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Friday 6th April 2012

Issue Number 77

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Haghill Wedding


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major crackdown on crime, disorder, anti-social behaviour and Serious and Organised Crime Groups began in B’ Division this week and will last for the whole of April. Building on the success of last year’s inaugural Operation Neptune, B’ Division will embark on a month long campaign of action that will be bigger, bolder and more robust than ever before to keep peoplesafe. Nevertheless crime and disorder don’t stand still and neither do Strathclyde Police. It would have been easy for B’ Division to bask in the success of last year’s Operation Neptune, where astounding results were achieved including an increase in the number of people who had committed a crime of violence being caught, increased drug seizures, more offensive

weapon and knife carriers jailed and gang fighting decimated. The result of last year’s Neptune was a springboard for a year where people in Glasgow’s North and East of the City and together with those living in East Dunbartonshire have never been safer. Murders have been reduced, serious assaults have been reduced, robberies have been reduced and anti-social behaviour was significantly down having been tackled like never before. So what will Operation NEPTUNE II do, B’ Division have secured levels of resources which will see more Police officers on the street than ever, with a commitment and focus to keep people safe never before seen in Glasgow North East and East Dunbartonshire.



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2 Friday 6th April 2012


Margaret Curran MP

Tollcross – Up for the T-CUP

Advice Surgery Details

1st Friday of the Month 10am Carmyle Community Centre, Hillcrest Road 11.15am The Bridge, Easterhouse 1st Saturday of the Month 10am St Andrew’s Secondary School, Torphin Crescent, Carntyne 11.15am St Andrew’s Church, Church Street, Baillieston 3rd Friday of the Month 10am Parkhead Housing Association Your Member of Parliament for Online Surgery GLASGOW EAST Email:

There will be no surgeries held during school/bank holidays I also offer specialist surgeries throughout the year for young people, schools and others as requested. Please contact me for more details.

5 ways to contact Margaret... Write : Academy House 1346 Shettleston Road Glasgow, G32 9AT CG local press ad AW 2012 copy.pdf

Phone: 0141 778 8993 9/3/12

Web :











Tweet: @Margaret_Curran

TOLLCROSS Advice Centre officially opened its Work Club last week in their premises at 1061-1063 Tollcross Road. The new club has come about thanks to funding from the Job Centre and is part of the Tollcross Community Trust. The T-CUP ((Tollcross Community Unemployment Project) is there to help unemployed people in the area with such things as job-searching, CV writing and Emailing, and it has proved

very successful already in its short existence. One member received word that he was being considered for 4 jobs in the one day (he eventually decided to take one in Morrisons new store at Calton), and others have also been getting great feedback on the jobs front. The group meets every Thursday at 1.30 to discuss issues that affect people on low incomes such as Fuel Poverty, then as a group they access the computers within

the Advice Centre to search for employment, training or volunteering opportunities. The group also have access to benefits and debt advice given by Tollcross Housing Association staff and they also can join the BCD Credit Union who have an outreach station at Tollcross enabling them to apply for low-cost loans. To find out more about this great project call Veronica, Laura or Belle on 764-1234 or call in and see them at Tollcross Road.


Friday 6th April 2012



Haghill Wedding Day 3New Dalmarnock taking Shape

Around 70 local residents and business owners went along to the Clyde Gateway offices and the Dalmarnock Centre on 29 and 30 March to look at plans for a new Friday 28th January 2011 10,000 sq m high-quality office in Dalmarnock, adjacent to the site of the improved railway station. Alison Brown, Project Manager at Clyde Gateway said “The imminent opening of the East End Regeneration Friday 28th January 2011 Route and the completion of the Friday 28th January 2011 £9m overhaul of Dalmarnock Station in late 2013 will transform how the area will look and it is our view it will provide the commercial market with an exciting new business location. “We have worked up a proposal for a four-storey building that is almost 10,000 sq metres in size and would cost around £16m to build. It could work either as a stand-alone HQ office or be a location for a number of smaller and medium-sized operations with up to 600 staff in total. We The can The team team at at Spring Spring Grove Grove Clinic Clinic in in can provide provide the the same same level level of of treatment treatment are also proposing it contains much Barrachnie Road Garrowhill is celebrating options, care and surroundings as a Barrachnie Road Garrowhill is celebrating options, care and surroundings as a The team at Spring Grove Clinic in can provide the same level of treatment needed conference centre facilities the fantastic of winning large centre based theBarrachnie fantastic achievement achievement ofis winning large city city centre based dental dental practice. Road Garrowhill celebrating options, care and surroundings aspractice. a two of the Private Commenting, said, two offantastic the top top UK UK Private Dentistry Dentistry Commenting, David Cunningham said, that could be used not just by the the achievement of winning large city centreDavid basedCunningham dental practice. Awards of 2010, Practice of “The worked incredibly hard two of top namely UK Private Dentistry Commenting, David Cunningham said, Awards ofthe 2010, namely Practice of the the “The team team has has worked incredibly hard to to occupants of this building but also Awards of 2010, namely Practice the “The team hasGrove worked incredibly hard to Year and Patient Care. ItIt was also make Spring Clinic aa fantastic place Year and Best Best Patient Care. wasof also make Spring Grove Clinic fantastic placethe existing and future businesses Year and Bestup Patient Care. It was also make Spring GroveIIClinic a fantasticthat place awarded runner in Community for patients. am our awarded runner up in Best Best Community for our our patients. am delighted delighted that our from across the East End. awarded runner in Best Community for our patients. I am delighted by that ourtop Charity Project and Outstanding Individual efforts have recognised Charity Project andup Outstanding Individual efforts have been been recognised by the the top “As ever, the local community turned Charity Outstanding Individual efforts have been recognised by thefocus top has of Year along with being UK professionals.” “My of the the YearProject alongand with being shortlisted shortlisted UK industry industry professionals.” “My focus has The team atYear Spring Grove inshortlisted can provide the same level of treatment of the along withClinic being UK industry professionals.” “My focus has out in good numbers to have a look for Practice and Best always been to patient for Most Most Attractive Attractive Practice and Best always been to provide provide excellent excellent patient Barrachnie Road Garrowhill is celebrating options, carethe and as a for Most Attractive Practice and Best always beensurroundings to provide patient The team at Spring Grove Clinic in can provide levelbest ofexcellent treatment Team. Winning the Practice of care with the dental Team. Winning the Practice of the the care withsame the very very best dental advice advice and andat the initial plans and I’d like to the fantastic achievement ofiswinning large city centre based dental practice. Team. Road Winning the Practice of the care with the very best dental and Barrachnie Garrowhill celebrating options, care and surroundings a advicetime Year and Best Patient Awards is a treatment. II believe in as spending with Year and Best Patient Care Awards is treatment. believe spending time Pupils at Haghill Primary guests filed intoCare their seats. thank everyone for coming along two of the top UK Private Dentistry Commenting, David Cunningham said, time Year and Best Patient Care Awards is a a treatment. I believe in in spending withwith the fantastic achievement of winning large city centre based dental practice. great endorsement of the Spring Grove my patients, fully explaining preventative great endorsement of the Spring Grove my patients, fully explaining preventative of 2010, namely Practice of the “The team hasDavid worked incredibly to great endorsement of the Spring Grove my patients, fully explaininghard preventative and talking to us. It’s very pleasing two of the top UK Private Dentistry Commenting, Cunningham said, School took part in a full blownAwards Following the excellent Clinic teams’ commitment to providing and treatment options to them and Clinic teams’ commitment to providing and treatment options to them and Year and Best Patient Care. It was also make Spring Grove Clinic a fantastic place Clinic teams’ commitment to providing and treatment options to them and Awards of 2010, namely Practice of the “Thefunds team has worked incredibly hard to that the vast majority of people told wedding ceremony last week awarded service, (conducted by a fellow for affordable, money, community supporting them they choose their affordable, value for money, community supporting them as they choose their runner up infor Best Community oursupporting patients. Ithem am delighted that our affordable, value for money, community asas choose their Year and Bestvalue Patient Care. It was also make Spring Grove Clinic athey fantastic place could not stretch tovery avery based, professional family oral and treatment II am very grateful to based, professional family oral and dental treatment plans. am grateful to our ourus that they supported the idea, Charity Project and Individual have beenplans. recognised by the top based, professional family oral anddental dental efforts I am grateful thanks to a project that the pupil who had been ordained awarded runner upOutstanding in Best Community for ourtreatment patients. Iplans. am delighted that our to our to the service.” stepssteps to protect protect thethe service.” ark steps to protect service.” of the Year along with being shortlisted industry “My focus has in in health care, advice, support and patients for their fantastic comments health care, advice, support andtreatment treatmentUK patients for fantastic comments health care, advice, support and treatment patients fortheir their fantastic comments in particularly as it would bring jobs to honeymoon, (much to the Charity Project and Outstanding Individual efforts haveprofessionals.” been recognised by the top kids have enjoyed as““part for the day), the happy Most Attractive Practice and Best couple always beenprofessionals.” to provide excellent patient to an exceptionally high standard. The support of our Awards application.” an exceptionally high standard. The o Frank McAveety says “ of for support of our Awards application.” At Frank McAveety says to an exceptionally high standard. The support of our Awards application.” At the the Frank McAveety says ofto the Year along with being shortlisted UK industry “My focus has At the Dalmarnock. At the same time, this relief of the parents we would Winning Practice of the care with the to very best dental advice and the schoolof curriculum during posed forthepractice photographs before award winning practice prides itself on Awards presentation, the Spring Grove Clinic winning prides on Awards presentation, the Spring Grove Clinic foraward Most Attractive Practice and Bestitself always been provide excellent patient award winning practice prides itself on Awards presentation, the Spring Grove Clinic rs Privatisation Privatisation of the Royal Team. type of consultation allowed us to the Royal Privatisation of the Royal Year and Best Patient Care Awards is a treatment. I believe in spending time with imagine). Altogether it was its patient focussed approach which is team were commended for excellence Team. Winning the of thewhich care with the very commended best dental advice and its focussed approach is team were for its patient patient focussed approach whichback is team were commended for excellence excellence term. heading forofPractice the reception ngle Mail Mail has the term hear about other issues and concerns great endorsement the Spring Grove patients, fully explaining preventative has the term always courteous, efficient and across of the forfor the state of of Mailthe has the long longlong term Year and Best Patient Care Awards isfriendly, afriendly, my treatment. Iall believe incategories, spending time with always courteous, efficient and across all of the categories, the state always courteous, efficient and friendly, across all of the categories, for the state of a great day and the staff and The day was excellent as in the school hall. There the teams’ commitment to providing treatment options to being them and within surroundings thatare areluxurious, luxurious, and the facility, and a team who strive andthreat threat to jobs services Clinic that residents have about the future great endorsement of the Spring Grove my patients, fully explaining preventative set within surroundings that the art facility, and being aa team who strive to and services setset within surroundings that are luxurious, theart artdeserve facility, and being team who strive threat to jobs jobs andand services pupils the utmost affordable, value for money, community supporting them as they choose their comfortable and welcoming. Heading up to provide excellent patient care. Its’ efforts Clinic teams’ commitment to providing and treatment options to them and care. were picked wedding party sat down to anup of the area, particularly about localat at acouple local level. I will be comfortable and welcoming. Heading to excellent patient comfortable and welcoming. Heading up treatment to provide provide excellent patient care. Its’ Its’ efforts efforts local level. II will be at aa the local level. will beup based, professional family andCunningham dental plans. I am grateful to our the clinical team is Droral David in raising funds tovery support Yorkhill Children’s affordable, value for money, community supporting them as they choose their praise for giving the children the clinical team is Cunningham in raising funds to support Yorkhill Children’s theexcellent clinical team is Dr Dr David David Cunningham infor raising funds towon support Yorkhill Children’s to protect the service.” community facilities and the future Office steps working with Margaret by limos and transferred toto health meal drinks (fizzy patients care, advice, support and treatment their fantastic comments who established hisand practice indental Garrowhill Hospital ECMO Unit the runner-up based, professional family oral and treatment plans. I am very grateful toinour working with Margaret to working with Margaret to who established his in Garrowhill Hospital ECMO Unit won the runner-up who established his practice practice in Garrowhill Hospital ECMO Unit an won the runner-up ataward Haghill School insight steps to protect the service.” to an exceptionally high standard. The support of application.” At McAveety says “of the over years ago. Winning these two forAwards Best Community Charity Project. provision of local shops, and we will on is Frank ensure theEast voices health care,14 advice, support and treatment patients forour their fantastic comments in the St Andrews church in ones), and everyone had a overAwards 14 ago. Winning these award for Best Community Charity Project. ensure the voices of the 14 years years ago. Winning these two award for Best Community Charity ensure the voices of winning practice itself on two Awards presentation, the Grove Clinic recognises his firmly held belief Spring Grove Clinic a leader in providing to over an exceptionally highprides standard. The support ofjust our Awards application.” At the Project. into what isisSpring involved in Frank McAveety says “the certainly be bearing all of this in Royal Post Privatisation east end of arethe heard andthey all award Alexandra Parade, where fantastic time. Awards recognises his firmly held belief Spring Grove is aa leader providing Awards recognises his firmly held belief team Spring Grove Clinic Clinic isexcellence leader in providing its patient focussed approach which is were commended for that a community based dental dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, award winning practice prides itself onpractice, Awards presentation, the Spring Grovein Clinic end are heard and east end are long heard and all all Privatisation of the Royal mind as the regeneration plans for planning a wedding. Mail haslocal the term e we east the post offices are that a community based dental practice, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, that a community based dental practice, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, always courteous, efficient and friendly, across all of the categories, for the state of where patient relationships and trust are invisible braces, tooth whitening and family were greeted by a piper as the Unfortunately the school its patient focussed approach which is team were commended for excellence the local offices are the local post offices are Dalmarnock are rolled out.” Mail has the term where patient relationships and trust invisible braces, set within surroundings that arefriendly, luxurious, artdentistry. facility, and beingtooth a team who strive d threat to post jobslong and services where patient relationships and trust are are the invisible braces, tooth whitening and family family key, using the latest dental technology, essary protected”. always courteous, efficient and across all of the categories, forwhitening the state ofand comfortable and Heading up to excellent patient care. who Its’ efforts key, using the latest dental technology, protected”. key, using thewelcoming. latestthat dental technology, dentistry. y protected”. set within surroundings are luxurious, theprovide artdentistry. facility, and being a team strive d threat to jobs and services al at a local level. I will be the clinical team is Dr David Cunningham in raising funds to support Yorkhill Children’s comfortable and welcoming. Heading up to provide excellent patient care. Its’ efforts al at a localwith level. I will beto e working Margaret who established practice in Garrowhill Hospital won theYorkhill runner-up the clinical team his is Dr David Cunningham in raisingECMO fundsUnit to support Children’s e workingthe with Margaret over years ago. two award forECMO Best Unit Community Project. ensure voices of theto who 14 established hisWinning practice these in Garrowhill Hospital won theCharity runner-up Awards recognises his firmly held belief Spring Grove Clinic is a leader in providing over 14 years ago. Winning these two award for Best Community Charity Project. ensure the theall east end arevoices heardofand that a community based dental practice, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, Awards recognises his firmly held belief Spring Grove Clinic is a leader in providing eastlocal end post are heard the officesand areall where patient relationships and practice, trust are invisible braces, tooth whitening and family that a community based dental dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, the local post offices are key, using the latest dental technology, dentistry. ry protected”. where patient relationships and trust are invisible braces, tooth whitening and family key, using the latest dental technology, dentistry. ry protected”.

