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Over 170 attendees in 2012's conference, important guests at CRAC 2013: ECHA | MEP China | EPA US | CFDA China | MOE Korea | DIW Thailand | EPA Taiwan | CRC-MEP China | NRCC-SAWS China | CIQ China | MSA China | HSE UK | ICAMA China

We expect over 200 attendees this time

Organizer: REACH24H Consulting Group (a member company of CTI Group) Co-organizer: Zhejiang Institute of Standardization (ZIS) Zhejiang WTO/TBT Research & Response Center In association with: China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce

Chemical Regulatory Annual Conference 2013 Since our inception, REACH24H has been dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technical solutions and professional expertise to our clients around the world. Historically our flagship conference for networking, disseminating the latest updates in regulatory affairs and providing practical compliance know-how has been our "International Chemical Regulation REACH Workshop". This workshop has had a special place in the Asian chemical regulatory conference calendar. It was the first conference to thoroughly address the needs of industry in the wake of the enactment of REACH regulations and the first conference to adequately address the functional changes and related compliance obligations. The 5th "International Chemical Regulation REACH Workshop" is now formally renamed Chemical Regulatory Annual Conference (CRAC). This year’s conference co-hosted by REACH24H Consulting Group, Zhejiang Institute of Standardization and Zhejiang WTO/TBT Research & Response Center will focus more on the developments in chemical management legislation from a global perspective. CRAC 2013 will be held on Oct 21-22 at InterContinental Shanghai Pudong.

New Conference, New Opportunities (Oct 21-22 | InterContinental Shanghai Pudong)

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What will be covered this year

EU China

Japan &Korea



Who shall attend this year · Regulatory Affairs

· EHS Director/Manager

· Supply Chain Director/Manager

· Product Compliance Manager

· Commercial/BD Director/Manager

· MSDS and Label Experts

What to expect from CRAC 2013

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Professional Gathering in China to address concerns raised by regional and international stakeholders in regard to changes in chemical management frameworks and implementation of regulations, such as EU REACH and US TSCA. Extraordinary Opportunity for international companies to increase their practical awareness and overall knowledge of chemical legislative in the Asia-Pacific Region. The conference promises to provide the most up to date analysis and research, case studies and practical solutions to technical problems. A Broad Spectrum of the Most Relevant Topics will be presented at this year’s conference. The registered attendees are allowed to join the full conference, in addition to choosing 2 of 4 workshops on the 2nd day. Materials and records will be fully accessible to all registered attendees. Learn more about Agenda next page. A Unique Chance to Network for EHS managers, regulatory affairs and product registrants from various industries. We have invited officers from competent authorities, association and professional institutes to make valuable presentation.

Agenda of Oct 21, Oct 22 Oct 21

Oct 22-Morning

Oct 22-Afternoon

Chemical Regulations Developments in Sino-Euro-US Areas 8:30am

Opening Speech


The report of the 2nd registration deadline and the key findings

Dr.Petteri Mäkelä(confirmed) European Chemicals Agency


The 12th 5-year Plan: Chinese government implementing comprehensive chemical management

Ministry of Environmental Protection of the P.R.C.


Question & Answer + Tea break


MEP Order 22: the main legislation controlling hazardous chemicals with environmental impacts

Mao Yan (confirmed) CRC-MEP China


TSCA: The updates of developments of toxic chemicals management in US

US Environmental Protection Agency


Current status of US GHS implemtation: inspection over imported chemicals and enforcement plan

American Chemistry Council


Question & Answer


Buffet+coffee time

Asia-Pacific Chemical Management and Regional GHS Implementation 1:15pm

K-REACH: Stricter new and existing chemical management in Korea

Jonghee Koh Deputy Director at the Ministry of Environment (MOE) in South Korea


The current status of implementation and comparison of GHS in AP countries

Hiroshi Sano (confirmed) Technical Advisor of Japan Chemical Database Ltd.


Question & Answer


Tea break


The current status of joint chemical management legislation in ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)

Mrs. Somsri Suwanjaras (confirmed) Director of Hazardous Substance Control Bureau – DIW of Thailand


The strategy of chemical regulation compliance through supply chains in AP region



Question & Answer


Conference Reception

Agenda of Oct 21, Oct 22 Oct 21

Oct 22-Morning

Oct 22-Afternoon

Alternative Workshop1: China Chemical Regulation (Choose only one between workshop 1 and workshop 2) 8:30am

Practical guidance on Chinese chemical market entry -how to start regulatory compliance in China

Bob White (confirmed) Senior Regulatory Advisor of REACH24H


Information sharing for China new chemical notification - strategy, practice and learning

Dr. Crane Ji (confirmed) of Huntsman


China C&L inventory and current status of hazardous chemical registration



Question & Answer


Tea break


The enforcement and inspection of importation and exportation of chemicals in China

China Inspection and Quarantine


The management of transport of dangerous goods by water

Dalian Maritime Safety Administration of the P. R. China


Question & Answer


Buffet+coffee time

Alternative Workshop2: EU REACH Enforcement and Supply Chain Compliance 8:30am

Presentation on REACH enforcement activities of the UK and future plans


Dossier evaluation, implementation status of Authorization and Restrict


Question & Answer


Tea Break


The compliance needs and business concerns from EU importer's perspectives under REACH

Dr. Carla Bellomunno (confirmed) RA Manager of AMIK ITALIA SPA


Demo of newly-designed REACH-compliant IT solution: RSCC System

REACH Compliance Unit(confirmed) REACH24H Consulting Group


Question & Answer


Buffet+coffee time

UK Health and Safety Executive

Agenda of Oct 21, Oct 22 Oct 21

Oct 22-Morning

Oct 22-Afternoon

Alternative Workshop3: Cosmetics’ Global Market Access (Choose only one between workshop 3 and workshop 4) 1:30pm

