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UNIT 5, BLOCK 17 OLD MILL PARK, KIRKINTILLOCH G66 1SS • KITCHEN & BATHROOM SHOWROOM OPEN 6 DAYS • Mon - Sat 9am - 5pm • Sun by appointment only

White stated that “The Scottish Government has to step in and do something. If Glasgow City Council has to provide services then Holyrood can help with costs and work together so we don’t allow people to be out on the street with no food.” This situation has arisen since Y People lost the contract to Serco and now the assistance that Y People provided in getting clothes and food for these vulnerable people will cease as this was not written into any contracts. It was out of the goodness of the hearts of those in Y People that these people who had basically come to the end of their tether had at least some sort of support. Local MP Willie Bain and MSP Patricia Ferguson met with Home Secretary Damian Green recently in London to see what could be done in this situation but they found the meeting with the minister very unproductive and unsatisfactory. On every question we asked said Ms Ferguson he threw back the UK Government’s policy on the matter and didn’t seem to realise the urgency of the plight of the

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Ashfield v Irvine Meadow


INDIAN OCEAN Any One Curry, Veg Pakora, Nan Bread or Rice

£5.95 One Chicken Curry, Chicken Pakora, Chips, Nan Bread or Rice

£7.50 One Can of Juice FREE With Fish Supper, Haggis Supper Black Pudding Supper, Sausage Supper, Steak Pie Supper Asylum Seekers. Glasgow City Council and Y People are continuing to work together but there is a limit to what they can do legally in the situation. Ms Ferguson told the Re-Gen that they were doing everything they could to help but this is a problem that will not go away and could result in continuing upset for not only the 83 people who are at

present affected but also lots more over the next 5 years. Last word to Patricia Ferguson MSP who told the paper, “Home Secretary Damian Green didn’t come up with anything or even acknowledge or offer any sort of solution. Let’s hope some sort of meaningful discussions can take place soon as this is people’s lives we are dealing with here.”


We also offer welding, servicing and repairs to any make/model of vehicle at very competitive rates. Our opening hours are Monday to Friday from 8am till 5pm (last MOT 4.30pm) and on Saturdays from 8am till 12.30pm. All major debit/credit cards accepted.



Sun-Thur 3pm - 6pm

Vegetable Pakora, Chicken or Lamb Curry with Fried Rice or Nan or 2 Chapaties


(mild or madras - 50p extra)

12” Pizza with any 1 topping & Bag of Chips

£5 10” Pizza with any one topping & Can of Pepsi


4 3 (Trikes)

Serving the community for over 25 years DISCOUNT VOUCHER



Muldoons Garage & MOT Testing Station



Design Studio

Parliamentary Patter

“Y” People Fears for Asylum Seekers ALARM has been spreading throughout the asylum seekers community in the Red Road flats following an announcement from Nicola Sturgeon that no direct help will be available for the hundreds of families facing destitution after the contract by Y People to house asylum seekers was lost. In a reply to local MSP Sandra White who asked what discussions the Scottish Government has had regarding providing assistance for those facing homelessness following the withdrawal of accommodation and support services, Ms Sturgeon told MSP Sandra White it was a matter for the UK Border Agency and the UK Government. She stated that, “If Asylum Seekers are not adequately and properly supported then obviously that often has a knock-on effect to agencies operating in devolved areas of responsibility. The Scottish Government will continue to seek assurances from the UK Government that all action that is appropriate will be taken in this area.” The Deputy First Minister added that it was in no one’s interest to see Asylum Seekers destitute. Ms


7 3500kg

Contact us on HIGH STREET IND. ESTATE 0141 775 2363 Kirkintilloch



0141 237 4339

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McAveety has hit out at a McAveety Slams Member of Parliament for Glasgow North East McAveety Slams SNP Games SNP Games Funding Decision WHETHER YOUR DEBTS DEBTS ARE ARE LARGE LARGE Funding Decision WHETHERYOUR

w Shettleston MSP ow Shettleston MSP Frank Frank decision by Scottish Enterprise ety hit out at ety has hasto hit outCommonwealth at aa slash Games n by Enterprise on by Scottish Scottish Enterprise WHETHER YOUR DEBTS ARE LARGE legacy funding by almost half. h Commonwealth Games h Commonwealth Games Clyde Gateway, the body OR SMALL WE REALLY CAN HELP YOU funding by almost half. funding by almost responsible forhalf. regenerating Glasgow Shettleston MSP Frank Gateway, the body Gateway, the body the East End of Glasgow, has McAveety haswith hit out at a Glasgow Shettleston MSP Frank hit a 46% cut in sible for regenerating sible forbeen regenerating WE CAN PUT AN END TO THE decision byhas Scottish Enterprise McAveety out at a forhit urban regeneration in t End of Glasgow, has st End offunding Glasgow, has to slash Commonwealth Games decision by Scottish Enterprise 2011/2012. The agency has been it it with with aa 46% 46% cut cut in in ENDLESS LETTERS AND CALLS FROM Office G2, WHETHER YOUR DEBTS ARE LARGE legacy funding by almost half. tourban slash Commonwealth told it will share around £6.8 gg for regeneration in for urban regeneration in Games WHETHER YOUR DEBTS ARE LARGE Clyde Gateway, the body legacy funding by almost half. Abbeymill Business Centre, YOUR CREDITORS million with five other agencies, OR SMALL WE REALLY CAN HELP YOU 2012. 2012. The The agency agency has has been been responsible for regenerating Clydeinstead Gateway, the£7 body of the million it was House, OR SMALL WE REALLY CAN HELP YOU will share around £6.8 willthe share around £6.8 Flemington East End for of Glasgow, has responsible regenerating initially promised. with agencies, with five other Flemington Street, been hitother with aagencies, 46% cut in thefive East End of Glasgow, has Frank said: “The110 Enterprise YOU MAY EVEN QUALIFY FOR the it was WE CAN PUT AN END TO THEADVICE d of offunding the £7 £7 million itregeneration was for urban in been hitmillion with a 46% cut Minister seems to beinmore Springburn, WE CAN PUT AN END TO y promised. promised. 2011/2012. The agency has been funding for urban regeneration in AND ASSISTANCE interested in facilitating meetings ENDLESS LETTERS AND CALLSTHE FROM Glasgow, aid: “The Enterprise aid: “The Enterprise told it will £6.8 2011/2012. The around agency has been G21 4BX for hisshare friend the Education ENDLESS YOUR LETTERS AND CALLS FROM r seems to be more CREDITORS million with five other agencies, er seems to be more told it will share around £6.8to Minister, who he wants of thefive £7 million it was YOUR ted in meetings million with other tedinstead in facilitating facilitating meetings succeed him as anagencies, MSP than he FOR CREDITORS FAST, EFFICIENT Telephone: 0141-557 2513 initially promised. instead of thewell £7 million it the waspeople friend the is inEducation the being of friend the Education E-mail: HELPFOR SIMPLY CALL Frank said: “The Enterprise initially promised. of the Eastto End. r, who he wants er, who he wants to YOU PROFESSIONAL MAY EVEN QUALIFY ADVICE Minister seems to behe Frank “The Enterprise Atsaid: this very moment should Website: dd him as an MSP than YOU MAY AND EVENASSISTANCE QUALIFY FOR ADVICE him as an MSP than he interested in facilitating meetings Minister seems be moretogether be pulling atomeeting ee well being of people well being of the the people AND ASSISTANCE for his friend the Education interested in facilitating meetings with Scottish Enterprise to East East End. 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Minister, who the he wants to for his friend Education demand that they withdraw very moment he should very moment he should succeed anwants MSP than he get Minister, whoashe to and this him ridiculous proposal FOR FAST, EFFICIENT ing aain meeting together ingis meeting together the well being of with the people succeed himthe as an MSP than around table allhe the FOR FAST, EFFICIENT ottish Enterprise to cottish Enterprise to PROFESSIONAL HELP SIMPLY CALL of the East End. is in the well being thepromises people partners to fulfilofthe dd that they withdraw that they withdraw PROFESSIONAL HELP SIMPLY CALL At veryEnd. moment he should of this the East made.” iculous proposal and get iculous proposal and“Unlike get be pulling a meeting together At this very moment he should Frank added: any other the table with all the table with all the the together with Scottish Enterprise toin the be pulling a meeting renewal programme demand that they withdraw s to fulfil the promises with Scottish Enterprise to were rs to fulfil the promises country commitments ridiculous proposal and get Regeneration Agency Conference Centre, 179 Ayr Street, demand that they withdraw Glasgow made toNorth ensure that Glasgow ” this around the table with all the this ridiculous proposal and get could make the best ofGlasgow, the dded: “Unlike other added: “Unlike any any other Springburn, G21 4BX at 2.30 – 3.30pm partners to fulfil the around the table with all the opportunities forpromises the Games al in al programme programme in the the made.” partners to fulfil the promises and regeneration investment. were y commitments commitmentsMilton were Community Campus, 204 Liddesdale Road, Milton, G22 7AR at 4.15pm Frank added: “Unlike any other made.” There no better case for o ensure that to ensure thatisGlasgow Glasgow renewal programme in theother Frankhaving added: “Unlike any Barmulloch Community Campus, 46 Wallacewell Quadrant, G21 3PX an impact on Scotland’s make the best of the make the best of the country commitments renewal programme inwere the and I am economic performance 1 TOLLCROSS ROAD, GLASGOW G31 4UG at 5.00pm unities for the Games unities for the Games made tocommitments ensure that Glasgow country weremeeting demanding an urgent generation investment. generation investment. could make the best of the made to ensure that Glasgow with the Scottish Government ss no better case for no better case for opportunities for the Games could the best the Scottish tomake urge them to of ensure an impact on anand impact on Scotland’s Scotland’s regeneration investment. opportunities for the Games Enterprise withdrawal the Milnbank Housing Headquarters, 53 Ballindalloch Drive, mic performance and II am mic There performance and am is no better case and regeneration investment. TOLLCROSS ROAD, G31 proposal to make afor massive cut1 1Association TOLLCROSS ROAD, GLASGOW GLASGOW G31 4UG 4UG having an on Scotland’s ding an urgent meeting There istheir noimpact better case for G31 3DQ ding anin urgent meeting previous commitments to at 3.30pm Dennistoun, economic performance and I am having impact on Scotland’s e Scottish Government thean area.” he Scottish Government 1 TOLLCROSS ROAD, GLASGOW G31 4UG Road, G33 2QS Riddrie Library Centre, 1020 Cumbernauld demanding an urgent meeting economic performance and I am and Learning to Scottish 1 TOLLCROSS ROAD, GLASGOW G31 4UG e them them to ensure ensure Scottish the Scottish Government demanding an urgent meeting ise with withdrawal the rise withdrawal the at 4.15pm to urge them to ensure Scottish with the aa Scottish Government al make massive cut al to to make massive cut sprincgburn SC background ad.pdf 06/01/2011 11:15:29 Enterprise withdrawal to urge commitments them to ensurethe Scottish Molendinar Community Centre, 1210 Royston Road, G33 1HE at 5.00pm to r previous previous commitments to proposal make a massive Enterprisetowithdrawal the cut a.” ea.”





