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cover Cover photo shot on location at Laughs Unlimited in Old Sacramento. Photo by Gena Roma Photography. Art Direction by Shawn Crary. Vintage Italian silk cape and dress courtesy of La Fem Sophistique, Sacramento, call (916) 455-4199 for pricing.

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Cheryl Anderson makes us LOL

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Is marriage supposed to be challenging?


Pumas, Cougars and Jaguars...Oh My!

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bonnie is looking for amatuer or professional female models for an upcoming photoshoot. Details: we are looking for identical twins between the ages of 20-55. To be considered, contact bonnie editor Gayle Romasanta at 1.888.289.0521 or she can reached via email at

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The Sacramento community welcomed bonnie magazine’s inaugural issue with open arms. Publisher Shawn Crary and I were able to talk about bonnie’s mission—celebrating and uncovering Sacramento women’s stories and networks— on several television news programs and newspapers. Someone even recognized me at a coffee shop as the woman who was in the life transformation story. We’re so glad to be part of the community and able to be an accessible vehicle for the region’s women to feel connected and part of a larger whole. Thank you readers! We love the support and look forward to publishing stories that interest and matter to you.


Both women have reinvented themselves by being themselves! At bonnie we’re always looking for ways to continually inspire each other. Meeting and working with both these women was a good reminder that working hard and keeping the eye on the prize (whatever the prize may be) is possible—even when you’ve already got a full plate.


I met Cheryl Anderson during our fun photo shoot. She came in quiet, observant, with one-liners that made the bonnie team laugh. An author, businesswoman, and comedian, Anderson was also an avionics engineer in her past career. After becoming a stay-at-home-mom, creating a popular website she ultimately sold, she’s become a solid presence in the Sacramento comedy scene.


Goldfish —the Pepperidge Farm brand or the organic duplicate— is the workhorse of all snacks. You will find this in my bag everyday. My two small children, ages 18 months and 7, never seem to tire of them. They snack on them happily. Or when they’re bored they think it’s hilarious to crush them in small bits. During errand running, they also like to flick them at each other in the car. My husband and I eat them as well, snacking on them while watching the kids at gymnastics, or on the way to a dinner event. I’ve learned my lesson though- use a small tupperware or plastic baggie to house them or you’ll get crumbs stuck in your purse lining.

from the editor’s desk


t was such an honor to work with Allison Brennan and Cheryl Anderson for our February issue. What amazed me was that they both had highly successful careers before they followed something they were more passionate about. Allison Brennan, a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, was so humble in person. When she told me she wrote 18 books since 2006, I was floored. She gave up TV for three years to write her first books. The former California State Legislature consultant and mother of five, is juggling it all, making time for what’s really important—her family and her stories.


+ Women... let me hear ya! If you’d like to contribute story ideas, comments or general feedback about this month’s issue, you can reach me via email at or pick up the phone and give me a call at 1.888.289.0521.

In the event you want more of bonnie magazine at your fingertips, our website is live! Our website has complete bonnie issues in a digital magazine format for mobile devices. Also on the site and on our Facebook page are unpublished photos, behind the scenes footage, and other tidbits we couldn’t fit into our regular issue. So stop by and visit us at or like us on our F acebook page, Thank you for reading and being part of our bonnie network! Keep warm, during these cold spells and make sure to tell those important to you “I Love You” every day (not just on Valentine’s Day).

Gayle R. Romasanta // editor

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Ch e




A l

o s n r e d n


ur Ave o Y t o r


Soccer Mo m ! ge

Clothing: Multicolored beaded shift dress and pink curly wool coat La Fem Sophistique, Sacramento, call for pricing (916) 455-4199 Photography: Gena Roma Photography Location: Laughs Unlimited in Old Sacramento Art Direction: Shawn Crary

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A Mother-Lovin’ Good Time BY // STEPHANIE GARCIA


t Laughs Unlimited in Old Town Sacramento, the sold-out show begins. The crowd is big. The lights are dim. A thin, pretty, fiftysomething, tall blonde confesses to the crowd. “I have to hurry up here,” she says. “I told my family I was going to Target.”

The crowd laughs and Cheryl relaxes. She still feels the jitters on stage. At one time, she really did tell her family that she was, indeed, going to Target, not hitting open mics in hopes of fulfilling a newfound dream of hers. “Cheryl the Soccer Mom” continues her montage of jokes. “I know, I don’t look like I have jokes,” she says. “I look like I have recipes.” And she does have a recipe … for success. Cheryl Anderson has been a local comedienne for the past six years on the Sacramento scene. To many, this is a long

time, but believe this—she’s just getting started. Cheryl is a force to be reckoned with. Her demeanor makes you want to hug her, her smile is warm like a caring mom, and her punch lines are unexpected, sidesplitting, and sometimes make you feel guilty for laughing so hard. To the crowd, she’s just another funny comedienne. But to the Sacramento scene, she’s been much more. Every night, she watches young adults, some the age of her own children, pour their hearts out on stage and insufferably relive continued on page 8

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“I know, I don’t look like I have jokes. I look like I have recipes.” —Cheryl “The Soccer Mom” Anderson

CHERYL continued from page 7 each error privately backstage. Comedy is serious business, and most of these comics know they won’t make it. Even on a seemingly good night, most times, the performer is his or her toughest critic. Anderson mingles and genuinely fits in. These are her peers—sharp—tongued rookies, seasoned comics hurling sarcastic zingers at each other, and respectful openers yearning for the next level up. Although friendships form, many have dissolved just as fast. After all, they are in competition for paid gigs and must be consistently on their game in order to succeed. While Cheryl surrounds herself with people who have grown up dreaming of being famous, she doesn’t relate to them in that way. She connects on a much deeper level. bonnie magazine

{sacramento’s lifestyle magazine for women}

And you can feel it. When Cheryl walks into a room, something happens. Archrivals, cronies, newbies, and professionals are drawn to her. All seem to be comfortably vulnerable to her motherly demeanor. It has been said that comedy comes from pain, and for the most part, comedians are some of the most tortured souls. By telling jokes and making people laugh, they work through, or relive suffering through performance. Some overcome, some don’t. Comedians by nature can be very untrusting, but Cheryl is different. She glows in the group, calms nervous jitters, compliments often, and shares a passion for all things comedy. But the truth is she didn’t have those dreams. In fact, she never wanted to be a comic. She wanted to be a business owner. Raised in Minnesota, the daughter of an X-ray technician, and a computer operator, she had a pretty normal and happy childhood.

She graduated high school, and then obtained her bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin, and graduated with a double major in math and computer science. After graduating college, Cheryl began her career as an avionics engineer at Honeywell. It was there that she began dating her husband, Mike. They soon married, and settled down in Folsom where they still reside. Sadly, they would endure great loss in their quest to become parents. Cheryl doesn’t talk about her struggles to have children, but it’s in her book. She and her husband have lost five children due to a rare genetic disease. “It’s painful. I don’t share the details often because, really, it’s no one’s business.” The couple continued to try for children they so desperately wanted and were finally able to conceive two daughters, seven years apart. Nicki was first. The headstrong baby kept

february >> 2013

Clothing: Vintage Italian silk cape and dress courtesy of La Fem Sophistique, Sacramento, call (916) 455-4199 for pricing Photography: Gena Roma Photography Location: Laughs Unlimited in Old Sacramento Art Direction: Shawn Crary

the couple on their toes. Cheryl and Mike provided a good life for their daughter. But as a first-grader, Nicki began to show signs of diabetes. The week that her younger sister, Dani was scheduled to arrive in the world, Cheryl’s life changed forever. Her oldest daughter, at the age of seven, was diagnosed with diabetes—and not the type that can be controlled with diet. This was full-blown, type 1 childhood diabetes, and the little girl who was scared of needles would be subject to testing her blood five times a day and injecting shots of insulin at least three times a day for the rest of her life. The news was shocking, but they had been through worse. “It’s amazing what you can do when you have to,” Cheryl said. “You just deal with it.” With a newborn baby girl and a newlydiagnosed diabetic first-grader, Cheryl decided to quit her job and stay home with the people who needed her most. Financially,

she wasn’t quite sure what the future would hold, but Cheryl was computer literate and Internet savvy before it was cool. So she did what she was comfortable with, she reached out to other parents in online chat rooms to find out what other parents were doing with their diabetic kids. While surfing the net, she began to notice that many local websites weren’t looking or functioning the way they could be. With her programming mindset, Cheryl decided to create free websites for her daughters’ school and her church. Her first paid job was to design the City of Folsom’s website. “Who would have known that later, people would pay millions of dollars to own domains?” Cheryl said. Soon, she began her own domain, WAHM. com, which stood for Work At Home Moms. “I created the WAHM site to connect with other moms,” Cheryl said. “This would be a place where we could share our experiences and encourage each other.” Cheryl quickly learned that there were thousands of stay-at-home-moms working from home to support their family. She realized that many of these moms were unaware of the scam artists out there who would prey on people with offers to “pay” them to stuff envelopes, and other types of scams. She worked hard to ensure that her site would not advertise any of these con artists. With more than 100,000 people networking on the WAHM message boards and more than one million hits per month, Cheryl’s site began to attract companies who wanted to give her money to advertise on her site. The site became a revenue-generating source of income for the mom of two, and things were looking good—very good. Her site began to gain national media attention when it was mentioned in Forbes magazine, the Today show, and USA Today. But then the mother of all media contacted her—producers from the Oprah show called and talked about booking an appearance. “If I got on Oprah, I wanted to promote something, I needed a book.” So Cheryl wrote a book entitled, “The Work at Home Moms Guide to Home Business.” The book was published, but it wasn’t perfect. The Oprah interview fell through, and so Cheryl decided to revise the book and republish it. The humorous nonfictional book was re-released as, “It’s a Jungle Out There—And a Zoo in Here.” With money coming in from the website, and some from book sales, Cheryl was living a good life. She was home with her children, had a couple of employees to help manage the site and Mike was steadily employed.


