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Academic Prospectus Table of Contents Brown School of Business and Leadership.................................... 2 Accounting................................................................................... 3

Business Administration................................................................. 4

Business Information Systems......................................................... 5

Computer Information Systems. . ..................................................... 6 Digital Marketing. . ......................................................................... 7 Fashion Merchandising. . ................................................................. 8

Paralegal Studies........................................................................... 9

School of Design............................................................................ 10

Business Communication. . ............................................................ 11

Fashion Design............................................................................ 12 Film, Video & Theatre. . ................................................................. 13 Visual Communication Design...................................................... 14 School of Education . . .................................................................... 15 Early Childhood Education . . .......................................................... 16 Elementary Education.. ................................................................. 17 Middle School Education.............................................................. 18 The School of Humanities and Social Sciences........................... 19 Criminal Justice........................................................................... 20 English Language and Literature................................................... 21 Human Services........................................................................... 22 Interdisciplinary Studies. . .............................................................. 23 Psychology.................................................................................. 24

Public History.............................................................................. 25

Theatre and Media Performance.................................................. 26 School of the Sciences.................................................................. 27

Applied Mathematics................................................................... 28

Biochemistry . . ............................................................................. 29 Biology....................................................................................... 30 Chemistry................................................................................... 32 Environmental Science................................................................ 33 Medical Technology..................................................................... 34 Nursing....................................................................................... 35 Stevenson University Careers at a Glance.................................. 36

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Biotechnology............................................................................. 31

Brown School of Business and Leadership: At A Glance Our Vision Committed to providing a solid foundation in the liberal arts, Stevenson requires a course of study that helps all students become broadly educated individuals and responsible, thoughtful citizens. Students in the Brown School of Business and Leadership gain an education that encompasses the arts and humanities, communication, and technology. Learning goes beyond the classroom and incorporates an education infused with real-world experiences. The goal throughout is to blend the liberal arts with the selected course of study, providing an education that prepares students for life after Stevenson.

Programs of Study We offer the following bachelor’s degree programs: » Accounting » Business administration » Business information systems » Computer information systems » Digital marketing » Fashion merchandising » Paralegal studies

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Through the School of Graduate and Professional Studies, the following degree programs are offered in a five-year BS/MS option: » Business and technology management » Forensic studies » Healthcare management Please see to learn more about Stevenson’s graduate programs.



Chauntia Carroll ‘12 ‘13 Accounting BS/MS in Forensic Studies

For students at Stevenson, the value of internships


often comes in the form of a full-time job offer,

Bachelor of Science

and that is exactly what happened for Chauntia Carroll.

The accounting program provides graduates with the knowledge required to become successful in today’s multifaceted business world. With a blend of accounting, information technology, and business, the program helps students understand contemporary work environments, issues, and challenges.

“Currently, I work full-time A Sampling of Courses in accounting:

as a consultant for SC&H, Group and I am a full-

Principles of Accounting I and II

time graduate student in

Intermediate Accounting I, II, and III

Stevenson’s Forensic Studies

Cost and Managerial Accounting

program,” she says. “The

Study emphasizes financial accounting at the intermediate level, cost accounting, tax accounting, auditing, international accounting, and business law. During the capstone course, students synthesize their knowledge using a business strategy approach.

Advanced Accounting

The accounting curriculum satisfies all requirements for graduates to take the Certified Public Accounting (CPA) examination in Maryland. In addition to passing the CPA exam, applicants for licensure are required by the State of Maryland to acquire a total of 150 credit hours of coursework. The BS/MS option and second bachelor’s degree option are available to help students fulfill the additional 30 credit hours of coursework.

Tax Accounting: Individual

at SC&H and the company

Tax Accounting: Corporation and Partnership

offered me a position

Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting Computer Applications in Accounting Auditing and Attestation

Capstone in Accounting: Business Policy

Career Services worked with me to help me find and obtain an internship

after graduation. I look forward to obtaining my Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) licenses.”

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International Accounting

accounting faculty and



Heath Johnson ‘13,‘14 Business Administration, minor in Information Systems, BS/MS in Business and Technology Management “Stevenson has the perfect mix of strong academics and accomplished athletics. As a baseball player and business


administration major, it has been a great fit for me,” Heath Johnson explains. As a student-athlete, Heath learned to be a leader on and off of the field. In fact, Heath was honored with the Orsia F. Young Leadership award at graduation in May 2013.

This program prepares students who are interested in managing their own company or within an established organization. The program’s goals are to provide graduates with the knowledge, skills, critical-thinking ability, and technological competence essential for applying sound business decisionmaking, conducting research, analyzing information, and communicating effectively. This skill set helps graduates assume contemporary careers in local, national, and global business as well as in not-for-profit environments.

Through Steveson’s BS/MS program, he is completing

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one additional year to earn his master’s degree. “I’m learning how to be an effective leader who can make educated business decisions to help his company grow.”

In this major, students focus on a particular business area, and customize the degree based on goals and interests. Areas of focus include accounting, economics, finance, information systems, international business, legal studies, management, and marketing. Available tracks include sport management, e-commerce management, and entrepreneurship. Additionally, students may choose to complete a five-year BS/MS option.

A Sampling of Courses in Business administration: Consumer Behavior Negotiation and Sales Public Administration Operations Management Project Management International Business Management International Marketing Entrepreneurial Development Human Resource Management Economics of Sports



Ebenezer Thomas ‘10 Information Systems

Upon graduating in May 2010, Ebenezer Thomas was quickly hired as a

Business Information Systems

consultant by Sogeti USA, an international leader in IT consulting services to businesses. He credits the

Bachelor of Science

curriculum in the Brown School of Business and Leadership with preparing

Designed for students interested in pursuing a career in business with a focus in information technology, the business information systems major satisfies the business sector’s need for well-rounded technology professionals. As technology managers, business information systems graduates are responsible for delivering information services to the enduser while cost-effectively administering their organization’s information resources. The business information systems major consists of core courses in programming, network, and database design followed by a career focus track in technology management or e-commerce technology. After completing a series of practical IT courses, students take a sequence of dynamic business courses.

Ebenezer took classes career highlight:

in marketing while a

Graduates of the information

student at Stevenson and

systems majors are highly

is glad that his position

sought by employers for their solid foundation and hands-on experience. In fact, 100 percent of business information systems

challenges him to acquire new business skills. “As a consultant, I need to

graduates during the past

be versatile,”he says. “I

three years have found

have an IT background


but I have worked on projects that have required business, analysis, and quality assurance.”

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Many graduates of this program continue their education at the graduate level by pursuing a master’s degree in business and technology management, through the five-year BS/MS degree option.

him for the real world.



Heather Prosser ‘11 Computer Information Systems

In the CIS curriculum, special attention is paid to professionalism and interpersonal skills, factors that Heather Prosser recognizes will play a role in her career. “The important thing to remember when

computer Information Systems Bachelor of Science

studying, improving, and communicating about technology is that ultimately people are involved,” she explains. This real-world and human focus has paid off for Heather. In fact, when she walked across the stage at Stevenson’s graduation in May 2011, she already

The computer information systems (CIS) major is designed for students interested in pursuing a technical career. Employers seek highly skilled technology professionals who know how to use technology to improve the organization’s competitive edge. This major consists of core courses in applied programming, networking, and database design followed by an in-depth career-focused track. Three tracks are available: software design, network design, and computer forensics.

had the first week at her first job under her belt.

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After receiving two fulltime job offers prior to commencement, she is now employed as a software engineer at Lockheed Martin.

Many graduates of this program continue their education by pursuing a master’s degree in business and technology management or forensic studies through the five-year BS/MS degree option.

A Sampling of core Courses in Business and computer information systems: Advanced MS Office Applications Information Systems Architecture and Design Relational Database Design and SQL with MS Access Systems Development with UML Network Technologies Programming Concepts with Visual Basic .NET Technology Law Project and Knowledge Management

NEW for Spring 2014

Digital Marketing Bachelor of Science

Career options for digital marketing majors include the following: electronic based customer researcher; electronic customer management; electronic display advertiser; digital marketing manager; search engine marketing and optimization manager; social media manager; viral marketer; and web marketing, writing, and analytics.

