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July 2015 | Issue No. 1

A Kusuma Trust & PJI Foundation Charity Newsletter

WELCOME ! EY Relay for Children

Photo: John Piris the first edition of the quarterly charity newsletter. The Kusuma Trust and the PJI Foundation have come together to give a voice to local charities and keep our community up to date on all the good work these groups are doing. By highlighting the many charitable initiatives happening in Gibraltar, and recording the significant philanthropic contribution the Gibraltarian community makes towards these efforts every year, it is our hope that this newsletter will help promote the worthwhile work which charities are already doing, and bolster continued and growing support for these dedicated organisations. This is your community newsletter and we would love to hear about what you and your charity are up to. We want to know about your charity’s upcoming events, fundraising activities and any messages of appreciation you might like to express in recognition of other groups or individuals who have contributed towards your mission. We are very excited about the prospect of showcasing the fantastic work which happens every day in Gibraltar’s charity sector, a sector which, in a community this size, achieves as much as it does only through the sheer grit and determination of those who make Gibraltar such a wonderfully caring and generous place. If you would like to contribute to our next edition or send us any press releases about your charity’s activities please get in contact with our team at

Zooming in on the Gibraltar Citizens Advice Bureau (GCAB) The Gibraltar Citizens Advice Bureau opened its doors in 2003 and has since been working hard to meet the needs of as many people as possible, identifying issues, trends, and concerns within our community and using these insights to lobby for positive policy development aimed at better supporting their service users and the community as a whole. On the 22nd June the Gibraltar Citizens Advice Bureau hosted an international conference at the Eliott’s Hotel entitled ‘Pathways to Resolution- Ending Negativity/ Ending Conflict’. Special guest speaker Assya Kavrakova, Director of European Citizens Action Services (ECAS), shared her insights on the importance of exploring diverse and constructive ways to approach and resolve conflict. By engaging with top experts like Ms Kavrakova, GCAB will continue to develop their services in line with the approach discussed in this conference, always focused on helping all members of our community, no matter who they are, to fully exercise their rights and obtain fair treatment under the law, thereby preventing prejudice and discrimination, and promoting equality, diversity and good relations across all sectors of our community.

UPCOMING EVENTS A Spotlight on Craig Sacarello

JULY Charity Fashion &

Can you tell us about how RICC was founded?


Cocktail Party at Dusk

Diabetes Gibraltar

11 Cancer Relief

Flag Day


Cycling Fundraising Event

Cancer Relief


Activity Fun Day In Casemates

AUGUST Gibraltar Alzheimer’s & Dementia Support Group Flag Day

21 23

William Tilley Lodge/ RAOB Cardboard Boat Race at Ocean Village

Wo r l d A l z h e i m e r ’ s M o n t h

Charity Bingo


17 Awareness Day

Neuroblastoma is the most common cancer in children under age 1. As such, it is the leading cause of death in 1 to 4-year-olds. Today, thanks to ever-more-advanced treatments a large proportion of sufferers are successfully cured but the side effects endured by these young children can have lasting physical and psychological repercussions. And, today, how do you use the funds raised?


Prostate Cancer

Following their experience of caring for a child with Neuroblastoma, Anthony and Margaret, together with a handful of friends, started working to raise awareness of the disease. This then led the group to register Gibraltar-based charity number 49, Research into Childhood Cancer, in the hope of raising funds for research into making Neuroblastoma treatments more effective and less invasive for children. So what exactly is Neuroblastoma?


Clubhouse Gibraltar

Research into Childhood Cancer (RICC) was founded by my parents Anthony and Margaret Sacarello in 1989 after losing their young son, my brother Philip, to Neuroblastoma, a rare type of childhood cancer. At the time, Neuroblastoma was a little-understood phenomenon.

Breast Cancer Support Gibraltar Pink Dinner

24 24

Bosom Buddies Awareness Day at the Piazza

For us, the top priority is research so 75% of all committee-raised funds are sent to a research department in Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) specifically focused on looking for a cure for Neuroblastoma. The remaining 25% of these funds remain in Gibraltar to finance the purchase of specialist equipment for the local Rainbow Ward for children, and laboratories. All other monies received from donations or non-committee-organised events are also sent to the GOSH Neuroblastoma research department. We would like to publicly thank everyone for their donations and support over the years. Every penny donated is greatly appreciated and goes a long way towards saving children’s lives.

Thinking of Starting a Charity in Gibraltar? Here’s Your Essential Setup Guide



The Gibraltar Charities Commission is based at No 6 Convent Place. To register your charity you will need to request an application form from the Commission. The application form is a three-page document and must be completed in duplicate and accompanied by: (a) Original Governing Instrument; and (b) Copy of last accounts. On the basis of this application, the Charity Commissioner will decide whether to approve or reject your request to register a new charity in Gibraltar. Contact the Gibraltar Commission on telephone: +350 200 70071



A Governing Instrument is a legal document which sets out the objectives of your charity and how you will run it – this is effectively the rule book on how you will organise your charity. Your Governing Instrument may include the following information: • What the charity is set up to do, i.e., ‘its purpose’; • How the charity will strive to achieve its purpose; • Who is involved in the organisation of the charity, i.e., Trustees, Directors, Committee; • What happens if amendments to the charity’s purpose need to be made; • What happens if the charity dissolves; and • Governance of the charity’s internal arrangement meetings, voting, finances, and the appointment and removal of Trustees.

YOU ARE OFFICIALLY A CHARITY; WHAT NOW? Make sure you are aware of your charity’s legal obligations. For best practice check out the UK Charity Commission’s website which has lots of helpful information about the successful management of a charity, and ask locally at the Citizens Advice Bureau about the specific legal obligations for charities in Gibraltar. Think about what rules you may want to implement within your charity some of these may be included in your Governing Instrument but it is also important to think about which internal rules you want to put in place. Draw up a strategic map of your goals and how you plan to achieve them. It is easier to fundraise and get people involved in your cause if you have a clear set of objectives and a logical strategy plan. Visit the UK Charity Commission website at:


has registered charities

UK has

164,097 registered charities


Photo: John Piris

Photo: John Piris

Miss Gibraltar 2014 led a Zumba event on 12th May in aid of Fighting Leukemia with Fashion

EY held their 2nd annual Relay for Children on 31st May in aid of Save the Children

Photo: John Piris

The annual Law Enforcement Torch Run was held on the 18th June to mark the start of the Special Olympics

Photo: GoG

Clubhouse Gibraltar were handed the keys to their new premises on 11th May

Photo: Angela Almeida

Triple A - Awesome Autism Awareness held a fun day in Casemates on 13th June in aid of Little Smiles and Autism Support Gibraltar

Knit Gibraltar celebrated Worldwide Knitting in Public Day at Commonwealth Park on 13th June

Photo Š DM Parody (

The Moorish Castle was lit up in orange on 27th May in support of World Multiple Sclerosis Day

Photo: John Piris

Lynx FC volunteers got body painted to raise funds for Little Smiles on 29th May

Look out for our second issue in November! If you would like to tell us about the good work your charity is doing, email us at:

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