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THE announcement that the Freshlink (formerly the Old McKellar Watt sausage factory) in Old Shettleston Road Shettleston was closing means that around 200 families will now look forward to a miserable Christmas thanks to the owners basically not giving a monkey’s about their loyal staff, as they decided to withdraw the factory from the East End. Despite a joint party attempt to persuade ABP Foods to listen to reasoning the company seemed determined to rebuff any attempt to re-locate to a modern factory in the area therefore putting workers, some of whom had been with the company for at least 30 years, on the dole espe-

cially at this time of the year. Scottish Labour’s Margaret Curran, MP for Glasgow East, told the Re-Gen: “This is devastating news for the staff at Freshlink. The loss of these jobs is a real blow for the East End where we’re already suffering from the effects of this economic crisis. “ABP Foods did not consider the profound effect this decision will have on both its employees and the local area. Freshlink has a dedicated workforce who do not deserve this terrible news. “The Scottish Government now needs to do all it can to help find employment for the men and women who are losing their livelihoods. We expect them to put in place the same support as they

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Friday 16th November 2012

Issue Number 92

The Mailcoach

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Re-GEN Sport by Tom Scott

have for the staff of Hall’s of Broxburn and to ensure local agencies are working all out to find them new jobs.

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2 Friday 16th November 2012


Margaret Curran MP

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1st Friday of the Month 10am Carmyle Community Centre, Hillcrest Road 11.15am The Bridge, Easterhouse 1st Saturday of the Month 10am St Andrew’s Secondary School, Torphin Crescent, Carntyne 11.15am St Andrew’s Church, Church Street, Baillieston 3rd Friday of the Month 10am Parkhead Housing Association Your Member of Parliament for Online Surgery GLASGOW EAST Email:

There will be no surgeries held during school/bank holidays I also offer specialist surgeries throughout the year for young people, schools and others as requested. Please contact me for more details.

5 ways to contact Margaret... Write : Academy House 1346 Shettleston Road Glasgow, G32 9ATcopy.pdf CG local press ad AW 2012

Phone: 0141 778 8993 9/3/12

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The Angel’s Share Actor Launches Aberlour Family Support Service Barrowfield Boy, actor, Paul Brannigan, star of hit film The Angel’s Share this week helped launch a new residential rehabilitation service in Bridgeton. Run by Aberlour, the Aberlour Family Support Service is unique, being the only such facility in Scotland which allows children to stay with their mothers while in the care of the service. The Aberlour Family Support Service accepts referrals from across Scotland and offers mothers and pregnant women with addiction issues, short and long term stays in one of twelve self-contained flats in a new, purpose built facility in the East End of Glasgow. A programme of support and skills development is created for each family, focussing on recovery from substance misuse and on parenting. The Service holds family sessions to develop and build the parent/ child relationship as well as helping to provide consistent, positive parenting. A range of communal facilities are also provided including a lounge, computing suite, gym and a dining room. The Service is one of the only ones which offers support to allow children to stay with their mother while they are resident, which greatly increases the chances of long term success. This can often be as an alternative to putting a child into care and can also help to inform decisions about a child’s future to make sure they have the support they need at home, at school and in their community. Aberlour has worked with two partners, Glasgow Addiction Services and Thenue Housing Association, to design and construct the purpose built, modern residential rehabilitation facility in the Bridgeton/ Calton area that meets the needs of families. Paul Brannigan, who has battled addiction problems himself, helped dedicate a ‘recovery’ tree in the grounds of the new service to com-

memorate its launch. The new facility accepted its first families in April 2012, and since then, 25 families have stayed with 21 children, while 5 children have been born in that short period. To celebrate this achievement, the recovery tree is being decorated with 25 ribbons symbolising the families which Aberlour has helped. Paul was joined by Aberlour Chief Executive, Ken Dunbar, Jackie Hothersall of Aberlour, Charles Turner of Thenue Housing Association and David Williams of Glasgow Addiction Services to plant the tree. Ken Dunbar said, “This really is a proud moment for Aberlour, as it stretches the boundaries of our work once again. Aberlour has a history of working in some of the most challenging areas because deep down, in our hearts, we know that everyone has the potential for growth and change. The quality of this fantastic new facility is second to none. The flats provide privacy and dignity for the families while we work intensively with them as a family unit and help them to turn their lives around and learn how to flourish. We know that a family’s chances of long term success are increased by working with the children and parents in this way, and we hope to help many more vulnerable

families to achieve a positive future without the poverty and deprivation that substance misuse can lead to.” Thenue Chief Executive, Charles Turner told the Re-Gen, “This is a wonderful example of the ongoing good work which Aberlour carries out in communities across Scotland. They are achievements that really do change people’s lives for the better. Helping communities is also a core objective of Thenue Housing. And here in London Road we not only share a building with Aberlour but also a desire to create good homes, too.” One former resident commented, “I came straight from a woman’s hostel and I had a lot of problems and addictions. I was also pregnant, and in an abusive relationship so this was my chance to get in here without him knowing. Aberlour is the only place that has worked for me. If it wasn’t for Aberlour I would be in prison or dead, but now I have the chance to have a life with my son and be happy.” Aberlour Family Support Service has been created with generous assistance from Thomas Cook Children’s Charity, Barclays Wealth, The W O Street Charitable Foundation, Celtic Charity Foundation, Sodexo, Scottish Enterprise and The Imlay Foundation.