One day in 2006, an Internet company contacted Cheryl and offered to buy her website. “It was great timing,” Cheryl said. “My kids were getting older, and they offered me a great deal, enough for me to pretty much do whatever I wanted to do, so I said ‘yes.’” The site was sold for an undisclosed amount of money. The sale of the website afforded her the ability to pursue other dreams. “I signed up for a humorous writing workshop,” Cheryl said. “At the end of the class, the instructor had us perform a joke in front of the group.” It was at that moment, when Cheryl wrote her first joke—about penises. “What is the plural of ‘penis’? Peni? Oh, I know, the word for more than one penis is ... PAR-TAY.” The crowd erupted into laughter. One man doubled over and slapped his knee. “He really laughed hard, and he asked me to stop,” Cheryl remembers. “It was at that moment, I just thought ‘WOW, this is so cool.’” Cheryl wanted to tell more jokes. She wanted that reaction. So, she did what any other bright, wealthy engineer-turned-stayat-home mom would do—she lied to her family. “I would go to The Clarion in Sacramento and watch comedians try their jokes out at an open mic.” Not knowing how to tell her family that she was out telling jokes, and plagued by a horrible stage fright, she simply told them that she was going to Target. With her innocent stage presence and her hysterical jokes, she left a lasting impression. “I was accepted pretty quickly,” she said. “In fact, those first weeks, local comedians Kul Black, Shane Murphy, and Ellis Rodriquez really rallied around me and helped me out. There were times I didn’t think I was fit for this, but it was with their encouragement that I kept going. I really want to thank them.” Rodriguez remembers Cheryl’s first time on stage. “She was sweet and funny since day one,” he said. “She’s a pillar of the Sac [sic] comedy community and I’ve always admired her commitment.” Committed she was, and has been ever since. Within her first six months, she got the opportunity to compete in Nickelodeon’s Funniest Mom in America contest, where she participated in Los Angeles against some professional comediennes, some who had been performing for more than 20 years. Although she didn’t win that contest, she says that comedy expanded her world in ways she never thought possible. “I’ve been able to meet so many people who I never would have met otherwise.” continued on page 10

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CHERYL continued from page 9 In 2010, she formed the very successful all-female comedy troupe called, The Real (Funny) Housewives of Rio Linda. In 2012, she appeared on the TV show, NickMom Night Out, and was a semi-finalist in the 2012 Bay Area Black Comedy Competition, where she was the first white female to ever make it that far. In late January 2013, she entertained the United States Marines stationed in Okinawa, Japan. “I’m so honored to be able to do this,” she said. Although considered a local comic vet, the still somewhat shy mom of two college students says that she is just getting started. As part of her master plan for a bright future, she is focused on being in the best physical, mental, and comedic shape of her life—including the introduction of a vegan diet, where she has shed 70 pounds in the past year. “Now that the kids are gone, I’m going to really start trying with comedy. I’ve always tried, but really pushing now that I can travel.” Cheryl knows that in order to really claim her piece of fame, she needs to have at least an hour of squeaky clean material that can be marketable to bigger shows. “There are a lot more opportunities for clean comedy,” she said. “My next goal is to develop an hour of clean comedy so that I can apply for bigger gigs.” Her comedy goal for 2013 is to try to get on at least one stage every night. So far, it’s been a success. Each night, she records her set and then listens to it the next morning at the gym. “I think that being physically healthy is an important part of being able to be successful,” said Cheryl. “That’s why I’m doing the vegan thing and working out every day. I go over my jokes and exercise too.” Maybe Cheryl has the recipe for success after all. Even though she says her career has just begun, she is bound to make this happen. So enjoy her while you can Sacramento, because she’s going to be a household name very, very soon. b bonnie magazine


For more information

Visit Cheryl’s website at

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fashion forward


24 hour//luxury Old flannel pajamas or a football sweatshirt are essential to most women’s loungewear. But just think—what if you decided on some days or even (gasp) every day, you were supposed to

live and feel luxuriously pampered all day long and around the clock?



We asked five Sacramento superwomen to model vintage Hollywood pieces along with modern sleepwear to help us show you that yes, it’s ok to indulge. You won’t feel silly. You’ll look and feel beautiful. NA ROMA PHOTOGR // GE APH








bonnie magazine

{sacramento’s lifestyle magazine for women}

Wrapped in a vintage marabou feather peignoir would make for a gorgeous start of any day. Vintage marabou feather peignoir La Fem Sophistique Sacramento Call for pricing, (916) 455-4199



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rise & shine


Who wouldn’t want to look this good waking up? Maritza Davis, founder of Sacramento’s Unseen Heroes, wears a gorgeous peignoir and nightgown set as she greets the morning.

Why we think she’s a superwoman? Over the past 10 years, Davis has built a solid reputation as the founder of event marketing and design agency, Unseen Heroes. Her agency is known for meticulous event planning, design, and development and has spearheaded a host of well-known Sacramento events. She juggles a full family life along with being a savvy business owner.

Vintage feather peignoir and nightgown La Fem Sophistique Sacramento // Call for pricing, (916) 455-4199 Pearl necklace La Fem Sophistique Sacramento // $37

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coffee break

cherise Bill Blass ostrich feather evening coat La Fem Sophistique Sacramento // Call for pricing, (916) 455-4199 Necklace La Fem Sophistique Sacramento // $34

Why we think she’s a superwoman?

Freya Lounge Edith chemise At Last Bra & Lingerie Natomas // $67.99

bonnie magazine

Cherise Henry, a contributing writer for bonnie magazine, wears an elegant designer coat with modern day pajamas. With the State Capitol as an iconic backdrop, Henry drinks her morning coffee. Her sweet ensemble further elevates this simple moment into a special occasion.

{sacramento’s lifestyle magazine for women}

A Sacramento native, Henry graduated from Sacramento State with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a minor in marketing. She’s bonnie’s go-to gal with expertise in public and media relations, marketing, event management, social media, copywriting, and editing. Involved with local organizations, she’s worked with Sacramento Public Relations Association, HelloXOXO, and the Sacramento Press Club. When she’s not on the go making everyone’s life more sane by her impeccable work ethic, she’s a diehard San Francisco Giants and San Francisco 49ers fan.

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You can still look elegantly coiffed if you telecommute from home. Rebecca Love wears a classic kimono-style robe with an elegant chemise while catching up on her emails.

Why we think she’s a superwoman? Love has been in the military for 10 years, and served one tour of duty in Afghanistan in 2009-2010. She received her bachelor’s degree in social and health Services from Roger Williams University, and hopes to start the master’s in social work program at University of Southern California in the fall of 2013. She plans to use her education and deployment experiences to assist veterans and their families with postdeployment reintegration and mental health. Love is an avid reader and writer, and enjoys traveling, cooking, gardening and time with her family. She has two sons, Kaleb (19) and Jordan (17), and resides in Sacramento with her partner Chris and their daughter Kathryn (6 months), and their dog, Beretta.



Mystique Intimates long print kimono At Last Bra & Lingerie Natomas // $73.99 Mystique Intimates chemise At Last Bra & Lingerie Natomas // $60.99 Necklace La Fem Sophistique Sacramento // $34

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Mystique Intimates robe At Last Bra & Lingerie Natomas // $57.99 Mystique Intimates chemise At Last Bra & Lingerie Natomas // $49.99 Necklace La Fem Sophistique Sacramento // $34


After a long, hard day at work, it’s a simple luxury to curl up with a favorite book. Tilda Ampersand, enjoys her book of short stories, while wearing a delicate robe and chemise.

Ampersand is currently the secretary of the River City Gems, a Sacramento-based nonprofit transgender support organization. She has worked with the River City Gems in various capacities for the past four years. A native of St. Louis, Missouri, she holds a graduate degree in both history and library science. She has a deep respect for the security and safety of animals and has volunteered with San Francisco Bay Area cat shelters and feral cat rescue projects. She also supports WEAVE, the Sacramento-based organization for victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence. A lifetime member of the Girls Scouts, Ampersand exemplifies the definition of a superwoman.

bonnie magazine

{sacramento’s lifestyle magazine for women}


Why we think she’s a superwoman?

me time

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a date witht the sandman

Vintage peignoir La Fem Sophistique Sacramento // call for pricing, (916) 455-4199 Mystique Intimates chemise At Last Bra & Lingerie Natomas // $49.99 Necklace La Fem Sophistique Sacramento// $12


Getting beauty sleep should be an indulgent affair. After all, when you close your eyes and invite dreams to take over, you should look just as ethereal. Sommer Hayes looks positively glowing in a vintage robe and black satin nightgown.

Why we think she’s a superwoman? Hayes earned a bachelor of arts in organizational communication from California State University, Chico. She worked as a media buyer for a national advertising agency until she was diagnosed with cervical cancer and diabetes. Her triumphant recovery from cancer led her to redefine her passion and search for a new career in nonprofit management. Hayes then went on to work for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure as Program Coordinator. This gave her the opportunity to help mobilize breast cancer awareness in the Sacramento and surrounding service areas. After two years of service at Susan G. Komen, Hayes relocated to pursue a master’s degree in nonprofit management at the University of Maryland, earning a master of science in nonprofit and association management with a certification in community leadership and management. A believer in miracles, Hayes was then blessed with a son. Now back in California, Sommer enjoys family and friends, volunteering her time at Susan G. Komen, freelance makeup artistry where she offers free services to cancer survivors, crocheting hats and socks for the homeless, collecting nail polish, and conversations with the elderly.