First Friday of each Month:

who established his in Garrowhill who established his practice practice in Garrowhill to an exceptionally standard. The over yearshigh ago. Winning these two health care,14 advice, support and treatment overAwards 14 ago. Winning these 14 years years ago. Winning these two award winning practice itself on two recognises his firmly held belief to over an exceptionally highprides standard. The Awards recognises his firmly held belief Awards recognises his firmly held belief its patient focussed approach which is a community based itself dental awardthat winning practice prides onpractice, acourteous, based dental practice, that a community community based dental practice, always efficient and friendly, where patient relationships and trust are itsthat patient focussed approach which is where patient relationships and trust set within surroundings that arefriendly, luxurious, where patient relationships and trust are are key, using the latest dental technology, always courteous, efficient and comfortable and welcoming. Heading up key, using the latest dental technology, using the latestthat dental setkey, within surroundings are technology, luxurious, the clinical team Dr David Cunningham comfortable and is welcoming. Heading up who established practice in Garrowhill the clinical team his is Dr David Cunningham over years ago. two who 14 established hisWinning practice these in Garrowhill Awards firmly these held belief over 14 recognises years ago. his Winning two that a community based dental practice, Awards recognises his firmly held belief where patient relationships and practice, trust are that a community based dental key, using the latest dental technology, where patient relationships and trust are key, using the latest dental technology,

Hospital ECMO Unit runner-up Hospital ECMO Unit won won the the runner-up support of application.” At award forAwards Best Community Charity Project. patients forour their fantastic comments in the award for Best Community Charity Project. award for Best Community Charity Awards presentation, the Grove Clinic Spring Grove Clinic isSpring a leader in providing support of our Awards application.” At the Project. Spring Grove Clinic is a leader in providing Spring Grove Clinic is a leader in providing team were commended for excellence dental implants,the cosmetic Awards presentation, Springdentistry, Grove Clinic dental implants, cosmetic dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, across all of commended the categories, the dentistry, state of family braces, tooth whitening and team invisible were forfor excellence invisible braces, the artdentistry. facility, and beingtooth a team who strive invisible braces, tooth whitening and family family across all of the categories, forwhitening the state ofand to provide excellent patient care. Its’ efforts dentistry. the artdentistry. facility, and being a team who strive in to support Yorkhill Children’s to raising providefunds excellent patient care. Its’ efforts Hospital won theYorkhill runner-up in raisingECMO fundsUnit to support Children’s award forECMO Best Unit Community Project. Hospital won theCharity runner-up Spring Clinic is a leader in providing award Grove for Best Community Charity Project. dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, Spring Grove Clinic is a leader in providing invisible braces, tooth whitening and family dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, dentistry. invisible braces, tooth whitening and family dentistry.

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0141 556 6651


0141 556 6651

in their previous proposal to makecommitments a massive cutto the area.” in their previous commitments to the area.”

0141 0141 556 556 6651 6651

0141 774 7681 Unit 13 Queenslie Industrial Estate Stepps Road Glasgow G33 3NG

springburn shopping centre

“Spacious and Accessible -The Parking is Free Springburn Shopping Centre’s – The Best Place to Be” LOTS of CHOICE - LOTS of PARKING - LOTS of SAVINGS


GLASGOW Housing Association has unveiled plans for the future of four communities – after listening to the views of its tenants. The plans involve some homes being given a major refurbishment to make way for regeneration, while in other areas some blocks will be demolished. Tenants who live in houses that are to be demolished will be given a choice of another home in the area or one of thehundreds of new homes GHA is building across Glasgow. The latest decisions made by GHA will see: Three blocks at Royston demolished One block in Drumchapel come down Three blocks in Cranhill kept and a refurbishment programme completed Several blocks of tenements in Levernwood kept and modernised The plans for the four communities mark the end of a review of every home inherited by GHA at stock transfer in 2003. This means neighbourhoods across the city now have certainty on whether homes are to be kept and modernised or demolished to make way for regeneration. Alex McGuire, GHA’s Executive Director of Development and Regeneration, told the Re-Gen: “We consulted closely with residents in each of these neighbourhoods. Every area was different and we’ve brought forward plans which we think best meets the needs now and in the

future of that community. “Where we’ve decided to keep homes we’ll carry out major refurbishment work to make the houses modern, comfortable and attractive. “In some cases, where demand for properties is much lower and the flats are too expensive to maintain, we’ve decided to go ahead with demolition to make way for future regeneration work. “It also means that every GHA community now has certainty over its long-term future.” The plans for the Royston area are: The high-rise block at 40 Rosemount Street is to be demolished. The other two blocks, at 20 and 39 Rosemount Street, willalso be demolished, as previously agreed. The 420 tenants who live in the three blocks will be given the choice of another house in the area or a GHA new-build home. The demolition is expected to take place in 2014-15.

Asda Litter Pick Helping the Community ASDA Superstore in Summerston have enlisted the help of children from John Paul Academy, Parkview Primary, St Blanes Primary and St Mary’s Primary in what promises to be a boost for the area in a monthly Litter Pick/Clean up of the streets around Summerston. Organised by June Douglas (Event Co-ordinator at Asda), the children recently took their litter pickers and Poly Bags and certainly made a big difference as they toured the area picking up litter that thoughtless people had discarded. This event will take place once a month in

an effort to keep the area clean and re-iterate that dropping litter not only is against the law it also makes the place look untidy. June has also come up with a plan to run a Poster competition for the schools which will eventually be displayed in the community. The competition will run from 4th June till 18th June and the winner will be chosen on the 19th of June. The winner will receive a Gift card for £50 and the poster will be displayed in all the local schools and small businesses throughout the area. This is a great initiative for the kids and

Asda have to be applauded for their involvement with the community. Pictured here are some of the


children who took part in the first litter pick along with June Douglas from Asda.

Broomton Road Community Shop lands funding IT’S amazing what a difference good project co-ordination can make. That’s the message from Broomton Road Community Shop (BRCS) which has just secured £5,800 to help pay the salary of their part time project co-ordinator for the next year. This will be the fourth year in a row that Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland has helped fund the post, and the impact this is having is clear. The organisation is located in the heart of Balornock East and works from three shop front premises. “The last three years have seen a complete turn-around of the project and we nowhave a huge amount of enthusiasm about the future,” said BRCS Chair Stephen Anderson. “Being able to increase the hours of the project co-ordinator has improved productivity, allowing us to apply to run new projects and attract new funders. This has dramatically improved facilities here, and we have also been able to create two new staff posts. It’s also helped us secure funding to develop plans for a new

centre, and to manage this work. It is so important to look at how we develop in the future as we need to be able to respond to the needs of the local community, and we are hoping to be able to turn these dreams into a reality over the next few years.” There are opportunities for everyone in the area to get involved. An allotment project has brought people of all ages closer together, and the benefits of experience plus the enthusiasm of youth has proved a successful combination where both can share in the rewards of their efforts. Cookery classes are helping make healthy eating areality and getting people to try new types of food, and a mix of indoor and outdoor activities help keep everyone more active. Many of the Foundation’s awards go to help pay for basic running costs or salaries in small, local charities, and BRCS is a great example of why that is the case. Mary Craig OBE, Chief Executive of Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland, said: “To deliver good services charities need good people,


GHA unveils plans for Royston Flats

May 2012

and of course there are costs associated with that. The difference this one post has made to BRCS is amazing. This impact is being felt not just within BRCS but by everyone in the local community, and that’s fantastic use of the £23,000 we’ve granted to pay for this post since 2009. With exciting plans in place for their future we’re looking forward to seeing BRCS continue to thrive and deliver their vital work in Balornock East.” BRCS provides a community centre, cafe, youth clubs, job support, healthy cooking classes, exercise classes and therapies all free of charge, as well as space for other voluntary organisation to utilise. Over 350 people make use of the

facility every week as it is now the hub of the community. Services include a community cafe, youth clubs, advice on sexual health anddrugs and alcohol, pensioners club, cookery sessions for everyone from pensioners to parents with young children, dance classes, and a great outdoor space for use by the whole community. The Broomton RoadCommunity Shop facility is managed by Balornock East Residents Association (BERA)


DESIGNER GLASSES Choose ANY DESIGNER Frame glazed with standard single vision or bi-focal lenses FREE if you qualify for an NHS voucher NHS qualifying vouchers - Income Support, Jobseekers Allowance,

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Aries (21 March - 20 April) xxxx Strap yourself in and hold on tight the next week or so is going to be a bit of a bumpy ride as Pluto and Uranus in your house brings in changes and it brings then hard and fast! If you are looking to make changes in your career then the next two weeks is the ideal time to do so.

