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April 2013

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by Tom Scott

GETTING GLASGOW BACK TO WORK Muted recovery but unemployment at lowest level in 3 years FIGURES released this week have shown that Scottish unemployment has fallen below 200,000 for the first time in more than 3 years. The latest figures from the Office for Nation Statistics (ONS) show that the number of people out of work fell by 11,000 between December and February. However the Scottish economic recovery has slowed to 0.5% growth in the final 3

months of 2012. But this figure contrasted with a contraction in the UK economy as a whole of 0.3% during the same period. Scottish Secretary Michael Moore said: “Today’s figures show further signs of a positive outlook for employment opportunities in Scotland and they are important news for each and every person who has moved into a job. “There is more to be done,

but we should be encouraged by the increase in those moving into employment and the government will continue to work hard to balance the economy and get more people back into work.” Welcoming the figures, Finance Secretary John Swinney commented: “Scotland now has a higher employment rate and lower unemployment rate than the UK, stronger economic growth

Of fice Space TO LET Ellismuir House Business Centre, Uddingston, Glasgow G71 5PW and youth unemployment figures that continue to improve and outperform the UK.” “Today Scottish Power has announced its intention to create thousands of jobs in the West of Scotland and this is testament to our skills base and is welcome news for the area. “We can build on these figures for the future but we can’t allow the UK government’s economic policies to derail the positive developments we are seeing in Scotland.” continued on page 2

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0844 800 1986 Ellismuir House, Ellismuir Way, Tannochside Park, Uddingston G71 5PW


April 2013

Willie Bain MP Willie Bain MP Willie Bain MP Member of Parliament for Glasgow North East Member of Parliament for Glasgow North East Member forfor Glasgow North EastEast MemberofofParliament Parliament Glasgow North

Constituency Office Constituency Office G2, Office

Constituency ConstituencyOffice Office Office G2,G2, Centre, Abbeymill Business Office Office G2, Abbeymill Business Centre, Flemington House, Abbeymill Business Centre, Abbeymill Business Centre, Flemington House, 110 Flemington Street, Flemington House, Flemington House, 110 Flemington Street, Springburn, 110 Flemington Street, Springburn, 110 Flemington Street, Glasgow, G21 4BX Springburn, Glasgow, G21 4BX Springburn,

Glasgow, G21 4BX Glasgow, G21 4BX2513 Telephone: 0141-557 Telephone: 0141-557 2513 E-mail: Telephone: 0141-557 2513 E-mail: Telephone: 0141-557 2513 Website: E-mail: Website: E-mail: Website: Website:

Surgeries Surgeries

Surgeries Surgeries

First FirstFriday Fridayofofeach eachMonth: Month:

FirstGlasgow FridayRegeneration of each Month: North Agency Conference Centre, 179 179 Ayr Street, North Regeneration Agency Conference Centre, Ayr Street, First Glasgow Friday of each Month: Springburn, Glasgow, G21 4BX at 2.30 – 3.30pm Springburn, Glasgow, G21 4BX at 2.30 – 3.30pm North Glasgow Regeneration Agency Conference Centre, 179 Ayr Street, North Glasgow Regeneration Agency Conference Centre, Ayr Street, Milton Community Campus, 204 Road, Milton, G22 7AR 179 at 4.15pm Springburn, Glasgow, G21 4BX atLiddesdale 2.30 – 3.30pm Milton Community Campus, 204 Liddesdale Road, Milton, G22 7AR at 4.15pm Springburn, Glasgow, G21 4BX at 2.30 – 3.30pm Barmulloch Community Campus, 46Liddesdale Wallacewell Quadrant, G21 3PX Milton Community Campus, 204 Road, Milton, G22 7AR at 4.15pm Barmulloch Community Campus, 46 Wallacewell Quadrant, G21 3PX Milton Community Campus, 204 Liddesdale Road, Milton, G22 7AR at 4.15pm at 5.00pm at 5.00pm Community Campus, 46 Wallacewell Quadrant, G21 3PX Barmulloch

Barmulloch Community Campus, 46 Wallacewell Quadrant, G21 3PX at 5.00pm Third Friday of each Month: at 5.00pm Third Friday of each Month:

Milnbank Housing Association Headquarters, 53 Ballindalloch Drive, Third Friday ofAssociation each Month: Milnbank Housing Headquarters, 53 Ballindalloch Drive, Dennistoun, G31 3DQ 3.30pm Third Friday of at each Month: Dennistoun, G31 3DQ at 3.30pm Milnbank Housing Association Headquarters, 53 Ballindalloch Drive, Riddrie Library and Learning Centre, 1020 Cumbernauld Road, G33 2QS Milnbank Housing Association Headquarters, 53 Ballindalloch Drive, Dennistoun, G31and 3DQ at 3.30pmCentre, Riddrie Library Learning 1020 Cumbernauld Road, G33 2QS at 4.15pm Dennistoun, 3DQ at 3.30pm sprincgburnG31 SC background ad.pdf 06/01/2011 11:15:29 at 4.15pm G33 2QS Riddrie Library and Learning Centre, 1020Road, Cumbernauld Molendinar Community Centre, 1210 Royston G33 1HE Road, at 5.00pm

Riddrie Library and Learning Centre, 1020 Cumbernauld Road, G33 2QS at 4.15pm Molendinar Community Centre, 1210 Royston Road, G33 1HE at 5.00pm at 4.15pm Molendinar Community Centre, 1210 Royston Road, G33 1HE at 5.00pm Molendinar Community Centre, 1210 Royston Road, G33 1HE at 5.00pm

GETTING GLASGOW BACK TO WORK continued from front page

The news was also welcomed by local politicians. Paul Martin, Labour MSP for Glasgow Provan said: “Any improvement in the jobs situation is positive, but we cannot afford to be complacent. I know that Glasgow City Council and its agencies have been working hard to make the ‘Glasgow Guarantee’ for our younger citizens’ work for those who most need it. “Scottish women and young people are disproportionately affected by this recession, and the growth in the numbers of longterm unemployed will leave a scar for years to come. “This is the same group who are being hit hardest by

underemployment, so they desperately need access to training and part-time college places to keep their skills updated and help them into work.”

springburn shopping centre

“Spacious and Accessible -The Parking is Free Springburn Shopping Centre’s – The Best Place to Be” LOTS of CHOICE - LOTS of PARKING - LOTS of SAVINGS