A sampling of courses in Digital marketing Digital Media/Advanced Web Design and Production E-Collaboration and Social Networking Fundamentals of Digital Media Human-Computer Interaction Integrated Marketing Communications Marketing Research New Media Communication Strategic Marketing Cases

Academi c Prosp ectus | 7

Stevenson’s new Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing was designed to meet the needs of today’s employers. As of October 2013, more than 12,000 jobs posted on LinkedIn sought employees who could leverage mobile devices, social networks, the Web, and more to connect with customers and clients in local, regional, and international markets. SU’s digital marketing degree program will teach students the interdisciplinary principles of marketing, business information systems, and visual communication, giving them the skills to exceed the expectations of employers in this high-demand field. All of the University’s programs have a distinctive career focus that encourages learning beyond the classroom. Through both classroom instruction and internship opportunities, students in the digital marketing major connect with current, real-world digital marketing scenarios.



Fashion Merchandising

Alexzandra Papuchis ‘13

Bachelor of Science

Fashion Merchandising Alexzandra Papuchis says that her favorite part of the major was learning the marketing aspect of fashion and turning it into a career. After graduation, Alexzandra became a visual merchandising and wardrobe consultant for White House/Black Market. “I am confident that with my education and experience, I will continue to find success,” says Alexzandra.

Course Highlight: Spring 2012 European Study Tour: Paris, Milan, and Prague

Outside of the classroom,

8 | Academ ic Pros pect us

Alexzandra stayed involved

The Spring 2012 International Marketing European Study Tour placed

in the fashion field as

students in the center of the global

Secretary of the Fashion

fashion industry. Students visited Paris,

and Apparel Design Club.

first-hand how European fashion

This experience provided her with the opportunity to

Milan, and Prague and experienced businesses operate through company visits. Comparing the marketing strategies used in the U.S. and in

work with fashion design

Europe gave students a more complete

majors on SU’s Fashion

understanding of fashion merchandising


Stevenson University’s bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising is the first upper-level program of its kind in Maryland. It provides students with a focus on the marketing aspects of merchandising for the apparel and retail industries.

in the global marketplace.

The fashion merchandising program represents a formal collaboration between Stevenson’s business administration and fashion design departments, combining classes from the marketing, management, art and fashion disciplines to provide an accurate view of fashion and retail operations. Graduates of this program can expect to find employment with advertising agencies, design studios, fashion publications, merchandising manufacturers, fashion and retail forecasting firms, and other businesses.



Ivory Macklin Paralegal Studies

“My favorite part of the major would have to be the constant drive of


every law professor to put

Bachelor of Science

competition,” Ivory says.

each paralegal studies student ahead of the

“I know that I can always go to my professors for help, whether it’s via email

Stevenson’s paralegal studies program was the first in the state, and one of the first in the nation, to be approved by the American Bar Association (ABA). SU’s is still the only ABAapproved bachelor’s degree program in Maryland. Paralegal studies attracts students who have logical and analytical minds, possess organizational skills, and pay attention to detail. Paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public except as permitted by law. However, working under the supervision of an attorney, paralegals are vital members of the legal team.

Course Highlight: Law Clinic In this elective course, students gain work experience providing pro bono legal services in the Baltimore community. Through this course, law clinics are offered in family and in tax law. Students provide assistance to litigants

office.” Ivory expects that this personalized attention, paired with his internship experiences, will give him an edge in his career. As a sophomore, Ivory

who are representing

had already secured

themselves in family law

an internship with a

matters and also assist with preparing tax returns for qualifying low income taxpayers.

contracting company.

Academi c Prosp ectus | 9

The paralegal studies program is an excellent option for students interested in applying to law school. The same substantive and procedural courses offered at law schools are offered in Stevenson’s paralegal studies program. A full-time paralegal studies faculty member serves as a dedicated prelaw advisor and assists students with law school applications. Graduates who attend law school find that the paralegal studies program at Stevenson gives them a competitive advantage.

or just stopping by their

School of design: At a glance Statement of Purpose As a liberal arts, career-focused institution, Stevenson is committed to providing an expansive and solid educational foundation. It is through this education that all Stevenson students learn to meet the challenges of life, society, and the working world.

Artwork by Duyen “Nhu” L. Nguyen ’15

The School of Design provides a strong framework on which to build a successful career. All students are required to study subjects closely related to their major and to take courses that promote knowledge of and experience in technology. The goal throughout is to blend the liberal arts and the courses within the major in order to prepare students for life after SU.

Programs of Study We offer the following bachelor’s degree programs:

10 | Academi c Pros pectus

» Business communication » Fashion design » Film, video, and theatre » Visual communication design



Katie Foster ’13 Business Communication

For Katie Foster, the versatility of the business


communication major

Bachelor of Science

management, consumer

was key in her education. “I’ve studied marketing,

behavior, conflict, A sampling of courses in Business Communication:

Stevenson’s business communication program addresses the need for clear, persuasive communication. In this major, students acquire a variety of skills and knowledge from courses in professional writing and journalism, design and publication, management and marketing, information technology, and new media. Graduates typically work in the areas of public relations, event planning, advertising, writing, editing, design, sales, Web, and marketing, among many others. They are employed in both the public and private sectors and often pursue graduate degrees at prestigious universities.

Digital Photography

design. I feel like I’ve done a little bit of everything!”

Event Planning and Publicity

Katie is now building her

Feature Writing

career, which started off

Fundamentals of Video

with a job offer from her

Intercultural Communication

senior year internship

Journalism I, II

site. Through networking,

Magazine Writing and Publishing

Katie is now working with

New Media Communication

a wedding planning and

Organizational Communication

event design company,

Principles and Practices of PR

where she is enjoying

Principles of Marketing Public Relations Writing Relationship of Design and Business Senior Internship The Advertising Campaign Writing for the Web

carrying out the visions of bridal clients.

Acade mic Pro spectus | 11

Courses are numerous and varied, including interpersonal, intercultural, small group, organizational, and professional communication. Students develop speaking abilities through opportunities in presentation and audience assessment. In addition, students gain a crucial knowledge of the business environment through courses in consumerism, marketing, sales, and management. They emerge from the program as confident, well-spoken leaders who understand how to reach an audience, how to engage others in teamwork, and how to target their technological abilities to marketplace demands. Students in business communication also learn ethical approaches to communication.

Conflict and Negotiation

communications, and



Mary Katherine Ellsworth Fashion Design SU’s Fashion Design program is what drew Mary Katherine to Stevenson. “It focuses on technical design, meaning we learn to produce garments made to the industry standard. Everything

Fashion Design Bachelor of Science

we learn is geared toward making us better designers and, ultimately, gaining a career,” says Mary Katherine. In fact, her favorite professor has had firsthand experience in the fashion industry. “Her knowledge of design is unparalleled as she has worked for the House of Dior, Chanel, and Yves Saint

Stevenson’s fashion design program provides a comprehensive approach to technical fashion design and prepares students for work in the exciting global women’s wear, men’s wear, and children’s wear industries. With a strong foundation in business, the liberal arts, fine arts, and design, the program gives students industryrelevant experiences that cultivate skills in ready-to-wear and couture garment construction. Students will gain an understanding of the market, historic context of fashion and costume, and consumer psychology, all of which are important aspects of preparing for a career in the fashion design industry.

Laurent. She is incredibly

12 | Academi c Pros pectus

knowledgeable, creative, and encouraging,” explains Mary Katherine.

Working in Stevenson’s dedicated fashion design studio, students use two- and three-dimensional manual and computer-aided patternmaking and specialized fashion designing techniques. The program draws on the expertise of the Stevenson University Fashion Design Advisory Board, which is comprised of leaders from all aspects of the fashion design industry. Board members have backgrounds in manufacturing, global sourcing, design studios, fashion retailers, apparel boutiques, fashion education, and professional organizations.

