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MESSAGE FROM THE CEO AND BOARD CHAIR 2015 marked our second year as lead agency for Moving on Mental Health. Critical new leadership funding was secured to support this work and we were pleased to welcome a VP of Clinical Services and a VP of Strategic Development to take on this important leadership role to ensure children, youth and their families have: • Access to a clearly defined basket of core services. • Confidence in the quality of care and treatment. • Families know how services connect and how systems work together. From a Board level, we completed a series of information sessions with all of the Core Service Provider Board of Directors. At a service level, an important milestone was achieved during this year with the establishment of the Core Services Advisory/Planning table. This table is comprised of all the core mental health service providers to collaboratively plan for Children and Youth Mental Health Services in Halton. The opportunity to test the leadership of this table occurred with new MCYS core service investment funding became available. The Core Services Advisory/Planning table agreed to utilize the statistical data of ROCK to identify gaps through the process of consultation with the community and Halton population data to support a proposal to invest in services for North of Halton and birth to six. Working groups were established to support the system change work of the new table. Each working group continued to have membership from all core service agencies and community organizations as appropriate. The Core Services Working Group supported validation of the programs and services provided by core service agencies with the task of populating the Core Services Summary of CYMH chart for funded agencies (i.e. Description of the Program, Budget, Service Commitment, and Method of Assessment). The Access and Intake Working Group was tasked with understanding and mapping the current access and pathways families’ use to access core service agencies. The Data Group was tasked with understanding and aligning the data elements by our core service partners. Looking forward, Core Services Identified Priorities for 2016/17 have stemmed from our previous priorities, but with a greater weighting and emphasis derived from our work this year.

• Pursue opportunities to create a “Coordinated System of Access” for infants/children/youth/families into our Core Service Agencies. • Align all Programs and Services into the most appropriate Core Service Detail Code, while implementing Consistent Definitions and creating accurate service targets. • Build an understanding of the level of Client Service Need for all children/youth as they enter into, progress through, and exit from service across all CSAs.

Additionally, we have taken on 3 new Community Priorities as outlined in the Community Plan for 2016-2017 based on gaps identified in the validation of data collected. • Enhance the current pathway between the Children’s and Adult Mental Health Systems. • Establish pathways to appropriate Francophone specific services through a strengthen relationship with Francophone School Boards. • Support continued movement towards inclusive service provision for all Children and Youth Mental Health Services. What Is Coming Up Next: • Continue to meet with MCYS funded agencies and their boards. • Involve youth, including focus groups with youth involved with the justice system, younger children (those under 12) and LGBTQ+ youth, as well as parents/family members in our planning. • Share summaries and key themes emerging from Core Services Delivery and Community Mental Health Plans with core service staff and community agencies • Coordinate a single cross sectorial engagement session with community partners The operational mechanics have yet to be defined. We await the appropriate contractional agreement with MCYS which they have committed to providing in the very near future.

Ron Rodgers, CEO ROCK Glenn Urbshas, Chair ROCK Board of Directors

ROCK BOARD OF DIRECTORS Glenn Urbshas, Board Chair VP Operations, JNE Consulting

Zamal Whyte Treasurer

Ron Rodgers Secretary

Rosemary Fisher Partner/Lawyer, Simpson Wigle Law Office

Neil Oliver Vice President, Metroland Media Group

Tomas Laszlo General Manager, Real Estate Services Bentall Kennedy Canada, LP

Andrew Fletcher Deputy Chief of Police, HRPS

Audra August Consultant, Human Resources

Angelo Posteraro Milton Orthotics and Wellness Centre, Director of Sales

PROGRAM & SERVICE LOCATIONS ROCK Burlington Office 471 Pearl Street Burlington, ON ROCK Oakville Office 504 Iroquois Shore Road Suite 12A Oakville, ON ROCK Milton Office 400 Bronte Street S. Suite 101 Milton, ON Georgetown walk in clinic Hillsview Active Living Centre, 318 Guelph Street East, Unit 9, Georgetown, ON L7G 4B5 Acton walk in clinic Hillsview Active Living Centre, 415 Queen Street East, Acton, ON L7J 2N2 OCC (Our Community Cares) Sites 356 Burloak Drive, Burlington, ON 702 Surrey Lane, Burlington, ON

