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Through Worship, Service, and Small Groups

Welcome! Thanks for being with us here at First Baptist Church of West Palm Beach! We are grateful that God has led you to this dynamic church. God is doing mighty things in our midst, and it is exciting to be part of a church body that experiences the hand of God in such miraculous ways. You will find many ministries in place that will assist you in your spiritual growth and allow you the opportunity to meet other believers. I encourage you to check out our Bible Study classes. They offer you the opportunity to meet people in a smaller, more intimate setting, along with receiving instruction from the Word of God. You will be challenged and encouraged. We offer many vibrant ministries for children, youth, college, adults, ... all ages and stages. You will find information in this brochure about these and our other ministries. The greatest advice that I can give to you is—get connected! You will love it, and there is no greater joy than experiencing the life-changing message of Jesus Christ! If we can be of assistance to you in any way, please call our church office. Our staff is here to help you and to answer any questions that you might have. God Bless,

Kevin P. Mahoney Executive Pastor


Developing Families Children’s Ministries Birth through Grade 5 We believe the future of our world lies in the minds, hands, and hearts of our children. As we invest God’s truths in the children of today, we can impact tomorrow for Jesus Christ through these future leaders of families, communities, and the world. It is our desire to join with parents in teaching and training kids to become followers of Christ. We facilitate this process by offering a variety of learning experiences on Wednesdays, Sundays and through special events just for children (from birth through grade 5). For more information, contact us at or call (561) 650-7400, ext. 7455.

Student Ministries Our Student Ministries exist to lead students to God. It is our desire to challenge students to know God well and to make Him known. Our programs are designed with that purpose in mind, encouraging spiritual growth and teaching leadership principles to help students develop as mature believers in Christ. PowerHouse (grades 6-8) and Vertical Reality (grades 9-12) both meet on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights, along with special events throughout the year. Students—bring your friends and experience the awesomeness of life as God intended! For more info, call (561) 650-7400, ext. 7478.

University Ministry The Higher Ground University Ministry exists to lead college-age students into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s a place to be involved, to deepen your passion for God, to grow in your faith, to have fun—to become all that God desires you to be. For more info, call (561) 650-7400, ext. 7488, or visit


Young and Median Adults Grow in your faith and build relationships through our Bible Study classes. Getting involved will connect you to others who are developing as Christ followers. Numerous classes are available—each with a unique flavor and focus, including our Spanish Bible Studies. These classes actively study the Bible each week, and provide opportunities for fellowship. For more info, call (561) 650-7400, ext. 7482.

Single Adults Single adults are an integral part of literally every area of our ministry, including adult Bible studies. In addition, events and studies geared specifically for singles are offered seasonally. For more info, call (561) 650-7400, ext. 7482.

Senior Adults Our Senior Adult Ministry offers a full calendar of opportunities for spiritual growth, personal enrichment, fellowship and service, both locally and across the world. For more info, call (561) 650-7400, ext. 7401.


Men’s Ministry Our Men’s Ministry seeks to provide men with opportunities to form spiritually-challenging relationships with other men and to get involved in service projects in our church and community. For more info, call (561) 650-7400, ext. 7482.

Women’s Ministry “Connecting” is the focus of Women’s Ministry at First Baptist – connecting women to God and each other through Bible Studies, Neighborhood Connections, Women on Mission meetings, prayer groups and various service and mission projects. For more info, call (561) 650-7400, ext. 7415.

Biblical Counseling Biblically-based counseling can provide the process through which you can be transformed by the word of God. For more info, call (561) 650-7400, ext. 7483.

Support Groups The following weekly support groups are regularly offered: Recovery: Christ in Action, Family Recovery Group, DivorceCare, and GriefShare. For more info, call (561) 650-7400, ext. 7483.


Developing Your World Christian Care Center Our mission is to serve those in need by providing food and clothing through a volunteer counseling staff in a hand-up program of holistic life guidance. For more info, call (561) 650-7400, ext. 7440.

LifeCare Ministries We offer free pregnancy tests, education, counseling, maternity and baby clothing and items, abstinence information, and referrals for needed services. The DayBreak Maternity Home and AfterCare Residence continue care beyond pregnancy. For more info, call (561) 650-7400, ext. 7474.