A sampling of courses in Fashion Design: Computer Aided Pattern Design I and II Drawing I and II Fashion Design I through VII Fashion Design Internship First Year Fashion Fashion Illustration I and II Fundamentals of Design I and II Design Seminar Garment Construction Studio History of Fashion Introduction to Textiles Principles of Marketing Surface Design



Katie Shelton ’13 Film, Video, & Theatre with a minor in Art

For Katie Shelton, finding a university that offered small classes with a personalized experience to


study film and video was a top priority.“Stevenson University was the answer,”

Bachelor of Science

she says. Katie also completed a minor in art.

This program gives students a thorough grounding in the liberal arts and an understanding of the art and techniques of creating film, theatre, and video. Students learn the basics of all three art forms by taking introductory core courses in each area. In addition, several courses explore the relationship among the three art forms: scriptwriting for stage and screen, directing for stage and screen, and an internship that will enable SU students to work with professionals in the field.  

A sampling of courses in Film, Video, & Theatre:

this major at SU is that I

Arts Management

got to be hands-on all the

Concepts in Motion

time. I was able to access

Fundamentals of Video Directing for Stage and Screen Internship Introduction to 16mm Film Production Introduction to Theatre Photography Script Writing for Stage and Screen

equipment for projects inside and outside of class.” Katie completed an internship with Professional Sound Services in New York City and freelances as a photographer and production sound mixer.

A new major, Theatre and Media Performance, is available within The School of Humanities and Social Sciences. See to learn more.

Acade mic Pro spectus | 13

Beyond the core courses, students elect one of the following tracks: film, video, theatre, or motion graphics. Each student focuses in one of the art forms by the second semester, culminating in a senior project that provides a capstone experience integrating the aesthetic vision with technical training.  

“My favorite part about



BreÖntÉ MartEz ’12 Visual Communication Design When asked about his major, Breönté Martez points out the sense of community and professional focus within the visual communication design


department. “Everyone is extremely supportive of one

Bachelor of Science A sampling of courses in visual communication design:

another and the professors add to that by pushing students to establish themselves as working professionals.” During his time at SU, Breönté interned at MTV Network/Viacom in New York City. “It was a lot of hard work and it challenged me as a designer to continuously produce my

The visual communication design program provides traditional and digital art and design courses structured to help students improve their ability to express ideas, solve problems, and design for diverse audiences and contexts. The program offers students a rigorous curriculum characterized by a high-level of problem-based learning that encourages risk-taking and critical-thinking, immerses students in realworld scenarios, includes academic experiences and professional activities outside of the classroom, and allows for significant student-student and studentfaculty collaboration. As students prepare for a career, they develop a research-based design process and produce a portfolio.

14 | Academi c Pros pectus

absolute best.” Breönté currently works at Internet Connection, Inc., a website design and hosting company.

This major is designed to prepare students for professional practice and graduate study in graphic design, advertising, marketing communications, electronic or print publishing, Web and interactive design, digital imaging, motion graphics, or other related fields. Students may choose a track in interactive design, motion graphics, photography, or general visual communication design.

Advanced Interactive Studio Advanced Studio Photography Designing for a Target Market Documentary and Photojournalism Fundamentals of Design I and II Introduction to Art History Internship Mobile and Responsive Design New Media Communication Printmaking Portfolio and Professional Development Professional Design Studio Relationship of Design & Business Senior Capstone Typography I and II Web Design I and II

School of Design faculty members also teach some of the courses for the digital marketing degree offered by the Brown School of Business and Leadership.

School of Education: At a glance The Curriculum Stevenson is committed to providing an expansive and solid educational foundation in the liberal arts. It is through this education that all Stevenson students— regardless of discipline—learn to meet the challenges of life, society, and the working world. In the School of Education, teacher candidates are equipped with a strong foundation to build a successful career in education. All candidates study subjects closely related to their major and take courses in technology. Throughout the programs, the goal is to blend the liberal arts and the courses within the major to prepare candidates for life after Stevenson.

Programs of Study The School of Education at Stevenson University offers three distinct majors: »E  arly childhood education: liberal arts and technology (preK-grade 3) »E  lementary education: liberal arts and technology (grades 1-6) »M  iddle school education: liberal arts and technology (grades 4-9) with areas of concentration in math and science or English/language arts and social studies Acade mic Pro spectus | 15



Samantha Brandon Early Childhood Education

As a sophomore, Samantha had already completed two field experiences. “The School of Education at Stevenson is unlike any other. As an early childhood education


major, I was able to teach in my freshman year, while many other schools do not allow you to work in a school until your junior year. I have worked in two different schools with different age groups. These experiences have really allowed me to see if teaching is the right

16 | Academi c Pros pectus

profession for me.”

The early childhood education program equips candidates with the necessary knowledge, skills, and dispositions to become successful teachers of younger children (preK-grade 3). The curriculum provides experiences in preschools, child care centers, and public and private schools in diverse community settings. The early childhood education program is approved by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) and includes the four MSDE required reading courses. In addition, Stevenson has earned national accreditation from the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). Field study begins in the spring semester of the freshman year, enabling candidates to translate theory into practice in school environments. Placements progress over a candidate’s four years of study, culminating in a year-long internship in a Professional Development School, during which candidates assume all of the roles and responsibilities of a classroom teacher, under the guidance of a professional teacher.

A sampling of courses and electives in Early Childhood Education: Creative Development in Early Childhood Education Curriculum Principles and Practices Educational Psychology Instruction of Reading Internship I and II: Early Childhood Education Language Development in Young Children Learning Experiences for Young Children Methods and Materials for Teaching Reading Methods of Teaching Mathematics in Early Childhood Education Methods of Teaching Science in Early Childhood Education Principles of Assessment Principles of Special Education Technology in Education



Megan Donovan Elementary Education

For Megan, the devoted education department


was what drew her to Stevenson. “My favorite


part about being an

(Grades 1-6) Bachelor of Science

major is the dedication of

elementary education

the education professors, the sense of community

Our elementary education program enables candidates to complete the requirements for teacher certification and to synthesize and use the products of educational research and technology in the classroom. The curriculum provides a foundation for further development in planning, classroom management, inclusion, and assessment. The elementary education program is approved by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) and includes the four MSDE required reading courses. In addition, Stevenson has earned national accreditation from the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

Assessment for Reading Instruction Child Development Curriculum Principles and Practices Educational Psychology Emerging Technologies for Schools Instruction of Reading

within the major, and the friendships I have made with my peers. Whenever you have a concern or just need to talk to someone you can count on anyone in the education department to be there to

Internship I and II: Elementary Education

help you.”

Materials for Teaching Reading

Megan looks forward

Mathematics in Elementary Education

to her career after she

Methods of Teaching Methods of Teaching Science and Health Methods of Teaching Social Studies in Elementary Education Principles of Special Education

graduates. “I am very passionate about teaching others and am so excited to become a teacher.”

Acade mic Pro spectus | 17

Field study begins in the sophomore year, enabling candidates to translate theory into practice in school environments. Placements progress over the next three years of study, culminating in a year-long senior year internship in a Professional Development School, during which candidates assume all of the roles and responsibilities of a classroom teacher, under the guidance of a professional teacher.

A sampling of courses and electives in Elementary Education:



Joshua Stargel Middle School Education After six years in the U.S. Navy, Joshua found his new niche at Stevenson. “I feel at home. It’s like I was always supposed to be here.”


Between spending time

(Grades 4-9) Bachelor of Science

with his wife and three

Areas of concentration: math and science or English/language arts and social studies

daughters and serving as Senior Vice President of Kappa Delta Pi, the education honor society, Joshua has learned how to balance his school and personal life. Although it can be tough to be away from his family while at school, Joshua explains, “The classroom

Our middle school education program enables candidates to complete the requirements for teacher certification and to synthesize and integrate educational research and technology in the middle school classroom. The curriculum provides a foundation in young adolescent development and includes classroom management, inclusion, and assessment. The middle school education program is approved by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) and includes the two MSDE required reading courses for middle school. In addition, Stevenson has earned national accreditation from the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

18 | Academi c Pros pectus

and students are what make me remember why I have to keep going and finish my degree. There’s no better feeling than knowing you’ve made a difference.”