OEYC Sites Cumberland 895 Brant St, Burlington, ON L7R 2J6 Aldershot 645 Plains Road East, Burlington, Tansley United Church 2111 Walker’s Line, Burlington, ON St. Matthew’s Anglican Church 126 Plains Road East, Burlington, ON OEYC Mobile Sites Burlington East Presbyterian Church 505 Walker’s Line, Burlington, ON Alton Library 3040 Tim Dobbie Dr., Burlington, ON L7M 0M3

Caroline Families First 3305 Harvester Rd., Burlington ON

Tansley Woods Park Walkers Line and Upper Middle Road, Burlington, ON

Beech Tree Medical 700 Guelph Line, Unit 4, Burlington, ON

Aldershot Public Library 550 Plains Road E., Burlington, ON

Danielle’s Place 895 Brant St. Burlington, ON L7R 2J6

Brant Hills Public Library 2255 Brant Street, Burlington, ON

Residential Sites

New Appleby Public Library 676 Appleby Line, Burlington, ON

Aberdeen 2262 Lakeshore Road, W. Oakville, ON My Place 242 Sable Drive, Burlington, ON

Village of Tansley LTC 4100 Upper Middle Road, Burl., ON Millcroft Park Millcroft Park Drive, Burlington, ON Fothergill Woods Park 480 Fothergill Blvd., Burlington, ON


ROCK Reach Out Centre for Kids was designated by MCYS as the child and youth mental health lead agency for Halton in August 2014. With programs and services that run out of 11 sites and three main offices, ROCK is committed to being inclusive, client-centred and family-centre. With over 40 years of service in Halton, we are dedicated to building strong people, strong families and strong communities.


Working together to promote and achieve optimal mental health in kids and families.

OUR VISION Building rock solid people.

THANK YOU TO OUR 2015 PARTNERS The New Mentality Caroline Medical Group Parents for Children’s Mental Health Community Living North Halton Canadian Mental Health Association City of Burlington Parks and Recreation Halton Area Municipal Fire Departments Halton Catholic District School Board Community Living Burlington Children’s Aid Society ErinoakKids Halton District School Board Halton Healthcare Services Halton Multicultural Council Halton Regional Children’s Services Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health

Oakville Parent-Child Centre OEYC (Oakville, Milton, North Halton) Halton Region Health Department Positive Space Network Halton Kerr Street Ministries Halton Regional Housing Bob Rumball Centre for the Deaf Halton Regional Police Services Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital Kerry’s Place Autism Services Links2Care North Halton Milton Community Resource Centre Nelson Youth Centre YMCA Oakville Woodview Mental Health and Autism Services Bob Rumball Centre for the Deaf/PAH! Radius CYP

% OF CLIENTS SERVED BY SERVICE: FISCAL YEAR 2015 # of Unique Clients Served OEYC Walk In Therapy YAY/OCC Crisis Intensive Services OEYC; 37%

Behaviour Management/Parenting Groups Psychology ABA

program and services

FINANCIAL STATEMENT: REVENUE 2015-16 MCYS Region Grants Other Grants Service - User Fees Donations Investment and other Ministy of Youth and Justice Federal Funding


Amortization Communication Insurance Ads and promo Maintenance and Repairs Other Supplies and Equipment Professional Contracted Out-Services Professional Contracted Out-IT Services Purchased Services - Client Rent, Lease and Mortgage Interest Salaries and Benefits Staff Training Transfer of Knowledge Travel Utilities