. e. Margaret Curran and Frank McAveety visited success of Baillieston Post yy know how valued know how valued Frank McAveety visited Baillieston post office Office. calat post office is to ocal post office is to Baillieston post office theThey weekend to know how valued ReGEN Friday 16th November 2012 eople of Baillieston. eople of Baillieston. at the weekend to congratulate Mark Adrian the local post office is to ss great news in great news in congratulate Mark Adrian andthe his people staff on ofthe Baillieston. eston but eston but legislation and hislegislation staff onnews the service run from and in the This is great service run from the tly passed in the tly success passed in Baillieston the of Post Baillieston butand legislation success of Baillieston Post ee of Commons will ofOffice. Commons will recently passed in the The can The team team at at Spring Spring Grove Grove Clinic Clinic in in can provide provide the the same same level level of of treatment treatment Office. They know House of how Commons will the privatisation of the privatisation ofvalued Barrachnie Garrowhill is options, care surroundings as Barrachnie Road Garrowhill iscelebrating celebrating options, care and surroundings as aa The teamRoad at Spring Grove Clinic in can provide theand same level of treatment They know how valued the fantastic achievement of winning large city centre based dental practice. the local post office is to the fantastic achievement of winning large city centre based dental practice. mean the privatisation of Barrachnie Road Garrowhill is celebrating options, care and surroundings as a Mail. Mail. This This leads leads to to two of the top UK Private Dentistry Commenting, David Cunningham said, two of the top UK Private Dentistry Commenting, David Cunningham said, the fantastic achievement of winning large city centre based dental practice. local post office is to the people of Baillieston. Mail. This s over the of ts overRoyal the future future of leads to Awards of 2010, Practice of “The worked incredibly hard two of top namely UK Private Dentistry Commenting, David Cunningham said, Awards ofthe 2010, namely Practice of the the “The team team has has worked incredibly hard to to the doubts people of Baillieston. is great news infuture of over the ost Office network Awards of 2010, namely Practice of the “The team has worked incredibly hard ostThis Office network Year make place Year and and Best Best Patient Patient Care. Care. ItIt was was also also make Spring Spring Grove Grove Clinic Clinic aa fantastic fantasticto place Thisthe is great news in Baillieston but legislation Post Office network Year and Best Patient Care. It was also make Spring Grove Clinic a fantastic place awarded runner up in Best Community for our patients. I am delighted that our awarded runner up in Best Community for our patients. I am delighted that our no be h can can no longer longer be THEpassed countdown to Glasgow’s 8 December. Michelle McMaLord Provost, Santa and one been looking forward to joining Charity awarded runner in Best Community for our patients. I am delighted by that ourtop Baillieston but no legislation recently inlonger the Project and Outstanding Individual efforts have recognised which can be Charity Project andup Outstanding Individual efforts have been been recognised by the the top nteed in the nteed in official the years years Charity Outstanding Individual efforts have been recognised by thefocus top has Christmas celebranus, Stephen Purdon, Dean Park lucky youngster started the in the party atmosphere.” of Year along with being UK professionals.” “My of the the YearProject alongand with being shortlisted shortlisted UK industry industry professionals.” “My focus has recently in the the House of passed Commons will guaranteed in years The team atYear Spring Grove Clinic inshortlisted can provide the same level of treatment of the along with being UK industry professionals.” “My focus has me. Margaret who me.mean Margaret who for always for Most Most Attractive Attractive Practice Practice and and Best Best always been been to to provide provide excellent excellent patient patient House of Commons willwho tions gotMargaret underway last night and others from the cast of The countdown to the official switch Glasgow’s Christmas Lights Barrachnie privatisation of to the come. Road Garrowhill is celebrating options, carethe and surroundings as a for Most Attractive Practice and Best always been to provide patient The team at Spring Grove Clinic in can provide same levelbest ofexcellent treatment Team. Winning the Practice of the care with the very dental advice and Team. Winning the Practice of the care with the very best dental advice and the debate made e in inRoyal thespoke debate made the fantastic achievement ofiswinning large city centre based dental practice. Team. Road Winning the Practice of the care with the very best dental and mean the privatisation ofmade Barrachnie Garrowhill celebrating options, care and surroundings a advicetime Mail. leads (Thursday) at the to spectacular Wizard Of Never Woz at the Paon of the Christmas lights and forms part of the Glasgow inThis the debate Year and Best Patient Care Awards is aa treatment. II believe in as spending with Year and Best Patient Awards treatment. believe spending time two ofYear the top UK Private Dentistry Commenting, David Cunningham said, time and Best PatientCare Care Awards is is a treatment. I believe in in spending withwith the fantastic achievement of winning large city centre based dental practice. that the legislation that the legislation Royal Mail. This leads to doubts over the future of on in clear that the legislation great endorsement of the Spring Grove my patients, fully explaining preventative great endorsement ofof the Spring Grove mypatients, patients, fully explaining preventative Christmas lights switch vilion Theatre also entertained George Square was transLoves Christmas campaign. It in-Awards of 2010, namely Practice of the “The team has worked incredibly hard to great endorsement the Spring Grove my fully explaining preventative two of the top UK Private Dentistry Commenting, David Cunningham said, g mistake and is not ig mistake and is not Clinic teams’ commitment to providing and treatment options to them and doubts over the future Clinic teams’ commitment andtreatment treatment options them the Post Office network is a big mistake andofSanta is notClaus and Best Patient Care. It to was also make Spring Grove Clinic a fantastic place Clinic teams’ commitment toproviding providing and options to to them and Awards of 2010, namely Practice of the “The team has worked incredibly hard toand George Square with the crowd together with the formed into a sparkling winter corporates Glasgow’s unrivalled Year affordable, money, community supporting them they choose their affordable, value for money, community supporting them as they choose their awarded runner up infor Best Community for oursupporting patients. Ithem am delighted that our affordable, value for money, community asas choose their the Post Office network rted by the public. orted by the public. Year and Bestvalue Patient Care. It was also make Spring Grove Clinic athey fantastic place which can nothe longer be supported by theProvost public.Sadie joining Lord RSNO Choir. wonderland of stunning fairy shopping offer and celebrated Charity based, professional family oral and dental treatment plans. II am very grateful to based, professional family oral and dental treatment plans. am very grateful to our our Project and Outstanding Individual efforts have been recognised by the top based, professional family oral and dental treatment plans. I am very grateful to our awarded runner up in Best Community for our patients. I am delighted that our which can no longer be took aret and Frank took in the Frank years aretguaranteed and Frank took Margaret and Urban Post Offices often face person living in Barlanark steps to protect the service.” Urban Post Offices often face person living in Barlanark steps to protect the service.” Urban Post Offices often face person living in Barlanark steps to protect the service.” of the Year along with being shortlisted industry “My focus has in in health care, advice, support and patients for their fantastic comments health care, advice, support andtreatment treatmentUK patients for fantastic health care, advice, support and treatment patients fortheir their fantastic comments in Charity Project and Outstanding Individual efforts haveprofessionals.” been recognised bycomments the top Docherty to flick the switch Glasgow 2014 mascot Clyde lights, seasonal decorations, a style mile as well as a proguaranteed in the years to come. Margaret who the opportunity to make for Most Attractive Practice and Best always been to provide excellent patient pportunity to make to an exceptionally high standard. The support of our Awards application.” At the pportunity to make to an exceptionally high standard. The different challenges from may be unable to get to Frank McAveety says “ support of our Awards application.” At different from may be unable to to Frank McAveety says ““ to exceptionally high standard. support of our Awards application.” At the the different challenges challenges from may unable tree to get get McAveety says thean Year along with being shortlisted The UK industry professionals.” “My focus has which illuminated the Square kept the crowd moving with a betowering and to of course theFrank gramme of festive events all of Winning the Practice of the care with the to very best dental advice and award winning practice prides itselfon on Awards presentation, the Spring Grove Clinic to come. Margaret winning practice prides itself Awards presentation, the Spring Grove Clinic foraward Most Attractive Practice and Best always been provide excellent patient award winning practice prides itself on Awards presentation, the Spring Grove Clinic spoke in the debate made passing shoppers aware of in thosecommunities, in rural communities, any of theretailers large retailers Privatisation Privatisation of the Royal Team. ng aware of ng shoppers shoppers aware ofwho those rural any of the large of the Royal those in rural communities, any of the large retailers Privatisation of the Royal Year and Bestfocussed Patient Care Awards is a treatment. Iwere believe in spending time with itsWinning patient focussed approach which is team were commended for excellence Team. the Practice of the care with the very best dental advice and marking the start of Christmas special appearance supported traditional Nativity Scene. taking place at the city’s famous its patient approach which is team commended for excellence its patient focussed approach which is team were commended for excellence spoke in the debate made clear the legislation the change to legislation and they with too deal with isolation in the community. A single Mail has the term hange to legislation and hange tothat legislation and great endorsement of efficient the Spring Grove my patients, fully explaining preventative they too isolation in A has term always courteous, efficient and across the forfor the state of of they too deal deal with isolation in the the community. community. A single single Mail Mail has the the long longlong term Year and Best Patient Care Awards isfriendly, afriendly, treatment. Iall believe incategories, spending time with always courteous, and across all the categories, the state always courteous, efficient and friendly, across allofof of the categories, for the state of for thousands the City. by some funky dancers from A spectacular310-minute and much-loved George Square,Clinic clear that the them legislation is a asked big mistake andacross is pledge not teams’ commitment to providing treatment options to being them and to within surroundings thatare areluxurious, luxurious, and the and a team who strive and represent lifeline to children threat to jobs services great endorsement of the Spring Grove my patients, fully explaining preventative them to pledge d for for them tofor pledge set within surroundings that the art facility, and being aa team who strive and aa lifeline mother with children and to and services setset within surroundings that are luxurious, theart artfacility, facility, and being team who strive and represent represent lifelineato to mothermother with 33with children and andthreat threat to jobs jobs andand services affordable, value for money, community supporting them as they choose their comfortable and welcoming. Heading up and treatment to provideoptions excellent patient care. Its’ efforts is a the big support mistake and is not asecured their Clinic teams’ commitment to providing to them and Around 15,000 people Destination Dance. The gates firework display from the roof and throughout the city. Full supported by the public. by signing communities. We need without a car relies on local at a local level. I will be comfortable and welcoming. Heading up to provide excellent patient care. Its’ efforts comfortable and welcoming. Heading up to provide excellent patient care. Its’ efforts upport by aa upport by signing signing their without at their communities. communities. We We need need without aa car car relies relies on on local local at aa local local level. level. II will will be be based, professional andCunningham dental treatment plans. I am grateful to our the clinical team is Droral David in raising funds tovery support Yorkhill Children’s affordable, value forfamily money, community supporting them as they choose their supported by Barlanark the public. the team is Cunningham in raising funds to support Yorkhill Children’s Margaret and Frank tookgave the clinical clinical teamsupport is Dr Dr David David Cunningham infor raising funds towon support Yorkhill petition. Post them a golden ticket that at 5.00pm with Clyde 1person of the iconic Chambers details of the entire Glasgow Urban Post often living in City Barlanark to protect the service.” toopened take Offices action now toface ensure services that the Post Office steps working with Margaret to health care, advice, and treatment their fantastic comments inour Children’s established his practice in Garrowhill patients Hospital ECMO Unit the runner-up based,who professional family oral and dental treatment plans. I am very grateful to on. Barlanark Post on.Margaret Barlanark Post to action now to services that the Office working with Margaret to to take take action now to ensure ensure services that theinPost Post Office working with Margaret to who established his practice in Garrowhill Hospital ECMO Unit won the runner-up who established his practice in Garrowhill Hospital ECMO Unit won the runner-up and Frank took Urban Post Offices often face person living Barlanark steps to protect the service.” the opportunity to make to an exceptionally high standard. The support of our Awards application.” At the Office is currently for sale different challenges from may be unable to get to Frank McAveety says “ over 14 years ago. Winning these two award for Best Community Charity that we do not end up in a provides. This legislation is ensure the voices of the entryfor to one of Glasgow’s besttaking to the stage at 6.00pm then brought the event to a Loves Christmas programme are health care, advice, support and treatment patients for their fantastic comments in Project. is currently sale over 14 years ago. Winning these two award for Best Community Charity Project. is passing currently for sale that do not end up in aa provides. This legislation the voices of the 14 years ago. Winning these two award for Best Community Charity that we we do not end up infrom provides. This legislation is Post ensure ensure the voices of winning practice itself on belief Awards presentation, the Grove Clinic Awards recognises his firmly held Spring Grove Clinic isSpring a leader in providing the and opportunity make to over an exceptionally highprides standard. The support of our Awards application.” At the Project. different challenges mayaof be unable to tois Frank McAveety says “the shoppers aware unless ato buyer isoffound in rural communities, the large retailers Privatisation of Royal situation on which a audilarge any forerunner ofget many east endfrom arethe heard and all award loved events. The ballot for those to amuse the excited close. The Lord Provost said: east available www.glasgowloAwards recognises his firmly held belief Spring Grove is aa leader providing Awards recognises his firmly held belief team Spring Grove Clinic Clinic isexcellence leader in providing its patient focussed approach which is were commended for that a community based dental dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, nless aachange buyer is found nless buyer is found award winning practice prides itself onpractice, Awards presentation, the Spring Grovein Clinic situation on which a large a forerunner of many Post end are heard and all situation on which a large a forerunner of many Post east end are heard and all passing shoppers aware of those in rural communities, any of the large retailers Privatisation of the Royal the to legislation and its the fate remains uncertain. too deal with in the community. single haslocal the long retailer steps inisolation and takes Office closures because the post term offices are acourteous, based dental practice, dental implants, cosmetic that a community community based dental practice, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, always efficient and friendly, all of commended the categories, the dentistry, state of family where patient relationships and trust are across braces, tooth whitening and free tickets was more thanthey encein with antakes hour-long festive “Everyone lovesA Santa andwe I the itsthat patient focussed approach which is team invisible were forfor excellence ee remains remains uncertain. retailer steps and Office closures because we local offices are retailer steps and Office closures because we the local post offices are the Margaret change toCurran legislation and they tooin deal with isolation in the community. A single Mail has the term asked foruncertain. them to pledge where patient relationships and trust invisible braces, tooth set within surroundings that arefriendly, luxurious, artdentistry. facility, and being a team who strive says “ and represent a takes lifeline mother withtaking 3 children and threat to post jobslong and services where patient relationships and trust are are the invisible braces, tooth whitening and family family key, using the latest dental technology, over the service. An to elderly are not the necessary protected”. always courteous, efficient and across all of the categories, forwhitening the state ofand 5 times over-subscribed, with programme of music, comedy am so pleased he was able to comfortable and welcoming. Heading up to provide excellent patient care. Its’ efforts aret Curran says “ key, using the latest dental technology, dentistry. aretthe Curran says “ An not the necessary protected”. asked for them to pledge using the latestthat dental over the the service. Anaelderly elderly arewithout not taking taking the necessary protected”. setkey, within surroundings are technology, luxurious, the artdentistry. facility, and being a team who strive andservice. represent lifeline to are mother with 3relies children and threat to jobs and services support by signing a over their communities. We need a car on local at a local level. I will be the clinical team is Dr David Cunningham in raising funds to support Yorkhill Children’s requests for some 78,000 tickand Christmas banter. Partymake time in his incredibly busy comfortable and welcoming. Heading up to provide excellent patient care. Its’ efforts the support by signing a their communities. Weensure need without a carthe relies onOffice local at a localwith level. I will beto petition. Barlanark Post to take action now to services that Post working Margaret McAveety Slams who established practice in Garrowhill Hospital won theYorkhill runner-up the clinical team his is Dr David Cunningham in raisingECMO fundsUnit to support Children’s ets. Hosted by goers invited to upprovides. schedule help me Office switch petition. Barlanark Post to take action to services that the Post workingthe with Margaret Office is currently forClyde sale1’s George over years ago. two award forECMO Best Unit Community Project. that we dowere notnow end upensure inwarm a Thisto legislation is on ensure voices of theto who 14 established hisWinning practice these in Garrowhill Hospital won theCharity runner-up SNP Awards firmly these held belief Spring Clinic is a leader in providing Bowie and Suzie theirdo vocal chords byin taking part Glasgow’s Christmas Lights. Office is currently for sale over 14 recognises years ago. his Winning two award Grove for Best Community Charity Project. that we not endaup a provides. Thisof legislation is ensure the theall and unless aGames buyer is McGuire, found thesituation on which large a forerunner many Post east end arevoices heardofand that a community based dental practice, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, Awards recognises his firmly held belief Spring Grove Clinic is a leader in providing andfate unless a buyer istofound situation on which large a forerunner ofwe many Post eastlocal end post are heard evening sprung life with anretailer in asteps giant Christmas sing-a-long, The line-up had was its remains uncertain. in anda takes Office closures because wethe the officesand areall where patient relationships and practice, trust are invisible braces, tooth whitening and family that a community based dental dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, Funding Decision its fateacrobatic remains uncertain. retailer steps in and takes Office closures because we the local post offices are Margaret Curran says courtesy “ key, using the latest dental technology, dentistry. the service. Anofelderly not taking necessary display of over featuring some Scotland’s fa-are perfect waythe to start the festive protected”. where patient relationships and trust are invisible braces, tooth whitening and family Glasgow Shettleston Frank over the service. An elderly Margaret Curran “MSPbrightkey, using the latest dental technology, dentistry. are not taking the– necessary some of thesays country’s vourite festive tunes and special season in style with a fantasticprotected”. McAveety has hit out at a McAveety Slams ow MSP Frank ow Shettleston Shettleston MSP Frank est gymnastic stars from the guest Olympic Bronze medallist fun-filled celebration for all the decision by Scottish Enterprise etyMcAveety has hit out at eety hasto hit outCommonwealth at a a Slams Glasgow School of Sport, in Beth Tweddle made an appearfamily. slash Games SNP Games on Scottish Enterprise on by by Scottish Enterprise ARE LARGE legacy funding almost half. honour of theby upcoming World ance WHETHER prior to the WorldYOUR Cham- DEBTS “Glasgow’s Christmas Lights is SNP Games h Commonwealth Games sh Commonwealth Games Clyde Gateway, the body Funding Decision OR SMALL WE REALLY CAN HELP YOU Cup Gymnastics event in the pionships at the National Indoor always one of the most magical WHETHER YOUR DEBTS ARE LARGE WHETHER YOUR DEBTS ARE LARGE by almost half. y funding funding by almost half. responsible for regenerating Funding Decision Emirates Glasgow Sports Arena in December. The days of the year and I have Glasgow Shettleston MSP Frank Gateway, the body Gateway, the body the East End Arena, of Glasgow, has on the




Aveety Aveety Slams Slams P P Games Games nding nding Decision Decision



McAveety haswith hit out at a Glasgow Shettleston MSP Frank hit a 46% cut in sible for regenerating nsible forbeen regenerating WE CAN PUT AN END TO THE decision byhas Scottish Enterprise McAveety out at a forhit urban regeneration in st of Glasgow, has st End End offunding Glasgow, has to slash Commonwealth Games decision bycut Scottish Enterprise has been it with a2011/2012. in hit with a 46% 46% cut inThe agency ENDLESS LETTERS AND CALLS FROM WHETHER YOUR DEBTS ARE LARGE legacy funding by almost half. tourban slash Commonwealth told it will share around £6.8 gg for regeneration in for urban regeneration in Games WHETHER YOUR DEBTS ARE LARGE Clyde Gateway, the body legacy funding by almost half. YOUR CREDITORS million with five other agencies, OR SMALL WE REALLY CAN HELP YOU 2012. agency has been 2012. The The agency has been responsible for regenerating Clydeinstead Gateway, the£7 body of the million it was OR SMALL WE REALLY CAN HELP YOU will share around £6.8 willthe share around £6.8 East End for of Glasgow, has responsible regenerating initially promised. five other agencies, n with with five other agencies, been hit End with 46% in the East ofa Glasgow, has Frank said: “The cut Enterprise YOU MAY EVEN QUALIFY FOR dd of the it was WE CAN PUT AN END TO THEADVICE offunding the £7 £7 million itregeneration was for urban been hitmillion with a 46% cut Minister seems to beinmorein WE CAN PUT AN END TO THE yy promised. promised. 2011/2012. Theinagency has been funding for urban regeneration in AND ASSISTANCE interested facilitating meetings ENDLESS LETTERS AND CALLS FROM Clyde Gateway, in conjuncaid:told “The Enterprise said: “The Enterprise it will £6.8 2011/2012. The around agency has been for hisshare friend the Education ENDLESS LETTERS AND CALLS FROM tion with Glasgow Community er seems to be more YOUR CREDITORS million with five other agencies, er seems to be more told it will share around £6.8to Minister, who he wants instead of the £7 million it was YOUR CREDITORS ted in facilitating meetings million with five other agencies, sted in facilitating meetings succeed him asServices an MSP than he and Safety (GCSS), FOR FAST, EFFICIENT initially promised. instead of thewell £7 million it the was friend the Education is in the being of people friend the Education organised a Market Day in the PROFESSIONAL HELPFOR SIMPLY CALL Frank said: “The Enterprise initially promised. of the East End. er, er, who who he he wants wants to to YOU MAY EVEN QUALIFY ADVICE atrium space at the Eastgate Minister seems to behe more Frank “The Enterprise Atsaid: this very moment he should dd him as an MSP than YOU MAY AND EVENASSISTANCE QUALIFY FOR ADVICE him as an MSP than he interested in facilitating meetings on London Road. Minister seems be more beoffice pulling atomeeting together e well being of people he well being of the the people AND ASSISTANCE for his friend the Education interested in facilitating meetings with Scottish Enterprise to The event, which took place East East End. End. Minister, who the he wants to for his friend Education demand that they withdraw very moment he should very moment he should last month, enabled local busisucceed him as an MSP than he Minister, who he wants to and get this ridiculous proposal FOR FAST, EFFICIENT ing is aain meeting together ling meeting together nesses to promote themselves the well being of with the people succeed himthe as an MSP than he around table all the FOR FAST, EFFICIENT cottish Enterprise to cottish Enterprise to PROFESSIONAL HELP SIMPLY CALL of the East End. is in the well being ofthe the people of partners to fulfil promises directly to the hundreds d that they withdraw nd that they withdraw PROFESSIONAL HELP SIMPLY CALL At very moment he should of this the East End. made.” staff who now work out of the iculous proposal and get diculous proposal and“Unlike get be pulling a meeting together At this very moment he should Frank added: any other Eastgate office following its table with all d the the table with all the the together with Scottish Enterprise toin the be pulling a meeting renewal programme demand that they rs fulfil the promises opening aswithdraw the new Headquarwith Scottish Enterprise to were rs to to fulfil the promises country commitments ridiculous proposal and get demand that they withdraw ”” this made to ensure that Glasgow ters for GCSS earlier this year. around the table with all the this ridiculous proposal and get could make the best of the added: any other added: “Unlike “Unlike anyPhillips, other Natalie the Assistant partners to fulfil the promises around the table with all the opportunities for the Games al al programme programme in in the the Project Manager for Commumade.” partners to fulfil the promises and regeneration investment. yy commitments were commitments were Frank added: “Unlike any other made.” There is no better for Gateway nity Benefits atcase Clyde to to ensure ensure that that Glasgow Glasgow renewal programme in theother Frankhaving added: “Unlike any an impact on Scotland’s said “The idea was to raise make the best of the make the best of the country commitments renewal programme inwere the and I am economic performance 1 TOLLCROSS ROAD, G31 4UGto be nesses and the GCSS staff has GLASGOW Any businesses wishing unities for the Games unities for the Games awareness GCSS staff of made to ensure that Glasgow country commitments weremeeting demanding an across urgent been really pleasing. take part in the next or any generation investment. generation investment. could make the best of the the great variety and quality made to ensure that Glasgow with the Scottish Government s no better case for is no better case for “We are now going to build future Market Days at Eastopportunities for the Games could the best the around tomake urge them to of ensure Scottish the of local businesses impact on g an anand impact on Scotland’s Scotland’s regeneration investment. opportunities for the Games Enterprise withdrawal the on the success of the first gate, is asaked to get in touch area. mic performance and II am mic There performance and am isBridgeton no better case and regeneration investment. ROAD, GLASGOW G31 proposal to make afor massive cut1 1 TOLLCROSS TOLLCROSS ROAD, GLASGOW G31 4UG 4UG Eastgate Market Day and aim with Natalie on 0141 276 Among those who took to having an impact on Scotland’s ding an urgent meeting There istheir no better case for nding anin urgent meeting previous commitments to hold further events on a 1574 or by e-mail : natalie. economic performance and I am having an impact Scotland’s he Government thepart area.” he Scottish Scottish Government 1 TOLLCROSS ROAD, GLASGOW G31 4UG were on C. Mason Butchers, demanding an Scottish urgent meeting economic performance and I am basis, with the next ee them to 1monthly TOLLCROSS ROAD, GLASGOW G31 4UG them to ensure ensure Scottish Nicole’s Fruit & Veg, Dolce the Scottish Government demanding an urgent meeting rise withdrawal the risewith withdrawal the being scheduled for Wednesor by calling in at the Clyde Beauty theScottish Bridgeton & to urge them toand ensure with the Scottish Government al to make aa massive cut sal to make massive cut day 28 November from Gateway offices at Bridgeton Enterprise withdrawal the to urge them to ensure Scottish Dalmarnock Credit Union, and rr previous previous commitments commitments to to 12noon - 2pm.” Cross. proposal towithdrawal make a massive cut busiEnterprise the the feedback from ea.” ea.”in their the previous commitments to

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proposal to make a massive cut the area.” in their previous commitments to the area.”