Friday Friday 28th 28th January January 2011 2011


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(21 April - 21 May) You feel as if you have been going around xxxxxxxxx in circles for weeks now, the good news is from Wednesday afternoon when mercury starts to move forward so do you, all those meetings, plans for the future now have the desired outcome and a door that you thought had closed for good, suddenly open, grab all opportunities that make your heart sing.

Gemini (22 May - 21 June) Your xxxx ruling planet Mercury goes direct from Wednesday and this allows you to communicate more clearly, you will feel as if a weight has been lifted and you start to make progress on looking for that new job or promotion, old friends seem to pop out of the wood work looking for your advice, remember you can’t be there for everyone so keep you at the top of your priorities.

This is a real time of evaluation, you will be xxxxxxxx looking at the past, present and the future, you will close doors on people and situations this week and as you do this, a friend or college helps you open a door to a wonderful opportunity. Life is breathing new life into you and you can see clearer than you have done for some time, trust your intuition on Fridays full moon and you will suddenly know more than you realized!

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(22 June - 23 July) You seem to have taken your eye of xxxxxxxxx the ball somewhat of late but from Wednesday your focus is Back, all that has been left to go by is being pulled back and discipline and tenacity is directed at work, home and family. The full moon on Friday may make you a little sentimental and a family could be reunited.

(24 Oct - 22 Nov)

Sagittarius (23 Nov - 21 Dec)

The xx wall you have been hitting on the home and personal front is about to come tumbling down and you can begin to progress forward, ideas on how to improve your work situation should be followed and it is a good idea to get professional advice on these matters. Affairs of the heart are on hold as you seem to have other things on the agenda, but this is only a temporary phase.

Capricorn (22 Dec - 20 Jan)

There xxxxxis no excuse to keep communications from flowing now as mercury planet of communications goes direct on Wednesday, it is time to clear up all misunderstandings around family and home and open up to the possibilities that you might have jumped the gun. Time to make a difference, try using that great sense of humor that we don’t see enough of!


Leo (24 July - 23 Aug) Friday’s moon is in your house of Subsfull xxxxxxxxx titu te and this makes you a yocommunications u r co m pslipswith, anything that force to be reckoned & hasufailed to launch into a projects or pgra de energy to be moved, now has the yoplan u r fl y e started andrs completed to by the end of the month. 500It0is a good time to focus on your own health issues and get a fitness and wellbeing routine into action.

Aquarius (21 Jan - 19 Feb) You are coming to the end of a difficult xxxxxxx phase in your planetary aspects, and although change may not always be liked, these will allow you to open up and spread your wings and feel a sense of freedom emerge as you do so. Time to use your foresight and see what’s on the horizon for you, as I see clear blue skies and a sunny disposition.

Virgo (24 Aug - 23 Sept) xxxxxxxxxyour ruling planet is now Mercury direct from Wednesday afternoon and you can now communicate and others will understand, you may have felt you were talking to the wall recently but not now! is time for you to spring froIt m clean yourself, your wardrobe and your friends, time to get rid of anything that no longer serves your higher purpose and focus on getting fit.

Pisces (20 Feb - 20 Mar) xxxxxxxxxx he Full moon on Friday helps you re-connect to your own emotions and leave difficult situations behind you, you feel a bit romantic and could arrange some quiet time for you and your loved ones, it is a good day for you to be inspired into action that is good for you and good for your future.

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by Helen Brown Clarins and Virgin Vie Consultant on Looking after your skin

All the cleanin

(24 Sept - 23 Oct)

This week finally sees you coming to a xxxxxxxxxx resolution over whom, what and why, you have been thinking and assessing now for three weeks or more and the time is now right to put those thoughts into action. Friday’s full moon helps you look at you too and you may decide that it is time to start again, try to push yourself beyond your boundaries and you will surprise yourself.


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25th October 2010


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Easter’s here!! The clocks have gone forward and the nights are getting longer. Winter is officially over. Thank goodness, but there was much confusion last week as we experienced the hottest March on record. I for one don’t really pay much heed to that though as records have only been kept for a relatively short time. I did feel it all the same and spent a lovely few days basking in the fine weather. Apparently Glasgow was hotter than Spain. I was tempted to get the Barbie out but settled with just giving it a good old clean in the hope that April will be just as fine. I love Easter. I will be boiling eggs and decorating them with the wean before heading over to the hill in Garrowhill Park and having an egg rolling race. I have come up with a few interesting ideas for a lovely Easter lunch.. Do try the dessert as I guarantee everyone will love it and you will be asked for it time and time again.


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Friday 6th April 2012


Cale Kids Plant Trees for Jubilee and TCT


Paul Martin MSP Your constituency Member of the Scottish Parliament

Surgery Details

2nd Monday of the Month* Barmulloch 5.15pm Barmulloch Community Centre, 46 Wallacewell Quadrant, G21

1st Friday of the Month* Cranhill 11.00am Cranhill Community Project, 109 Bellrock Street, G33 3HE

Staff and Pupils mixed with parents and Grandparents last Friday in a “Fun-Filled” day at Caledonia Primary School in Baillieston. Every year the school raises funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust (in memory of former pupil Elaine Davidson) and with this year commemorating the Queen’s Jubilee the school combined the two and had a tree planting ceremony whilst raising funds. Every child at Caledonia Primary was invited to plant a tree at the

side of the school and tag it with a message and in a special ceremony Elaine’s mother Maureen was invited to plant an Oak Tree in the school’s play area in remembrance of a lovely lass who worked tirelessly to raise cash for the Teenage Cancer Trust. Following the tree planting there were loads of events running with the “Whackyday” theme

t s Ju ned e p O Opening Hours Mon: 9am - 4pm Tues/Wed: 9am - 5pm Thurs - 9am - 7pm Fri - 9am - 6pm

that the staff had come up with for the day. Well done once again to everyone connected with Caledonia Primary in keeping up a great tradition.


Hair & Beauty Studio

Wellhouse 12 noon Wellhouse Hub, 49 Wellhouse Crescent, G33 4LA

4th Monday of the Month* Garthamlock 4.00pm GESH, 1 Redcastle Square, G33 5EG

Easterhouse 1.00pm The Bridge, 1000 Westerhouse Road, G34 9DU

Craigend 5.00pm St Rose of Lima Primary School, 295 Mossvale Road, G33 5QS

Budhill 2.00pm Budhill Family Learning Centre, Hallhill Road, Springboig, G32 0PR

Carntyne 6.00pm High Carntyne Church (Carntyne Square), 358 Carntynehall Road, G32 6LW

* No Surgeries on Public Holidays

Constituency Office: 604 Alexandra Parade Glasgow G31 3BS 0141 564 1364

Open Monday-Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm Closed for Lunch 12.30pm - 1.30pm

Email: Website:

Be A Star at S & R

All Types of Colouring All Aspects of Hair care Hair-Ups Cut & Blow Dry Nails - Waxing - Make-up Massages - Ear-Piercing

Sat - 9am - 5pm Communion & Graduations Specials Senior Citizens Discount Everyday Weekly Specials Always Available Kids Pamper Parties

“Pop in and Enjoy our Friendly Atmosphere”

107 Muirside Road Baillieston Glasgow Telephone - 0141- 773 - 1890

Denise, Tracey and junior Chloe A new Hair and Beauty salon has recently opened in Baillieston, (doon the Baulks - Right spelling by the way), at 107 Muirside Road and the great news is that it is the former owner of Tangles in Swinton, Denise Hogg, who is behind it with yet another well-known face Tracey Hendry (formerly of Faking It and CK1). Both girls have great hopes for the new salon which is now fully functioning right in the heart of the neighbourhood and when the

Re-Gen called in this week the night and see just what we were made feel very S&R can offer you. So for a welcome. That didn’t surprise friendly atmosphere and a me though, as that is part of chance to win a prize plus a the charm in the S&R free glass of champagne Hair and Beauty put the date in your e ar The Girls make-up, diary, see you all n e p “O hosting an as former there. Take a look l ri p A 20th customers as Night” on Friday at the advert on re e th s d ar m onw well as first here to see some and from 6p s, ly”, Snack b b timers are of the specials u “B e b will r Hair and coming up at S&R all treated Free raffle fo ts and a the same Hair and Beauty. men Beauty treat e way. rations on th

demonst night.

Everyone is welcome to pop in on

6 Friday 6th April 2012


John Mason MSP

Member of the Scottish Parliament for Glasgow Shettleston Scottish National Party (SNP)

Contact me directly... Write/visit: Constituency Office 1335 Gallowgate Parkhead Cross Glasgow G31 4DN Call my office: 0141 550 4327 Call my mobile: 0787 943 0877 Email:

Garrowhill Pupils go that Extra Mile

Surgeries Around the East End 1st Monday of the month 2pm Calton Community Flat, 231 Stevenson Street, Flat 0/1, Glasgow, G40 2RW

3rd Monday of the month 2pm Bridgeton Library, 23 Landressy Street, Glasgow, G40 1BP

6pm GAMH Offices, 33 Turnbull Street, Glasgow, G1 5PR

4th Monday of the month 2pm Shettleston Library, 154 Wellshot Road, Glasgow, G32 7AZ

2nd Monday of the month 2pm Baillieston Library, 141 Main Street, Baillieston, Glasgow, G69 6AA

6pm Carmyle Community Centre, 28 Hillcrest Road, Glasgow, G32 8AG


Pupils in Garrowhill Primary School took part in the “Sports Relief” Mile challenge last Friday morning by walking around the streets of Garrowhill to raise money for the charity. Anyone who saw the programme on Friday night could not have been failed to be

moved at the sights being shown on BBC especially from Sierra Leone and to see the kids of Garrowhill joining in to raise cash was excellent. Well done everyone at the school who gave their time to organise this event and who took part on the day.

Clyde Gateway forge ahead

Chosen By You - Given By Us

Local celebrity George Parsonage MBE of the Glasgow Humane Society, joined local councillor George Redmond at Asda Superstore in Parkhead recently to launch the new ASDA Community Life initiative. George Parsonage has rescued over 1500 people during his time patrolling the River Clyde and is truly an amazing man. ASDA arranged for him to meet up with kids from Wellshot Primary School who also have a connection with the River Clyde only they are putting things back into the river as opposed to taking out, as they are part of a regeneration project which puts trout back into the water. Cllr. Redmond and Robbie McDonald (ASDA General Manager) joined with the others to officially cut the ribbon and declare the Community Life initiative open. This is a tremendous project thought up by Asda to put something back into the

community as customers are given a token to place into one of three tubs selected by the store and the one with the most tokens at the end of the month is given £200 towards their organisation. Although this was the “Official” launch there has already been 3 previous winners as the Parkhead store has been piloting the initiative since December. These are Wellshot Primary School, Urban Fox and East End Enterprise Group who each received their reward from the Asda colleagues. As this is a great initiative we would

Many of you will have noticed that over the past eight months there has been a lot of digging and shoveling on a large site that is bounded by Rigby Street, Shettleston Road and the railway line that serves the Carntyne. Shettleston, Garrowhill and Easterhouse stations. The work is part of the activities being undertaken by Clyde Gateway and when completed will see a new yard for showpeople family as well as business units on the frontage at Shettleston Road. The site is part of the former Beardmore Forge and an old chemical works, and the

construction work has shown just how difficult and awkward it can be to bring these old industrials sites back into use. Bill Devlin is an engineer who has worked on many large-scale and well-known projects including improvements to the historical and famous Forth Rail Bridge. He joined Clyde Gateway back in 2009 to bring his expertise to the sort of work going on at Rigby Street which he feels is as tough and difficult a challenge as he’s ever faced in his 37-year career. He told the Re-Gen. “I knew there would be a lot of buried material

that was part of the old steelworks that would have to be removed before we could start work on the new yards and units. I knew there was also the challenge of dealing with the Camlachie Burn which flows through the site for the most part hidden below the surface. What I didn’t know, and couldn’t possibly know until we got onto the site was that the material was buried as deep as 15 feet down and included solis contaminated with decades-old chemicals. The extent of this pollution and contamination was way worse than anyone had ever imagined and all of this meant that the engineering team had to come up with a range of innovative ideas

and solutions to enable us to develop the site. The alternative would have been to abandon the work and leave this huge site of ever being capable of being used again for anything. “The work at Rigby Street has been unlike anything else I’ve experienced in all my years. We’ve had to dig down well below the surface and pour hundreds of tons of concrete into the holes to ensure the site was fully stable and could be developed in the way we hoped. The good news is that we are on track for having the work completed by June and for the show people to begin to live on Rigby Street shortly afterwards.”


it could be the difference they have made to you or someone you know or the change in your community

please send a letter with no more than 100 words to The EDITOR RE-GEN NEWSPAPER GROUP 85 Main Street, Baillieston, Glasgow, G69 6AD EDITORS DECISION FINAL closing date 13th APRIL 2012



Friday 6th April 2012

Introducing Superintendant Steven Reed


Letters to the Editor

(The views stated here are not necessarily the views of the Re-Gen Newspaper).

The Re-Gen had the pleasure of meeting Supt. Steven Reed last week at London Road Police office. Supt. Reed has been in place since January having been based in the West Midlands and his forthright approach to policing should certainly stand him in good stead here in the East End. Here we let him tell you a little about himself, read on...... “I am delighted to have the opportunity to serve the wonderful communities of Glasgow’s East End. I have recently transferred from West Midlands Police where I worked with the diverse communities of Birmingham and Coventry. I have spent the vast majority of my service in the CID which has included targeting regional Organised Crime Groups

and local Urban Street Gangs. In this role I was responsible for the two largest cash seizures in the Force’s history both being over £1 million. This money was taken from criminals and then used to help communities who were blighted by the activities that generated the cash in the first instance. For those criminals who are causing problems in your area – I want both you and them to know – I will be targeting them. In addition I have successfully led several high profile major crime & murder investigations. I was the senior CID officer during the disorders last summer and as a consequence I led the largest investigation in the West Midlands Police’s history to ensure that the offenders from the

disorders were brought to justice. I aim to bring the benefits from all my various experiences to keep the people of Glasgow’s East End safe. Having responsibility for crime and performance I have already started to build upon the good work already being done locally to target potential offenders and prevent crime from occurring. This has prevented people from becoming the victims of crime and ensured their safety. It is my intention to build upon the early successes and deliver greater protection for the people and communities of Glasgow’s East End.” The Re-Gen extends a warm East End welcome to Superintendant Reed and looks forward to working with him in his new position.

