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black and latino male summit by Taylor Thomas The University’s La Casa Cultural Latina and Bruce D. Nesbitt African American Cultural Center have joined together once again to bring the Black and Latino Male Summit to campus. The theme of this year’s event is “Behind the Mask,” and will consist of various workshops exploring what lies beneath the surface of African-American and Latino men. Issues concerning identity, academia and professional life will be major parts of the discussion. The event and its topics work to provide a greater sense of community for these African-American and Latino men. Another unique part of this event is the ability for participants to suggest workshop ideas. Submitting a proposal is as easy as filling out the application provided online or contacting one of the directors of La Casa Cultural Latina or the African American Cultural Center. This is only a brief explanation of the many deep and thoughtful subjects that will be a part of the discussion Saturday. Go and experience it firsthand! This year’s event will be at David Kinley Hall, 1407 W. Gregory Dr., Urbana, on Saturday, Feb. 23. The workshop will run from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Registration for the event is online at!registration/c20nd. buzz staff Cover Design  Dane Georges Editor in Chief  Samantha Bakall Managing Editor Nick Martin Art Director  Michael Zhang Assistant Art Director: Tyler Schmidt Copy Chief  Jordan Ramos Photography Editor  Zach Dalzell Image Editor  Nick Martin illustrators  Michael Zhang, Dane Georges,

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» Umbrellas: In this day and age, we have talking iPhones, automatic hand-dryers, vacuum robots, self-parking cars, massage chairs, electric toothbrushes and every possible unneccessary modern-day convenience you could possibly think of. You would think that, by now, in this seemingly perfect golden age of science and technology, somebody would have invented a better solution to rain than the umbrella. If there’s ever even a little bit of wind, they invert on a dime. They’re flimsy, difficult to open, easy to rip, unweildy and generally inconvenient and annoying to use. Umbrellas today are literally the same as they were a hundred years ago, when people were still getting used to having electricity. Who decided that brushing your teeth by moving your wrist was too much work, but decided that the umbrella was so perfect an invention that it didn’t warrant modification in a century. Seriously? Somebody dropped the ball. We need to get our priorities in order. Before we land another rover on Mars, can we please turn our attention to fixing the umbrella? » Buzz Weekly: When I started working at Buzz two years ago, I was a simple-minded sophomore who didn't know anything about anything. I probably wore plaid shorts and thought I was cool and listened to lots of Skrillex and drank Keystone Lite. I can't really remember anymore. It was a dark part of my life, before I knew about wonderful things like Mike 'N' Molly's or Courier's milkshakes, or Black Dog's burnt ends sandwiches. These past few years at buzz have been pretty great. But my time here is up, and it's time for someone else to step up to the plate. So, thanks for the good times, buzz. It's been real.


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Jordan Ramos

Copy Chief

» Hockey fights: Man, are these fun to watch. If I see a guy at a bar get into a fist fight, then it’s far from classy and totally unatrractive. Throw that same guy in a hockey rink with a stick and some ice skates, though, and THEN he gets in a fight, and I’m singing a different tune. When a hockey player leaves the fight, he’s always so angry, red and masculine. I’m mainly thinking of Jonathan Toews when he got in his fight last Friday, which was only the third of his career. More like Captain Sexy. » One team for a sport: I bleed Cubbie blue, far more than most. So, of course, my White Sox fan friends LOVE to give me a hard time because I’m easily worked up when baseball is brought up. Even though the Cubs will always be the more popular Chicago team, the White Sox have actually won a World Series in the last century, so they have a little bragging room (But hardly, people. Calm down.) But

I just hate the polarization that comes during baseball season between the two types of fans. That’s why it’s so nice to be able to publicly cheer on the Hawks this season without anyone jumping down my throat about it. And it’s so lovely to see all of my friends anxiously waiting for Rose’s return. The sense of unity is a good one. » Nick Martin dying: As the person in charge of making sure all the content is grammatically correct and error-free, I am glad Nick Martin, our former Managing Editor, has passed away. Editing all his writing was a humongous task, as I was never sure when he was being serious and when he was being his usual, facetious self. However, after reading many of Nick’s stories, and being friends with him on Facebook, he is rarely, if ever, serious. Nonetheless, I’m glad he’s dead. I will miss him, but I’m glad he’s dead. nick martin Gripes gripes Managing Editor Nic » Bone Rot: Bad news, everybody. I got the Bone Rot! My measly bones are turning to a slimy mush. I’ll be dead pretty soon, but hopefully somebody will pour my rotten bones into a swamp and I’ll turn into a lagoon creature. » Dying: I’ll be live tweeting my death, @ ihatenickmartin and will use my last ounce of energy to update my Facebook status, likely writing, “420 4 EVA,” so please add me on social media. I need your likes! » Leaving buzz: I’m also leaving buzz forever. Once you’re dead, you can’t work here anymore. That sucks, because I’ve had this job for four years, and wish I could keep it! But it’s a fair rule: We used to have this ghost columnist (JonBenét Ramsey), but had to fire her when we learned the truth about her shocking past! Bye bye! I love you! Buzz is the best! Hail Satan! 420 4 EVA!


evan Lyman

Music Editor

» Wendy's: Since this December, I have been on a quest to gain 50 pounds. I started at 150 pounds and have steadily risen to 175 pounds thanks to the ARC and a large calorie intake. But for the past few months, I have spent top dollar for high-calorie food on campus, be it at Chipotle or Beef Stand. But thanks to the recent opening of a Wendy's in Campustown, I can now gorge myself on a nearly endless supply of spicy chicken nuggets, bacon cheeseburgers and frosties for basically whatever change is in my pocket; it's incredible. In fact, it still blows my mind that no cheap fast food options existed in Campustown (aside from Chik-fil-A in the Union, but they're homophobes) until now. But hey, who cares? We got it now, and I've been going there for every meal since the grand opening. February 21-27, 2013 buzz 3

Buzz Magazine: Feb. 21, 2013  
Buzz Magazine: Feb. 21, 2013  

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