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Friday 16th November 2012


Your Horoscope Predictions By Anne Smith

design and print

Libra (24 Sept - 23 Oct)

Aries (21 March - 20 April) xxxx Time to go back to the past to

re-gain knowledge of the current situation you have been here before but learn from previous mistakes and all will be well. Time of action that goal can be achieved, stay focused.

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Taurus (21 April - 21 May)

enterprise, certainly cultivating those thought into reality can lead you onto a new project of great significance, try not to let you emotions rule your head at this time for once logic is the right action!

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Virgo (24 Aug - 23 Sept)

xxxxxxxxx There is a need for a balanced mind as you need reason and thought to override emotion at this time, try not to judge others before you have all the facts as there is always two sides to every story. A time of soul searching and quiet meditation may be in order

31st March 2012. Subject to terms & ust be supplied print ready with 3mm Not to be used in conjunction with ER

contact, ANNE on

xxxxxxxxxx A situation is being revealed with startling clarity, if only you had listened to those who are older and wiser, you know have to deal with the consequences, the good news is that my the turn of the new moon thing will seem clearer and more optimistic, phew!





Angel Anne Smith



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for spirit.

“The intention of this book is to share my knowledge the wisdom and the essence of spiritual guidThe book takes you by the hand and leads you through the layers of your physical/ spiritual and emotional bodies, what they are and their purpose is within spiritual to me ance which has been given communication, including the realms of guides, angels and your spiritual family and how to achieve this connection through the altered states of awareness as well by my guide’s. It is my intention as what the altered state is. thatapproach, thishands book a working It is practical and pragmatic on, with should Angel Anne withbe you every step of the way giving reference to her own personal experiences, and possible tool, the understandsolutions to blocks along the waygiving of your journeypeople of discovery. The exercises are realistic, are designed enhance and helpto develop ingpractical of and how to toconnect the world or strengthen the necessary sensitivities to become more in tune with the Intuitive/ spiritual self. of spirit and how to develop themAt the end of each tutorial there is a guided meditation to put into practice what gratification or you have just learnedselves and instructionsfor for thepersonal free downloads are within the book. as a stepping stone on your journey of development to work for spirit.” A Comprehensive insight on how to develop your psychic and mediumistic ability, a step by step guide in laymen’s terms for personal development and spiritual awareness aimed at beginners, people who have never sat in meditation or know their chakras from their korma’s and to the more advanced who just need extra guidance.

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should be a working tool, giving people the understanding of how to connect to the world of spirit and how to develop themselves for personal


The intention of this book is to share my

knowledge the wisdom and the essence of spiritual guidance which has been given to me by my guide’s. It is my intention that this book

Angel Anne Smith Intuitive Astrology Columnist, Author and Psychic Medium

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o f Di s c

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Pisces (20 Feb - 20 Mar)

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Aquarius (21 Jan - 19 Feb)

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xxxxxxxon the fence is not very Sitting comfortable? Is it, then why are you excepting this situation, speaking your truth and all will move forward, stay tight lipped and you will be in a stale mate situation for some time. Try to open up your emotions.


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Leo (24 July - 23 Aug) You may be dealing with people in xxxxxxxxx authority and this fills you with an optimistic approach as you have all the facts ominformation before you frand and your meeting will go in your favor, however go in unprepared and you will regret it, trying to seek worldly gain without putting in effort is only feeding your ego.

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with official matters, keep to the facts and don’t digress and all will be well.


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Capricorn (22 Dec - 20 Jan)

Work xxxxx is only a means to live and not living for the means to work, all this focus on how much you can fit in before the holidays will cause you stress for sure. Try to re-adjust your thinking too, money is necessary but not a necessity as you cannot take it with you, time to chill out.


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(22 June - 23 July) SCancer ubstitute general well-being has felt xxxxxxxxx yoYour u r comthe psllast low over ipfew s weeks but & pgra theugood news deis you are returning yotoufull r flstrength yers toon the new moon Some 50of 00you may have to deal

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Scorpio (24 Oct - 22 Nov)

xxxxxxxx turn your attention from Substitute Your earthly matters to those of a more spiritual nature a time of your comp or development of all things slips study metaphysical can bring in great insight to those earthy problems, & upgrad your intuition as it is at an e trust all-time high. your flyer s to Gemini Sagittarius (23 Nov - 21 Dec) 5(22 0May 00- 21ofJune) This a new Too xxxx could be the start xx much focus on what you have

Team work, co-operation success xxxxxxxxx from compromising, seeing the bigger picture and the future possibilities will serve you well this month, try to put as much effort into your romantic life as you give others and balance will come into all areas of your life.


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An over whelming feeling of xxxxxxxxxx injustice fills you as you try to run away from what need to be dealt with, all you are achieving is a delay in what you will have to face at another date, diplomacy is the best course of action, and you will wonder what all the fuss was about.

s e p i c e R



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Friday 16th November 2012


RENT MATTERS FOR YOUR LOCAL AREA Your rent pays for the roof over your head and for the essential services in your neighbourhood, like repairs to your home, tackling anti-social behaviour, cleaning your close and being here 24/7. It’s important that you keep up with your rent payments. If you’re concerned about falling behind or about being in debt – speak to us before it’s too late. Remember, your home is at risk if you do not keep up your rent payments.

Glasgow Housing Association

Call us on Freephone 0800 479 7979 Registered Scottish Charity (SC034054)


Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice - Christmas Gift Day Jean Clegg a volunteer at the Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice shop at 1114 Shettleston Road, Shettleston, contacted the Re-Gen recently to let us know what is about to happen at the shop next week. They are holding a wonderful Christmas Gift Day on Friday 23rd November. from 10.a.m. till 4.00 p.m. where they hope their customers will be able to buy or win their Christmas Gifts at extremely low prices. There will be a fantastic raffle which will run for the whole week before the event with first prize being a beautiful dolls’ house, 2nd prize a Links of London bracelet, 3rd prize a Spiderman scooter and 4th and final prize being a pair of extremely expensive wines in a wooden box. Raffle tickets cost £1.00 for 5 tickets. There will be a Tombola section which will have prizes numbering at least 300 and again tickets will cost £1.00 for 3 tickets. Other sections will be: a baby stall with extremely beautiful hand knitted shawls and clothes for babies and toddlers, a toy section again at very low prices, a gift stall which will hold almost anything you may wish to buy as a Christmas present and much much more. They held this event last year and it was very successful and the staff hope this year it will be even better. It gives the people of Shettleston and surround-

THE “HAUD THE BUS” book on sale at Hospice Shop ing areas, the chance to buy good quality gifts at low prices. Shettleston, as you know has very high unemployment rate and this event does not stint on the quality - only on the pricing. Jean has also written an excellent book called “Haud the Bus” which has proved very popular. She had the book printed (1,000 copies) last year and the Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice shop in Shettleston sold it for £3.00 per copy and raised £3,000.00 for the Hospice. Jean has had it printed again and it is proving just as popular

once again. She will be more than happy to send you a copy if you can’t make it into the shop as long as you send the cash for it. The book is based on funny stories or conversations that she has heard whilst travelling on the 62 bus. The book is hilarious and well worth the £3.00 cost. It would also make a great wee stocking filler for Christmas and also raise money for a great cause. Contact the Hospice Shop on 778 4016 or call in and see for yourselves just what value is on offer.

Anderson Maguire Funeral Directors Glasgow’s leading independent funeral directors Anderson Maguire have just opened another funeral home in the East End. Located at 658 Alexandra Parade, close to the Royal Infirmary. the new facility bridges the gap between the firm’s funeral homes in Springburn Way and Shettleston Road. “We have a large number of families in the Garngad, Townhead and Riddrie areas who use the company when they have a bereavement and this will be more convenient for them” said Angela Maguire, part of the management team at Anderson Maguire’s head office. ”More families than ever are now using our company. They recognise that we offer to very high level of personal service at a very moderate cost, something which is very important to families especially in the current economic climate” said Angela

“How Glasgow Say’s Goodbye” KEPPOCHILL 189 Springburn Way, Glasgow G21 1DU Tel: 0141 558 7345

DENNISTOUN 658 Alexandra Parade, Dennistoun G31 3BU Tel: 0141 554 4888

SHETTLESTON 1083 Shettleston Road, Glasgow G32 7PE Tel: 0141 763 1122

For immediate help call 0141 423 4400 at any hour.

The Alexandra Funeral Home is the fourth facility the company has opened in the last 3 years with others currently being planned. “As a family business we are focused on providing the best care and attention to families at a difficult time. We have invested continually in everything from staff training to our top of the range Jaguar hearses and limousines” said Angela, the next generation now involved in the running this family concern. ”We now have ten locations throughout the city all providing compassionate assistance to families on a local basis. We take care of absolutely everything from contacting the clergy or officiant, arranging the crematorium or cemetery, inserting paper notices right through to organising the catering and all at a moderate cost” To help enhance the level of personal attention on offer at their East End funeral homes Anderson Maguire has appointed Tollcross man Christopher Bradley as the funeral director dedicated to working across the three funeral homes. Christopher who has been based at the company’s head office for the past couple of years is a well known face in the East End. Reared on Tollcross Road he attended Wellshot Primary school before going on to Eastbank Academy. Says Christopher “I learned a lot about people and how to look after folk when I worked at one of the East End’s best known establishments Honest Johns on Braidfauld Street. Even in a very simple way I learned things there which have stood me in good stead during my life and which are invaluable now.”

6 Friday 16th November 2012


COUNCIL LEADER SETS OUT NEW ECONOMIC VISION FOR GLASGOW Councillor Gordon Matheson, the Leader of Glasgow City Council, has announced an ambitious "beyond recession” blueprint for the city which will support the public sector and open up new job opportunities for Glaswegians. Speaking at the 15th State of the City Economy Conference at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Cllr Matheson said Scotland's largest city could ensure its future economic success through a three-pronged plan supported by a number of new measures, including: The Glasgow Veterans Employment Programme, under which the council will pay a wage subsidy to city employers taking on unemployed forces personnel, as part of the most comprehensive package of support offered to veterans anywhere in Britain. The £1.5m Glasgow New Business Fund to help new-start small to medium enterprises to access affordable business premises. Councillor Matheson also announced that Glasgow City Council would support the Green Champions Scheme announced by businessman Sir Willie Haughey last week. This scheme sees young people given employment within large

companies to increase their energy efficiency. Glasgow City Council will become the first local authority in the UK to sign up by employing 20 Green Champions. He said: "I have a responsibility to ensure that, as a city, we are best placed to respond to the opportunities that arise, not only today, but in the future. The decisions we take today will determine what Glasgow looks like in 10 or 15 years. "I am absolutely clear that Glasgow must be positioned at the front of the queue to benefit from the opportunities of economic recovery.” Detailing his three-pronged plan for the city's economy, he said: "We will drive forward capital investment. We will invest in skills and training, and we will ensure that Glasgow is ready for business.” On the new veterans' initiative, he said: "Our Armed Forces make immeasurable sacrifices on our behalf. They also have skills and experience that are marketable once they leave the forces - but it can be tough for veterans to re-adjust to civilian life. "We are committed to helping Glasgow's veterans into employment but, rather than just offering warm words

and encouragement, my council will offer a wage subsidy to employers who recognise and reward their skills. "We're the only local authority in the UK to provide this support to our veterans. We believe, passionately, that it is the right thing to do.” On the new business fund, Councillor Matheson said: "Small businesses tell me that they are struggling to access affordable business premises, and that the cost of rent stops people from starting their own companies. "We have listened to these concerns and we will act. Today, I am delighted to announce the establishment of the Glasgow New Business Fund. This will allow new-start SMEs to get financial support from the council which will see us pay all or part of their rent and rates for up to four years.” Cllr Matheson said this initiative was the latest in a range of innovative schemes which were already making a difference and helping to tackle unemployment. These included the £25m Glasgow Guarantee, which brings together the Commonwealth Apprenticeship Initiative, the Commonwealth Graduate Fund, the Com-

monwealth Jobs Fund and the Commonwealth Youth Fund, and which aims to ensure every Glaswegian between the age of 16 and 24 has access to a job or training. He told the conference: "We've made clear from the outset of this recession that we won't allow another generation of young people to be cast adrift, as they were in the 1980s. "I am delighted to announce that from today, we complete our £25 million Glasgow Guarantee to fight youth unemployment in the city. The Commonwealth Youth Fund goes live at noon today, providing employers with a 50% wage subsidy and targeted training to help 16 and 17 year olds get ready for work. "My administration will not lose sight of what needs to be done to give our city's young people the opportunities they deserve. We are making a difference.” Cllr Matheson said Glasgow was bucking the trend with the most recent figures for Jobseekers' Allowance claimants in Glasgow showing a decrease, and between August 2010 and August 2012, Glasgow was the only major UK city where youth unemployment actually fell. He also used the SOCE speech