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Clothing: Red suede trench coat La Fem Sophistique, Sacramento call for pricing (916) 455-4199 Photography: Gena Roma Photography Location: Time Tested Books, Sacramento Art Direction: Gayle Romasanta

bonnie magazine

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Allison Brennan:

es! murder she writ

How a Mother of Five and Former Consultant to the State Legislature Consultant Became a Bestseller BY // GAYLE ROMASANTA PHOTO BY // GENA ROMA PHOTOGRAPHY


ecoming a writer is a dream that many people share. Others entertain it for decades. Others become writers and gain marginal success. Some people, like Elk Grove resident Allison Brennan, work, literally, day and night to ensure it happens. Brennan writes romantic thrillers. They’re not the usual romance novels with a man and a woman on the cover, in a close embrace. Her stories are about strong woman characters—the kind that aren’t being saved by the end of the novel. They save themselves and combat their own fears while solving crimes and helping others. Their relationships are realistic, and sometimes open ended, with partners wondering if they can make things work by the end of a series. Brennan began writing seriously when she began entertaining thoughts about leaving her job. “I was really burnt out. I had two older kids. I really wanted to quit my job, but I couldn’t afford to. So I started writing in the mornings.” The simple act of writing in the mornings launched

her career as an author. She is now a New York Times and USA Today Bestseller with 20 books to her name. Brennan hasn’t been writing for decades. She initially worked for the Assembly Republican Caucus for 13 years. She has been writing professionally since 2006 and in the span of seven years, has written a jaw-dropping amount of books. It’s an amazing feat, not to mention brave. At the time of dreaming of becoming a full-time writer, Brennan was the major breadwinner of the family. She knew in order to make her dreams a reality she had to finish writing a novel. In years past, Brennan had always written the beginnings of novels. She never finished them. So she created a strategy to continue working full-time to help support the family and to write consistently to get her novel finished. Her strategy? She stopped taking work home in the evenings. She got the kids ready and in bed by 9:00 p.m. Then she wrote every night from 9:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. “Basically I gave up TV for three years. Be-

cause I was still working full-time, they were all asleep by nine, so that was my writing time,” she says. “They” were her children, Katie, 19-years-old, Kelly, 16-years-old, Luke, 11-years-old, Mary, 9-years-old and Mark, 8-years-old. At the time when Brennan began her dream to become a writer, they were much younger. With five children, a husband, pets, and a full-time job, fulfilling any kind of dream would seem overwhelming. However, listening to Brennan tell it, it was the only thing to do, plain as day. She wrote five novels initially while juggling her job and her family. Out of the five books, she was able to publish only one. It was from there she was given her first contract and she finally quit her job. Brennan and her husband, Dan, still weren’t sure if her writing career would take off and help support the family after the first book sale. It was a stressful time, but it was the best thing

continued on page 20

{sacramento’s lifestyle magazine for women}

bonnie magazine


february >> 2013

ALLISON continued from page 19 Brennan thought she had done, with her family noticing the change in her demeanor. “My oldest daughter did tell me after I quit my job, she had never seen me happier. Even though it was a huge stress, because it was risk to quit, it was like this huge pressure was off me. I was finally doing what I love,” she says. Brennan’s husband was supportive throughout the process. Although in the beginning it was a challenge. “At the beginning of my writing career before I sold, he didn’t like me giving up my time. The only time we had together was in the evenings. That’s how we started doing date nights—once a month we go on date nights.” However, Dan recognized Brennan’s drive and gave her the support she needed. “He knew I wanted it. He knew how important it was to me to quit my job. ” The support also included understanding

and weathering the unknown financial future many writers face. Brennan is very matter-of-fact when it comes to the business of being a writer. “There’s no guarantee in this business. Even if you sell a book, there’s no guarantee you can eventually quit your job. They say there’s three things you need to get published—talent, luck, and perseverance. You can only control two of them…the luck [you can’t control]. “ Luckily for Brennan, her talent, perseverance, and luck were and still are aligned. “It kind of all just worked out and everything worked out at the right time,” she says. After Brennan received her third contract in the spring of 2007, she and her family breathed a sigh of relief. “Once I got my

third contract we felt, ‘ok, this is going to work.’” Can regular, everyday women do what she has done? Take a leap of faith and do the life work they want to do? Brennan thinks so. She feels that women can do anything in the short-term. “Even though it was a leap of faith because there was no guarantee I was going to get a second contract. It was one of those things, ‘ok, if I don’t quit, I won’t have the time to give these books everything I can give them.’ I knew I couldn’t keep up that schedule for the rest of my life. Working all day, writing all night. It’s something I did for basically three years. I couldn’t do that for the rest of my life. It would have killed me,” she says. She adds, “If you really want something, you need to decide, are you, one—going to make sacrifices for it? If you’re not willing to make sacrifices for it, you don’t want it bad enough.” Brennan laughs and compares sacrifice to weight loss. “Weight

loss is the same thing. If you’re not willing to give up the blue cheese dressing, you’re not going to lose weight…it’s a hard lesson to learn.” With this type of discipline one can imagine the kind of mom Brennan is. “I told my kids this. They’re all athletes—with my one that’s an artist—you have to be willing to make sacrifices if you really want this. My oldest is in volleyball. She suffered physically…sometimes she didn’t get to play as much as she wanted. But she wanted it so bad, she was willing to put in the time and effort to achieve it. And then she was captain her senior year.” Brennan smiles when she talks about her children. She talks about her babies, how they’ve grown, how she works in the morning, and still picks them up in the afternoon after school. She lives in the country and enjoys chickens, her dog, and her family. It’s the kind of life that’s worth fighting for. Which is exactly what Brennan did. Just like in her books, she’s the main character in her story, figuring everything out, risking a lot to get closer to her sense of truth. The neat thing about Brennan’s story though is that she’s not a fictional character. She’s an inspiring woman and no one needs to save her at the end. She’s got it covered—and she’s doing just fine. b

Brennan’s newest series reloves around the character Lucy Kincaid who has first hand experience dealing with deadly criminal predators.


For the month of February, Time Tested Books is selling Brennan’s books for 20% off. Brennan personally signed a limited number of copies, so make sure to get yours before they’re all gone. For more information about Brennan, visit

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“If you really want something, you need to decide, are you, one—going to make sacrifices for it? If you’re not willing to make sacrifices for it, you don’t want it bad enough.” —Allison Brennan, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Emmy recipient {sacramento’s lifestyle magazine for women}

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State Senate Appoints Women to Key Leadership Positions

bonnie magazine is proud to partner with the organization California Women Lead—bringing issues affecting the lives of women around the state.

Contacting Your Legislator Be accurate and factual – have the necessary information, be direct in identifying the problem and provide specific suggestions for a solution. What are your arguments in support or in opposition? Be realistic – almost all legislation ends up in a compromise; remember you can be flexible without losing the intent of the policy you are trying to change. Be brief and to the point – remember time is valuable. You are more likely to get a good reception if you keep that in mind. Be personal – show examples of how the situation affects you, your neighbors, your schools, etc. Be friendly – develop a personal relationship with your elected officials and their staff. Invite them to your meetings, send them a newsletter, let them know when you agree with a vote or a position they have on an issue. Be aware of legislative deadlines and how the Legislature works in general – if you wait too long and a deadline has passed, your letter or contact is useless. Get to know the staff – remember the old saying – “if you don’t know the secretary, you won’t get in the door.” Staff is your link to the legislator. Treat them with respect and you will reap the benefits. Know as much as possible about your legislators – what is their political affiliation? What are their committee assignments? What is their voting record? Make a specific request of the legislator – give them something tangible to respond to. Be sure to let them know, even if you don’t agree, that you appreciate their time and their commitment to public service.

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State Senator Lois Wolk & friend.

State Senate President Pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg announced his Senate committee membership assignments for the 2013-2014 Regular Session. “We’re extremely fortunate to have such a talented team to help shape state policy with the goal of improving the lives of all Californians,” said Steinberg. “Their expertise promises a very productive year ahead for the California State Senate.” The women serving in key leadership positions in the State Senate are the following: Senate Majority Leader: Ellen M. Corbett (D- San Leandro) Senate Rules Committee Vice Chair: Jean Fuller (R-Bakersfield) Agriculture Chair: Cathleen Galgiani (D-Stockton) Appropriations Vice Chair: Mimi Walters (R-Irvine) Budget Subcommittee No. 5 Corrections, Public Safety and the Judiciary Chair: Loni Hancock (D-Berkeley)

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Rachel Michelin, executive director, California Women Lead & Darrell Steinberg, president Pro Tem, California State Senate.

Education Chair: Carol Liu (D-La Canada Flintridge) Energy, Utilities and Communications Vice Chair: Jean Fuller (R-Bakersfield) Governance and Finance Chair: Lois Wolk (D-Davis)

Judiciary Chair: Noreen Evans (D-Santa Rosa), Vice Chair: Mimi Walters (R-Irvine), Natural Resources and Water Chair: Fran Pavley (Agoura Hills) Public Safety Chair: Loni Hancock (D-Berkeley)


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Assembly Speaker Appoints Women to Key Committee Leadership Positions


Do you know who represents you in the State Legislature? Did you know you can write them a letter, email them or even schedule an appointment? Did you know they welcome your input? The first step to contacting your representative in the State Assembly or State Senate is to know who that person is! If you don’t know, visit The map and information shown at the site are based on the districts established by the 2011 redistricting. As a result of redistricting (every ten years the legislative district lines are redrawn), your area may be represented by two Senators, or may not be represented by any Senator, during the 201314 legislative session. If your community does not have a representative as a result of redistricting, the Senate Rules Committee has assigned a Senator to provide constituent services to you until after the 2014 Election. If you have questions about who your representative is let us help, email

Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla, Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal, and Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner.

Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez released the following committee assignments for the 2013-14 Regular Session. The women serving in key leadership positions in the State Assembly are: Aging and Long-Term Care Chair: Mariko Yamada (D-Davis) Agriculture Chair: Susan Eggman (D-Stockton), Vice Chair: Kristin Olsen (R-Modesto) Appropriations Vice Chair: Diane Harkey (R-Dana Point) Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism, and Internet Media Vice Chair: Marie Waldron (R-Escondido) Budget Subcommittee No. 1 on Health and Human Services Chair: Holly Mitchell (D-Los Angeles) Budget Subcommittee No. 2 on Education Finance Chair: Susan Bonilla (D-Concord) Education Chair: Joan Buchanan (D-Alamo), Vice Chair: Kristin Olsen (R-Modesto) Housing and Community Development Chair: Norma Torres (DPomona), Vice Chair: Beth Gaines (R-Rocklin) Natural Resources Vice Chair: Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) Public Safety Vice Chair: Melissa Melendez (R-Lake Elsinore) Rules Chair: Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) Transportation Chair: Bonnie Lowenthal (D-Long Beach) In addition, Speaker Perez appointed the following women to his leadership team: Speaker Pro Tempore: Nora Campos (D-Pomona) Majority Floor Leader: Toni Atkins (D-San Diego)

+ California Women Lead is a nonpartisan, issue neutral association committed to encouraging and training women to be leaders in their communities. For information on the nonprofit organization, visit bonnie magazine

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YES, YOU CAN SERVE IN APPOINTED OFFICE! Women are a powerhouse in California! They bring unique experiences and perspective to boards and commissions at the state and local level, but we need more women to apply. Did you know that there are thousands of volunteer appointed positions at the state and local level? Planning Commission, Commission on Aging, County Fair Boards, State Park and Recreation Commission are just a few. California Women Lead is committed to empowering, training, and recruiting women to apply for appointments to boards and commissions at the state and local level. We are honored and privileged to meet women across the state who manage full-time jobs, volunteer in their community, take care of their families,

but still look for opportunities to be involved in public policy, but don’t know how. That is why we work to train women on opportunities to serve and bring their unique perspectives to various boards and commissions. California Women Lead is focused on enriching the pool of Californians who want to be engaged in public service. For many women, serving in appointed positions is a great way to give back. California Women Lead knows women have what it takes to be successful in applying for and getting appointed to a board or commission at the state or local level and we want to help you make it a reality! Visit www.cawomenlead. org for more information!

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Loveand Marriage


awage. Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday. Mawage, that bwessed awangment, that dweam wifin a dweam … And wuv, tru wuv, will fowow you foweva …so tweasure your wuv.

Doug and Molly Matchell recently celebrated their 32nd wedding anniversary.


— The Impressive Clergyman, The Princess Bride movie (1987)

It seems like we can’t bring up a page online or look at a magazine cover without seeing that someone else is getting divorced. To be expected with the rich and famous, maybe. But is marriage really that hard to maintain? I think marriage is pretty great. I’ve done it with the same partner for 13 years. We are happy. I mean, could we be happier? I don’t know. All I know for sure is that he’s the first person I call when I have news—any kind of news, and he’s the last person I talk to before I go to sleep. And I love him. All of him—tighty whiteys and all. I decided to speak to two couples to get more insight on marriage—is it supposed to be hard? I also talked with a happily divorced woman who is grateful she took the plunge. I also spoke to a therapist who sees all sides of marriage and

has a few things to remind people about, like what’s worth fighting for and when it’s time to end it. Micaela and Nick Pettigrew are cute, like Disney cute. They ooze cuteness. Although the couple has been together for more than six years, they are newlyweds and refuse to talk about any displeasures of their new matrimony. Why should they? They’ve only been hitched for three months. Nick and Micaela are regular performers at The Sacramento Comedy Spot, and that is where they fell in love. “I remember staying for the open mic one night and seeing him perform for the first time,” Micaela said. Micaela set her sights on Nick immediately. “I made it my goal in the next few weeks to come to as many open mics as possible and try and chat him up whenever I could,” she said. “He continued on page 28

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LOVE continued from page 27 was incredibly shy when I first met him, so it took me a few times of trying before he would talk a lot to me.” Although Nick agrees that they met at an open mic night at the Sacramento Comedy Spot, he remembers their courtship a little differently. “My first reaction was how forward she was to come and talk to me, since I tend to not try to interact with anyone, and I don’t really give off the most social demeanor,” he said.

wedding … we still make time for date nights, and try to surprise each other, which is something that is important to me,” she said. Nick agrees. “When I was single, I had always imagined marriage like you see in a bad sitcom, where the husband is tortured and regrets all his decisions in life,” he said. “Marriage, so far, has absolutely lived up to my expectations of what it would be with Micaela. I have a great partner, someone that I work with and make decisions with.”


“Research shows that happy couples are those who know how to handle their disagreements based on a foundation of friendship and affection.”


—Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Collaborative Divorce Coach Deni Deutsch Marshall

“Also, I was amazed at how easy it was for me to talk to her.” From there it was all puppy tails and hearts. After six years, still blissfully content, they took the next, step. They got engaged. Nick was very serious about his proposal and put a lot of effort into his speech. “I told her that I wanted to have children with her and dress them up like Darth Vader.” Micaela said yes. The couple had a Disney-themed wedding on October 11, 2012 (Or 10-11-12, so no one forgets) at Wine and Roses in Lodi, California. But have things changed? Micaela said yes, but for the better. “It honestly feels stronger than ever and a lot less stressful than when we were planning a bonnie magazine

The couple refused to divulge any deep, dark issues in their relationship thus far, even though I tried to pry. My conclusion is that they really are committed to each other’s happiness. Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Collaborative Divorce Coach Deni Deutsch Marshall has seen all sides of marriage. She’s been in private practice since 1997 and specializes in helping people stay together and helping people who have decided to divorce, do so in a way that is collaborative and that can protect the children from conflict. So does she think the newlyweds have what it takes? “The

{sacramento’s lifestyle magazine for women}

Newlyweds Micaela and Nick Pettigrew share a private joke.

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commitment that newlyweds make to each other at the altar is still fresh, and they are not yet entrenched in their hurt and defenses,” she said. “Everyone comes into a marriage with his or her models—or lack of models, of how to have a successful relationship that they got from their family of origin. If they can identify early on what works and what doesn’t, and develop a new set of skills together, then they have much more likelihood of creating a lasting marriage.” Molly and Doug Matchell just celebrated their 32-year anniversary. The pair met as college students in 1973 while working at McDonalds, but they did not get married un-

The Matchells affection for each is still as strong as the day they were married.

til 1979. Molly was very attracted to Doug’s sense of humor. “He was such a crack up,” she said. Doug remembers thinking it was cool that she found him funny. “I could make her laugh at my stupid jokes,” he said. The two insist that they didn’t have any preconceived notions about what marriage would be like or how it may change them.

“I didn’t have a real good idea of what marriage would be like, but after Molly and I started getting serious, I knew she was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with,” said Doug. Although they have two grown children, they are enjoying their empty nest at the moment. “I love knowing that this guy will do anything for me, and that we both want to be with each other forever,” said Molly. “It has changed into a lifelong adventure knowing that Molly is right beside me,” said Doug. Molly admits that it hasn’t been perfect. “Through the years there have been ups and downs while getting to know each other,” she recalls. “Fortunately, the ups are so much more frequent than the downs.” Doug agrees. “I am sure whatever ideas of what marriage I had before I was married have changed. I think life has a way of forcing one to confront reality,” he said. “The important thing here is that Molly and I are closer today than when we first were married.” Marshall sees this as a good sign. “Research shows that happy couples are those who know how to handle their disagreements based on a foundation of friendship and affection,” she said. “Make your relationship your priority. Put the time and work into it early on to build a strong foundation before you have a family, and even after you have children make sure to find the time and energy to nurture each other, and keep the romance alive. And take some time each day to appreciate each other and find humor in each other’s idiosyncrasies!” Jenny Munoz has a different story. She realized after 18 years of marriage that “appreciating idiosyncrasies,” didn’t mean accepting abuse. “I was with my husband for 18 years. He was an alcoholic. He gave me a good life, including everything I wanted, and


vacations on my own … that’s what made me think things were okay…the last five years I couldn’t stand it anymore,” Jenny said. She tried to avoid the relationship by taking on longer hours at work. Then, she tried to avoid him at all costs. One day, she just knew it was time to make her exit. “I woke up one morning and everything was different. I felt different. All the weight I was carrying on my shoulders was gone. I had no more hurt, hate, anger, anything towards him. I knew it was over.” Jenny is in a much better place, although things are more difficult financially for her. But she is absolutely thrilled to have her life back. “I am so happy now, even though things are a little harder … I have all the things I need—me, my soul, and my sanity,” she said. Jenny believes this is the best decision she ever made in her life. At the time of divorce she told herself she would never marry again and never repeat the same abuse cycle. However, she’s looking positively at the possibility of a second marriage. “Funny thing is I fell in love ... I have a five year plan to get all my stuff together and find myself, and by then I will hope to get married to my sweet man,” she said. I like to think that marriage is an ever-changing adventure in friendship and love that seems to evolve as the years go by. But it’s not supposed to be so difficult that it leaves you emotionally bankrupt. It’s also not so easy that you can neglect it and expect it to keep on going. Like Marshall said, it’s a lifelong journey based on friendship and affection. Is it supposed to be hard? Yes … no… maybe there is no correct answer, because in the end, whether you’re with a spouse or by yourself, true happiness wins. So choose wisely and love deep. And celebrate each other; after all, it’s Valentine’s Day. b

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bonnie magazine has partnered with to highlight upcoming events that we think our bonnie readers will love.



