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THANK YOU FOR YOUR GIFTS & PR AYERS AND PR AISE GOD FOR THE RESULTS! 2017 was our first full calendar year to see what God would do through your support and a National Missionary force ramped up to 2,000. The results make two things abundantly clear: God is great, and He is the only One who could have done it. 11,041,650 precious souls professed their faith in Christ alone for salvation. 4,934 new churches were planted in 11 countries. I understand we report many numbers when reporting results. I lead that charge. We count and measure the things that are most important to us. And we quickly praise God for every life saved. May we never lose sight of what we’re counting - absolute treasure (Mark 8:36). Throughout the year, we report stories of some of the changed lives. And we report the numbers. Both are important, and both bring glory to His name. The Apostle John wrote, “and there are also many other things which Jesus did, which if they were written in detail, I suppose that even the world itself would not contain the books that would be written” (John 21:25). I feel the same way about what He did in 2017. Eternity will reveal the true eternal impact of the mighty things the Lord is allowing us to see. continued on page 2

REACHING SOULS exists to reach the maximum number of people for Christ in the least amount of time in the most efficient way.

During a drought in Kenya, four of our National Missionaries saved some of their Reaching Souls support and bought two weeks’ worth of food for a family that did not know Christ. The entire family received Christ as Savior. The generosity of the missionaries inspired others in the church and community to also help others. The area Chief encouraged the community to follow the example of the missionaries and he promised to start going to the church of one of the missionaries. As one of our missionaries preached in the center of the market, the crowd became divided and began to argue. Three men beat him and took him to jail. He was in jail for three days waiting to be judged. He was given little food and water and slept on the floor. He witnessed to his cell mates and new fights broke out. After he was found innocent and released, he preached again in the market while standing on the trunk of a car. In front of their Muslim friends, seventeen Somalis gave their lives to Jesus Christ. The missionary reported, “although I was physically weak from the hunger and thirst, spiritually I was full of power”. In Zambia, a missionary visited a church member in the hospital. As he encouraged and prayed for him, another patient asked for prayer. The missionary went to his bedside and asked him a few questions before praying for him. He asked, “Do you know Christ?” The patient said, “Yes, I know He is the Son of God.” The missionary asked him then if he had received Jesus as his personal Savior. He said, “No, Pastor how can I receive him as my personal Savior?” The missionary shared Scripture with this man and the man placed his faith in Jesus Christ. Three days later, this man was released from the hospital, came to the missionary’s church, and was baptized. To be a National Missionary for Reaching Souls, you must use your sound system twelve times per month in an open-air meeting outside of your church. You go to where the people are, you preach the Gospel, and you report back what God did. It’s important to remember that Reaching Souls is supporting men who are already doing the work of an evangelist. We give them some tools and accountability. These men look for opportunities wherever they are. Bringing food to the hungry, in prison, in a hospital, standing on the trunk of a car.

May we all be so eternally mindful and ready to respond as God provides these

divine appointments. They are there if we have the eyes to see them. As always, thank you for your part in it all. We are in this together…

For the sake of Souls,

Dustin K. Manis, President & CEO

FISCAL YE AR CHANGE Reaching Souls has changed its fiscal year from the

calendar year to one ending on June 30th. This will become very clear as we begin to report results in the future. Our next Annual Report will be published in August 2018.

YOUR SPIRITUAL RETURN ON INVESTMENT The far-reaching effect of your donations.