Community Health Center We provide non-emergency medical, dental and vision care to those who do not have access to healthcare services. We are in the process of moving to a new 6,000 square foot, state-of-the-art medical facility in partnership with Urban Youth Impact, scheduled to open soon. For more info, call (561) 366-1147.

Global Missions The Global Missions Team is designed to mobilize our church to touch the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ through short-term trips, Southern Baptist missions agencies, and strategic partnerships. For more info, call (561) 650-7400, ext. 7482.


Campus Map Level 1

Fellowship Hall



Family Life Center

South Education Building


100 103

(City Central and The Swamp)



First Family Bookstore


Fam Ce


Offices /

CDC Offices

University Building

University Building (College Ministry)

103 Elevators

110 Choir


100 Worship Center



(High School Ministry)





110 131 133

113 114


Christian Learning Center (Preschool Ministry)





Wors Cen


134 136





Ambassador Building

(College Ministry)



Ambassador Building (High School Ministry)



Wellness Center

Level 2




mily Life enter

Family Life Center

320 322

(Middle School Ministry)

Music Suite


210 220


Children’s Ministry Offices

323 324 325



201 203 212

305 304 307




Worship Center





South Education Building





wship Hall



ship nter

207 228

206 229


Christian Learning Center (Adult Ministry)


230 ony

Level 3

Solid Rock Café


210 Open to Gymnasium



215 216

Family Life Center

Christian Learning Center (Children’s Ministry)

Level 4


On Our Campus...

We are located on the south side of the campus between the Worship Center and the Family Life Center. Our store hours are: Monday-Thursday, 11:00 AM-6:00 PM; Wednesday, 11:00 AM-9:00 PM; Sunday, 8:30 AM-1:00 PM. For more info, please call (561) 650-7400, ext. 7486.

The Solid Rock CafĂŠ is open for breakfast from 8:15 - 9:30 AM, and lunch from 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM, Monday through Friday. We also provide free wireless internet access for all patrons. For more info, please call (561) 671-5786.

The Wellness Center at First Baptist is ready to help you achieve your fitness goals by tailoring a fitness program to meet your needs. The Wellness Center is located on the 3rd floor of the Family Life Center. For more information about our facilities or to join, please call (561) 650-7400, ext. 5780.

The Child Development Center offers an enriched learning environment for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, with developmentally appropriate curriculum for ages 6 weeks to Pre-K. To schedule a tour of our facilities, please call (561) 650-7400 ext. 7444.


Schedule of Activities PM


8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 Sunday


Bible Studies

Bible Studies

Worship College Worship

Child Development Center - Weekday Preschool

Recovery Group

Monday Child Development Center - Weekday Preschool

Tuesday Child Development Center - Weekday Preschool



Refresh Soundwaves Student Ministries

Child Development Center - Weekday Preschool


Women’s Bible Study

Child Development Center - Weekday Preschool

Friday Volunteer Revolution - Grounds Cleanup

Recovery Group



Adult Bible Study Classes 10:45 AM

9:00 AM Class Name / Led By House of Prayer / Williams

Location CLC 324

All Ages

Ages 20-35

Ages 35-50

Ages 50-60

Class Name / Led By


I Am: Portraits of the King / Barnes Men’s Bible Study / Fritz Spanish Bible Study Samaritan Gardens Bible Study / Kelly A Woman’s Walk / Rose / Smith

CLC 312 CLC 305 CLC 307 CLC 320

Young Married Gilbert / Jefferson / Othmer

CLC 326

Marriage and Family / Swink / Thomas

CLC 326

Wings of Eagles / Mahoney / Frederick

CLC 325

Meat and Potatoes / Davis

CLC 303

Scripture Seekers / Overall

CLC 303

Milk and Honey / Priolo

CLC 310

Closer Walk / Moeller

CLC 325

Message of Hope / Douglas / Pedigo

CLC 309E

Open Door / Edgar / Giddens

CLC 304

Lighthouse / Fogleman / Thornton / Sprague

CLC 310

Crosswalk / Hedler

CLC 309W

Mature Adults / Cater / Eassa Lewter / Moody / Payne

CLC 312

Ages 60+

Ages 70+

Senior Believers / Ammann Meckstroth / O’Brien / Otto

CLC 304


Online Resources


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Developing Christ Followers Through Worship, Service, and Small Groups