Cal Expo

Crest Theatre

At 102.5 KSFM’s Naughty Gras, there is no shortage of things to hear, see, and do. Enjoy the tastes and treats of Mardi Gras!

With uncanny, note-for-note live renditions of Beatles’ songs, The Fab Four will make you think you are watching the real thing.

KSFM 102.5’s Naughty Gras

Cost: $24-$75. (916) 923-6800 event/detail/441738450

As the year-round source for Sacramento events, features comprehensive listings of arts, cultural, and recreational activities, allowing you to see and experience all Sacramento has to offer. Here’s what’s happening this month.


The Art of Beer Sacramento Fusion International Arts Center Each year this festival brings together some of the very best breweries, artists, and food vendors from across California to celebrate the Art of Beer.

Cost: $40. event/detail/441739404


Be My Valentine Date Night Sekou’s BBQ Enjoy a night of jazz, games, dinner, and dancing brought to you by T-Mo Entertainment. The evening includes special performances by Vocalist Lenoris, Saxophonists Shawn “Saxual 1” Raiford & Ava Lemert, and Poet Terry Moore.

Cost: $40-$50/couple. (916) 208-7638 event/detail/441733685

Sacramento Area Museums Sacramento Museum Day is a popular and fun Sacramento cultural tradition designed to encourage all members of the community to experience the area’s incredible wealth of art, history, science, and wildlife—at little or no cost.

Cost: Free or discounted entry. (916) 808-7777 event/detail/441733130


Healthy Eating on a Budget Natural Foods Co-Op Community Learning Center Learn to stretch your budget while still trying to provide healthy meals for you and your family. You’ll also have an opportunity to taste simple, healthy, low-cost recipes that you can make at home.

Cost: $10 (Students $5). (916) 868-6399 event/detail/441737907

Sacramento Kings Basketball Sleep Train Arena Root on the Kings to victory at several home games throughout the month.

Cost: $15+. (916) 928-0000


I ♥ Sacramento Zoo Sacramento Zoo Bring your valentine to a special I Heart Sacramento Zoo day featuring valentine-themed animal enrichments, informative talks, and activity tables— all included with general admission.

Cost: $25-$45. (916) 974-1357 event/detail/441721412

15-March 3 Legally Blonde: The Musical

Three Stages Performing Arts Center Pampered and perky, sorority star Elle Woods doesn’t take “no” for an answer. So when her boyfriend dumps her for someone serious, Elle puts down the credit card, hits the books, and sets out to go where no Delta Nu has gone before: Harvard Law School.

Cost: $18-$36. (916) 608-6888 event/detail/441670241

Cost: $11.25 for adults. (916) 808-5888 event/detail/441726984


Sacramento Heritage Dessert Tour


Begins from Midtown Village Café

Vinyl & Music Fair

Corner of Stockton Blvd. & Fruitridge Road

Davis Senior Center

Join on a walking tour of Midtown Sacramento with esteemed historian William Burg, whose passion for the stories of this eclectic neighborhood and a penchant for good food will leave your sense of nostalgia and taste buds satisfied.

This is a perfect opportunity for you to acquire the vinyl record that you have been looking for or to sell some to make room for more. Everything from vinyl records, CDs, tapes, and DVDs will be available.


15th Annual Museum Day

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9, 10 & 19

The Fab Four: The Ultimate Beatles Tribute

Cost: $30. (916) 972-0131 x31 event/detail/441739603


Excel in Motion Dance Convention Cal Expo

Cost: Free. (530) 758-8058 event/detail/441739602


Cirque Mechanics: Birdhouse Factory Mondavi Center – Jackson Hall

Excel in Motion is a dance event that brings the most SYTYCD headliners of any other convention. The goal is to have a fun, educational, and noncompetitive experience for all those who participate.

Ageless stories spun in mid-air, acrobats riding on mechanical wonders, all wrought from the raw material of American ingenuity (plus a little clowning around). This is an American circus with incredible and inventive machines, and a story that speaks to us all.

Cost: $10-$12. (508) 647-1000 event/detail/441730934

Cost: $49. (530) 754-2787 event/detail/441647497

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The Little Saigon Street Festival Parade An entertaining combination of music, the delightful purr of classic cars, beautifully designed floats, and exhilarating cultural performances will highlight the parade for all spectators.

Cost: Free. (916) 520-4976 event/detail/441737693


Carnaval 2013 YWCA Sacramento There will be vendors, mouthwatering Brazilian and cultural cuisine, and cultural spirits to satisfy your taste buds. Come kick your heels up and samba the night away while you enjoy live entertainment.

Cost: $15-$20. (916) 387-7344 or (916) 519-1910 event/detail/441738209

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Sacramento Ballet: The Great Gatsby Community Center Theater The Roaring ‘20s and Prohibition set the backdrop, during one of our country’s most tumultuous periods of change. Adapted for the ballet by Ron Cunningham, this story of passion, greed, and loss is his first new work in five years.

Cost: $17-$70. (916) 552-5800 ext.2 event/detail/441622545

22-March 3

Sacramento Beer Week


Girls on the Go: 5K & 10K for Women & Girls Crocker Park Girls on the Go is every girl’s chance to commune with mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmas, and friends in a fun outdoor activity. No matter what your fitness level- you can run, walk, jog, or samba to the finish line.

Cost: $10-$50. (619) 491-0677 event/detail/441671987

24-March 2

Sacramento Fashion Week

Various locations

Various locations

Sacramento Beer Week is a week-long salute celebrating our rich Sacramento beer culture. With more than 400 events capped off by the Sacramento Brewers Showcase and Capital Beerfest at Cal Expo, it is the largest beer festival in Sacramento history with almost 80 breweries.

Sacramento Fashion Week is geared toward showcasing the fashion and artistic talents of the Sacramento Region, giving new and upcoming designers a platform to showcase their collection they normally would not be able to.

Cost: Varies. (916) 743-6565 event/detail/441740517

Cost: Varies. (916) 572-6787 event/detail/441723578

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{sacramento’s lifestyle magazine for women}

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916 EVENTS continued from page 30


Paula Poundstone Crest Theatre Appearing on stage with a stool, a microphone, and a can of Diet Pepsi, Paula Poundstone is famous for her razor-sharp wit and spontaneity.


Getty Owl Run/Walk Crocker Park The 1/4 mile kids run, 5K Walk/Run, and 10K Run routes around Downtown Sacramento along the waterfront. Post-race family festival will include massages, vendors, food, music, and activities for all ages.

Cost: $27-$42. (916) 974-1357 event/detail/441732888

Cost: $15-$37. (916) 476-3977 event/detail/441733364



Crocker Art Museum

Cal Expo

Black History Month Family Festival The Crocker celebrates Black History Month with a spectacular showcase of the art, culture, history, and traditions of the African Diaspora.

Cost: Free. (916) 808-1182 event/detail/441695739


Sacramento Opera: Puccini: The Man and His Muses & Gianni Schicchi Community Center Theater Come enjoy this enchanting opera inspired by Giacomo Puccini’s music. This staged presentation takes a look at the composer and the women who came in and out of his life: his lovers, his wife, and his mother.

Cost: $19-$79. (916) 737-1000 event/detail/441695739

23-Febuary 2014

Ray Eames: A Century of Modern Design California Museum Celebrating the centennial of legendary designer Ray Eames, this new exhibition features the early life and works of the Sacramento native who broke barriers during eras of limited opportunities for women.


Dream Wedding Show This event will provide brides-to-be with a place to meet quality wedding vendors from Greater Sacramento.

Cost: $10. (916) 285-6073 event/detail/441738470

27- March 24

Sacramento Theatre Company: A Midsummer Night’s Dream Sacramento Theatre Company Join for one of the Bard’s most beloved plays—a celebration for lovers filled with mischief and moonlight!

Cost: $15-$46. (916) 443-6722 event/detail/441669911

+ For more info on other Sacramento events visit or simply scan this QR code with your smartphone.

Cost: $8.50 for adults. (916) 653-7524 event/detail/441607687

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retail therapy


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Vintage Rodo

This is a timeless classic. The weight and feel of this gorgeous clutch speaks to its craftmanship. Find this clutch and other fabulous old Hollywood finds at one of our favorite shops in Sacramento.


Vintage Initial Necklace

La Fem Sophistique 3241 Folsom Boulevard // Sacramento (916) 455-4199

Locally made by Bliss Jewelry in Sacramento, this necklace is part of a vintageinspired collection. With a gentle heart locket and an initial of the one you love, it’s a perfect gift any time of year.

$25 Krazy Mary’s Boutique 3230 Folsom Boulevard // Sacramento (916) 442-6279

{she wants...} BY // CHERISE HENRY

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is here and love is in the air. Flowers and teddy bears? Meh. We think significant others can do better than that. We’ve put together a quick and dirty list you can give to your special Valentine to gently guide them this year, no matter the budget. Ladies, you’re welcome.

Wine Tasting Date

Spend a weekend afternoon at 58 Degrees & Holding Co. for an upscale, relaxing environment and enjoy some of the world’s most interesting wines. With up to 58 wine selections by the glass, you can rest easy knowing they can find just what you’re looking for.

