First. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

For August 2009. 1 bedroom, $390/ mo. Parking, laundry, value pricing. Office at 309 S. First THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

The Best Deal In Town

Atrium Apartments

Now under new management

aFully furnished 1400 sq. ft. 4 bedroom/4 bath All Utilities Included

aFitness Center, computer lab, wireless internet, indoor pool, game room, hot tub, laundry facilites, courtyard aExcellent roommate matching service aOn-site management aLocally owned

901 W. Springfield, U $ 395-540 911 W. Springfield, U $ 540-585 1004 W. Springfield, U $ 480

2 Bedroom

(217) 344-3008 911 W. Springfield, Urbana


Fall 2009 Studio Secured building. Private parking, Laundry on-site. Value pricing from $375. Office at 309 S. First THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

1 Bedroom

For Info:


1005 S. Second


111 S. Lincoln, U $ 740



510 S. MATTIS, C.

Now LeasiNg for august 2009

Photo Sellers

• 20 words, run any 5 days (in buzz or The Daily Illini), $20 • 10 words, run any 5 days (in buzz or The Daily Illini), $10 • add a photo to an action ad, $10

August 2009. Huge 1 bdrm apts. Window A/C, Parking $40/mo. To furnish $50/mo additional. Rents from $410/mo to $475/mo. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873

Courtyard on randolph < 713 S. randolph >


Action Ads


2 BR quiet townhouse. 1000 SqFt, C/A, D/W, Grad neighbors, busline. Now/ Fall. $700- 750 furn. 3981998


30 words in both Thursday’s buzz and Friday’s Daily Illini!! $10. If it rains, your next date is free.


Atrium Apartments 1306 N. Lincoln Ave, Urbana 217-328-5122


5 per Discounts bedroom. for gro of four. ups

*Summer Leases Available 5/15–8/13 $900 • 6/1–8/13 $750


Give us a call 217-351-8900 C h e c k u s o u t o n l i n e w w w. r o l a n d - r e a l t y. c o m come and get it

buzz  classifieds   15



5th & HEALEY, C. August 2009. The BEST LOCATED EFFICIENCIES & 1 BEDROOMS on campus - period. Here's the best part: Efficiencies $450/mo & 1 bedrooms $550/mo. Parking available at $50/mo. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873

111 S. Busey ELEGANT MODERN 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 3 story, August ENGINEERING CAMPUS TOWNHOUSE Central Air, New Kitchen Only one left $1275 398-1998

1107 S. EUCLID, C Aug 2009. 1 bdrms near Armory, IMPE, & Snack Bar. Window A/C, laundry, rents from $365/mo to $375/ mo. Parking $35/mo. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC 356-1873

307 & 310 E. WHITE 307 & 309 CLARK NOW & Aug 2009 Large studio, double closet, well furnished. Behind County Market. Starting from $350/mo. Office at 309 S. First, C. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182


420 APARTMENTS Furnished

420 APARTMENTS Furnished


111 E. Chalmers, C.

509 E. White

August 2009, Studio and 1 bedrooms. Furniture, off-street parking, laundry. Value pricing. Office at 309 S. First. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

506 E. Stoughton, C.

August 2009. Large Studio and 1 bedrooms. Security entry, balconies, patios, furnished. Laundry, off-street parking, value pricing. Office at 309 S. First THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 217-352-3182

For August 2009. Extra large efficiency apartments. Security building entry, complete furniture, laundry, off-street parking, value pricing. Office at 309 S. First THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

1108 S. Lincoln, U August 2009. Classic building close to Jimmy John's on Lincoln Ave. Hardwood Floors, Laundry. Efficiencies- furnished rents from $355 to $395/mo. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873

311 E. WHITE, C. Avail Aug 2009. Large efficiencies close to Beckman Center. From $325/mo. Parking $35/mo. Window A/C, carpet. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873

105 E. Green, C Aug 2009. Studio apts at First & Green. Wall A/C units, laundry. From $305/mo to $325/mo. Parking $35/ mo. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873

304 E. Clark, C. Castle Apartments 3 blocks to Engineering Quad and supermarket. 4 BR $1120. 3 BR $850. New C/A, ceiling fan, dishwasher, washer/dryer in unit. 384-1099


1007 S. FIRST

August 2009. 1 bedroom units conveniently located close to campus. Rent from $410/mo. Central A/C, dishwashers, balconies. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873

Aug 2009. Near First & Gregory. 2 bdrm apts from $495/mo. Window A/C, Carpet, Laundry. Parking included. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873

Keeping EFFICIENCIES: 1 BEDROOMS: 610 W. Elm 1308 Grandview 705 W. Elm


2 BEDROOMS: 604 1/2 W. Elm 704 W. Western 705 W. Elm


HOUSES: 705 W. Springfield, 7 Bedroom

)(. **.$(,-,›nnn%_lej`e^\iXgkj%Zfd

404 W. HIGH, U Aug 2009. 1 bdrm & 2 bdrm apts from $650/mo to $695/mo. Close to Urbana Library, Downtown. Free Parking, Shown 7 days a week. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873

509 W. MAIN, U Aug 2009. 1 bdrm apts. From $415/ mo to $445/mo. Laundry, Window A/ C, Parking $45/mo. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873




