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The Theological Institute of Ministry

A partnership between Mission to the World and the National Presbyterian Church of Mexico

T E A M N O RT H E R N M E X I C O For more information contact Michael Lee at Cell: 803.325.5814

Teaching, coaching, and mentoring tomorrow’s church planters today.

P L A N T I N G C H U RC H E S , M A K I N G D I S C I P L E S The spiritual state of Mexico is desperate. Ambition and greed override the morals of many leading to a culture soaked in corruption. Drug violence grips the country in great fear. How can these beautiful people be set free from such tremendous bondage? The answer lies in Christ alone and His gospel. The Theological Institute of Ministry is preparing the man of God to plant churches, disciple his community with the gospel of hope, and win back the hearts and minds of the people of Mexico for Christ. Monterrey, Mexico is the third largest city in Mexico and second largest metro area in Mexico comprising over 6 mi$ion souls.


Our Mission is to form, equip, and develop Christian leaders with the gospel of grace through Reformed theological and biblical teaching that transforms character, knowledge and will, in order

Students at ITEM receive the very best in theological training with an emphasis on reformed and covenantal theology. In addition to the the great staff of teachers in Monterrey, ITEM also invites many guest professors as well to assist us in this great discipling endeavor. Guest professors who have already taught include Dr. Simon Kistemaker, Dr. Michael Milton, and Dr Richard Belcher as well as many others.

that the church planter may be an instrument for

Jorge Aleman is an ordained pastor in the National Church and is Academic Dean at ITEM.

Michael Lee is a PCA Teaching Elder and MTW Missionary.

the foundation and development of Christcentered churches in Mexico. We are committed to teaching the gospel because we believe that it is the power of God unto salvation. In addition to this we believe that the Reformed faith is the clearest and greatest expression of the gospel on earth. Therefore, we

PRACTICAL CHURCH PLANTING T R A I N I N G In addition to a rigorous course of theological training, the church planting candidate at ITEM also simultaneously receives training in the many practical aspects of church planting. As Mexico is over 90% urban, urban church planting methods and their particular challenges are the main focus. Our desire is to see the gospel lived incarnationally in the lives or the church planter so that he can better reach his community for Christ.

Caleb Dunn, President of ITEM Rafael Rodriguez has over 35 and an MTW Missionary is years experience as a Pastor and nearing completion of his D. Min. church planter in Mexico

will use the great creeds of the Reformed faith along side of the gospel as the foundation for what we teach. We believe that God has called us to preach and make disciples of all nations, and that the most eective way to fulfill this commission is through church planting and church planting movements.

L O N G T E R M C OAC H I N G Theological education and practical church planting training are not enough to ensure the success of a church plant. Research into adult learning indicates that only 5% of learners transfer a new skill into practice as a result of theory alone. Whereas 90% of learners will transfer a new skill into practice with theory and demonstration, practice with training, feedback, and coaching. The church planting candidate is continuously learning, practicing and receiving feedback and coaching to best ensure his sucess.

Andres Garza (le") is the MTW Team Leader in Monterrey. Esau Reyes (right) is a church planter.

Eraclio Conde (le") is lay pastor at Bethel in Apodoca, and is enro$ed at ITEM.

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ITEM Brochure  

Caleb Dunn Jorge Aleman Rafael Rodriguez Jamie Jiminez Michael Lee ITEM Staff Team Leader Andres Garza Teaching, coaching, and mentoring tomo...