Basketball Bounces into the Playground for Dalmarnock School Kids Funders from sportscotland and Clyde Gateway this week joined Head Teacher Nancy Clunie, her Dalmarnock pupils as well as Glasgow Rocks Basketball Players, Sterling Davis, Gareth Murray, Andy Wedemire and Daniel ODoom to launch three years of funding for the Jump2it programme. Primary school pupils from across the East End and Clyde Gateway regions of Glasgow and South Lanarkshire are getting the chance to take part in a unique health and citizenship programme called Jump2it ,run by Govan based charity, Scottish Sports Futures. This is an education through sport initiative utilising players from the

Glasgow Rocks, Scotland’s only professional basketball team, to deliver positive lifestyle message to primary school pupils across the country. As well as providing physical activity by introducing the youngsters to basketball, the programme also covers topics such as the importance of fitness and healthy eating and the dangers of smoking and alcohol. Roadshows are delivered by the Glasgow Rocks professionals in schools during curriculum time. These roadshows are followed by a block of basketball coaching leading to a fun competition involving all the schools from the local area. The top 4 schools from the competi-

tion stage win a place in the Jump2it final four event which takes place at a Glasgow Rocks professional game at the new Emirates Arena with the top team on the day being crowned Jump2it champions. Natalie Phillips, Assistant Project Manager for Community Benefits at Clyde Gateway told the Re-Gen, “We are determined to help the young people across our communities to live fitter, healthier and happier lives and so we are delighted to extend our support to this innovative and popular programme.” Jacqueline Lynn, Head of School and Community Sport added “This programme is a great fit for our goal of creating more and better opportunities for young people to take part in sport in schools while creat-

ing all-important links to clubs in the local community. It’s fantastic to see the children at Dalmarnock Primary enjoying their experience and I know many more will benefit hugely from being involved in Jump2it.” Nancy Clunie, Head Teacher of Dalmarnock Primary School, said “The boys and girls really enjoyed meeting the Glasgow Rocks’ players and having fun playing basketball whilst also learning about the importance of looking after their bodies”. Rocks player/coach, Sterling Davis said “We are delighted to be rolling out the Jump2it programme to kids from across Clyde Gateway and the East and giving them a chance to experience the amazing fun that can be had through basketball“.

to also reiterate the council's support for the city's construction industry which he said over the last decade had been at the heart of the regeneration and transformation of Glasgow. He added: "Glasgow City Council's capital programme is running at a record level of £392million. Budgets are tight, but by delivering the pledges in our manifesto, we will almost double this capital programme. "We were elected on a manifesto pledge to build 3500 new homes in the city over the next five years. We also pledged to rebuild or refurbish every primary school in the city. Not only will this benefit children across Glasgow, this major capital investment will provide significant benefits to the local economy. "Our investment in the infrastructure for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games has already transformed the East End. And we

are using the bid for the 2018 Youth Olympics to transform Sighthill in the north of the city. Best of all, the £250million investment in Sighthill will go ahead, regardless of whether the bid is successful or not. That kind of legacy is unparalleled.” The 15th annual conference was hosted by the Glasgow Economic Partnership. As well as Cllr Matheson, the conference included speeches and contributions from a field of experts including Alistair Darling MP; Greg Clark, Global Advisor on the Development and Investment of Cities and Regions; Professor Sir Jim McDonald, Principal, University of Strathclyde; Varry McMenemy, President, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce; Brendan Dick, Director, BT Scotland; David Grevemberg, Chief Executive, Glasgow 2014 Ltd; and Sam Reymbaut, Corporate Acquisition Manager, O2.

UNLOCKING THE DOOR TO A BRIGHT FUTURE AN innovative course designed to help people affected by homelessness in Glasgow’s east end has been hailed as an overwhelming success. The “Keys to Learn” 12-weeklong course was delivered in a link-up between Glasgow Homelessness Network and Thenue Housing. Working together, the two organisations helped a number of homeless people, individuals affected by homelessness or those having housing problems to learn new skills. The course was delivered at the East End Healthy Living Centre in the heart of the east end. It provided the opportunity to learn a number of skills such as computing, healthy cooking, basic DIY and linking with services in the local area, and ensuring further opportunities such as volunteering and learning. A spokesperson for GHN said: “Keys to Learn is an innovative partnership approach between our main partners Anniesland College, NG Homes and Glasgow’s Regeneration Agency and funded by the Big Lottery Fund. 12 week courses are delivered in localities across Glasgow, aiming to increase tenancy sustainment and positive opportunity for people who are or have experienced

homelessness or who find themselves in housing crisis. “Staff from Thenue offered support throughout the course, essentially providing specialist information on housing processes, welfare reform and budgeting. “Working with local housing associations such as Thenue allows Keys to Learn to engage with those who will most benefit from participating in the course, and ensures people are more knowledgeable and have personal links to services in their area.” One east end participant “Michelle” said of the course: “This has been the start of a new chapter in my life. It has built my confidence so much that I am now hoping to start a college course. I can honestly say that this course has been the best thing to happen to me in a very long time.” Paola Doyle, Housing Support Manager at Thenue, added: “This has been a great example of two organisations working together to help people in the east end who are homeless or are affected by homelessness. “Thenue is strongly committed to helping the communities where we have homes and the Keys to Learn course is another example of this ongoing work.”


Friday 16th November 2012

Hundreds of Dirty Dog Owners Fined

! D E T N A W

MORE than 600 Glasgow dog owners have been fined for failing to pick up after their pets. A Clean Glasgow campaign designed to force irresponsible dog owners to clean up their act has seen 637 fixed penalty notices issued in 12 months. The anti dog fouling campaign has sparked huge public support and 85 Glasgow social landlords with tens of thousands of tenants have also given it their backing. Enforcement officers from Glasgow Community & Safety Services continue to blitz local neighbourhoods to spot anyone creating a potential health

Information to fy help us identi r e n w o g o d e th

Who allows their dog to foul this area and does not clean it up!


A Cleaner Safer Glasgow If you have information please phone

0800 027 7027

ant Do you w a home in ? Wellhouse


The hub, 49 Wellhouse Crescent, G33 4LA Tel: 0141 781 1884

You may have heard on the grapevine that the way that we allocate homes in Wellhouse is changing. If not, then read on… ‘Choose Well’ our new choice based lettings scheme is a radically new way to allocate homes, it provides you the customer with information, choice and control over the process. Choose Well is open to everyone. Are you on our old waiting list for a home in Wellhouse? Then you need to act NOW and get our new forms completed and returned to us as soon as possible. If you are new to Wellhouse or you are not sure whether Wellhouse is right for you why not phone one of the Tenancy Sustainment Team for a chat. The new system will launch on Tuesday 20th November 2012. If you would like to find out more about this exciting opportunity please either phone our office on 0141 781 1884, e-mail, or download an application pack from our website

hazard by failing to clean up after their dogs. Latest figures show the initiative has prompted a 68% increase in calls to the Clean Glasgow hotline by people reporting culprits or identifying sites where there is a particular problem. The city’s network of public CCTV cameras is also being used to identify people failing to clean up their dogs’ faeces. A total of 11,590 warning letters have also been sent to streets or closes where suspects live. The blitz is now stepping up a gear with enforcement officers visiting neighbourhoods unannounced. Councillor Gordon Matheson, Leader of Glasgow City Council, said: “The initial part of the campaign was as much about education as enforcement. By telling people we were coming to their neighbourhood we aimed to change habits by making it clear that irresponsible behaviour was unacceptable and would not be tolerated.

“We are extremely pleased with the initial results and thrilled by the huge level of support from the general public who have been phoning in to report those flouting the law. There is also anecdotal evidence that those who have been fined have changed their ways and now pick up after their pets. “However, anyone who thought they could revert to their filthy ways when we left their area can now think again. The crackdown continues and no one can afford to risk receiving a fine.” The fines are £40 rising to £60 if unpaid within 28 days. Please call Clean Glasgow on 0800 027 7027 to report dirty dog owners in your community.




Friday 16th November 2012


The Bedroom Tax As part of the Re-Gen’s campaign to raise awareness about the UK Government’s changes to the Welfare Benefit system, the following article provides information on changes to housing benefit and the fact that payments covering rent charges will be reduced if a home has more bedrooms than are needed for those living in the house. This decision has been termed the “bedroom tax”. These proposed changes to housing benefit will take effect from April 2013. From this date, if you live in a housing association home and you have one or more “spare” bedrooms, your housing payment benefit will be reduced. This could affect you: • If you are 16 to 61 years old • Even if you only get a small amount of housing benefit – for example, if you are working • Even if you are sick or disabled You won’t be affected if:

t Ac w! no

! Changes to benefits

• You live in a one bedroom property • You or your partner receive pension credits What is a “spare” Bedroom Under the new rules, if you have more bedrooms than the Government says you need. You will lose part of your housing benefit. You will be allocated one bedroom for: • Each adult couple • Any person aged 16 or over • Two children of the same sex under the age of 16 • Two children under the age of 10 regardless of their sex • Any other child • A carer if you or your partner need overnight care It does not matter how the “spare” bedroom is used, the new rules apply even if: • You or your partner need to sleep apart because of a medical condition • The main residence of your children is another address, but you have a spare room for when they stay with you What happens if I have a “spare” bedroom If you have one “spare” bedroom your housing benefit will be cut by 14% of the rent you pay every week. If you have two or more spare bedrooms you will lose 25%. If your benefit is cut you will have to pay your landlord the difference between your housing benefit and your rent.

Welfare Reform Payment of Housing Benefit t straight into your bank accoun

coming soon…

Worried about changes to your housing benefit? Need some help and advice? Contact your local housing provider for help and advice Tr a n s fo r m in g L i ves

Are you ready?

Big changes will be made to benefit payments next year

Under Occupancy From April 2013, the UK Government will cut Housing Benefit paid to people of working age who are deemed to have spare bedrooms in their homes. If you’re a GHA or Cube tenant - we’re here to help. If you think this change could affect you please talk to your local Housing Officer or call our Welfare Reform Helpline on Freephone 0800 597 3777* anytime. Remember, these changes are coming - we’ll help you get ready.

*If you’re calling from a mobile 0141 444 0110 might be cheaper

GHA Group launches helpline to support tenants through welfare benefit changes

Milnbank Housing Association 53 Ballindalloch Drive, Dennistoun, Glasgow G31 3DQ Tel: 0141 - 551 8131

Parkhead Housing Association

THE GHA Group has launched a helpline to support thousands 40 Helenvale Street, Parkhead, of tenants likely GLASGOW G31 4TF to be affected by Telephone 0141 556 6226 the UK Government’s changes to benefits. The helpline is one of a package of measures being introduced to help tenants - from both GHA and its sister organisation Cube Housing Associa213 Braidfauld Street tion - prepare for Tollcross, Glasgow(WSHA) G32 is8PS West of Scotland Housing Association currently Welfare Reform. exploring the benefits of a partnership with Gentoo Group. The Tel: 0141 763 1317 two organisations are currently in discussions to find out what a The dedicated partnership could mean and the benefits it could bring to tenants. phoneline, which was launched today (nov 12) McNaught, Chief Executive of West of Scotland Housing Association said: “We are exploring a by DeputyDuncan First potential partnership because we are looking to the future and the financial challenges that all housing associations will face in the next few years. These challenges include welfare reform which is likely to reduce Minister Nicola the income available to all associations, and the need to invest more money in our houses to achieve higher energy efficiency targets which could help protect our tenants from rising energy costs. Sturgeon, “We is need to adapt, and believe it is not an option to do nothing people. Our decision to top up in the face of the challenges ahead.” WSHA that making this positive change will make the Association fitter for these challenges. It will help staffed bybelieves highly-trained Cusnew Scottish Welfare Fund ensure the Association continues to be able to provide thethe best homes and services possible for its tenants and communities in the long term. tomer Service Centre advisors shows that, where we can, we“Providing the best homes, services and communities for Gentoo Group is a well established housing provider and regulated in England by the Homes and Communities our tenants” For General Enquiries who can provide up-to-date Agency. With a strong track record, throughout the years it has demonstrated commitment to high standards, will take action to help these good quality homes, and strong communities. More than just a housing association, Gentoo is about improving lives by investing people, the planet and property based activities. please call: information about the inchanges. groups during these tough If you would like any more information on the proposed The two organisations therefore share similar values and a strong cultural fit with similar aspirations around 0844 892 0321 They can also arrange for a partnership with Gentoo please call us on: creating sustainable communities and homes that are fit for the future. economic times.” 0141 550 5600 or send an email to partnership@ housing officer to contact the by what we Other Duncan continues, “We have been impressed have seen in our discussions with andby visits the to measures GHA Gentoo. We are now looking in detail at what real benefits a partnership with Gentoo could provide.” customer Ifto give more tailored Group to help tenants prepare West of Scotland Housing Association joined Gentoo Group it would stay as a housing association registered with the Scottish Housing Regulator as well as keep its name and ownership of its housing. WSHA will advice about how the changes changes include: still employ its own staff, work from its present offices andfor remain the being governed by its own Management For General Enquiries please call: Most importantly, tenants will keep their existing rights and their landlord will remain as West will affectCommittee. own personal oftheir Scotland Housing Association. Gentoo Group would be WSHA’s body and the overall Group • a parent team ofset14 Welfare 0844 892 0321 strategy. circumstances. The housing Benefits Advisors and seven Duncan concludes, “These are exciting times for the Association, this partnership has the potential to provide solutions to the challenges we face.” officer willnewarrange for any full-time Money Advisers on support the tenant may need to hand to give tenants personal cope with the changes – such advice on benefits and budas help to budget or open a geting and managing their GHA Shop,173 Trongate , bank account. money Glasgow ,G1 5HF The helpline is open 9am to • a series of articles giving Tel: 0141 274 6460 5pm and is free from landlines advice and information in on 0800 5973777. Customers ant newsletters calling from mobile phones can • comprehensive communicacall at cheaper rates on 0141 tion tools for staff so they can 4440110. understand the changes and Housing officers are also talkhelp customers ing face-to-face with around • an awareness session for Gemap Scotland Ne 7,000 tenants who will be tenants on the effects of directly affected by one of Welfare Reform. Money A Are you worried about debts or your fuel bills, money & maxed the plastic. Bills, Bills and more Bills, as GEMAP Scotland ltd the most imminent changes One of the wider changes to phoning y we shudder from our festive financial hangovers help-Gem and bills not yet paid. Maybe it’s time to get new under-occupation rules. benefits being introduced by Phone:0141 773 5850 confiden some help. From April next year, tenants the UK Government is ‘UniverEmail: Benefits-are you sure you’re on the right benefits, Financia who are working age and are sal Credit’ which will come in do you know your ESA from your JSA-if not, we can made fina offer a free, impartial & independent benefit check for community deemed to have a spare bedfrom October 2013. It will see you and help you to apply for them-remember this is and the co money you could be due. savings s room (or bedrooms) will see everyone who’s working age their housing benefit reduced. Fuel Pov Legal Advice-Are you in danger of losing your and on benefit receive one increase f home or face becoming evicted. Do you need legal Housing officers are talking struggling assistance, advice or court representation-we can payment every month paid right tariff help. We offer a free, independent & impartial legal to tenants affected by the arrange a service. directly into their bank account. change, dubbed the ‘bedroom It is estimated around 16% of If you would like assistance on more information on please contact GEMAP Scotland Ltd on 0141 tax’, discussing their options people in Glasgow don’t yet and offering targeted help and have a bank account. Bridgeton Citizens advice support. Benefits which will be rolled bureau: 35 Main Street, Deputy First Minister Nicola into the one monthly payment Glasgow, G40 1QB Sturgeon said: “It is hugely include: important that social tenants 0141 554 0336 • Housing Benefit have access to the support • Income Support and advice they need when it • income-based Job Seekers’ Easterhouse Citizens advice comes to welfare. Allowance bureau: 46 Shandwick Square, “The UK’s deep cuts to • Working Tax Credit Glasgow, G34 9DT Scotland’s welfare budgets are • Income-related Employment 0141 771 2328 extremely worrying and have and Support Allowance serious implications for some • Child Tax Credit. Parkhead Citizens Advice of the most vulnerable memFor many, the switch to ‘unibers of our society. bureau: 1361-1363 Gallowgate, versal credit’ will mean having “This government will not Glasgow, G31 4DN 0141 554 to budget in a completely new turn its back on vulnerable way. 0004