April 2013


Local CAB Visits Parliament

Friday Friday 28th 28th January January 2011 2011


AMAZING WINSFriday FOR28th GLASGOW Re-GEN Curran MP and Frank McAveety MSP highrgaret January 2011 3 DENTAL PRACTICE AT TOP UK Cadder Pit Disaster memorial cleaned and MSP highAMAZING WINS FOR GLASGOW ht Margaret the proposed changes to vital community lifeline INDUSTRY Curran MP and Frank McAveety AWARDS DENTAL PRACTICE AT TOP UK ret ret Curran Curran and and restored in time for summer milestone light the proposed changes to vital community lifeline McAveety McAveety visited visited INDUSTRY AWARDS Re-GEN Friday 28th January 2011 3 ston post office ston postTHE office Margaret Curran and Lambhill Stables Re-GEN Friday 28th January 2011 3 THE



weekend to Frank McAveetyHub visited weekend to Community based Baillieston post office tulate Mark atulate Mark Adrian Adrian in the North of Glasgow at the weekend to ss staff on the staff on the has recently completed Mark Adrian e from and the e run run congratulate from and the and the his restoration staff on thework of a ss of Post of Baillieston Baillieston Post

Margaret Curran MP and Frank McAveety MSP highMargaret Curran MP and Frank McAveety MSP highlight the proposed changes to vital community lifeline light the proposed changes to vital community lifeline Margaret Curran and and the service run from commemoration memorial