602 E. Clark

Furnished efficiency apartments from $345/mo. Ideal campus location. Call now for showing. Wampler Property Management 905 S. Neil Street, Suite C. Champaign, IL 61820 217-352-1335

610 W. Stoughton, U.

1 BR Furnished. Includes water and parking. Laundry Available. $470/ mo. Smith Apartments (217)384-1925

508, 510, & 512 E. STOUGHTON, C. August 2009. Huge 1 bdrm plus den and 2 bdrms. Close to Engineering & C/S. A/C, Laundry, Parking $55/ mo. Rent from $555/mo to $760/mo. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873





602 E. Stoughton, C Fall 2009. Unique 1 ($495) & 2 ($695) bedroom apartments. All furnished, laundry, internet, value pricing and parking available. Must see! THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

604 E. WHITE Security Entrance Fall 2009, Large studio, 1 bedroom, Furnished, balconies, patios, laundry, off-street parking, value pricing. Office at 309 S. First. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182 906-908 S. Locust St., C. Effic, and 1 bedroom apartments August 2009. Quiet location, large units. Some pet friendly. 906 Locust: Efficiency $425, 1 bedroom $515, 908 Locust: 1 bedrooms $545-575, paid heat/water. Parking for $40/mo. Call for information or appointments. 367-2009 Locust III Apartments

Leasing for Fall ‘09

Choice 1 & 2 Bedrooms for Fall ✦ Laundry facilities, many with washer/dryer in unit. ✦ Dishwasher/Microhood ✦ Balconies ✦ Parking ✦ Intercom entries ✦ 24 hour emergency maintenance ✦ High speed internet access/Ethernet SEE THE DIFFERENCE Mon - Sat (217) 328-3770

Great Campus Locations!

It’s About A Lifestyle. • Indoor + Outdoor Parking • Convenient Grocery • Tanning Beds • Theatre • Fitness Center • Club Room • 10 - foot Ceilings • Modern Kitchens • Cable • Fully Furnished • Oversized Windows • Granite Counter tops • High - Speed Internet Lease a 2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom for Fall ‘09 and Receive $310 OFF your monthly rent for the entire fall semester! PLUS, sign for any style by 7/31/09 and your security deposit is only $310!




805 S. LINCOLN, U. Aug 2009. Ceiling fans, Window A/C. 1 bdrms from $570/mo. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873

907 W. STOUGHTON, U Aug 2009. Huge 2 bdrm apt in great location near Engineering. Central A/ C, laundry. From $525/mo. Parking $30/mo. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873

604 W. Stoughton, U

Spacious 2 BR apartment, 2 BA, large kitchen, dishwasher, disposal, patio/balcony, central A/C, W/D in unit available, secured parking available, storage available. Open midAugust. Close to campus, starting at $920. 217-384-1925

THE NEVADAN 903 W. NEVADA, U. We've redefined luxury with these spectacular 2 bedroom units built August 2007 right in the heart of the U of I campus, around the corner from Cafe Paradiso. Wall-mounted flat screen TVs, wine & beer fridge, designer furniture package, W/D, buzzer entry, elevator, covered parking and MUCH MORE!!! Some units have 2 baths! A must-see! Rents from $1250/mo to $1350/mo. Call for showing times! BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873

901-905-909 S. First (1st & Daniel) 1 bdrm & studio apts



• Most utilities included • At Roland Pool • On 22 bus line ROLAND REALTY 351-8900

Bargain 1 BR

everything you’re looking for.

W W W.BURNHAM310.COM Find out more at: 866.631.6004 or


Heart of Campus 906 W. Springfield Ave., U $485/month, parking avail. The Weiner Companies, Ltd. 217-384-8001 907 S. Second (2nd and Chalmers)

Studio and 1 bdrm apts 1 block to illini 22 bus route Full use of Roland Pool Great location Parking available

351-8900 JUL 16 – JUL 22 09

16â&#x20AC; â&#x20AC; classifiedsâ&#x20AC; â&#x20AC; buzz



911-1004-901 W. SpringďŹ eld, Urbana Heart of Eng. Campus ONE Bedrooms $495-$570-$595 344-3008


706 S. LOCUST, C. Aug 2009. Window A/C, covered parking $45/mo, laundry. 1 bdrms $395/mo. 2 bdrms $525/mo. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873

706 S. WALNUT, U. August 2009. Close to Downtown Urbana, 1 bdrms $510/mo. Central A/C, Laundry. Parking. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873

711 W. Main

Furnished studio apartments from $435/mo. Ideal campus location, quiet Urbana neighborhood. Call now for showing. Wampler Property Management 905 S. Neil Street, Suite C. Champaign, IL 61820 217-352-1335 615 West Kirby CAMPUS MODERN TOWNHOUSE 3-4 bedroom, 3 level, 2 bath, $1, 100-1,400. Fall 09 398-1998

702 W. WESTERN, U August 2009. 1 Bedrooms, Window A/C, Carpet/Tile Floors, Laundry, Parking Available. From $400/mo to $445/mo. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC 356-1873

607 W. Springfield, C 1 Br on busline $505 Includes pkg, water, heat & trash

The Weiner Companies, LTD. 217-384-8001

207 E. Green (2nd and Green)

4 bedroom apts â&#x20AC;˘ Free Internet â&#x20AC;˘ 1 ½ baths â&#x20AC;˘ 3 story townhouses