Association to explore benefits of a partnership


Friday 16th November 2012


Shettleston SEAs the benefit of Energy Advice With ever increasing gas and electricity prices, the term ‘fuel poverty’ is sadly becoming a well-used expression. Households are defined as being fuel poor if over 10% of their income is spent on energy costs. In practice, this means many East End residents who, every winter, have an uphill battle keeping their homes warm and paying their heating bills. Shettleston Housing Association is therefore very pleased to announce the launch of its SEA project – Shettleston Energy Advice - made possible by funding from the Climate Challenge Fund. The project’s energy advisors, Angela Tyrrell

and Evelyn Milligan, have a wealth of knowledge and experience of energy advice and, over the next two and a half years, will be aiming to help as many households as possible reduce their energy consumption and save money on their bills. Angela and Evelyn can visit Shettleston residents in their own homes or have an informal chat over the phone and can be contacted on the Shettleston Housing Association’s freephone number 0808 202 65 65. To get the project off to a good start, the SEA team are holding a ‘launch event’ on Wednesday 21st November from 11am

to 4pm at the Upkeep Furniture shop at 981 Shettleston Road. The shop will become a ‘home from home’ for the day, highlighting the energy consumption and costs of everyday appliances as

well as measures everyone can take to reduce their bills. Energy saving advice will be available from the SEA team and from advisors from G.HEAT and the Energy Saving Scotland Advice Centre (ESSac).

And if this all sounds a bit too serious there will be refreshments, ‘energy bingo’, quizzes, prize draw, kids’ competition and freebies. So why not come along on the day and join in the fun.

Shettleston Energy Advice is a free service available to anyone living in Shettleston, whether you are a tenant or a homeowner. If you are looking for ways to reduce your energy bills, we can help. Come along to our launch event on WEDNESDAY 21ST NOVEMBER from 11am – 4pm at the Upkeep Furniture Shop at 981 Shettleston Road. Energy saving advice and much more from: • Shettleston Energy Advice • Energy Saving Scotland Advice Centre (ESSac) • Glasgow Home Energy Advice Team (G.HEAT) • Shettleston Community Growing Project (SCGP)

Shettleston Energy Advice is made possible through funding from the Climate Challenge Fund

SEA energy advisors, Angela Tyrrell and Evelyn Milligan

building communities, building futures

21 W ST ED La N NE un O S ch VE DA Ev M Y en BE t R

Find out the true running costs of everyday appliances! Join in the fun with: • Energy Bingo • Energy Saving Quizzes • Free Prize Draws • Kids’ Colouring-in Competition

Shettleston Housing Association Helen McGregor House 65 Pettigrew St, G32 7XR

Tel: 0141 763 0511 email:


Friday 16th November 2012

RE-GEN Stars THE Crowne Plaza hotel next to the SECC was certainly the place to be at the start of the month as the annual Re-Gen “Stars in the Community” awards dinner dance was held there. Many well-known faces were in attendance in-

cluding, Parliamentarians, Joanne Lamont, Humza Yousaf, Margaret Curran, Anas Sarwar, Paul Martin and Patricia Ferguson, as well as the Lord Provost Cllr Sadie Docherty and Depute Lord Provost Gerry Leonard. Following an excellent

In The Community AW

dinner the nominations, of which there were loads, were whittled down and the winners were announced. Lord Provost Docherty did us the honour of handing over the trophies and each winner was selected on

merit such as the concierge Tommy Hamilton who saved a woman’s life then calmly went back to work. The whole evening was a great success yet again and the group “21 Red” rounded off a tremendous night with a very entertaining set.

To view and order the Photographs of The “The Re-Gen Stars in log Community Awards” onto

A. S. SCAFFOLDING L Scotland’s Largest Independent Scaffolding Company

90/130 Glenpark Street, Dennistoun, Glasgow G31 1N

Telephone 0141 556 7082

Friday 16th November 2012







Friday 16th November 2012

Pudsey Visits Barrachnie


Stars In The Community AWARD WINNERS



STAFF at Greggs in Barrachnie Road Garrowhill met up with someone we will all be aware of before tonight is over when Pudsey Bear made a guest appearance at the shop. He wasn’t there for a hot pie or a sausage roll but for something just as fulfilling, cash for the “Children in Need” charity appeal. Unless you live on the moon or somewhere as remote, you must know tonight (Friday) is the annual “Children in Need” appeal and as a forerunner to the actual evening the staff at Greggs decided to hold a collection for this worthwhile charity. Well done everyone at the shop in Barrachnie Road - You should all take a bow.

Knock Knock, Who’s There?

Building a sustainable future

SHINING STAR: CATHIE MCGUIRE (MILNBANK HA), FRANK MILLER (NG HOMES) City Building is one of Scotland’s largest construction companies. We deliver construction, repairs and maintenance solutions to commercial and public sector organisations across the country.

Our success is due to our forward-thinking approach and looking for ways to deliver services in a different way. Working with the public, private and third sectors through joint ventures and partnerships, we look to do more for less - a new approach from a traditional business. BOGUS callers are once again posing a big problem in the area and this week Maureen Ferrie and her team at Greater Easterhouse Supporting Hands (GESH) in Garthamlock hosted an awareness day to highlight the fact that almost anyone can be taken in by these “Rats” who prey on ordinary people. Backed by Strathclyde Police and other agencies there were stalls in the hall at Redcastle Square to give good advice on how to handle those random knocks at the door. At a well attended information day residents were warned to check identity and if not satisfied call the police as they would rather you did that than allow strangers into your home. If

City Building delivers new build housing, schools and othe construction projects, whilst continuing to deliver our co business in repairs and maintenance services across Cent Scotland.

We also operate Royal Strathclyde Blindcraft Industries ( one of Europe’s largest supported facilities, employing mo 240 people, over 50% of whom have a disability. For mor on our range of products and services, please contact:

08456 001 323 email: or visit Weddings • Civil Partnerships • Commercial Events • Portraits • Graduation • Passport • Legal Ronnie Syme photography 7 Beaconsfield Road, Kelvinside, Glasgow G12 0PJ Telephone: 0141 576 4643 Email: Web Site:

they are pretending to be from the Gas/Electricity/ Water Board or people who want to repair your, Roof Tiles, Guttering, Drive etc.. be on your guard and check. If they are genuine they won’t be annoyed if you ask them to wait until you

check their credentials, if not they will make a quick exit thereby saving you money. As Maureen told the Re-Gen, “These people are the scum of the earth and we should all do our utmost to bring them to justice”. If in Doubt - Keep them Out!!!


FRESHLINK CLOSURE BAG SNATCH – A ‘DEVASTATING BLOW’ DUKE STREET Police at London Road are appealing for witnesses “I look forward to working with after a 32 yearthat old the woman them to ensure best had her results bag snatched on possible can be found Monday from what(15 is aOctober). deeply worrying Around 1.35pm, the situation. “This closure is furtherfrom eviwoman, was walking dence ofHill a worrying trend for William Bookmakers theDuke Scottish foodtoindustry in Street depositas communities across takings in the Post Scotland Office areAnnfield coming toPlace. terms As withshe job at losses and factory closures.” approached the Post Office, Smith, MSP for Glasgow, aDrew black Volkswagen Golf said:with “Mythe heart goesSB54, out to all car prefix of the loyal staffthe at Freshlink, drove up and driver it is them and their jumped out of thefamilies car and who will bethe devastated bybag. this snatched woman’s decision, especially this close He then got back into the to Christmas. task-force, car and drove“The off westand particularly workers bound in Duke the Street in the representatives, hard direction of theworked City Centre. to offer solutions that would The woman was uninjured saveshaken these jobs. I have no but by the incident. doubt that there were options, The bag contained a four such as public support for figure sum of money and a brand new factory, which personal items. would have delivered even The driver is described greater profits to ABP Foods as: white male, mid to in the long term. But the cruel late 20’s. He was approx fact is it never looked like 5’8” – 5’10” in height and we’ve had meaningful engageof average build. He was ment or a willingness by the

EYES DOWN – AS CORE’S NUMBER Council Proposes Reform to COMES UPDisability Day Services Learning

Continued from page wearing a greyfront hooded

tracksuit with paleany blue company to accept offer stripes down arms and of support thatthe might require legs, had his hood more. up them he to spend a penny and had a everyone brown checked Just about in the scarf covering his nose area knows someone whoand has or still worked foraMcKellar mouth. He had passenger Watt’s it isseat known in the in the as front who did Eastleave End and not theour car.hearts He isgo out to themas asbeing they face not described a white only a thin bleakbuild Christmas and man, aged in New50’s, Yearreceding period buthair alsoand his an uncertain 2013.glasses. Local dark rectangular SNP Councillor, John at Constable JohnBailie Tweedle McLaughlin expressed his London Road is appealing deep disappointment at for witnesses. He said:the decision by would management to “The area have been close saying, “This a blow relatively busy atisthe time to theI would workforce the and askand anyone local economy. TheStreet Scottish who was in Duke Government, Glasgow at the relevant time City and Council, Clyde Gateway, witnessed this incidentlocal politicians others on the or has anyand information Task Force worked tirelessly whatsoever regarding this to secure the retention of this crime, to contact the Robfacility in the east end. “It bery Unit at London Road is now obvious, if it was not on telephone number 0141 already so, that the company 532 4769. Alternatively call had no intention of staying Crimestoppers on 0800 555 in Glasgow, no matter what 111 where anonymity can offers were made by the agenbe maintained.” cies concerned.”

The former Foxy Bingo Hall at GLASGOW City Council proposShandwick Square Shopping als to initiate a major reform of Centre has a new ofwith life its day services forlease people and it’s all down to 3are differlearning disabilities to be ent organisations who have put forward for consultation. teamed together to make The proposed reform aimsthe to place a much more welcommaximise opportunities within ing and satisfying for a wide variety of venue community settings while moving away the Easterhouse community. from the(Community traditional use of day CORE Outreach centres, whichcame are often poor Easterhouse) into in being physical condition able last July as part ofand theonly Easterto offer a limited range of serhouse Community Church run vices. The basic principle beby Stuart Patterson and his hind the proposed reforms is wife Tracy and thereby hangs the need to promote the social ainclusion tale. Stuart waswith bornlearning and of those raised in Easterhouse and like disabilities. a few others the area basiUnder thein proposals, the cally tookwould the wrong road and council ensure that became involved in drugs around 200 people with and the unfortunately became admost complex disabilities would continue be supported withdicted to to heroin. Thankfully in four day help wasdirectly near in operated the guise of centres Riddrie, Calton, The the TeenatChallenge (Christian Wedge Southbrae. The Drug andand Alcohol Rehab) and councilattended would also the Stuart this create from May new position of Local Area Co1997, and eventually working ordinators so that those with in the project until Septemgood levels of functioning abilber 2000. He then moved to ity can be assisted to develop Ireland where he met Tracy their own networking initiaand they were married in tives, peer support opportuniMarch 2001. ties and far greater engageNowwith parents with 3 children ment community projects. they moved back to Oneallof the major drivers of the proposed reform is that the Scotland in 2009 to work with

Paul Martin MSP Your constituency Member of the Scottish Parliament

2nd Monday of the Month* Barmulloch 5.15pm Barmulloch Community Centre, 46 Wallacewell Quadrant, G21

Wellhouse 12 noon Wellhouse Hub, 49 Wellhouse Crescent, G33 4LA

4th Monday of the Month* Garthamlock 4.00pm GESH, 1 Redcastle Square, G33 5EG

Easterhouse 1.00pm The Bridge, 1000 Westerhouse Road, G34 9DU

Craigend 5.00pm St Rose of Lima Primary School, 295 Mossvale Road, G33 5QS

Budhill 2.00pm Budhill Family Learning Centre, Hallhill Road, Springboig, G32 0PR

Carntyne 6.00pm High Carntyne Church (Carntyne Square), 358 Carntynehall Road, G32 6LW

* No Surgeries on Public Holidays

the Haven Kilmacolm mens number of people using council rehab and Teen Challenge day centres has already dropped Strathclyde. significantly in recent times. It is Stuart wasthat nowa well on the anticipated further 320 road to recovery and with people could be successfully Tracy’s helpwithin they started up supported the commuthe nity Easterhouse as part of theCommureforms, crenity in 2011 initially atingChurch significant spare capacity across the council’s day incentre holding their meetings estate. As a consequence Blairtummock Communitythree centres - Berryknowes, Hall working closely withSummerston and Youth Hinshaw Street the Pavillion Cafe to – will be required to close provide activities for the Councillor Matt Kerr, Execuyoung people of the Blairtive Member for Social Care, tummock area but always in said: “I fully appreciate that the back of theirwill mind to find these proposals represent premises of their own. a big change for peopleStep who in Reniasupport Tysler (Manager of receive from our learnShandwick Centre) ing disabilityShopping service. However, who their plight support and with heard the self-directed between hergoing and the parent bill currently through parliament, the landscape social company British Landfor (who care in Scotland is shifting and have been a tremendous we must move withprojects the times. supporter of local in we do notarea) reform the“IfEasterhouse she our day service now them we face was able to offer thethe prospect of our services former Foxy Bingo Club in being unattractive to people with Shandwick Square. Now the personal budgets and ultimately church uses the premises to rendered obsolete. We believe host its worship services and thanks to a very generous donation from British Land of

£8131.00 Stuart it is vitally important that we and his team retain a presence in the marhave ket forbeen care able services so that we to canrevamp ensure the the most vulnerable former “gamhave the kind of support they bling den” into can depend upon. a place worthy away from the “By moving of welcoming standard reliance on day centres, we also see the prospect Easterhouse of a far more residents to a flexible and responsive service for those who more fulfilling have thethan ability to pursue their pastime own interests and preferences. “Bingo”. By reforming now, we a have CORE now a huge opportunity to support have an excellent Drop-In more people to integrate more venue where people of alllocal meaningfully into their ages can get free tea communities, which isand a key coffee plus a warmpolicy.” welcome principle of national and that is not all. on the proThe consultation The venue alsowill hosts a fulposed reforms see the ly equipped council stageJobclub a series resource of consultation (events with a wide range room Jobcare@CORE) of stakeholders before alldonaof the thanks to the excellent issues areBritish considered through tion from Land and the council’s committee strucwith their help and expertise ture. is Particular emphasis there now Internet Ac- will be placed on ensuring service cess and materials to assist users are given opportunities to people who are unemployed have their say. back into employment and One of the issues to be given Further Education. Stuart and Tracy have set aside Thursday nights for CORE Life which is their work with people who have life controlling problems. Morrison Scotland offers local They provide a warm, non authorities, housing associations and judgemental public and private sector organisation atmosphere

We provide a complete repairs and maintenance service to the public and private sectors.

a safe pair of hands for every aspect of their housing and property repairs and maintenance needs.