Margaret Curran and Frank McAveety visited success of Baillieston Post


know how valued stone that killed 22 men. know how valued Frank McAveety visited Baillieston post office Office. al post office is alat post office is to tooffice Theknow Cadder Pitvalued Disaster Baillieston post theThey weekend to how ople of Baillieston. ople of Baillieston. at the weekend to congratulate Mark Adrian saw the miners lose the local post office is to their great news in great news in on congratulate Mark Adrian and his staff on the the people ofthe Baillieston. lives 3rd August ton but ston but legislation and hislegislation staff onnews the service run from and in the This is great 1913. service run from the yy success passed in the passed in Baillieston the of Post Baillieston butand legislation The 15ft success of Baillieston Poststone of Commons will ofOffice. Commons will memorial recently passed in the The can The team team at at Spring Spring Grove Grove Clinic Clinic in in can provide provide the the same same level level of of treatment treatment Office. in St Cemetery They know how House of Kentigern Commons will he privatisation of the privatisation ofvalued Barrachnie Garrowhill is options, care surroundings as Barrachnie Road Garrowhill iscelebrating celebrating options, care and surroundings as aa The teamRoad at Spring Grove Clinic in can provide theand same level of treatment They know how valued the fantastic of winning large centre based the This local post office is to has theBarrachnie fantastic achievement achievement ofis winning large city city centre based dental dental practice. mean the privatisation of been Road Garrowhill celebrating options, care and surroundings aspractice. a on Balmore Road Mail. leads to Mail. This leads to two of the top UK Private Dentistry Commenting, David Cunningham said, two of the top UK Private Dentistry Commenting, David Cunningham said, the fantastic achievement of winning large city centre based dental practice. for the work put local post office is to to the people of Baillieston. Royal Mail. This leads over the future of over therestored future ofin time for the Awards of 2010, Practice of “The worked incredibly hard two of top namely UK Private Dentistry Commenting, David Cunningham said, Awards ofthe 2010, namely Practice of the the “The team team has has worked incredibly hard to to the doubts people of Baillieston. This is great news in over the future of into restoring st Awards of 2010, namely Practice the “The team hasGrove worked incredibly hard to st Office Office network network Year and Patient Care. ItIt was also make Spring Clinic aa fantastic place Year and Best Best Patient Care. wasof also make Spring Grove Clinic fantastic place 100but year anniversary this Thisthe is great news in Baillieston legislation Post Office network Year and Best Patient Care. It was also make Spring Grove Clinic a fantastic place awarded for awarded runner runner up up in in Best Best Community Community for our our patients. patients. II am am delighted delighted that that our our the memorial can no be can no longer longer be summer. awarded runner in Best Community for our patients. I am delighted by that ourtop Baillieston but no legislation recently passed inThis the is the Charity Project and Outstanding Individual efforts have recognised which can longer be first in Charity Project andup Outstanding Individual efforts have been been recognised by the the top teed in years teed in the the yearsin the by a volunteer Charity Project and Outstanding Individual efforts have been recognised by thefocus top has of the Year along with being shortlisted UK industry professionals.” “My of the Year along with being shortlisted UK industry professionals.” “My focus has recently passed House ofaCommons willyearsLambhill guaranteed seriesinofthe events The team atYear Spring Grove inshortlisted can provide the same level of treatment of the along withClinic being UK industry professionals.” “My focus has e. Margaret who e.mean Margaret who for Practice and Best always been to patient for Most Most Attractive Attractive Practice and Best always been to provide provide excellent excellent patient stonemason. House ofStables Commons will privatisation of to the come. Margaret who Barrachnie Road Garrowhill is celebrating options, carethe and surroundings as a for Most Attractive Practice and Best always been to provide excellent patient The team at Spring Grove Clinic in can provide same level of treatment will be organising Team. Winning the of care with the best dental Team. Winning the Practice Practice of the the care withbased the very very best dental advice advice and and n Royal the debate made in thespoke debate made fantastic achievement ofiswinning large city centre dental practice. Team. Winning the Practice of the care with the very bestvisit dental and mean the privatisation Barrachnie Road Garrowhill celebrating options, care and surroundings a advice Mail. leads toofmade This is part of series inThis the debate MARYHILL and Springburn MSP the toand theBest Scottish Parliament, to the highlight of the was a time Year Patient Care Awards is give a treatment. II believe in as spending with Year and Best Patient Awards treatment. believe spending time that will include a photo two ofYear the top UK Private Dentistry Commenting, David Cunningham said, time and Best PatientCare Care Awards is is a a treatment. I believe in in spending withwith the fantastic achievement of winning large city centre based dental practice. hat the legislation hat the legislation Royal Mail. This leads to doubts over the future of Patricia Ferguson recently them a chance to see how their chance encounter with Clyde, clear that the legislation great endorsement of the Spring Grove my patients, fully explaining preventative great endorsement of the Spring Grove my patients, fully explaining preventative of activities we Awards of 2010, namely Practice of the “The team hasDavid worked incredibly to great endorsement of the Spring Grove my patients, fully explaininghard preventative two of the top UK Private Dentistry Commenting, Cunningham said, exhibition, heritage trails, and is not g mistake mistake and isnetwork not Clinic teams’ commitment to providing and treatment options to them and doubts the future Clinic teams’ commitment to providing and treatment options to them and the Post Office welcomed a group of visitors from Parliament works and to find out Glasgow 2014’s mascot. Clyde is is a over big mistake andofis not Year and Best Patient Care. It was also make Spring Grove Clinic a fantastic place Clinic teams’ commitment to providing and treatment options to them and Awards of 2010, namely Practice of the “The team has worked incredibly hard to are organising as a affordable, value money, community supporting them they choose their affordable, value for money, community supporting them as they choose their awarded runner up infor Best Community for our patients. Ithem am delighted that our affordable, value for money, community supporting asas choose their the Post network ted by the public. ted by the public. Year and Bestmy Patient Care. It was also make Spring Grove Clinic athey fantastic place aOffice book and event which can no longer be Maryhill & Possilpark Citizens about work on their behalf. larger than life and always leaves supported by thean public. based, professional family oral and dental treatment plans. II am very grateful to based, professional family oral and dental treatment plans. am very grateful to our our Charity Project and Outstanding Individual efforts have beenplans. recognised by the top based, professional family oral and dental treatment I am very grateful to our awarded runner up in Best Community for our patients. I am delighted that our mark of respect for which can longer be took etguaranteed and Frank took Advice Bureau to the Scottish “The visit from Maryhill & a memorable and favourable in the years ret and Frank took Margaret and Frank Urban Offices face living Barlanark to the service.” Urban Post Post Offices often face person person living in in Barlanark stepssteps to protect protect the service.” Urban Postoften Offices often person face living in Barlanark steps to protect the service.” on no 3rd of August with of the Year along with being shortlisted UK industry professionals.” “My focus has health care, advice, support and treatment patients for their fantastic comments health care, advice, support andtreatment treatmenteffortspatients for fantastic in in health care, advice, support and patients fortheir their fantastic comments in Charity Project and Outstanding Individual have been recognised bycomments the top guaranteed in the years the 22 people and Parliament. Possilpark CABbeing was very impression – something that has I At the to come. Margaret who the opportunity to make for Most Attractive Practice and Best always beenprofessionals.” to provide excellent patient portunity to make to an exceptionally high standard. The support of our Awards application.” portunity to make to an exceptionally high standard. The different challenges from may be unable to get to Frank McAveety says “ support of our Awards application.” At the different challenges from may be unable to get to Frank McAveety says “ to an exceptionally high standard. The support of our Awards application.” At the different challenges from may be unable to get to Frank McAveety says “ of the Year along with shortlisted UK industry “My focus relatives ofwho the families Winning the Practice of the care with the very best dental advice and award winning practice prides on Awards presentation, the Spring Grove Clinic to come. Margaret winning practice prides itself on Awards presentation, the Spring Grove Clinic foraward Most Attractive Practice and Best always been to provide excellent patient The groupof had a