Libra (24 Sept - 23 Oct) Pluto in your sign may make you feel xxxxxxxxxx a little out of sorts in your home life and this may cause some unrest and ultimately the need for a heart to heart talk with those around you. You need to get out of the doldrums and allow excitement to come back into your life, time to please yourself if others cant!

Substitute Scorpio (24 Oct - 22 Nov) The eclipse on the 20th helps you gain xxxxxxxx insight and clarity around all aspects your comp life, and you have the insight slipsofto your see problems coming around work & upgrad knock them on the head before e and they can affect your reputation, as Mr. or Mrs. super-efficient, luck is on your your flyer s to side, so don’t waste it. 500 21 June) Gemini (22 May -0 Sagittarius (23 Nov - 21 Dec) Taurus (21 April - 21 May) xxxxxxxxx Stop procrastinating and take a risk Taurus, all that thinking won’t get you to your destination and risky business turns out to be lucky business, if you know what I mean? Jupiter in your sign helps amazing things to happen, so set your ideas high and achieve all you wish to!

The xxxx Eclipse on the 20th see’s you in the driving seat where love and career matters are concerned and a sudden clarity is yours! Your main objective in the last 10days in May is to keep focused on your objectives, do not lose interest and keep both eyes firmly fixed on the finishing line.

Logo Design

Cancer (22 June - 23 July) The time of the eclipse sees your xxxxxxxxx intuition at an all-time high and it is very important to trust it at that time, it is also important to follow your hopes for promotion at work with a grounded approach, ambition is good but being too pushy may get you into a bit of a conundrum!



July - 23 Aug) SLeo ubst(24 itu

teand back with xxxxxxxxx is back yoThe ur lion comppeople slipswill stop and take vengeance, & upas notice thedqueen or king of the gra e their power! This is yozodiac ur flprofesses y e rs to a month when you can achieve the 5 0 00 gather all your charm and impossible

wit and get ready to conquer at work, home or possibly the world!

Virgo (24 Aug - 23 Sept)

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xxxxxxxxx All that useless information you have gathered over the years comes to the fore and helps you be seen in a visionary light, you impress those around you with you vast communication skills and knowledge, you are so super slick it is sickly and yet you emerge triumphant as those who were once difficult become putty in your hands.



The xx next two weeks are screaming opportunity and destiny, you cannot go wrong the next few weeks as you seem to be in the right place at the right time, you may also see you letting go of people from the past as you go on a new direction. So let’s see that cheeky cheerfulness back and in full swing!

Capricorn (22 Dec - 20 Jan)

The eclipse on the 20th may turn xxxxx you attentions to love, as you will be feeling the effect of this eclipse in your emotional zone. Try not to rake up to many memories of past loves and negative situations and use this energy to cut clear away from the past and enjoy a happy love life.

Aquarius (21 Jan - 19 Feb)

The next two weeks is all about you. xxxxxxx Doing what you feel is right for you, wither that is at home, work or social interests it is time to re-shape up your life, a very creative and intuitive sign you instinctively know now what need to be doe, so what’s stopping you?

Pisces (20 Feb - 20 Mar) xxxxxxxxxx As one of the dreamers of the zodiac it is important that you keep fixed on reality this month, try to go with facts and don’t allow others to try to influence your decisions without digging deeper first, not your natural forte but if you accomplish this you will make a big leap forward.

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Sizzling Suzie’s Spring Selection

Hi everyone. Well done to the girls who are taking part in the annual 5k run and if you know anyone doing it make sure you dig deep and sponsor them. Also a very special well done to my mate Sybil who climbed Ben Nevis to honour her nephew’s memory by raising loads of cash for The British Heart Foundation .Yes it’s that time of year again when we are all doing our last minute attempts to be beach beautiful, in preparation for our holidays. I like to eat well all year , and running around trying to keep up with a four year old helps burn the calories. I still like to go the extra mile before a holiday if only so I can enjoy all the different foods whilst there. This week I have come up with a few really tasty and filling salads. I don’t think you can get a tastier, fresher “fast food” . It just takes a little thought and a few extra ingredients to turn plain old lettuce, cucumber. and some tomatoes into something really special. Buy the quinoa and give it a try. Just follow the instructions on the pack. It is a great “super food” and you can use it in many ways as an alternative to stodgy rice, potatoes and pasta. Fresh fruit salad just rounds it off nicely and using low fat yoghurt instead of ice cream helps.

Super salad with quinoa 1 cup of quinoa soaked and drained 1 packet of baby gem lettuce separated into leaves 4 large ripe vine tomatoes cut into wedges Half a cucumber diced 1 courgette sliced into ribbons (use a totty peeler) 1 small can of sweet corn drained 2 baby beetroots grated 1 yellow pepper finely sliced 1 orange pepper finely sliced Handful of toasted pine nuts 1 small can of mixed beans. Small cup of good Olive oil 2 tbsp Wholegrain mustard 1/3 cup Balsamic vinegar 1 clove of garlic crushed Pinch of salt, pepper and sugar. Layer all of the ingredients in a large flat dish. Dress the salad 10 minutes before serving to allow the dressing to really soak in and add depth of flavour. I make my dressing in an old jar and keep it in the fridge. There are some really good ready made dressings too. You can see how colourful and appetising this salad is and with the added beans and quinoa for added protein it really is a belly-fat buster.

Super salad with grilled chicken 1 packet of baby gem lettuce separated into leaves 4 large ripe vine tomatoes cut into wedges Half a cucumber diced Half a butternut squash sliced into ribbons 1 large carrot sliced into ribbons 1 can of broad beans drained 1 can of berlotti drained Handful of raisins 2 grilled chicken breasts cut into thin slices with the skin removed. Layer all of the ingredients in a large flat dish. Again Dress 10 minutes before serving to allow the dressing to really soak in and add depth of flavour. I like the chicken to be still be warm so add after you add the dressing.

Fruit Salad

Food for the soul

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Half a honeydew melon diced 1 small can pineapple chunks in juice drained 1 banana sliced Small punnet of strawberries sliced Handful of grapes halved Large tub of wholegrain low fat yoghurt alternatively serve with low fat ice-cream.

May 2012

Developing our young people First year pupils from Springburn Academy and All Saints Secondary get to grips with regeneration at a new S1 conference. The aim of the day was to let the young people and their teachers know all about ng homes and the work that it does in their community. After presentations and a short film on Possilpark the young people got the chance to design their perfect street. Some of them even went into the Dragons Den with their ideas. Depute Head Teacher at All Saints Mrs Higgins said: “It was good to get the pupils thinking about how they can change something about where they live. By talking about it and doing their research they can make a difference”.

All Saints S1



1st year at The Dragons: Head of y Mr Hamilton Springburn Academ Layden and flanked by Margaret homes. Arlene Rush from ng

Springburn Academy S1

Looking after our Senior Citizens Residents of Gourlay Street Sheltered Housing have their say on the latest plans for their Backcourts. Ball at their feet... Gourlay Street Resident Mary Fishwick and her neighbours took time out from their armchair aerobics class to look at the plans. Mary said: “We are already delighted with the changes that have been made to the entrance to the building and the new common room is super. We can’t wait to see how the garden area will look when it’s finished. They have certainly been true to their word and carried out the improvements they promised us” The plans include upgrades to the backcourts, lighting, surface conditions and drainage. New seating areas will also be installed and the drying areas at the complex will be improved. Robert Tamburrini CEO of ng homes said: “The work being done at Gourlay Street is part of a package of promises we made to tenants when they joined us in a stock transfer and we are delighted to be delivering on those promises”

Mary shows how its done...

Checking out the plans…

“We can’t wait to see how the garden will look when its finished.“

The residents enjoy a weekly armchair aerobics class. Having a ball...

Springburn (East)

Ned Donaldson House, 50 Reidhouse Street Springburn, Glasgow, G21 4LS Tel: 0141 560 6000 Fax:0141 560 6005

Possilpark (West)

252 Saracen Street, Possilpark, Glasgow, G22 5LF Tel: 0141 336 1300 Fax:0141 560 6005

email: • ng homes is a trading name of North Glasgow Housing Association


6 May 2012

Bob Doris MSP

MSP for Glasgow Region (SNP) Parliamentary Surgeries All Welcome 1st Monday of the month Springburn Library, Kay Street - 5.30pm Roystonhill Recreation Centre, 15 Forrestfield Street - 7pm 2nd Monday of the month Kelvindale Primary School, 11 Dorchester Place - 5.30pm Maryhill Burgh Halls, 10-24 Gairbraid Avenue - 7pm 3rd Monday of the month King Street Council Offices, Rutherglen - 6pm 4th Monday of the month Lambhill Stables, 11 Canal Bank North - 5pm Bellcraig Community Centre, 10 Gorstan Street 6.30pm ‘Drop in ’ surgeries are also held at the Glasgow city centre office. Please call for details. It ’s always best to call ahead as constituents with appointments will be given priority. No surgeries will be held during public or school holidays and they are subject to change during parliamentary recess.

3rd Floor, Empire House, 131 West Nile Street, Glasgow, G1 2RX 0141 204 0199

Hanzala Malik MSP Member of the Scottish Parliament for Glasgow Region

Hanzala Malik holds advice surgeries on: The first Friday of the month 10am

333 Woodlands Road, Glasgow, G3 6NG

The third Monday of the month 4pm


Govanhill Library, 170 Langside Road, Glasgow, G42 7JU Hyndland Secondary School, Lauderdale Gardens, Glasgow, G12 9RQ

Translation service available on request by prior arrangement. There are no surgeries on school or public holidays.