Halton Region Applied Behaviour Analysis In the Halton Region Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) services are offered through collaboration between Kerry’s Place Autism Services, Community Living North Halton and ROCK Reach Out Centre for Kids. This initiative launched in the summer of 2011 and is intended to provide hands on behaviour intervention and skill building for children and youth with ASD. Program options are flexible and depend upon the goal identified for each child. The ABA program assists children and youth to build skills in the following areas: • Communication • Behaviour management/emotional regulation • Social/interpersonal • Daily living Our support to families includes both group and individual work and occurs in the home, community or in centre. Over the last year the ABA program continued to meet the extremely ambitious service targets set by the Ministry. Staff at all levels worked diligently to ensure targets were met without sacrificing clinical integrity. Program evaluation data compiled by an independent agency indicated the ABA program was very successful. It was noted in the evaluation that ROCK clients received the greatest amount of intervention hours across the larger Central West ABA Partnership.  Parent training hours received by ROCK clients were the second highest in the partnership. Client goals continued to be accomplished and families continued to express happiness with and gratitude for the service they received.

FASD Collaborative In 2010 the Halton Community developed a FASD Collaborative, which currently has 12-signed agencies and multiple community partners cross-sector; currently ROCK is the lead Agency for this Initiative. With support from a 3-year Ontario Trillium grant, received in 2013, the Collaborative was able to hire a part-time Coordinator and established a strategic plan with long-term objectives including the development of five action tables addressing the following areas; Prevention, Intervention, Assessment & Diagnosis, Parent Support & Advocacy and Justice. Our purpose is to respond to the unique needs of children/youth/adults (birth to 24 years) and their families affected by FASD, ensuring that FASD can be identified early and that residents of Halton who are living with the effects of FASD and their families/caregivers receive the support they need to live satisfying lives. FASD is an umbrella term referring to a range of irreversible brain injuries that can result from prenatal exposure to alcohol and cause lifelong deficits. It is estimated that 1 out of every 100 babies are affected by prenatal exposure to alcohol (Health Canada 2006). The effects may include impairments in cognition, attention, memory, processing, sensory, communication, motor skills, executive functioning and adaptive functioning, which significantly impact the person’s capacity to benefit from and participate socially and economically in community life. The following are some of the achievements to date of the Halton FASD Collaborative: • Launch of the website. • Launch of “Rethink Your Drink” Campaign - 2015 • Creation of a Halton FASD Resource Team that offers: (1) professional learning opportunities for Parents/Caregivers and Professionals (2) case consultations to families and professionals working with an individual with FASD. • Creation of an Assessment & Diagnostic team composed of in kind professional services to provide assessments and a diagnosis. Currently waiting for funding for Clinic Coordinator position to launch the clinic. An Ontario Trillium Grant was submitted in June 2016. • Delivery of over 60 FASD trainings, conferences and forum sessions to professionals and families in Halton. Coordination and delivery of Camp Unity, a summer camp for children and youth with FASD in 2015 (40 camp spots) and 2016 (59 camp spots) • Delivery of 6 sessions of “Reach for It”; a recreational program for children and youth with FASD. Each individual works with a volunteer (inclusive of college students and community professionals volunteering time for preparation and delivery). To date 40 children with FASD, 41 police officers and 34 volunteers have participated in the program. • Developed Brochures for Justice System including court staff and other Justice professionals and Parents & Caregivers • Participation in the Ministry of Children and Youth Services FASD Provincial Roundtables and submission of a formal response to the FASD Provincial Roundtable Report. • Coordination of annual FASD Awareness Day events since 2013.