404 E. White Furnished Efficiency with A/C and Free Off Street Parking $410/month

The Weiner Companies, Ltd. 1-217-384-8001

JUL 16 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; JUL 22 09






503-505-508 E. White

306-308-309 WHITE August 2009. Studios($390), 2($725), and 3($775) bedrooms. Balconies, patios, laundry, dishwashers, off-street parking. Behind County Market. 841-1996 THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

Fall 2009. 2 ($750) and 3 ($795) bedrooms. Completely furnished. Parking and laundry available, new kitchens, value pricing. On-site resident manager. Call Justin 618-304-8562. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

THE 706 S. FIRST, GEORGIAN C. 2009. 1/2 blk south of Green.1 1005 S. SIXTH, Aug bedroom $375/mo. Window A/C. Parking $40/mo. Laundry Facilities. Call for showing times. C. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873

Aug 2009. Best located 1 bdrms on U of I Campus. Next to UI Library. 1 bdrms from $450 to $550/mo. Laundry, Window A/C, Carpet. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873

ARBOR APARTMENTS, C. Aug 2009. 1 bdrms at Third & Gregory across from Snack Bar. Window A/C, laundry, rents from $375/mo to $385/mo. Parking $35/mo. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873


One Bedroom Residences Downtown Champaign A complete regeneration of living space in downtown Champaign. These artistically inspired residences are fully furnished and feature IKEA furniture and cabinetry, hardwood ďŹ&#x201A;oors, video security, off street parking, and laundry on site. KARMA is designed to be a fusion of art and living in a contemporary urban environment. Barr Real Estate, Inc. 217-356-1873

807 to 809 W. ILLINOIS, U Aug 2009. 1 Bdrms corner of Lincoln & Illinois. Window A/C, Laundry, Rent $495/mo. Parking $50/mo. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873

102 N. GREGORY, U. Aug 2009. Close to Illini Union. 2 bdrms $495/mo, Carpet, Laundry. Parking $45/mo. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-173

John Street Apartments 58 E. John, C Studio, two and three bedrooms Dishwashers, center courtyard, onsite laundry, central air, parking, value pricing. 2 Bed ($675) 3 Bed ($875) THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182

503 E. Clark Large efďŹ ciencies on campus $396/ mo. (217)840-5134



Aug 2009. One block from Lincoln Ave. Large units with Central A/C, Patios/ Balconies, laundry. Parking $40/mo. 1 bedroom $500/mo. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873



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906 S. Oak, C 3 (2 BR with Study) & 4 (3 BR with Study) Bedroom Furnished Apartments For Fall 2009. Laundry in each apartment. No Pets. One 9.5 Month Lease Available $840-1140 Steve Frerichs 369-1182

2&4 BEDROOMS Washer/Dryer Free Internet 808 S. Oak, C. 805 S. Locust, C. 102 S. Lincoln, C. 217-337-8852

Pizza costs dough. Find a job to pay for all your extras in the DI ClassiďŹ eds. Find it in the DI ClassiďŹ eds and online at

WPGU 107.1

Available Now Studio, 1, 2, & 3 Bedroom Apartments 217-352-3182


Healey Court Apartments 307-309 Healey Court, C Fall 2009. Behind FU Bar. 2 bedrooms. Parking, laundry, and value pricing. $695/ mo. OfďŹ ce at 309 S. First. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182 702 W. Washington, C One bdrm furnished apt on the corner of Washington & Harris avlble Fall 2008. $513 per month. Heat, water, sanitation, trash & off-street parking included. On-site laundry & storage, large closets, central vacuum. Lease, deposit & reference required. For a tour call 337-7990

706 S. First 1007 S. First 802 W. Green 404 W. High 609 W. Main

1 bedroom 2 bedrooms 1 bedroom 2 bedrooms 2 bedroom Apts. 1 bedrooms 907 W. Stoughton 2 bedrooms 706 S. Walnut 1 bedrooms 706 S. Locust 2 bedrooms 101 Busey/102 Lincoln 2 bedrooms 102 Gregory 2 bedrooms 702 Western 1 bedroom

Was $430 Was $595 Was $560 Was $695 to $735 Was $515 Was $590 Was $570 Was $510 Was $600 Was $535 Was $535 Was $425 to $495

Now $375 Now $495 Now $500 Now $650 to $695 Now $450 Now $425 Now $525 Now $450 Now $525 Now $495 Now $495 Now $400 to $445

Contact us for the best deals on Campus.


Aug 2009. Near Green & Lincoln. 2 bdrm apts from $495/mo. Window A/C, Laundry. Parking $45/mo. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873

�������������������� ����������������� ��������������������� ��������������� �����������������



811 West Hill, C. Now available, convenient, central Champaign, 1BR, near shop/transportation. Less than 1 mile from downtown Champaign. $400/mo. Can view on our website and call 217-352-8540 for showing.

101 N. BUSEY & 102 N. LINCOLN, U.

802 W. GREEN, U.




Apartments for Fall 2009! Ask the Tenant Union about us!