A sampling of courses and electives in Middle School Education: Curriculum Principles and Practices Educational Psychology Emerging Technologies for Schools Internship I and II: Middle School Education Methods of Teaching Mathematics in Middle School Methods of Teaching Social Studies Principles of Special Education

Field study begins in the sophomore year, enabling candidates to translate theory into practice in school environments. Placements progress over the next three years of study, culminating in a year-long senior year internship in a Professional Development School, during which candidates assume all of the roles and responsibilities of a classroom teacher, under the guidance of a professional teacher.

Reading in the Content Areas I and II: ­­Middle School Writing and Education Young Adolescent Literature

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences: At a glance Statement of Purpose The School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Stevenson University is a scholarly community open to diverse frames of meaning, modes of inquiry and application, and methodological processes in studying the individual, groups, human productions, and social behavior and conditions. The School unites the broadest range of liberal arts with personal reflection and career development. It cultivates and abides by the habits of ethical performance and the use of critical and creative thinking to foster lifelong learning and to solve local and global problems significant to humanists and social scientists.

Programs of Study We offer the following bachelor’s degree programs: » Criminal Justice » English Language and Literature » Human Services » Interdisciplinary Studies » Psychology » Public History » Theatre and Media Performance

Acade mic Pro spectus | 19



Tori Graham ‘12 Criminal Justice

“I did an internship with the National Prosecuting Authority in South Africa as part of a study abroad experience with the criminal justice program. We went on tours of

Criminal Justice Bachelor of Science

the forensic labs, police stations, and rape clinic as well as prisons where I was able to interview a few inmates. I even had the honor of interviewing a number of prestigious judges.” Of the trip, Tori adds, “I can’t forget to mention the three-day safari. I got to pet a king cheetah!

20 | Academi c Pros pectus

How cool is that?”

The criminal justice program at Stevenson is committed to education, research, and public service. Students benefit from a state-of-the-art education focused on a comprehensive and critical understanding of the criminal justice system and the society in which it functions. Students examine the broad questions of how justice is administered in American society and globally as well as confront the fundamental issues of criminal justice. Within The School of Humanities and Social Sciences, faculty members prepare students for criminal justice careers or post-graduate work. The faculty advances research in teaching, assessment, and the knowledge base of the field of criminal justice as well as policy implications. Faculty expertise also assists criminal justice and social service agencies in the greater metropolitan Baltimore area in applied research, policy development, training, and planned change to meet the social and technological challenges of the 21st century.

A Sampling of Courses in Criminal Justice: American Courts & the Criminal Justice Systems Comparative Criminal Justice Systems Corrections Criminal Justice Internship Criminal Law & Procedure Criminology Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice Introduction to Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Research Methods in Criminal Justice The Juvenile Justice System



Rachel Martinez ‘12 English Language and Literature

“The best part of being an English major, in my opinion, is the exposure to


a wide variety of literature. I was given the chance to read and study amazing

Bachelor of Arts

works, which in turn helped strengthen my interpreting and analyzing

To study English at Stevenson University is to enter a community committed to a skill-centered program that prepares students for careers in the 21st century. The program offers a robust assortment of literature, creative writing, and professional writing courses that allow students to explore their ideas, passions, and creativity while preparing for the future. Graduates enter the world armed with skills essential to meeting the challenges of their careers in a diverse world. English majors will learn to: » Take an analytical view, question assumptions, and solve problems using critical-thinking skills. » Understand data in all its forms and develop skills at sorting, sifting, and employing it.

» Listen, negotiate, write, and “read between the lines” with ease. » Understand how language and culture are connected and seek engagement using intercultural skills.

Career Development Requirements: English: Forms and Functions English Capstone: Internship  Design Your Career Creative Writing Electives: Advanced Workshops Creative Writing Introduction to Creative Writing

skills,” says Rachel. While at Stevenson, Rachel interned as an Editorial Assistant and Contributing Writer for Maryland Public Television where she continued working upon graduation.

Literature Electives: Literary Genres Major Author Topics in Literature Professional Writing Electives: Journalism I & II Magazine Writing and Publishing Public Relations Writing Public Relations Writing

Acade mic Pro spectus | 21

» Develop their presentation skills and construct convincing arguments using new media technologies.

A Sampling of Courses in English Language and Literature:



Cory Brown ’11 Human Services

”Stevenson’s human services program challenged

developing strategies to


assist clients,” Cory says.

Bachelor of Science

me to look beyond the surface when it comes to

”Having real-world field experiences gave me the confidence to enter the professional world with that extra sense of competence.” Cory is currently working at a school for students with

22 | Academi c Pros pectus

special needs.

The human services program is nationally accredited by the Council for Standards in Human Service Education. Graduates are prepared to take the exam for certification as a Human Services-Board Certified Practitioner (HS-BCP) offered by the Center for Credentialing and Education. Students may choose a track (addictions counseling, human services administration, or administration of programs for children) and complete coursework required to become nationally certified in that field. Human services majors spend their time at Stevenson forming an extensive base of knowledge about families and individuals and how to provide services for them. The program prepares graduates to embark on careers in human services, such as community social services, case management, services for children and senior citizens, services for college students, customer relations, and crisis services. Graduates have a wealth of opportunities at their fingertips. Approximately one-third of students enter graduate programs in fields such as school counseling, marriage and family therapy, social work, human services, and related social science disciplines.

A Sampling of Courses in Human Services: Administration of Human Services Counseling Strategies for Individuals Diversity and Cultural Competence Family Dynamics and Interventions Family Studies Focused Electives: Addictions, Services for Children, Aging, etc. Group Process and Practice Internship in Human Services Introduction to Human Services Practicum in Human Services



Asunta Henry Human Services and Management


“My favorite part of the interdisciplinary studies major is the diversity. I

Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science

get to take classes for my unique career path,” says Asunta. “My career goals focus on helping

Interdisciplinary studies is a flexible degree program that allows students to develop an individual course of study by combining classes from two academic disciplines. Each interdisciplinary studies major works closely with faculty members to create a customized program that transcends traditional majors offered at the University.

Popular Combinations in Interdisciplinary studies:

need by working with emergency management and disaster relief services.

Art/business administration

I interned at the Maryland

Business administration/ social science

Emergency Management

 usiness administration/ B human services

Agency where I worked on

Education/social science

answered the phone as a

English (writing focus)/ business administration

public information officer. I

Philosophy/social sciences Psychology/human services

disaster simulations and

learned a lot at the agency that helped me prepare for my future career.”

Acade mic Pro spectus | 23

Students may investigate a course of study that requires an interdisciplinary approach to a theme such as a set of problems, an idea, or a period of study. Some suggested interdisciplinary themes include aesthetics and artistic expression, international/global studies, administration and policy, and American studies. Each semester, students meet with the program coordinator to assess their academic progress and review volunteer projects, internships, and other career-development activities.

others in their time of



Gabby Green ‘12 Psychology

After graduating from Stevenson, Gabby continued her education through a Master of Science in Applied Animal Behavior and Animal Welfare program at Edinburgh University in

PSYCHOLOGY Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science A sampling of courses and electives in psychology:

Edinburgh, Scotland. She credits SU for preparing her for graduate school. “The department regularly sponsored grad school prep meetings, GRE prep sessions, and

Psychology majors are interested in how humans and animals think, feel, and act. The program helps students develop a scientifically based understanding of behavior and mental processes. The psychology major has four components: focus on a broad knowledge base in psychology, research, clinical application of psychology, and professional development.

speakers from local graduate programs,” Gabby says. “I hope to impact the world in a

24 | Academi c Pros pectus

positive way with my life, and graduating from Stevenson was my first step toward that goal.”