tour ofRoyal Team. enjoyable, and gave me aitself chance know the Commonwealth Games award winning practice prides itself on Awards presentation, the Spring Grove Clinic spoke in the debate made passing shoppers aware of in those in families rural communities, any of theretailers large retailers Privatisation Privatisation of the gg shoppers aware of their who shoppers aware of those rural communities, any of the large the Royal those in rural communities, any of the large retailers Privatisation of the Royal Year and Best Patient Care Awards is a treatment. I believe in spending time with its patient focussed approach which is team were commended excellence involved. activities Team. theon Practice of of thewhich care will with the veryGlasgow.” best dental for advice and its focussed approach is team were commended for excellence its patient patient focussed approach which is team were commended for excellence spoke in the made Parliament and watched First toWinning catch up some the work do for clear thedebate legislation the change to These legislation and they with too deal withinisolation in the community. A single Mail has the long term ange to legislation and ange tothat legislation and great endorsement of efficient the Spring Grove patients, fully explaining preventative they too isolation in A has term always courteous, efficient and across of the forfor the state of of they too deal deal with isolation in the the community. community. A single single Mail Mail has the the long long term their lives Year and Best Patient Care Awards isfriendly, afriendly, my treatment. Iall believe incategories, spending time with always courteous, and across all of the categories, the state always courteous, efficient and friendly, across allalso of the categories, for the state of are being support with the andlost clear that the legislation Minister’s Questions. The highlight that the volunteers are involved in and Patricia welcomed around a asked big mistake and is pledge notand Clinic teams’ commitment to providing treatment options to being them and them to set within surroundings that are luxurious, the art facility, and a team who strive represent a lifeline to mother with 3 children and threat to jobs and services great endorsement of the Spring Grove my patients, fully explaining preventative oris them to pledge set within surroundings that are luxurious, for them tofor pledge the art facility, and being a team who strive represent a lifeline to mother with 3 children and threat to jobs and services set within surroundings that are luxurious, the art facility, and being a team who strive and represent a lifeline to like mother with 3 children and threat to jobs and services 1913. We would affordable, value for money, community supporting them as they choose their comfortable and welcoming. Heading up to provide excellent patient care. Its’ efforts is a the big support mistake and is not of the visit though was meeting as well as chatting them about pupils from Elmvale Primary Clinic teams’ commitment to to providing and 60 treatment options to them and supported by the public. by signing a help of Heritage Lottery their communities. We need without a car relies on local at a local level. I will be comfortable and welcoming. Heading up to provide excellent patient care. Its’ efforts comfortable and welcoming. Heading up to provide excellent patient care. Its’ efforts pport by aa pport by signing signing their We without at level. II will be their communities. communities. We need need without aa car car relies relies on on local local at aa local local level.2014 will be Clyde! based, professional family andCunningham dental treatment plans. I am very grateful to our the clinical team is Droral David raising funds to support Yorkhill Children’s affordable, value for money, community supporting them as choose their local people to get the mascot, work and work of the toin inthey March and spent supported by Barlanark the public. the clinical team is Dr Cunningham in raising funds to support Yorkhill Children’s Margaret and Frank tookPost themy clinical team is the Dr David David Cunningham inHolyrood raising funds towon support Yorkhill petition. Urban often livingthat in Barlanark toGlasgow protect the service.” to Post take Offices action now toface ensureperson services the Post Office steps working with Margaret to health care, advice, support and treatment for their fantastic comments inour Children’s Fund. established his practice indental Garrowhill patients Hospital ECMO Unit the runner-up based,who professional family oral and treatment plans. I am very grateful to n. Barlanark Post n.Margaret Barlanark Post to action now to services that Office working Margaret to to take take action now to ensure ensure services that the theinPost Post Office working with Margaret to who established his in Garrowhill Hospital ECMO Unit won runner-up who established his practice practice in Garrowhill Hospital ECMO Unitanswering won the the runner-up Speaking following the Parliament. an enjoyable time the Frank took Urban Post Offices often face person Barlanark steps to with protect the the opportunity to make to an exceptionally high standard. The support of our Awards application.” At the Office and is currently for sale different challenges from be living unable to get to McAveety saysservice.” “of visit in contact with us if over 14 years ago. Winning these two award for Best Community Charity that we do not end up in a may provides. This legislation is Frank ensure the voices the health care, advice, support and treatment patients for their fantastic comments in Project. Programme Manager ss passing currently for sale overAwards 14 ago. Winning these two award for Best Community Charity Project. currently for sale that do not end up in aa provides. This legislation the voices of the 14 years years ago. Winning these two award for Best Community Charity that we we do not end up infrom provides. This legislation is Post ensure ensure the voices of winning practice prides itself on Awards presentation, the Grove Clinic recognises his firmly held belief Spring Grove Clinic isSpring a leader in providing Patricia Ferguson said: “And, whilst I’m sure the visitors very and challenging the opportunity make to over an exceptionally high standard. The support of interesting our Awards application.” At the Project. different challenges mayaof be unable to tois Frank McAveety says “the shoppers aware and unless ato buyer isoffound those in rural communities, any the large retailers Privatisation of Royal situation on which a large forerunner ofget many east end arethe heard and all award they would like to be aa forerunner Awards recognises his firmly held belief Spring Grove is aa leader providing Awards recognises his firmly held belief team Spring Grove Clinic Clinic isexcellence leader in providing its patient focussed which is were commended for that a community based dental dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, less aachange buyer is less buyer is found found award winning practice prides itself onpractice, Awards presentation, the Spring Grovein Clinic situation on which aa large of many Post end are heard and situation on which large forerunner of many Post east end are long heard andtoall all David Cruickshank said:they “It islocal always a the pleasure enjoyed theapproach chance of seeing questions posed by them. passing shoppers aware of those in rural communities, any of community. theclosures large retailers Privatisation of Royal the to legislation and its fate remains uncertain. too deal with isolation in the A single we east Mail has the term retailer steps in and takes Office because the post offices are that a community based dental practice, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, that a community based dental practice, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, always courteous, efficient and friendly, across all of the categories, for the state of where patient relationships and trust are invisible braces, tooth whitening and family its patient focussed approach which is team were commended for excellence involved”. remains uncertain. remains uncertain. retailer steps and Office closures because we the local offices are welcome local residents through set politicians atlatest work I’mfriendly, certain retailer steps in and takes Office closures because we the local post offices are the Margaret change toare legislation and they tooin deal with isolation in the A single Mail has the long term asked for them tovery pledge “We grateful where patient relationships and trust invisible braces, within surroundings that are luxurious, artdentistry. facility, and beingtooth a team who strive Curran says “ and represent a takes lifeline mother withtaking 3 children and threat to post jobs and services where patient relationships and trust are are the invisible braces, tooth whitening and family family key, using the dental technology, over the service. An to elderly arecommunity. not the necessary protected”. always courteous, efficient and across all of the categories, forwhitening the state ofand comfortable and Heading up to excellent patient care. who Its’ efforts etthe Curran key, using the latest dental technology, ret Curran says An not the necessary protected”. asked forsays them to pledge key, using thewelcoming. latestthat dental technology, dentistry. over the the service. Anaelderly elderly arewithout not taking taking the necessary protected”. set within surroundings are luxurious, theprovide artdentistry. facility, and being a team strive andservice. represent lifeline to are mother with 3relies children and threat to jobs and services support by““signing a over their communities. We need a car on local at a local level. I will be their communities. Weensure need take action now to McAveety Slams to