When local Councillor David Turner was a pupil at Bannerman high School in the 1980’s Baillieston only sports facility was the James Murray Centre. This remained the only local facility serving residents of Baillieston for many years while other parts of the city saw new purpose built centres springing up. The James Murray (which Labour closed down) later re-opened as the Caledonia Centre but closed for good towards the end of 2009 after serving the community for many years, leaving Baillieston as the largest neighbourhood in the city without sports or community facility. In recent years the area has attracted lots of new homes, but too often these proposals are nodded through the planning committee without due consent or thought about the needs of the existing community. Then last edition of the Re-Gen reported on the decision of the Councils Planning Application Committee

on the 6th of March, where after long discussions Councillors of all parties, apart from Labour voted to reject a proposed plan to build 550 luxury houses on the site of the former Glasgow Zoo and Ellismuir Farm. Councillor David McDonald, who is a member of the committee said, “The reasons these proposals where rejected have absolutely nothing to do with a political stitch up, indeed Labour have a majority on the Committee, but 7 of their members failed to turn up. Nor was the decision taken to deny Baillieston the facilities it deserves. The committee members voted against the proposals due to concerns about the loss of green space, the loss species including bats and badgers, which are protected by law. Concerns over the inability of local roads and schools to cope with an increased demand. The proposals also contravened various Council policies as laid out in the City Plan including regulation DEV 12, ENV 3,

ENV 7 and ENV 8 (building on the green belt)” Objection where also lodged by Scottish Power. 50 local residents who raised over 20 separate reason for objecting to the proposals. Councillor David Turner said,“It is the job of Local Councillors to represent constituents, not to represent multi million pound companies, Councillors rejected these proposals, because Baillieston deserves better. Baillieston shouldn’t have to rely on house builders to fund local services, that’s the job of the City Council, and its Labours failure to deliver time after time for Baillieston which should be front page news. Mays elections offer the people of Baillieston a chance to vote for progressive change that doesn’t ride roughshod over the environment or the feelings of the local community.” Bailie David McDonald (SNP) Baillieston (Ward 20)

I was astonished and very angry to read in our local community newspaper Re-GEN that is very supportive of the East End Communities that Baillieston’s Brighter Future has been destroyed by Baillieston’s own councillor David McDonald S.N.P. who spoke to the Planning Committee AGAINST the planning application ( that had already been passed by an ALL party agreement previously agreed by ALL parties originally. Three other SNP councillors supported him against this undemocratic decision. The brand new State of the Art Sport and Leisure Centre we had hoped for at James Lindsay

Memorial Park is now in jeopardy. This means that the SNP councillors who have gone against their own decision could end up costing us the taxpayers a vast amount of money and deprived the good people of Baillieston much needed investment . The people of Baillieston and the surrounding districts namely Swinton Broomhouse and Carmyle deserve much better we have been deprived of some decent investment for more years than I can remember. Now is the time to get our communities together, support each other and do something about it. The good people of Baillieston

will fight this tooth and nail, we have been badly let down by our very own Councillor David McDonald S.N.P. who was elected by the people of Baillieston and is defecting to Pollok to stand in the May election. Has anyone seen him in Baillieston lately NO he’ll probably be in Pollok canvassing. THE GOOD PEOPLE OF BAILLIESTON NOW KNOW WHO NOT TO VOTE FOR COME THE ELECTION THE BROKEN PROMISES ONCE AGAIN OF THE SCOTTISH NATIONAL PARTY Barrie Linning (Baillieston)

Anderson Maguire Funeral Directors Glasgow’s leading independent funeral directors Anderson Maguire have just opened another funeral home in the East End. Located at 658 Alexandra Parade, close to the Royal Infirmary. the new facility bridges the gap between the firm’s funeral homes in Springburn Way and Shettleston Road. “We have a large number of families in the Garngad, Townhead and Riddrie areas who use the company when they have a bereavement and this will be more convenient for them” said Angela Maguire, part of the management team at Anderson Maguire’s head office. ”More families than ever are now using our company. They recognise that we offer to very high level of personal service at a very moderate cost, something which is very important to families especially in the current economic climate” said Angela

“How Glasgow Say’s Goodbye” KEPPOCHILL 189 Springburn Way, Glasgow G21 1DU Tel: 0141 558 7345

DENNISTOUN 658 Alexandra Parade, Dennistoun G31 3BU Tel: 0141 554 4888

SHETTLESTON 1083 Shettleston Road, Glasgow G32 7PE Tel: 0141 763 1122

For immediate help call 0141 423 4400 at any hour.

The Alexandra Funeral Home is the fourth facility the company has opened in the last 3 years with others currently being planned. “As a family business we are focused on providing the best care and attention to families at a difficult time. We have invested continually in everything from staff training to our top of the range Jaguar hearses and limousines” said Angela, the next generation now involved in the running this family concern. ”We now have ten locations throughout the city all providing compassionate assistance to families on a local basis. We take care of absolutely everything from contacting the clergy or officiant, arranging the crematorium or cemetery, inserting paper notices right through to organising the catering and all at a moderate cost” To help enhance the level of personal attention on offer at their East End funeral homes Anderson Maguire has appointed Tollcross man Christopher Bradley as the funeral director dedicated to working across the three funeral homes. Christopher who has been based at the company’s head office for the past couple of years is a well known face in the East End. Reared on Tollcross Road he attended Wellshot Primary school before going on to Eastbank Academy. Says Christopher “I learned a lot about people and how to look after folk when I worked at one of the East End’s best known establishments Honest Johns on Braidfauld Street. Even in a very simple way I learned things there which have stood me in good stead during my life and which are invaluable now.”

8 Friday 6th April 2012


ContaCt us at: Platform the Bridge 1000 Westerhouse road glasgoW g34 9JW Box offiCe: 0141 276 9696 (oPt 1) WeBsite:

COMPANY CHAMELEON COMES TO GLASGOW Platform is delighted to welcome comPany chameleon to scotland with their unique and insPiring double bill ‘kith/kin’. don’t miss this oPPortunity to see the Performance that has been branded ‘a class act’! we would like to offer readers of the ‘re-gen’ the oPPortunity to win one of four Pairs simPly answer the following question:

of tickets to the show.

in what year did Platform at the bridge oPen its doors? a) 2012 b) 2006 c) 2002 write your answers on a Post card to: the re-gen newsPaPer ltd, Platform comPetition, 85 main street, baillieston, glasgow g69 6ad if you are not lucky enough to win one of the Pairs of tickets, you can still book by calling the Platform box office on 0141 276 9696 (oPt 1). grouP discounts available.

louise sinclair audience develoPment best wishes, louise sinclair, officer platform 0141 276 9683 louise@

audience development officer,

KITH/KIN aPril tuesday 17 6.30Pm

kith/kin is a double bill Performance from comPany chameleon founders anthony missen and kevin turner exPloring masculinity and identity. this exciting evening of dance theatre features the two works rites and before night fell

rites the work exPlores those events and exPeriences that shaPe us to become what we are, where we receive our formative information from, and the cyclical nature of those behavioural traits we are left with. the work moves chronologically, charting the Passage from childhood, through adolescence into adulthood. rites is a duet that is both Powerful and Poignant in its exPloration of those events and exPeriences that shaPe us as friends, brothers, fathers and sons. it allies bold athleticism with moments

Tollcross Park, Sunday 10 June

of human sensitivity

before night fell “each dancer crosses the stage balancing on rough-cut logs and needs the suPPort of a Partner as one is without the use of eyes and the other legs.” dave cunningham. before night fell is an exPloration of male identity, friendshiP, camaraderie and bravery. recommended for those aged 12yrs+, duration: aPProx 80 minutes.

Humza Yousaf MSP I was elected in May 2011 to represent Glasgow in the Scottish Parliament. I cover your area so feel free to contact me or come to one of my surgeries below if you feel I can help with anything.

TOLLCROSS Park once again becomes a hub of activity and family fun on Sunday 10 June with the return of the GLASGOW EAST 5K FUN RUN and BIG DAY OOT. With a capacity of 4,000 runners, this is an event not to be missed and this year there is a bright and colourful ‘yellow’ dress-code! So strap on those yellow trainers and make sure you’re there early for the FUN WARM UP at 10am! This year’s festivities kick off with the all new 5K FUN CYCLE at 9am! Get on your bike and make it round the course in record speed; we recommend

registering early for this event as space is strictly limited. To take part in the 5K Fun Cycle or 5K Fun Run log on to WWW.EEHLC.ORG.UK where registration is quick and easy - but make sure you sign up quick to guarantee your place in this free to enter event. BIGGER THAN EVER WITH A FANTASTIC LINE UP OF LIVE ACTS, SPORTS ACTIVITIES, STALLS, TASTY FOOD AND LOADS MORE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! The Big Day Oot starts when the first runner crosses the finishing line and this year promises to be bigger and better than ever with

To take part in the 5K On the Move Fun Cycle or 5K Fun Run log on to WWW.EEHLC.ORG. UK where registration is quick and easy - but make sure you sign up quick to guarantee your place in this free to enter event.

hilarious street theatre, rousing samba drumming, pipe bands, drama and dance performances, music sessions, sports activities and a Castle themed art attack taking over Tollcross Park. Prepare for catchy tunes and some cool dance moves from the live music and entertainment stage featuring local talent and top DJs. There will also be lots of information stalls from local community groups, partners and voluntary services promoting what’s going on in your area. THIS INCREDIBLE DAY IS FREE! MAKE IT A DATE FOR YOUR DIARY!

Contact Details: MSP Office, Empire House 131 West Nile Street Glasgow G1 2RX Tel: (0141) 353 1593 • E-Mail: Facebook: HumzaYousafSNP • Twitter: @HumzaYousaf • *The Scottish parliament takes no responsibility for website content

Carntyne & Riddrie Credit Union 47 Gartcraig Road, G33 2WX (Joint with Councillor Dunn) 11:00am – 12:00pm Greater Easterhouse Supporting Hands 1 Redcastle Square, G33 5EG 12:30pm – 1:30pm

Surgeries 2012 (drop-in surgery – no appointment needed)

Monday, 7th May 2012

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Friday 6th April 2012



OPERATION NEPTUNE Continued from front page Chief Inspector Pat O’Callaghan (at London Road), who is leading Operation Neptune II told the Re-Gen, “Strathclyde Police are all about keeping people safe and that’s exactly what Operation Neptune II is going to do. We are going to use every officer within B’ Division andsupplement this with significant resources from all over the Force. Specialist departments from Force headquarters will be out supporting this operation, making it our biggest continual sustained commitment of Strathclyde Police resources to this area ever. That’s how important we value the community in our area. They told us what they want and we are going to deliver it. We will be complementing good old fashioned policing with state of the art technology to ensure that there is no hidingplace for criminals. We will be utilising state of the art scanners to detect stolen mobile phones and other electrical property taken in robberies and thefts; Police Body Camera’s to prevent disorder and capture evidence of those who are the scourge of our streets; Ferro guard metal detectors to catch criminals that carry knives and special DNA traceable solutions to impact on the metal and cable thefts that pose a risk to the critical infrastructure that our communities rely on.” He continued, “ The most important aspect of all that we learned from last year’s operation was that throughout Operation Neptune II, we will need the continued support of the community. We need to build on the trust we have, give people more opportunities to engage with us and make them aware of what we have done tomake a difference to their lives. As well as the traditional methods of communication, Local area commanders will be utilising Twitter and other social media to allow the public to share in our activity on a daily basis.” Over the next month, in addition to the level of policing service that B’ Division provides on a daily basis, B’

Division will be delivering and additional 500 Focused Policing Plans, targeting prolific violent offenders, problem locations, robberies, metal thefts, unlicensed knife dealers, indoor violence, drug dealers, private security companies and licensed premises to name but a few. These plans will be driven by each of the five specific Local Area Commanders within B’ Division who can tailor their tactics and plans to meet the different needs of the communities that they serve. At the beating heart of these plans will be the local Community Policing Teams who know their communities and the criminals who reside within them. They will benefit from having the full force of Strathclyde Police standing side by side with them to improve the communities within which they work. In order to implement these plans Chief Inspector O’Callaghan explained that an innovative new system of intelligence gathering and analysis, piloted over the last year within the Maryhill area, will be utilised. The Victim, Offender, Location model (VOL) has proved a great success. The simple concept tasks Police Officers to actively target the most troublesome offenders and the locations that cause the greatest concern to the public. This ongoing process has proven to force the worst offenders to change their behaviour or face the full force of Strathclyde Police and the legal system.

division. The unique ability to catch offenders in isolated areas has proven a great success. For the beginning of Operation Neptune II this team has been doubled in size to ensure that they will be actively and robustly patrolling all areas of B’ Division 24/7 during the month of April. Detective Sergeant David Puttock stated “No matter where you are hiding, if you are committing crime, my unit will find you and bring you to justice.

B DIVISION PRIORITY CRIME TEAM The B’ Division Priority Crime Team are a uniformed team of officers whose primary purpose is the robust enforcement on criminals who are involved in violent crime and disorderly conduct within the division. They are a unit with a ‘no nonsense’ approach and will be tasked to any instances of violence or disorder within the division. The officers within the team are all public order trained and areregularly utilised for Old Firm games, public demonstrations and processions and marches.

operations linked to road traffic safety.


Serious and Organised crime groups will also be under attack from all angles during Operation Neptune II. It is widely acknowledged that organised criminals use apparently legitimate



Specialised Units within B’ Division, which Divisional Commander Wayne Mawson has boosted with increased numbers, will also be utilised in Operation Neptune II. These include the B’ Division Motor Cycle Unit which has been operating within the division for 4 years and have turned into one of the most productive teams within the force. Their remit is to make use of their off road capability and target disorder and violence across the whole

benefit of Operation Neptune II and supports Strathclyde Police to help keep us safe. You can play your part bycontacting the police with any information that you have regarding people known or suspect are committing crimes. This information will be treated with thestrictest confidence and will be acted on. Contact can be made via your local Community Policing Team on 0141 532 2000 or Crimestoppers, by calling 0800 555 000 or online at

During Operation Neptune II they will be doubled in strength in order to maximise their capability. They are experienced, motivated and eager to impact on the activities of criminals within the division.


