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Syphilis is on the rise, pass it on. Spread the word, not the infection.


his column is a shout out to everyone who is sexually active! Health authorities in CU have reported a syphilis outbreak in Champaign County. They have suggested we write about it in our column. Here at Doin’ It Well, we have struggled with how to approach this topic. On one hand, we believe people should be informed about health news in our community, so they can make informed decisions about their behaviors. On the other hand, we pride ourselves on being sex positive, and celebrating sexuality as a natural, wonderful and beautiful part of all beings. Because so few people are talking about sex, whenever something negative comes up, it’s up to the sex educators to let people know about it. We feel a little resentful of that, but we care about our community. We live in a culture where messages about sexuality are omnipresent and contradicting. Some of us hear from school that sex equals risk and disease while TV and magazines paint a picture of sex as devoid of consequences. We may hear from other sources that “sex is dirty,” but we should save it for someone we love (Kim’s personal favorite). Where do these conflicting messages leave us? Sexually confused! In addition, most people have learned about the negative things associated with sex: sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS, unintended pregnancy, heartache. But rarely do we see anything that teaches us that sex is also wonderful, beautiful, meaningful, pleasurable and 100 percent normal. Is it possible that shame about sexuality is a contributing factor to the recent syphilis outbreak? We think so. With any other health outbreak — l i ke the mumps or bird f lu — we get inundated with information on what it is, how it’s being spread, precautions to take, medications available, and where to go for help. Everyone begins talking about it. But when an outbreak of syphilis occurs, only those who are directly involved with sexual or public health are responsible for getting the word out, and even then, to very targeted communities. So why is it that sexual activity is universal, yet messages about possible infections that can be passed through sexual activity are not? One could argue that mumps and the bird f lu are or have the potential to be more harmful. This is true. The following is also true: Sharing a dorm room, shaking someone’s hand who is sick, eating at a restaurant, standing next to someone who sneezes, taking care of chickens so the rest of the world can eat them and having sex are all normal behaviors. They all also carry risk for infection of some sort. You run the risk of

meningitis, strep throat, bird flu, E coli, hepatitis A, or syphilis (among others). Syphilis is curable, and a simple blood test can determine if you are infected. Anyone who is sexually active can get syphilis. We are currently seeing a rise in cases among men who have sex with men. There are precautions you can take to reduce your risk for infections. Just as we wouldn’t suggest people live in isolation to avoid strep throat, we also don’t suggest that you fear or avoid sex, as it is a normal part of who you are, and of life. Condom use will significantly reduce your risk of syphilis infection. Knowing if you have syphilis and knowing the status of your partner will also reduce the spread of this infection. Unti l the time that ever yone is ta l k ing about sexual health in an open, honest way, it’s up to us, all of us, to take care of ourselves and our friends, lovers, brothers, sisters, children and communities and to spread the word about STIs.

SEX 411. SYPHILIS IS CURABLE! • Syphilis infection starts with a painless

chancre that may go unnoticed depending on where they are. They can appear inside the vaginal canal, mouth or rectum making them difficult to spot. Syphilis chancres clear up on their own within a couple weeks but a person remains infected with syphilis unless they get treatment. • The second phase of syphilis infection is characterized by a rash that could appear anywhere on the body but most commonly appears on the palms of the hands or feet. • If left untreated syphilis can progress into its third phase causing systemic damage to the body including brain damage, blindness and even death. • If you’re concerned that you could have been exposed to syphilis or another sexually transmitted infection, call your doctor to get a test or contact the Public Health District to find out about free confidential testing. (Champaign-652-7961, Rantoul- 862-0832).

Kim Rice and Kate Ruin are professional sex educators. They love to hear from their readers and answer sex questions! Write to them at




Buzz Magazine: May 4, 2006  
Buzz Magazine: May 4, 2006  

May 4, 2006