Studios Clark St. Studios, C 1 Bedroom 203 E. Stoughton, C Busey Ct., U The Village, C 2 Bedrooms 1001 W. Clark, C

3 Bedrooms 505 S. Fifth St. 4 Bedrooms 601 W. Green, U (Completely Remodeled)

207 S. Fifth, C

(10-month lease)

501 E. Healey, C 5 Bedrooms 501 E. Healey

The JSM VIP Program gives our residents exclusive discounts at local businesses.

Check out our website for more information: (217) 359-6108 Ĺ&#x203A;Ĺ&#x2013;Ĺ&#x203A;ȹǯȹÂ&#x2019;Ä&#x17E;Â&#x2018;ČąÂ?Â&#x203A;Â&#x17D;Â&#x17D;Â?Ç°ČąÂ&#x2018;Â&#x160;Â&#x2013;Â&#x2122;Â&#x160;Â&#x2019;Â?Â&#x2014;Ç°Čą ČąĹ&#x153;Ĺ&#x2014;Ĺ&#x17E;Ĺ&#x2DC;Ĺ&#x2013;

56 & 58 E. Healey, Champaign 1 Bedroom Apartments $470 - 535 Rent includes: HEAT, SEWER & TRASH Secure building with intercom On-site Laundry Balcony / Patio Parking Available $40/mo Location: First St. between Green & Springfield (217) 377-8850

come and get it

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d o i n ’ i t w e l l by Jo Sanger & Ross Wantland

Aborting Abortion? Some of you may have already heard that Planned Parenthood’s Champaign Health Center is no longer offering surgical abortions. This is true, and “Doin’ It Well” wanted to set the record straight, as we have also heard some rumors about what is currently available in our community and what prompted these changes.

What’s the Story? We caught up with Planned Parenthood of Illinois (PPIL) to get the facts. Here’s what we received: “On March 5, 2009, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan issued an opinion confirming that Illinois law permits physician assistants (PAs) and advanced practice nurses (APNs) supervised by a licensed physician to dispense and prescribe medication used to induce abortion (also known as the abortion pill or Med AB) in early pregnancy to patients. This decision will dramatically increase access to reproductive health care for women in Illinois, and PPIL is exploring opportunities to utilize this opinion to expand access to abortion services. After thoughtful consideration, we are making several changes to our abortion services as a result of the attorney general’s ruling and financial considerations of the agency. In Champaign, we will be discontinuing surgical abortion but will be offering Med AB to our clients. For those needing or requesting a surgical abortion, we will refer them to our Aurora Health Center. Aurora will continue to offer both medication and surgical abortions. Over the next

APARTMENTS Unfurnished


606 W. Healey. C. Aug. 2009. 1 bdrm. apts. close to campus. Carpet, electric heat, window a/c, free parking. Rents from $395. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873

SOUTHWEST PLACE APTS, C. Aug. 2009. Located in SW Champaign near Windsor & Mattis. 2 bdrm Duplexes, Fourplexes, Townhouses and 1 bedrooms. Carpet, gas heat, central a/c. Some units have w/d's in units, w/d hook-ups, or laundry in bldg, garages, dishwashers, disposals, patio/balconies, parking. 1 bdrms from $490/mo. 2 bdrms from $610/mo. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE 356-1873

Bike or Walk to U of I Elegant, Charming, quiet 2BR at 202 North Race located in historic downtown Urbana, newer brick security building, cathedral ceilings, W/D, exercise room, coffee shop. Near shopping, library, Strawberry Fields, and bus lines. August 1st. $880/mo. (217) 480-1022


Reproductive Services Update

several years, our goal is to expand Med AB to one to two health centers a year in order to meet the reproductive health care needs of women throughout the entire state.”

What’s the Difference? A medical abortion is brought about by taking medications that will end a pregnancy. It does not require a health care provider to enter the uterus with instruments and can therefore be safer and gentler for the woman. Medical abortion is 90 to 96 percent effective and can be complete in a couple of days or up to six weeks. The woman follows up with her health care provider after the abortion to be sure that it worked and that she is well. In the event that a medical abortion has not worked, a woman will need to have a surgical abortion. Medical abortions can be performed as soon as a pregnancy is confirmed, and the medications work the best the earlier they are taken. Due to this, medical abortions are not usually an option after nine weeks of pregnancy. Surgical abortions, on the other hand, can be performed between four and 24 weeks of pregnancy, depending on the provider and the services offered. Surgical abortion ends a pregnancy by using instruments to empty the uterus.

What’s This Mean for Our Community? Many of us get nervous when services get cut. Especially when it comes to reproductive health choices, particularly during a time of budget cri-


115 W. WASHINGTON, U August 2009. 1 bdrms. Window A/C, Laundry. From $360/mo to $495/mo. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC 356-1873

703 W. Church, C. Aug. 2009. Close to downtown in quiet location on busline. 2 bdrms. start at $470/mo. Patio/Balconies, Central A/C, Gas Heat, Carpet, Laundry in Building. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC 356-1873

101 W. Park, U. Crystal Lake Park at your doorstep. Large 1BR plus study or 2BR from $520/mo. Campus convenient. (217) 840-5134