the support by signing petition. Barlanark Posta

petition. Barlanark to take Office is currently forPost sale veety Slams that we action do notnow end to upensure in a Aveety Slams SNP Office is currently that we do endaup in a and unless aGames buyerfor is sale found situation onnot which large Games andfate unless a buyer is found Games situation on which a takes large its remains uncertain. retailer steps in and Funding Decisionover its fate remains retailer in and takes Margaret Curran uncertain. says “ thesteps service. An elderly ding Decision ding Decision Glasgow Shettleston Margaret Curran says “MSP Frank over the service. An elderly

without a carthe relies onOffice local services that Post services that Post Office provides. Thisthe legislation is provides. Thisoflegislation a forerunner many Postis a forerunner ofbecause many Post Office closures we Office because we are notclosures taking the necessary are not taking the necessary


McAveety has hit out at a McAveety Slams McAveety Slams In the absence of banking facilities YOUR in Milton, theARE credit SNP Games WHETHER DEBTS LARGE SNP Games union offers affordable and reliable financial services to the Funding Decision OR SMALL WE REALLY CAN HELP YOU WHETHERYOUR YOUR DEBTS DEBTS ARE ARE LARGE LARGE Funding Decision WHETHER

w MSP w Shettleston Shettleston MSP Frank Frank decision by Scottish Enterprise ty has hit out at ety hasto hit outCommonwealth at aa slash Games n Enterprise n by by Scottish Scottish Enterprise legacy funding by almost half. Games h Commonwealth Commonwealth Games Clyde Gateway, the body unding by funding by almost almost half. responsible forhalf. regenerating Glasgow Shettleston MSP Frank ateway, the body ateway, the body the East End of Glasgow, has McAveety haswith hit out at a Glasgow Shettleston MSP Frank hit a 46% cut in ble for regenerating ible forbeen regenerating decision byhas Scottish Enterprise McAveety out at a forhit urban regeneration in End of Glasgow, has End offunding Glasgow, has to slash Commonwealth Games decision bycut Scottish Enterprise has been a2011/2012. in t with with a 46% 46% cut inThe agency legacy funding by almost half. tourban slash Commonwealth told regeneration it will share around £6.8 for in for urban regeneration in Games Clyde Gateway, the body legacy funding by almost half. million with five other agencies, 012. agency has been 012. The The agency has been responsible for regenerating Clydeinstead Gateway, the body of the £7 million it was ill share around £6.8 will share around £6.8 the East End for of Glasgow, has responsible regenerating initially promised. with agencies, with five other been hitother with aagencies, 46% in thefive East End of Glasgow, has Frank said: “The cut Enterprise of the £7 million it was offunding the Minister £7 million itregeneration was urban been hitfor with a 46% cut seems to beinmorein promised. promised. 2011/2012. Theinagency has been funding for urban regeneration in interested facilitating meetings id:told “The Enterprise aid: “The Enterprise it will £6.8 2011/2012. The around agency has been for hisshare friend the Education seems to be more million with five other agencies, seems to be more told it will share around £6.8to Minister, who he wants of thefive £7 million it was ed in meetings million with other edinstead in facilitating facilitating meetings succeed him as anagencies, MSP than he initially promised. instead of thewell £7 million it the waspeople iend the is inEducation the being of riend the Education Frank said: “The Enterprise initially promised. of Eastto End. wants , who who he hethe wants to Minister seems to behe morehe should Frank “The Enterprise Atsaid: this very moment him as an MSP than him as an MSP than he interested in facilitating meetings Minister seems to be more be pulling a together well people well being being of of the themeeting people for his friend the Education interested in facilitating meetings with Scottish Enterprise to ast ast End. End. Minister, who the he wants to for his friend Education demand that they withdraw ery moment he should very moment he should succeed anwants MSP than he get Minister, whoashe to and this him ridiculous proposal ng aain meeting together ngis meeting together the well being of with the people succeed himthe as an MSP than around table allhe the ttish Enterprise to ottish Enterprise to of the East End. is in the well being thepromises people partners to fulfilofthe they withdraw d that that they withdraw At veryEnd. moment he should of this the East made.” ulous proposal and get culous proposal and“Unlike get be pulling meeting together At this verya moment he should Frank added: any other hewith table with all the table with all the the together Scottish Enterprise toin the be pulling a meeting renewal programme demand that they withdraw fulfil the promises with Scottish Enterprise to s to to fulfil the promises country commitments were



this ridiculous proposal and get demand that withdraw made to they ensure that Glasgow

around themake table with all the this“Unlike ridiculous proposal and could the best of get the ded: any other dded: “Unlike any other partners to fulfil the around the table with all the opportunities forpromises the Games programme in programme in the the made.” partners fulfil the promises and to regeneration investment. commitments were commitments were Frank added: “Unlike any other made.” There no better case for that o ensure ensure thatisGlasgow Glasgow renewal programme in theother Frankhaving added: any an“Unlike impact on Scotland’s ake the best of the ake the best of the country commitments renewal programme inwere the and I am economic performance 1 TOLLCROSS ROAD, GLASGOW G31 4UG nities for Games nities for the Games made tothe ensure that Glasgow country commitments weremeeting demanding an urgent eneration investment. eneration investment. could make the best of the made to ensure that Glasgow with the Scottish Government no better case for no better case for opportunities for the Games could the best the Scottish tomake urge them to of ensure an impact on Scotland’s anand impact on Scotland’s regeneration investment. opportunities for the Games Enterprise withdrawal the ic performance and II am ic There performance and am is no better case and regeneration investment. proposal to make afor massive cut1 1 TOLLCROSS TOLLCROSS ROAD, ROAD, GLASGOW GLASGOW G31 G31 4UG 4UG having an on Scotland’s ing an urgent meeting There istheir noimpact better case for ding anin urgent meeting previous commitments to economic performance and I am having impact on Scotland’s Government thean area.” e Scottish Scottish Government 1 TOLLCROSS ROAD, GLASGOW G31 4UG demanding an Scottish urgent meeting economic performance and I am them to 1 TOLLCROSS ROAD, GLASGOW G31 4UG them to ensure ensure Scottish the Scottish Government demanding an urgent meeting se withdrawal the sewith withdrawal the to urge to ensure with thethem Scottish Government ll to make aa massive cut to make massive cutScottish Enterprise withdrawal to urge commitments them to ensurethe Scottish previous to previous commitments to proposal to make a massive Enterprise withdrawal the cut .” a.” in their previous commitments to


at a localwith level. I will beto working Margaret workingthe with Margaret ensure voices of theto ensure the theall east end arevoices heardofand eastlocal end post are heard the officesand areall the local post offices are protected”. protected”.

the clinical team Dr David Cunningham comfortable and is welcoming. Heading up who established practice in Garrowhill the clinical team his is Dr David Cunningham over 14 years ago. Winning these two who established his practice in Garrowhill Awards firmly these held belief over 14 recognises years ago. his Winning two that a community dental practice, Awards recognisesbased his firmly held belief where patient relationships and trust are that a community based dental practice, key, using the latest dental technology, where patient relationships and trust are key, using the latest dental technology,

in to support Yorkhill Children’s to raising providefunds excellent patient care. Its’ efforts Hospital won theYorkhill runner-up in raisingECMO fundsUnit to support Children’s award for Best Community Charity Project. Hospital ECMO Unit won the runner-up Spring Clinic is a leader in providing award Grove for Best Community Charity Project. dental cosmetic dentistry, Spring implants, Grove Clinic is a leader in providing invisible braces, tooth whitening and dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, family dentistry. invisible braces, tooth whitening and family dentistry.

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0141 556 6651

proposal to make a massive cut the area.” in their previous commitments to the area.”

0141 0141 556 556 6651 6651

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44 April Friday 22nd February 2013 2013


Your Horoscope Predictions By Anne Smith

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Aries (21 March - 20 April) Withmonth the sunisin sign until the xxxx This allyour about staying calm 21stfocused, things begin to smooth out for and be clear about what you lifehow more manageable. you making want and you are going Pluto is reverse in your sign on the to achieve it, self-discipline and 12th making you look at changes will are your thatpower have been goingkey onstrengths, in your mercury is retrograde in a few world, with Mercury, planet of days so make sure you’re your communication in your sign this is the time to clear awayare allcrystal those mix communications Taurus (21 April - 21 May) xxxxxxxxx This is aopportunity, month to take thing career slowly, A new possibly don’t rush intothis decisions, it is aa month advancement, is as good to clear away things, anything that time to take risks in order to follow has become clogged or blocked now needsdreams, to be removed, it istoa change great your if you want time to put dreams and your life, doyour it now. A time of ideas selfinto motion and get ready to start expression and a fresh start. your new adventures as the sun

Jupiter, the planet of luck is in your sign allowing you to see all the opportunities go retrograde and you have to make around you, you will be in demand in decisions unwilling or more waysnow, than being one and socially you unable to ladder make decisions cause climb that as you arewill a great person to be around. Remember, this is you to stagnate, have faith in your a month to lay foundations for the rest own wisdom and move forward, of the year make your changes now and Intuitively you knowyear what do. this could be a great forto you.

