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Nolte Coffee Shop + Study Hall

This project proposes a new design for an existing space in Nolte Hall, at the Univeristy of Minnesota. The idea was to create a modern and comfortable space that is unique compared to the other coffeeshops on campus. SketchUp, AutoCad, Podium and Hand Rendering were used as tools to develope this design.

3rd Place Cafe

This 3rd Place Cafe named Airea is a modern day office space that allows anyone to come in and work for free. The space is simultaneously used by Haworth Inc. as a showroom for their furniture pieces. My concept for Airea was to have a design with clashing geometrical elements that stays true to the "industrial chic" style of North Loop Minneapolis. Revit was used to develope this design.

Fraser Clinic

Prayer Room

Student Entrance

Muscle Motor Room

Main Entrance Nourishment Room

Music Room

Muscle Motor Room

Muscle Motor Room

The Fraser Clinic Project was a collaboration between the University of Minnesota and the Fraser Organization. They were looking for design solutions for their St.Paul Clinic. My group was inspired by the symbolism of a flower in regards to children. The roots represent the workers and family members who are the child’s foundation, the leaves represent progress through different treatments, and the flower itself reflects how children blossom through learning

Product Design

This design was inspired by the the connection between modern architecture and the natural world is a strong one. The lines, the motions and movements in modern design mimic the organic ways of nature. This is exactly what the Offset Light fixture does, it is a model based on the connection of architecture and nature. The natural is the delicate petals and the soft curves. The architecture is the stacking and shifting of the petals. Alvar Aalto called architecture and design “the second nature�, this is the driving force behind the design of this light fixture.

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