$10-$75 58 Degrees & Holding Co. 1217 18th Street // Sacramento (916) 442-5858

Parisian Perfume

Smelling like a Parisian goddess can surely make you feel like one. Packaged in a vintage-inspired spray bottle, these dainty scents are irresistible. Fleurs du Jour is a fusion of exhilarating citrus, flowers and wood. While Tendre est la Nuit has scents of an abundance of flowers accentuated by jasmine and primrose.

$98 Felicia Strati Boutique 1901 Capitol Avenue // Sacramento (916) 448-5313

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Antique Spoon Handle Watch Bracelet

This spoon handle watch bracelet is locally made by Kiss J Co. in Sacramento and is designed from antique silver-plated spoons (no rust!). The original manufacture date is engraved in each bracelet.

$70 Krazy Mary’s Boutique 3230 Folsom Boulevard // Sacramento (916) 442-6279

Luxurious Italian Accessories

Made and purchased in Italy, this luxurious interwoven suede and canvas belt has an antique heart-shaped metal framework embellished with rhinestones. Best part- one size fits all!

$160 Felicia Strati Boutique 1901 Capitol Avenue // Sacramento (916) 448-5313

A Love Note... just from YOU

Sometimes all we need is a little love note left on the bathroom counter. Or on our car windshield. Or in our purse. Of course… it can’t hurt to match this up with any of the other items listed here.


Cupid’s Bow and Arrow

On-the-Prowl Handbag

Give your woman a little bit of sassiness with this locally made, sparkle, animal-print handbag. It’s small enough to carry around for a date night out on the town, but big enough to keep essentials just within reach.

$36 Krazy Mary’s Boutique 3230 Folsom Boulevard // Sacramento (916) 442-6279

We fell in love with these dainty accessories. At such a great price, buy one as a gift for your daughter and a friend.

Ring $9 Earrings $6 Necklace $13 RIRE Boutique located inside East Sacramento Mercantile 3257 Folsom Boulevard // Sacramento or order online at (916) 706-6966

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{i love...}


Stacy Clark-Roldan 32 // Nursing Student ”We brought my mom here who’s visiting. She loves Norman Rockwell and because she’s an artist I thought it’d be fun to show what we have to offer here in Sacramento.”

We want to know what the ladies are lovin’ every month in our I love… section. This month we stopped by the Crocker Art Museum to find out what women LOVE about the iconic Sacramento museum.

Sienna Roldan 4 // Daughter

Teenann Clark 58 // Self-taught Artist “I love Crocker Art Museum because it gives people the chance to see the finished product from the artists and to get ideas for artistic work.”

Lynn Morrison 50+ // Retired Interior Designer + High School Art Teacher “I love the fact that it showcases so many different talents and mediums. Now with the remodel, they can show so much more work and expose Sacramento to things they otherwise wouldn’t see.”

Jill Lance 55 // High School Art Teacher

Joanna Galvan 18 // High School Student “I love art. I’m excited because I’ve never been here before and not sure what to expect. We have art classes in school and it’ll be cool to see other artists’ work.”

Jade Mamola

Patti Keating 59 // Retired Employee of Office of Grants and Local Services “My husband and I love the Norman Rockwell exhibit that is being featured here and thought we’d make it a special day by visiting on our 23rd anniversary to celebrate.”

High School Teacher “We’ve brought our senior art students here to check out the exhibits today. I personally love doing things that are rich in the history of Sacramento and this is one of those gems that we have that sometimes get overlooked.”

bonnie magazine

“I love that they showcase local, national, and worldwide artists. I love how accessible the museum is—the galleries have lots of great information scattered throughout so that people who may not know much about it can easily understand. They’ve done a wonderful job.”

Madeline Stone 25 // Communications Coordinator “I love the Crocker’s combination of contemporary and traditional—in terms of both space and art. As a Sacramento native, I’ve frequented the museum since childhood. I really believe it is the most beautiful and unique place to experience the best of California’s art history.”

{sacramento’s lifestyle magazine for women}

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MISS KNOW IT ALL When your bff is unavailable, or you’re to0 embarassed to ask mom, advice is just a click away! Submit your questions at

Dear MKIA, I hate Valentine’s Day. I never have a date. I’m too old to go bar hopping, and I really hate seeing all of the flowers, cards, and gifts that my co-workers receive. What can I do to make it through this bitter day? >>Gee, with that attitude, it’s amazing to me that you don’t have a line of potential suitors outside your door. Listen grumpy, attitude is everything, and the amount of negativity you’re exhibiting in this little question pales in comparison to how you probably act in real life. Make 2013 about you, and change your attitude Debbie Downer, because you attract what you put out there (it’s true—I’ve seen The Secret). If you’re always saying “no,” bitching about every ailment you have, because I know you are, that’s totally you girl- and you have a horrible relationship with everyone—it’s probably not the universe, chick, it’s you. So get your shit together and be thankful that you have a mouth to complain, the brains to use the Internet, and the time to change it all.

Dear MKIA, I have been having an affair with a married man for four years. This year, I gave myself a deadline and him an ultimatum to leave his spouse or I was gone. The thing is, I believe that he is my soul mate. If he chooses not to leave her, I wonder if I’m making the worst decision of my life by leaving him? Help! >>Are you serious? I’m being PRANKED, right? Where is Ashton … no? Hmmm, well then, look sweetheart, you already made the worst decision of your life—you slept with and continue to sleep with someone’s husband, and probably someone’s daddy. And he isn’t your soul mate, because they don’t exist, and if they do, well he already promised his “soul” to someone else. What a way to waste four years of your one-andonly life. Move on and get a guy of your own and leave others’ alone.

Dear MKIA, I love to drink, but am having a hard time finding a drink that tastes good and doesn’t add calories. Any suggestions? >>Who ME? How could you possibly think I indulge in this type of behavior? Pffft….but ok, yeah, I totally hear you girl. I have the same hobby…. continued on page 38 {sacramento’s lifestyle magazine for women}

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february >> 2013

MISS KNOW IT ALL continued from page 37 er problem. And the thing is that I love beer. I hate wine. So I’m screwed because trust me, female beer guts don’t drive men nuts. So, I choose vodka. Lots of vodka. And if you mix it with something clear, you’re ok. If you go cranberry, you’re adding so much sugar, you might as well eat all those Twinkies (RIP) in your closet. PS- We should totally hang out.

Dear MKIA, My husband and I have been together for twenty-two years now. For our anniversary, he brought up the idea of having a threesome. I’m shocked and saddened that I am not enough for him. What’s your advice? >>Do it. As the kids say these days, YOLO (you only live once). Look, isn’t it better that he asked you, his wife, to partake as oppose to doing two other women? That means he thinks you’re hot. He still wants you, and he wants one more too. Live a little. Just make sure you’re cuter, thinner, and you’ll never, ever have to see her again. This means, ground rules. Set them and adhere to them. Then write back because I could use your story in my spank bank.

Dear MKIA, My husband’s family is very big and I feel like there is always a competition between my sisters in law. >>There is. There always will be. Women are great unless they are related to you by blood or marriage, so stop thinking about it and just make sure you’re winning.

Dear MKIA, My best friend posts pictures of herself in her car. Every day, it’s a new one. I’m embarrassed for her, but afraid to approach her. >>I really don’t understand this type of behavior. Get in the car, look at yourself in the mirror, and make the decision to snap a photo? She’s clearly a narcissistic douchebag. Having said that, please don’t intervene. There are plenty of comedians and websites that need those photos for new material.


We’ve chosen to keep Miss Know It All’s identity a secret so that she can engage questions to unsuspecting women in her everyday life at work, the gym, the bar, the mall, and even her own family and friends. If you would like to submit an anonymous question, visit bonnie magazine

{sacramento’s lifestyle magazine for women}

february >> 2013

{sacramento’s lifestyle magazine for women}


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UNIVERSITY This month our makeup artist Christi Reynolds gives tips on how to organize your makeup bag or drawer. Kick off the New Year with an early spring cleaning to maximize the limited time you have putting your best face forward. BY // CHRISTI REYNOLDS While you are organizing your closets, sorting out the donation piles, and preparing for the big spring clean, don’t neglect the needs of your makeup drawer and bag! Some of that makeup, product, and other beauty tools we’ve been keeping around, need a bit of an ol’ heave ho!


What to Keep-

>>Powders such as eye shadows, blushes, loose powder, etc. are fine to have around for a very long time! Since there is no moisture present, there’s no room for bad bacteria to grow. Toss out or give away similar or duplicate shades you don’t use that often to downsize your collection a bit. I frequently buy department store brands that sell individual magnetized eye shadows and blushes that are placed nicely in a magnetized case. Many companies at your department store have eye shadows and blushes sold in magnetized pans. Just ask to see if they have it. The brand shown here is by MAC. >>Makeup Brushes need a little TLC too. Notice your foundation is going on streaky? Blush looking blotchy? It is likely that your brushes need a bath! Once a month, (or as needed) gather your brushes and wash them thoroughly with hair shampoo (Dilute that last bit of shampoo in the bottle you can’t get to with a bit of water and voila!) Give them a good sudsing, a thorough rinsing, and lay them flat to dry on a towel over night. Store clean dry brushes in a glass or jar wherever you do your makeup. (TIP: When that nice gal at the makeup counter offers to sell you the pretty pink brush cleanser to wash your brushes, politely decline. That cleanser is designed for and best used by professional makeup artists (like Moi!) who are constantly quick-cleaning their brushes between clients on set —And—we STILL shampoo them every night!)