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SCancer ubstit (22 June - 23 July)

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Capricorn (22 Dec - 20 Jan)

Leo (24 (24 July July -- 23 23 Aug) Aug) Time toare move from xxxxxxxxx Things looking up,this thecurrent end situation and see all the of a difficult situation, thefor winds opportunities out there you, youchange will soon recognize where of are blowing and it is a you m o fr need to be andThis whatis you need to to favorable wind. a good time do to be successful within it. You make changed in your career, there will have to close certain doors in your life you can begin this could be abefore resolution of conflict now adventure, be brave and move which allows you to move on. forward.

Aquarius (21 Jan - 19 Feb) xxxxxxx If feltyou yourstarted life was mess A you project in athe last few over last few months ten, stop, weeksthe is now coming to fruition and breathe relax as you are now with thatand some public recognition moving into a much more positive for all your hard work, a time of phase and your life is becoming successmore and manageable personal achievements; much and self-esteemagain, is increase, themoon feel good enjoyable the new factor unexpected luck too on theand 10thsome brings a freshness and feeling of wellness, of the good sort!! enjoy.

Virgo (24 Aug - 23 Sept) xxxxxxxxx Learning endeavours is a This is a from greatpast time to get new key success future, knowing projects offor thethe ground, the newa situation a subject well will you helpout you moon onorthe 10th pushes sort out the pit fallszone a time oftrust relaxation of your comfort but after period of stress,and ending in allayour research youcontracts will and fresh starts prominent succeed, box clever nownow, andyour begin ruling Mercuryand is retrograde to useplanet that charm wit to getfrom the 24th so make sureisallthe paper worked all on board which start of a is double checked before signing. great adventure !

Pisces (20 Feb - 20 Mar) xxxxxxxxxx The sun in Aries is great forbringing you as it universe seems to be helps youoflook at yourself and in a shift relationships, newevaluate and how you have progressed over the interesting people are now in and month and where you still need to around your current social and improve, this is a month when you family a happy time ahead, will be circle, more in tune with who you are positive feeling and whatemotions you wantand andaonce youofhave achievement. asserted your new identity, you will then focus on those you love.




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Aries on the 10th will boost attention immediately a timeyour of the creative ideas and you feelthough as if you unexpected events, even could achieve everything in one day, haste is required it is important life notdecision a race, is remember to take thatisno rushed, careful things one stepisat a time, ensuring consideration also important, the details and everything will be well passion is great self-assured in your world. wonderful but timing is impeccable?

xxxxx This monthtothe are asking You seem beplanets in the past more than you to be aware which the present and of it iseverything fine as long as is going onspend aroundtoo you at home. you don’t much time on Work family, time noticetothe issuesand youextended cannot change, changes within yourmake circle decisions and how to take life full on and you have progressed and grown over ensure a happy and secure future for the a time ofothers, change,then you,years, and ifthis thatisinvolves embrace ensure it it. is on your terms.

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Scorpio (24 Oct - 22 Nov)

utebrings love to the new moon Too much work, not trusting others yoxxxxxxxxx uThe r co pyour sl forefront of mind romances to helpm you, willip cause stress related s and &will up blossom relationships gra illnesses, believe it or not you are not dineexisting meetto your prince charming youor invincible, time look at the softer ryou flywill eeven rs toandPluto if single, with reverse you side of yourself allow that charm 5 0 0 0 seem to to bemanifest flying high, enjoy. Thelife. and wit help in your partial the end of work the month There iseclipse a needatto balance and gives you clarity to which friends are play.

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Libra (24 Sept - 23 Oct) xxxxxxxxxx Life for isliving allowing stagnation Timeisout required in order to into your alife is certainly regrettable, maintain balance, in both home now it is timelife, to something open your front and working is door andinyour and welcome lingering yourarms thought which is the newyou beginning universe is causing distressthe time to vocalize bringing timemercury to re-evaluate how you you, feel and retrograde and bring back into all areas at this timefun is actually helping youofto your speaklife. up.

Your planet is reverse Timeruling to open up toPluto the world around Substitute xxxxxxxx from the 12th, try and to finalise you, both your so heart mind, as you anything which is hanging, shouting listen to attention others andfrom accepting them your comp for your the 12th you be inthey a mindset should I or for who are andoftheir “Story” slips will shouldn’t questioning your of usually will inspireI,you to ret depths sharp ideas and plans, from the 12th & upgrad understanding andtotruths, someone use your intuition keep stress at e bay mayand offerallow you time excellent even though out for relaxation yheads willunexpected. be well. ouintoryourfsing it is aalllittle Listen! lyonether22nd. s to and Gemini Sagittarius (23 Nov - 21 Dec) 5(22 0May 00- 21 June) xxxx xxThe new moon in your sisteryour sign Your ruling planet mercury is about to Something suddenly needs

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s e i p c e R

Irish Lamb Stew Super salad with quinoa 11/2 lb of stewing lamb or shoulder sized chunks cup of of flour quinoa soaked 21tbsp and drained ½ cup of barley packetchopped od babyroughly gem 21onions intochunks 2lettuce carrots separated cut into 1 inch 1 leaves ½ pints of lamb stock large 24tbsp oilripe vine tomatoes 1 cut tsp into driedwedges rosemary Seasoning Half a cucumber diced

cut into medium

1 courgette sliced into ribbons (use a totty peeler)

Toss the meat the flour 1 small can ofinsweet corn drained and fry in the oil until well 2 baby beetroots grated browned. Add thefinely barleydiced and 1 yellow pepper vegetables to the pan. 1 orange pepper finelyCook diced for a further 5 min. Add Handful of toasted pinethe nuts barley, rosemary and stock. 1 small can of mixed beans. Bring to the boil and cover with a tight fitting lid. Reduce Small cup of good Olive oil heat and simmer for 11/2 2 tbspensure Wholegrain hours you stirmustard it occasionally to prevent it sticking.

1/3 cup Balsamic Vinegar 1 clove of garlic crushed Pinch of salt, pepper and sugar.