512 W. GREEN, C Aug 2009. Double security brick building in excellent location. Large 2 bdrm apts with approx 800 sq. ft. Parking, Central A/C, Carpet, Laundry facilities. On busline. Rents $450/mo. to $475/mo. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873 Near Downtown 1 BR 1 BA. $500 - $750/mo. Available August. Green Street Realty 356-8750 510 W. University


sis, we wonder which populations will be hit the hardest by these decisions. In a statement from Beth Kanter, senior vice president of external affairs for Planned Parenthood, we learned that despite the change in services, the number of abortions provided has remained consistent. She told us, “We continue to offer medication abortions (up to nine weeks) at [our Champaign Health Center] ... Surgical abortions are still available at our health centers in Aurora and in the city of Chicago at 1200 N. LaSalle. In addition to medication abortions, our Champaign Health Center offers comprehensive reproductive health care services for women, men and teens, including birth control and emergency contraception, routine gynecological exams, sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment, HIV testing and counseling, HPV vaccine, pregnancy testing and breast and cervical cancer screening. The health center is open six days a week, Monday through Saturday. Appointments can be requested online at or by [phone].” The overall goal for Planned Parenthood is to more efficiently and cost-effectively provide needed pregnancy termination services in more communities across the state. So while this may feel like a cut to our area, hopefully this decision will allow for medical abortion services to be offered in communities that currently do not have any local options for abortion, or at least not from Planned Parenthood. In Champaign-Urbana, surgical abortions are still available at Women’s Health Practice.


800 W. Church, C. Economical 2 bdrms avail August. $490/mo. Convenient central Champaign location near shopping and transportation. View our website and call 217-352-8540 1 BR upstairs apartment with garage, stove, refrigerator, water, and garbage pickup. $495/month. 217394-2445.

301 W. GREEN, U Aug 2009. 1 bdrm apts from $505/ mo. Close to Urbana Library and Downtown. Free Parking Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873


3 BR or 2 BR plus study New kitchen, A/C, pkg, deck/patio Available Fall 2009 @ $650/mo The Weiner Companies, Ltd. 1-217-384-8001



508 S Mattis, C. Aug 2009. One of Champaign’s finest apartment complexes featuring a beautiful courtyard. 1 bdrm apts. at $475/mo. 2 bdrm apts. at $495/mo. On busline with Central A/C, Carpet, Gas Heat, Laundry facilities, Patios or Balconies, Covered Parking. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC 217-356-1873

LINKSVIEW, SAVOY Aug 2009. Located on 9th hole of UI Golf Course. 2 bdrm 880 sq.ft. Each apt has own garage, storage unit, 2 balconies/patios, dishwashers, disposals, w/d hookups. From $650/ mo. to $ + parking. Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 356-1873



803 S. Locust, C. 7 bedroom, 2-1/2 Bath, 2 Kitchens, W/D, FREE PARKING. 217-337-8852

Awesome C-U Properties

Best Deal in Town

Spacious 1BR $450+ and 2 BR $500+ Lots of Amenities Newly Remodeled Free Parking

Up to 7 BR House/ Duplex for FALL Furnished, 3 BAs, Parking, w/d Close to campus $1800 The Weiner Companies, Ltd. 211 E. Green St., Urbana 217-384-8001

Call 637-6000 or 352-4104

1001 S. First, C.

407-1/2 E. White, C. 6 Bedroom House. AC, W/D, Free parking 217-337-8852


WALK TO CAMPUS! Furnished Houses - Fall 2009

Prices Reduced!

Sign a lease before June 1st and recieve $100 cash

806 W. Clark, U 809 W. Clark, U 810 W. Clark, U 812 W. Clark, U 814 W. Clark, U

$750 $780 $780 $780 $735

*Parking Included*

804 W. Springfield

Pets Allowed in some houses!


In your article [“Do the Right Thing,” 7.2.09], you state, “One in five Americans has HSV.” It would be more accurate to say one in five Americans has genital herpes. About 50 to 80 percent of the adult population of the U.S. has oral herpes [also HSV]. Type 1 or type 2 can occur in either area. I endorse your use of the Web site, from which my information comes. Thanks. P. Murdoch, A.P.N. Thanks for reading “Doin’ It Well,” catching this and helping us clarify for our readers. It takes a village to keep us all “Doin’ It Well”!

Sex 411: Pregnancy Termination Resources Women’s Health Practice (Neil St., C., 3563736) offers comprehensive gynecological and obstetrical services, including both medical and surgical abortions. Planned Parenthood of Illinois, Champaign Health Center (302 E. Stoughton, C., 3598022) offers a range of reproductive health services, including medical abortions. Stay tuned next week as we explore reproductive rights and justice for all. Jo and Ross want to answer your questions! E-mail them at


$2095 for this 7 BR 3 Full Bath (at First and Chalmers) near ARC available August. Modern kitchen, W/D, free off-street parking, A/C, hardwood floors, fireplace. Stop by or call Roger 734-780-1203 or Tyler 641-919-4059.