For more details contact:    

Visit or write to 333 Woodlands Road, Glasgow, G3 6NG Call 0141 218 4567 or 0131 348 6204 Email Go to

Cube and GHA form new partnership CUBE Housing Association and GHA have joined forces to form a new partnership todeliver more and better services to tenants. Cube has retained its name and identity and continues to have responsibility for its homes and operations including how best to meet the needs of its customers and staff. GHA is the parent organisation, sharing costs and services and offering support. Cube and GHA are already sharing services, costs and expertise, and believe they can delivermore improvements to homes and neighbourhoods – much faster than Cube could on their own. Cube, which has more than 3,300 rented homes and 1,200 factored homeowners, and GHA, which has around 45,000 tenanted homes and 24,000 factored homeowners, believe the partnership will help provide: better value for money through developing joint services and more cost-effective procurement; more investment for more homes and neighbourhoods; better services for more tenants; increased financial strength for both organisations; a reduction in overall management costs; and new career-development opportunities for staff. Some of the first shared services Cube tenants can access include GHA’s handyperson service, Silver Deal classes and fuel and benefits advice. Cube customers also have access

LOOKING TO THE FUTURE: Cube Chair Gordon Scott, Customer Service Advisor Emma Wolfe and GHA Chair Gordon Sloan, right, at GHA’s Customer Service Centre in the Gorbals. to an out-of-hours service delivered by GHA’s Customer Service Centre. Cube Chairman Gordon Scott said: “We strongly believe we can deliver more for our tenants by sharing our expertise and our commitment to service excellence. “Together, we can have a much stronger effect in our communities and, as a result of the savings we will make by working together, Cube will be able to invest at least £10million more in homes. “This will enable us, for example, to bring homes in all of Cube’s areas up to a modern standard by 2015 - two years earlier than planned. “It also means our customers have access to improved services, such as the group’s 24-hour customer care centre every day of the year.” GHA Chair Gordon Sloan said: “We believe the partnership has real benefits for our

communities and customers, particularly in these difficulteconomic times. “By working together we can deliver better value for money and better and more efficient services. The savings we make by working together will be used to make further improvements to services for GHA customers as well as for Cube’s.” The partnership was approved by both Cube and GHA’s Boards who carefully considered feedback received during the consultation with customers and stakeholders. Cube’s shareholding members also voted in favour of the partnership at a special meeting. The Scottish Housing Regulator also approved the partnership. Cube has 3,300 rented homes in west central Scotland. Homes in Glasgow include Wyndford in Maryhill, Ruchazie, Broomhill and Gorget in Knightswood.


Olympic Ambassador role for Bobby as the Games come to town

MARYHILL Housing Association staff member Bobby Pollock is helping to welcome the Olympics to Glasgow. Bobby has been appointed as a “Glasgow Ambassador” when some Olympic events are held in the city this summer. He was accepted for the unique role which will involve welcoming thousands of visitors and spectators expected when the Olympic torch relay event takes place on 8 and 9 June, football fixtures at Hampden Stadium and other Olympic-related events in the city. The London 2012 Olympic Football competition (prelims) will be held at Hampden Park between July 25 and August 3 and will feature the reigning world and European champions Spain Organisers of the Ambassador programme sought people with a “passion for Glasgow” and want to be involved in the Olympics. Their role includes providing

directions to key city centre attractions and Olympic events and welcoming people at transport interchanges. Bobby, who is the Community Development Officer at the Association, and has been on the staff for 20 years has a long and impressive track record of voluntary work. He served on the Glasgow Children’s Panel for 17 years and had given many years’

service to the Citizens’ Advice Bureau. Bobby said: “I’m delighted to be involved in what is a unique experience. The Olympic Games are a celebration for the whole country and it is good that Glasgow is playing its part. “This is a city renowned for its friendliness and that is something Glasgow Ambassadors want to convey to visitors and spectators.”

May 2012

PROVAN MSP WELCOMES LABOUR CALLS FOR FUNDING LOCAL HOUSING ASSOCIATIONS BOOST FOR ADVICE SERVICES SCOTTISH Labour has called services. Scotland will be hit TO SCOTTISH PARLIAMENT for the SNP government to harder than any other part of

Local MSP Paul Martin has welcomed a group of over 50 representatives of Community Controlled Housing Associations (CCHAs) from across Glasgow and the West of Scotland to the Scottish Parliament to lobby the Scottish Government on housing matters. CCHAs are made up of boards of local people and emphasise collaboration with residents to maintain and improve housing stock in their area. Paul Martin said: “I was delighted to bring ordinary, hardworking members of these vital groups to Parliament to help them make their points clear to Ministers.

Before I got elected I was a board member of a housing association and I have worked closely with them during my time in Parliament, so I know the commitment to their communities that these people show every day. I also know that they do not receive enough recognition for their efforts, so I was pleased to be able to thank them for their dedication to their areas.” Mr Martin added: “The Scottish Government should take notice of the many valuable points raised during the meeting and work closely with the groups to support and build upon their vital work.”

provide additional funding for advice services to help cope with the significantly increased demand expected during the transition to the new welfare system. There are concerns that there will be a massive increase in demand for advice from agencies as the Tory-led government’s changes to the welfare system begin to kick in, particularly as a result of expectations concerning the level of online applications. While additional funding has been given to advice agencies in England and Wales, no such funding has been made available here in Scotland by the SNP government. Scottish Labour’s Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing, Jackie Baillie MSP, said: “We all expect a huge increase in demand for advice services as a result of these changes, but so far the SNP government has failed to make any extra money available to deal with that additional demand. Our advice services that do such an important job in supporting some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people, but they are already under huge pressure as a result of the recession. The last thing they need is a massive, unfunded increase in demand for their

Patricia Ferguson MSP

the United Kingdom by the Tories unfair changes to the welfare system. It is our duty to not only mitigate the damage of these Tory policies here in Scotland, but also to ensure Scots receive the help, support and advice they need. People deserve to know where they stand. I hope other parties will back Scottish Labour’s positive calls to ensure our advice services are properly funded. If we do not, there is a real danger our advice services will be unable to cope.”




g Gutterin d e n a Cle from

For advice or assistance please contact: Constituency Office, 43 Atlas Road, Glasgow G21 4TA

Roofs Cleane d& Painted



FREE PHONE 0800 292 7239

We supply and install better bathrooms

Member of the Scottish Parliament for Glasgow Maryhill & Springburn



We offer a unique & spec ialist full installation & fitting service.

Tel: 0141 558 9483. Email: Website: Working hard for the communities of Acre, Ashfield, Balgrayhill, Balornock, Cadder, Carron, Colston, Cowlairs, Gairbraid, Germiston, Hamiltonhill, Kelvindale, Keppochhill, Kirklee, Lambhill, Maryhill, Maryhill Park, Milton, Parkhouse, Petershill, Port Dundas, Possilpark, Royston, Ruchill, Sighthill, Springburn, Summerston and Wyndford.

SAATLHE FULL B ROOM N O W S U O P P up to 3LIEDN 0% of&f ouFrITfT E D FOR ully fi t d b OaNtL hYro£399te 5 * subjec oms

Surgery Details 1st Saturday of the month 10am: Kelvindale Primary School, 11 Dorchester Place, G12 0BP 11.30am: Maryhill Hub 186 Wyndford Road, G20 8HF

1st Monday of the month 4pm: Springburn Alive & Kicking Project, 94 Red Road, G21 4PH 5.30pm: St Monica's (Milton) Primary School, 200 Liddesdale Road, G22 7QH

2nd Monday of the month 4pm: Lambhill Stables, 11 Canal Bank North (off Balmore Road), G22 6RD

4th Monday of the month 4pm: Roystonhill Recreation Centre, 15 Forrestfield Street, G21 2HG

5.30pm: Ledgowan Tenants' Hall 1 Ledgowan Place, G20 0JZ

5.30pm: Elmvale Primary School 712 Hawthorn Street, G22 6ED

3rd Monday of the month 4pm: K.A.T.S, 1 Fountainwell Square, Sighthill, G21 1RB

•There will be no surgeries on public holidays and no surgeries in schools during school holiday periods.

5.30pm: Possilpoint Community Centre, 130 Denmark Street, G22 5LQ

•Those unable to attend a surgery can be visited at home by arrangement. •For further information, or to make a surgery appointment, please contact the constituency office on 0141 558 9483.

The Scottish Parliament has legislative responsibility for: Health, Education, Transport, Housing, Economic Development, Enterprise, Culture, Environment, Rural Development and Justice


t to survey



Hanson Street, Parade, F U R N I4b TU RE • S U I T EAlexandra S • I N STA L L AT I O N Glasgow G31 2JW

The Point Retail Park, Saracen St, Glasgow OPEN 6 DAYS 0141 551 0000 0141 332 1456 Open 7 Days BRING YOUR ROOM SIZES FOR AN INSTANT QUOTE


May 2012




May 2012


10 May 2012

Glasgow Furniture Initiative Incorporating

Ruchill Furniture Project Can you Help?

If you or perhaps your neighbour, have any unwanted household goods then call us. Rather than just throwing them out environment in the process! GFI helps low-income residents to furnish accommodation. Our activities also save over 1000 WE UPLIFT FROM ALL OVER GLASGOW



0141 314 1450

...and give a new life to your furniture or white goods and a better life to others WHO ARE WE...

Glasgow Furniture Initiative – A Scottish Government funded local city-wide charitable organisation. WHAT WE DO...

GFI’s key aims are to; • Help relieve poverty • Improve the lives of people in disadvantaged positions • Providing essential, quality household furniture. • Provide social, environmental and economic benefits by reducing unnecessary goods being reduction targets. • Promote social inclusion and wellbeing through our volunteering and training opportunities. • Tackle social problems, improve community spirit and raise awareness of environmental issues.

Glasgow Furniture Initiative

Incorporating Ruchill Furniture Project On a low income? Looking for furniture? Not sure of re-used furniture? Well your search is over. Why not come in and have a look Our opening times are

We re-use all donations of quality household goods to provide a low-cost home furnishing service for lowfollowing illness, or recovering from hard times... often in unfurnished accommodation.


