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Friday 18th May 2012

Issue Number 80

The Paper That Money Can’t Buy! - COMPETITION -

Re-GEN meets Strathclyde’s Chief Constable

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offer. Eventually after failing to turn up twice Mr Laverty contacted Paul and gave him the kick up the backside he needed to go along to the audition and because he had just lost his job and it was just after Christmas and the bills were mounting Paul decided to meet Ken Loach. He put his heart and soul into the audition as he felt that his life experience would carry him through and thankfully everything worked out well and Paul was offered the Lead Role in the new film “Angels Share.” Paul is a typical Eastender who admits himself to being no angel, but given all the hard knocks he has had to endure both personally and professionally this is a tremendous rags to riches story, (well maybe not riches at the present time but we have high hopes for him). Paul has now appeared in “Angels Share” plus a short film based in London and he has now won a role in the new Scarlett Johansson

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Re-GEN Sport by Tom Scott

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Paul Deserves the “Angels Share” AROUND a year and a half ago in Barrowfield in the heart of the East End, the Re-Gen met up with a lad who was basically going nowhere, as he had just lost a job he loved because of internal politics, (which we won’t go into just now), things were looking bad and he was totally browned off with life. Paul Brannigan was at one of the lowest points in his life and it was basically down to him which way he would turn. Thankfully an opportunity came along which would change his life completely and he has never looked back. Paul was approached by Paul Laverty on behalf of Film Director Ken Loach, with a view to going for an audition in a film that was being set up in Glasgow. Now Paul Brannigan had never had any acting experience in his life and in fact the only contact he had with the Cinema was an occasional jaunt to the Showcase in Bargeddie so he was a little unsure about taking up the

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film “Under the Skin”. With a date in his diary for the Cannes Film Festival, (the only Cans Paul knew prior this was Cans of Tennants), Paul is now mixing with the “Stars” but knowing him he

certainly won’t let this go to his head, as speaking to him earlier this week, he hasn’t changed a bit. The Re-Gen would like to wish Paul every success in his new career and we will keep our readers informed

on his progress in the future. “Angels Share” premieres in Glasgow on the 29th of May and we are delighted to be able to run a completion in this week’s paper (see details inside).


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2 Friday 18th May 2012


Daniel strikes out

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Young Daniel Masters (14) from Springboig, has been selected to play for Scotland in the under 16 group at the Tenpin bowling Triple Crown Event being held in Cardiff this year. Daniel will compete against the best of the English, Irish and Welsh players and he is quietly confident of returning home to Glasgow with something to show for his efforts. Daniel has been playing for C&C Thistle from the age of 6 under the excellent coaching of John Kilpatrick. Training every week at the Quay in Glasgow along with his team mates Daniel attends additional training sessions around Scotland. What mades this young man’s achievement very impressive is that Daniel is the only boy from Glasgow as his Scotland team mates come from Stirling, Kilmarnock, Leuchers to name but a few. We would like to especially thank everyone at St Mungo’s Academy for their support in allowing Daniel to attend this event. A special thanks goes to

coach John because without his input, advice and wise words this would not be possible. Daniel’s team, C&C Thistle, are looking for new members so why not

give it a try they have boys & girls from the age of 7 to 15. contact details for further info regarding training etc.


Friday 18th May 2012



Re-Gen Last Edition Response Re-Gen Meets Chief 3 AMAZING WINS FORHouse GLASGOW y MSP highConstable Stephen 3 DENTAL PRACTICE AT TOP UK Friday Friday 28th 28th January January 2011 2011 Friday 28th January 2011

AMAZING WINS FOR GLASGOW THIS weekhighthe Re-Gen met up are as alert as the munity lifeline ety MSP INDUSTRY AWARDS with Strathclyde Police Chief day-shift because they DENTAL PRACTICE AT TOP UK Constable Stephen House at Pitt never know when they mmunity lifeline Street Police Headquarters to will receive a visit fromAWARDS INDUSTRY

3 3

THE Re-Gen has been contacted following the last edition of the paper where someone perceived that the paper took the stance of supporting the Labour Party in the run-up to the local council elections which took place on Thursday 3rd May. May we take this opportunity to put the record straight. Both the Labour Party and the SNP were contacted in the run-up to the paper being put together and the Press officer for Scottish Labour came back to us and gave us the details including photos, of all their candidates in the East End of Glasgow for the paper. Peter Murrell (Press officer for SNP)