Surgery Details

1st Friday of the Month* Cranhill 11.00am Cranhill Community Project, 109 Bellrock Street, G33 3HE

7 13

Friday October2012 2012 Friday 16th19th November

Constituency Office: 604 Alexandra Parade Glasgow G31 3BS 0141 564 1364

Open Monday-Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm Closed for Lunch 12.30pm - 1.30pm

Email: Website:

a specific focus during the consultation is transport. Some service users can currently spend up to three hours a day on bus going to and from day centres and the council wants to look at how this can be done more efficiently. Councillor Kerr added: “It cannot be acceptable that so many people spend so long every day being bussed around Glasgow so they can access day services. Ensuring suitable services are where people begin to available acrosscan all communities face the issues that hold exists and appropriate support them fromcan reclaiming so thatback people live the life their lives must and inbeJanuary they want a more senthey will be launching the sible way of doing things.” training aspect of this The staff model for as learning disability day services would well. also undergo as part Another bigreform plus that has of these wider proposals. It is enoccurred since CORE came visaged that a smaller, back to Easterhouse was more in flexible staff group would be reAugust the inaugural “Arise quired to meetcommunity the demands of Easterhouse” a new, community-based serGala Day took place and vice. Retraining, redeployment this proved very successful. or voluntary redundancy would CORE run a Sunday evening be available for those working children’s which within thisprogramme group

runs alongside the adult evening service at the premises in Westerhouse Road ( just past the main doors of the Shopping Centre), and of course there are various Kids activities running throughout the year. Why not take a trip along and see for yourself just what is on offer at CORE, Stuart and Tracy and the team will be delighted to see you.


Our large, highly skilled workforce offers a wide range of services including:

• 24/7 housing and commercial property maintenance services • Void management and security • Tower services • Medical adaptations • Training Services Your rent pays for the roof over your •head and forServices the essential Facility services in your neighbourhood, like repairs to your home, tackling • Project Management anti-social behaviour, cleaning your close and being here 24/7. • Kitchen and bathroom It’s important that you keep up with your rent payments. If you’re installations concerned about falling behind or about being in debt – speak to us • Schools before it’s too late. Remember, your home is at risk refurbishments if you do not keep up your rent payments. • Cyclical painting and fencing programmes • Drainage services Glasgow Housing Association

For further information please email Call us on Freephone 0800 7979504028 or call479 01236 Registered Scottish Charity (SC034054)



Friday 16th November 2012

Christmas ...

Smellie & Weir Ltd pawnbrokers

High Quality Second Hand Jewellery

High Quality Second Hand Jewellery

5 weeks and counting

Personal Friendly Service Cash Loans available on all Gold, Silver and New and Second Hand Jewellery

Christmas Gift Vouchers Now Available

47 Tollcross Road, Glasgow, G31 4UG “wishing George and Staff at BCD Credit Union the very best on celebrating 20 years”

Tel: 0141 554 0548 E:

ng George and Staff at BCD Credit Union the very best on celebrating 20 years” “wishing George and Staff at BCD Credit Union the very best on celebrating 20 years” “wishing George and Staff at BCD Credit Union the very best on celebrating 20 years” “wishing George and Staff at BCD Credit Union the very best on celebrating 20 years”


“wishing George and Staff at BCD Credit Union the very best on celebrating 20 years”







Shandwick Square Shopping Centre








Westerhouse Road, Easterhouse, Glasgow, G34 9DT 0141 773 0114




Friday 16th November 2012


PLATFORM BRINGS IN THE FESTIVE SEASON IN STYLE! Stock up on homemade, handcrafted, unique and simply beautiful items perfect for Christmas presents for your loved ones at Platform’s festive themed vintage craft fair. Stalls selling arts, crafts, hand made gifts, homeware, second hand books, records, tapes, CDs, fashion, jewellery, accessories and of course vintage afternoon tea served in The Bridge Cafe Bar.

More information about these events, and also The Bridge Café Bar festive menu, can be found on the Platform website, www.platform-online., or look out for the posters and flyers around Glasgow East.

Sit back and enjoy cream tea on proper china as you let the festive tunes fill the air before taking a stroll around the stalls or picking up some crafty tips from the Clack and Yak knitting ladies. There are a few stalls still available for vendors. If interested, please contact Margaret at Platform on

CHRISTMAS MAKE DO AND MEND SATURDAY 1 DECEMBER PLATFORM, THE BRIDGE 11am – 3pm FREE ENTRY Make Do and Mend kicks off Platform’s winter season with two festive shows; ‘Little Ulla’ (made especially for pre 5s), ‘Goldilocks’ (perfect for the whole family), and ’12 Days of Christmas’; two weeks of fun activity within The Bridge Café Bar including crafts, open mic, party nights and a very special Yuletide Gala!

The Mailcoach The Mailcoach

The Mailcoach

510 Hamilton Road, Uddingston, Glasgow G71 7SG Telephone: 0141 771 1569 / 1234 Facsimile: 0141 771 5123 Email: Website:



Traditional Prawn Cocktail North Atlantic Prawns bound in marie rose, resting on a bed of mixed leaves.

Gateaux of Haggis, Neeps 'n' Tatties Served with a whisky and chive sauce.

Chicken & Mushroom Crostini Chicken & Mushroom bound in a garlic & herb sauce.

Main Courses Roast Turkey Traditional Roast Turkey, served with all the trimmings.

Homemade Steak Pie Prime Scottish Beef cooked in a rich gravy, topped with flaky pastry.

Traditional Fish and Chips Fillet of Haddock breaded, served with chips and a crispy side salad.

Peppered Chicken Flat Breast of Chicken with creamy pepper sauce, served with potatoes or chips or rice & vegetables.

Chicken Balmoral Chargrilled Breast of Chicken, on a bed of haggis and bacon, served with a whisky & chive sauce.

8oz Ribeye Steak - (£2.50 supplement) Chargrilled Ribeye Steak cooked to your liking and served with our pepper sauce.

Oven Baked Salmon Served with a tomato & red pesto dressing.

Macaroni Cheese Tubes of pasta cooked in a mild, creamy cheese sauce served with garlic bread.


Duo of Melon Served with a fresh fruit medley and topped with sorbet

Christmas Day Roulade£40.00 of Smoked eachSalmon

Roastwith Sirloin of Beef Cock-a-Leekie toasted herb croutons With wholegrain mustard mash and a tarragon and pepper cream sauce

Main Courses

Baked Fillet of Sea Bass Parcel of Traditional Turkey Served with crushed potatoes, king Traditional Roastprawns Turkeyand lemon butter

Breast with sage & onion stuffing wrapped in Ayrshire bacon, kilted sausages Served with sage&onion stuffing, kilted sausages and selection of vegetables with a selection of vegetables Desserts

Roast Sirloin of Beef With wholegrain mustardChristmas mash and Pudding a tarragon and pepper cream sauce Served with a rich brandy sauce Baked Fillet of Sea Bass Mousse Served with crushed Chocolate potatoes, king prawns and lemon butter Served with chantilly whipped cream

Desserts Cheeseboard

With grapes and a selection of Scottish and Christmas Pudding Servedcontinental with a richcheeses brandy sauce

3 Courses - £13.50

The Mailcoach Christmas Party Nights with DJ & Karaoke for full menu visit £25.00 £25.00 £30.00 £30.00 £35.00 £35.00

Junior Festive Menu Cheeseboard With grapes and a£14.95 selection of Scottish and continental cheeses Lentil Soup Tea and Coffee with Petit Fours Traditional Roast Turkey with Kilted Sausages Roast Beef with a selection of vegetables Chicken Dippers and Chips £14.95 Novelty Ice Creams Lentil Soup

Junior Festive Menu Terms and Conditions: Traditional Roast Turkey with Kilted Sausages A non-refundable deposit per person payable on booking. Roast Beef withof a£5.00 selection of isvegetables full balance to be paid 14 days prior to event. Chicken Dippers and Chips

Novelty Ice Creams Terms and Conditions: A non-refundable deposit of £5.00 per person is payable on booking. full balance to be paid 14 days prior to event.

510 Hamilton Road, Uddingston, Telephone: 0141 771 1569 Email: Website:

Don’t struggle with the Roast this Sunday...

510 Hamilton Road, Uddingston, Glasgow G71 7SG Telephone: 0141 771 1569 Email: Website:

Soup Course Duo of Melon Served with a fresh fruit medley and topped with sorbet Cock-a-Leekie with toasted herb croutons Roulade of Smoked Salmon Filled with a crabMain mousse,Courses served in mixed leaves with a lemon and chive crème fraiche Traditional Roast Turkey Served with sage&onion stuffing, kilted sausages and selection of vegetables Soup Course

Tea andChocolate Coffee with Petit Fours Mousse Served with chantilly whipped cream

Apple and Rhubarb Crumble Dairy Vanilla Cheesecake Chocolate Profiteroles Xmas Pudding

Friday 7th December Saturday 8th December Friday 14th December Saturday 15th December Friday 21st December Saturday 22nd December

Starters The Mailcoach

Filled with a crab mousse, served in mixed leaves with a lemon andStarters chive crème fraiche


Homemade soup of the day served with crusty bread.

2 Courses - £11.95

Christmas Day £40.00 each

Celebrate at

510 Hamilton Road, Uddingston, Glasgow G71 7SG Telephone: 0141 771 1569 Email: Website:

The Mailcoach

THE Mailcoach is a family friendly bar/restaurant on the outskirts of Glasgow at Broomhouse and it is the perfect place to enjoy a family day out in a relaxed atmosphere with fun for all the family. Known for its welcoming atmosphere and great value for money, the restaurant is an ideal place to enjoy quality homecooked food by our award winning chef. Our menu’s offer something for everyone. Serving food from Midday (7 days a week) until 8.30pm (9.30pm on Friday and Saturday) the restaurant offers a wide selection of quality food at very relaxed prices. All the food is freshly prepared on-site by Executive Chef Stephen Falloon and his highly experienced team using only the

Let the Mailcoach staff serve you up a traditional Sunday roast dinner. Served with fresh vegetables, yorkshire puddings and lashings of gravy, Chef’s weekly roast is the perfect way to keep your Sunday stress-free. Available from 12.30 every Sunday it’s always popular so please book early to avoid disappointment.

best locally sourced ingredients. Not in for a bite to eat? Then curl up in front of the roaring coal fire and have a glass of wine and a catch up with friends.

Good Food, Good Service, Great Prices

The restaurant offers a wide selection of quality food at highly competitive prices. Whether you’re looking for a quick bar snack or a full 3 course dinner the extensive menu is sure to meet your needs. Open from Midday every day (12.30 on Sunday) the restaurant is family friendly and welcomes children of all ages.

New Season, New Menu

To complement the changing season the executive chef has devised a brand new menu to take advantage of the freshest local ingredients available. From Soup to Seafood, chargrilled Steak to Crispy Mushrooms and everything in between, all the food is freshly prepared just the way you like it.


The Management are always happy to discuss your needs and welcome the opportunity to craft a menu specially for your occasion. Whether it’s a family birthday party, a christening, anniversary or even an engagement our experienced team will help you plan your event so you can relax and enjoy yourself. Please call in and ask to speak to the Duty Manager Susan Thomson to discuss your needs over a coffee.



Friday 16th November 2012

CLUB GOERS SERIOUSLY ILL AFTER TAKING DRUGS Strathclyde Police is issuing a drugs warning to the public, after a number of people were admitted to hospital on Saturday, 10 November 2012. It’s believed they may have become seriously ill after taking drugs in Glasgow City Centre. Between 1.00am and 4.00 on 10 November, eight people were admitted to Glasgow Royal Infirmary and one person to the Western Infirmary with symptoms reported as high fever, agitation and seizures. It seems they had taken a combination of tablets and powder. Seven men and two women have been affected; they are aged between 17 and 22 years of age. It is unusual to have so many people admitted to hospital over such a short period of time with similar symptoms and this

is clearly very concerning. Strathclyde Police is working with its partner agencies including health officials and medical staff and pub and club licence holders in connection with this risk. NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde public health consultant Anne Scoular said: “Ingesting club drugs is always risky as you can never quite be sure what you are taking. The result can be very unpredictable, especially when combined with alcohol. Symptoms include hallucinations, severe agitation and aggression, high heart rate and seizures. The situation last night saw some quite heightened symptoms among a number of people which we would not normally see. While we urge people not to take these high risk club drugs, if you do and you or your friends show any signs of the symptoms above, I would urge you

to seek medical advice immediately.”