Cooked mashed potatoes Layer all of the ingredients in a large flat dish. Cooked shredded kale or Savoy cabbage Dress the salad 10 minutes before serving to allow Butter the dressing to really soak in and add depth of Cream

flavor. I make my dressing in an old jar and keep it in the There some really good ready Mash the fridge. potatoes withare plenty too. can see how colorful and ofmade butterdressings and a dash ofYou cream appetising thisinsalad is and with the added beans and before beating the cabbage. for under addedaprotein I quinoa like to pop hot grillittoreally is a belly-fat buster. brown or into a hot oven for 10-15 min.

Super salad with grilled chicken 1 packet of baby gem lettuce separated into leave

Champ 4 large ripe bine tomatoes cut into wedges Cooked mashed potatoes Half a cucumber diced Butter Half a butternut squash Cream ribbons 3sliced finelyinto sliced scallions or spring onions

1 large carrot sliced into

ribbons Again mash the potatoes with plenty of butter and a 1 can of of cream broad before beans beating in the onion. Again I like to splash drained pop under a hot grill to brown or into a hot oven for 10-15 1 can of berlotti drained min. Handful of raisins 2 grilled chicken breasts cut into thin slice with the skin removed. Irish Soda Bread

8oz plain flour the ingredients in a large flat dish. Again 1 Layer cartonallofofbuttermilk dress two minutes before 1 tsp of bicarbonate of soda serving to allow the to really soak in and add depth to flavor. I ½dressing a tsp salt the chicken to still be warm so add after you add 1 like large egg

the dressing.

Sift the dry ingredients together. Make a well in the Fruit Salad middle and add the buttermilk and egg. Fold in from the Half a honeydew melon diced sides. You don’t have to work 1 small caninpineapple the dough, fact the less chunks juice drained you mix itinthe better, lighter 1 banana and fluffiersliced it will be. This is a Small almost punnetwet of dough.. Flour a baking tray. Flour your rough strawberries sliced hands and mould into a rough circle. With a blunt knife Cut of grapes aHandful large cross into thehalved bread and bake in a hot oven 170c for Large30 tub of wholegrain about minutes and it is golden brown. Tap the bottom lowiffat yoghurt and it sounds hollow then it’s done. Allow to completely cool before slicing. fewfat slices with my stew, and a alternatively serveI love withalow ice-cream. few slices with jam with a nice cup of tea later on.


MARYHILL’S skyline was transformed this week after three landmark tower blocks got a light touch. Dramatic new “halo” lighting has been added to the roofs of multi storey flats at Glenavon Road in Maryhill as a multi million pound refurbishment nears completion. The striking blue low energy LED lights now ring the top of the three blocks and can be seen for miles. They were officially switched on by Luka MacPherson (12) who lives at Glenavon Road and who was chosen to perform the lighting up ceremony accompanied by mum Ann. Luka said: “Switching on the lights was great fun. The buildings look great with their blue lights.” The three 1960s tower blocks containing 360 homes were part of the stock transferred to Maryhill Housing Association from GHA in the successful 2011 stock transfer. An ongoing programme of repairs and improvements was then launched - delivering on a promise made by the Association prior to the vote.

The Glenavon Residents Association has just marked its first anniversary, tree planting has enhanced the visual appeal of the estate at ground level and Maryhill Housing Association has created a new office in one tower block to be nearer the tenants it serves. Willy Briody, Chief Executive of Maryhill Housing Association said after the lighting up: “Residents will undoubtedly agree that the flats are now better both on the outside and on the inside. The work we have done is expected to make

the properties warmer and reduce energy use. In a time of rising fuel bills, this can only be good news. “Maryhill Housing Association are proud to be associated with the Glenavon Residents Association, who in one year have achieved an incredible amount and have helped create a sense of community at Glenavon which was long overdue. We are proud to have played our part.”

HOUSEHOLDS TO LOSE £647 A YEAR DUE TO TORY CHANGES CLAIMS LOCAL MP Full impact of welfare reform on Glasgow economy revealed in new research

WELFARE cuts being carried out by the Coalition Government are costing ordinary Glaswegians an average of £647 a year and taking £269m annually out of the local economy according to new research. The figures

were quoted by Glasgow North East Labour MP William Bain in a recent debate in the House of Commons. Households in Glasgow have seen their living standards further reduced by the 1% cap on benefits and tax credits

from 8 April, costing workingage adults in the city an average of £114 a year, and on its own removing £47m in lost demand from local businesses. Commenting after the debate, the MP said: “People across Glasgow and

April 2013



THE Easter Bunny was the guest of honour as kids from across the North of the city gathered to celebrate Community Life turning 1 year old. The scheme is run by the ASDA supermarket in Rothes Drive, and is aimed at making the communities in which the store operates a better place to live and work for colleagues and customers. Kids from St Blane’s Primary and Bellcraig Pre School joined store manager Michelle Anderson, Fire Fighters from Maryhill Fire Station and local Councillor Martin Rhodes at a specially organised tea party. The Easter Bunny also dropped and handed out Easter eggs to the lucky kids at the event. June Douglas, Community Life Champion, said: “It was great to have everyone

the rest of the UK struggling to pay the bills, meet high childcare costs, or deal with surging rents will feel outraged that in the week after 643 bankers were handed a tax cut worth £54,000 a year, that George Osborne is cutting benefits in real terms for 5.1m working-age households. “Overall, 55,700 working-age households in Glasgow will lose on average £109 a year through the cumulative cuts to tax credits made during this Parliament, and nearly 16,000

here. The children had a wonderful time and I hope that this is just the first of many anniversaries to come.” Cllr Martin Rhodes said: “I would like to congratulate June and her colleagues for all her hard work this year. I know from speaking to the parents and

children how much they enjoyed today. “Events like this really show what a great community spirit we have here in Maryhill and Summerston.”

Glaswegians will lose on average £24 a week because of the Government’s wicked and iniquitous bedroom tax. “The further squeeze on real wages, down by a further £200 on average over the course of the year, will cost ordinary families on average four times as much as the Government will hand back through the increase in personal allowance to £10,000 from next year. “The Finance Bill should have been the opportunity the

Government should have taken my advice to scrap the bedroom tax and the 1% benefit uprating cap, to introduce a jobs guarantee for 600 long-term jobless people in Glasgow North East and thousands more across the country, and build more social housing now, to raise our employment rate, boost growth, and increase tax receipts – the only way in which our country will restore people’s living standards, and repair the public finances.”