Furniture, Suites, White Goods, Electrical appliances... in fact almost anything from the home! All we ask “Is this an item you would pass on to a friend?”From televisions to freezers, from electrical cookers to fridges and beds. For more information on Glasgow Furniture Initiative and our service, please call our administration Glasgow Furniture Initiative, 253/257 Blairtummock Road, Queenslie, Glasgow G33 4ED

0141 945 2746

Monday - Friday 9:00am- 5:00pm Saturday - 10am - 3pm

ods from a tea go d ol eh us ho l al ll se e W y it ain’t gonna spoon to a suite and he Opening Times: Mon to Fri 9am – 5pm Sat 10am – 3pm Opening Times: Mon to Fri 9am – 5pm Sat 10am – 3pm Opening Times: Mon to Fri 9am – 5pm Sat 10am – 3pm

89 Chapel Street Maryhill Glasgow G20 9BD 0141 945 2746

21 Newhills Road Wellhouse Glasgow G33 4ED

255 Blairtummock Road Queenslie Glasgow G33 4ED 0141 781 0100

Or visit our website:

May 2012


Crystal Starts Her Olympic Training QUEENS Cross tenant, Crystal Keaney, is in training for her own Olympic events as one of 200 volunteer Ambassadors who will welcome visitors to the city of Glasgow between June and August this year. Crystal explained why she wants to be an Olympic Ambassador. She said: “I volunteered because I love helping out and it’ll be exciting to be part of the Olympic Games this year. I also like to volunteer for projects that help me out and where I’m able to expand my experience and build confidence.” The Ambassadors will welcome thousands of visitors and spectators expected in Glasgow for the Olympic torch relay event on 8-9 June, football fixtures at Hampden Stadium (25 July – 3 August) as well as other parallel events in the city. Crystal, who has been accepted for an HNC in painting and decorating at the City of Glasgow College, is well known for her volunteer work

in the Queens Cross area. She’s volunteered for North Glasgow Healthy Living, the Glasgow 5k and has been involved in a number of Queens Cross Housing Association projects including the Employability Programme, Westercommon community cafe and Firestation which offers support to young people in setting up and maintaining their own tenancy. Sara Wood, a Housing Support Supervisor with the Association, has known Crystal as both a service user and volunteer. As Crystal is dyslexic, she helped her with her application to become an Ambassador. Sara said: “Crystal will make a great Olympic Ambassador for Glasgow. She’s incredibly

Letter of appreciation A letter of appreciation was received at Maryhill Police Office for PC Susan Stewart who is a local Community Policing Team officer, from a resident in the Milton area thanking PC Stewart for her patience and advice. The resident is elderly and lives alone and was feeling very vulnerable and isolated. PC Stewart provided her with suitable crime prevention advice and made arrangements for some extra security measures within her home, giving this elderly female the necessary re-assurance she required to feel safe in her own home. This type of police work normally goes on unnoticed but is essential to ensure that the most vulnerable people in our community are kept safe committed to her volunteer work and her studies. She also supports her parents who both have health problems. “Ambassadors will be the first port of call for anyone needing information and assistance about events in the city of Glasgow. Crystal’s exactly the kind of friendly, capable and helpful person you’d want to meet when arriving in a new city for a major event like the Olympics.”

10,000 You Tube Target for Youth Employment Project THE public are being asked to help a video by 10 young people in employment training reach 10,000 hits on You Tube by the end of May. Launched just over a week ago, ‘Glasgow State of Mind’ has already achieved more than 2,700 hits worldwide. Calling themselves G20 featuring Mary Hill, all members of the group are taking part in Queens Cross Housing Association’s Youth Employability Programme. ‘Glasgow State of Mind’ is their tongue-in-cheek take on the Alicia Keys/Jay-Z hit ‘Empire State of Mind’. The song was developed from eight one-hour workshop sessions with Blue Sheep Music where group members learned how to use production software and

took part in singing sessions and song writing workshops. The Association’s Head of Community Development, Helen Crawford, said: “We were completely blown away with G20’s achievement after just a few short sessions in a music studio. We’ve set the 10,000 target because it’s a great, fun video and we want to show what young people can achieve given a chance. “All group members have gained experience and skills and some are now heading for full-time college courses. Something that they might not have had the confidence to do just a few weeks ago.” John Richardson from Blue Sheep Music worked with G20. He said: “They wrote the lyrics

themselves, performed on it including playing some keyboard parts, some drums and all the singing. They were also involved in the technical side of things recording and editing. “The transformation from teenagers turning up an hour late on day one to the stage where they are now has been amazing.” The group started writing lyrics by listing the things they associate with Glasgow including its famous people, sights and sounds. They wanted to portray a positive message about the city whilst keeping it truthful and humorous with lyrics including: “Glasgow - where all the bridges are squinted and the West End is minted”.

GHA tenants get online and learn new skills GHA tenants are proving they are never too old to learn new skills – after surfing the internet for the first time. Twenty nine tenants signed up for an IT skills course which is being run by GHA’s training academy. The course is helping those tenants who have never used a computer before – or had limited experience – to send an email, create a document and use the internet. It’s part of GHA’s drive to open up more education and learning opportunities for people living in GHA communities. Glasgow MSP Bob Doris joined seven of the tenants who are benefiting from the eightweek computer training course. Tenant Honora Culliton, 75, from Sighthill, said she used to

be scared of computers – but has now signed up for her second IT course. She said: “I didn’t like computers before this. I was frightened of them. The course has been really helpful and has helped me overcome this fear. “It has really opened up my mind and I realise there’s a big world out there.” Willie Finegan, 75, from the Smithycroft Sheltered Housing Complex in Riddrie, is also learning new skills. Willie had previously struggled to use the internet – but after only three weeks into his course he is now surfing websites. Willie said: “It’s an excellent course. I tried to get on the internet before to find out how many Finegans there are – but I didn’t know how to. I’m really

enjoying it.” As part of the IT course tenants are also being shown how to log on to the GHA website – – and report a repair, pay their rent or find a new home. Tenants are also encouraged to take advantage of online shopping savings and even look for a new job. Bob Doris MSP said: “I am delighted to see tenants are taking advantage of the courses being made available to them by Glasgow Housing Association. “It is important that social landlords develop a wider role in the communities they serve, and the training opportunities that GHA is providing are a good example of that. I wish this initiative every continued success.”

Car thief captured Good work be PC’s Bernadette McKinley, Jayne Somerville, Helen Kent and David Reid of Saracen Community Policing Teams, who quickly traced a male responsible for breaking into two vehicles at the car parks of Springpark Resource Centre, Denmark St and Seewoo restaurant, Saracen St. Due to the prompt action of the officers involved this male, who is a notorious criminal from the North of Glasgow, has been subsequently charged with both offences. Although this male has now been remanded in custody the community should remain vigilant with their property to restrict criminal opportunities. The high profile policing patrols will continue to provide reassurance to everyone in the community.

Protect your property with Strathclyde Police is now a supporting Force of If your phone, bike, computer or any other electrical item is registered using the free Immobilise. com service, and if any criminal is found to have yourproperty in their possession, Police can tell instantly if it has been reported lost or stolen. Insurers and reputable second-hand traders can also tell instantly if a criminal tries to recycle any stolen property. These actions help greatly in the recovery of your property and catching criminals. Benefits of registration: Immobilise helps police identify the owner of lost & stolen property thousands of times each day. Loss & theft updates you make are immediately available to the Police nationally. Combat the sale of stolen gadgets & valuables; alert the second-hand trade & publicly checkable stolen goods Simplify insurance claims and Police reports with certificates of ownership. It’s also FREE .

Police crackdown on Youth Disorder The Maryhill Community Policing Team and B’ Division’s Priority Crime Team have given the area of Bilsland Drive their full attention following recent spate of youth disorder. As well as generating 16 positive stop/searches including two males with offensive weapons, they recovered a stash of assorted wooden sticks located near to the local shops. The community can be assured that this level of Police attention will continue until the disorder in Bilsland Drive is stopped. If you have any information that you would like to provide in relation to this youth disorder or any other concern then please contact your local community policing team or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

FERGUSSON PHARMACY FREE PRESCRIPTION COLLECTION & DELIVERY SERVICE * Smoking Cessation advice and assistance * Discreet and friendly confidential service * Advice on treatment of minor ailments Opening hours: Mon - Fri 9am - 6pm Sat - 9am - 1pm

227 Wallacewell Road, Balornock G21 3PR 0141 557 2121

150 Petershill Road, Springburn G21 4AL 0141 558 7327


May 2012

Why more and more children cycle to school.

Cycling to school is becoming more popular than ever. Cycling to school is great for kids. It’s a fun way to get exercise and healthier kids are happier, more self-confident and find it easier to concentrate in class. Cycling to school is great for drivers. With more children cycling to school, fewer parents have to do the school run. This cuts down on traffic congestion for people commuting to work and makes the drive quicker and easier. Cycling to school is great for parents. It means your child is getting a large portion of their 60 minutes of daily exercise just by going to school. It gives kids independence and freedom,

boosting their self-confidence. It means you don’t have to ferry them to school, saving you time. And it’s free. But you probably know all that already. What you perhaps didn’t know, are the lengths we’re going to, to make cycling to school safer than it’s ever been. Cycle training helps build your child’s confidence. The Bikeability Scotland scheme has replaced the training many of us received when we were kids. It’s designed to be fun and informative and gives children the skills they need to cycle on today’s roads. There are three levels of Bikeability Scotland, which starts out with basic skills in the playground, and progresses right through to making independent journeys on the road network. 70% of Scotland’s schools are already delivering Bikeability Scotland training, with more joining the scheme every year. Cycle Friendly Schools. More and more of Scotland’s schools are becoming Cycle Friendly Schools. The award is

Over 36,000 Scottish children go to a Cycle Friendly School.

given to schools that support cycling as part of the school culture by providing the right facilities, training and promotion to encourage children to travel by bike. There are over 130 Cycle Friendly Schools in Scotland, covering 36,000 pupils.

Over 16,000 children already cycle to school regularly.