The B’ Division Road Policing Unit are a dedicated team stationed within the division with a remit to target and enforce road traffic legislation and the criminal use of motor vehicles. They will be focussing on the following areas of criminality during Operation Neptune II such as, Disqualified Drivers, Drink Driving, Road Safety, Organised criminals and Bogus workers. They will also be using their specialist skills to assist local Community Policing teams with focused policing

businesses as a front to launder the proceeds crime. During Operation Neptune II, months of intelligence gathering will culminate in these businesses being targeted, disrupted and terminated. Last year Operation Neptune seized over £300,000 of drugs, restrained £330,165 of major criminal’s assets and seized over £28,000 in cash. This year with the support of partners including SEPA, BT Openreach, UKBA, GCSS, Glasgow City Council Licensing, HMRC, and DWP Chief Inspector O’Callaghan is confident that those figures can be exceeded to inflict pain on, and bring to justice the very people that exploit and bring misery to our communities. The Re-Gen newspaper fully supports the work that B’ Division are doing to keep people in the community safe. We hope that every reader feels the

Police officers locally have listened to people in our local communities through Police and Community Meetings (PAC), Key Individual Network (KIN) groups, Local Housing meetings, School forums and Strathclyde Police Public Consultation to establish exactly what the community priorities are. Local Area Commanders have also used the valuable feedback that was received from last years Operation Neptune to ensure that community priorities are addressed. Operation Neptune last year made a huge difference to the local communities in B’Division and the communities were not slow in speaking out in support of the operation. For example Carole McLuckie, chairwoman of Whiterose Community hall in Parkhead, said that local youngsters were aware of the heavy police presence and welcomed

officers engaging with the community. Mrs McLuckie, who has been involved in Whiterose for the past 11 years, said: “There is no doubt that children around here realised there was a greater police presence throughout the month. It was highly visible and officers on horseback were also on patrol. “What we have seen is that youngsters feel they can now approach their local community policing officers, and there was real engagement.” Gerry McDonald, head teacher of Carntyne’s St Aiden’s school for additional support for learning, said the school community had felt a confidence boost following the police response during Operation Neptune. Mr McDonald said: “We noticed a big impact during the initiative, and the support we had – including the response times – gave us great confidence. “We had a break-in which caused a great deal of damage and two computers were stolen, but it was also an upsetting time for our pupils. “Within two days an arrest was made and it made a real difference in being able to tell the youngsters that someone had been caught as it meant they were safe in theirsurroundings.” This community consultation has been dovetailed with months of gathering and analysing intelligence to ensure that the right officers are in the right place at the right time. Criminals that commit the worst crimes and threaten our communities with violence and fear to line their own pockets will have no hiding place.


Friday 6th April 2012

Need New Skills to Get That Job?? Plenty of exciting introductory and advanced learning opportunities at John Wheatley College: Administration & I.T. Art, Design & New Media Health, Social Care & Nursing Community Development & Sport Volunteering Skills Digital Media & Computing Construction Early Education & Childcare

Hairdressing & Beauty Humanities & Primary Teaching Hospitality & Catering Photography Creative Technologies Sound Engineering

For more information and to order YOUR copy of our new Programme Guide, ring the Advice Team on

0141 – 588 1500 Or Apply Online at

Friday 6th April 2012


APPRENTICE JOINER MEETS HIS MASTER! First–year joinery apprentice at John Wheatley College, Robert McAllen, received an ‘inspection’ visit from his employer last week, Charlie McCrindle of CWM Home Improvements, to see how his training was coming along and to bolster his confidence. Charlie, a Director of CWM Home Improvements, took Robert on almost a year ago and their working relationship has proved to be a real success. Last year, CWM’s long term business planning identified that the company could take on an apprentice and, originally an East End lad himself, Charlie was keen to give an opportunity to someone local and committed who was prepared to do the work. 17yr old Robert, who hails from Parkhead, had come to John Wheatley College as a winter leaver from Eastbank Academy and, from the off,

had shown promise on his construction skills programme. He was one of several young joinery students who had aptitude and talent and, after approaching John Wheatley College, Charlie was delighted to take Robert on as his apprentice. Robert now works two weeks with CWM Home Improvements and two weeks college-based training, learning his trade and playing a full role in College life. Much as he’s happy in College, he’s also looking forward to being ‘on the tools’ permanently as he truly enjoys his work. He says, “It’s great to get this chance to learn my trade AND to be employed. I’m loving it - I really appreciate the skills of the lecturers and the chance to work with Charlie and everyone at CWM.” CWM Home Improvements are a small family-run business which is based in Uddingston but has a showroom at the Forge Market in

is making is an excellent example Parkhead. The company provides a range of quality home improvement of collaborative working and we’re grateful that they’re now a stakeholder services, specialising in window in our operations. Robert’s tutors installation, and recognises that it has are very pleased with his progress a vested interest in the development and continue to be impressed by his of the East Glasgow community and its residents. Charlie said, ‘can-do’ attitude. He’s a real credit to them.” “Right away, Robert showed the right type of attitude and willingness to learn and I’m very pleased that we’ve been able to give him an opportunity to develop his joinery and personal skills in this way. We also feel that, by employing locally, we’re putting something back into the community.” Alan Sherry, Principal of John Wheatley College, added, “We are delighted that CWM Home Improvements is providing this opportunity for Robert and engaging with the College. The local economy is very much dependent on its Robert is pictured here (l to r) Charlie McCrindle (Director, CWM Home Improvements), Alan businesses and employers. The Sherry (Principal, John Wheatley College), RonniAe Muir (Vocational Skills Senior Curriculum commitment that Charlie’s company Manager) and Robert McAllen.

BBC Scotland and John Wheatley College launch 2013 apprentice scheme BBC Scotland and John Wheatley College in Glasgow have launched a second 12-month Skillset modern apprenticeship scheme as part of the Corporation’s contribution to the Commonwealth Games. Using the Skillset Modern Apprenticeship in Creative and Digital Media, 10 apprentices will be offered both vocational and more formal teaching in a variety of broadcast production skills. The year-long scheme is aimed at those aged 18 and over who are not already in employment or further education and training will take place both at John Wheatley College, the BBC Scotland studios, STV and at a number of independent production companies who have also backed the initiative. Ultimately the aim is to provide the

A DAZZLING DEBUT FOR ROBERT ! Local student, Robert Ferrol, has just won three medals in athletics – one gold and two silver! From Carmyle, 19yr old Robert was competing with TeamGB at the INAS World Indoor Athletics Championships in Manchester for the very first time. His first silver medal was in the 400m and the next in the 4 x 400m relay team, with a fabulous gold medal in between for his place in the 4 x 200m relay team where TeamGB took the title in a time of 1min 38.76”, beating Portugal and France into a close run 2nd and 3rd. Robert is a Creative Technologies student at John Wheatley College in East Glasgow and manages to fit his athletics round his studies. As a fairly recently-arrived member of the famous Shettleston Harriers, he is also clearly developing his talent and, with the support of his coach Tommy Patterson, hopes to continue to improve his personal best. Pictured here with Rodger Harkins, President of Shettleston Harriers and also a lecturer at the College, Robert

proudly displays his medals. This has been an excellent GB debut for this young man - he, and everyone who supports him, should be very proud of his hard work and achievement. We wish him every success in the years ahead. Watch this space!

East End Campus 2 Haghill Road Glasgow G31 3SR Tel: 0141 588 1500 Fax: 0141 588 1503 Email:

students with sufficient skills to enable them to contribute to the BBC’s 2014 Commonwealth Games output from Glasgow across television, radio, online and supporting areas. This year BBC Scotland worked with John Wheatley College on a similar apprenticeship scheme because the college has considerable experience of supporting apprenticeship training which is essential in helping develop personal and employability skills. Now the search is on to find a fresh batch of apprentices for the 2013 scheme. “We are looking for people who are passionate about the media, full of ideas, and who are keen to help tell the story of the 2014 Commonwealth Games to our audiences. This is a fantastic opportunity for the apprentices as

the modern apprenticeship scheme is supported right across the industry,” said BBC Scotland Commonwealth Games editor Sharon Mair. Situated almost on the doorstep of the 2014Games site, John Wheatley College plays a key role in the East end of Glasgow. Alan Sherry, Principal, said: “This year’s inaugural Apprenticeship scheme brought significant opportunities in the field of Creative Technologies, widening access to employment in our own community and beyond. John Wheatley College is delighted that BBC Scotland continues to be a partner in the delivery of this trail-blazing programme. We are eager to add our core skills expertise to the crucial element of practical workplace experience which the BBC and their partners will establish.

This will help to inspire, develop and nurture creative talent in Scotland whilst contributing to a Commonwealth Games legacy.” Skillset’s Director of Scotland, Alasdair Smith, said: “The Skillset Modern Apprenticeship in Creative and Digital Media is a fantastic way for businesses to draft in exciting new talent from a diverse range of backgrounds, tailoring their development to the individual businesses’ needs. Skillset is here to help all Scottish media businesses to benefit from this innovative new qualification. We can provide advice on how to access the attractive range of financial incentives available for taking on a new apprentice so that, with our help, the Scottish media business will be able to fully embrace this new programme.”

STUDENTS BRING THEIR SKILLS TO TRADE ARCHIVE John Wheatley College photography and digital media students have linked with Glasgow Trades House to assist them with the compilation of their valuable and extensive archive. Glasgow Trades House in the city centre is an age-old institution dating back to the 17th century which each of the trade ‘guilds’ used as a meeting house. Tradition and heritage has been its mainstay over the centuries and they have amassed an archive of papers, materials, gifts and artefacts which the students, under the eye of lecturer George Mahoney, are now in the process of photographing and documenting in detail. Their area of concentration is currently the Wrights (woodworking and joinery). However, other crafts at the Trades House are watching the archive work develop and have already expressed an interest! The learners are also compiling a database of information and designing a (currently static but eventually interactive) website. There is a global army of amateur genealogists and ancestor seekers who regularly make enquiries of the Trades House in their heritage hunt and a reference resource such as a new interactive

website would be an excellent tool for them. In addition, Glasgow Trades House are in discussions with the National Museums of Scotland to help support the legacy of the Guilds in Glasgow. One of the three founding principles of the Trades’ Guilds is ‘Education’ and Glasgow Trades House is a key stakeholder in encouraging skills and learning in further education colleges in the city and surrounding areas. Tutor, George Mahoney said, “There is a vast range of items to generations. photograph with some being of particular age, The fact that we can use tomorrow’s skilled sensitivity and value. We recently uncovered a workers to achieve this makes the task ahead parchment document from 1650 that had not all the more important. We’re very grateful seen the light of day for some time, this came to George, the students and to John Wheatley as a bit of a surprise to us all. College for the work they’ve undertaken and “The project is also the chance for students to look forward to working closely with them on mix with people from a different generation this project for the next couple of years.” and from a business background who can give the benefit of their experience in business.” John Wheatley College considers itself Mr Alex Graham, a former Deacon of Wrights privileged to be trusted with such a fascinating Some places and a long-time supporter of John Wheatley and important project and looks forward to College, said, still available on… giving more opportunities in photography and “It is important that the heritage of artisans digital media computing to potential learners and tradespeople is preserved for future  Artin&itsDesign communities.

Keen to come to College?

 Photography  HNC Working with Easterhouse Campus Communities/PDA Housing Westerhouse Road  1200 PDA Youthwork  ECDL Glasgow G34 9HZ  NC Computing Tel: 0141 588 1500  HNC Computing

Fax: 0141 588 1502 Email: The Board of Management of John Wheatley College is a Scottish Registered Charity, Registration no. SC0212000 0141-588 1500 For more information, ring our Advice Team on

Or visit us online at



Friday 6th April 2012

Cardinal Winning Kids meet the Services


Local Elections 2012 –

Your Vote Certainly Counts SNP Candidates

AS part of the ongoing Community Policing Initiative Shettleston Police teamed up with other emergency services to visit the new Cardinal Winning School at Tollcross last week. The children and staff love these days where they can mix with the police, fire-officers and ambulance personnel and get an insight into just what is involved when the services are required. The noise of the “Blues and Twos” reverberated around the school as the kids pressed buttons, pointed hoses and generally tried out every device the services had on offer.

One of the main attractions were the horses which the children made friends with and many were drawn to the cycling course which had been set up. Scenes of crime officers were on hand to talk the pupils through just how to ensure vital evidence is retained and not only that there were volunteers from Playbusters there to do face-painting. May we just add that the cheese-burgers were delicious. Overall a great day was had by all and thanks goes to Sgt. Frank Hamill and the team at Shettleston Community Policing unit.

AS we approach the 3rd of May there still seems a bit of apathy regarding the local elections which will determine just which councillors will run our city for the next few years. How often do we hear people saying “It doesn’t really matter who is in office – They are all the same” well, believe it or not, many of the prospective candidates are standing because they have a passion for this wonderful city of ours and want the chance to make a difference. Many standing councillors have worked hard for Glasgow and many have basically been found out to be failures as far as the local community is concerned. Some use the local elections as a stepping stone to greater things and some are just happy to be councillors dealing with issues that affect both you and me.

Speaking to the first time candidates the impression we get is one of hope for the future of our city and it is down to you just who to elect to see if their thoughts and hopes come to fruition. Just in case all of you who are standing as candidates do not realise the undertaking you are about to embark on here is a reminder.

What is Required in Becoming a LOCAL Councillor? Becoming a councillor is a rewarding form of public service that puts people in a position where they can make a difference to the quality of other people’s daily lives. However, being an effective councillor requires hard work. Every day, councillors have to balance the needs and interests of their residents, voters,

political parties and the council. All these groups will make legitimate demands on the councillor’s time on top of their personal responsibilities to family, workplace and friends. It is therefore important that councillors understand their role so they can perform responsibly and effectively for the council and maintain the quality of their personal lives. The councillor’s role takes in: representing the ward, decisionmaking, policy and strategy,review and development, overview and scrutiny, regulatory duties and community leadership and engagement.

Representing the ward

The primary role of a councillor is to represent their ward and the people who live in it.

They also have a responsibility to communicate council policy and decisions to people in the ward. Members of political parties may find that their party offers advice and guidance on doing this. See the section on representing the ward.


Councillors have a central part to play in making decisions that impact on their ward and across the whole area covered by their council. They will be involved in decision-making through: full council, regulatory committees such as planning control or licensing, local voluntary organisation management, sitting on boards and as school governors, membership of partnership boards, being employers of staff on appointments, panels and disciplinary or grievance appeals.


Friday 6th April 2012



Councillors influence and determine the development and review of the council’s policy and strategy. They contribute to this through their: role in overview and scrutiny, involvement in advisory groups and partnerships, interaction with executive members, role as a representative on local community groups, role on area forums and committees, case work and membership of a political group.

Overview and scrutiny

Councillors have always been required to scrutinise the council and the overview and scrutiny function is a natural extension of representation. The process has recently become more clearly defined and distinct and the role of councillors now includes: providing a check on the activities of the executive through call-in powers, monitoring and reviewing

policy formulation and implementation, policy development, quality review, scrutiny of external bodies and agencies. Regulatory duties Local authorities are not just service providers, they also act as regulators. This involves councillors in quasi-judicial roles on special committees appointed directly by the council, such as planning and licensing committees. Most councils arrange special training for councillors undertaking these quasi-judicial responsibilities. In these roles, councillors are required to act independently and are not subject to the party group whip.

Community leadership and engagement

Labour Candidates Community leadership is at the heart of modern local government and

councils are taking on new responsibilities for working in partnership

with other organisations, including the voluntary and community sector, to

improve services and the quality of life of citizens.

“The SNP say this election is a stepping stone to their referendum. But no-one steps on Glasgow. The council election on 3 May is about putting Glasgow first.”

