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wo faceless men wearing hard hats and work gloves influenced by her high school art teachers, who encouraged face and appear to be drilling for oil. They stand her to apply to U of I’s art program. near a bed with unkempt sheets and the mattress The University’s School of Art and Design, which displays its visible, creating a total contrast. They are out of their graduating seniors’ art every year, is unique in its approach to art. element and appear to be violatIt offers a comprehensive art education in a larger ing one another, causing the viewer to take university setting and encourages its students “I think I speak for all a second look and ponder its meaning. to get a message across in their work. This piece is part of Emily Pawlowski’s “U of I’s art program is distinctive because it art and design students senior thesis project, a series of paintings pushes content over formal technique,” explains t h a t look at women , i ndu s t r y, a nd Pawlowski. “The faculty place importance on when I say that I hope the concept.” oppression. Her art, along with that of at least 100 other graduating seniors of Many of the students will be using the art that the BFA show will the School of Art and Design, will be exhibition to sell their pieces and designs. It featured in the BFA Graduate Exhibition will also allow the University and surrounding give broader exposure community to see what the art and design at the Krannert Art Museum from May 6 to May 14. Paintings, drawings, program is all about. to our work.” photography, videos, ceramics, graphic “The BFA exhibit should be very exciting; we design, and other mediums will are all looking forward to it,” Pawlowski says. be on display. “I think I speak for all art and design stu“This exhibit displays dents when I say that I hope that the BFA a broad range of art and show will give broader exposure to our work. design studio practices,” says Alan Mette, Although I have not yet sold a piece this year, I would certainly Professor and Associate Director of the consider any offers that are made on them.” School of Art and Design. “[They] “This exhibition is a school-wide effort designed to give each illustrate new and established technologies graduate an opportunity to present their work to the public,” adds in material and virtual realms.” Mette. “This is also an opportunity for the University and the The st udents’ ar t feat ured, says Urbana-Champaign community to view our students’ commitMette, “Represents a culmination of ment to excellence and innovation in the practice of the arts.” four years of serious commitment to Each year, a catalogue is also put together, allowing the graduation their creative development.” seniors’ work to be commemorated for years to come. Graphic A large amount of time and effort design students Annie Rotz and Kristine de Chavez, along with is required in preparation for the faculty member Jennifer Gunji, have designed this exhibition. catalogue as a supplement to the exhibition. “I began the body of work last fall, Mette and Pawlowski both believe that the starting in September and worked up BFA show illustrates the importance of art until last week, basically” says and creativity. Pawlowski, whose paintings “We believe this exhibition are also currently on display confirms that the students and in an individual showing at faculty in the School of Art the University YMCA. and Design are committed to “One of t he pa i ntelevating and sustaining the ings was still wet when arts as both a distinct and I hung them at the Y.” necessary approach to Pawlowsk i, who understanding, as well works mostly with oil as a vibrant expression of paint, was inspired to diverse human experiences,” pursue art from states Mette. a n ea rly age. “Art can offer an origiHer father is nal perspective on things also an artist going on in the world and and, she says, also question our perceptions,” “Continues says Pawlowski. “I believe to inspire and that i n rea l ly g reat work, cha l lenge me you can often fi nd a piece of t o d a y.” S he yourself within it.” was also The 2006 BFA Graduate Exhibition will be on display from May sixth to the fourteenth at the East Gallery and 20th Century Gallery at the Krannert Art Museum. An opening reception will be held on May 6 from 5-7 p.m. buzz Aiden Finnegan • Photography


Over one hundred graduating BFA seniors share their art with the community

Saak Abigail • Metals

Becky Ebling • Painting

Christina Deguia • Painting INTRO | A ROUND TOWN | L ISTEN, HEAR | CU CALENDAR | STAGE , S CREEN &



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Buzz Magazine: May 4, 2006  

May 4, 2006

Buzz Magazine: May 4, 2006  

May 4, 2006