y MSP highy MSP highmunity lifeline munity lifeline






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Friday 28th January 2011 find out just what his vision for the top man. Stephen Friday 28th January 2011 the areas we cover were. House is a cop who When we got the answer has worked his way “More of the same” we felt that through the ranks to this was a man who has truly get to where he is captured the feelings of the resinow and he certainly dents of East end and the North doesn’t suffer fools of Glasgow as far as what is gladly but he listens needed to keep our streets safer. to what is being said Mr House has now been in post and acts on what he agencies is another area that Mr for around four and a half years perceives to be the House is committed to and this now and things have changed right information. can be seen as the pilot scheme dramatically as far as policing in This hasn’t let him down in the between GHA and the Police Glasgow is concerned. past and given his visions for the which ran inthe thesame Eastlevel End of proved The team Spring can This was the man who transfuture itatseems to be Clinic working The team at Spring Grove Grove Clinic in in can provide provide the same level of treatment treatment wealth Games due in the City in very successful and is now being Barrachnie Road Garrowhill is options, care surroundings as Barrachnie Road Garrowhill iscelebrating celebrating options, care and surroundings as aa formed the make-up of the well. Statistics show in The team at Spring Grove that Clinic in can provide theand same level of treatment the fantastic of winning large city centre based dental practice. 2014, Mr House is already putting theBarrachnie fantastic achievement achievement ofis winning large city centre based dental practice. Road Garrowhill celebrating options, care and surroundings as a rolled out across the city. middle management of the force two2010 Murder detections reached of the Private Commenting, David Cunningham said, two offantastic the top top UK UK Private Dentistry Dentistry Commenting, David Cunningham said, plans in place to ensure that the the achievement of winning large city centre based dental practice. Another area which causes by getting more Inspectors and 100% and serious assaults have Awards of 2010, Practice of “The worked incredibly hard two of top namely UK Private Dentistry Commenting, David Cunningham said, Awards ofthe 2010, namely Practice of the the “The team team has has worked incredibly hard to to safety and security aspect will be concern is has theGrove amount of police Awards of 2010, namely Practice the “The team worked incredibly hard to Year and Patient Care. ItIt was also Superintendants from behind decreased by 42% since 2006 make Spring Clinic aa fantastic place Year and Best Best Patient Care. wasof also make Spring Grove Clinic fantastic place well covered and the Re-Gen will Year and Best Patient Care. It was also make Spring Grove Clinic a fantastic place time wasted due to sitting about awarded runner up in Best Community for our patients. I am delighted that our awarded runner up in Best Community for our patients. I am delighted that our their desks out onto the streets with the overall crime figures last awarded runner in Best Community for our patients. I am delighted by that ourtop Charity Project and Outstanding Individual efforts have been recognised Charity Project andup Outstanding Individual efforts have been recognised by the the top be reporting on the run-up on this the courts but here againby the and although it didn’t go down year down by 5%, something Charity Project and Outstanding Individual efforts have been recognised the top of UK of the the Year Year along along with with being being shortlisted shortlisted UK industry industry professionals.” professionals.” “My “My focus focus has has Chief Constable hasofideas about team atYear Spring Grove Clinic inshortlisted can provide the same level treatment of the along with being UK industry professionals.” “My focus has in future editions. too well at first it soon became The be applauded. for Most Attractive Practice and Best always been to patient forthat Mostshould Attractive Practice and Best always been to provide provide excellent excellent patient Barrachnie Road Garrowhill is celebrating options, care and surroundings as a What came across in our interfor Most Attractive Practice and Best always been to provide excellent patient The team at Spring Grove Clinic in can provide the same level of treatment this and has introduced a pilot apparent that it was something the Since taking position Team. Winning the Practice of care with the best dental Team. Winning thethe Practice of the thein care withbased the very very best dental advice advice and and fantastic achievement ofiswinning large city centre dental practice. Team. Road Winning the Practice of the care with the very best dental and Barrachnie Garrowhill celebrating options, care and surroundings as a advice view was that although Stephen scheme which could in time Year and Best Patient Care Awards is a treatment. II believe inresult spending with Year and Best Patient Awards is treatment. believe spending time that the ordinary public were November 2007 he trimmed two of the top UK Private Dentistry Commenting, David Cunningham said, time Year and Best PatientCare Care Awards is a a treatment. I believe in in spending withwith the fantastic achievement ofhas winning large city centre based dental practice. great endorsement of the Spring Grove my patients, fully explaining preventative House is now the top cop in the great endorsement ofof the Spring Grove mybecoming patients, fully explaining preventative this less of a hard problem. of 2010, namely Practice ofof the team hasDavid worked incredibly to great endorsement the Spring Grove my patients, fully explaining preventative two of the top UK Private Dentistry Commenting, Cunningham said, right behind as it showed that Awards the middle-management the “The Clinic teams’ commitment and treatment options them and Clinic teams’ commitment to providing andtreatment treatment options to them Year and Best Patient Care. Itto was also make Spring Grove Clinic a fantastic place Clinic teams’ commitment toproviding providing and options toto them and Strathclyde area and has to deal Awards of 2010, namely Practice of the “TheWatch team has worked incredibly hard toand this space!! he was totally behind communi- awarded force and yet the figures have affordable, money, community supporting them they choose their affordable, value for money, community supporting them as they choose their runner up infor Best Community for oursupporting patients. Ithem am delighted that our affordable, value for money, community asas choose their Year and Bestvalue Patient Care. It was also make Spring Grove Clinic athey fantastic place with many, many other things, Many people know that the ties and wished to show that proved that he was right. He based, professional family oral dental treatment II am very grateful to based, professional family oral and dental treatment plans. am very grateful to our our Charity Project and Individual have beenplans. recognised by the top based, professional family oraland and dental efforts I am very grateful awarded runner upOutstanding in Best Community for ourtreatment patients. Iplans. am delighted that our to our to protect the service.” steps to protect thethe service.” ark steps steps to protect service.” Scottish Government has vowed of the Year along with being shortlisted industry “My focus has in in health care, advice, support and treatment patients for their fantastic comments health care, advice, support and treatmentUK patients for fantastic comments health care, advice, support and treatment patients fortheir their fantastic comments in he has never forgotten his roots Charity Project and Outstanding Individual efforts haveprofessionals.” been recognised by the top he wanted the public to have really cares about things like Most Attractive Practice and Best always beenprofessionals.” to provide excellent patient to an exceptionally high standard. The of our Awards application.” At the an exceptionally high standard. The o Frank McAveety says “ as for support of our Awards application.” At Frank McAveety ““force as an ordinary police constable to an exceptionally high standard. The support of our Awards application.” At the the Frank McAveety says ofto the Year along with being shortlisted UK industry “My focus hasthe tosupport have 1000 police officers on more faith in thesays police reducing the occurrence of DoWinning the Practice of the care with the to very best dental advice and award winning practice prides itselfon on Awards presentation, the Spring Grove Clinic winning practice prides Awards presentation, the Spring Grove Clinic foraward Most Attractive Practice and Bestitself always been provide excellent patient award winning practice prides itself on Awards presentation, the Spring Grove Clinic rs Privatisation of the Royal Team. and continues to relate to his Royal Privatisation of the the Royal streets of Scotland and Strathclyde aPrivatisation whole. of mestic Violence and this is shown Year and Best Patient Care Awards is a treatment. I believe in spending time with its patient focussed approach which is team were commended for excellence Team. Winning the Practice of thewhich care with the very commended best dental advice and its focussed approach team were for its patient patient focussed approach which is is team were commended for excellence excellence ngle Mail has the long term responsibilities as such. Overall great endorsement of the Spring Grove my patients, fully explaining preventative has the long term has over 400 of these in place always courteous, efficient and friendly, across all of the categories, for the state of Mail Mail has the long term Year and Best Patient Care Awards is a treatment. I believe in spending time with We’ve all heard the stories of by the way police officers now always courteous, efficient and across always courteous, efficient and friendly, friendly, across all all of of the the categories, categories, for for the the state state of of teams’ commitment to providing treatment options to them and set within surroundings thatare areluxurious, luxurious, and the art and being a team who strive andthreat threat to jobs services Clinic great endorsement of the Spring Grove my patients, fully explaining preventative it was great to hear what the plus that you not set within surroundings that the art facility, and being aamay team who strive jobs and services settreat within surroundings that are luxurious, thesomething artfacility, facility, and being team who strive threat to jobs andand services Mr to House arriving at a Police this scourge on society and affordable, value for money, community supporting them as they choose their comfortable and welcoming. Heading up to provide excellent patient care. Its’ efforts Clinic teams’ commitment to providing and treatment options to them and care. localat at a local level. I will comfortable and welcoming. Heading to provide excellent patient Its’ Chief Constable had to say about comfortable andfamily welcoming. Heading up up treatment toaware provide excellent patient care. Its’ efforts efforts bein of Glasgow City Council local level. II will be at aa sub-office local level. will be behoursbased, professional andtargeted dental plans. I am grateful to our in the wee small the other thing has the clinical team is he Droral David Cunningham raising funds tovery support Yorkhill Children’s affordable, value for money, community supporting them as they choose their the clinical team is Cunningham in raising funds to support Yorkhill Children’s thewho clinical teamsupport is Dr Dr David David Cunningham infor raising funds towon support Yorkhill to protect the service.” Office steps working with Margaret to health our area and we can re-iterate care, advice, and treatment their fantastic comments inour Children’s established hisof practice indental Garrowhill patients Hospital ECMO Unit the runner-up also have funded another 100 based, professional family oral and treatment plans. I am very grateful to working with Margaret to on a motorbike and this certainly is the reduction Gang Fighting working with Margaret to who established his in Garrowhill Hospital ECMO Unit runner-up who established his practice practice in Garrowhill Hospital ECMO Unit won won the the runner-up steps to protect the to an exceptionally standard. The support of application.” At McAveety saysservice.” “of the over yearshigh ago. Winning these two award forAwards Best Community Charity Project. on is Frank ensure the voices health care,14 advice, support and treatment patients forour their fantastic comments in the that, as far as we are concerned police officers for this area. We made thevoices rank and file police of- award which is certainly over 14 ago. Winning these award for Best Community Charity Project. ensure the of the over 14 years years ago. Winning these two award for Best Community Charity ensure the voices of winning practice itself on two Awards presentation, the Grove Clinic Awards recognises his becoming firmly held belief Spring Grove Clinic isSpring a leader in providing an exceptionally highprides standard. The support of our Awards application.” At the Project. Frank McAveety says “the Royal Post Privatisation east end of arethe heard and all toAwards can assure local residents that recognises his firmly held belief Spring Grove Clinic is aa leader in providing Awards recognises his firmly held belief Spring Grove Clinic isexcellence leader in providingthe future of Strathclyde Police, its patient focussed approach which is team were commended for that a community based dental practice, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, ficers realise that this was a man evident in many areas which in award winning practice prides itself on Awards presentation, the Spring Grove Clinic east end are heard and all east end are heard and all Privatisation of the Royal are haslocal the long term e we Mail the post offices acourteous, based dental practice, dental implants, that a community community based dental practice, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, always efficient and friendly, all of commended the categories, for the dentistry, state of all where patient relationships and trust invisible braces, tooth whitening and family (and maybe Scotland in the near Stephen House iscosmetic putting them itsthat patient focussed approach which is team were for excellence who was notoffices to be underestimatthe past were troubled by this.are across the local are the local post offices are Mail has the term where patient relationships and trust invisible braces, whitening set within surroundings that arefriendly, luxurious, artdentistry. facility, and beingtooth a team who strive d threat to post jobslong and services where patient relationships and trust are are the invisible braces, tooth whitening and family family key, using the latest dental technology, essary protected”. always courteous, efficient and across all of the categories, for the state ofand future), is in safe hands. to good use. With the Commoned. Nowadays the night-shift Working in partnership with other comfortable and Heading up to excellent patient care. who Its’ efforts key, using the latest dental technology, protected”. key, using thewelcoming. latestthat dental technology, dentistry. y protected”. set within surroundings are luxurious, theprovide artdentistry. facility, and being a team strive d threat to jobs and services al at a local level. I will be the clinical team is Dr David Cunningham in raising funds to support Yorkhill Children’s comfortable and welcoming. Heading up to provide excellent patient care. Its’ efforts al at a localwith level. I will beto e working Margaret who established practice in Garrowhill Hospital won theYorkhill runner-up the clinical team his is Dr David Cunningham in raisingECMO fundsUnit to support Children’s e workingthe with Margaret over years ago. two award forECMO Best Unit Community Project. ensure voices of theto who 14 established hisWinning practice these in Garrowhill Hospital won theCharity runner-up Awards recognises his firmly held belief Spring Grove Clinic is a leader in providing over 14 years ago. Winning these two award for Best Community Charity Project. ensure the theall east end arevoices heardofand that a community based dental practice, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, Awards recognises his firmly held belief Spring Grove Clinic is a leader in providing eastlocal end post are heard the officesand areall where patient relationships and practice, trust are invisible braces, tooth whitening and family that a community based dental dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, the local post offices are key, using the latest dental technology, dentistry. ry protected”. where patient relationships and trust are invisible braces, tooth whitening and family key, using the latest dental technology, dentistry. ry protected”.

was contacted at the same time and also Emailed, unfortunately we heard nothing back from him or his office. We then contacted David Linden (Head of Campaign for SNP in the East End) and Graeme Hendry (SNP Councillor in Glasgow City Council) offering the exact same opportunity we had offered the Labour Party. We were informed that the SNP already had all their marketing

campaign in hand and would not be doing anything else in the local press. We decided to run with the material we had received from the Labour Party Press Office and this was why there was no SNP publicity in the Re-Gen. We will continue to work alongside both parties as we have done in the past and we trust this will clear up the confusion. 211 Glasgow Road, Baillieston, Glasgow G69 6EZ

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Sizzling Suzie’s Spring Selection

Hi everyone. Well done to the girls who are taking part in the annual 5k run and if you know anyone doing it make sure you dig deep and sponsor them. Also a very special well done to my mate Sybil who climbed Ben Nevis to honour her nephew’s memory by raising loads of cash for The British Heart Foundation .Yes it’s that time of year again when we are all doing our last minute attempts to be beach beautiful, in preparation for our holidays. I like to eat well all year , and running around trying to keep up with a four year old helps burn the calories. I still like to go the extra mile before a holiday if only so I can enjoy all the different foods whilst there. This week I have come up with a few really tasty and filling salads. I don’t think you can get a tastier, fresher “fast food” . It just takes a little thought and a few extra ingredients to turn plain old lettuce, cucumber. and some tomatoes into something really special. Buy the quinoa and give it a try. Just follow the instructions on the pack. It is a great “super food” and you can use it in many ways as an alternative to stodgy rice, potatoes and pasta. Fresh fruit salad just rounds it off nicely and using low fat yoghurt instead of ice cream helps.

Super salad with quinoa 1 cup of quinoa soaked and drained 1 packet of baby gem lettuce separated into leaves 4 large ripe vine tomatoes cut into wedges Half a cucumber diced 1 courgette sliced into ribbons (use a totty peeler) 1 small can of sweet corn drained 2 baby beetroots grated 1 yellow pepper finely sliced 1 orange pepper finely sliced Handful of toasted pine nuts 1 small can of mixed beans. Small cup of good Olive oil 2 tbsp Wholegrain mustard 1/3 cup Balsamic vinegar 1 clove of garlic crushed Pinch of salt, pepper and sugar. Layer all of the ingredients in a large flat dish. Dress the salad 10 minutes before serving to allow the dressing to really soak in and add depth of flavour. I make my dressing in an old jar and keep it in the fridge. There are some really good ready made dressings too. You can see how colourful and appetising this salad is and with the added beans and quinoa for added protein it really is a belly-fat buster.

Super salad with grilled chicken 1 packet of baby gem lettuce separated into leaves 4 large ripe vine tomatoes cut into wedges Half a cucumber diced Half a butternut squash sliced into ribbons 1 large carrot sliced into ribbons 1 can of broad beans drained 1 can of berlotti drained Handful of raisins 2 grilled chicken breasts cut into thin slices with the skin removed. Layer all of the ingredients in a large flat dish. Again Dress 10 minutes before serving to allow the dressing to really soak in and add depth of flavour. I like the chicken to be still be warm so add after you add the dressing.

Fruit Salad

Food for the soul

Recently featured in “Pick Me Up” Magazine And the Scottish Sun Is AvailableFor Readings Every Wednesday Day time & Thursday Evenings in Baillieston Glasgow £30 per reading To book call Anne on 07506723569 Visit or follow her on FB

Half a honeydew melon diced 1 small can pineapple chunks in juice drained 1 banana sliced Small punnet of strawberries sliced Handful of grapes halved Large tub of wholegrain low fat yoghurt alternatively serve with low fat ice-cream.

