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Our purpose is to reach the maximum number of people for Christ in the least amount of time in the most efficient way.

How Jesus Changed the Life of a Burglar National Missionary Johnson Karate took his Timothies (disciples) to Getenga in northwestern Kenya near Lake Victoria. When they arrived at Getenga, they began visiting home to home. At each home, Johnson and his Timothies would ask, “Can you give us time to share the Gospel?” They met a man named Golongo, and asked if he had time to visit. Johnson related what happened next: “He agreed, and we shared the Good News. When we had finished, the man was ready to accept Jesus Christ. We led him to Christ, and then he began to tell us who he

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really was. He said his real name Wanjau is now a new man and was Wanjau, but lives a happy life. He has he had an alias joined a church nearby and because of his the people are amazed at habit of breaking his new life. We believe the houses and police will stop hunting him, stealing. He said and even if they arrest him, he had escaped they will arrest a new man several traps in Christ. Glory to God.” of police, and he was hunted Wanjau was one of 408,506 by them. He people led to the Lord johnson karate and promised us that his family by National Missionaries he will never repeat in September 2013. This that habit but will follow Jesus the year we have seen 4,131,117 rest of his life. people saved and 566,811 people far. JOHNSON KARATE Johnson is a relatively new member of Reaching Souls International’s National Missionary team in Kenya. He lives in the Gucha South District in the Southwest corner of Kenya, where he pastors Bosaga Baptist Church. He is 37 years old and has seven children. Prior to joining Reaching Souls he made his living by farming.

In 1993, a team from Reaching Souls International held a project in Bujumbura, Burundi where more than 300 pastors were trained. Two months later, civil war broke out. The 1993 Bujumbura, Burundi project was a confirmation that the mission plan God had given Reaching Souls from 2 Timothy 2:2 was His will for this work.

It is estimated that more than 300,000 people were killed in the civil war and genocide that began in 1993. Those pastors trained by Reaching Souls who survived were scattered across Africa as refugees. Over the months and years following the breakout of civil war, we would get letters from our Burundian pastors, letting us know that they were still implementing

Burundi Concentration

Over the course of the next two years, our goal is to take Burundi from a startup to a dynamo of God’s power in Africa

the training they had received from Reaching Souls in evangelizing lost and hurting people. Twenty years later, Reaching Souls is finally able to return. The harvest is ripe in Burundi, and we believe God has called us to supply the laborers. Our goal is to develop a core leadership team, train 1,200 pastors, and add 100 Burundian National Missionaries by August 2015. Boots are already on the ground in Bujumbura, preparing the way.

>> Two Burundi Leadership Development Institutes in 2014 >> Fifty Burundian National Missionaries added in 2014 >> Two Burundi Leadership Development Institutes in 2015 >> Fifty Burundian National Missionaries added in 2015 >> 1,200 pastors trained in 2014-15 >> 100 total National Missionaries added in 2014-15

Caring for a Child in Need Has Never Been Easier Reaching Generations launches its new website allowing those with a heart for children to sponsor orphans online. We currently support 462 orphans through Reaching Generations, and we are kicking off our push to add 545 more precious children to our care program by the end of 2015.

The Reaching Generations child sponsorship effort is effective, efficient, and powerful. Over and over our National Missionaries have stressed to us the importance of Reaching Generations to their work of ministering the Gospel to lost and hopeless people. Showing the love of Christ by ministering to the “least of these” is such a powerful and effective testimony of the love of Christ. We are proud to announce the launch of reachinggenerations. org. On Reaching Generations’ new website, you can find out the most current news regarding

the ministry, view testimonies of how God is using Reaching Generations to change lives, and, most importantly, sponsor an orphaned child right there online.

Please visit today and change a life!

“Reaching Souls is having a banner year for salvation decisions, baptisms, and church starts...”