An overview of EU cosmetics regulation and the impact on exported cosmetics

ALine Weber(confirmed) Cosmed


Chinese cosmetic market access – regulation introduction and product registration guidance

China Food and Drug Administration


Legislation of imported cosmetics in US

US Personal Care Products Council




Tea Break


Safety evaluation of cosmetic products in China


Global trends in safety evaluation of cosmetic products





Zhang Hongwei(confirmed) Center for Disease Control & Prevention

Alternative Workshop4: Biocides, Pesticides and Disinfectants’ Global Market Access 1:30pm

The overview of new BPR and its implementation

Dr.Petteri Mäkelä(confirmed) European Chemicals Agency


Development and updates of pesticides regulations in China



The comparison between BPR, China pesticides regulation and product registration strategy in both areas.

Song Min(confirmed) Senior Regulatory Advisor of REACH24H




Tea Break


US pesticides regulation, PPP and disinfectant products management

US Environmental Protection Agency


Chinese disinfectant product market entry – regulation introduction and product registration guidance

Bob White(confirmed) Senior Regulatory Advisor of REACH24H





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Alternative Workshops on Oct 22 ( Choose one between Workshop 1 or 2; one between Workshop 3 or 4 ) Workshop1: China Workshop2: EU Workshop3: Cosmetics Workshop4: Biocides & Disinfectants

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Registration Terms and Conditions 1) Registration deadline shall be Oct. 15 2013. 2) Payment shall be fulfilled within 10 work days upon receipt of invoice. If registrants choose Paypal, payment shall be made upon receipt of Paypal link (or make payment through Paypal immediately if registration is finished online). Considering the number of attendees is limited up to 200, only if full payment is done conference committee will issue attendee confirmation and reserve seats.If registrants do not receive a confirmation or have any questions about payment, please contact us (+86 571 870 075 60) to ensure your booking. REACH24H Consulting group will not be liable for any non-arrival of registration information. 3) Substitute: in any case, a substitute of a affirmed attendee will be welcome for no extra charge if we receive notice in writing prior to Oct. 21 2013 (Beijing Time). 4) Cancellation: any attendee will be allowed to cancel reservation more than thirty days prior to the conceference, Oct. 21 2013 (Beijing Time) by informing conference committee in wirting. However, it wil be subject to 50% of the invoiced registration fee will be charged for administration. It is regretted that cancellation less than thirty days prior to the conference will not be refunded. Alternatively, paid registration fee will be saved as credit deemed for other REACH24H events later on or services. 5) No responsibility is assumed by REACH24H Consulting Group, the organizer, co-host, or speakers for any content or ideas presented at the event or conatined in the materials. 6) Recording or picturing with no permission of conference comittee at the event is not allowed. All intellectual property rights shall be reserved by REACH24H Consulting Group. Presentation materials including vocal, video records as well as in printed book or USB driver in association with CRAC 2013 shall not be used for any commercial purposewith no authorization. Disclosure of materials above to any 3rd parties (expect companies/organizations which attendees serve for) without authorization of REACH24H Consulting Group is strictly prohibited. 7) REACH24H Consulting Group will reserve the right to alter the program, including (but not limited to) topics,speakers, venue. Attendees are suggested taking advantage of official webiste for up-to-date version and CRAC event. In case of cancellation of the event by REACH24H Consulting Group, liability will be limited to the return of fees actually paid. 8) In case of a person/company (visitor, attendee, sponsor, exhibitor) infringing the overall interest/aim of the conference or other attendees, parties or companies involved in the conference the committee shall be entitled to exclude the infringing person/ company from the conference after a warning, in writing or personally showed no adequate result. All respective costs in context of the infringement or the exclusion shall be on the infringing person/companies/organizations own responsibilities. 9) By indicating non-disclosed at "Remain my info. undisclosed" sector, REACH24H Consulting Group(conference committee) will strictly remain the information of the registrants confidential. 10) Expenses as travels arrangements, insurance and Visa application are on the attendee’s own responsibility. The cost of accommodation is not inculded in the registration rate. 11) Applicable laws: this registration shall be governed by the laws of P.R.China. 12) By ticking in the box of Registration Form, the registrant agrees the terms and conditions above. 13) REACH24H reserves the rights to make final interpretations of the content with respect to registration form and this terms and conditions.

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As our keynote partners for this conference our VIP sponsors are afforded pride of place with the most prominent displays for showcasing services and the most influential media and marketing outlets available. (Bilingual displays are advised).The benefits include: • 3 complimentary passes (688*3=2,064USD) • Speaking Session (15-20min, 21 Oct PM session) or speech at the conference reception (Oct 21 2013.) • Company Commercial or Slides on LED Screen • Branding at The Event: 1 Exhibition Stand + Roll-up Banner + 1 Booth(3*3m) + Ads Boards at Conference Room • Product placement in a diverse range of media materials • Marketing and Hyperlink on CRAC 2013 Official Website • Materials Display • Branding at and Focus


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Cell Phone Charger Display: 1 Seat Open Sponsor Investment = 800USD(500USD for Sponsor Package) The cell phone charger display is another unique opportunity to showcase a companys brand and another prime product placement opportunity. The company is given a cell charger for conference attendees to charge their phones set on a dressed table decorated with company logo, company materials etc. In addition the companies can also upload company slides or commercial displayed on an accompanying iPad.

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Oct is the best season when you should never miss visiting Shanghai. The average range of temperature in history was 15-22C (59-71.6F) Check local weather

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CRAC 2013 of REACH24H will cover: 1) Chemical Regulations Developments of Sino-Euro-Us Areas; 2) Asia-Pacific Chemical Management and Region...