Friday 18th May 2012


GLASGOW School leads the way A Glasgow primary school has again become the first in the city to be given a prestigious United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) award. Swinton Primary School in Baillieston were recently presented with the Level 2 UNICEF UK Rights Respecting School Award by Tam Baillie (Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People), at a ceremony in the school. It was the first school in Glasgow to become a Rights Respecting School when it was awarded the Level 1 (Rights Respecting School) Award in 2010. The award scheme encourages schools to place the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child at the heart of its ethos and curriculum. A Rights Respecting School not only teaches aboutchildren’s and human rights: it also models rights and respect in all its relationships, whether teacher to pupil, pupil to teacher, pupil to parent or pupil to pupil. The school is now able to help other Glasgow schools achieve and benefit from the Award scheme. Michelle Kay, head teacher at Swinton Primary School,


LABOUR CALLS FOR FUNDING BOOST FOR ADVICE SERVICES SCOTTISH Labour has called for the SNP government to provide additional funding for advice services to help cope with the significantly increased demand expected during the transition to the new welfare system. There are concerns that there will be a massive increase in demand for advice from agencies as the Tory-led government’s changes to the welfare system begin to kick in, particularly as a result of expectations concerning the level of online applications. While additional funding has been given to advice agencies in England and Wales, no such funding has been made

available here in Scotland by the SNP government. Scottish Labour’s Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing, Jackie Baillie MSP, said: “We all expect a huge increase in demand for advice services as a result of these changes, but so far the SNP government has failed to make any extra money available to deal with that additional demand. Our advice services that do such an important job in supporting some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people, but they are already under huge pressure as a result of the recession. The last thing they need is a

massive, unfunded increase in demand for their services. Scotland will be hit harder than any other part of the United Kingdom by the Tories unfair changes to the welfare system. It is our duty to not only mitigate the damage of these Tory policies here in Scotland, but also to ensure Scots receive the help, support and advice they need. People deserve to know where they stand. I hope other parties will back Scottish Labour’s positive calls to ensure our advice services are properly funded. If we do not, there is a real danger our advice services will be unable to cope.”


said: “I am absolutely delighted our school has been given this award. “Everyone, pupils, staff, parents and the wider community, put a great deal of effort into making this possible and working together to ensure Rights are embedded into the culture of our school. “It is important for our children to not only know they have rights but also to learn that with these rights come responsibilities

to implement them in their everyday lives in school and at home.” Central to the Rights Respecting Award is the idea that children can improve the quality of their own and their families’ lives if they learn what their rights and responsibilities are. By empowering children to recognise their responsibilities within the school and home it can help to raise self-esteem, confidence andachievement.

Balcurvie Road, Easterhouse, Glasgow Ground Floor 2 bedroom Garden Flat. Accommodation comprises entrance vestibule, spacious lounge, kitchen, dining room, 2 double bedrooms and bathroom

Fixed price £25,000 Ross Anderson

98 Main Street, Baillieston, Glasgow, G69 6SL Tel: 0141 771 3000

Anderson Maguire Funeral Directors Glasgow’s leading independent funeral directors Anderson Maguire have just opened another funeral home in the East End. Located at 658 Alexandra Parade, close to the Royal Infirmary. the new facility bridges the gap between the firm’s funeral homes in Springburn Way and Shettleston Road. “We have a large number of families in the Garngad, Townhead and Riddrie areas who use the company when they have a bereavement and this will be more convenient for them” said Angela Maguire, part of the management team at Anderson Maguire’s head office. ”More families than ever are now using our company. They recognise that we offer to very high level of personal service at a very moderate cost, something which is very important to families especially in the current economic climate” said Angela

“How Glasgow Say’s Goodbye” KEPPOCHILL 189 Springburn Way, Glasgow G21 1DU Tel: 0141 558 7345

DENNISTOUN 658 Alexandra Parade, Dennistoun G31 3BU Tel: 0141 554 4888

SHETTLESTON 1083 Shettleston Road, Glasgow G32 7PE Tel: 0141 763 1122

For immediate help call 0141 423 4400 at any hour.

The Alexandra Funeral Home is the fourth facility the company has opened in the last 3 years with others currently being planned. “As a family business we are focused on providing the best care and attention to families at a difficult time. We have invested continually in everything from staff training to our top of the range Jaguar hearses and limousines” said Angela, the next generation now involved in the running this family concern. ”We now have ten locations throughout the city all providing compassionate assistance to families on a local basis. We take care of absolutely everything from contacting the clergy or officiant, arranging the crematorium or cemetery, inserting paper notices right through to organising the catering and all at a moderate cost” To help enhance the level of personal attention on offer at their East End funeral homes Anderson Maguire has appointed Tollcross man Christopher Bradley as the funeral director dedicated to working across the three funeral homes. Christopher who has been based at the company’s head office for the past couple of years is a well known face in the East End. Reared on Tollcross Road he attended Wellshot Primary school before going on to Eastbank Academy. Says Christopher “I learned a lot about people and how to look after folk when I worked at one of the East End’s best known establishments Honest Johns on Braidfauld Street. Even in a very simple way I learned things there which have stood me in good stead during my life and which are invaluable now.”

6 Friday 18th May 2012


Re-GEN Competition Exclusive Re-Gen THE

To mark the Scottish release of Ken Loach’s new film, (see front page story), the bittersweet comedy caper The Angels’ Share, Entertainment One UK in conjunction with the Re-Gen are offering five pairs of tickets for the premiere in Glasgow on Tuesday, May 29. Starring Loach regulars John Henshaw and Gary Maitland, the film introduces new Scottish talent Paul Brannigan, Siobhan Reilly and Jasmin Riggins. To have a chance to win a pair of tickets all you have to do is answer the following question :- Where does the Star of “Angels Share” Paul Brannigan come from A) Hollywood B) Barrowfield C) London. Answers to Re-Gen Cinema Competition 85 Main Street Baillieston Glasgow G69 6AD. Entries must reach us by 27th May 2012.

John Wheatley College Hosts Ministerial Visit Glasgow East college, John Wheatley, played host to the Minister for Youth Employment, Angela Constance MSP, earlier this week to discuss strategies for young learners in the Glasgow East and North East communities. Some of the College’s young students attended the event, which included partners from Milnbank Housing Association, Glasgow City Council Education Services and Social Work Services and the BBC, and were given the opportunity to air their views and experiences, as well as discuss job opportunities for young people in Scotland. The Minister listened to College staff and partner organisations as they outlined the successful programmes targeting young people attending through John Wheatley College. Each organisation was keen to emphasise the need for a partnership approach to the young learners involved, whether that be at a practical support level from housing associations such as Milnbank HA, or from Social Work Services and Department of Education, or from work placement providers and potential employers such as the BBC. The trail-blazing BBC Modern Apprenticeship programme has proved a huge success and is already recruiting the next session’s learners. The young apprentices split their time between John

We supply and install better bathrooms

Paul Martin MSP Your constituency Member of the Scottish Parliament

Surgery Details

1st Friday of the Month* Cranhill 11.00am Cranhill Community Project, 109 Bellrock Street, G33 3HE

2nd Monday of the Month* Barmulloch 5.15pm Barmulloch Community Centre, 46 Wallacewell Quadrant, G21

Wellhouse 12 noon Wellhouse Hub, 49 Wellhouse Crescent, G33 4LA

4th Monday of the Month* Garthamlock 4.00pm GESH, 1 Redcastle Square, G33 5EG

Easterhouse 1.00pm The Bridge, 1000 Westerhouse Road, G34 9DU

Craigend 5.00pm St Rose of Lima Primary School, 295 Mossvale Road, G33 5QS

Budhill 2.00pm Budhill Family Learning Centre, Hallhill Road, Springboig, G32 0PR

Carntyne 6.00pm High Carntyne Church (Carntyne Square), 358 Carntynehall Road, G32 6LW

* No Surgeries on Public Holidays

Wheatley College, where they learn creative, vocational and essential skills, and one of the many partnership organisations, such as BBC and STV, where they can put their skills to work. In addition, learners from the Transitions to Learning and Work programme which is supported by Glasgow City Council were represented. This programme addresses the learning and employability needs of disadvantaged young people, many of whom are ‘looked after’, providing a strong support network as well as Essential Skills learning and progression routes. The programme, with the support last year of Angela Constance MSP and prior to her ministerial appointment, levered in significant funding from the Big Lottery Fund to help develop and extend the reach of the programme. The College was delighted to host the Minister’s visit and grateful for her support. Chair of the College’s Board of Management, Andy Woolley, said, “We’re very pleased that the Minister could join us today and take time to speak with our young learners from the BBC Apprentice programme and Transitions to Learning and Work. Both programmes continue to go from strength to strength, due in no small part to the successful and committed partnership arrangements which underpin them.

Constituency Office: 604 Alexandra Parade Glasgow G31 3BS

“The Big Lottery Funding achieved for the Transitions programme has been central to its success and we would like to thank the Minister for her support in this award-winning initiative. “We are grateful, too, to our partners at Milnbank Housing Association and Glasgow City Council who help to support these young people throughout their learning journey with us. The consistency and stability they provide is crucial to the successful progression of each young learner.”

Table Top Sale

(9th June) 10-00am - 1-00pm Masonic Hall Church Street Baillieston G69 7EU Tables Available for Sellers Come along and Make Some Money Contact Tel No:0141 771 0837



We offer a unique & spec ialist full installation & fitting service.

0141 564 1364

SAATLHE FULL B ROOM N O W O P L IE uSpUtP & o 30%DoN f ouFrITfT E D FORf ully fi tted b OaNtLY hro£o3m 9 9s5 * subjec t to survey


Open Monday-Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm Closed for Lunch 12.30pm - 1.30pm

Email: Website:


Hanson Street, Parade, F U R N I4b TU RE • S U I T EAlexandra S • I N S TA L L AT I O N Glasgow G31 2JW

The Point Retail Park, Saracen St, Glasgow 0141 551 0000 OPEN 6 DAYS 0141 332 1456 Open 7 Days BRING YOUR ROOM SIZES FOR AN INSTANT QUOTE


Friday 18th May 2012


Why more and more children cycle to school.