2017 RESULTS 11,041,650




2,081,837 BAPTISMS


Story from RS National Missionary, John Simotwa in Kenya

It was during the long holidays of November to December 2017, when I and my three Timothies visited a village called Mwambani. We arrived there at about 3:47am and started to visit the homes. The day was clear and cool. After visiting three homes, we noticed that in all those homes there were no young men. We asked one of the old man called Laibon where the youths in the villages were. He answered by telling us it was a season of their circumcision and so were separated for that occasion. We further asked him where they were kept hidden. He pointed us to a certain big forest just about 15 kilometers away from that village. During this occasion, all the youths are separated from their homes to a forest where they are kept in a hut that is built during that time and demolished when they are finished. The occasion takes about a month to be completed. During that

time, the youths are not allowed to see or to be seen by any woman or girl. They are smeared on their faces, hands and legs with white mud clay to disguise them from being identified easily by either women or girls even from a far off. Also during this period, they are taught some hunting animals techniques, traditional beliefs and customs, fighting techniques, and how to deal with witches in the community at large. Their clothing is animal skins of which everyone has to kill his own in order to have something to cover himself with in both day and night when sleeping. So everyone must have a bow and arrows in that camp. During night and day there is one youth who is left in charge of the camp as a guard. Also he serves the leader while the youths are in the bush hunting and gathering honey. The honey is eaten only by the leader who is with them in that forest. It was during this time when my heart felt moved to go to that forest and find them. We prayed and led my team to that forest. Though it is not allowed for any person to visit them in the bush but we asked for God’s favor to be on us. We arrived at the thick forest by following their foot tracks at about 4:12pm. We called from a bit far

and the leader heard us. He came to us full equipped with bow and arrows. He asked us why we were there. I as the leader answered him that we have come with a special message for his group. He asked us whether we ourselves have gone through that initiation. I answered him, yes. So now he could speak to us. We introduced ourselves to Mr. Mwanori, the leader, and asked him permission to speak with the whole group. He agreed and he started singing a song that brought all the youths together from the forest. Within a very short amount of time we were surrounded by fierce looking youths. Mr. Mwanori addressed them of our visit. When everything was quiet, I was given the chance to share the Gospel. At the end, Mr. Mwanori could not hide his tears from his face for the touching of God’s word. Amazingly he led all the youths by kneeling down confessing to receive Jesus Christ. We prayed for them and thanked God for their salvation in the forest. They all promised us to soon join churches when they are through with their circumcision. Thanks be to God. Attached is a photo of the youths with bows and arrows after confessing Jesus as Lord and Savior.

THANK YOU WAYNE FOR LIVING FOR THE SAKE OF SOULS A special note from Wayne Fagala, our former Special Projects Manager:

“I recently resigned my position at Reaching Souls. I’ve been employed for the last 10 years, but deeply involved for 28 years. In 1988 my family lived nine houses down from Ben and Linda Manis and their sons, Darin and Dustin, whom we met at Western Hills Church. Linda often had my little girls, 4 and 2, over to visit. When I went to retrieve them late one afternoon, Ben showed me pictures from Mombasa, Kenya of 86 pastors being trained for a week and the results of over 6000 people saved through open air preaching. I was amazed and my heart melted before the Lord for His great love for people! A standard feature in the prayers of founder Jimmy Hodges was, “Lord, keep us faithful.“ It’s His grace that has brought us this far and His grace will lead us on. God has raised up hundreds of faithful supporters and national missionaries for the sake of souls. He has been faithful to give me the desire he put in my heart 30 years ago. He’s also provided for my wife and my children to see and share in His work in Africa. I resigned only because of God’s leading to do so. Please join me in supporting and volunteering for such a Great Commission. May God continue to strengthen RS. To read more from Wayne, visit

(left photo) Kathy & Wayne Fagala, former RS Special Projects Manager


YOU can be a part of this year’s Golf Challenge! You can be with us in prayer for the success of the event, engage your friends and family to support you in the challenge, and you can give by going to Sponsorships range from $300 to $5,000. This year we hope to raise over $100,000 to support our National Missionaries. Thank you for your prayerful and financial support of National Missionaries through the Golf Challenge.



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Reaching Souls Spring Newsletter 2018  
Reaching Souls Spring Newsletter 2018  

Results from 2017, fiscal year change, a testimony from Kenya, and honoring Wayne Fagala, former Special Projects Manager.