Detectives at the Robbery Unit in London Road Police Office are appealing for information and witnesses following a robbery in Dennistoun on the evening of Thursday 8 November 2012. At around 7.45pm a 23-year-old woman was walking near to Craigpark in the Dennistoun area of Glasgow when she noticed a man walking in front of her. She made a telephone call with her mobile and when she finished, noticed the man was now behind her. The man demanded that she hand over her mobile phone and her purse, whilst brandishing a bladed weapon towards her. The victim handed over her mobile phone, and then her purse to the man. The man then headed off

Office Space TO LET Ellismuir House Business Centre, Uddingston, Glasgow G71 5PW A contemporary business centre to let. Offering excellent quality office space for rent at reasonable and transparent prices.

down Craigpark, towards Duke Street. The victim was very shaken up after the incident, to the extent that a passerby stopped to speak to her and assisted her by taking her home and raising the alarm by phoning the police. The suspect is described as: white, aged between late 20s and early 30s, approximately 6ft 2inches in height, skinny build, with a gaunt appearance. He was wearing dark denims, a black waist length thin, waterprooftype jacket with the hood up and white trainers. Detective Constable Ewan Gilmour, of London Road Robbery Unit, who is dealing with this inquiry, said today: “This was a terrifying experience for the young woman concerned, who was making her way home from work when she was attacked by this man. She literally was in fear for her life. I’d like to appeal to anyone who may have seen a man fitting the description of the suspect hanging around the vicinity of Craigpark just before or around the time of the robbery to get in touch with officers at London Road Robbery Unit on 0141 532 4600.”


Drugs worth an estimated street value of £100,000 have been seized by police in the Springboig area of Glasgow. Around 9.05pm on Tuesday 6 November 2012, local officers, acting under warrant, searched a property in Springboig Road and recovered a cannabis cultivation worth an estimated street value of £100,000. Two men, aged 28 and 40, have been arrested in connection with the alleged find. A report has been submitted to the Procurator Fiscal.


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Ellismuir House, Ellismuir Way, Tannochside Park, Uddingston G71 5PW

Strathclyde Police is appealing for information and witnesses following an incident in which two men were seriously assaulted on public transport in the East End of Glasgow on Monday 29 October 2012. At around 11.45pm, the two men, aged 61 and 23 years old, got on the number

61 bus on Tollcross Road near to Braidfauld Street, heading towards the City Centre. Shortly after, a man and woman got on the bus at Helenvale Street near to Tollcross Road. An altercation ensued between the two men, and the man and woman. The 61-year-old and the 23-year-old victims sustained serious injuries when they were attacked by the male suspect, who used a bottle as a weapon. All four of the group then left the bus at the Gallowgate, near to Bellgrove Street, across from the ‘Wee Man’s’ public house. The male suspect headed off in the direction of Millroad Gardens and the female walked east onto the Gallowgate. The victims headed to their home address nearby and raised the alarm. They were both taken to Glasgow Royal Infirmary for treatment. The 61-year-old man was detained for facial surgery and the 23-yearold man was treated and released. The male suspect is described as aged between 20-30, 5ft 10 inches in height, very slim, short spiky hair which was greying, wearing dark framed glasses, ‘tight’ clothes, and a grey hooded top. The female suspect is described as aged between 20-30, 5ft 2 inches in height, ‘stout’ build, long dark hair in a ponytail, wearing a dark zipper, and black jeans. Detective Constable Jim Mitchell, of London Road CID is dealing with this inquiry. He said: “This was a terrifying experience for the men - a father and son - who were simply making their way home from a night out when they were viciously attacked by a man. This attack has left the 61-year-old potentially scarred for life. We are trying to ascertain what happened after the victims and the suspects left the bus, we know that the suspects did not head off in the same direction as each other, but we are continuing extensive enquiries to establish the circumstances. We are carrying out door-to-door enquiries and checking all available CCTV but we would like to trace anyone who may have

been on the bus or around the local area at the ‘Wee Man’s’ on Gallowgate who may be able to assist us with our enquiries.”


A gentleman aged 88 from Stirling Drive, Bishopbriggs has become the latest victim of bogus workmen. Two male suspects had informed the elderly gentleman that urgent work was required to be carried out on his roof and thereafter charged him over £16,000. Extensive police enquiry was carried out in relation to this incident by both uniformed and CID officers which resulted in two males aged 17 and 21 being arrested in connection with the incident. They appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court on Monday 12th November 2012. Bogus callers/ workmen continues to be and ongoing threat to residents on the North of the City and East Dunbartonshire and officers throughout ‘B’ division who cover this area urge the public to remain on guard. PC Joanne Matulevicze from Divisional Headquarters at London Road police office said, “I would like to remind the public that there are bogus callers and workmen operating throughout our policing area. We strive on a daily basis to track these criminals down, who prey on our most vulnerable members of the community, and put them before the courts. These individuals have no morals and will stop at nothing to get their hands on cash. If someone knocks at your door and you are in any doubt as to whether they are legitimate or not, keep them out and contact the police. I would also ask that, as a community, we pay extra attention to our more vulnerable members. If you are at all suspicious about work being carried out on a neighbouring property note down any registration numbers and/ or company names and contact the police, it is better to allow the police to ensure everything is in order than for someone to be conned out of potentially thousands of pounds. Over the last three months we have arrested 11 across the division for bogus crimes which is testament to the work we are doing in to catch perpetrators of this


despicable crime and keep our communities safe. If you have any information regarding bogus callers/ workers please call London Road on 0141 532 4200 or crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”


On 10/11/2012 two police officers from Shettleston Police Office attended a call in Corsehill Place, Glasgow. As the officers arrived at the scene they quickly became aware that a male had armed himself with knives in anticipation of their attendance and that he fully intended to use the knives to injure the officers. Police Constables Allan Burns and Michelle Divers demonstrated excellent officer safety and communication skills which resulted in the subsequent arrest of the male. The quick thinking and bravery of these officers not only prevented an injury being sustained, but ensured that an armed and violent male was arrested and off the streets. This incident highlights the bravery of our officers within the division and their willingness to put themselves in danger for the protection of others.


Police across the Division have been targeting drink and drug drivers in an attempt to keep our roads and communities a safer place to be around. With the festive period fast approaching many people are risking consuming alcohol at Christmas functions then getting behind the wheel. Our aim is to reduce the risk to drivers using our road networks. Over the years there have been many campaigns and advertisements to educate and show the effects of

Friday 16th November 2012

what could happen if you get behind the wheel of a vehicle whilst under the influence. Over the last six months approximately 155 people have been charged with drink or drug driving across the division. Whilst this is an exceptionally good record for detections this number is too high where members of the public have taken a total disregard for the safety of themselves and others. Many of these detections have stemmed from vehicle stops between 0700 – 1000 hours where people have fallen foul of assuming they would be fit to drive the morning after a night of drinking. Inspector Gary Price, the officer in command of the division’s road policing group said “we have collated figures of individuals over the last 6 months who have been arrested for drink and drug driving. This figure is exceptionally high considering the amount of education and campaigns that have been on-going for the last 25 years.” He added, “In the last week alone we have charged 8 people with drink driving. The message is getting through slowly but with the Festive period looming we will be increasing our efforts to educate people and keep our road networks safe. Many of those caught drink driving are those on a commute to work. Be warned that a night’s sleep and a strong coffee may not be enough to combat the effects of alcohol from the night before and you are just as guilty of drink driving facing the same driving ban, fine and possible imprisonment. If any one knows of anyone who drives under the influence or of a particular licensed premises where it is common to see people drive away under the influence; we want to hear from you either on 0141 532 4600 or by phoning crimestoppers 0800 555 111; where you do not have to give your name.”

Crimestoppers: 0800 555 111 information can be given anonymously.

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Friday 16th November 2012

George is “Wheely” Chuffed

Radio Clyde DJ George Bowie was “Wheely” chuffed when he was invited along to the giant Asda Superstore at Parkhead to receive a cheque. All Asda stores in the West of Scotland are hoping to raise £250,000 between them for the Radio Clyde “Cash for Kids” appeal this year and to help them along each store donated £2,000 on the day. Joining George Bowie was the Cash for Kids mascot “Courage the Cat” and some of the colleagues at Asda Parkhead. Let’s hope the can reach their target once again as they are tremendous in supporting this great charity.

GHA to build first eight homes designed to slash fuel bills GHA announced plans to build eight new homes which will dramatically reduce bills for heating and hot water. The new homes are the next stage in an innovative project which began with four prototypes of the Glasgow House constructed in a partnership between GHA and City Building. Now GHA is incorporating important elements of the Glasgow House, which features high levels of insulation, low energy running costs and simple technology, into a 100home new-build development in Carntyne. And with heating and hot water bills expected to come to around £280 a year – or just over £5 a week – based on today’s prices, tenants will save energy and benefit from lower heating and hot water bills. An average 3-bedroom home typically costs around £1100 per year to heat. A total of eight Glasgow Houses will be part of a GHA new-build development in Marfield Street, Carntyne, which is expected to start in March next year. City Building is the contractor on the development. GHA – which is a partner

in Sustainable Glasgow – is committed to helping reduce fuel poverty and cut carbon emissions. The new energy efficient homes are part of that drive. Further testing will be carried out to determine which design features best maximise energy savings that provide affordable warmth for tenants. The homes could be incorporated into future GHA newbuilds based on the findings of this pilot phase. The new-build homes will be completely insulated – even under the foundations – and will feature the main elements of the Glasgow House, including sun spaces, solar panels and very high levels of air tightness to minimise heat loss. Sun spaces, which capture the energy of the sun are the most highly visible aspect of the Glasgow House and are what differentiates it from other ‘eco’ homes which feature solar panels and air tightness. Tenants will be advised on how best to benefit from the special features of their homes. Margaret Wallace, chair of the committee of GHA’s local office, Keystone, said: “In a

Tragic Death of Taekwondo Champion A well respected taekwon-do champion died after suffering a suspected heart attack during a session his wife was judging. Patrick Timoney, known as Paddy, was taking his fifth degree examination in the martial art in front of his wife at an event in Livingston, West Lothian, last Sunday. The 42-year-old black belt was a board member of the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF) Scotland and fought in the 1998 World Championships. Mr Timoney was the Scottish, Northern and British Champion in the “hand destruction” discipline and instructed alongside his wife Jacqui at the Taekwon-do Glasgow East in the Hub at Wellhouse. Mr Timoney was described as “a larger than life personality who could bring a smile to anyone, he will be sorely missed.” In a statement issued by the federation it said, “Our thoughts go out to his wife Jacqui who is also a fifth degree, and their three children at this terrible time.” He was described as being a Scottish team coach in the Taekwon-do European Championships in Sweden in 2010 and at the World Champion-

ships in New Zealand the following year. The statement added: “Paddy was with the Scotland team coaching staff in Sweden 2010, New Zealand 2011 and with his own Glasgow students more recently at the World Cup 2012, and brought his own style of infectious team spirit with him, which on many, many occasions then and now, heightened team moral. “He was a kind hearted man with a big smile and the world is now one short of its population who could bring laughter and smiles to the faces of others. He will be sorely missed by all who knew him.” A statement issued by Mr Timoney’s family read:

“Patrick was a generous and genuine man who had a special aura surrounding him. His outlook on life was one of the best and he could brighten up anyone’s day. “He had an infectious smile and a wicked sense of humour which many of us felt and heard first hand. “Today we may not understand why he was taken from us too soon, but Paddy will continue to bring a smile to our faces and enrich our lives for years to come through the many wonderful memories we all hold dear in our hearts.” His funeral is expected to take place on Monday at St Columba’s Church in Viewpark where the couple were brought up.

Invitation to all Women 50-70 The Breast Screening Unit Arrives At Parkhead & Shettleston From late November until early January 2013, all women aged 50 to 70 who are registered with a GP in the Dennistoun and Tollcross areas, will receive

their own Personal Invitation from the West of Scotland Breast Screening Service, to attend for breast screening (mammography).

The Mobile Screening Unit will be situated in the grounds of: B&Q Superstore car park at the Forge Retail Park, Parkhead.

time of ever-increasing fuel bills, these innovative homes will help families save energy and enjoy a better quality of life. “As tenants will be able to keep more money in their pockets, it means we are tackling fuel poverty head-on and reducing the impact on the environment. “Helping reduce carbon emissions also helps us play a key role in building a sustainable Glasgow.” Subject to final planning permission, a total of 100 homes will be built in Marfield Street. The development will also feature an amenity block for older tenants, made up of

43 two-bedroom flats, eight of which are built to wheelchair standard. There will also be 22 flats, including two built to wheelchair standard, and 27 houses, one of which will be built to wheelchair standard. Graham Paterson, Executive Director of City Building, said: “We’re delighted to be working in partnership with GHA on this contract, which will allow us to further develop and test the concepts we so successfully demonstrated in the original Glasgow House prototype. “We’re really looking forward to helping deliver exciting new, energy-efficient housing for the people of Glasgow.”

The Mobile Screening Unit will be situated in the grounds of: Tesco Car Park, Annick Street, Shettleston The Breast Screening Service invites women for an x-ray examination of each breast every three years. In women over 50 years of age, this x-ray (mammogram) can detect cancer at a much earlier stage when treatment is more likely to be effective. The whole visit lasts approximately twenty minutes and women will receive their results within three weeks. Women are called through their family Doctor, it is important that the name and address registered with the GP practice, is accurate. If the appointment

time given is not convenient, women can contact the Centre to arrange a more suitable date and time. For women 71 and over, this service can still be of great value, as problems can occur in this age range. If you would like to be screened please phone the centre on 0141-572-5800 to make an appointment. For further information about breast screening, contact the local Practice Nurse, who will be more than happy to answer any questions. Please take advantage of this Important Screening opportunity.

19 16th November Friday Friday 16th November 20122012 19




SPOTLIGHT ON THE AMATEURS F.C. BAILLIESTON and CRANHILL UNITED are two of the many Sunday Central Amateur Football League clubs hoping for success in the third round of the national trophy. The former are away to Southside Whitecart in an allSCAFL clash, while United welcome another domestic club, Beechwood Albion, as they try to secure fourth round status in the Fosters Scottish Sunday Amateur Trophy. TYNECASTLE A.F.C. have been handed a home draw against SAFL Premier Division outfit, Castlemilk, in the third round of the West of Scotland Cup. The East End club reached this stage after beating Whiteinch 5-2.