Safer roads. The common perception seems to be that the roads today are more dangerous than ever, but that’s really not true. The number of children involved in an accident cycling to school has halved in the last ten years, and the number of children hurt by cycling in general has declined by 76% in that time. In 2010 around 16,000 children were cycling to

70% of Scotland’s schools deliver Bikeability training.

school on a regular basis, yet there were just 13 reported accidents. Support the campaign and give kids cycle space. Despite all that, we know that letting children cycle to school is still a concern for some parents. That’s why we’re asking drivers everywhere to look out for child cyclists, slow down when passing them and give them as much space on the roads as possible. Our national Give Me Cycle Space campaign aims to create greater awareness of children cycling to school and make the school gates a more cycle friendly place.

Why more and more children cycle to school.

May 2012


Volunteer’s Week – Making a Difference TAKE a look around you and you’ll notice that most successful community organisations each have a bank of volunteers to call on. The Citizen’s Advice Bureau, Credit Unions, Youth Clubs, etc...... all these organisations constantly call on the expertise of those who

have the experience to deal with the public yet seek no remuneration. In this day and age when it seems everyone is out for themselves the role of the Volunteer really comes to the fore. Volunteering is everywhere, in every part of the country, among people

Glasgow Furniture Initiative Incorporating Ruchill Furniture Project “Supporting This Project”


0141 314 1450

For more information on Glasgow Furniture Initiative and our service, please call our administration Glasgow Furniture Initiative, 253/257 Blairtummock Road, Queenslie, Glasgow G33 4ED

1345/1351 Gallowgate Parkhead, Glasgow G31 4DN 0141 551 0071 Proud to support Volunteers Week

of all ages and from all backgrounds, volunteering transforms lives. Whether the amount of time is small or large, one-off or ongoing, the same spirit unites what volunteers do: the desire to help other people and make a positive difference. There are approximately 20 million volunteers in Britain, doing everything from clearing canals to coaching football teams. Most volunteers say that they get a huge amount back from volunteering; the satisfaction of giving time constructively, sharing skills and experiences, the social buzz from a group working together, new skills learned and new experiences undertaken. In the current economic climate we’ve seen a huge surge of people looking to volunteering to develop their CVs and enhance their employment prospects. The impact of volunteers bring a wide range of benefits to an organisation. The fact that they have chosen to be there for no monetary reward means that their work can have a huge impact on those who benefit from it. They can bring diversity and new or

differing perspectives to the organisation. When they are well integrated into an organisation this can make a significant contribution to day-today work and longer term planning. Volunteers can be an organisation’s strongest advocates and its most honest

critics. They are there because they care and harnessing this passion will bring tremendous benefits all round. Why not think about becoming a volunteer and contact some of the companies that are featured on this page, they will be delighted to hear from you

and it could mean that your life experiences could really benefit a host of others who are crying out for someone just like you.

North Glasgow Housing Association celebrates National Volunteer Week and says a Big Thank You to volunteers who support their communities. Volunteers have hearts of gold, helping people, young and old. Always giving, always sharing, Volunteers are always caring. That is why North Glasgow Housing Association wants to pay tribute to the fantastic work carried out by volunteers across the North of the city to make their communities better. Many of the voluntary organisations and charities could not cope without the efforts of people who take time out of their busy lives to help others. The contribution of volunteer board members are extremely important to the development of the association with many of them been involved for twenty years and more. Many staff also give up their own time to volunteer in a number of projects. So, as part of Volunteer Week the association will recognise the inspiring work of all of these volunteers through a number of small events. Robert Tamburrini said: “The amount of hours volunteers dedicate to their communities here in the North is tremendous and should be commended. We have seen an increase in people becoming involved in volunteering activities through area focus groups, environmental groups and committees. I would also highlight the commitment of many staff members who give up their skills voluntarily to make a difference within their communities. Volunteers provide a major contribution to making our communities better places to live and work”.


Health & Social Care Provider Creates 20 New Jobs in Glasgow Health and social care provider, Momentum Care, is to create 20 new local jobs in Glasgow to cope with the increasing demand for its communitybased domiciliary and supported living services.

DOMICILIARY SUPPORT WORKERS £6.42 per hour We extend a warm invitation to visit us during our recruitment open days at Teacher Building, 14 St. enoch Square, G1 4DB on Wednesday the 30th, Thursday the 31st of May and Friday the 1st of June from 9.30am-5pm

Momentum Care is kick-starting a new recruitment drive for support workers by holding recruitment open days in Glasgow City Centre’s Teacher Building in St Enoch Square on Wednesday the 30th and Thursday the 31st of May and Friday the 1st of June between 9.30-5pm. Momentum Care is part of the Momentum Group, a leading national provider of rehabilitation, training and care services for people with disabilities and others who face economic and social exclusion. Each year Momentum Care provides health and social care services to more than 1000 adults across the UK enabling them to live independently in their own homes and to take part in community based activities. Support workers provide assistance with personal care and day-to-day tasks in the home, as well as supporting visits to family and friends, and attendance at appointments, college courses and social clubs. Momentum Care works with adults with wide-ranging needs, including older people, people with disabilities, people requiring support after hospital discharge and those with palliative care needs. Support workers come from diverse backgrounds and tend to work within or

Let us tell you more about Momentum Care and what it is like to work with us. We can support you to complete an application form and we will do some informal interviews on the day. Coming with a completed application form, applying on-line before or e-mailing in one ahead of time would be helpful but we will also be handing out application packs on the day. If you’re interested but unable to attend please contact us. Sharing our values is key: we are looking for reliable people with a caring approach, good communication skills and a respect for people as individuals. We can offer:

close to the areas they live in and know well. Momentum are particularly keen to support communities in getting unemployed young people into work and are delighted to hear from people aged 18-24. “Whether you are 19 or 69 doesn’t matter to us here at Momentum Care, we are looking for individuals who are responsible, reliable, caring and share our values” said Susan O’Reilly the Registered Manager for Glasgow. Whilst experience is beneficial for the support worker role, including personal and family experience of caring, it is not a requirement and full induction training is provided for new recruits. This one week programme was recently rated ‘excellent’ by 90% of participants and is tailored to enable people with little or no care background gain the skills and confidence required to start work and successfully support the people they are working with. All support

work is ‘regulated work’ and recruits will be required to become PVG members with Disclosure Scotland.

• A contract to suit you: flexible and guaranteed hours available

According to Alice Drife, Head of Health and Social Care at Momentum Care, the organisation is looking to recruit caring local people who will go that extra mile. She says “Momentum Care already has a dedicated team of caring and experienced people working across Glasgow. Now, as a result of increasing demand for our services in this area, we are looking to recruit 20 additional support workers. Glaswegians are renowned for their friendly, caring personalities, which are ideal attributes for a support worker. We very much look forward to welcoming people at the recruitment open day and sharing with them the challenges and rewards of the exciting opportunities we have to offer”.

• A range of clients to work with and we aim to geographically cluster clients together to reduce staff travel

• A comprehensive, high quality induction will be provided followed by shadow shifts

• An SVQ suitable to your role once established in post • A contributory pension and death in service insurance scheme • regular support and supervision, team meetings and ongoing development our staff come from diverse backgrounds. Please apply on-line at in ‘work for us’. If you are unable to do this, e-mail: or tel: 0141 419 5299 to request a pack is e-mailed or posted. Successful applicants will be required to become pVG members. This work is considered to be regulated work and is an exception under the rehabilitation of offenders act. Closing date: 11th of June. Interview dates: 13th and 14th June. Provisional induction training start date: 25th June. Momentum Care is a registered Scottish Charity: reg SC029767.

14 May 2012

Parliamentary Patter

Willie Bain MP After the longest Parliamentary session since the Second World War, and a collective battering for the Coalition parties at the polls, a relaunch of the Government’s agenda was expected among the traditional pomp and circumstance of the Queen’s Speech. If this was the point of the State Opening of Parliament, the Queen might have been saved the trip. David Cameron and Nick Clegg are still not listening. Voters in Scotland, England, and Wales joined millions of others across France, Greece, and Germany in recent polls in delivering a collective no to mass unemployment and destruction of living standards by ditching the king of bling Nicolas Sarkozy, the Conservative New Democracy movement in Greece, and in handing the architect of Euro-austerity Angela Merkel and the CDU their worst results in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany’s most populous state, since 1945. The reasons for this are unsurprising. The OECD predicts that demand in the Eurozone is set to fall by 0.2% this year, at a time when the different policies on jobs and growth

being followed by President Obama in the US are leading to an increase in US economic demand of 1.9% in 2012. 24 million people in Europe cannot find a job. In Greece, even the middle classes are finding it hard to survive given pay cuts of up to 30%, and suicide rates are surging. Austerity literally kills. Given that ordinary people face the biggest drop in living standards since the 1920s in the longest slump since the Long Recession of the 1870s, the State Opening should have been the moment for a change of course. Instead it simply confirms that the Liberals are propping up a radical rightwing administration whose aim is to use the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis to slash the role of the state in society, further concentrate power in the hands of the wealthy, and use the law and the fear of unemployment to drive down wage levels, and smash rights at work. Like mediaeval doctors with single-minded obsession to bleed the patient with leeches whatever the illness, the proponents of austerity believe the answer to self-defeating cuts in public spending

leading to a hollowing out of demand is further austerity. In the 1930s, only the outbreak of the Second World War led to different economic policies, but across Europe, the cry for an alternative now is growing louder. In the UK, the TUC has estimated that 6.3million people are looking for a full-time job, but cannot find one. Real wages for people in the lowest 10% of the income scale are falling twice as fast as those for the highest 10% of earners, the biggest real terms decline since the 1970s, as the overall inflation rate masks big rises in the costs of food and clothing. The Resolution Foundation showed that by 2020 ordinary people will be no better off than they were in 2001, while the top 1% skyrocket away from the rest of the country in terms of financial clout. Nearly a third (32%) of adults in the very poorest households are struggling to afford essentials, compared to 18% of those on low to middle incomes and 6% of higher income households. It is a natural aspiration for many families to want their children to do better than they have – this is the first generation since the 1970s that will do worse than their parents if the Tory-dominated Coalition continues unabashed with its campaign of