What to Toss-

>>Mascara that’s older than 3 months? Toss it! That dark, moist tube is the perfect breeding ground for icky bacteria. >>Give your liquid products the sniff test! If your foundations, lipsticks, or lotions have an odd smell, are separating, or have changed color-into the garbage they go! >>Get rid of old Sunscreen. Any SPF based product should be thrown out after a year from it’s first being opened, or the sun protection ingredients lose their effectiveness! >>Loofahs and body sponges should be replaced as often as you replace your toothbrush, and always kept in a dry open area. >>Disposable Foundation sponges should only be used only until their surface areas have been used completely, then just toss for a fresh one!

Meet Our Makeup Maven


Christi Reynolds is a beauty, bridal, and commercial makeup artist for the Sacramento and Bay Areas. For Christi’s complete bio and portfolio, please visit her website at

{sacramento’s lifestyle magazine for women}

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pop culture


february >> 2013

Cougars, Pumas, and Jaguars — ! y M h O BY // CHERISE HENRY PHOTOS BY // GENA ROMA PHOTOGRAPHY

bonnie magazine

{sacramento’s lifestyle magazine for women}

While the term “cougar” is relatively new, the lifestyle is not. Catherine the Great held reign over Russia in the 1700s along with successful conquests in love that ended with a man 40 years younger. We all remember Mrs. Robinson in the classic 1960s film The Graduate. Her elongated legs, leopard-print coats, and satirical sexiness made Mrs. Robinson an icon for the modern cougar. And how can we not mention Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher whose relationship sparked a new era of trendsetters agreeing that an older woman + younger man = sexy. Nowadays, there are a plethora of cougar dating websites, cougar-only cruises and cougar how-to books. Self-proclaimed cougars gathered for the firstever Cougar Convention just a few years ago. Who knew?! Question is, does this image of a savvy older woman on the prowl for a younger man promote a positive or negative view of women and sexuality? Or perhaps is this another example of gender bias since no equivalent term for males who date younger females exists? Shelby, a local Sacramento cougar says she actually dislikes the term. “It sounds like a woman attacking something. I never have to prowl or attack the younger men,” says Shelby. “It is almost like flies on sugar how they just seem to circle and swarm around us older women.” While some may claim that the term cougar is overtly derogatory and cougar behavior reveals a sense of desperation, others view being a cougar as a source of self-empowerment in which women reclaim the dating scene and prove once again that they’re still alluring. “The truth is that more often than not, it’s the younger men who are doing the chasing,” said Lucia, a well-known cougar dating expert and spokesperson for The Cougar Club based in Los Angeles. “Cougars are attractive, classy, healthy, and talented older women… they are far from desperate.” Women today are commanding a movement to change the label’s connotation. And instead wear it like a badge of honor. Nearly three out of four women say they

february >> 2013


Once simply a nickname for the mountain lion, “cougar” has become a buzzword for confident, attractive, and successful middle-aged women who have a particular interest in younger men.

Models: Shelby and Anthony Walker Photography: Gena Roma Photography Location: The Park Ultra Lounge, Sacramento Art Direction: Gena Salonga

Sacramento area

Shelby enjoying herself at the Park Ultra Lounge with new friend Anthony Walker.


popular hangouts >>Back Door Lounge 1112 Firehouse Alley Sacramento, CA 95814 (916) 442-5751

>>Zebra Club 1900 P Street Sacramento, CA 95811 (916) 442-3972

>>The Park Ultra Lounge 1116 15th Street Sacramento, CA 95814 (916) 442-7222

>>Crush 29 1480 Eureka Road Roseville, CA 95661 (916) 773-2929

>>Powerhouse Pub 614 Sutter Street Folsom, CA 95630 (916) 355-8586

>>Reunion 4370 Town Center Boulevard Ste 100 El Dorado Hills, CA 95762 (916) 939-0777

Arbitrary definitions of various stages of the “cougar,” here we go: >>Jaguar 50+ years-old; tend to be financially stable and are generally only looking for sexual relations from their twenty to thirty-something prey.

>>Cougar 40 – 49-years-old who tend to be independent, well-presented and sophisticated; known to be on the prowl for a much younger, energetic, willing-to-do-anything male.

>>Puma (aka pre-cougars) 30 – 39-years-old enjoying sexual prime; hold characteristics of cougars but are not yet old enough to claim title.

would not be offended if they were labeled a cougar. 75 percent of women fess up to having dated a younger man, with 27 percent of women said to have dated a man 10 – 20 years younger. So, is it just about the sex? Sure it’s known that younger men want sex–a lot of sex–and older women reach their sexual peak in their 40s. Interestingly enough, from the male perspective, around 85 percent of men say it is becoming more socially acceptable to date, not just sleep with, an older woman. Over half of men agree that dating an older woman is enticing because she may expect less than a younger woman. Matt, a 34-year-old Sacramento “cub” who only dates women over 40, says the sexual aspect of the relationship with a younger man seems more appealing to women. “There is more spontaneity nowa-days with this kind of younger man, older woman relationship,” says Matt. “I think it also makes the woman feel more empowered.” Not only has the stigma changed over the years, but also the definition of the cougar-cub relationship. Sex-only affairs have gone by the wayside and are now more acceptable for younger men and older

women to think long-term rather than just another quickie. Shelby says the biggest turn-on for younger men is the confidence, mature personality, and life experiences that older women hold. Younger men also like the idea of being with a woman who isn’t looking for someone to pave their way. She says older women are usually financially established and set within their careers, and know what they want and go after it with or without a man. “Younger men can focus on fun, sex, and living, while working on their career,” says Shelby. “The breadwinner burden is lifted and they see it’s OK to fit into an older woman’s established life without ridicule from family and friends.” From where we stand, Sacramento is full of gorgeous, confident, and successful women… of all ages. If taking a previously disapproving label of women and flipping it to represent what we, as women, want it to represent… more power to us. And if older women want to date younger men through a mutually beneficial relationship (sexual or long-term), then who are we to say otherwise? Well, here’s to you Mrs. Robinson!


{sacramento’s lifestyle magazine for women}

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february >> 2013

The Beautimark Artists, Jessi Jewel, Ellie Holt, Donna Huston, Jennifer Reynolds, Stacy Ochoa, and Denisa Avallone (front). When // January 12, 2013 Where // Sidebar Nightclub 4364 Town Center Blvd., El Dorado Hills What // Masque Hair Ade Who // Beautimark Productions Artists


Beautimark Productions “Masque Hair Ade” event on January 12th at SideBar in El Dorado Hills introduced its first event of many with a unique and exciting hair show to a sold-out audience. Both men and women in attendance were treated to a hair fashion show one would expect to see in high fashion cities like London and New York. Each artist uniquely showcased their model’s hairstyles within themes set to beautifully choreographed music and dance. Beautimark Productions Founder and President Donna Huston, said, “the audience response was overwhelmingly receptive. I am so happy to share high fashion entertainment while supporting local businesses and charities.”

Heather Hilton, Noel Fielding, Shawn Crary, and Lauren Sturman.

Beautimark Productions is set for their next event, “Valentine Secrets Lingerie Fashion Show,” Saturday, February 9th at Reunion Nightclub in El Dorado Hills Town Center. Audiences hungry for exciting, unique shows will be treated to beautiful lingerie, PJ’s, and intimates. Uniquely different are the burlesque, boudoir, and wedding scenes choreographed to dance routines tastefully designed to elicit excitement while enveloping a visually stimulating foray of fashion. Like their event last month, this will sell out. Tickets must be purchased in advance for $30 per person. For additional information visit or call Reunion Nightclub at (916) 939-0777. $30 ticket price includes a cocktail.

“I have a passion for this industry, this is my playground.” Donna Huston // Founder and President, Beautimark Productions

bonnie magazine

{sacramento’s lifestyle magazine for women}

Model Celeste Carle, hair, makeup and costume by Beautimark Productions Artist Ellie Holt.

Model Kyleigh Ades, hair, makeup and costume by Beautimark Productions Artist Ellie Holt.

february >> 2013


Model Kristie O’ Brien, hair, makeup, and costume by Beautimark Productions Artist Denise Avallone. Nora Kolthoff, June Bischoff, Althea Hurley, Afton Tuveson, Donna Huston, Marcia Frank, Cami Hottinger, and Georgia Viersen.

Claire Kurjanowicz, and Vickie Maxwell.

Taryn Correa, and Kimberly Morphis. Model Jessica Martin, hair, makeup, and costume by Beautimark Productions Artist Jennifer Reynolds.

Dancer Maddie Manning, body paint by Beautimark Productions Artist Jessi Jewel.

Model Maureen Dwelley hair, makeup, and costume by Beautimark Productions Artist Jennifer Reynolds. Erica Tillman, Rachael Reeves, and Jessie Reeves. {sacramento’s lifestyle magazine for women}

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life transformation


february >> 2013

After Six-Weeks I fall back on unhealthy habits BY // GAYLE ROMASANTA

I blacked out during circuit class. That pretty much sums up the last six-weeks of my New Year New You challenge. I want to laugh because it was mildly humiliating and something that would happen in a romantic comedy. It would have been cool if Hugh Jackman sauntered out and gave me mouth-to-mouth. That, of course, did not happen. Robyn Naymick-White, owner of Time to Be Fit, where I was attending class was very gracious. She picked me up, since I was on all fours, and asked me if I was ok, gave me bottled water, and told me to get my bearings. She also asked me if I had been sleeping. Sleep? Who needs that when you have two kids, lunches and dinners to prepare, and a full-time job? Apparently, sleep is very important. Exhaustion is no laughing matter.

I went to the doctor and I’m fine—it was a case of vertigo. I think being extremely tired and falling back on unhealthy habits played a large role as well. The circuit class, something I’ve been doing for the last three months, wasn’t strenuous or out-of-theordinary for me. I think my mind and body physically gave me a sign to go home and reassess.

