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MK Music Video Project

Production Proposal Prepared by

Jozua Malherbe 076 582 5642 1. Key Crew 2. Company Details 3. Artist Profile 4. Budget Proposal

Key Crew List Links to our resume’s and showreels are provided. Use at will! Producer

Director / DOP

Padraic O’Meara


Jozua Malherbe

Music / Editor


Latisha Duarte

Who the F*cK is HAEZER GRIET is an artist management and event design company primarily concerned with representing and showcasing the very best electro dj/ producers and bands in South Africa. We do freelance marketing, PR and graphic design and have been working in the industry for about six years. Events: •

Sat, 29th May, 2010 - SO NOT BERLIN @ CRUX CLUB - Munich - Germany

Sun, 23rd May, 2010 - BAUHAUS KLUB @ Bauhaus, Landshut - Germany

Fri, 21st May, 2010 - Antenne @ - Volkshaus Solothurn - Switzerland

visit •

Latest Release: Who the Fuck is Haezer - Freakz Me Out Records

Haezer is a Cape Town based electro-punk DJ/Producer largely influenced by the likes of Bad Religion, The Prodigy and MSTRKRFT. He combines live DJ sets with his self produced material. His hit single "Sirens in the Night" featuring Jax Panic has topped both the local and international charts of UJFM and the music video made it into the top 10 on MK. His next single is due for release in October 2009. Raised on a fusion of sounds - from punk legends The Clash, Bad Religion and Propaghandi to electronica maestros The Prodigy, Aphex Twin and MSTRKRFT, Haezer has asserted himself as a progressive in the modern Electro movement. Haezer is founder of TITES, a series of studio/loft parties which were initially started as a means to provide this elite collective of DJ /producers a platform from which to showcase their music to their peers within a context of their choosing. As with any good event, it quickly grew in popularity and Haezer’s name along with it.

Sat, 8th May, 2010 - Cyberpunkers - DOGBOX VI - Pretoria @ - 339 Hilda Street, Hatfield, Pretoria - ROOFTOP!

“Haezer is a South African electro/punk dj extraordinaire!” Musical Mover

“Haezer is the punkiest, dirtiest most magnificant sound I heard in a while.” death elecktro




Total Cost


4 1

R1 000,00 R750,00

R4 000,00 R750,00

On-Set assistant

4 1 1 1 2 1 1

R1 000,00 R1 000,00 R1 000,00 R1 200,00 R1 200,00 R500,00 R500,00

R4 000,00 R1 000,00 R1 000,00 R1 200,00 R2 400,00 R500,00 R500,00

Hair / Make-up


R1 000,00

R1 000,00



R1 000,00

R1 000,00

4x Cast Members


R4 000,00

R4 000,00

1 1 1

R4 200,00 R1 000,00 R2 000,00

R4 200,00 R1 000,00 R2 000,00

1 1 1 1

R1 500,00 R3 000,00 R2 000,00 R1 000,00

R1 500,00 R3 000,00 R2 000,00 R1 000,00 R0,00 R0,00 R2 000,00

Producer Coordinator

Director / DOP Grip Gaffer DIT / Camera Assistant Production Designer On-Set assistant

Budget Proposal Due to CAB Films relationship within the industry, as well as the key crew experience in creative problem solving , we are confidant that we can secure the necessary equipment, design and cast to make a music video that exceeds the expectation of “low-budget” shooting.

Will be required to use their equipment as part of their rate

We will use a studio space to build our set and this is where Latisha has insight and vast experience. Her set building skills are most notable in the A-King music video “Safe as Houses”where she built the castle set from card board and sticky tape. The castle is the main attraction in the video.

GEAR Red-One Camera Grips Equipment Lighting Gear

Studio Rental Set Build Set Dress Props



R1 000,00

Editing Suite


R1 000,00

Catering / Craft


R1 000,00

R41 050,00


R5 747,00

Company Profit 10%

R4 105,00


R2 000,00 R0,00 R1 000,00

R50 902,00

Due to the concept of our video we will require slow-motion shooting and thus have budgeted for the RED-ONE camera. Having shot with it before I know that the money spent on this format will go straight into the picture and create a look that is rich in colour and catching to an audience.

Although Cab Films has considerable relations with various Post-Production facilities in Cape Town and JHB, the creative collaboration between Eben Smal (Haezer) and Padraic is something that has come a long way. Padraic has directed two videos for Eben (destroy the dancefloor and crack in the wll) and Eben edited both. Their shared vision will make for an unforgettable music video.

Includes Colouring, offline and online edit

Eben Smal is a freelance editor but worked as key online editor at Priest for 4 years in Cape Town.

Thank you for taking the time to go through our proposal. I believe that with the previous work many of this team has done for MK there is a clear space for collaboration and an understanding of creative integrity. We hope to hear from you soon with good news and are able to provide you with a music video that again, raises the bar for future productions. Baie Dankie. Jozua

Haezer Production Treatment  

This is the second half of our treatment for MK Music Video Competion for HAEZER.

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