Cycling to school is becoming more popular than ever. Cycling to school is great for kids. It’s a fun way to get exercise and healthier kids are happier, more self-confident and find it easier to concentrate in class. Cycling to school is great for drivers. With more children cycling to school, fewer parents have to do the school run. This cuts down on traffic congestion for people commuting to work and makes the drive quicker and easier. Cycling to school is great for parents. It means your child is getting a large portion of their 60 minutes of daily exercise just by going to school. It gives kids independence and freedom,

boosting their self-confidence. It means you don’t have to ferry them to school, saving you time. And it’s free. But you probably know all that already. What you perhaps didn’t know, are the lengths we’re going to, to make cycling to school safer than it’s ever been. Cycle training helps build your child’s confidence. The Bikeability Scotland scheme has replaced the training many of us received when we were kids. It’s designed to be fun and informative and gives children the skills they need to cycle on today’s roads. There are three levels of Bikeability Scotland, which starts out with basic skills in the playground, and progresses right through to making independent journeys on the road network. 70% of Scotland’s schools are already delivering Bikeability Scotland training, with more joining the scheme every year. Cycle Friendly Schools. More and more of Scotland’s schools are becoming Cycle Friendly Schools. The award is

Over 36,000 Scottish children go to a Cycle Friendly School.

given to schools that support cycling as part of the school culture by providing the right facilities, training and promotion to encourage children to travel by bike. There are over 130 Cycle Friendly Schools in Scotland, covering 36,000 pupils.

Over 16,000 children already cycle to school regularly.

Safer roads. The common perception seems to be that the roads today are more dangerous than ever, but that’s really not true. The number of children involved in an accident cycling to school has halved in the last ten years, and the number of children hurt by cycling in general has declined by 76% in that time. In 2010 around 16,000 children were cycling to

70% of Scotland’s schools deliver Bikeability training.

school on a regular basis, yet there were just 13 reported accidents. Support the campaign and give kids cycle space. Despite all that, we know that letting children cycle to school is still a concern for some parents. That’s why we’re asking drivers everywhere to look out for child cyclists, slow down when passing them and give them as much space on the roads as possible. Our national Give Me Cycle Space campaign aims to create greater awareness of children cycling to school and make the school gates a more cycle friendly place.

Why more and more children cycle to school.

8 Friday 18th May 2012


Volunteer’s Week – Making a Difference TAKE a look around you and you’ll notice that most successful community organisations each have a bank of volunteers to call on. The Citizen’s Advice Bureau, Credit Unions, Youth Clubs, etc...... all these organisations constantly call on the expertise of those who have the experience to deal with the public yet seek no remuneration. In this day and age when it seems everyone is out for themselves the role of the Volunteer really comes to

the fore. Volunteering is everywhere, in every part of the country, among people of all ages and from all backgrounds, volunteering transforms lives. Whether the amount of time is small or large, one-off or ongoing, the same spirit unites what volunteers do: the desire to help other people and make a positive difference. There are approximately 20 million volunteers in Britain, doing everything from clearing canals to coaching football teams. Most volunteers say that they

ban The Ur


get a huge amount back from volunteering; the satisfaction of giving time constructively, sharing skills and experiences, the social buzz from a group working together, new skills learned and new experiences undertaken. In the current economic climate we’ve seen a huge surge of people looking to volunteering to develop their CVs and enhance their employment prospects. The impact of volunteers bring a wide range of benefits to an organisation. The fact that they have chosen to be

there for no monetary reward means that their work can have a huge impact on those who benefit from it. They can bring diversity and new or differing perspectives to the organisation. When they are well integrated into an organisation this can make a significant contribution to day-today work and longer term planning. Volunteers can be an organisation’s strongest advocates and its most honest critics. They are there because they care and harnessing this

passion will bring tremendous benefits all round. Why not think about becoming a volunteer and contact some of the companies that are featured on this page, they will be delighted to hear from you and it could mean that your life experiences could really benefit a host of others who are crying out for someone just like you.

BAILLIESTON CREDIT UNION LTD “ People helping People” Anyone living or working in the area can join

Junior Accounts Insurance

LOANS Savings

For further information and registration for activities contact:0141 556 1195

1345/1351 Gallowgate Parkhead, Glasgow G31 4DN 0141 551 0071

OPEN: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat 10am – 1pm Thurs 6.30pm – 8pm

Urban Fox, 48 Methven Street.Lilybank, Glasgow

0141 771 1771

Email: 94 Main Street Baillieston, Glasgow G69 6SL

Proud to support Volunteers Week

753 Westerhouse Road, Easterhouse, Glasgow G34 9TB

Tel: 0141 781 0230 Fax: 0141 771 4711

Crisis Line: 0141 773 3533

“wishing George and Staff at BCD Credit Union the very best on celebrating 20 years”

Email: Web:

George and Staff at BCD Credit Union the very best on celebrating 20 years”

LATE APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE BY PRIOR ARRANGEMENT Volunteers’ Programme Available - All Women Welcome “wishing George and Staff at BCD Credit Union the very best on celebrating 20 years”

“wishing George and Staff at BCD Credit Union the very best on celebrating 20 years” CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU wishing EASTERHOUSE George and Staff at BCD Credit Union the very best on celebrating 20 years”


very best on celebrating 20 years”

Are you: • Interested in learning new skills and helping local people deal with a range of social problems • Seeking an opportunity to gain valuable training and experience in a wide range of areas • Willing to commit to a minimum of 6-8 hours each week working as a volunteer advice worker • Over 18 years of age We can offer: • Full training and the opportunity to attend ongoing training • Ongoing support to enable you to reach your full potential • Travel expenses For an application pack phone 0141 771 6654 or call our message line on 0141 781 0971 and leave your name, address and postcode. The closing date for applications is 18th MAY 2012


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• Friendly Patient Tuition • Discounts for Block Bookings • • Pass Plus & Motorway Tuition • For More Details Telephone

Jamie on: 07803 451 709

Friday 18th May 2012


Jacqueline’s placement proves worthwhile

Jacqueline Jackson a volunteer with Playbusters was on a placement in the toddler room at Elmcroft Nursery School as part of the HNC in Early Education and Child Care Course being offered at John Wheatley College, and a major part of the course required an autonomous research project involving a sample group of children in order to gather information through naturalistic observations, followed by the introduction of a planned programme of learning experiences which focused on co-operative play, together with reference to relevant early years research materials. Speaking to the Re-Gen Jacqueline said, “I was interested in how young children develop and forge relationships through simpleco-operative play and based my research on this topic in order to facilitate the toddlers’concept of their expectations, goals and boundaries. With the co-operation of my key worker - Child Development Officer Leanne Stewart and the permission of the Head Teacher Mrs Elizabeth McEwan, I initiated, supported and executed a

who specialise in outdoor play visited the nursery and I collaborated with them to provide all the children in the play room with an opportunity to experience diversity, encouraging their participation and cooperation. In summary my topic was to introduce outdoor activities to enhance simple co-operative play. For the majority, my programme of activities was successful in achieving this and provided opportunities for the toddlers to share and co-operate through their active learning play experiences; the children became interactive, recognising and responding to the actions of each other

programme of outdoor active learning experiences to enhance simple co-operative play, commencing with warm up songs that progressed to an organised obstacle course. I wanted the children to learn by being actively involved in order to acquire and develop social abilities, absorb and enhance their knowledge as well as respond to interaction. The

learning experiences and opportunities offered utilised resources that were age and stage appropriate and stimulated and extended their interests, met health and safety guidelines, were readily available, current, clean and complete and were of sufficient quantity to allow all children in the play room to participate. The penultimate activity

was an obstacle course – I discussed with my key worker the possibility of promoting the nursery and the organisation Playbusters through a PR exercise involving The Re-GEN and explained that this would not only support my research project, but also raise the profile of the nursery as well as the outside agency. The local organisation


and became aware of certain rules of behaviour. These actions demonstrate that children who are described by some as being ego-centric, possess the cognitive ability to consider others. Tina Bruce, Play Theorist writes, “children develop a sense of their identity, working out the concepts of I, me and you. This helps them to go beyond themselves in their ideas, feelings and relationships.” (Bruce, 2001). This story is part of the ReGen’s continuing interest in what John Wheatley College is offering local people in the way of constructive courses. Look out for more in future editions.


Licensed Function Suite for up to 120 people - FREE TO HIRE Friday & Saturday nights *certain conditions apply

The suite would also be suitable for a variety of uses such as mother & toddlers, dance classes, cubs/brownies

For further details please call or email us below:

Tel: 0141 774 9050



Health & Social Care Provider Creates 20 New Jobs in Glasgow Health and social care provider, Momentum Care, is to create 20 new local jobs in Glasgow to cope with the increasing demand for its communitybased domiciliary and supported living services.

DOMICILIARY SUPPORT WORKERS £6.42 per hour We extend a warm invitation to visit us during our recruitment open days at Teacher Building, 14 St. enoch Square, G1 4DB on Wednesday the 30th, Thursday the 31st of May and Friday the 1st of June from 9.30am-5pm

Momentum Care is kick-starting a new recruitment drive for support workers by holding recruitment open days in Glasgow City Centre’s Teacher Building in St Enoch Square on Wednesday the 30th and Thursday the 31st of May and Friday the 1st of June between 9.30-5pm. Momentum Care is part of the Momentum Group, a leading national provider of rehabilitation, training and care services for people with disabilities and others who face economic and social exclusion. Each year Momentum Care provides health and social care services to more than 1000 adults across the UK enabling them to live independently in their own homes and to take part in community based activities. Support workers provide assistance with personal care and day-to-day tasks in the home, as well as supporting visits to family and friends, and attendance at appointments, college courses and social clubs. Momentum Care works with adults with wide-ranging needs, including older people, people with disabilities, people requiring support after hospital discharge and those with palliative care needs. Support workers come from diverse backgrounds and tend to work within or

Let us tell you more about Momentum Care and what it is like to work with us. We can support you to complete an application form and we will do some informal interviews on the day. Coming with a completed application form, applying on-line before or e-mailing in one ahead of time would be helpful but we will also be handing out application packs on the day. If you’re interested but unable to attend please contact us. Sharing our values is key: we are looking for reliable people with a caring approach, good communication skills and a respect for people as individuals. We can offer:

close to the areas they live in and know well. Momentum are particularly keen to support communities in getting unemployed young people into work and are delighted to hear from people aged 18-24. “Whether you are 19 or 69 doesn’t matter to us here at Momentum Care, we are looking for individuals who are responsible, reliable, caring and share our values” said Susan O’Reilly the Registered Manager for Glasgow. Whilst experience is beneficial for the support worker role, including personal and family experience of caring, it is not a requirement and full induction training is provided for new recruits. This one week programme was recently rated ‘excellent’ by 90% of participants and is tailored to enable people with little or no care background gain the skills and confidence required to start work and successfully support the people they are working with. All support

work is ‘regulated work’ and recruits will be required to become PVG members with Disclosure Scotland.