2 BR 3 BR 3 BR 3 BR 3 BR



803 S. First, C. 8-9 Person, FREE PARKING 2217-337-8852

Campus Houses, $290/BR 5 -10 Bedrooms. LCD TV. Free parking and laundry. 367-6626. 808 W. Green August '09 5 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Furnished Home Ted 217-766-5108 107 S. Birch, U August. Excellent 4 br furnished home. 766-5108

Large House 4 Bedroom near Engineering Quad. 1.5 Bath, W/D, D/W, parking. Available August. $1400/mo. 217-714-3330 or 217-898-4697

5 Bedroom House on Campus, 4800 sq. ft., 3 bathrooms, Great Value, $1800 367-6626

House Near Campus for Rent 3 bedroom house for rent at 410 W. John. Excellent condition. 3 year-old home. 2 car garage and washer/ dryer. $1140/mo. Contact 217-684-2650.


AVAILABLE NOW $355, 367-6626 Three rooms unfurnished to rent close to Parkland and several bus stops with free ample parking at premises. Available immediately. Contact Linda at 217-722-7932 or leave message

ROOMMATE WANTED 550 Female to share quiet furnished house near campus. benorris@uiuc. edu. (217)417-4514.

Roommate Needed 2 BR, 2 BA Apartment, washer/dryer in unit, fully furnished, walk-in closets. call 815-356-8158 for more information Roommate needed for nice house! See



107 S. Birch, Urbana 4 bedroom, furnished home. Completely remodled, new roof, new furnace. new kitchen, new bath, Excellent. Live rent free. 109,900. Ted 766-5108.

Find something new to do. plan your weekend with...

THE217.COM JUL 16 – JUL 22 09

18  buzz

Free Will Astrology ARIES

(March 21-April 19)

I fear you’re on the verge of slipping into a state of mind that wants everything and is therefore in danger of getting nothing. I worry that you’ll be lusting for such total control over so much wild sweetness that you won’t actually formulate a foolproof plan to commune with even a pinch of that sweetness. Let’s see if we can motivate you to overthrow this state of mind. Let’s try to coax you into devising a precise strategy to assemble paradise piece by piece.


(April 20-May 20)

Cuckoo birds build no nests of their own. Instead, they rely on trickery to raise their young. The female cuckoo lays her eggs in the nest of a host whose eggs are similar in size and color. The host, often a sparrow, cares for the cuckoo’s eggs as her own, and usually rears the hatchlings until they reach maturity. Does this behavior ring a bell? I suspect that something analogous is unfolding in your world. I’m alerting you to the situation so that you will be fully informed as you decide how to proceed. (P.S. I’m not saying this is a bad thing; just want you to acknowledge the truth.)


(May 21-June 20)

I hate to admit it, but love is not always enough to solve every problem. On some occasions you need love, clever insights, strategic maneuvers, and fierce determination. In my astrological opinion, this is one of those times. Take a moment right now to shush the grumbling dialogue you keep having with yourself about what’s fair and what you deserve. Save all that mental energy for the work of fighting like hell for the fair share you deserve. Oh, and while you’re fighting like hell, don’t forget to be as strategic as Gandhi, as loving as Einstein, and as fiercely determined as Jack Black, Ben Stiller, and Sarah Silverman combined.


(June 21-July 22)

I invite you to write down brief descriptions of the five most pleasurable moments you’ve ever experienced in your life. Let your imagination dwell lovingly on these memories for, say, 20 minutes. And keep them close to the surface of your awareness in the week ahead. If you ever catch yourself slipping into a negative train of thought, interrupt it immediately and compel yourself to fantasize about those Big Five Ecstatic Moments. This exercise will be an excellent way to prime yourself for a New Age of Unhurried Bliss and Gentle Beauty, which I predict is just ahead for you. If you can keep the morose part of your mind quiet, there’s a good chance you will stir up a new ecstatic experience that will belong near the top of your all-time list.


(July 23-Aug. 22)

Welcome to your aromatherapy workshop, Leo. We’ll be using imaginary scents because, frankly, sometimes fantasy yields better results than the real thing. (Especially for you right now; keep that in mind as you deal with other situations in your life.) For your first exercise, imagine the aromas of eucalyptus and vinegar. That’ll clear your head of static, creating a nice big empty space for your fresh assignment to come pouring in from the future. Next, imagine the fragrance of hot buttered popcorn. It will make you more receptive to the outside help that has been trying and trying and trying to attract your attention. Have you ever taken a new computer out of the box? Remember that smell? Simulate it now. In your subconscious mind, it will awaken the expectation that the next chapter of your life story is about to begin.


(Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

O ye of little faith: Do ye not understand that the events of mid-July through mid-August of 2009 are but the fruition of seeds ye planted in September, October, and November of last year? Do not thank or blame the gods, but only thyself, for the destiny that is upon ye. Now please prepare to assume thy new goodies and perks, O favored one, as well as thy new temptations and headaches, with full knowledge that ye are receiving the exact rewards and responsibilities ye earned many months ago.


(Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

Sometimes this job of mine grinds me down with a heavy sense of responsibility. Am I doing the right thing by divulging so many cosmic secrets? Do people use JUL 16 – JUL 22 09

j o n e s i n ’ 

July 16 - July 22

my advice in good ways? This week I’m especially tormented. Would it be ethical of me to reveal that you could dig a hot tip out of a wastebasket, or that you could prosper because of someone else’s foolishness? Or how about if I disclosed that you’ve temporarily acquired a dicey edge over a competitor who’s previously kicked your butt? And would it be mean of me to suggest that you shouldn’t share a vast idea with a half-vast person? I guess I’ll just have to trust that you’ll show maximum integrity in using all of this inside dope.