My Assessment After the first six-weeks, I got a little too confident. I stopped journaling and began eating unhealthy vegetarian fast food (In N Out makes some great vegetarian French fries). I also began cancelling scheduled workouts at Time to be Fit. However, I was fairly successful in eating an ovo-lacto vegetarian diet, which is what helped me lose four pounds for this phase. But I was

also juggling every responsibility like a mad woman. I thought my body was still 21-years young. But, I’m aging, unfortunately. What worked as a young adult is not working now. My conclusion? I need a better sleep schedule. I need to eat healthier (and before early morning workouts). I need to re-build my stamina for physical activity. Being healthy as a whole isn’t just about a number on a scale. I spoke with behavioral scientist, Dr. Sheri D. Pruitt, author

of “Living Smart, Five Essential Skills to Change your Healthy Habits Forever.” Pruitt is also a licensed clinical psychologist and the director of Behavioral Science Integration for Kaiser Permanente in Sacramento. I was feeling like a failure after doing so well the first few weeks and then falling off the proverbial wagon. She made me feel better and gave me insight into the behavioral science of staying healthy. “One of the biggest problems is that people think they can rely on their motivation, their willpower, or enthusiasm to carry them through. What we see very normally is people will start out with pretty good success. Say three or four or five weeks in, they just lose that motivation and fall back into these very

“What we see very normally is people will start out with pretty good success. Say three or four or five weeks in, they just lose that motivation and fall back into these very familiar patterns. In the behavioral science psychology world we have a name for that. We call it behavioral drift.“ —Dr. Sheri D. Pruitt, drector of Behavioral Science Integration for Kaiser Permanente, Sacramento

Baseline Statistics Weight: 178.6 lbs. // Waist: 41 ¾” Thigh: 25 ½” // Chest: 43 ½”

Workout: 1x a week circuit weight training 1x a week 40 minutes of spin and 20 minutes of Pilates fusion class 1x a week, one hour of daily brisk walking

6 Weeks

Continued elimination of meat, and decreasing processed foods

After 12 Weeks Weight: 166 lbs Waist: 38.75” Thigh:24.5” Chest: 40.5”

bonnie magazine

{sacramento’s lifestyle magazine for women}

12 Weeks

18 Weeks

24 Weeks

30 Weeks

february >> 2013


familiar patterns. In the behavioral science psychology world we have a name for that. We call it behavioral drift. “ I asked Pruitt if this was normal. “It’s totally normal. It’s not “if” it’s going to happen, it’s “when,”” she said. In Pruitt’s book and at Kaiser Permanente’s medical weight management program, she talks about SMART. It’s an acronym for simple skills necessary to make positive lifestyle changes: Set a goal. Monitor your progress (Journaling diet and exercise is so important to success Pruitt notes). Arrange your world for success. Recruit a support team. Treat yourself. Pruitt also added that for women it’s hard to put our health a priority, since we put everyone else’s needs above our own. Naymick-White gave me additional words of wisdom when I asked her how to keep on going, despite the setbacks?

I need more consistent exercise. Walking my loveable dog Lukas will be my new strategy to get more exercise in.


To give myself a little treat for keeping up my “You have two kids that need you to be an example…they need motivation, I booked a chemical peel with you to be healthy [so you can] enjoy watching them grow into Kellie Lynn at Byuti adults and have their own famiSalon. She gave me my first lies. You can be a grandmother facial in the last issue. This that goes to the park and plays time she gave me a series with her grandchildren, or one of three chemical peels that can’t participate because of to lighten up my age spots health issues,” she said. and to help tighten up my What Pruitt and Naymicktired skin. Why a series White told me are words of of three peels over five wisdom. I’m taking it to heart weeks? Peels are best and creating my strategy. I’m done over a series to moving forward now to weeks get each age spot 12-18 on my life transformation. or wrinkle through I’m making sure it’s a little less dramatic and a lot healthier. No different layers of skin. more romantic comedy moments. The result—my pores, This is real life—and no one—not texture, and skin tone even Hugh Jackman–will help have greatly improved. b

Kellie Lynn of Kellie Lynn’s Esthetics at Byuti Salon. Yes—her skin is this gorgeous in person too.

me unless I help myself.

{sacramento’s lifestyle magazine for women}

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february >> 2013


Strawberry Amaretto Poppy Seed Cake Good choice for: Someone who loves a beautiful presentation and strawberry flavor The poppy seed cake was moist with a good flavor. But the true standout in this cake was the homemade strawberry filling in each of the cake’s six layers. No one could tell that the frosting was amaretto buttercream. But it hardly made a difference. It was beautiful and so delectable, that we ate it, savoring each bite. We didn’t have any tea on hand, but if we did, it would have been a perfect accompaniment.


Enlisting the help of a few hardcore critics, I took on the difficult task of tasting cakes and chocolates from some of Sacramento’s best dessert spots. My helpers in this task ranged in age from 7 to 48. All you have to do now is get down to these locally owned shops and get your Valentine a token of your affection.

bonnie magazine

{sacramento’s lifestyle magazine for women}

Rick’s Dessert Diner 2322 K Street Sacramento, CA 95816 (916) 444-0969 $39.95 whole $6.25 slice

Cupcakes Good for: Everyone, but most especially the kids What is not to like about Icing on the Cupcake desserts? They’re made from scratch, but better than homemade. There’s a flavor and presentation in these cupcakes that would be difficult to recreate at home. We had a box of several different kinds of cupcakes. While all demanded us to taste each piece with our eyes closed (they were that good), there were a few favorite. The kids loved the chocolate chip cupcake with vanilla buttercream frosting. It was light, but had hints of chocolate in every bite, covered in a pink tinted vanilla frosting. The adults enjoyed the chocolate cupcake with chocolate fudge frosting. One tester loved the vanilla cupcake with chocolate fudge buttercream frosting. It reminded him of cupcakes he ate as a child, but weren’t as sweet, and had a smooth, real chocolate finish. There is no way you can buy just a few of these cupcakes. It’s best to get a box and let your Valentine(s) taste it all. Glasses of milk are a must with these. Icing on the Cupcake 1121 Alhambra Boulevard Sacramento, CA 95816 (916) 736-3600 $30 dozen $2.75 each

february >> 2013

Red Velvet Cake Good choice for: Grown-up palates who value a lighter crumb to their cake This was the lightest and most sophisticated version of a red velvet cake any of us had ever tried. It wasn’t cloyingly sweet, as so many tend to be. The cream cheese frosting was smooth and didn’t scream “cream cheese” as is the norm. The flavor was so delicate it pleasantly surprised the adults. Rick’s Dessert Diner 2322 K Street Sacramento, CA 95816 (916) 444-0969 $42.95 whole $6.25 slice



German Chocolate Cake

Good choice for: Women and those who demand a refined chocolate tasting experience One tester, a chocolate connoisseur, took home a Ginger Elizabeth six piece assorted gift box sampler. She thought each piece was smooth and had a perfect balance of flavors. Her favorite from the box was Palet D’or. She felt the chocolate was unbelievably smooth and creamy, with subtle dark chocolate flavor coming through. The gold leaf embellishment also added to its fine quality and elegance. Milk Chocolate Almond Rocher came in second in her opinion. Everything was right about this piece. From the homemade praline, the crushed hazelnuts, and milk chocolate, this piece was sublime. The familiar crunch of the praline and the pleasant nutty flavor enrobed in milk chocolate was a classic combination. She noted for those who wanted something different, to try the Earl Grey Tea. This chocolate had a hint of tea in the first bite then followed with a deeply satisfying dark chocolate flavor. This tester was lucky to get a whole box of chocolates to herself! We’ll be sure to try out her suggestions.

Good choice for: Chocolate lovers of all ages While we all took a small sample of this cake, one reviewer told everyone the largest portion was hers and gobbled it right up. Everyone loved this cake and thought it moist with the right amount of crunch from the savory walnuts in the frosting. It’s best to purchase multiple pieces of this cake, since this is the kind of cake no one wants to share. Selland’s Market Cafe 5340 H Street Sacramento, CA 95819 (916) 736-3333 Starting at $30 whole $4.95 slice

Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates 1801 L Street Suite 60 Sacramento, CA 95811 (916) 706-1738 starting at $6 for two in a box $1.50 piece without box

{sacramento’s lifestyle magazine for women}

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february >> 2013


Random statistics and facts to pique your interest about the world around you.


Women &Dating 10.9population % of thein Sacramento County are men between the ages of 20-35 years old. That means


154,322 men in the county are of c“ ub” age.

of the population in Sacramento County are women between 40–55 years of age. Going by the Urban Dictionary that means 150,573 women are in the “cougar” and “jaguar” age range. women say they would not be offended if they were labeled a cougar.

Wine & Women

80% 70% of Sacramento women drink white wine Chardonnay is the most preferred, while younger women prefer a sweet wine like Moscato.

of patrons at local Sacramento wine bars are women


44% 84% 46% of women say they have sex to get their man to help out around the house.

bonnie magazine

of women say that a beautiful house is the ultimate status symbol. A successful husband or boyfriend came in second place at 29%.

{sacramento’s lifestyle magazine for women}

of women define a “real woman” as someone who can d “ o it all.” Being a good mother and wife, taking care of family came in next at 33%.

3 out of 4 75%

of women fess up to having dated a younger man.

One in four

women say that their partner should always pick up the bill and 40% think they should always go halfsies.

Nearly half

of women think splitting the bill can hurt the romance.

Bonnie Magazine  

Sacramento's lifestyle magazine for women

Bonnie Magazine  

Sacramento's lifestyle magazine for women