• A contract to suit you: flexible and guaranteed hours available

According to Alice Drife, Head of Health and Social Care at Momentum Care, the organisation is looking to recruit caring local people who will go that extra mile. She says “Momentum Care already has a dedicated team of caring and experienced people working across Glasgow. Now, as a result of increasing demand for our services in this area, we are looking to recruit 20 additional support workers. Glaswegians are renowned for their friendly, caring personalities, which are ideal attributes for a support worker. We very much look forward to welcoming people at the recruitment open day and sharing with them the challenges and rewards of the exciting opportunities we have to offer”.

• A range of clients to work with and we aim to geographically cluster clients together to reduce staff travel

• A comprehensive, high quality induction will be provided followed by shadow shifts

• An SVQ suitable to your role once established in post • A contributory pension and death in service insurance scheme • regular support and supervision, team meetings and ongoing development our staff come from diverse backgrounds. Please apply on-line at in ‘work for us’. If you are unable to do this, e-mail: or tel: 0141 419 5299 to request a pack is e-mailed or posted. Successful applicants will be required to become pVG members. This work is considered to be regulated work and is an exception under the rehabilitation of offenders act. Closing date: 11th of June. Interview dates: 13th and 14th June. Provisional induction training start date: 25th June. Momentum Care is a registered Scottish Charity: reg SC029767.


Friday 18th May 2012


WISH TO THANK ALL CONSTITUENTS WHO FOLLOWING the local council elections the East End have a few new faces representing the area and also a few “old faces” returning to the City Chambers. In the Calton area we have, George Redmond and Yvonne Kucuk plus Alison Thewliss. Shettleston returned 4 councillors, these being, George Ryan, Frank McAveety, Anne Simpson and John McLaughlin. Baillieston now have 2

former councillors in David Turner and Jim Coleman and 2 new members in Marie Garrity and the youngest councillor in Glasgow, Austin Sheridan. The East Centre constituency voted in, Frank Docherty, Elaine McDougall, Jennifer Dunn and new boy, Russell Robertson and finally the North East plumped for, sitting councillor Gerry Leonard plus 3 new councillors in, Maureen Burke, Gerry Boyle and the first Indian Councillor in

Glasgow’s history, Sohan Singh. Although most of those who ran and were defeated accepted the fact graciously, there are still one or two who are continuing to “Greet” about the fact that they were rejected but as they said in their leaflets prior to the election, “The People Have Spoken”. The Re-Gen would just like to say, accept the result and get on with your lives now. Glaswegians have now elected a new

group of councillors and the Re-Gen will be monitoring them every step of the way to ensure that the promises they made before the election are carried out on behalf of the constituents they now represent. Make no mistake – The Re-Gen will be watching all of you and reporting the truth (as we always do). Here are the final results in each ward...


BARTON, Gary 71

RANNACHAN, Thomas Independent 41

BELIC, Alexander Scottish National Party (SNP) 672

REDMOND, George Scottish Labour Party Yes 1,595

CLARK, Martin Lewis Britannica 9 GILLESPIE, Scott Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party 120 KIRKER, Gordon Scottish Unionist Proudly Scottish Proudly British 109 KUCUK, Yvonne Scottish Labour Party Yes 892 MILLER, Duncan Glasgow First 131

North East

REID, Andy Scottish Green Party 135 RITCHIE, Murdo Scottish Socialist Party 43

THEWLISS, Alison Scottish National Party (SNP) Yes 695

Marie Garrity Baillieston LEONARD, Gerry Scottish Labour Party Yes 1,345

BURKE, Maureen Scottish Labour Party Yes 1,958

MACPHERSON, John Cluny Scottish Liberal Democrats 76

COCOZZA, Jamie Scottish Anti-Cuts Coalition 48 KENNY, Tony Scottish National Party (SNP) 612

Russell Robertson East Centre

SUSSOCK, Harvey Scottish Liberal Democrats 43

BOYLE, Gerry Scottish National Party (SNP) Yes 1,378

CLAY, Stuart Duncan Scottish Green Party 118

Frank McAveety Shettleston

SCHMULIAN, Kim Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party 210 SINGH, Sohan Scottish Labour Party Yes 966

George Redmond Calton

Jim Coleman Baillieston


Friday 18th May 2012




Gerry Leonard North East

LECKIE, Stuart Scottish Green Party 105

RUTHERFORD, Colin Scottish Socialist Party 63

MCAVEETY, Frank Scottish Labour Party Yes 1,989

RYAN, George Scottish Labour Party Yes 1,415

MCLAUGHLIN, John Scottish National Party (SNP) Yes 1,251

SIMPSON, Anne Scottish Labour Party Yes 852

MILLER, Adam Scottish National Party (SNP) 921

SULLIVAN, Richard Alan Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party 294

MUIR, Andy Glasgow First 98

WATT, Marjory Marie Scottish Liberal Democrats 52

Baillieston Elaine McDoufall East Centre

George Ryan Shettleston

MCHALE, James David Scottish Liberal Democrats 65

BEAN, Margaret Scottish Socialist Party 103

MUIR, Andy Glasgow First 146

COLEMAN, James Scottish Labour Party Yes 2,894

SHERIDAN, Austin Scottish National Party (SNP) Yes 1,357 THACKERAY, Arthur Misty UK Independence Party 91 TURNER, David Jamieson Scottish National Party (SNP) Yes 1,615

Maureen Burke North East

Ann Simpson Shettleston

East Centre

ALEXANDER, Keenan Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party 280 BALLANTYNE, Nina Scottish Green Party 335 DOCHERTY, Frank Scottish Labour Party Yes 1,846

Frank Docherty East Centre

Yvonne Kucuk Calton

Sohan Singh Calton


DUNN, Jennifer Scottish National Party (SNP) Yes 1,523 LAIRD, Steven UK Independence Party 82 LEE, Alan Scottish Liberal Democrats 62

GARRITY, Marie Scottish Labour Party Yes 1,154 MCCRAE, Raymond Colin Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party 413 WEIR, David Scottish Green Party 143

MCDOUGALL, Elaine Scottish Labour Party Yes 1,272 O’DONNELL, Daniel Scottish Socialist Party 154 PATERSON, Fraser Glasgow First 39 ROBERTSON, Russell Scottish Labour Party Yes 981 RULLKOTTER, Colin Scottish National Party (SNP) 414



Friday 18th May 2012

Working with local people - North East Public Partnership Forum Update Members of the North East Sector, Glasgow City CHP, Parkhead Hub Working Group visited the new Barrhead Health & Social Care Centre in March, along with Anne Marie Kennedy, Chair, East Renfrewshire Public Partnership Forum (PPF) and East Renfrewshire staff. The working group were most impressed by the facilities offered by the Centre which hosts health and social care services on one site or hub. The group also plans to visit Pollok Civic Realm with local PPF members. The site visit was to look at how the Centre operated in advance of the public meeting on 27th March to look at potential options for the future use of the Parkhead Hospital building. One option is to develop a “hub” at Parkhead, which would be a building, shared by public and voluntary sector agencies from where they can deliver a range of services. This work is at a very early stage and no decisions have been made by the Health Board, but the Sector is very keen to hear the views of staff, patients, local people and other agencies. Some of the main points raised by the local people who attended the meeting on 27th March held at John Wheatley College, Haghill Campus were: •The Community need all the existing services on the site •One door access to all services would help to reduce stigma around attending mental health services •There were strong support for a community hub and cafe where voluntary groups could have meetings and provide information about local services. The consensus was that there is local support for the hub approach and for using these buildings to their best advantage. Meetings were also held with North East Sector Staff. Staff were keen to put their ideas forward on issues such as refurbishments versus new build, types of accommodation needed for services and different ways of working. The North East Public Partnership Forum (PPF) of Glasgow City Community Health Partnership is a network of local individuals and organisations who meet every six weeks to discuss how health and social care services are designed and delivered in North East Glasgow.

For further information about the PPF: Phone: Tony Devine on 0141-277-7540 Email:

PPF Meeting Dates for 2012 are: 28th June, (Main discussion topic is Public Transport to Hospitals). Following meetings are 16th August, 27th Sept, 8th Nov, 13th Dec 2012. Time 6.30pm till 9pm. Venue John Wheatley College, Haghill. Please come along and find out how you can have your say on local NHS services.

Glasgow Community Health Partnership North East Sector

Lost in Easterhouse – 170 Stones Slimming World consultant Carrina McGovern was over the moon when she lost 2st 10lbs around two years ago and so she decided to become a Slimming World consultant and start Slimming World classes. Based in St Benedict’s Hall in Westerhouse Road and the Masonic Hall in Lochdochart Road her clubs are now thriving and little wonder as the weight seems to be falling off her members, like “Snaw aff a Dyke.” Take for instance the last challenge her classes took up namely “Let’s Beat Obesity” which ran over 12 weeks and resulted in a fantastic combined weight loss of 170 Stones,

I Slimming World

which by anyone’s standards is tremendous. Carrina is very proud of the fact that she began her class in St Benedicts with 9 members and the class in the Masonic began with 52 members. Now she caters for around 160 members a week and judging by the enjoyment the regulars get from their weekly sessions she is onto a winner and so are her members. The new Summer campaign is just about to begin and is entitled “We love Summer” and just how many of you out there really love summer if you are at present carrying a bit of excess weight? Well Carrina has the answer every Monday and Thursday and everyone is welcome along, Men, Women and Children (11-15 years olds accompanied by an adult) and in fact the children don’t even have to pay. During the classes

the members get· An amazing no-hunger eating plan that you’ll love, · Recipe and menu ideas for every occasion, · Family friendly eating in and eating out ideas! · A fabulous lifestyle activity programme, Body Magic, · Awards and celebrations for every achievement, · Loads of help, encouragement and motivation when you need it most, plus · Slimming strategies that will help you lose weight beautifully and keep slim for life!, so why not get yourself along to the Slimming World classes and don’t throw out your old gear because by the time Carrina is finished with you, you will be able to wear them again with pride. Not only that you will certainly meet new friends and working together the weight should soon drop off, (As Carrina has already Proved).


a wa

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n d l y g ro

...I feel sooo gorgeous! Lyndsay

up ne a r you today...