  “Y e s W e C a n ”-- a n

i n t e r nat i o na l m ov e m e n t

by Matt Jones

(Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

There goes your exaggerated respect for warped chunks of complications. Here comes an opportunity to make a break for bubbly freedom. To take advantage, Scorpio, you’ll need to travel much lighter. So please peel off your armor. Wipe that forty-pound sneer of doubt off your face. Bury your broken-down theories by the side of the path, and donate all your unnecessary props to the birds and the bees. Strip down, in other words, to the bare minimum. Where you’re going all you’ll need are your good looks and a big fresh attitude.


(Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

Don’t leave me hanging, Sagittarius. What happens next? How could you even imagine you’ve wrapped the whole thing up? According to my analysis, you’ve got at least one more riddle to solve, one more gift to negotiate, one more scar to wish upon. (Yes, that says “scar,” not “star.”) To stop pushing for more adventure at this pregnant moment would be a crime against nature and a whole chapter short of a bestseller. Get out there and bring this story home.


(Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

It makes me famished just to think of you there stewing in your hunger. You almost remind me of a bear that’s just awoken from hibernation or a political prisoner who’s been on a hunger strike. And yet I know it’s not a craving for food that you’re suffering from. It’s not even an impossible yearning for sex or fame or power or money, either. You’re starving, you’re ravenous, you’re mad for something you don’t have a name for -- something whose existence you don’t fully understand and can’t quite imagine. But I predict you’ll uncover a fuller truth about this thing very soon, and then you’ll be more than halfway toward gratifying your hunger.


(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

If I were your daddy, I’d take you mountain-climbing or buy you a three-week intensive class in the foreign tongue of your choice. If I were your president, I’d give you a Purple Heart for your undercover heroism and make you ambassador to Italy. If I were your therapist, I’d send you on a pilgrimage to a sanctuary where everyone means exactly what they say. But I’m merely your five-minutes-a-week consultant, so all I can really do is say, “Escape the cramped quarters of your own mind. Slip away from the corners you’ve been backed into. Stop telling the convoluted stories you’ve concocted to rationalize why you should be afraid. Get out of the loop and escape into the big, fresh places that will rejuvenate your eyes and heart.”


(Feb. 19-March 20)

Long-standing myths are on the verge of mutating. Stories that have remained fixed for years are about to acquire unexpected wrinkles. The effects may be pretty spectacular. I suspect it’ll be the equivalent of Sleeping Beauty waking up from her long sleep without the help of the prince’s kiss, or like Little Red Riding Hood devouring the wolf instead of vice versa. There’s something you can do, Pisces, to ensure that the new versions of the old tales are more empowering than the originals: For the foreseeable future, take on the demeanor and spirit of a noble warrior with high integrity and a fluid sense of humor.

Solution in Classifieds.


1 Stockpile 6 Zwei times zwei times zwei 10 Ques. response 13 West Coast capital 14 Mrs., in Munich 15 “The Valley Isle” 17 Level draining device, to a Spanish yes-man? 19 Bar code on a book 20 Movie response to “Quick, let’s hide!” 21 Dec. holiday 23 U.N. secretary-general Hammarskjold 24 ___-mo instant replay 25 Fuel additive brand 27 June birthstone 29 Greek letter T 30 Selassie’s NYC restaurant, to a Japanese yesman? 34 Nav. rank 35 Reaching like a puppy 36 President after HST 37 Hotel room list item 39 Contents of jewel cases 42 John Lennon’s son 43 Riled, with “up” 44 Went out with the chivalrous type, to a Russian yes-man? 49 First name in Notre Dame football coaches 50 Hayao Miyazaki genre 51 Damascus’s place: abbr. 52 Washing machine dye brand 53 Last letter, in Leeds 54 Tag info 58 Reasoning behind a crime 60 Send out 62 U.S. uncle’s “Friday the 13th” character, to a German yes-man? 64 Went kaput 65 Concert load 66 Carb-loading dish 67 Craigslist postings 68 Pull-down list 69 Dream on?


1 Gave some help 2 The rest of the U.S., to Hawaiians (with “the”) 3 Place to pick up some brews 4 Spanish golfer Ballesteros 5 Russian org. and enemy in Bond novels 6 CIO’s labor mate 7 Core 8 “Mad Men” star Jon 9 Heavy marching band instrument 10 “___ not making myself clear?” 11 Index with a composite 12 Legacy maker 16 Fireplace spot 18 Org. that requested the Pet Shop Boys change their name to the Rescue Shelter Boys 22 Like cacti 26 Feed music through, as with Muzak 28 Rowing machine unit 31 Hawaiian porch 32 “Dallas” family 33 Op. ___ (footnote abbr.) 37 “Funeral Blues” poet W.H. ___ 38 Civil rights leader, in street names 39 “Singin’ in the Rain” actress Cyd 40 Word that comes from another word 41 Outline seen in local weather reports 42 1980s “truly outrageous” cartoon 44 In a fog 45 Condition meaning “lack of blood” 46 Spruced (up) 47 Song sung on Sunday 48 Their support is requested on some bumper stickers 55 Get in ___ 56 1974 Lucille Ball musical 57 Chris Berman network 59 Company that introduced non-stick cookware 61 Scores that may cause showboating afterward: abbr. 63 NW school that’s home to the Beavers come and get it