Behavioral Approaches to Changes Biological Psychology Child Psychopathology Counseling Skills Counseling Theories Field Placement History and Systems of Psychology Human Growth and Development

Psychology majors graduate from Stevenson ready to enter the working world or to pursue graduate study. Career options for recent bachelor’s degree students include human services provider, public relations specialist, research assistant, law enforcement officer, research program coordinator, and teacher. Recent graduates have been accepted into the following programs: M.A. programs in clinical psychology, counseling psychology, school psychology, research psychology, applied psychology, forensic psychology, human resource management, school counseling, occupational therapy, and exercise physiology; M.S.W. programs in social work; and Ph.D. and Psy.D. programs in clinical psychology.

Human Sexuality Introduction to Psychology Psychopathology Personality Psychology Research Methods Social Psychology Special and Advanced Topics in Psychology e.g., Intimate Relationships; Infant Development; Sports Psychology and Performance Enhancement; Nature, Nurture and Psychological Disorders Tests and Measurements



Joanna Poole Public History

“I love everything about Stevenson, but if I had to choose one thing, I would

Public History

say the opportunities being placed in front of me in the public history major.

Bachelor of Arts

I have already had the great pleasure of being

Students recently have completed internships at such sites as the Smithsonian Institute, the National Archives, the National Museum of Civil War Medicine, the Baltimore Museum of Industry, and the B & O Railroad Museum.

able to find out what

American Women’s History

only through classroom

African American History Art of Historical Narrative Boom & Bust: U.S., 1920s & 1930s Buildings, Brothels, & Bars

my true passions are not

experience but also through history-related volunteer experience.”

Historical Archaeology History of Baltimore History of the Family History Museum Studies Making the U.S. Constitution Research and Writing in History Robbers, Radicals, & Reformers: U.S., 1877-1920 The Age of the American Revolution The American Presidency The Sixties War & Terrorism Since 1945

Acade mic Pro spectus | 25

Stevenson offers one of the nation’s few four-year undergraduate public history majors. This exciting program provides the breadth of a traditional history major but focuses on American history. It presents the opportunity to study and practice the public presentation of history through specialized coursework and internships. The program is distinctive because of the strong liberal arts context of the degree, which gives graduates a broad perspective about their course of study. The two primary objectives of the public history program are to provide a solid foundation in general historical knowledge and methodology as part of a general, undergraduate, liberal arts education; and to offer the knowledge, skills, and realworld experience through internships and specialized, upperlevel public history courses that make a career in public history a reality.   

A sampling of courses in Public History:

NEW for Spring 2014

Theatre and Media Performance Bachelor of Science

A Sampling of Courses in theatre and media performance Stagecraft Theatre Movement Script Analysis Theatre History Play Production

Stevenson University’s new Bachelor of Science in Theatre and Media Performance offers a current, career-oriented curriculum to prepare students for success in today’s evolving entertainment industries. Unlike traditional theatre programs, our theatre and media performance program—the only one of its kind currently offered in Maryland— emphasizes the similarities and differences among stage, internet, video, and film performance. Students will study movement, voice, improvisation, scene analysis, and script analysis within historical and cultural contexts and learn how these skills uniquely apply to theatre and media productions. Parallel to their theoretical study is the exploration of self-awareness, verbal and nonverbal expression, and creative thinking. Students will demonstrate their understanding of and effectively apply these skills through performances in collaborative productions for both stage and media. They will also learn how to audition and be prepared to perform for the camera.

Acting for the Camera

26 | Academi c Pros pectus

Improvisation Voice and Movement II for the Camera Design and Collaboration Advanced Movement Business of Acting

Through a combination of classroom instruction and performances, students will gain the skills needed to meet the demands of today’s theatre and media careers. A required internship provides professional exposure and networking opportunities, helping to best position graduates for a career path. Career options include acting, producing, directing, and other roles in the motion picture and video, performing arts, and broadcasting industries.

SCHOOL OF THE SCIENCES: At A Glance Our Vision The School of the Sciences at Stevenson University makes inquiry the foundation of a creative synergy between faculty and students that enhances student learning.

What Our Vision Means for Our Students: •S  tudents will engage in inquiry-based, active learning projects beginning in their freshman year. •S  tudents will build a strong foundation in the concepts and methods of science and mathematics. •S  tudents will learn to work in teams, building relational skills in addition to intellectual acumen. •S  tudents will develop effective oral and written communication skills. •S  tudents will conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner. •S  tudents will complete a senior capstone experience that requires them to integrate the knowledge, laboratory skills, problem- solving skills, and critical-thinking abilities acquired during their undergraduate experience.

Programs of Study We offer the following Bachelor of Science degree programs: » Applied mathematics » Biology » Biochemistry » Biotechnology » Chemistry » Environmental science » Medical technology » Nursing Through the School of Graduate and Professional Studies, the following degree programs are offered in a five-year BS/ MS or BS/MAT option: Acade mic Pro spectus | 27

» Forensic Science »M  aster of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) in Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics (STEM focus, secondary education certification) Please see to learn more about Stevenson’s graduate programs.



Kaitlyn Jones Applied Mathematics

Involved on campus as a member of the math honor society, Kappa Mu Epsilon, and in the community as a volunteer EMT and a Disaster Action Team


member for the American Red Cross, Kaitlyn still finds times to excel academically. Kaitlyn had the opportunity to research the effects of drug combinations on the cytomegalovirus. When asked why she enjoys her major, Kaitlyn explains “I like the applied mathematics major because it gives me the opportunity

28 | Academi c Pros pectus

to choose a focus area and there are a wide range of career paths after graduation.�

The applied mathematics program at Stevenson prepares students for employment or further study at the graduate level. This major provides an array of courses that build math skills. Students graduate with a solid background in mathematics and statistics and with the ability to use data to solve problems in various disciplines. As applied mathematics majors, students customize their degrees based on goals and interests.

A Sampling of Courses in applied mathematics: Calculus Mathematical Statistics Differential Equations

The critical-thinking and analysis tools acquired make applied mathematics majors highly employable in government, the private sector, and education. Specifically, graduates may find employment in the fields of insurance, quality control, banking, research, manufacturing, and informatics; and in education at high schools and within school districts. Students receiving their bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics may continue on to receive their Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) at Stevenson in either the traditional program or the combined BS/MAT option.

Linear Algebra Discrete Structures Mathematical Modeling Special Topics in Applied Mathematics Research and Internship Capstone Options

NEW for Fall 2013

Biochemistry Bachelor of Science

Introduced in fall 2013, biochemistry focuses on integrating and applying chemical and biological principles to explore and understand the chemistry of living organisms. Within the program, students will be grounded in the chemical, physical, and biological principles that characterize living systems. Students will gain a wide range technical skills required in the modern workforce in both research and industrial environments.

Biochemistry Advanced Biochemistry Genetics Cell Biology Organic Chemistry Medicinal Chemistry Research and Internship Capstone Options

Acade mic Pro spectus | 29

Working with modern instrumentation in well-equipped lab facilities, students also will acquire excellent lab and analytical skills that will prepare them for future employment or furthering their studies. Graduates from the program will be well prepared to meet the rapidly changing research, clinical, and technical demands of our modern world, preparing them for careers in many areas of science. In addition, these students are well prepared for careers in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physical therapy and other health sciences, as well as for research and industrial positions. Graduates of the biochemistry major may also continue on to receive a Master of Science in Forensic Science or a Master of Arts in Teaching at Stevenson, both available in either a traditional or five-year MS/MS or MS/ MAT option.

A Sampling of Courses in Biochemistry



Golda Diwongui Doumbe ’13 Biology

Golda’s college experience has been anything but ordinary. After moving from Cameroon to the United States when she was 15,


Golda felt like earning a

Bachelor of Science

college education was just a dream. After overcoming many struggles, Golda excelled at Stevenson, where she even received the prestigious John Mitchell Award in recognition of her outstanding service to her community at graduation. “As a student at SU I interned at Sinai Hospital where I shadowed a pediatrician. My long30 | Academi c Pros pectus

term goal is to become a pediatrician. SU definitely helped me network and gave me the experience I needed,” says Golda.