Masonic Hall Masonic Hall, 64 Lochdochart Road, Easterhouse, G34 0BG Thursdays 5:00pm and 7:00pm Your Consultant’s name is Carrina Telephone 0141 781 1694 St Benedicts Chapel Hall St Benedicts Chapel Hall, 755 Westerhouse Road, Easterhouse, G34 9RP Mondays 5:30pm and 7:30pm Your Consultant’s name is Carrina Telephone 0141 781 1694

0844 897 8000

SW on


£5 FREE online support


Friday 18th May 2012

Milnbank Gala Day Fun ANYONE who has ever been along to a Milnbank Gala Day knows just what to expect and this year is certainly no different as the committee have pulled out all the stops once again to make it a most enjoyable for the residents of Dennistoun. The Black Star Steel Band are already booked to keep the crowds entertained plus something we all want to try but have never had the nerve, an Adult Bouncy Castle. There is also a host of other things to get involved in for all the family such as, a Beer Bottle ride, Skydancers, a Giant Slide,

a Bouncy Ballpond and a Speed Cage and these coupled with a Pole Joust, the Mini Zoo Carousels, Underwater Adventure Tombola and Dazzle Tattoos all on offer means that this year’s Gala Day promises to be the best ever. There is also a fantastic Prize Raffle with the first prize a 40” TV set plus other great prizes such as an IPad, a Fridge Freezer, a Blackberry Phone and a Camera, with tickets only £1-00 it could be the best quid you will have spent in a long while. You can also get a Massage to ease away all your stress during the day (well recommended).

Once the actual event is over Milnbank has arranged a Challenge Cup Football Match at 3-00pm on the pitch of Whitehill School and a big crowd is expected along to cheer on either the local residents or the Milnbank Staff or even both. Get the date in your diary Saturday26th May and the time, 12noon till 2pm and it all takes place in Ballindalloch Drive Dennistoun. If you want to give the kids a treat or even just want to pass a couple of hours enjoying a laugh then get yourself along and join in the fun.


Saturday 26 May 2012Time: 12noon to 2pm

Milinbank Gala Day PRIZE RAFFLE 1ST PRIZE 40” TV (donated by NCS) 2ND PRIZE IPAD2 (donated by Clydesdale Office Equipment 3RD PRIZE FRIDGE FREEZER (donated by City Building)












14 Friday 18th May 2012


The Dalmarnock Centre 3 Lily Street, Dalmarnock Glasgow G40 3HE Tel: 0141 556 4776 Invite you to come along and join in the:


RE -








Friday 18th May 2012


Finnart AFC 5 v. The Geet AFC 0

Gliding Door Company has a range of sliding doors to suit the needs of your home or office, allowing you to maximize your storage space. Our doors come in a variety of styles, tailored to suit your requirements. As well as giving a clean, fresh and contemporary look to your room they will provide the illusion of making the room look and feel bigger. THE Fosters Scottish Amateur Sunday Trophy Final for 2012 took place on Sunday the 6th May at the Braidwood Motor Company Stadium (formerly known as Almondavle), Livingston. Bridgeton based Finnart AFC faced a strong Ayrshire team, The Geek, competing in their first season in the Fosters Trophy. A fast paced match saw Finnart AFC take an early 2 goal lead through Div MacKay. The same player then went on to complete his hattrick, (no mean feat in any game never mind a national cup final), and Finnart AFC looked on easy street. Although The Geek team gave 100% they were certainly no match for the lads from Bridgeton and further goals from Brian Blair and Danny Taylor, who came off the bench and with his first touch, wrapped up the scoring with a fine

looping header into the far corner of the net. Finnart’s overall play determined where the trophy would end up and manager Phil Blair was delighted that the hard work and training put in by the team was rewarded. Finnart AFC have every reason to be proud as this is their 8th win in 10 finals and when you consider the amount of teams from all over Scotland that enter this prestigious competition Finnart deserve all the praise going. All credit goes to The Geet for a battling performance, and for reaching the final in their first year. The sponsors “Fosters” Man of the match award was given to Finnart’s hat trick hero, David (Div) Mackay. Needless to say a few pints of the

If space is at a premium in your bedroom or office and standard hinged doors are not viable or you have an unusual “non standard” sized opening then made to measure sliding doors from the Gliding Door Company will meet your needs, without compromising on style. As we say - Storage with Style. Our sliding doors come as supply only or supply and fit . Trade enquiries are also welcome. Call now for a free quote.

SLIDING sponsors product was sampled after the game as the players management and committee celebrated their triumph. Well Done Finnart in bringing the Trophy back to the East End.


John Mason MSP


Member of the Scottish Parliament for Glasgow Shettleston Scottish National Party (SNP)

Contact me directly... Write/visit: Constituency Office 1335 Gallowgate Parkhead Cross Glasgow G31 4DN Call my office: 0141 550 4327 Call my mobile: 0787 943 0877 Email:


Surgeries Around the East End 1st Monday of the month 2pm Calton Community Flat, 231 Stevenson Street, Flat 0/1, Glasgow, G40 2RW


3rd Monday of the month 2pm Bridgeton Library, 23 Landressy Street, Glasgow, G40 1BP

6pm GAMH Offices, 33 Turnbull Street, Glasgow, G1 5PR

4th Monday of the month 2pm Shettleston Library, 154 Wellshot Road, Glasgow, G32 7AZ

2nd Monday of the month 2pm Baillieston Library, 141 Main Street, Baillieston, Glasgow, G69 6AA

6pm Carmyle Community Centre, 28 Hillcrest Road, Glasgow, G32 8AG


Gliding Door Company Unit 3 315 Shettleston Road Glasgow G31 5JL

Call Now for a free Quotation 0141 556 2264



Friday 18th May 2012

Parliamentary Patter Margaret Curran MP LAST year at the Scottish Parliamentary Elections, the people of Glasgow East sent a clear message to the Scottish Labour Party. They told us they wanted us to be more firmly attached to our communities, they wanted us to listen and they wanted us to change. After we lost Glasgow Shettleston - and indeed many seats across Glasgow - the Scottish Labour Party returned to our communities, listened and reacted to the

message that people sent out. We started the fight back to ensure the people of the East End felt they could once again vote for Scottish Labour. At the local elections this month, nearly twenty thousand people voted for Scottish Labour in the East End. This means that 56% of the people who voted in the East voted for Scottish Labour. This support has given the Glasgow Labour Councillors who make up the new administration a clear mandate to govern effectively for the

communities that they represent. However despite the warm weather, the turnout for these elections was disappointingly low. I am determined to work closely with the newly elected councillors to encourage people to get out and vote and rebuild people’s trust in politics so that we can work together at all levels of our communities to improve local services, our schools and develop better transport links throughout the East End.

I was proud to watch a new generation of Labour Councillors be elected on May 4th – 6 of the 20 new Labour Councillors were elected here in the East End. The new candidates are vibrant and active within their communities and will work closely alongside their colleagues who have previously served as councillors in Glasgow City Council. Together, they will form a team with a real passion for the East End, bringing both experience and fresh thinking to their new roles.

I look forward to working with all the councillors both those of which are new and returning. We will continue to work for the people of the East End and show Scotland what we can can achieve for our city when we work together for the good of our local communities.

Margaret Curran MP 0141 778 8993 Academy House, 1346 Shettleston Road, Glasgow, G32 9AT

Paul Martin MSP AFTER weeks of campaigning, days of door canvassing and many hours of speaking to voters the local election results are in. In Glasgow, Labour had a fantastic result and returned a Labour majority under the leadership of Gordon Matheson. With a campaign based on the Labour Party’s record in Glasgow and vision for our city’s future, the electorate decided that Labour had their interests at heart and that Glasgow would not be used by opposition parties as a stepping stone for independence. The elections were a

ringing endorsement for the ‘Glasgow Guarantee’ of creating jobs and training for our young people. Many people I spoke too supported our idea to give over 80s help with their heating bills, especially in these difficult times. One thing that most people mentioned to me on the doorstep was Glasgow Labour’s campaign for better buses. In huge parts of our city we are stuck with a second rate bus service that is run in the interests of profit and not passengers. I will continue to campaign for the regulation of bus services to make buses consider the

needs of our communities and not just profit margins. Despite the magnificent for Labour, it was disappointing to note that the number of people voting was only around 40% across the country. Local elections are incredibly important as it is the local councillors that we elect who control and decide many of the everyday services people rely on. Having your say on what happens in our schools, how we look after our elderly and what level of council tax we should pay are all decided at a local level.

In the North of the City we have elected a strong Labour team in Helen Stephen, Chris Kelly, Allan Stewart, Gilbert Davidson, Gerry Leonard and Sohan Singh. These councillors care deeply about the future of our city and I know that they will work positively with Willie Bain MP and me to make our communities even better. If you need to get in contact with me about any issue you can telephone my office on 0141 564 1364 or you can email me on paul.martin.msp@scottish.

Paul Martin MSP

Paul Martin MSP Constituency Office 604 Alexandra Parade GlasgowG31 3BS

0141 564 1364

John Mason MSP THE first constituent into my office on Monday morning was complaining about alcohol. Her weekend had been ruined by people drinking in her close and urinating in full view of her kids. This is not acceptable. Later on Monday Health Secretary, Nicola Sturgeon, announced the minimum price per unit of alcohol is to be 50p. She has to be congratulated for acting on this. When minimum pricing was first mooted by the SNP, all of the opposition parties in Holyrood opposed it. Now,

just a couple of years on, we see the Tories and the Liberal Democrats making a complete u-turn and backing the policy. So Labour seem isolated in their position of wanting more talk but no action. The sad reality is that too many of us are drinking too much. On Monday evening I enjoyed three pints in the Barrachnie Inn after an SNP branch meeting. But the danger is we drift into the habit of having too many drinks too often. The problem affects

people in all walks of life. As alcohol has become relatively cheap, alcohol-related hospital admissions have quadrupled, and it is shocking that half of our prisoners now say they were drunk when they committed the offence. It is time for this to stop. Introducing a minimum price per unit will help us to tackle these problems. It is not a magic bullet – we need education and lots more as well. But there is widespread support for trying minimum pricing –

from the medical profession, police forces, charities and from significant parts of the drinks and licensed trade industry. Finally congratulations to all those elected as councillors in the recent elections. All the parties have new faces and hopefully we can all work together for the good of our part of the City. But especially I was delighted that the SNP now has 27 councillors… a far cry from 1999 when I was there myself with only 1 colleague!

John Mason

Phone: 0141 550 4327 Mobile: 0787 943 0877 Email: john.mason.msp@ address: 1335 Gallowgate, Parkhead, Glasgow, G31 4DN Website:


Friday 18th May 2012

Bellgrove Boost from Local Lawyers

Bellgrove Amateurs of Dennistoun received a great boost this week from Kevin McCarron of

Turnbull McCarron solicitors as he presented the team with a new set of strips complete with the

Duke Street company’s name on the front. Here the team are pictured outside the Turnbull McCarron head office in Dennistoun prior to going to Crownpoint for a Saturday Morning fixture.