radical redistribution of wealth from poor to rich, stagnant incomes, and continuing slump. What would an alternative programme for jobs and growth from the left involve now? Firstly, increase demand by creating jobs, building homes, and increasing the purchasing power of wages. The benefits bill has continued to rise by £10bn given unemployment is rising above 2.6million, and tax revenues have undershot the OBR’s forecasts by a massive £15bn. A jobs programme now, in building 2,500 homes in Scotland at start with would employ 10,000 young people, and boost Scottish construction which saw a 4.3% drop in output in the first three quarters of 2011. Cutting taxes for ordinary people by cutting VAT to 17.5%, putting £480 back into household budgets, and reversing tax credit cuts which are penalising the low-paid and part-time workers, a disproportionate number of whom are women. Second, change the banking system. Businesses face a short-fall in capital of £190bn at a time when £700bn in private money is sloshing around waiting to be put to greater productive use in economic investment. As the Big Innovation Centre argue, a new range of state-support-

ed banks, with a UK National Investment Bank, and regional banks on the German model, would lever in long-term finance to support new industries like the renewable sector, and stimulate the creative sector, retail and manufacturing. Third, deal with inequality. The top 3% of the population have increased their wealth by half in the last couple of years despite the recession. More and more people understand that this wrecks long-term growth. Taking action on top pay, while introducing a living wage, are key. We discovered from the IPPR last week that top FTSE companies could pay a living wage of £7.20 an hour (or £8.30 an hour in London) at an extra cost of less than 1% of wage bills. Keynes said in the 1930s “madman in authority, who hear voices in the air, are distilling their frenzy from some academic scribbler of a few years back”. George Osborne and the European right are embracing a new monetarism inspired by Milton Friedman and the Chicago School of economics from the 1970s to bolster their disastrous austerity policies. It falls to the British left to develop a convincing and popular alternative.

nursery and café the halls can be hired for events. Project Manager, Hunter Reid, and his team deserve praise for their steadfast commitment to the building and their imagination and sheer dedication to restoring the Halls to use. The reopening of the Burgh Halls has meant that the famous stained glass windows depicting Maryhill trades in the late 19th century could be returned to the Burgh Hall from the People’s Palace where they had been taken when

the Halls closed over 20 years ago. It was largely due to local man Stewart Watson that the stained glass panels were saved. Sadly, Stewart died last week at the age of 96, but fortunately he lived long enough to see the panels once again take pride of place in Maryhill Burgh Halls. For this and for his contribution to the local community we owe Stewart a debt of gratitude. The Burgh Halls are the latest in a series of historic buildings in the constituency to be renovated and given a new

life. Maryhill Primary School has become high quality homes and Springburn Library is now a welcoming conference centre. Unfortunately the future for the buildings that once housed Ruchill Hospital is not so bright. The owners, Scottish Enterprise, recently won an appeal which means that they now have permission to demolish all of the buildings on the site with the exception of the landmark water tower. This is an extremely disappointing decision.

Patricia Ferguson MSP In my column last month I encouraged readers to vote in the elections to Glasgow City Council on May 3rd and while the turnout was not as good as might have been hoped for many people clearly used their vote to elect councillors to represent Glasgow for the next five years. I look forward to continuing to work with the elected members in Maryhill & Springburn over the coming

years and welcome them to their role. It was a real pleasure to be able to attend the re-opening of the Maryhill Burgh Halls at the end of April. The finished Halls demonstrate that the seven years of hard work necessary to complete the project was worthwhile and local people now have this historic building restored to them. As well as providing office space, a

Bob Doris MSP Congratulations to all new and reelected City Councillors, and to the SNP team on increasing both their number of councillors and share of the vote, polling around 33%. I offer my best wishes to Labour who retained control of the city and I hope they will work constructively with the SNP leadership team of Graeme Hendry and Billy McAllister for the good of our city. France also went to the polls recently and the election of a new left-wing leader there is in stark contrast to the UK Government who continues apace with cuts and

austerity. That the French election rejected a cuts-only agenda has reignited the debate over economic strategy across Europe - a debate of great importance to Scotland, and on this point the SNP and Labour share some common ground. Both want to see a capital injection into the Scottish economy to support infrastructure, boost jobs and increase the tax take. Done strategically it may just provide the growth everyone has been searching for. That is why the Scottish Government outlined 36 ‘shovel-ready’ infrastructure

Paul Martin MSP After weeks of campaigning, days of door canvassing and many hours of speaking to voters the local election results are in. In Glasgow, Labour had a fantastic result and returned a Labour majority under the leadership of Gordon Matheson. With a campaign based on the Labour Party’s record in Glasgow and vision for our city’s future, the electorate decided that

Labour had their interests at heart and that Glasgow would not be used by opposition parties as a stepping stone for independence. The elections were a ringing endorsement for the ‘Glasgow Guarantee’ of creating jobs and training for our young people. Many people I spoke too supported our idea to give over 80s help with their heating bills, especially in these

projects to the value of £300m, including a number right here in Glasgow, which could get folk off the dole and our economy moving. The Scottish Government appealed to the UK Government for this funding, however, it was to be an appeal which fell on deaf ears. Unfortunately, this is where the SNP and Labour part ways. Whilst Labour may moan about UK cuts, they deny Scotland the power to invest our own resources into creating jobs such as in communities right here in north Glasgow. These powers sit in London. Labour, no matter how much they supposedly dislike Tory decisions, are prepared to sit on the side lines and allow others to

difficult times. One thing that most people mentioned to me on the doorstep was Glasgow Labour’s campaign for better buses. In huge parts of our city we are stuck with a second rate bus service that is run in the interests of profit and not passengers. I will continue to campaign for the regulation of bus services to make buses consider the needs of our communities and not just profit margins. Despite the magnificent for Labour, it was disappointing to

control our economy. In France the voters kicked out a Government who were not responsive to their needs. For Scotland, the major job creation and investment powers sit with a UK Government, dependent on English, not Scottish, votes for its reelection. Scottish voters must have the power to ensure their elected politicians take the decisions that reflect their wishes. However to do that the Scottish Parliament must have the powers required to invest in jobs and growth. I do not claim there is no action that the Scottish Government can take and, for example with the recent announcement of £25million funding

note that the number of people voting was only around 40% across the country. Local elections are incredibly important as it is the local councillors that we elect who control and decide many of the everyday services people rely on. Having your say on what happens in our schools, how we look after our elderly and what level of council tax we should pay are all decided at a local level. In the North of the City we have elected a strong Labour

William Bain MP Shadow Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs Minister Labour MP for Glasgow North East Westminster Office: 0207-219-7527; Constituency Office: 0141-557-2513 E-mail: Twitter: Facebook:

Patricia Ferguson MSP 43 Atlas Road Glasgow G21 4TA t: 0141 558 9483

to almost double the money being targeted to tackle youth unemployment, progress is being made. However, limited powers can only ever have limited impact. Independence will provide those powers needed to fully invest in jobs and growth, otherwise Scotland will be at the mercy of whoever forms a UK Government every 5 years. So lessons from France do matter and those French elections are not a remote event. They point to how when a nations electorate controls its own affairs, they can have a real impact. It is when Scotland 3rd Floor, Empire House has such powers that we can most 131 West Nile Street, Glasgow G1 2RX effectively put communities in Tel: 0141 204 0199 Glasgow and across our country email: back to work.

team in Helen Stephen, Chris Kelly, Allan Stewart, Gilbert Davidson, Gerry Leonard and Sohan Singh. These councillors care deeply about the future of our city and I know that they will work positively with Willie Bain MP and me to make our communities even better. If you need to get in contact with me about any issue you Paul Martin MSP can telephone my office on Constituency Office 0141 564 1364 or you can 604 Alexandra Parade, GlasgowG31 3BS email me on paul.martin. 0141 564 1364

May 2012

GHA’s Big Red Truck is back! GHA’s award-winning Big Red Truck – an interactive, mobile exhibition which tells the story of Glasgow’s housing – is back on the road. The truck, which was launched last year, made its first appearance of 2012 at the Riverside Museum this week (April 16 and 17) before starting a tour of festivals, fun days and other community events over the next few months . The Big Red Truck tells the unique story of the role tenants have played in the transformation of their homes in the city over the past eight years. The exhibition features interactive games, displays and an all-action video wall. Tenants are filmed speaking about how their homes – and their lives – have improved as a result of GHA’s £1.2billion modernisation programme. And they talk about how tenants have been the driving force in helping change the face of city over the past 10 years. The videos also feature demolitions of some of the city’s multistorey blocks and the new-build homes where many of the tenants

have moved to. GHA Chair Gordon Sloan said: “The Big Red Truck is a great way for people of all ages to learn more about how social housing in

Glasgow has been transformed. It’s the story of housing in Glasgow told through the eyes of the people who know it best – the tenants. And because it’s so interactive, it’s fun and educational too.” Last year, the Big Red Truck was a big hit with hundreds of people from all over the world who visited it. And it went on to scoop a number of awards including three categories in the Herald Business Digital Awards and the Institute of Internal Communication’s Best Campaign. The truck is free to visit and everyone is welcome. Events it will visit include: • 26 May – Southside Festival – Queens Park Recreation Ground; • 3 June – West End Festival – Kelvingrove Park; • 16 June – Pollokshaws Carnival – Greenbank Park. Anyone who is holding an event

or fun day and who would like to book the Big Red Truck, should call GHA marketing officer Paul Cowden on 0141 274 6608.

the award and I’m grateful to the city council and GHA for putting me forward. “I’m doing well in my training and enjoying the job. I really like being involved with the public. It’s a good feeling when you see the end result of a job.” Jim McColl, Honorary President of the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society, presented Carly with her award in Edinburgh Botanic Gardens. Carly, who was a finalist in the Lantra Horticulture Apprentice of the Year 2011, is two years into her three-year apprenticeship and is currently working towards an SVQ3 in Parks, Gardens and Greenspace.

raising environmental issues in North Glasgow North Glasgow Housing Association

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Guide to recycling at home The information below can help you to recycle more at home, more often, giving the products you buy another life. With kerbside recycling collections and local recycling centres on the doorstep, recycling is convenient and easy. And you might be surprised by just how much you can recycle these days.