Labour’s action plan for our part of Glasgow:

Gordon Matheson Glasgow City Council Leader f

 a Glasgow Guarantee so every young  rebuild or refurbish your local person gets a job, apprenticeship or primary school and fund up to five training - with new jobs schemes for months extra childcare for 3 year olds graduates and the over 50s   3,500 new homes for rent and help  a £100 winter heating payment for first-time buyers with mortgage pensioners over 80s each year deposits  enforcement officers to tackle litter and dog fouling in your area

t @glasgowlabour

 stop the SNP’s unfair bus cuts to Glasgow


MAY Promoted by Dominic Dowling on behalf of the Scottish Labour Party, both of 145 West Regent Street, Glasgow, G2 4RE

14 Friday 6th April 2012


THE most famous steeplechase in racing history takes place next Saturday with the running of the John Smith Grand National at Aintree. The Re-Gen has unearthed a few not so well known and some famous stories about the race for your enjoyment. For instance, on the day of the 1928 National, before the race had begun, Tipperary Tim’s jockey William Dutton heard a friend call out to him: “Billy boy, you’ll only win if all the others fall down!” These words turned out to be true, as 41 of the 42 starters fell during the race. This year’s National was run during misty weather conditions with the going very heavy. As the field approached the Canal Turn on the first circuit, Easter Hero fell, causing a pile-up from which only seven horses emerged with seated jockeys. By the penultimate fence this number had reduced to three, with Great Span looking most likely to win ahead of Billy Barton and Tipperary Tim. Great Span’s saddle then slipped, leaving Billy Barton in the lead until he too then fell. Although Billy Barton’s jockey Tommy Cullinan managed to remount and complete the race, it was Tipperary Tim who came in first at outside odds of 100/1. With only two riders completing the course, this remains a record for the fewest number of finishers. The 1967 Grand National saw one of the race’s most remarkable incidents when most of the field were hampered or dismounted in a mêlée, allowing steer his mount wide of the havoc The 1981 running produced the rank outsider Foinavon to become a surprise winner at odds of 100/1. and make a clean jump of the fence arguably the most emotive and At the 23rd fence a loose horse named Popham Down, who had unseated on the outside. absorbing result in the race’s his rider at the first jump, suddenly veered across the leading group causing Although 17 jockeys remounted history. Two years prior, jockey Bob them to either stop, refuse or unseat their riders. and some made up considerable Champion had been diagnosed Racing journalist Lord Oaksey described the resulting pile-up by saying ground, particularly Josh Gifford with testicular cancer and given that Popham Down had “cut down the leaders like a row of thistles”. Some on 15/2 favourite Honey End, none only months to live by doctors. horses even started running in the wrong direction, back the way they had time to catch Foinavon before But he was passed fit to ride in the had come. Foinavon, whose owner had such little faith in him that he had he crossed the finishing line. The 1981 Grand National and paired travelled to Worcester that day instead, had been lagging some one hundred PR OV I DI NG C OM M UNI T Y 7th/23rd B ANK I NGfence & I NSUR SE R V I C E S SI NCwith E 1991 has ANC sinceE been Aldaniti, a horse deprived yards behind the leading pack, giving his jockey, John Buckingham, time to officially named Foinavon’s fence. in his youth and who had only SERVICES






Gas, Electricity, Phone, Council Tax ST A NDI NG O R DE R S/DI R E C T DE B I T S SAV I NG S A C C OUNT S SERVICES L OA NS SERVICES C H I L DR E NS S AV I NG S SERVICES L OA SAV I NG S A C C OUNT S NS B E NE F I T /PE NSI ON PAY M E NT S B ISLAV L SAV I NG S ALCOA CSH I LSDR I NGISNG : Gas, Electricity, Phone, Council Tax DR E NS AVEINS NG S PAY NS SAV I NG SC OUNT AC CHCI SLOUNT HRPhone, ES/DI QUE ST :AGas, NDI NG O RCDE RCouncil E CE T NC DE BA I TSH S M E NT L OA NS ILS L: PAY I NG Electricity, Tax C H I LBDR ELNS S AV IBNG I L PAY NG Gas, Electricity, Phone, Council Tax L IOA /PERNSI ON PAY MSN E NT CH L DRNS E NS I NGI S STElectricity, A NDI NG B OERNE DEFCouncil RI TS/DI E COR T DE T FDE EIBT I IG C SUR R E NC Y: Euro Dollar BIS L AV LST PAY NG : NG Gas, Phone, Tax A NDI O R DE R S/DI R E C T B S HTax EBQUE E NC AESH B IC LH L PAY I NG : Gas, Electricity, ES NE F IETC/PE NSI ON M NTM S E NT I L DR NS NG S AV NGBRPhone, STE A NDI O RI DE S/DI RCouncil TCDE I T SPAY 9UR Bridgeton Opening Times: Mon - Thurs 9.15 - 4pm • Friday 9am - 5pm F OR I GM CNT RSE NC Y: Cross. Euro Dollar ST A NDI NG BOERNE S/DI TC DE BQUE IM T SON HPAY ENSI NC A ESH MNEE BNG FRNSI IETCON /PE NT FERI TNE /PE EE NT SPAY I LFLI TPAY IDE :PAY Gas, Electricity, Phone, Council TaxMonTel: Cross. Times: - Thurs0141 9.15 - 4pm • Friday 9am - •5pm B EBNE /PE NSI ON NT S E NT 550 4171 Fax: 0141 550 4267 FM OR EA I GSH N9CBridgeton URERNT E NC Y: Opening Euro Dollar CH EC QUE EQUE NCMAESH H E E NC M ST A NDI NG RECDE R9S/DI ECross. CT DE BTimes: I Tel: T SMon 0141 550 9.15 4171- 4pm • Fax: 01419am 550- 5pm 4267 CH E QUE E FNC NT Bridgeton Opening - Thurs • Friday ORAF ESH IO GM N UR NC Y:REuro Dollar Email: enquiries@bcdcr E Opening ION GRNEPAY C UR REE NC Y: 550 Euro Dollar Email: enquiries@bcdcr F OR I G N9FC R EOR NC Y: Euro Dollar Tel: 0141 4171 • Fax: B EENE I UR T /PE NSI S9.15 Bridgeton Cross. Times: M Mon - NT Thurs - 4pm • Friday 9am0141 - 5pm550 4267 9 Bridgeton Cross. Opening Times: Mon - ThursOpening 9.15 - 4pm • Friday 9am 5pm 9 Bridgeton Cross. Times: Mon - Thurs 9.15 - 4pm • Friday 9am - 5pm enquiries@bcdcr Tel: 0141 550 4171 • Email: Fax: 0141 550- 4267 C H E QUE E NC A SH M E NT Tel: 0141 550Email: 4171 • Fax: 0141 550 4267 Tel:Y: 0141 4171 • Fax: 0141 550 4267 F OR EEmail: I G Nenquiries@bcdcr C UR R Eenquiries@bcdcr NC Euro550 Dollar Email:Mon enquiries@bcdcr 9 Bridgeton Cross. Opening Times: - Thurs 9.15 - 4pm • Friday 9am - 5pm Tel: 0141 550 4171 • Fax: 0141 550 4267 Email: enquiries@bcdcr L PAY I NG : PR OV OM I DI NGMCUNI MTUNI T ANK Y B ANK I NG & & I NSUR E SSEARC VSE ICCB ERSIVSIL SAV ANC I NG OUNT I DIC NG YSSERVICES NG ANC INC C EESS1991 SI NC E 1991 SAV IOM NG C CIANC OUNT PRPR OVOV I DI NG OM MCUNI T Y B ANK I NG &BA I NSUR E SE RILNSUR VOA I CSE SNS SI NC E E1991

DRIVING SCHOO Call Jamie on:

The John Smith’s

Grand National 2012

recently recovered from chronic leg problems. Despite a poor start, the pair went on to win four-and-a-half lengths ahead of much-fancied Spartan Missile, ridden by amateur jockey and 54-year-old grandfather, John Thorne. Champion and Aldaniti were instantly propelled to celebrity status, and within two years their

story had been re-created in the film Champions, starring John Hurt. The 1970s were mixed years for the Grand National. In 1973, eight years after Mrs. Mirabel Topham announced she was seeking a buyer, the racecourse was finally sold to property developer Bill Davies. Davies tripled the admission prices; consequently, the attendance

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& CENTRE Covering Tollcross, Carmyle, Lilybank, & LEARNING LEARNING CENTRE CoveringCovering Tollcross, Carmyle, Lilybank, Newbank and surrounding areas Tollcross, Carmyle, Lilybank, COMING SOON! Covering Carmyle, Lilybank, Computer Classes Newbank and surrounding surrounding areas areas Covering Tollcross, Tollcross, Carmyle, Lilybank, Newbank and surrounding Newbank and areas Computer Drop-In Computer Classes Newbank and surrounding areas Computer Classes Computer ‡&20387(5&/$66(6 Newbank and surrounding areas

Computer Drop-In 1061 - 1063 Tollcross Computer Drop-In Computer Computer Classes Computer ‡&20387(5&/$66(6 Money Advice ‡&20387(5&/$66(6 1061 - 1063 Tollcross Computer Drop-In‡&20387(5&/$66(6 Benefits Advice Computer ‡&20387(5'523,1 Money Advice ‡&20387(5&/$66(6 Road, Glasgow G32 8UQ ‡&20387(5&/$66(6 Money Advice Advice‡&20387(5'523,1 Benefits Advice Money Benefits Advice Money Advice Advice ‡&20387(5'523,1 Credit Union Road, Glasgow G32 8UQ Money ‡021(<$'9,&( Benefits Advice ‡&20387(5'523,1 Benefits Advice ‡&20387(5'523,1 Community Library Credit Union ‡021(<$'9,&( Benefits Advice ‡&20387(5'523,1 Tel: 0141 764 1234 Credit Union Community Library ‡021(<$'9,&( Tel: 0141 764 1234 ‡%(1(),76$'9,&( Credit Union Credit Union Community Library ‡021(<$'9,&( ‡021(<$'9,&( ‡%(1(),76$'9,&( Credit Union Community Library Community Library ‡021(<$'9,&( Fax: Community Library ‡%(1(),76$'9,&( ‡&5(',781,21 Fax: 0141 7630141 0457763 0457 ‡%(1(),76$'9,&( ‡&5(',781,21 ‡%(1(),76$'9,&( ‡%(1(),76$'9,&( Email: info@ ‡&20081,7</,%5$5< ‡&5(',781,21 ‡&20081,7</,%5$5< Email: info@ ‡&5(',781,21 ‡&5(',781,21 ‡&5(',781,21 ‡&20081,7</,%5$5< ‡&20081,7</,%5$5< :25.&/8%&20,1*6221 :25.&/8%&20,1*6221 ‡&20081,7</,%5$5< 1061-1063 Tollcross Road, Glasgow G32 8UQ ‡&20081,7</,%5$5< 1061-1063 Tollcross Road, Glasgow G32 8UQ :25.&/8%&20,1*6221 :25.&/8%&20,1*6221 1061-1063 Road, Glasgow G32 8UQ 1061-1063 Tollcross Road, Tollcross Glasgow G32 8UQ 1061-1063 Tollcross Road, Glasgow G32 8UQ 1061-1063 Tollcross Road, Glasgow G32 8UQ :25.&/8%&20,1*6221 :25.&/8%&20,1*6221

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1061-1063 Tollcross Road, Glasgow G32 8UQ G32 1061-1063 Tollcross Road, Glasgow G32 8UQ 1061-1063 Tollcross Road, Glasgow G32 1061-1063 Tollcross Road, Glasgow 8UQ8UQ

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he passed through various training28thsea water. He successfully Friday January 2011 used this yards before being bought for 6,000 treatment on his newly acquired guineas (£6,300) by Donald ‘Ginger’ racehorse. McCain on behalf of Noel Le Mare. Red Rum became, and remains, Two days after the purchase while the only horse to win the trotting the horse on Southport steeplechase three times, in 1973, beach, McCain noticed that Red 1974, and 1977. He also finished Rum appeared lame. second in the two intervening The horse was suffering from years, 1975 and 1976. pedal osteitis, an inflammatory In 1973, he was in second place bone disorder. McCain had at the last fence, 15 lengths behind witnessed many lame carthorses champion horse Crisp, who was reconditioned by being galloped in carrying 23 lbs more. Red Rum made up the ground on the run-in and, two strides from the finishing post, he pipped the tiring Crisp to win by three-quarters of a length in what is arguably the most memorable Grand National of all time. Finishing in 9 minutes 1·9 Unit 15, 95 Boden Street, seconds Red Rum broke the record Dalmarnock, Glasgow G40 3QF for fastest completion time of the National which had previously stood Phone 01415518811 since 1934 by Golden Miller. His Fax 01415549254 record was level to stand for the next The team at Spring Grove Clinic in can provide the same of treatment sixteen years. Email:Road Barrachnie Garrowhill is celebrating options, care and surroundings as a the fantastic achievement of winning large city centre practice. Thebased Granddental National is run over two of the top UK Private Dentistry Commenting, David Cunningham said, the National Course at Aintree and Awards of 2010, namely Practice of the “The team has worked incredibly hard to consists of two circuits of sixteen Year and Best Patient Care. It was also make Spring Grove Clinic a fantastic place fences,I the first fourteen of which awarded runner up in Best Community for our patients. am delighted that our arebeen jumped Participating Charity Project and Outstanding Individual efforts have recognised the top

at the 1975 race, won by L’Escargot, was the smallest in living memory. It was after this that bookmaker Ladbrokes made an offer, signing an agreement with Davies allowing them to manage the Grand National. During this period Red Rum was breaking records to become the most successful racehorse in Grand National history. Originally bought as a yearling in 1966 for 400 guineas (£420),

horses cover a distance of four miles and four furlongs, the longest of any National Hunt race in Britain. The course is also notable for having one of the longest run-ins from the final fence of any steeplechase, at 494 yards. The Grand National was designed as a cross-country steeplechase when it was first officially run in 1839. The runners started at a lane on the edge of the racecourse and raced away from the course out over open countryside towards the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. The gates, hedges and ditches that they met along the way were flagged to provide them with the obstacles to be jumped along the way with posts and rails erected at the two points where the runners jumped a brook. The runners returned towards the racecourse by running along the edge of the canal before re-entering the course at the opposite end. The runners then ran the length of the racecourse before embarking on a second circuit before finishing in front of the stands. The majority of the race





of the Year along with being shortlisted UK industry professionals.” “My focus has for Most Attractive Practice and Best always been to provide excellent patient Team. Winning the Practice of the care with the very best dental advice and Year and Best Patient Care Awards is a treatment. I believe in spending time with great endorsement of the Spring Grove my patients, fully explaining preventative Clinic teams’ commitment to providing and treatment options to them and affordable, value for money, community supporting them as they choose their based, professional family oral and dental treatment plans. I am very grateful to our steps to protect the service.” health care, advice, support and treatment patients for their fantastic comments in to an exceptionally high standard. The support of our Awards application.” At the Frank McAveety says “ Hair Styling • Beauty Treatments award winning practice prides itself on Awards presentation, the Spring Grove Clinic Privatisation of the Royal its patient focussed approach which is •Pro-White Tooth Whitening team were commended for excellence Mail has the Tanning long termSystemsalways courteous, efficient and friendly, across all of the categories, for the state of set within surroundings that are luxurious, the art facility, and being a team who strive threat to jobs and services GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE comfortable and welcoming. Heading up to provide excellent patient care. Its’ efforts at a local level. I will be the clinical team is Dr David Cunningham in raising funds to support Yorkhill Children’s 1084 Tollcross Road, Tollcross, Glasgow G32 8UN working with Margaret to who established his practice in Garrowhill Hospital ECMO Unit won the runner-up over 14 years ago. Winning these two award for Best Community Charity Project. ensure the voices of the Awards recognises his firmly held belief Spring Grove Clinic is a leader in providing east end are heard and all that a community based dental practice, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, the local post offices are where patient relationships and trust are invisible braces, tooth whitening and family key, using the latest dental technology, dentistry. protected”.