LEGAL NOTICE Goods Vehicle Operator’s Licence


Tollcross Park, Sunday 10 June


Francis Murphy trading as Frank Murphy Haulage of 6 Cunningham Street, Motherwell ML1 3EW is applying to change an existing licence as follows

House Sales Classified Public Notices Recruitment Articles For Sale Personal • Motoring Situations Vacant

To keep an extra 1 goods vehicle and 0 trailers at the operating centre at 379 Shettleston Road, Glasgow G31 5JL

Call Our Sales Team On:

0141 771 7039 Email us at:


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Owners or occupiers of land (including buildings) near the operating centre(s) who believe that their use or enjoyment of that land would be affected, should make written representations to the Traffic Commissioner at Hillcrest House, 386 Harehills Lane, Leeds, LS9 6NF stating their reasons, within 21 days of this notice. Representors must at the same time send a copy of their representations to the applicant at the address given at the top of this notice. A Guide to Making Representations is available from the Traffic Commissioner’s Office.

TOLLCROSS Park once again becomes a hub of activity and family fun on Sunday 10 June with the return of the GLASGOW EAST 5K FUN RUN and BIG DAY OOT. With a capacity of 4,000 runners, this is an event not to be missed and this year there is a bright and colourful ‘yellow’ dress-code! So strap on those yellow trainers and make sure you’re there early for the FUN WARM UP at 10am! This year’s festivities kick off with the all new 5K FUN CYCLE at 9am! Get on your bike and make it round the course in record speed; we recommend

registering early for this event as space is strictly limited. To take part in the 5K Fun Cycle or 5K Fun Run log on to WWW.EEHLC.ORG.UK where registration is quick and easy - but make sure you sign up quick to guarantee your place in this free to enter event. BIGGER THAN EVER WITH A FANTASTIC LINE UP OF LIVE ACTS, SPORTS ACTIVITIES, STALLS, TASTY FOOD AND LOADS MORE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! The Big Day Oot starts when the first runner crosses the finishing line and this year promises to be bigger and better than ever with hilarious street theatre,

To take part in the 5K On the Move Fun Cycle or 5K Fun Run log on to WWW.EEHLC.ORG. UK where registration is quick and easy - but make sure you sign up quick to guarantee your place in this free to enter event.

rousing samba drumming, pipe bands, drama and dance performances, music sessions, sports activities and a Castle themed art attack taking over Tollcross Park. Prepare for catchy tunes and some cool dance moves from the live music and entertainment stage featuring local talent and top DJs. There will also be lots of information stalls from local community groups, partners and voluntary services promoting what’s going on in your area. THIS INCREDIBLE DAY IS FREE! MAKE IT A DATE FOR YOUR DIARY!



Friday 18th May 2012

Re-GEN Classified

Call Elaine On: 0141 771 7039

Thief captured Officers from Shettleston Police Office Community Policing Teams over the past month have been asking members of the community in Shettleston, Tollcross and Parkhead to be vigilant for persons acting suspiciously around motor vehicles. The community have been asked to secure their vehicles, remove valuables, for example, Sat Navs and cradles etc. Police have also been providing additional high visibility patrols in these areas during Operation Neptune in order to keep people safe.

Last week PC Mills and Love from the Shettleston Community Policing Team attended a call regarding a male suspect breaking into motor vehicles on Crail Street and Tennyson Drive. Although both officers were on the scene very quickly the suspect had already made off prior to their arrival. The officers carried out local enquiries and utilising their local knowledge and a very good description of the suspect they were able to identify the culprit. Due to the quick actions taken by the officers in requesting and being granted a Justice of the Peace

search Warrant, the suspect’s home address was searched and stolen tools were recovered to the value of £1000. The suspect was thereafter detained for interview and later charged for both incidents and held custody for court. Although this male has now been remanded in custody the community should remain vigilant with their property to restrict criminal opportunities. The high profile policing patrols will continue to provide reassurance to everyone in the community.

Protect your property with Strathclyde Police is now a supporting Force of If your phone, bike, computer or any other electrical item is registered using the free service, and if any criminal is found to have

yourproperty in their possession, Police can tell instantly if it has been reported lost or stolen. Insurers and reputable second-hand traders can also tell instantly if a criminal tries to recycle any stolen property. These actions help greatly in

the recovery of your property and catching criminals. Benefits of registration: Immobilise helps police identify the owner of lost & stolen property thousands of times each day. Loss & theft updates you make are immediately

available to the Police nationally. Combat the sale of stolen gadgets & valuables; alert the second-hand trade & publicly checkable stolen goods Simplify insurance claims and Police reports with certificates of ownership. It’s also FREE .

Male arrested in possession of Knife While on uniform mobile patrol Pc Shivas and Hendry were within Lamlash Cresent when they observed a male acting suspiciously and trying to conceal something within the waistband of his trousers. As the officers approached the male, they observed him to turn away from them and throw something onto the road. Whilst speaking to the suspect, one of the officers recovered a kitchen knife with a 6” blade that had been thrown across the road. The male made admissions that he had been concealing this weapon within the waistband of his trousers. He was then conveyed to London Road

where he was detained for court the next day. Carrying dangerous weapons like this more often than not leads to people in the community being killed or scarred for life. Families are left to pick up the pieces and have to deal with these tragic circumstances, coping with the loss of a son or daughter, brother or sister, father or mother. During Operation Neptune Police Officers in B’ Division carried out more stop searches than ever before, targeting the criminals that cause most harm to our communities, in an attempt to catch the criminals who

Drugged up Dealer Caught While on uniform mobile patrol Pc Pitsos and Ryan were within Ruchazie Road when they observed a male placing items in his sock. On approaching the male he appeared to be very unsteady on his feet and his eyes were very glazed. A search was carried out on the male and several bags of what

appeared to be controlled substances were found in his left sock. This male was detained and taken to a police office for a more detailed search. The items that were found in his possession were tested and identified to be Diazepam and Cannabis resin. This male has been reported for these offences.

Crimestoppers: 0800 555 111 information can be given anonymously.

carry weapons and have no regard for the safety of others. As a result of this crime figures been dramatically reduced with serious assaults down 54% and violent crime

also down 54%. All the readers of the Regen should rest assured that Strathclyde Police are focussed on keeping people safe.



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GARROWHILL Bowling Club have confirmed eight in-house competitions over the season, writes JACK HIGH. The list features Club Secretary) has kindly sent me SHETTLESTON host the Championship, President’s a Garrowhill Handbook for this Invitation Fours (Tennents) at Prize, Vice President’s Prize season. That will go alongside Culrain Street on May 20 from - open to members who have one from Shettleston Bowling 10.30am, and May 25 will have never won a single-handed Club, who responded through N.E.League fixtures (6.45pm). competition - and Gemmell Ian Colligan. My thanks to both Sunday, June 3 should attract Cup. All involve singles’ bowls. gentlemen. a good crowd for the G.B.A. Others are Balloted Pairs and Garrowhill stage a LBA County Glasgow v Wigtonshire match Nominated Pairs (15 ends/ Match (6 rinks) this Saturday at 2pm. Hope the weather is on Final 17 ends), Millenium Pairs at 1pm, and the following it’s best behaviour! (no trial ends, 2 sets/6 ends plus week have the LBA UnderRESULTS from N.E. League. 1 decider), and Mixed Pairs (no 45s Quarter-Final over 4 rinks Division One - Blackhill 7, trial ends). (10am). On Sunday, May 27, Rutherglen 2; Belvidere 4, Club Office Bearers 2012: you can watch the Millenium Garrowhill 4; Carmyle 2, Honorary Life President Cup at 2pm. Sandyhills 7; Baillieston 8, J.R.Johnstone. President - A Next month’s programme Shettleston 3; Chryston 5, Palmer. Vice President - B includes Monklands Cup (June Parkhead 5. Division Two Smith. Secretary - D.M Kerr. 1), McKinnon Wood Cup (June Kirkhill 5, Tollcross 5; Foxley Treasurer - W Key. Minute 2), Seniors Muppet Trophy 7, Springburn 2; Springboig 2, Secretary - I.M.S. Muir. Match (June 11), GBA Centenary Cup St Rollox 7; North British 10, Secretary - A Morrison. Bar (June 15) and Two Bowl Pairs Whitevale 0; Mount Vernon 4, Convenor - C Trainor. (June 16). Check with club for Riddrie 0 (no result from Riddrie Alex Morrison (Match the various starting times. home fixture).

LSK SUPPLIES WEST OF SCOTLAND YOUTH LEAGUE National Lady Darling Cup, Semi-Final - Broxburn Ath Colts 2, The Celtic Boys’ Club 2 aet (Broxburn won on pens). Scottish Under-21 Cup, Final - Campsie Black Watch 2, Harmony Row YC 3. Trophy Centre (Scotland) League Cup, Semi-Final - Rutherglen Glencairn 0, Harmony Row YFC 1. Quarter-Final - Drumchapel United 2, Goldenhill 3; Rutherglen Glencairn 1, Knightswood 0. Only Sport Golden Goals Cup, Quarter-Final - South Camlachie Youth Project 9, Glasgow Ams 1. Second Round - Neilston 2, Hillwood 3. Glasgow Cup, Semi-Final Drumchapel Ams 5, Blantyre

Vics 0; The Celtic Boys’ Club 4, Clydebank 0. Premier Division - Campsie Black Watch 7, Dumbarton Accies 1; Baillieston Juniors 2, Tower Hearts 5; Steins 3, Harestanes 1; Harmony Row 8, Drumchapel United 0; St Peters 7, Busby 0;Baillieston Juniors 3, Drumchapel United 1; Knightswood 3, Dumbarton Accies 1; Baillieston Juniors 7, Steins 0; Dumbarton Accies 1, Glasgow Ams 2; Glencairn 7, St Peters 1. First Division - Balmoral 3, Neilston 5; Hillwood 3, Bonnyton 2; Broomhouse 9, Vale of Leven 0; East Kilbride Thistle 1, Rossvale 3; Glasgow University 2, Renfrew FC 3; Clydeside 1, Goldenhill 2; Broomhouse

5, Bonnyton 0; East Kilbride Thistle 2, Balmoral 0; Glasgow University 1, Goldenhill 17; Vale of Leven 1, Clydeside 0; Bonnyton 6, East Kilbride Thistle 3, Renfrew FC 2, Balmoral 3; Glasgow University 1, Clydeside 5; Broomhouse 4, Glasgow University 2; Balmoral 0, Goldenhill 5; East Kilbride Thistle 0, Clydeside 3; Dumbarton Harp 0, Renfrew FC 2; Strathclyde Colts 3, Vale of Leven 2; Bonnyton 3, Rossvale 2. Second Division - Campsie FC 1, Giffnock 8; Mossvale 5, Eastwood 1; Giffnock 0, Johnstone Burgh 3; Mossvale 4, Blantyre Vics 2; Giffnock 3, Clydebank 0; Eastwood 6, Campsie FC 0.