Biology majors at Stevenson receive a strong foundation in the breadth of disciplines that make up the biological sciences. They build upon this foundation by choosing specialized electives and participating in research with faculty in cutting edge fields throughout their college career. Through the senior capstone course, independent, career-oriented experience is gained. Based on personal career goals, students may choose either independent laboratory or field research experience on- or off-campus, or they may choose to complete an internship with a company, agency, or organization in a field of their choice. Faculty and staff within the School work with each student to create an optimal capstone experience.

A Sampling of Courses in biology: Animal Physiology Capstone Options Cell Biology and Genetics Developmental Biology Ecology and Evolution Human Anatomy Microbiology Principles of Biochemistry

Graduates of the biology program have gone on to employment in the biotechnology industry, masters and doctoral degree programs in various fields, and professional programs in medicine, physical therapy, dentistry, physician assistant, veterinary medicine and others. In addition, students receiving their bachelor’s degree in biology may continue on to receive their Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) at Stevenson, in either the traditional or the combined BS/MAT option.

Research and Internship Structure and Function of Organisms Techniques in Molecular Biology



Colleen Robertson ’12 Biotechnology Hands-on experience in her field was a top priority for Colleen, who completed a field placement in a


microbiology department

Bachelor of Science

at Noxilizer, a sterilization company, where she A Sampling of Courses in biotechnology:

Biotechnology is an applied interdisciplinary science at the forefront of biomedical, genomic, and proteomic research. The Baltimore-Washington corridor is one of five major hubs for biotechnology in the nation. The combination of these factors makes graduates of SU’s biotechnology major highly employable. In the biotechnology program, students gain experience with cutting-edge scientific instrumentation and techniques in biological and chemical fields. Some students have elected the option of the BS/MS program to earn a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology and a master’s degree in forensic science in as little as one additional year.

Analytical Chemistry

after graduation. “I was able to gain some valuable research and lab experience which has been

Biosafety and Quality Assurance

essential to helping me


with my job as a laboratory

Instrumental Analysis Internship Capstone Options

technician,” Colleen says.

Introduction to Biotechnology

“Level of experience will

Molecular Genetics

determine what kind of

Principles of Biochemistry

job you get. The fact that

BS/MS or BS/MAT option Biotechnology major students can elect the option of the BS/ MS or BS/MAT program to earn a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology and a master’s degree in forensic science or teaching in as little as one additional year.

Stevenson basically hands you at least four or five months of experience before you even graduate made the University stand out from the rest.”

Acade mic Pro spectus | 31

Biotechnology graduates transition easily into positions in biomedical, forensic, and industrial research laboratories as well as pharmaceutical and biological production facilities. They are also very well prepared for further study in a variety of graduate and professional programs.

Advanced Techniques in Molecular Biology

was hired full-time



Daniela Poss ’12 Chemistry

As a recent Stevenson alumna, Daniela credits SU for preparing her both professionally and personally


for life after graduation. “The

Bachelor of Science

faculty, staff, and students at Stevenson collectively created a welcoming and academically challenging environment that encourages students to reach their full potential. Upon graduation, I was fully confident in my abilities to move forward and make a meaningful contribution to the world as a person and as a scientist.” Daniela currently works full

32 | Academi c Pros pectus

time at the National Institute of Health in a laboratory in the hematology-oncology department while pursuing a master’s degree of public health in epidemiology.

Chemistry majors at SU are exposed to diverse areas of study, develop excellent analytical thinking skills, and gain an understanding of their world at the molecular level. They acquire a strong knowledge base in chemistry combined with handson experience using a wide range of sophisticated laboratory equipment and state-of-the-art instrumentation.

A Sampling of Courses in chemistry: Advanced Biochemistry Analytical Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry Instrumental Analysis Medicinal Chemistry

Students at SU have the exciting opportunity to participate in an independent, career-oriented capstone experience. Some students pursue independent laboratory research experiences on or off campus. Others opt for internships at companies or agencies that are consistent with their career goals. Graduates have secured positions in the chemical and biotechnology industries, pursued graduate study in chemistry or forensic science, and continued on to professional schools around the country. Qualified students have the opportunity to obtain early admission to the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy through an articulation agreement. Graduates of the chemistry major may also continue on to receive a Master of Science in Forensic Science or a Master of Arts in Teaching at Stevenson, both available in either traditional or five-year BS/MS or BS/MAT options.

Organic Chemistry Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics Physical Chemistry: Quantum Mechanics Research and Internship Capstone Options

BS/MS or BS/MAT option Chemistry major students can elect the option of the BS/ MS or BS/MAT program to earn a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology and a master’s degree in forensic science or teaching in as little as one additional year.



Sean Reynolds Biology Minor in History

Through his experiences

NEW for Fall 2013

and classes at Stevenson, Sean Reynolds has set

Environmental Science

out his career goal of one day becoming a wildlife ecologist. “Before coming to

Bachelor BachelorofofScience Science

Designed to prepare students to address the integral relationship between humankind and the environment, the environmental science program was introduced in the fall of 2013. Students in the environmental science program gain a strong foundation in the life, physical, and mathematical sciences as they relate to the environment. With a degree in environmental science, graduates are prepared to work in a vast array of careers, including ecology, environmental monitoring and analysis, environmental education, wildlife and ecology management, environmental research, marine science, and other areas.

A Sampling of Courses in Environmental Science:

exactly what I wanted to do with the biology field, and

Animal Behavior

my time here has been very

Aquatic Ecology

influential in determining my

Ecosystem Delineation and Mitigation

career path,” says Sean.

Environmental Chemistry

While at SU, Sean has had

Environmental Policy Evolution and Biodiversity

the opportunity to research


the effects of global

Marine Biology

climate change on the

Landscape Ecology Soil Sciences

migration patterns of birds.

The Chesapeake Bay Ecosystem

In addition, as a service

Wildlife Ecology and Management

learning experience, Sean

BS/MS or BS/MAT option

traveled to Haiti where he

Chemistry major students can elect the option of the BS/MS or BS/ MAT program to earn a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology and a master’s degree in forensic science or teaching in as little as one additional year.

taught the people about science and conservation through birdwatching.

Acade mic Pro spectus | 33

Students receiving their bachelor’s degree in envirnmental science may also continue on to receive their Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) at Stevenson in either the traditional or combined BS/MAT option.

Stevenson, I did not know



Avia Ana-Alicia Leonso ’13 Medical Technology Recent graduate AnaAlicia is pleased to be working at Sinai Hospital full-time immediately after graduating. She researched testing, coding, and billing in the laboratory and how

MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY Bachelor of Science

to improve, change, and organize the coding system during her time at SU— making her a confident new member of the workforce. “I came to Stevenson for the class sizes, the chance to interact with professors, and the focus on the sciences. I loved my major because it is science based

34 | Academi c Pros pectus

but so hands-on. Learning things is much easier when you actually get to do what you’re learning in class.” Ana-Alicia plans to attend medical school and one day become a doctor.

The medical technology program is offered in conjunction with Sinai Hospital of Baltimore. Unlike other programs in the state, SU’s program includes a management practicum in the fourth year, preparing students for leadership positions.

A Sampling of Courses in MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY: Clinical Biochemistry Clinical Laboratory Management

With a degree in medical technology, students will be qualified to work in all areas of the medical laboratory, including microbiology, chemistry, hematology, molecular biology, blood banking, immunology, and molecular diagnostics. Students are prepared to take the national certification examination for medical laboratory scientists and to pursue graduate study in medical technology or any of its related areas.

Clinical Laboratory Practice ­(Capstone)

Certified medical laboratory scientists are qualified to work wherever laboratory testing is researched, developed, or performed, including hospital, private, research, industrial, biomedical, and forensic laboratories; pharmaceutical companies; and fertility centers. Graduates of this program might also find careers in infection control, marketing, technical sales and service, laboratory information systems, teaching, and consulting.

Pathogenic Microbiology

Clinical Microbiology Hematology Management Practicum Molecular and Immunologic Diagnostics

Physiological Chemistry Principles of Laboratory Science Transfusion Medicine



Cara McComas ’13 Nursing

As a nursing major, Cara had the opportunity to work in various hospitals across Baltimore during her


time at SU. “I’ve gotten

Bachelor of Science

to do numerous clinical rotations all over the city and I have learned so much in the medical field through these experiences.