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therefore took place not on the actual Aintree Racecourse but instead in the adjoining countryside. That countryside was incorporated into the modern course but commentators still often refer to it as “the country”, much to the confusion of millions of once-a-year racing viewers. No matter what, The Grand National still captures the imagination of many in Britain with housewives and grannies competing with seasoned punters to see who can back the big winner.



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The Re-Gen’s money will rest on a horse called Junior. It may end up favourite and with good reason as this 9 year old David Pike trained horse carries a winnable weight and has either won or been placed in 6 of his 7 chase starts and loves the good or good to soft going which is the most likely at Aintree. This is a race in which almost any horse can win so don’t be put off by the price if you fancy one. If you are having a bet then the best of luck to you – It could be your lucky day.

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• Madefor to measure your home • Made to measure yourforhome • Supply and or supply • Supply or supply fit and fit

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“wishing George and Staff atCredit BCDUnion Creditthe Union the very on 20 celebrating 20 years” “wishing George andand Staff atat BCD Union the very best onbest celebrating 20 years” “wishing George Staff BCDCredit very best on celebrating years” Cappa Bleu The Midnight Club

“wishing George and Staff at BCD Credit Union the very best on celebrating 20 years”

“wishing George and Staff at BCD Credit Union the very best on celebrating 20 years”



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Anyone living or working in the area can join Junior Accounts Insurance

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Margaret Curran MPname: Contact Sheena McDonald Bridgeton Community Learning Campus

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1st Saturday of the Month 10am St Andrew’s Secondary School, Torphin Crescent, Carntyne St Andrew’s Church, Church Street, Baillieston


MONDAYS 3rd Friday of the Month IT 9:30am-11:30am 10am Parkhead Housing Association IT 1:00pm-3:00pm Surgery ARTOnline 1:00pm-3:00pm

Margaret Curran MP Advice Surgery Details

Margaret Curran MP

Address: Embody shop

68 Dale St, Bridgeton, Glasgow, Advice Surgery Details 2235 Gt Western Rd



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TUESDAYSThere will be no surgeries held during school/bank holidays Advice SurgeryIT 9:30am-11:30am Details I also offer specialist surgeries throughout the year for young people, schools 11.15am The Bridge, Easterhouse and others as requested. Please contact me for more details. 1st Saturday the Month Health & Beauty- 9:30am-11:30am 1stofFriday of the Month 10am St Andrew’s Secondary School, Torphin Crescent, Carntyne 10am Carmyle Community Centre, Hillcrest Road ƌƚƐΘĐƌĂŌƐϭ͗ϬϬƉŵͲϯ͗ϬϬƉŵ St Andrew’sMember Church, Church Street, Baillieston 11.15am Your 5 waysPlatform to contact Margaret... 11.15am The Bridge, Easterhouse 1st Friday of the Month 10am Carmyle Community Centre, Hillcrest Road

Advice Surgery Details


of Parliament for GLASGOW EAST

*certain conditions apply

There will be no surgeries held during school/bank holidays


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GLASGOW Club Opening DayEAST

IT-9:30am-11:00am IT- 1:00pm-3:00pm

and others as requested. Please contact me for more details.


Garrowhill Bowling Club Your Member Celebrating 75 years of Parliament for

Tel:0141 771 9796

Email: Tweet: @Margaret_Curran I also offer specialist surgeries throughout the year for young people, schools Parkhead Housing Association

Online Surgery Your 5 ways to contact Margaret...

of Parliament for GLASGOW EAST and others as requested. Please contact me for more details.

0141 556 4275

68 Dale St, Bridgeton, Glasgow,

WĞƌƐŽŶĂůĞǀůŽƉŵĞŶƚĐůĂƐƐĞƐ IT 1:00pm-3:00pm Tweet: @Margaret_Curran G40 4TN 5 ways to contact Margaret... sFirst upmAid aC gMONDAYS nART inra1:00pm-3:00pm eL ytinummoC nBridgeton otegdirB CommunityBridgeton Community Learning Campus Learning Campus ElementaryITFood Hygiene Write : Academy House Phone: 0141 778 ,ƵĚŐĞƟŶŐůĂƐƐĞƐ w8993 ogsalGIT,n9:30am-11:30am otegdirB ,tS elaD 86 68 Dale St, Bridgeton, 68 Dale St, Bridgeton, Glasgow, Glasgow, 1:00pm-3:00pm TUESDAYS 1346 Shettleston Road NT4 04GART G40 4TN G40 4TN 1:00pm-3:00pm Web : IT 9:30am-11:30am Glasgow, G32 9AT Learning Campus, 68 Dale Street, kuBridgeton .gro.cl1567-1573 cHealth b.wwCommunity wBeauty- Shettleston & 9:30am-11:30am Road, Glasgow, G32 9AS Email: Tweet: @Margaret_Curran TUESDAYS Bridgeton, Glasgow, G40 4TN. Phone: 0141 556 4275 Call Our Donation Line NOW on: MONDAYS ƌƚƐΘĐƌĂŌƐϭ͗ϬϬƉŵͲϯ͗ϬϬƉŵ IT 9:30am-11:30am Email:

0141 556 4275

0141 314 1450

778 4477 556 4275 5724WEDNESDAYS 655 14 10141 0 0141 5560141 4275 IT 9:30am-11:30am IT 1:00pm-3:00pm Health & Beauty- 9:30am-11:30am ART 1:00pm-3:00pm MONDAYS ƌƚƐΘĐƌĂŌƐϭ͗ϬϬƉŵͲϯ͗ϬϬƉŵ


ƌĞĂƟǀĞtƌŝƟŶŐͲϭ͗ϬϬƉŵͲϯ͗ϬϬƉŵ TUESDAYS ƌƚƐΘĐƌĂŌƐϭ͗ϬϬƉŵͲϯ͗ϬϬƉŵ SYADSEUT TUESDAYS THURSDAYS IT 9:30am-11:30am ma03:11-ma03:9 TI IT 9:30am-11:30am ƌĞĂƟǀĞtƌŝƟŶŐͲϭ͗ϬϬƉŵͲϯ͗ϬϬƉŵ Health & Beauty9:30am-11:30am FRIDAYS WEDNESDAYS ma03:11-ma03:9 -ytuaeB & htlaeH Health & Beauty9:30am-11:30am ƌƚƐΘĐƌĂŌƐϭ͗ϬϬƉŵͲϯ͗ϬϬƉŵ IT-9:30am-11:00am ŵƉϬϬ͗ϯͲŵƉϬϬ͗ϭƐŌĂƌĐΘƐƚƌ Sewing- 1:00pm-3:00pm ƌƚƐΘĐƌĂŌƐϭ͗ϬϬƉŵͲϯ͗ϬϬƉŵ

Organised Confusion

Why not drop in and see us at: Lomond Suite, Ellismuir House, Ellismuir Way, Tannochside Park, Uddingston G71 5PW


Burton Port

FRIDAYS IT- 1:00pm-3:00pm WEDNESDAYS IT-9:30am-11:00am SYADSENDEW WEDNESDAYS THURSDAYS Sewing- 1:00pm-3:00pm IT1:00pm-3:00pm Kd,Z>^^^t,ss/>>Έ&hE/E'WZD/ddΉ Bridgeton mp00:3-Community mp00:1 -gniweS Learning Campus Sewing1:00pm-3:00pm ƌĞĂƟǀĞtƌŝƟŶŐͲϭ͗ϬϬƉŵͲϯ͗ϬϬƉŵ Kd,Z>^^^t,ss/>>Έ&hE/E'WZD/ddΉ Learning Campus Glasgow, THURSDAYS Bridgeton Community KK<ZzͲ,ĞĂůƚŚLJĂƟŶŐŽŶĂƵĚŐĞƚ 68 DaleSYSt, Bridgeton, ADSRUHT THURSDAYS ƌĞĂƟǀĞtƌŝƟŶŐͲϭ͗ϬϬƉŵͲϯ͗ϬϬƉŵ FRIDAYS KK<ZzͲ,ĞĂůƚŚLJĂƟŶŐŽŶĂƵĚŐĞƚ WĞƌƐŽŶĂůĞǀůŽƉŵĞŶƚĐůĂƐƐĞƐ 68 Dale St, Bridgeton, Glasgow, G40 4TN ŵƉϬϬ͗ϯͲŵƉϬϬ͗ϭͲŐŶƟŝƌtĞǀƟĂĞƌ ƌĞĂƟǀĞtƌŝƟŶŐͲϭ͗ϬϬƉŵͲϯ͗ϬϬƉŵ IT-9:30am-11:00am WĞƌƐŽŶĂůĞǀůŽƉŵĞŶƚĐůĂƐƐĞƐ G40Community 4TN sFirst upAid mAid aC gninraeL ytiFRIDAYS nummoC nBridgeton otegdirB CommunityBridgeton Learning C IT- 1:00pm-3:00pm Learning Campus First upmaC gninFood raeL yHygiene tinum moC notegdirB CommunityBridgeton SCommunity YACampus DIRF Learning Campus IT-9:30am-11:00am FRIDAYS sElementary Learning Elementary ,ƵĚŐĞƟŶŐůĂƐƐĞƐ wogsalGFood ,noHygiene tegdirB ,tS Bridgeton elaD 86 68 Dale 68 Dale St, Bridgeton, Gla Kd,Z>^^^t,ss/>>Έ&hE/E'WZD/ddΉ Glasgow, ma0St, 0:11Bridgeton, m a 0 3 : 9 T I IT-9:30am-11:00am ,ƵĚŐĞƟŶŐůĂƐƐĞƐ w ogsalG ,notegdirB ,tIT-S 1:00pm-3:00pm elaD 86 68 Dale 68 Dale St, Bridgeton, Glasgow, St, Bridgeton, Glasgow, mp00:3-mp00:1 -TI IT1:00pm-3:00pm 4G G4 KK<ZzͲ,ĞĂůƚŚLJĂƟŶŐŽŶĂƵĚŐĞƚ Kd,Z>^^^t,ss/>>Έ&hE/E'WZD/ddΉ G40G40 4TN NNTT4400 4G 4TN G4068 4TNDale Bridgeton Community Learning Campus, Street, WĞƌƐŽŶĂůĞǀůŽƉŵĞŶƚĐůĂƐƐĞƐ Ή. lcdb d /.D Zw  Ww ' EKK<ZzͲ,ĞĂůƚŚLJĂƟŶŐŽŶĂƵĚŐĞƚ /  E h &ΈLearning Wishing >   > / sCampus, sGeorge , t^ ^ ^Redmond  > Dale Z  , dKStreet, Kd,Z>^^^t,ss/>>Έ&hE/E'WZD/ddΉ www.bclc. k u . g r o c w Bridgeton Community 68 and Other Classes Available (funding ku.MONDAYS gro.clcb.www First Aid MONDAYS WĞƌƐŽŶĂůĞǀůŽƉŵĞŶƚĐůĂƐƐĞƐ ƚĞŐG40 Ě4TN. ƵĂŶŽ4TN. ŐŶƟĂLJŚ ƚůĂ0141 Ğ,ͲzZ556 <K0141 K 4275 KK<ZzͲ,ĞĂůƚŚLJĂƟŶŐŽŶĂƵĚŐĞƚ Bridgeton, Glasgow, Phone: permitted) Bridgeton, G40 Phone: staff congratulations on 20556 4275 9:30am-11:30am First Aid ElementaryITITFood Hygiene Glasgow, 9:30am-11:30am WĞƌƐŽŶĂůĞǀůŽƉŵĞŶƚĐůĂƐƐĞƐ ƐĞƐƐĂůĐƚŶĞŵƉŽůǀĞůĂŶŽƐƌĞW Cookery Healthy eating on a Elementary Food Hygiene ƵĚŐĞƟŶŐůĂƐƐĞƐ 1:00pm-3:00pm First Aid ITIT1:00pm-3:00pm successful years! diA tsriF Peoples Development Trust, budget, Personal developmentƵĚŐĞƟŶŐůĂƐƐĞƐ ART ART1:00pm-3:00pm 1:00pm-3:00pm Elementary Food Hygiene elOEM MONDAYS MONDAYS eneigyH dooF yratSnYeAm DN MONDAYS SYADNOM MONDAYS classes, First Aid, Elementary food IT 9:30am-11:30am ƵĚŐĞƟŶŐůĂƐƐĞƐ Lily Street, Glasgow G40 3HE aŐ0Ěa3Ƶ0 :93T:1 I 1-ma03:9 TI IT 9:30am-11:30am ƐĞƐmƐaĂ0ů3:Ő1Ŷ1-ƟmĞm ITIT9:30am-11:30am 9:30am-11:30am TUESDAYS IT 1:00pm-3:00pm hygiene, bugeting classes. mp00:3-mp00:1 TI IT 1:00pm-3:00pm ITTUESDAYS 1:00pm-3:00pm mp00:3-mp00:1 TI ART 1:00pm-3:00pm IT9:30am-11:30am 1:00pm-3:00pm IT Tel: 0141 556 4776 00:1 TRA ART ART 1:00pm-3:00pm mp00:3-mpm IT 1:00pm-3:00pm 9:30am-11:30am p00:3-mp00:1 TRA Health & Beauty- 9:30am-11:30am ART 1:00pm-3:00pm Health & Beauty- 9:30am-11:30am TUESDAYS ƌƚƐΘĐƌĂŌƐϭ͗ϬϬƉŵͲϯ͗ϬϬƉŵ SYADSEUT TUESDAYS TUESDAYS IT 9:30am-11:30am ƌƚƐΘĐƌĂŌƐϭ͗ϬϬƉŵͲϯ͗ϬϬƉŵ ma03:11-ma03:9 TI SYADSEUT ITTUESDAYS 9:30am-11:30am 9:30am-11:30am Health &ITBeauty9:30am-11:30am WEDNESDAYS :11-ma03:9 TI ma03:11-ma03:9 -ytuaeB &mhatl0a3 eH Health & Beauty- 9:30am-11:30am ƌƚƐΘĐƌĂŌƐϭ͗ϬϬƉŵͲϯ͗ϬϬƉŵ IT 9:30am-11:30am Health & Beauty- 9:30am-11:30am ŵƉϬmϬa͗ϯ0Ͳŵ ϭƐaŌ0Ă3ƌ:Đ9Θ-yƐƚtƌuaeB & htlaeH Sewing1:00pm-3:00pm WEDNESDAYS 3:Ɖ1Ϭ1Ϭ-͗m ƌƚƐΘĐƌĂŌƐϭ͗ϬϬƉŵͲϯ͗ϬϬƉŵ Health & Beauty- 9:30am-11:30am ƌƚƐΘĐƌĂŌƐϭ͗ϬϬƉŵͲϯ͗ϬϬƉŵ ŵƉϬϬ͗ϯͲŵƉϬϬ͗ϭƐŌĂƌĐΘƐƚƌ Sewing- 1:00pm-3:00pm WEDNESDAYS ƌƚƐΘĐƌĂŌƐϭ͗ϬϬƉŵͲϯ͗ϬϬƉŵ

Building a brighter future for Dalmarnock

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Friday 6th April 2012

The East End is Growing Greener



READERS TIPS Miracle Vinegar

White vinegar is perfect for killing weeds that sprout through our hardtop driveway. The best part…it’s cheap! It’s also a very effective glass cleaner.