RESULTS: Fosters Scottish Sunday Amateur Trophy, Second Round - Carluke 2, Westercommon Star 8; Glasgow AFC Redstar 3, Clarkston 2; MK Dynamo 1, Real Mermaid 6; Overlee Partizan 1, Treble 2, 5; AC Volvomax 1, Rutherglen Vogue 8; Revels 4, Redstar 0; Wishaw 2, Quayside 8. Mediaspec League Cup, First Round - Manhattan Blacks 3, Cranhill Utd 2. Premier Division - Thornwood 4, Whitehill 5;MK Dynamo 2, Westburn 1. Division One - Castlemilk East 2, Queens Park Spiders 6; Polonia Glasgow 3, East End Rovers 5; Wellshot 2, Rutherglen Vultures 2; Westercommon 3, Rutherglen


Vultures 4. Division 2A - Cumbernauld Colts 3, Stanley 1; Gartferry 4, Lanarkshire Eagles 1; Southside Whitecart 5, FC Baillieston 1; Third Lanark 3, Gorbals 1; Cumbernauld 6, Lanarkshire Eagles 0; Third Lanark 0, Stanley 3. Division 2B - Drumchapel Th 1, Eastfield 1; Glasgow Rovers 4, Beechwood Albion 1; Northend 7, Westend 0; Northend 2, Eastfield 3; Cranhill 4, Glasgow Rovers 1; Westend 1, Clyde City 0; Beechwood Albion 1, Drumchapel 3. Division 3 - Bellgrove 3, Crownpoint 1; Cleddans 3, Kirkwood Th 3; Phoenix Utd 2, Centaur Utd 1; Crownpoint 4, Cleddans 3.

GLASGOW CITY F.C. 12, ABERDEEN 0. SIX-time champions Glasgow City Ladies were presented with the SWPL title trophy after a crushing win against the Dons at Petershill Park. Leanne Ross took over the captain’s armband from injured captain Rachel Corsie, and led from the front with four goals. Scotland full-back Emma Fernon, the only City player with seven championship medals, netted the only goal of the first half with a curling shot past ‘keeper Lauren Sangster. On the re-start, Leanne Ross finished off a Danica Dalziel pass, and Julie Melrose made it 3-0. Ross chipped Sangster for the next goal on 57 minutes, and went on to complete her hat-trick. Substitute Eilish McSorley, who had replaced Ashley McDonald, headed home the sixth from a Jane Ross crossball. After 66 minutes, Ross turned provider again with a cut-back for Leanne Ross to grab her fourth goal. Emma Mitchell, on for Melrose, made it 8-0, and more goals followed from Danica Dalziel and Jane Ross (2). Jo Love lifted her shot over Sangster to complete the 12-goal haul. Said Head Coach Eddie Wolecki Black: “In the second half we gave a real championship winning performance. “The players moved the ball really well and with a higher tempo in the second half got our result from that.

L.S.K.SUPPLIES WEST YOUTHS Scottish Youth Challenge Cup, Second Round - East End 2, Jerviston 2; Harmony Row 3, Renfrew F.C. 1; Murieston 9, Kirkintilloch Rob Roy 0 The Celtic Boys’ Club 10, Orbiston United 0; Salvesen 1, Neilston Juniors 1; Glasgow Ams 0, Mill United 1; Rossvale 6, Broxburn Athletic Colts 4; Musselburgh Windsor 0, Drumchapel Ams 1; Pollok Juvs 3, Tynecastle F.C. 1; Eastwood 0, Baillieston Juniors 3; Bonnyrigg Rose 0, Campsie Black Watch 3; Cavalry Park 1, Goldenhill 3; St Peters Giffnock North 5, Busby 2; Erskine YFC 0, Falkirk Athletic 3; Port Glasgow 2, Bonnyton 1; Knightswood 3, Tower Hearts 0; Cavalry Park 0, E.K.Rolls Royce 5; Hutchison Vale 7, South Camlachie Youth Project 1; East Kilbride F.C. 2, Steins 2; Rutherglen Glencairn 9, Hillwood 0; Johnstone Burgh 5, Barrhead Arthurlie 0; Wishaw Juniors 1, Harestanes 0; Tranent 1, Claremont 0; Blantyre Vics 5, Knightsridge Vennie 2; Easthouses 1, Hunterfield

0; Wishaw Wycombe 0, Vale of Clyde 1; Johnstone Burgh FCBC 0, Blackburn United 7; Vale of Leven 2, Drumchapel United 6; Faifley 1, Arsenal BC 2. Replay - Steins 3, East Kilbride F.C. 1; Jerviston 0, East End Utd 3; Neilston 3, Salvesen 1. Third Round - Mossvale 2, Pollok Juvs 9; Drumchapel Ams 3, Knightswood 7; EK Rolls Royce 2, Clydebank 0; The Celtic BC 5, Blantyre Vics 3; St Peters Giffnock North 3, Easthouses 0; Rossvale 4, East End Utd 3; Drumchapel Utd 4, Harmony Row 2; Campsie Black Watch 8, Murieston 0; Johnstone Burgh 2, Falkirk Athletic 3; Goldenhill 4, Baillieston Juniors 0; Steins 2, Tranent 2; Vale of Clyde 6, Arsenal BC 2. Lady Darling Cup, First Round - Bonnyton 12, Erskine 1; Eastwood 3, Musselburgh 1; Clydeside 4, Orbiston 3; Bonnyrigg Ros 1, Johnstone Burgh FCBC 0; Hillwood 3, East

Kilbride FC 2; Barrhead Arthurlie 2, Renfrew FC 3; Tynecastle 2, Kilsyth 0; Glasgow University 2, Harestanes 5; Cavalry Park 5, South Camlachie Youth Project 4; Wishaw Wycombe Wanderers 5, Busby 0; Mill Utd 3, Port Glasgow 1. Only Sport Golden Goals Cup - Hillwood 0, Tower Hearts 8; South Camlachie 1, Glasgow Ams 1; Rutherglen Glencairn 5, Harestanes 3. Premier Division - Baillieston Juniors 3, St Peters Giffnock North 1; Glasgow Ams 3, Harmony Row 6; Campsie Black Watch 9, Drumchapel Utd 2; Knightswood 2, Goldenhill 0. First Division - Clydeside F.C. 1, Bonnyton 7; Renfrew F.C. 4, Glasgow University 1; Steins 1, Rossvale 0; Clydebank 3, The Celtic BC 3. Second Division - Kilsyth St Pats 5, Johnstone Burgh FCBC 1; Loudoun 1, Erskine 4; Vale of Clyde 7, Barrhead Arthurlie 0; Loudoun 1, Falkirk Ath 9; Pollok Juvs 1, EK Rolls Royce 3.

WINTER CARPET BOWLS CHAMPIONS North British had a superb six-point win over Springboig (26-11 shots) in Week Three of the Glasgow Eastern Carpet Bowls League. Mount Vernon recorded a 22-13 shots win against Whitevale, and Garrowhill defeated Sandyhills 27-15 shots. SHETTLESTON won a 25-20 shots clash against North British in Week Four, Sandyhills and Mount Vernon were tied on 13 shots-apiece, and Garrowhill overcame Whitevale 25-13. RESULTS: supplied by League Secretary Mr Ian Colligan. Week Two - Mount Vernon 0 points , Garrowhill 6 points ; Whitevale 2 points, Sandyhills 4 points; Springboig 3 points , Shettleston 3 points. Week Three - Whitevale 2 points, Mount Vernon 4 points; North British 6 points, Springboig 0 points; Garrowhill 4 points, Sandyhills 2 points. Week Four - Shettleston 4 points, North British 2 points; Sandyhills 3 points, Mount Vernon 3 points; Garrowhill 4 points, Whitevale 2 points Garrowhill North British Mount Vernon Sandyhills Shettleston Whitevale Springboig

P. 9 9 12 12 6 9 9

W. 7 6 5 5 3 3 2

D. 0 0 1 1 1 0 1

L. 2 3 6 6 2 6 6

F. 85 73 69 66 43 49 41

A. 42 53 71 90 38 68 64

Pts. 14 12 11 11 7 6 5

GLASGOW CITY F.C. celebrate winning their sixth consecutive SWPL championship title after crushing Aberdeen 12-0 at Petershill Park. Photograph kindly supplied by Andy Buist.

AULDHOUSE 2, POSTAL UNITED AFC 2 (3-1 on pens) SCOTTISH Amateur Cup Second Round replay at Nethercraigs. The first game had finished 0-0, and missed chances - alongside penalties - cost Postal in the end. Brian Hughes scored twice for the visitors. FORFAR FARMINGTON 2, CELTIC 3. CELTS stay 15 points behind City in the Premier League table after Hayley Cunningham, Suzanne Grant and an own goal edged out the Scottish Cup finalists. VICTORIA CROFTFOOT 0, TYNECASTLE AFC 7. IBROX Complex all-weather surface hosted this SSMFL clash on a day when the majority of grass parks were out of action due to heavy overnight rain. Stephen McGlinchey made it 1-0 after great work by Paxton and Cochrane. Chris Hughes

headed home a Brian Paxton corner, and on 40 minutes Gary Kilday drilled home a cracking effort from outside the area. James Cochrane lobbed the ‘keeper after half-time, and McGlinchey’s neat flick made it 5-0. Amid substitutions, the same player completed his hat-trick, and top scorer Cochrane bagged his double near the end. RIVERSIDE 3, VALE OF CLYDE BOYS’ CLUB 1. TWO extra-time goals were enough to send Riverside through to the fourth round of the Scottish Under-16 Youth Cup at Forthbank. The Tin Pail had led 1-0 at half-time, but Innes levelled on 63 minutes. The same player made it 2-1 with an 83rd penalty kick past James McArthur, and Ouhibi added a third after 94 minutes. POSTAL UNITED 2, CASTLEMILK 1. DESPITE early injury problems and a

red card, goals from Anderson and Martin secured victory in the SAFL clash at Crownpoint. SPARTANS 0, GLASGOW CITY 2. PREMIER champions City rounded off their campaign with a Jane Ross double - and finished 16 points ahead of secondplaced Forfar Farmington. A 0-0 home draw against Hibernian left Celtic in third top spot on goal difference from their Edinburgh opponents. SYFA WEST REGION 2, PRIMESCOUT EUROPE 0. FIRST game for the Under17s, who netted through Wiley and Burns at Sir Alex Ferguson Park, Braehead. SHETTLESTON 2, LANARK UNITED 1. NEW signing Reon Juskowiak headed the Town winner at Greenfield Park. Smith had put the homesters ahead. Onloan Airdrie signing Burns equalised.


RESULTS. Under-13 First Round - Celtic BC 6, Port Glasgow 1; Broomhill 13, Easterhouse 1; Finnart 3, Clarkston 1. Under-14 - Rangers SABC 4, Gourock 2; Celtic BC 4, St Cadocs City 1; Arsenal 4, Finnart 0. Under-15 - Rossvale Th 12, Tower Hearts 0. Under-16 - Vale of Clyde BC 2, Barrhead 0; Gourock 6, Rangers SABC 2; Harmony Row 1, Celtic Youth 5; South Camlachie 4, Milan 3.


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HEAD COACH PRAISES TITLE REGULARS GLASGOW City Head Coach Eddie Wolecki Black has praised the contribution made by two of his record-breaking championship regulars. Vice Captain Leanne Ross started her 150th competitive match at the end of the SWPL campaign against Spartans. Signed in July, 2007, Ross has a goals tally approaching 160,and medal haul from the Premier League, Scottish Cup and Premier League Cup. Said Wolecki Black: “It is a great testament to her dedication she is now the 7th all-time appearance holder at Glasgow City. “Leanne sits comfortably alongside the likes of Laura Montgomery and Katherina Lindner as true legends of the club. “For anyone to play so much

and combine it with national team duty is remarkable. Her goalscoring record is astonishing, and Leanne Ross is without doubt one of the calmest finishers I have ever worked with.” We can also reveal Leanne, who bagged four goals in a 12-0 win over Aberdeen, is a great source of inspiration off the park at all levels within Glasgow City. Eddie Wolecki Black is urging a flood of votes to be directed towards City striker Jane Ross, who has been shortlisted for the Scottish Women’s Premier League Player of the Year trophy. Ross, part of the GB Olympic Squad this summer, was a Champions’ League scorer against PK-35 Vaanta, and Fortuna Hjorring. A double against hosts Spartans in their final Premier League clash of


THE official launch of the Jim Dolan National Player Development Programme is taking place at Toryglen Regional Football Centre on Friday, November 23. Set-up as a mark of respect following the death of their former President, coaches have been trained to work with youngsters through a variety of young age groups. Chief Executive Mr David Little revealed: “It is going from strength to strength with participation higher than expected. “This pleases me greatly.”


SHETTLESTON have been paired against Tayport in the third round of the sponsored Emirates Scottish Junior Cup at Greenfield Park on Saturday, November 17. Kick-off 1.45pm.

the season took Jane onto the 40-goal standard - and surpassed her previous campaign-best of 29 goals. Every Premier League player is due a vote, and the other nominations are Lucy Graham (Forfar Farmington), Jill Paterson (Rangers), and Suzanne Grant (Celtic). Meanwhile, Glasgow City have teamed up with Stewart First Aid Training in a deal for next season. Stewart First Aid will become City’s official partners both at home and in the Champions’ League. Joanna Dunbar, Managing Director of SFAT, said: “It’s a hugely exciting opportunity for us to work in partnership with Glasgow City. We look forward to supporting the team with our expert training and supplies.”

LEANNE ROSS, right,celebrates one of her four goals against Aberdeen. Photograph kindly supplied by Graeme Berry.


SUNDAY Central Amateur Football League need referees for games with kick-offs at 10am, 12 noon, 2pm and 4pm every Sunday. Clubs are based in Dunbartonshire, Glasgow, North and South Lanarkshire, and Stirling. Call 0141 771 0484, 07447401529 or 07725501970.


WELLHOUSE Boys’ Club seek players for Under-19 Glasgow and District Youth Football League team. Call 07708374783. EASTERHOUSE Football Academy require players born 1998, 2000 and 2003. Telephone 07503998977 or 07960139765. SOUTH CAMLACHIE Youth Project want players born 1991, 1992 and 1993 for West Premier Division. Telephone 07921151411.


THREE games involving touring squads from South Queensland will take place indoors at Toryglen Regional Football Centre, on Sunday, November 25. The SYFA National Development Under-15 and Under-16 teams kick-off at 12 noon and 2pm respectively. The SYFA West Region Under-17s will meet Melbourne Soccer All Stars at the same venue. Kick-off at 4pm on Sunday, November 25.

REGION VICTORY WEST Region of the SYFA played PrimeScout Europe in their first Under-17 outing and won 2-0 at Sir Alex Ferguson Park, Braehead

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