The program prepares nurses to meet the challenges of the nursing profession in the 21st century. The philosophy and focus emphasize the ethic of care, critical thinking, and a spirit of inquiry in education, practice, service, and research. Stevenson’s program is fully accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). Upon successful completion of all degree requirements, graduates are eligible for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) to become registered nurses. 

I’ve been able to witness A Sampling of Courses in NURSING: Care of Children and Families Care of the Childbearing Family

the circle of life from helping deliver a baby to supporting a family as they say goodbye to a loved one.”

Students enter the nursing major upon admission to the University, which provides them with program-specific guidance and continuity from the first semester. Clinical nursing courses begin in the third year and engage students in dealing with real-life issues in the world of health care. Small classes and clinical groups afford rich opportunities for students to build one-on-one professional mentoring relationships with nursing faculty.

Care of Vulnerable Populations in the Community

Cara has big plans for her

Introduction to Clinical Nursing

offer from Johns Hopkins

Leaders in the nursing community value graduates of SU’s nursing program for their strong clinical skills and professionalism. The SU nursing program also has an outstanding reputation among employers in Maryland and beyond.

Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing

Leadership Practicum

Hospital in the Progressive Cardiac Care Unit, where I began shortly following graduation.”

Acade mic Pro spectus | 35

Medical/Surgical Nursing I, II, III

future. “I received a job

Ca r e e r s at a g l a n c e Stevenson University excels at helping students create their individual strategic career plan and realize their personal vision of success. Through the University’s distinctive Career ArchitectureSM program, students gain confidence, define values, and develop their goals. Complementing the approach is the Career Services team, focused on helping every student succeed in the job market. Throughout, faculty members support and advise students as they progress to graduation. In this tough, competitive world, Stevenson University provides the tools for students to design a blueprint for success. The list below is a reflection of the success of the Career Architecture process.

Brown School of Business and Leadership Graduate and Professional Schools Johns Hopkins University Stevenson University University of Baltimore

36 | Academi c Pros pectus

University of Baltimore School of Law

Hertzbach & Company, P.A.

Booz Allen Hamilton

KatzAbosch, P.A.

CACI International

McLean, Koehler, Sparks & Hammond

CareFirst Bluecross Blueshield

Mister, Burton, Palmisano & French, LLC

Caves Valley Golf Course

National Security Agency

Comprehensive Benefits Planning

Rosen, Sapperstein and Friedlander, Chartered SB & Company, LLC SC&H Group, LLC Schiff & Associates, LLC

Cerrabbus Constellation Energy Construction Fabricating David Balin Department of Defense Drs. Stein and Lerman, P.A.

University of Maryland

Social Security Administration

University of Maryland School of Law

Source One Business Services, LLC

University of Miami

Varanko & Black

Widener Law School

Weil, Akman, Baylin & Coleman, P.A.


Weyrich, Cronin & Sorra, Chartered


Business Administration

GLS Litigation

Broadridge Financial Solutions

1st Mariner Bank

Holloburgh Sports

City of Baltimore

A Country Setting

Johns Hopkins University

CliftonLarsonAllen LLP


Kratos Defense

CohnReznick LLP


Krieger Adelman and Co

Defense Contract Audit Agency

Allied Barton

Legg Mason

Ellin & Tucker, Chartered

Baltimore Research

Lincoln Property Company

Gary R. Bozel & Associates, P.A.

Bill Me Later

Marriott Hotel

Gross, Mendelsohn & Associates, P.A.

Breidenbaugh Farms

Martin’s Caterers

T. Rowe Price

Euler Hermes ACI Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Federal Valet Geico Geotechnical Inspector

Stevenson University

Middle River Aircraft Systems

Science Applications International Coporation

Montgomery County Agricultural Center

Spectrum Systems Inc. Social Security Administration

New Mexico State University

Mount Royal Management

Sogeti USA

Mustang Construction, Inc.

Towson University

National Financial Legacy Group

United States Marines

National Security Agency

United States Navy

Neany, Inc.




Northrup Grumman

Digital Marketing

PepsiCo. Inc. SB and Company

As a new program, the digital marketing major does not yet have graduates. Please see the digital marketing section in this brochure for career information.

Smith’s Detection

Fashion Merchandising

Soccer American

White House | Black Market

Social Security Administration

Nike, Inc.

The Archdiocese of Baltimore

All Things Fashion DC

The Barbaur Group, LLC


T. Rowe Price

Baltimore City Circuit Court

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol

Baltimore County Savings Bank

U.S. State Department

Bank of America

Wells Fargo

Chason, Rosner, Leary & Marshall

Your Prescription for Health

District Court of Maryland

Business Information Systems

DLA Piper

Department of Defense

Franklin Square Hospital

Department of Navy

Jensen, Hassani, & Focas, P.A.

Graduate Assistantship

Kennedy Krieger Institute

Johns Hopkins University

Law Office of Jack Sturgell

Prometric IT

Law Offices of Gallager, Evelius, & Jones


PHH Mortgage Solutions

Social Security Administration Sogeti Space Telescope Science Institute Computer Information Systems Aflac America Online American Institutes for Research Astor & sanders Corp AT&T Benelogic Black and Decker Booz Allen Clearedge IT Solutions Computer Sciences Corporation Department of Defense E4E Business Solutions Jacob and Sundstrom M&M Distributers Raytheon RSM McGladrey

The New School University of Baltimore University of North Carolina

Employment Business Communication 1st Mariner Bank Agora, Inc. API Management & Marketing Bill Me Later Department of Agriculture Department of Defense Dutchess Web Design Event EQ Gramercy Mansion Infinity Broadcasting Johns Hopkins Hospital Maryland Athletic Club Middle River Aircraft Systems MOS Creative National Security Administration Office of Naval Intelligence PJ Foods Profiles PR Pro Sports Care Stevenson University St. Joseph Hospital The Baltimore Orioles

Law Offices of Goodell, DeVries, Leech and Dann, LLP


Law offices of Peter G Angelos

T. Rowe Price

Law Offices of Snyder & Associates

Under Armour, INC

Murphy Fund Baltimore


Semmes, Bowen, & Semmes

Fashion design

Social Security Administration

As a new program, the fashion design major does not yet have graduates. Please see the fashion design page in this brochure for career information.

Varanko & Black CPA Webb & Blitz

The Sun

Film, Video, & Theatre

School of Design

Ash Lawn Opera

Graduate School


Art Center College of Design Catholic University Duquesne University Johns Hopkins University

Baltimore County Building Services Bon Secours Health System, INC CBS Radio Food and Drug Administration I.M. Systems Groups

Savannah College of Art & Design

John Casablanca’s Acting and Modeling Center

School of Visual Arts, New York

Lumen Catechetical Consultants

Acade mic Pro spectus | 37


Towson University

Eastern Avenue Health

Visual Communication Design

The School of Humanities and social sciences

ADG Creative

Graduate School

Planned Parenthood of Maryland

Catholic University of America

Sheppard Pratt Health System

Baltimore County Public Schools

Eastern University

Baltimore Magazine

Georgetown University

Target Community & Educational Services

Bevel Design

Johns Hopkins University

Teach for America

Bolster Labs

Howard University

The Baltimore Montessori


Loyola Marymount University

First Pic Consulting

McDaniel College

University of Maryland Medical Center

Good Media Communication

Morgan State University

Hershey Entertainment & Resorts

St. John’s College


St. Mary’s College

Irvin Simon Photographers

Towson University

Regal Entertainment Group School of Cinema and Performing Arts

B Creative Group Inc.