Playbusters were delighted to announce that they have been awarded £449,662 for their environmental projects in the same week that they hosted the Grow Green awards. The funding comes from the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund and covers their Grow Green with Glasgow’s East End programme for the next three years. The project will continue the exciting work of the last two years, addressing issues of climate change across the

Magazine Swap

Instead of throwing previously-read magazines away, I drop them off in the laundry room of my apartment building. I have noticed some people reading the magazines while waiting for their laundry to wash or to dry. Also, some people pick up the magazines they are interested in and take them away with them. The magazines get at least one more reading and, hopefully, get passed on to other readers.

Tech-free for a Day

Don’t check your emails more than once a day. Only turn on your computer when you need to. Plan your computer use ahead of time so that you can save your self time and not be a slave to technology. This will also save energy too of course.

Re-use Everyday Items

East End of Glasgow with leadership from young people and volunteers. Through local food growing, energy saving, recycling and re-use, they are establishing a change in culture towards climate change and creating a sustainable future for the community. The news came the day before Playbusters hosted the Grow Green Awards at the Winter Gardens in Glasgow Green. The big winner on the night was Glasgow Bike Station who picked up the overall Grow Green Award as well as the sustainable transport award for promoting cycling across the city. The sustainable school award went to Eastbank Primary School who have grown their own food, reinstated a pond and were the first school in Glasgow to achieve a fourth green flag. The waste reduction and reuse award went to the volunteer team at Simply Swap who said “I think it’s absolutely terrific that we won the Grow Green Award. I never thought I’d be involved with something like this and it’s just great to see how Simply Swap has progressed from day one to where it is now and we can hopefully build on this further”. Two awards went to the North East of the city with North Glasgow Community Food Initiative picking up the sustainable food award and North Glasgow Housing Association collecting the sustainable business award. Jeremy Laycock, Senior Climate Challenge Officer at Playbusters said: “Continued support from the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund shows

that the work we are doing fits well with their ongoing aims in terms of tackling climate change in the years ahead. “The continued funding recognises the success we have had in engaging the community in our work and in particular, with involving volunteers in all stages of our project. It allows us to build on the last two year’s work which has included running cycling clubs, helping people to reduce their energy bills and learn about growing their own food. We have also set up a number of community gardens, including Crownpoint Community Garden, where we have worked with a wide range of partners to deliver a beautiful garden that will be a real resource for the community. “We are determined to change people’s attitudes and we believe that we have been doing just that, particularly with our fashion swap shop – Simply Swap – which has been hugely successful at changing the way that people view ‘waste’ and helping to take away the stigma attached to second hand items. “We will take advantage of the Junior Climate Challenge Fund to expand the Grow Green programme’s youth activities; including ‘low carbon lifestyle’ training for young people, regular cycling clubs and further developing our successful toy swaps. “The Grow Green Awards are crucial in our programme and we are very much looking forward to celebrating the achievements of all our nominees. Playbusters are keen to get as many people as possible involved in the project so give them a call on 0141 551 0071 to find out more. This page is sponsored by the following:

Don’t throw out anything without asking yourself if it can be reused. I got this mentality from backpacking, where you have very few resources to work with. Lots of food packaging like plastic bags, if opened carefully, can be reused for something else.

Seek out no-waste packaging

I look for products with recyclable packaging. I avoid tetrapak, styrofoam and unnecessary bags. I don’t buy products in clamshell packing unless I absolutely have to. Making those choices means less waste, and fewer garbage bags too. It’s a ripple effect.

Cut and Reuse

Cut old shirts and use them as wash cloths in the kitchen and bathroom, etc.

At the Car Wash

Instead of using a hose, which wastes a lot of water when washing the car, I just use two buckets of water. One bucket with car wash soap solution, and one bucket with clean water for rinsing.

Get Crafty!

“I recycle my birthday cards by using them as bookmarks or for scrapbooking.

No Dryer Needed

Before taking the clothes out of washing machine, I run the last spin cycle one or two more times to wring out all possible water. It seems to me the electricity used to spin the washing machine drum would be far less than what would be needed to heat and evaporate water in the dryer. Get washing out on the green as much as possible .

One Woman’s Trash

Clean out some closets and put some reusable items in bags Then drop off to the local charity shop.



Friday 6th April 2012

Re-GEN Classified

Call Elaine On: 0141 771 7039

Drugs Recovery Local Officers from the Priority Crime Team London Rd Police Office, PCâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Gilmour and Moran, were carrying out Licensed Premises Inspections in the East End of Glasgow recently. Whilst visiting a well known Public House in the Gallowgate area of Glasgow they witnessed one of the patrons acting in a very nervous, shifty manner. As the officers approached the male they observed him trying to

conceal a shiny object that looked to them at this time like a knife. On speaking to him they informed him that he was being detained under statutary powers for the purpose of a search. However when he was taken out of the Public House to be searched the now accused stated that he had two pairs of scissors that were being used for personal reasons. On searching him the police witness Gilmour found two

pairs of scissors in his trouser pocket. On a further search a polythene bag containing 7 large pieces of cannabis resin were found concealed in his clothing. This male was arrested and conveyed to London Rd Police Office where a more detailed search found another 2 bars of cannabis resin. Further enquiries have resulted in another 5 arrests for contraventions of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.

Old Firm Policing Plan a Success Although last weekâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s old firm game was taking place at Ibrox, it was widely publicised in that media it could effect crime and disorder in the East End of Glasgow and across the whole of the west of Scotland. The circumstances surrounding the game were unique with Glasgow Rangers currently in administration and the possibility that Glasgow Celtic could win the Scottish Premier League title for the first time in four years at the home of their greatest rivals. In preparation for this, Bâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Division provided officers for the match itself over in Govan and were also out in force in the East End of Glasgow with the remit of ensuring that whatever the score Strathclyde Police were keeping the community safe. With rest

days cancelled a long time ago, Bâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Division officers were out in force at no additional cost to the tax payer. An additional 103 officers were out in various uniform mobile and foot patrols supported by plain clothed officers from seven oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;clock in the morning until most people were tucked up in bed. Overall the behaviour of the communities in the East End of Glasgow was outstanding and although there was probably more alcohol consumed than on a normal Sunday afternoon this was controlled and did not spill over into violence. This was in no small part down to Police Officers attending at every Public House and off sales, from the minute that they opened and continually throughout the day.

Licensed premises were inspected and license holders reminded of their responsibility to the surrounding communities with no person being sold alcohol that was in a drunken state. This was enforced vigorously by officers who received an excellent response from Licensed Premises. At the final whistle Celtic fans poured out of a number of public houses on the Gallowgate and took part in a spontaneous huddle. With sufficient police numbers the fans were allowed to continue their celebrations safely, without any disturbance to other people in the community and with no arrests having to be made. The levels of violence that were feared did not materialise due to the fact that wherever tensions became fraught there were

so many high visibility police jackets buzzing about, incidents were quelled very quickly. This amounted to fewer arrests and reports than the average weekend in the east end of Glasgow which is a credit to the local communities and the officers who were working that day. Chief Inspector Brian Hughes, the new Sub Divisional Commander at London Rd Police office, was in charge of the anti-disorder operation and stated, â&#x20AC;&#x153;No matter what the circumstances are, our priority in Strathclyde Police will continue to be Keeping People Safe. With detailed planning, commitment and professionalism from officers and the support from the local community thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s exactly what we achieved todayâ&#x20AC;?.

Crimestoppers: 0800 555 111 information can be given anonymously.


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8th April

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Page 13 PRIOR to as First being returned Minister, un-opposed newly elected Alex Salmond this centre Shettleston joined Mason and is going MSP John outwith Thewliss, East End Councillors, the price to be people range for McDonald David Turner Alison as the Council at a meeting and David also introducing uary service are users at with Febr a series brutal cuts Accord the closure carers and Centre of Centre packagesâ&#x20AC;?. to peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s care 25th The Accord in Dalmarnock.threatened ay When the care service Centre which Frid provides contacted, Re-Gen disabilities for people with day is due to learning Kerr, the Councillor Matt the Commonweal close to councilâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s make Member Executive athletes th for Social transport Games car parkway for he said: The loss this week hub. and â&#x20AC;&#x153;We have Care, 14 of this vital money working Loan shark been fought service lending closely every Page Street has been with the Accord A Sandyhills Carers group, step of the to illegally carers for way by city at service months several admitted home in Glenturret the East friends. in the users, to The which is find a solution 51 from his addresses leaves the closure of the families and acceptable other Accord east end several everyone.â&#x20AC;&#x153;Alt and at Sheriff Court. facility to in Riddrie. with just one centre ernative (46) provided day care Glasgow ure day care At the meeting support home to a vulnerable Colin Morrison already has Feat move first minister Carers presented s been cash loans forced to with information for a significantidentified illegal minutes the after being to who were re Page of number of service couple Community a previous meeting from his clutches amounted Cent Health the highestusers who have of the to escapeinterest which Rankin and which explained and Care and most Joseph Partnership (who complex charged at the accord that the support Clements disease 719,000%. service The move needs. over new/re-furbiswould be replaced offered Angela wasting will begin to this centre his partner the muscleborrowed cashthe in a in contrasts hed building. from on Monday This stands to the to pay week. suffers Dystrophy), which is â&#x20AC;&#x153;The remainingnext Often the close Councils current and struggled services Miotonic loan. replace with users on the the service.the Accord and view on around been offered have all from Morrisonlevied and many Council not 4 to scrimp policy called This is part places in He also factor 12.30 the another high interestwere left pressure became of a wider has seen in Personalisatio Page centre and bail. a of forcing on we major being extremely the coupleweek as the loan, agree the personal round of large n which are a is a week ng early released the byof confidentthe proceeds budgets. cuts to it in or were ÂŁ15-00 to pay off will was willmire peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Morrison David McDonald, be a positive s under there Drink last drinki had is part into the itlenders ff s thatare too muchget deeperno one continue conclusion proceeding on Social . the SNP and done.kick-o beganer they ay night, ims illegal to attend to er housethey for those Care said other spokesperson faces other them disappointing act. pillar to Twopart course at the Accord rters wheth Saturd the was great procla songs who of the meeting; crime is Georgina Offrom in his post and to public ng r. 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WINTER CARPET BOWLS WHAT a thrilling finish to the Top 10 Competition and this season’s N.E. Carpet Bowls League, writes JACK HIGH. In a repeat of the 2011 final, (within the Barras). The new Shettleston at Culrain Street. Mount Vernon gained revenge backers have handed over a By all accounts young Peter was for their previous defeat by generous cash sum to the league, given great encouragement by winning against Whitevale. and Alex Morrison revealed: his more experienced team mates The final scoreline was Mount “Bill’s Tool Store will have their and reacted very favourably. Vernon 5 points (33 shots), name featured on our bowls The young lad is also a keen Whitevale 3 points (21 shots). stickers and all correspondence. golfer, and a member at Semi-Finals - Mount Vernon We thank them very much for Sandyhills Golf Club. Clearly, 6, Garrowhill 2; Whitevale 4, their help.” Peter could become well known Shettleston 4 (Whitevale won on The Saturday Indoor League in local sporting circles with champions are Mount Vernon No shots difference 43-26). proper guidance. 2 team. Tollcross won the Sunday With the outdoor season East End clubs are gearing up Indoor League title. looming on the horizon, a for the new outdoor season, These competitions took place healthy turnout of 15 clubs and the good news is several at the West of Scotland Indoor (from a possible 20) attended will be welcoming new members Stadium, and in the overall playthe N.E.League Annual General through their doors. off Mount Vernon won by two Meeting at Garrowhill. Mr Alex SHETTLESTON Mens’ Opening shots. Morrison (Garrowhill) and Mr Day is Saturday, April 14. The I hear we could have a star in the Drew Wilson (North British) Ladies’ Section open on Friday, were re-elected as Secretary making by the name of 13-yearApril 20. Shettleston have old Peter Lamont, who played for and Treasurer respectively. Mr arranged friendlies against North Tollcross Bowling Club during the Douglas Wilson (Mount Vernon) British (home), on April 21, and indoor competition. Peter is the and Alistair Dick (Rutherglen) away to Milton of Campsie a son of former junior and senior were voted onto the Committee. week later. footballer Mr Peter Lamont, who The league has a new sponsor GARROWHILL Opening Day is is a well-respected bowler with - Bill’s Tool Store, Bain Street Saturday, April 21.

LSK SUPPLIES WEST OF SCOTLAND YOUTH LEAGUE Only Sport Golden Goals Cup, Second Round - Broomhouse 3, Bonnyton Thistle 3 (4-5 on pens); Drumchapel United 3, Vale of Leven 0; Tower Hearts 0, Glasgow Amateurs 0 ( 1-3 pens); Knightswood Juveniles 1, Baillieston Juniors 2. LSK Supplies West of Scotland Cup, Third Round - Hillwood 2, The Celtic Boys’ Club 3.;Knightswood 4, Falkirk Ath 0; Glasgow Amateurs 2, Bonnyton Thistle 1. Quarter-Final - Goldenhill 1, Blantyre Vics 0. Trophy Centre (Scotland) League Cup, Second Round - East Kilbride Thistle 3, Dumbarton

Accies 2. Glasgow Cup, Second Round Kilsyth 1, Giffnock United 4. Premier Division - Harestanes 1, Campsie Black Watch 9; South Camlachie Youth Project 6, St Peters 1; Rutherglen Glencairn 5, Busby 1; Busby 1, Harmony Row 10; Knightswood 2, Glasgow Amateurs 0; Steins 0, Busby 1; Campsie Black Watch 0, South Camlachie Youth Project 4; Tower Hearts 3, Drumchapel United 1; Rutherglen Glencairn 3, Dumbarton Accies 2; Harmony Row 2, Baillieston Juniors 1; St Peters 2, Harestanes 1. First Division - Glasgow University 1, Broomhouse 4; Rossvale 1,

Balmoral 3; Strathclyde Colts 0, Glasgow University 2; Balmoral 3, Dumbarton Harp 0; East Kilbride Thistle 1, Broomhouse 2; Neilston 2, Goldenhill 2; Glasgow University 0, Hillwood 4; Vale of Leven 3, Rossvale 0; Clydeside 2, Strathclyde Colts 5. Second Division - Clydebank 3, Giffnock 2; Barrhead Arthurlie 0, Johnstone Burgh 5; Campsie FC 2, Mossvale 4; Eastwood 4, Erskine 3; Eastwood 0, Clydebank 6; Johnstone Burgh 4, Erskine 1. Third Division - Kilsyth 5, EKFC 2; Bellshill 2, JBM 5; East End United 4, JBM 2; Drumchapel Amateurs 3, The Celtic Boys’ Club 1.