5,000,000 Salvations in 2013

Through 27 years, changes in location, changes in leadership, and changes in the world, the mission of Reaching Souls has always been the same...the rescue of lost people through the saving power of Jesus Christ. That core focus has not changed, and will never change. For many reasons - 2013 has been a significant year in the life of Reaching Souls. The founders of Reaching Souls, Jimmy and Dee Hodges, both left this earth this year and are with our Lord for eternity. We miss Jimmy and Dee, but would not want them to be any place other than where they are at this very moment. At the end of this year, Ben Manis (my father), will be transitioning into a new role. God has used my Dad in many ways, in every way really, to grow this ministry into what it is today. Five years ago Dad stepped away from the CEO position and began serving in an oversight role, as President. In early 2014, Ben will become our President Emeritus and serve as an ambassador for Reaching Souls. Our Board has elected to combine the President and CEO roles into one position – and I will serve in that position. Jimmy and Ben would tell you that

the most significant thing that has happened this year is that, Lord willing, we will see over 5,000,000 people place their trust in Christ Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We give God all of the glory for what He has done, is doing, and will do in the days to come.

aggressively deploying nationals to reach nationals in greater numbers and in more places than ever before.

Jimmy was focused on souls and lived a faithful life. My dad has been focused on souls and is living a faithful life. At Reaching Souls, we remain focused on souls and seek to be faithful in life and to the work He has called us to do. Reaching Souls is our name and our goal – our first priority and number one pursuit.

As you consider year-end giving, please consider a gift that will take the Gospel to the lost and dying this Christmas.

Reaching Souls is having a banner year for salvation decisions, baptisms, and church starts – all key measurements in advancing the Great Commission. Our ministry and influence in Cuba is growing. We are expanding into new territory in new countries. Our gait is set and we are focused on

I have seen with my own eyes how your prayers and gifts are making an enormous eternal impact.

As you celebrate the earthly birth of our Savior, know that we are grateful for you and your partnership in the work Jesus came to earth to accomplish – to seek and to save the lost. Merry Christmas and thank you for Reaching Souls,

Dustin K. Manis Chief Executive Officer

On January 1, 2014, the “Final Mandate” under the Affordable Healthcare Act or “Obamacare” will go into effect. One impact it will have is forcing all 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, regardless of religious purpose, to participate in providing abortifacient drugs to their employees through their healthcare plans.

Reaching Souls Takes A Stand Obamacare Contraceptive Mandate forces Reaching Souls to stand by its principles to protect human life

Reaching Souls was asked by GuideStone, the employee benefits provider of the Southern Baptist Convention that also provides Reaching Souls’ employee benefits, to serve as lead plaintiff in a class action lawsuit seeking an exemption from the Final Mandate. After much prayer and unanimous approval from our board, we agreed. The lawsuit was filed on October 11,

The future of Reaching Souls International would have been very different without the presence of Dee Hodges. Dee played an instrumental role in the founding and growth of Reaching Souls International. As the wife of our founder, Jimmy Hodges, Dee was committed to living a life yielded to Jesus for the sake of souls.

Dee was a key mentor to many of our staff and their spouses, and loved to remind others that, “It’s not about you. It’s about Him!” Dee went on multiple projects with Reaching Souls International, both to support Jimmy and to fulfill her desire to be a minister of the Good News to those in need. We miss Dee’s input into our lives and the ministry of Reaching Souls, but we are

2013, in Federal Court. GuideStone is paying for all litigation costs. Reaching Souls is serving as a lead plaintiff along with GuideStone and Truett-McConnell College of Georgia. The parties are currently briefing plaintiffs’ motion for preliminary injunction, which, if granted, would put the January 1, 2014, deadline on hold until a permanent ruling on the law is made. One of our ministry’s core values is obedience to the commands of Christ. We believe that Jesus values all life, including the lives of the unborn. For that reason, we are taking this stand. If you would like more information regarding this litigation or a copy of our complaint, please call or visit our website. rejoicing with her as she celebrates with Jimmy and her Savior, Jesus Christ, in Heaven. She is greatly missed and eternally celebrated.

Dee Hodges

December 5, 1936-September 29, 2013 A faithful servant of Jesus and the wife of our founder, Jimmy Hodges, went to be with the Lord on September 29, 2013

Reaching Souls Newsletter - Winter 2013  
Reaching Souls Newsletter - Winter 2013  

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