Jess 3 Merrick Towle Communications Mindgrub Technologies National Portrait Gallery / Smithsonian Silverpoint, Inc. Sinclair Broadcast Group

University of Chicago University of Delaware University of Maryland University of Maryland School of Social Work


Kennedy Krieger High School Kolmac Clinic

Interdisciplinary Studies Bank of America Baltimore Orioles Bell Nursery Capital One Continental Realty Corporation FBI Grace United Learning Center Howard County Rec & Parks Johns Hopkins Bayview Kennedy Krieger Institute

Social Security Administration

Criminal Justice

Maryland Coalition of Families for Children’s Mental Health

Stanley Black & Decker


Office of Employment Development


Baltimore Police Department

Sheppard Pratt Health System

National Security Agency

Social Security Administration

English Language and Literature

St. Joseph Medical Center

Agora Press

Towson University

Atlantic Books

Under Armour, Inc.

Baltimore City Public Schools


In Maryland’s public schools, including:

Baltimore County Public Schools

Adams Hanover Counseling Center

Carroll County Public Schools

Archbishop Curley High School

Anne Arundel County Public Schools

Community College of Baltimore County

Baltimore County Public Schools

Baltimore City Public Schools

Glass Health

Baltimore County Public Schools

Celebree Learning Center

Harford County Government

Carroll County Public Schools

iTTTi Japan

Children Achieving Maximum Potential

Charles County Public Schools

Maryland Public Television

Forbush School

Dorchester County Public Schools

Stevenson University

Kennedy Krieger Institute

Frederick County Public Schools

Wycliffe Translators

Harford County Public Schools

Human Services

Main Street MobilE Treatment and Mental Health Center

Howard County Public Schools

Baltimore City Healthy Start

Montgomery County Public Schools

Baltimore County Crisis Response, Inc.

Prince George’s County Public Schools

Baltimore County Public Schools

National Institute on Aging

Catholic Charities

Sheppard Pratt Health System

Club Symmetry

Social Security Administration

Columbia Addictions Center

St. Elizabeth’s School

developmental disabilities


Division of Corrections

Trellis Services, Inc.

Six Red Marbles

School of Education Employment

38 | Academi c Pros pectus

University of Baltimore

Frizzera, Berlin, & Collerius, MDs

St. Mary’s County Public Schools Washington County Public Schools Graduates of the education programs accept teaching positions in public and private institutions in Maryland and nationwide.

Case Management Services, Inc.

Mosaic Community Services Mount St. Joseph High School Murthy Law Firm

U.S. Census Bureau

Public History

Medical School

Agora Financial

Boston University

Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine

Archbishop Curley High School

Drexel University School of Medicine


Baltimore Museum of Industry

Eastern Virginia Medical School

AAI Corporation

Cousil, Baradel, Kosmerl, Nolan P.A.

Edward Via Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Aberdeen Proving Ground

Georgetown University

Athena Environmental Sciences

George Washington University

Baltimore County Public Schools

Jefferson University

Baltimore Spice

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

BD Diagnostics

Historic Ships of Baltimore Kennedy Krieger Institute M.A.F. & Associates Social Security Administration Theatre and Media Performance As a new program, theatre and media performance does not yet have graduates. Please see the theatre and media performance page for more information.

school of the sciences

Temple University Uniform Services University of the Health Sciences University of Maryland Baltimore University of Pennsylvania

Graduate and Professional Schools

West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine

Dental School

Pharmacy School

Indiana University School of Dentistry

Albany College of Pharmacy

Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry

Lake Erie College School of Pharmacy

Archbishop Curley High School

Boston Medical Center Brimrose Corporation Cell Mark Chesapeake Biological Laboratories Constellation Energy EA Engineering, Science and Technology Environmental Protection Agency Falls Road Animal Hospital Franklin Square Hospital Gilman School

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Good Samaritan Hospital

University of Buffalo, SUNY University of Maryland Baltimore College of Dental Surgery

Notre Dame of Maryland University

Infineum USA

Shenandoah University School of Pharmacy

In Vitro Technologies

Temple University School of Pharmacy

Lutherville Animal Hospital

West Virginia University School of Dentistry Forensic Science Stevenson University Graduate School Hood College Pennsylvania State University State University of New York at Buffalo

Maryland State Department of Health and Hygiene

Physical Therapy

Maryland State Police Crime Laboratory

Arcadia University Franklin Pierce University Howard University Old Dominion University

Texas A&M

Shenandoah University

Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

Thomas Jefferson University

University of Delaware

University of Maryland Baltimore

University of Maryland College Park University of Pittsburgh University of Virginia Vanderbilt University

Lonza, Inc.

University of Maryland Baltimore School of Pharmacy

The Johns Hopkins University

University of Maryland Baltimore

Greater Baltimore Medical Center

University of Delaware University of Maryland Eastern Shore Physician Assistant Anne Arundel Community College Arcadia University

Maryland Zoo in Baltimore McCormick and Company, Inc. MedImmune NeverWet, LLC Northwest Hospital Center Pharmaceutics International, Inc. Proctor and Gamble Rite Aid Pharmacy Save Our Streams Sinai Hospital of Baltimore St. Joseph Medical Center Taylorsville Animal Hospital The Johns Hopkins Hospital The Johns Hopkins University

University of California, Los Angeles

Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania


Law School

St. Francis University

Union Memorial Hospital

Suffolk University

University of Nebraska

University of Maryland Baltimore

University of Baltimore School of Law

Veterinary School

University of Maryland Hospital

Michigan State University

U.S. Census Bureau

University of Tennessee

Vero Corporation

Towson University

University of Maryland Baltimore

Acade mic Pro spectus | 39

Finch University of Health Sciences

stevenson university at a glance


Average Accepted Applicant:

Stevenson University is a coeducational, independent institution that is widely known for its unique synthesis of traditional liberal arts education and exceptional career preparation.

High School GPA: 3.41 SAT: 1390-1650 (middle 50 percent) ACT: 19-24 (middle 50 percent)

Study Abroad:


Students may broaden their educational and cultural horizons by studying in multiple foreign destinations.

Approximately 3,200 full-time undergraduate, 700 parttime undergraduate and 500 graduate students.

School Codes:

Greenspring Campus:

Just minutes from Baltimore in the town of Stevenson, Maryland, the University’s original campus offers a peaceful learning atmosphere and modern facilities amidst the rolling hills of the Greenspring Valley.

ACT: 1753 • SAT: 5856 • FAFSA: 002107

Athletics: The University has a wide range of NCAA Division III athletic teams. Mustang athletics compete in the Middle Atlantic Conference (MAC) in all sports except men’s volleyball which participates in the Continental Volleyball Conference (CVC) and women’s ice hockey which competes as independent.

Owings Mills Campus: Conveniently located just six miles from the Greenspring Campus, the Owings Mills Campus is a thriving academic and residential community.

Financial Aid:

Student-Faculty Ratio:

Approximately 90 percent of Stevenson students receive some form of scholarship or need-based aid including work-study, grants, and loans.


Directions to the Admissions Office STEVENSON UNIVERSITY

Pennsylvania 68

83 95



Baltimore 695

Washington, D.C. 95

Annapolis 50


Take the Baltimore Beltway (I-695; accessible from I-95) to exit 19 (I-795 N). Follow I-795 to exit 4, Owings Mills Boulevard (north to Reisterstown Road). Continue on Owings Mills Boulevard to Groff Lane and turn right. For GPS directions, please use 10945 Boulevard Circle, Owings Mills, MD 21117.

495 95

Plan your visit and Apply online at <>.

I m a g i n e y o ur f u tu re. D e s i g n y o ur c areer. I t a ll s ta r t s to d ay.

Academi c Prosp ectus | 1

F u t ure l o cat i o n f o r t h e S c h o o l o f t h e S c i e n c e s.

In 2015, the School of the Sciences is anticipated to relocate to Stevensonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new Owings Mills North campus. The former Shire Pharmaceuticals property already had first-class science and laboratory facilities, and the University will be tailoring these spaces to meet the Schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s specific needs.

2 | Academ ic Pros pect us

Admissions Office 100 Campus Circle Owings Mills, Maryland 21117 Phone: 410-486-7001 Toll-free: 1-877-468-6852 Fax: 443-352-4440 email: web: :

Stevenson University Academic Prospectus  

Stevenson's exciting approach to education quickly responds to real employer and student needs—with challenging programs and experiences tha...

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