GHA apprentice wins horticultural award A GHA horticultural apprentice has scooped a top national award. Carly McNeill, 18, was named Horticultural Student of the Year by the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society. She was presented with her award, known as The Carter Patterson Memorial Medal, by Jim McColl from BBC’s The Beechgrove Garden. Carly, 18, from Penilee, is employed by GHA but being trained by Glasgow City Council as part of its Commonwealth Apprenticeship Initiative. She was recognised by the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society for her high standard of work and her willingness to learn. Carly said: “I’m very happy with


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Benefits of recycling • Give the products you buy a second (or even third or fourth!) life by recycling • Ease and convenience – recycling points are all over Scotland, • Divert waste from landfill – and lessen pollution and greenhouse gas emissions to help create a cleaner, greener Scotland • Divert waste from landfill – and lessen pollution and greenhouse gas emissions to help create a cleaner, greener Scotland • Put valuable materials back into the manufacturing cycle • Energy savings can be made during the manufacturing process • Recycling supports jobs in collection, processing and future manufacturing Why recycle? The more waste that can be diverted from landfill, the better. Decaying, biodegradable landfill waste releases greenhouse gas emissions and can cause pollution to leach into the ground. Greenhouse gases contribute to climate change, by trapping more heat in our atmosphere. If we recycle as much as possible, however, less goes to landfill and precious materials can be used again to create new things instead of being used only once. Making products from recycled materials uses less energy than if raw materials are used. The energy saved from recycling one glass bottle alone could run a washing machine for 10 minutes (and recycling glass saves on the other things you need to make new glass like oil, ash, sand and limestone too). It’s easy to recycle – you’ll find more than 3,000 recycling points across Scotland. We’re better at recycling than ever before – with more than 40% of Scotland’s household waste now being recycled – but we all have the opportunity to recycle more, more often. Recycling can turn: • Aerosol cans into watches • Steel food tins into cars and bridges • Old trainers into running tracks • Cardboard boxes into stationery • Your Yellow Pages into loft insulation • Carpet into washing up bowls • Juice cartons into plasterboard Did You Know? • All newsprint (the paper used for newspapers) manufactured in the UK is now made from 100% recycled paper • Recycle your newspaper and it could hit the news-stand again in just one week • Batteries contain valuable materials that can be used again if you recycle them Did you know? Scotland’s households throw out around 570,000 tonnes of food and drink a year. More than half of this could be eaten. Did you know? If we reused twice as many sofas as we do now, together we could help to support another 1,200 jobs in the reuse and disposal industry. Did you know? Scotland only reuses 1 in 7 televisions. If we reused 2 in 7, it would reduce carbon emissions by 7,000 tonnes a year. Did you know? The energy saved from recycling one glass bottle alone could run a washing machine for 10 minutes. •




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No.1 for Local Sports Coverage

Ashfield 0 Irvine Meadow 2 NEWlandsfield Park always provides an ideal setting for a Cup Final and again did not disappoint as a large Crowd turned up to see Ashfield and Irvine Meadow lock horns. Despite the recent inclement weather a four figure Crowd turned up to see two teams who have built up an excellent reputation this Season for their attacking play, scoring 93 Goals between them in the League alone. The game however started slowly and quietly as both teams tried to gain control in the early stages. Neither Keeper were tested in the opening exchanges and play was centred around the Midfield area. The `field were conscious of the aerial presence of the Meadow back four and Alistair Martin & Gary McCann were being utilised down the flanks. In the 20th Minute Referee Dallas stated that Lee McShane had won the ball unfairly on the edge of the box & from the resultant Free-Kick the Meadow

left Back McGowan drilled the ball low & hard around the wall & past McLenaghan to put the Ayrshire Men 1-0 up. This was a blow to the `field who had been keeping things nice and tight however what it did to was bring the game to life and for the remaining 25 Minutes the team from North Glasgow played very well indeed and were very unlucky not to go in at least level at Half time. Five Minutes after the Meadow opener, Mark Thomson almost scored his 24th Goal of the Season however his volley was pushed past the post by Wardrope. Shortly after and the Meadow Keeper produced a wonder save. Jamie O`Boyle whipped in a corner which was met by Lee McShane and the Ashfield Centre half`s header was put onto the post by Wardrope and eventually cleared to safety. Gary McCann was beginning to have a bit of success down the right hand side and was played through on the half hour mark. The young

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Ashfield Wingers pace saw him get away from his markers however his shot was blocked by the Meadow Keeper. As the Crowd began to filter out of the covered enclosure after the Rain, an exciting Second Half was in prospect as Referee Dallas brought first half procedings to a halt. HALF TIME:- ASHFIELD 0 IRVINE MEADOW 1 The unlucky Ashfield squad troop off to receive their medals. The sun greeted the players back onto the park and it was Ashfield that continued where they left off forcing a couple of early corners which were well dealt with. Gary McCann managed to get a couple of cross balls in from the right which Paul Maxwell and Chris Hall almost managed to get their heads on however in the 55th Minute the `field were dealt a severe blow after the Meadow increased their lead. Barr managed to get control of the ball down the left flank before playing the ball inside. Liam


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McGuinness played a deft ball over the `field back four and Richie Barr was onto the ball in a flash driving the ball low and hard past McLenaghan to the delight of the Meadow support. It was a terrific goal from the prolific striker and now left Ashfield with a `mountain to climb`. Ashfield 0 Irvine Meadow 2. However the `field did not let this setback affect them and drove forward at every opportunity. Chris Hall had a couple of shots from just inside the box, one which was saved & one which went narrowly past the post before being put through by Gary McCann with only Wardrope to beat. Although hitting the ball well it cannoned off the legs of the Meadow Keeper and went out for a corner. It looked as if itwas now going to be `one of those days` for Ashfield and this was confirmed with 8 minutes to go. A corner was whipped in by Jamie O`Boyle and as the ball broke out, Mark Thomson gathered the ball around the penalty spot

area before despatching a volley which was brilliantly saved by the Meadow Keeper who tipped the ball onto the underside of the crossbar and the ball was eventually cleared to safety. The `field made a couple of substitutions to try and salvage the Match however the Meadow defence, which was well marshalled by Captain Mark Campbell, stood firm. Referee Andrew Dallas brought proceedings to an end after 2 minutes of injury time and the was now going to be `one of those days` for Ashfield and this was confirmed with 8 minutes to go. A corner was whipped in by Jamie O`Boyle and as the ball broke out, Mark Thomson gathered the ball around the penalty spot area before despatching a volley which was brilliantly saved by the Meadow Keeper who tipped the ball onto the underside of the crossbar and the ball was eventually cleared to safety. The `field made a couple of

substitutions to try and salvage the Match however the Meadow defence, which was well marshalled by Captain Mark Campbell, stood firm. Referee Andrew Dallas brought proceedings to an end after 2 minutes of injury time and the large support from Irvine were absolutely delighted. It was two very clinical finishes from the Ayrshire Outfit that secured the victory however Ashfield put in a tremendous effort and on a different day things may have gone their way. Man of the Match:A very good Performance from Ashfield against talented opponents and with a bit of luck the game may have been different. Gary McCann tormented the back four of the Meadow with his pace and directness and was unlucky not to get himself on the scoresheet after being thwarted by Wardrope in the Meadow Goal.. Photographs by:- Inga Report by:- Ewan Thanks to the fantastic Ashfield Web-site for all their help.

BERTIE BOOSTS THE MALAWI LEGENDS CAUSE Last Thursday night at Ashfield stadium there were many faces from the past donning football strips to assist Joe Brannan in his quest to visit Malawi to help children in schools there through the Malawi Leaders of Learning programme. Due to the miserable weather on the night the crowd was much lower than expected but those who took the time out to attend were certainly well entertained. The Legends team contained such stars as Chic Charnley, (Partick Thistle), Charlie Millar (Rangers), Gerry Britton (Celtic) and Paul Weir from the boxing fraternity and everyone was made aware of Paul in the first minute when he took a brilliant dive which left him soaking for the rest of the game. As someone said “It wasn’t the final bell that was Wringing, it was wee Paul Weir”. The legends had a real legend managing them in “Mr Partick Thistle,” Bertie Auld, and it is not everyday players have the wisdom of a European Cup winner in the dressing room giving them advice. Bertie was his usual hilarious self and if the players had heard some of his

comments from the side they would have been asking for transfers right away. The Active Schools Coordinators team were not there just to make up the The Teams that gave their all on a Miserable Night numbers Stevie Rankin of Ashfield Juniors though and for his organising of the strips and kept it a tight match throughout by park. There are far too many people playing a terrific passing game. to thank personally but Joe really Chic Charnley though showed he appreciates everyone who assisted has not lost any of his skill although in the event. the legs have maybe given up and Joe is still trying to raise the £3000 instead of the usual 15 nut-megs, he needed to carry out his trip to Malawi only managed 13 on the night. so anyone willing to donate or The overall score was 6 – 5 to the sponsor him in this well worthwhile legends but it was the fun element trip which will make a tremendous and the commitment from all who difference to the lives of the children turned up on such a terrible evening in this third world country, should which shone through. contact Joe on 07557-846582 or at Joe Brannan (Active Schools CoSpringburn Academy on 582-0230. ordinator for Springburn Academy), Let’s dig deep for this great cause as would like to thank everyone who every penny will count. supported him on the night especially

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Regen North - Issue 33 May 2012  

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