SCOTTISH YOUTH FOOTBALL - RAYMOND KELLY National Secretary David Little has led tributes in memory of former President Raymond Kelly, who sadly lost his battle against cancer last month. Mr Kelly (56) was in charge of the Aberdeen and District Juveniles for a remarkable 26 years. A former juvenile referee in Dundee, Raymond’s job took him to Aberdeen, where he continued to officiate after qualifying as a referee at the tender age of 13! Mr Kelly advanced into the role of helping to run leagues in the North East - and his unstinting work led to becoming Vice President (10 years ago) and ultimately President of the Scottish Youth Football Association, with whom he served an additional year to help guide them through major structural changes, and was into a fourth term of office. In March, 2011, Raymond married his wife Moira, but they were unable to enjoy their first Christmas together after he developed early symptoms of a brain tumour. During his presidency of the SYFA, Mr Kelly was the driving force of a joint initiative with the SFA to set out

a Player Pathway for all young footballers in Scotland. This was something which had been talked about for many years, and it was no accident that the implementation happened on Raymond Kelly’s watch. Raymond set in place systems and brought a professional attitude to a voluntary organisation. His sad death is a major blow for Scottish youth football. Our sympathies are with his wife Moira, his mother, plus close friend and work colleague Linda. Scottish Youth Football Association National Secretary David Little said: “Raymond’s passing puts football’s minor problems into a far greater perspective and I would urge everyone to come together and work for the benefit of the grassroots game, thus leaving an ongoing legacy and a continuance of Raymond’s lifelong commitment to football.” As a mark of respect to Mr Raymond Kelly, a minute’s silence was observed at every league and cup game throughout the Scottish Youth Football Association.

SCOTTISH CHALLENGE CUP SEMI-FINALS. 1999 - Gow Valley 2, Hutchison Vale 5 aet; Seafar Villa Blue 1, Musselburgh Windsor 9. 1998 - Dundee United S.C. 1, Cardonald Thistle 0; Hutchison Vale 7, Cavalry Park 1. 1997 Hutchison Vale v Antonine Blacks; Loanhead Miners 1, Tynecastle FC. 2. 1996 - Broomhill Juniors 0, Tynecastle F.C. 1; Albion BC 2, Clark Drive 0. 1995 - Erskine YC 0, Bellfield Royals 2; Harmony Row 0, Banchory BFC 0 (Banchory won 4-2 on pens). 1993 - Wishaw Wycombe Wanderers 1,Goldenhill Boys’ Club 2; Harmony Row 0, Bonnyton Thistle 3. 1990 - Campsie Black Watch 4, South Camlachie Youth Project 0; Falkirk Athletic 0,Harmony Row 4. LADY DARLING S U P P L E M E N T A R Y CHALLENGE CUP: SEMI-FINALS: Baillieston Juniors v East End United; Broxburn Athletic Colts v The Celtic Boys’ Club. To be played on April 15.

MATCH ACTION REPORTS SPECIAL GLASGOW CITY RESERVES 2, TROON 5. A youthful City reserve side found this opening-day League Cup First Round clash decided by halftime after Lauren Anderson (9 mins), Jillian Campbell (11), Alison Duncan (33) and Chelsea Keane (38) put their Ayrshire visitors into a 4-0 lead. Substitute Kayleigh Flynn added another in 75 minutes. City battled on with Katie Caine and Sarah Major replying at Glasgow Green. F.C.KILMARNOCK 0, GLASGOW CITY LADIES 10. CITY never looked back after new signing Julie Melrose put them ahead after 14 minutes in the Premier League Cup clash at Hurlford. Jo Love netted a six-minute double, followed by Jane Ross, Ciara Barnes and Melrose again before the break. Jane Ross scored twice on the re-start (her hat-trick), substitute Eilish McSorley headed No 9, and Leanne Ross completed the goal haul. FORFAR FARMINGTON 0, GLASGOW CITY LADIES 6. PREMIER Champions City dictated play from the start and restricted Forfar to one chance over 90 minutes Lee Alexander keeping out a Caroline Heron shot. Christie Murray opened the scoring with a 40 yard strike, and Jane Ross finished off a Lisa Evans cross (30 mins). Ross made it 3-0, and before the interval Eilish McSorley netted. On the resumption, McSorley blasted home a 20 yarder, and Jane Ross completed her hat-trick. RANGERS 0, CELTIC 3. TWO goals from Hayley Cunningham and a Suzanne Grant counter helped Celts to a winning Premier League opener at Petershill Park. SYFA WEST REGION 4, ST

MIRREN BC 3. UNDER-14 goalscorers were Ruaridh Langan (3) and Daniel Bonar. GLASGOW CITY RESERVES 4, COWDENBEATH 4. CITY substitute Sarah Burrows hit a second half hat-trick, but the visitors grabbed an injury-time equaliser at Glasgow Green. Home scorers: Shannon Morgan and Burrows (3). Cowdenbeath, behind four times, netted through Lisa Bryne, Lauren Wheatley, Lauren Wright and Kimberley Tennant. KILMARNOCK BALMORAL 1, BROOMHOUSE 1. THE Under-21 visitors had a goal disallowed for offside after 22 minutes. Balmoral, with their first shot at goal, netted in 47 minutes. Poor finishing after creating numerous chances looked like proving costly until Mark Boult headed home on 85 minutes. GLASGOW UNIVERSITY 1, BROOMHOUSE 4. ‘HOUSE trailed yet again after 43 minutes, but this time they responded to some stern halftime words from their coaches. David Omozik netted on 52 minutes followed by a Chris Neilly penalty two minutes later. Omozik struck again, and returning striker David Quinn wrapped up the First Division points after 73 minutes. SOUTH CAMLACHIE YOUTH PROJECT 6, ST PETERS 1. TWO goals from Alan Clark and Eddie Fearns helped the Under-21s to an excellent Premier Division win. Other scorers: Paul Leitch and Stuart Mills. South Camlachie will be holding trials for players born 1991, 1992 and 1993 to compete next season. Anyone interested should contact the club. GLASGOW CITY LADIES 9,

ABERDEEN 0. DONS found the ball in their net within 60 seconds at Petershill Park, but Leanne Ross was ruled offside. However, Jo Love scored following a McSorley pass. Dons ‘keeper Sangster denied the homesters, but Julie Melrose netted their second, and Jane Ross added a third. The player went on to complete her hat-trick before the interval. On the resumption, Jo Love added a brilliantly executed goal. Lisa Evans netted a brace, and Leanne Ross had a penalty kick saved by Sangster. Ciara Barnes thumped home the final goal. CELTIC 3, SPARTANS 0. TWO Suzanne Grant goals plus one from Hayley Cunningham gave Celts their second Premier League victory. WOLVES F.C. 2, BAILLIESTON JUNIORS 1. EXTRA-time was required to settle the Under-17 League Cup semi-final at Ravenswood, Cumbernauld. Lewis Davis netted from the penalty spot, but Chris Watson headed Baillieston’s equaliser. Davis shot home a stunning free kick in the second period of extra-time. TOWER HEARTS 3, DRUMCHAPEL UNITED 1. DRUM recently lost to Baillieston Juniors in the quarter-finals of the Lady Darling Cup, and this latest defeat against East End opposition cost them Premier Division points. Gary Hunter netted United’s goal. CAMPSIE BLACK WATCH 0, SOUTH CAMLACHIE YOUTH PROJECT 4. RESULT of the day from Camlachie Under21s against the club they recently lost to in the Scottish Cup semi-finals! Scorers: Brian Henderson (2), Darren Miller and Kieran Colgan. Man of the Match - Paul Leitch.


SPONSORED by Fosters. QUARTER-FINALS 7th Round - Tower AFC 3, Fourways 0; The Geet 1, Spartans 0; Budhill AFC 2, Finnart AFC 3; Thornwood 2, Westquarter 3. SEMI-FINAL DRAW: Tower AFC v Finnart AFC; Westquarter v The Geet.

SCOTTISH WOMEN’S FOOTBALL - LEAGUE CUP DRAW for the Quarter-Finals of the SWPL League Cup - Spartans v Inverness City; Hamilton Accies v Forfar Farmington; Glasgow City Ladies v Aberdeen; Rangers v Celtic. SWFL Quarter-Finals - Kilwinning v Queens Park; Airdrie United v Celtic Reserves; Cowdenbeath v Troon; Paisley Saints v Hibernian Reserves. SWFL Second Division Cup, Second Round - East Kilbride Galaxy v Hibernian 1875; Luthermuir v Jeanfield Swifts; Musselburgh Windsor v Monifieth; Forfar Farmington Ladies v Dundee City; Aberdeen Reserves v Arbroath; Stranraer v Dumfries; Falkirk F.C. v Boroughmuir Thistle; Claremont v Stonehaven; Aberdeen Development v Turriff United; Spartans Reserves v Kemnay; F.C. Edinburgh v Dee Ladies; Falkirk Ladies Reserves v Hamilton Reserves; Hearts v Stenhousemuir; Dunfermline v Viewfield Rovers; Moray v Dee Vale; Buchan Ladies Youth v Murieston.


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EASTER CUP BOOST FOR YOUTH TEAMS GLASGOW GREEN is set to host a three-day football tournament involving well-known youth teams. The 2nd Glasgow Easter Cup International event will bring together Scottish and Irish clubs at six different age levels. Following the success of last year’s inaugural tourney - which also involved girls’ football - organisers have managed to attract entries from two Northern Ireland clubs. Camlough Rovers are in the Under-13 and Under-15 sections, while Limavady United Youth have entered their Under-19 squad. Scottish talent extends right across the country, and one of last year’s winners, Blantyre Vics, will be hoping for a repeat success after moving up from their Under-15 final victory against The Celtic Boys’ Club. Former Scottish Cup winners Hillwood Boys’ Club are

represented at Under-14 level, while Ayrshire cracks Glenafton Athletic will be one of the early favourites in the Under-15 age group. In all, fixtures have been mapped out for teams from Under-13 to Under-19s. Qualifying games take place at Glasgow Green on Friday and Saturday, while Sunday is reserved for the finals. For the record, the 2011 FINAL results were: Under-13 - Airdrie United BC 4, KSC Town 1; Under-14 - Clydebank BFC 5, Mallow United 0; Under-15 - Blantyre Vics 1, The Celtic Boys’ Club 0; Under-16 Gourock YAC 4, Kilpatrick 2; Under-17 - Milton Star 8, Raith Rovers 7; Under-19 -Campsie Black Watch 4, Harmony Row 3. Girls (1994) - 1st Hibernian.

EASTER silverware... Blantyre Vics Under-15 celebrate their 1-0 victory against The Celtic Boys’ Club a year ago. Vics have entered a squad for the latest Glasgow Easter Cup tournament at Glasgow Green. 2nd Shelbourne LFC Girls. Ladies Open Age - 1st Hamilton Accies Ladies FC. 2nd - Shelbourne LFC Ladies. PLATE FINALS: Under-13 - Eastwood 1, Craigie Colts 2. Under-14 - Third Lanark 2, Lenzie Youth Club 1. Under-15 - Wolves FC 1, Giffnock Soccer Centre 0. Under-16 Easthall Star 2, Morton Boys’ Club 1. Under-17 - Claremont 3, Port Glasgow Boys’ Club 2. Under-19 - Jim Baxter Memorial 0, Glenvale 2. Meanwhile, the SYFA West Region Under-16 Squad will attempt to clinch a third consecutive Inter-Region Cup final victory later this month. The round-robin competition got off to a flying start

when West defeated hosts Central Region 3-0, and their qualification was assured with a thumping 5-1 Friday evening victory against South West at Toryglen. Last year, West crushed South East Region 4-0 in the Under-16 final. West Under-15s started their bid to join them with well-taken goals from David Coyle (Third Lanark) and Maryhill Juniors’ Ryan McLaughlin in a 2-1 midweek win over South West. With the new-look West Under-14 Squad also shaping up in terms of results and quality, all three age groups look set for a successful summer.


WOLVES BC require players born 2000. Telephone 07837191151. WELLHOUSE Boys’ Club (1997) want midfield players and strikers. Team trains at Stepford Road on a Tuesday evening. Telephone 0141 774 9178 or 07538322805 or 07501302487. RANGERS SABC want players born 2002 for seven-a-side football. Contact 07818253688. RANGERS SABC 1996 looking for players of a decent standard. Call 07894320609.

APPLICATIONS CENTRAL Scottish Welfare F.A. are accepting applications from adult teams for season 2012-2013, Saturday afternoon. Contact 0141 571 5397. WEST of Scotland A.F.L. seek new clubs for senior Saturday afternoon football. Call 0141 946 7903 or 07536790566.

PREMIER LEAGUE CUP SCOTTISH Women’s football started the new 2012 season with first round pairings in the League Cup. Full results: SWFL Premier League Cup, First Round Rangers 8, Falkirk Ladies 1; Hutchison Vale 1, Aberdeen FCL 3; F.C. Kilmarnock 0, Glasgow City Ladies 10; Celtic 1, Hibernian 0. 1st Division Cup, First Round - Buchan 2, Airdrie United 2 (Airdrie won 4-3 on penalties); Glasgow City Reserves 2, Troon 5; Cowdenbeath 4, Raith Rovers 3; Queens Park 2, Forfar Farmington Reserves 1. 2nd Division Cup, First Round - Glasgow Girls 0, Viewfield Rovers 8; East Fife 0, Hibernian 1875, 1; Jeanfield Swifts 7, Seton Ladies 0; Spartans Reserves 5, Leith Athletic 4.

TIN PAIL FOLD VALE of Clyde Boys’ Club 1996 age group have folded. Officials have undertaken the task of making sure all Under-16 registrations were cancelled with the Scottish Youth Football Association at Hampden Park. The Tin Pail’s Under-15 side will continue in the Glasgow and District Youth Football League.

‘HOUSE RACE NIGHT BROOMHOUSE Under-21 have confirmed they will hold a Race Night/Presentation of Awards at the Gables Lounge Bar on June 8. Officials are seeking help from players, family and friends - plus local businesses - to sponsor a race, donate cash as a race sponsor or provide raffle prizes. The West of Scotland League First Division club are seeking a physiotherapist to treat injuries. A Tuesday evening venue is currently at the disposal of a suitably qualified person to assess and provide necessary treatment for their Under-21 players. Interested parties should call Keith Docherty on 07527776154.

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