SCOTTISH YOUTH FOOTBALL CUP FINALS GAMES played at Airdrie United’s Excelsior Stadium. First weekend of the Scottish Cup. Under-13 - Hutchison Vale 2, Musselburgh Windsor 1. Under-17 - Bellfield Royals 2, Banchory Boys FC 1. Under-19 - Goldenhill 2, Bonnyton Thistle 3. Under-21 - Campsie Black Watch 2, Harmony Row YC 3.

THE RE-GEN SPORTS FEEDBACK Dear Sports Editor, Thanks for the recent coverage of the Glasgow Nightingale Cycling Club (Issue 78). It is encouraging to see your section covers “other” sports, and will be greatly appreciated by club members. I am sure the competitors mentioned in your race reports will be delighted to see their efforts in print. Thanks again, Stuart Rae, Glasgow Nightingale Cycling Club.


CENTRAL Region celebrates winning the Under-15 Inter Region Cup after beating East Region 3-0 at Toryglen. See Main Story (Back Page). FALKIRK and TULLIBODY 0, GLASGOW GIRLS F.C. 6. ALLOA was the venue for the visitors’ cup win. Scorers: Kayleigh Docherty (3), Toni McKay (2) and Leanne Anderson. GLASGOW GIRLS F.C. 5, RANGERS 2. THREE Under-17 goals from Lauren Coleman helped sink ‘Gers in the quarter-finals. Nadine Peacock and Shannon McManus made sure of their semi-final visit to Falkirk and Tullibody on May 27. ROSSVALE 2, WOLVES F.C. 0. A goal in each half clinched victory for Vale in the C&KDYL Under-17 League Cup final at Guys Meadow, Cumbernauld. Lee Davidson opened the scoring early on, and substitute Kyle Cameron beat ‘keeper Thomson with a shot which crossed the line via a post after 77 minutes. CELTIC 1, GLASGOW CITY LADIES 3. DESPITE not being in top form, City came through with a win at Lennoxtown. Lisa Evans, Leanne Crichton and Jo Love netted, with Suzanne Grant replying for Celtic. BUDHILL AFC 0, BALLERUP AFC 3. PRESIDENT’S Cup favourites and First Division leaders Budhill were stunned at Shettleston. Ross and Nicholson gave the East Kilbride visitors a 2-0 interval lead, and Gibson added a third. WELLHOUSE AMATEURS 1, BANNOCKBURN 2. NEEDING a win to gain promotion into the Central Scottish Premier Division, ‘House lost at Toryglen. Now it looks likely

they will be involved in the play-off stages. After Graham McLaren hit the bar with a header, the visitors opened the scoring despite ‘keeper Darren Logan brilliantly saving their original shot. Wellhouse went further behind before half-time, and their backroom staff were forced into changes. Andy Dorrans converted a penalty kick, but they couldn’t convert other chances. Centre-back Graham McLaren required a hospital visit and had six stitches inserted in a badly cut head. KILPATRICK 2, WELLHOUSE BOYS’ CLUB 1. GOALKEEPER Steven Slane, not for the first time this season, saw his late penalty kick save converted on the rebound as his teammates failed to react. His Man of the Match display denied the homesters scoring more than two second half goals. Stevie Kerr hit the Wellhouse equaliser 15 minutes from time. NEILSTON JUNIORS 2, VALE OF CLYDE 1. TWO goals from the penalty spot - by Scott Anson secured the points for the Farmers Boys at Brig O’Lea. SPARTANS 1, CELTIC 0. STRIKER Sarah Ewens netted the 8th minute goal which took Spartans into their third successive Scottish Women’s Premier League Cup final. Celtic piled on the second half pressure without success at Prestonfield Park. FORFAR FARMINGTON 0, GLASGOW CITY LADIES 4. CITY joined Spartans in the final after goals from Lisa Evans (first half), Leanne Ross (57


mins), Eilish McSorley (59), and Jane Ross (65) took them through the second semi at Hill O’Beath. BROXBURN ATHLETIC COLTS 2, THE CELTIC BOYS’ CLUB 2 after extra-time, Broxburn won on penalties. LADY Darling Cup SemiFinal. The previous game at Albyn Park went straight to penalty kicks after 90 minutes - won by Celts - when the referee should have played extratime. The SYFA ordered a replay, and Athletic hit man Darren Downie netted either side of half-time. Celtic fought back with goals from Mark Fitzpatrick and Greg Steele. No goals in extra-time produced penalty kicks, and this time Broxburn held their nerve. SOUTH CAMLACHIE YOUTH PROJECT 9, GLASGOW AMATEURS 1. AFTER three straight defeats, the Under21s hit form in the Only Sport Golden Goal Cup QuarterFinal. Scorers: Ryan McLean (2), Alan Clark, Darren Barnwell, Eddie Ferns, Kieran Dougan, Ntaba Mashimango, Scott Gibbons and Stuart Mills. GLASGOW CITY LADIES 11, INVERNESS 0. CITY notched up their sixth consecutive league win thanks to goals from Leanne Ross (3), Lisa Evans (2), Ciara Barnes (2), Jo Love, Emma Mitchell, Julie Melrose and Kat Linder at Petershill Park. FORFAR FARMINGTON 1, CELTIC 0. CELTS dropped to fifth place after Julia Scott netted the Forfar winner.

SWFL 2nd Division Cup, Third Round - Hibernian 1875, 5, Murieston 0; Falkirk FC 6, Luthermuir WFC 0; Aberdeen FCL Development 3, Dundee City 5; Claremont Ladies 2, Spartans Reserves 3; Dee Vale 3, Falkirk Ladies Reserves 0; Hearts 12, Dee Ladies 0, Dunfermline 7, Dumfries 1; Musselburgh Windsor 0, Aberdeen FC Reserves 5. 1st Division Cup, Semi-Finals - Cowdenbeath 0, Paisley Saints Ladies 4; Celtic Reserves 0, Queens Park 2. SWPL League Cup, Semi-Finals - Spartans 1, Celtic 0. Forfar Farmington 0, Glasgow City Ladies 4. 1st Division Cup, Final - Queens Park v Paisley Saints Ladies at Recreation Park, Alloa, June 6. Kickoff 7.30pm 2nd Division Cup, Quarter-Finals - Dee Vale v Falkirk FC; Aberdeen FCL Reserves v Dundee City; Hearts v Spartans Reserves; Dunfermline v Hibernian 1875 all due on May 20.


SPORT No.1 for Local Sports Coverage

LAST-GASP WEST WIN INTER REGION CUP SYFA West Region have won the Under-16 Inter Region Cup for the fourth consecutive year - thanks to a last-gasp goal at the Toryglen Indoor Regional Football Centre. West came from a goal down could so easily have been 2-0 to win 2-1 against SYFA North if Clark Henderson had been Region. able to direct his header from The result was always in a Ruaridh McVinnish free kick doubt throughout an action- on target. West responded positively. packed, nail-biting 90 minutes until Harry Clark, who had Ryan McAllan flashed a previously cancelled out a first free kick inches wide, and half North lead, made sure of Johnathan Spittal was denied by the North goalkeeper. the silverware destination. Into the second 45 minutes, Both teams carved out early chances. North ‘keeper and Harry Clark, running onto Stuart Miller saved a Jack a pass, took a touch before Henderson free kick, while chipping Miller. As play raged from end-toDillon Whyte had a net-bound effort blocked at the other end end, Kieron Magennis and Jack Henderson missed of the park. However, North did break chances. The next goal proved crucial, the deadlock before half-time. Davie Clark crashed a left-foot and was a cruel blow to the shot into the top corner, and it fighting spirit of the North

SYFA West Region... winners of the Inter Region Cup for the fourth consecutive year. squad. Man of the Match Clark, who previously had the ball in the net only to see his effort ruled out, struck a dramatic late winner. The Drumchapel ace controlled a pass, cleverly turned his marker, and drilled the ball past ‘keeper Miller. Delighted West Manager Kenny McLennan said: “The effort the team put in for the second half paid off.” Meanwhile, in an earlier noon Under-15 final at same indoor venue, SYFA Central Region crushed East Region 3-0. Central showed the kind of form which had dumped West (3-0) and South West (4-1) in

the competition. The match was virtually over before half-time. Striker Steven Smith made an early breakthrough from Jordan Quinn’s pass, and the same player added No 2 with a sublime finish past ‘keeper Darryl Gear. East Region conceded a penalty kick prior to the interval whistle. Jordan Quinn was fouled, and Gerard Gilfallan netted off the post. Central were always more physically stronger than East, who never gave up in the second half. However, the damage had already been done.

PLAYERS WANTED PREMIER Division POSTAL UNITED AFC are looking for experienced amateur players or anyone who has played in junior football (all positions). The East End club also seek experienced individuals to assist with the running of their set-up and become committee members. Contact Jimmy McCarthy on 07958482846. WELLHOUSE Boys’ Club (Under-17) want midfield players and strikers. Team trains at Stepford Road on a Tuesday evening. Telephone 0141 774 9178 or 07538322805 or 07501302487. RANGERS SABC want players born 2002 for seven-a-side football. Contact 07818253688. TOP Glasgow Boys’ Club seek players born 1998 to strengthen team, which plays Sunday football. Previous Pro Youth/Boys’ Club experience required. Call Gordon on 07709418254.

GOALIE AVAILABLE FORMER Vale of Clyde Boys’ Club Manager Player of the Year, 15 year-old ‘keeper Steven Mullen, is available to sign for an Under-17 team next season after the East End team were forced to fold due to a lack of available players on match days. Steven, who turns 16 years of age this summer, enjoys professional group coaching at a top Goalkeeping Academy. Genuine offers of a club can be made to him at 0141 774 2836.

LEAGUE SEARCH GLASGOW and District Youth Football League are searching for new clubs next season - up to and including Under-19 level. Call Andy Sandilands on 01698 477798.

COACH WANTED GLASGOW Girls F.C. are looking to appoint a coach for their first-season Under-13 team, who train two evenings per week. Also seeking players at Under-9, 11, 13, 15, 17 and Senior level. More information is available on the Glasgow Girls F.C. website or telephone 07791116196.

CUP FINAL VENUE GLASGOW City Ladies F.C. and Spartans will meet in the SWPL League Cup final at Recreation Park, Alloa, on Wednesday, May 30. Kick-off 7.30pm. Meanwhile, City defender Rachel Corsie has completed 100 league starts for the Premier Champions. Corsie, who has captained both club and country, joined Glasgow City Ladies from Aberdeen Ladies F.C. in the summer of 2008.

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