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Promotion Newsletter: Vol October

Nathan Chen| Deputy General Manager Dear Madam/Sir, This is Nathan Chen, the Deputy General Manager of REACH24H Consulting Group. Firstly, I am pleased to invite you to join us in the 4th REACH Workshop Asia, 2012 on November 29-30th at Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Hotel in the most beautiful city Hangzhou, China. The annual REACH Workshop has emerged in the past 3 years as a uniquely valuable chemical industry meeting and brought together senior experts from governments, chemical industrial organizations and companies around the world. As we may have noticed, with the 2nd deadline of registration under REACH coming, companies are facing fierce competitions and challenges much more than what they have ever been through before. Since that, to know more about current international chemical regulatory trends and effective compliance strategies will definitely better serve companies that are going to expand their market in the EU, Asia Pacific region and US. The REACH Workshop, Asia 2012 is with the intention of sharing the latest global regulatory information, implementation and enforcement for manufacturers, or other roles within supply chains from various industries; moreover aims at elaborating cost-effective compliance solutions based on scientific research in

accordance with specific requirements. Attending the REACH Workshop, you will: 1) have the guidance given by senior officers of ECHA on the preparation of the 2nd registration deadline; 2) hear report from the authorities from EU member states on the REACH enforcement implementation; 3) learn lessons from Fortune Global 500 on REACH compliance by working with their suppliers; 5) gain technical advice from REACH24H experts on registration under REACH; 6) meet with the authorities of China and have the first-hand information of chemical legislation; 7) find speech given by certified laboratory on test requirements on new chemical notification in China; 8) gain technical advice from REACH24H experts on compliance with China's chemical laws; 9) have the guidance from the authorities from China and US on GHS implementation and compliance; 10) learn lessons from chemical management in Korea and Japan; 11) network with the officers and experts in this field. REACH24H provides simultaneous interpretation, preparing meeting materials in English and also the best support to meet your requirements on travel, accommodation etc. If you want to register a seat, for more detailed information, or you have any topics would love to see our comments, please contact us by sending requests to:; or visiting the official website of workshop: We are looking forward to welcoming you at this workshop and thank you in advance for your interests.

Yours sincerely,

Deputy General Manager September,2012

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Key Topics


* Preparation for the 2013 registration deadline under REACH

Petteri M채kel채 (ECHA)

* Live report on regulatory enforcement of EU REACH and CLP

Chiel Bovenkerk

* Balance between purchase and compliance strategy

Fortune Global 500

* Requirements and Solutions for US TSCA Compliance

Lily Hou

* Status and process of "China REACH"

Nie Jinglei (CRC-MEP)

* Test requirement under "China REACH"

Approved Lab

* Risk assessment progress under "China REACH"

Wang Hong

* Applicability of the testing data under "China REACH"

Cai Leiming

* More efficient new chemical notification under China REACH

Tommy Kong

* GHS implementation in China

Luo Qiming (MIIT)

* Revised "Measures on Hazardous Substances Registration"

Li Yuncai ( SAWS)

* Supervision on dangerous goods in waterway transportation

Zhang Chunlong

* Dialogue to Korean-Japanese chemical management

Sanghee Park

* Solutions for coping with regional differences in GHS

Christine Lepisto


Tips Register a seat e: Feedback e: Eugene.zeng@cn.reach24h. com Accommodation

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The most expected workshop of chemical regulatory this year.