buzz  19

and another thing


by Michael Coulter

Cussing for a Cure The benefits of F-bombing I’ve always been a big fan of swearing. I’ll do it when I’m happy and also when I’m sad. I’ll use one word in particular as a verb, a noun, an adjective, an adverb and even attempt to use it occasionally as a conjunction. Many times, I’ll even use this word as a suffix to mother. It’s not just that word, though. I find most of the other swear words great also, though I prefer to call them what we called them when I was a kid: cuss words. Sure, I can think of many situations where these words shouldn’t be used, but I still use them because they’re fun. I may use them under my breath, but the intent is there even if the volume isn’t. This is, of course, why I’m a healthy person. Swearing makes a person healthy. OK, it didn’t really make much sense to me either. In all fairness, swearing doesn’t really make a person healthier, but it may keep us from feeling quite as much pain. Researchers in Britain at Keele University declared this week that swearing actually could help with pain relief. I was thrilled pissless to find this out. I really like it when something that’s generally seen as a bad thing turns out to have benefits. It’s not exactly like finding out smoking is really good for you, but these days, even a small victory can be sort of nice. The researchers set out to see whether swearing affected a person’s tolerance to pain. They thought swearing would exaggerate the pain, but it turned out the opposite was true. My guess is that the researchers were well into an evening of several cocktails and said, “Hey, we should totally do something about swearing. It’ll be hilarious when people walk by our office door and hear all those expletives coming out. We can just tell them it’s research. It’s freaking brilliant.” While most folks would have sobered up and forgot all about this plan, they trudged through and actually made it a study. I pictured them smacking people on the finger with a hammer over and over again with varying degrees of swearing involved with each smack. “OK, would you say that hammer slap was as painful as the first one, not as painful as the first one or more painful than the first one?” In fact, I was already giddy thinking about all the YouTube videos that would eventually pop up. It turns out it wasn’t quite that exciting. The researchers had their volunteers put their hand in a tub of ice water for as long as they

could stand and repeat a cuss word of their choosing. I assume the most common phrase uttered was, “Son of a bitch, this fucking water is cold, um, fuck, fuck, fuck ...” or something along those lines. They repeated the experiment with the ice water except the participants just used a common word the second time. I’m assuming this phrase was, “Say something besides fuck, say something besides fuck. Oh Jesus, that’s cold. Table, table, table, table ...” It turns out they could hold their hand under the water longer if they were swearing. Just outstanding. The researchers think swearing makes pain more tolerable because it triggers the body’s fight or flight response. They think that a stream of expletives may increase aggression, which downplays weakness. It also makes the world quite a bit more colorful. Personally, I think it’s probably just because deep down inside, people really like to swear, whether they admit it or not, but whatever. The researchers think this may be why swearing started to begin with and why it’s still around today — because we need it to stay alive. Even without the pain-numbing qualities, I think I sort of need swearing just to communicate much of the time. Swearing just feels good, and it’s nice to have some medical science on my side for once. It could help out in a lot of situations, though. Let’s say you’re having a bad day at work and you let fly with a few choice words. Your boss comes in to see what all the commotion is about. “Oh, sorry, it’s not that I hate my job or that you’re an idiot or anything. I just accidentally slammed my hand in a desk drawer, and I’m trying to ease the pain a little bit. That’s cool, right?” What’s the bossman gonna say? Swearing could become akin to taking an aspirin, and let me tell you, that is a wonderful time I can’t wait to live in. Fine, it seems like a silly little study, but who knows where it could lead? Who needs anesthesia for surgery when all you have to do is throw out a couple of F-bombs right before they slice you open? Who needs to go to the dentist when you can just cuss like a sailor and drill the filling out yourself? It could change boxing, warfare and maybe even death. If we could manage to develop a few hundred more cuss words, we could eventually evolve into a race of super-beings incapable of feeling even the slightest twinge of pain. On the other hand, the study may end up not being much of a life changer. Either way, I’m fairly sure I’ll keep on swearing, just in case there’s some pain waiting around the corner.

JUL 16 – JUL 22 09

20 buzz

The best-kept secret in downtown Urbana.

Parking Lot Parties!



17 | august 14 | august 28

come outside and play !

Search restaurant directory & download coupons.


Bring a lawn chair & join in on the fun at 7pm!

donated to the communit y by fox /atkins development, llc

July 17

6:30p Hathaways 7:30p Funkadesi

August 14 6:30p Ryan Groff 7:30p Kathy Mattea


August 28 4p-close Green Fair 5p Post Historic 6p The Duke of Uke 7p High Cotton 8p Hot Buttered Rum

No Cover Charge!


Admission is free! At the corner of First Street and St. Maryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Road, Champaign




Open Nightly Until 2am

Under the Neon Sign




119 West Water Street, Urbana

JUL 16 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; JUL 22 09


Everyday ALL DAY!

Five select domestic bottles of beer for just $10.00 (except during parking lot parties)


BUNNYâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S BUCKETS



WPGU is more than just a spot on the dial. Stream us all day long from anywhere at Read DJ profiles, find out what songs weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been playing, and read our blogs.

come and get it

Buzz Magazine: July 16, 2009  

July 16, 2009