Community and Youth Development Community and Youth Development services at ROCK are dynamic, forward thinking, community based family-focussed programs that include: Youth Aiding Youth, Our Community Cares, the Positive Space Network, and Halton Families for Families. Combined these programs have impacted over a thousand kids and families in Halton throughout this past year. Each of these programs has existed for years operating on grants from civic-minded foundations, corporations, and other donors. The staff in these programs are resourceful, with their small budgets in creating big change. Over the past year: Youth Aiding Youth has created an online application form and training for new volunteers. This has resulted in a quicker recruitment & screening process, and shorter wait times for our kids who are waiting to be matched with a one-on-one youth mentor. It has also resulted in invaluable support when implementing our 12 social skills groups across the Region this past year. Our Community Cares has created many new and exciting partnerships over the past year, which has allowed us to offer opportunities for our kids they never would have had otherwise. As an example, our staff took over 100 children and youth to the Tim Horton’s Camp at Onondaga farms for a weekend adventure they will never forget. Positive Space Network has grown in leaps and bounds over the past year and is now offering drop-in support and services for LGBTQ+ youth in every municipality across Halton. They have also completed significant data collection for this population in our community that has never been collected before. Halton Families for Families has now connected with over 900 families who have a child or youth struggling with mental health concerns. These families are looking for informal supports. As a result, Halton Families for Families offers monthly Family Night Socials in various Halton Municipalities each month and have 50-90 people in attendance at each event.

CENTRE OF LEARNING This has been a very exciting year for the Centre of Learning. We have engaged with many organizations across Ontario, providing Brief Core Services consultations to assist agencies to implement walk-in clinics and brief services. We have traveled to organizations in Ottawa, Windsor, London and other communities. We completed the Multiagency Brief Services Evaluation, a project funded by the Ontario Centre of Excellence, with excellent results. The pre-session and post-session measure that we developed ‘in-house’ was shown to be highly reliable and valid and is now being used by other organizations to evaluate walk-in clinics and brief services. This means ROCK Centre of Learning may have developed a reliable measure that can be used going forward by any organization as an evaluation measure. No small feat! Our Clinical Supervision program has taken off with many outside professionals in private practice and in other organizations seeking supervision at ROCK often to meet regulatory college requirements. There have been many post-graduate Interns this year at ROCK, several of whom have been hired on as staff at ROCK. Our post-graduate Internship program is very attractive to graduates who are interested in enhancing their brief therapy skills through supervised practice at our walk-in clinic. Over the 2016 year, the Centre of Learning will be expanding significantly, moving into providing community workshops with strong international presenters, and offering a line-up of one and two day workshops and ongoing training programs. Stay-tuned to the ROCK website, Centre of Learning for details!







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The original capacity of our 471 Pearl Street location was 400 families annually. 6 1 ROCK now provides services to 7,000 families, with a projected 50 per cent increase in demand for children’s mental health services by the year 2020. In response to the increased demand for services, ROCK has planned a 20,000 square foot expansion of our 471 Pearl Street. A three-story addition, the fully-accessible and environmentallyfriendly expansion will allow ROCK to reduce overhead costs and better serve the needs of our clients, staff and community.The demand in Milton continues to grow at an exponential rate. We know that the pressure is upon us to meet this demand and our focus must move North.




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1 Vestibule 2 Reception 3 Waiting Area 4 Lion’s Reception 5 Stair 6 Lobby 7 Cafe 8 Early Years Entrance 9 Elevator Lobby 10 Early Years Centre (180.5m2 / 1945sf) 11 Kitchen 12 Washroom 13 Laundry (18m2 / 194sf) 14 Storage (6.8m2 & 34m2 / 73sf & 365sf) 15 Meeting Room (15m2 / 161sf) 16 Administration Ofce (9.6m2 / 103sf) 17 Ofce (5m2 / 57sf each) 18 Coats and Strollers 19 Fire Exit Corridor 20 Janitor’s Closet 21 Maintenance Ofce 22 LCD

M9 Reception Desk M10 Cafe Millwork M11 Meeting Room Kitchenette M12 Cubbies M13 Bench M14 Brochures Shelves M15 Laundry Room M16 Change Table M17 Early Years Kitchen M18 Sign In Table M19 Closet

It is with sincere gratitude that we thank all of our many sponsors for their generous donations and ongoing commitment to children’s mental health. *This is not an exhaustive list

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ROCK Reach Out Centre For Kids Annual Report 2015  
ROCK Reach Out Centre For Kids Annual Report 2015