6 April 2013

WORLD PIPE BAND CHAMPIONSHIPS 50,000 to descend on Glasgow as plays host to biggest piping EXTENDED TO 2 DAYS city competition in the world It was announced today that Glasgow will host the world’s biggest ever week of piping and traditional music from 11-18th August. Piping Live! Glasgow International Piping Festival will celebrate its 10th birthday with new venues and a week long programme of exciting performances, workshops and concerts, while The World Pipe Band Championships will take place over TWO days for the first time ever. St Enoch Square will act as the new hub for Piping Live! while George Square undergoes some changes, and will offer a brand new performance tent featuring and daily performances by some of the best folk musicians and pipers from across the globe. The square will also have delicious food and drink on offer and will host the popular Craft Clachan stalls offering a whole host of Scottish crafts and products for the public to browse and buy. Piping Live! Festival Director Roddy MacLeod said: “Over the last ten years we have brought the best pipers and traditional musicians from all over the globe to perform at the festival. It has been brilliant

to see the interest in piping grow and to expose so many people to the diversity of the pipes – we’ve seen everything from the best solo pipers in the world perform to bands that mix the pipes with electronic music and it just gets more exciting each year. We also have a few surprises up our sleeves so come join celebrate our birthday with us this August.” The spectacle of The World Pipe Band Championships at Glasgow Green will be more incredible than ever, with two days of competition and fun for the first time on

your Member of the Scottish Parliament

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5pm Lambhill Stables 11 Canal Bank North, Glasgow G22 6RD

7pm Maryhill Burgh Halls 10-24 Gairbraid Avenue, Glasgow G20 8YE

6.30pm Bellcraig Community Centre 10 Gorstan Street, Glasgow G23 5QA

‘Drop in’ surgeries - Glasgow City Centre Call for details on 0141 353 0784

Contact Bob Doris MSP Constituency office: 3rd Floor, Empire House 131 West Nile Street Glasgow G1 2RX

Please always call ahead to confirm surgeries in case of cancellation. Constituents with appointments will be given priority. No surgeries will be held during public or school holidays and they may be subject to change during parliamentary recess.

0141 353 0784 The Parliament is not responsible for the content of other internet sites.

Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th August. Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band from Belfast, will be hoping it is third time lucky as they battle to retain their 2011 and 2012 World Champions titles against bands from around the world. As well as enjoying the bands compete, spectators can enjoy Highland Dancing, Highland Games, great food and drink, fairground rides and a huge family fun zone. Ian Embelton of the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association said: “With over 200 bands coming from 11 countries to compete, we have listened to feedback from spectators and fans and we are delighted to extend The Worlds to two days. Families and music fans will have more time to see the bands compete alongside the other activities on offer. “There will be a range of

ticket packages available making it easy for people to make it a very special weekend.” Councillor Gordon Matheson, Leader of Glasgow City Council and Chair of Glasgow City Marketing Bureau, said: “Piping Live! and The World Pipe Band Championships are the real highlights of Glasgow’s cultural calendar over the summer, drawing thousands of visitors from across the UK and overseas and providing a significant boost to the local economy.

“Both events are celebrating major milestones this year, with Piping Live! marking its 10th birthday and the Worlds expanding across two days, which will deliver a truly spectacular week of superb traditional Scottish music and culture, and reinforce that Glasgow in August is the visitor destination to experience world piping of the highest quality. “Over the coming weeks, city partners will be rolling out a multi-channel marketing communications campaign across Scotland and Ireland – comprising TV, radio, print, outdoor and public relations activity – geared at showcasing Glasgow’s position as the epicentre of global piping and just what an amazing spectacle both of these events are.” Paul Bush OBE, Chief Operating Officer for EventScotland added: “Piping Live! and The World Pipe Band Championships continue to be a highlight on Scotland’s annual event calendar, positioning Glasgow at the centre of the global piping community. Scotland is the perfect stage for events and with Piping Live! celebrating its 10th anniversary and the Worlds now filling two days on Glasgow Green, the 2013 programme promises to be bigger and better than ever.” Last year, both events welcomed over 50,000 spectators and more than 8000 musicians to Glasgow, but this is expected to increase in 2013, in line with the larger scale. Tickets for Piping Live! and The Worlds will be available on 1st May. Tickets for both events will be purchased by calling 0141 353 8000 or by logging onto www.seeglasgow. com/piping

April 2013



HOUSING legislation in Western European cities such as Glasgow emerged at the start of the 20th century in order to tackle poor housing quality, overcrowding, and to improve the well-being of the poor in general. The 1921 Royal Commission on housing in Scotland found Glasgow to be the most overcrowded city in Europe at the time. Defining overcrowding as 2 people to a room, 39.4% of households were in this state. Population was rising continuously and had more than doubled in the past century, mainly due to emigration from the Highlands and abroad, and registered as 1.1 million people of which 700,000 were living on 1800 acres of land in central

A Glasgow Slum

Glasgow. The Scottish Housing Act of 1919 entitled the Glasgow City Council to build public housing for its largely working-class population. The share of council housing increased rapidly, making up 67% of the city’s housing stock in the 1960s. Even today, the city has much higher shares of social housing than other cities throughout Britain. The Wheatley Housing Act of 1924 enabled central government to give subsidies to local councils to build houses. The plan was to build 190,000 new council houses at modest rents in 1925, and that this figure would gradually increase until it reached 450,000 in 1934. However by 1933 500,000 council houses had been built. Poor families could not afford to pay the rents for these houses. A further two housing estates were created as part of the 1935 Slum Clearance Act: Blackhill included both “Rehousing” and “Intermediate” while Calton was almost entirely “Rehousing”. “Intermediate” dwellings cost around £1000 per dwelling, and “Rehousing” cost around £250- the lowest grade of social housing. While these were improvements, they made little difference to the massive overcrowding problem and more had to be

done. Plans were put in place for more housing estates and bigger housing estates. In the closing years of the Second World War, the city undertook a series of studies (collectively known as the Bruce Report), which examined the city’s chronic planning, social and overcrowding problems in the light of this decline and how the situation could be remedied. On the back of the reports, the city embarked on a radical and comprehensive programme of regeneration and rebuilding in the 1950s which would last right into the 1970s. The basic aim was to depopulate the centre of the city, together with its overcrowded slum housing, to allow a new service-based economy to be established. Those displaced would be rehoused in new housing estates built on modern principles, located in New Towns (such as Cumbernauld and East Kilbride) and greenbelt sites on the city’s outer periphery. Glasgow thus became Britain’s first truly high-rise city - as it embarked on the mass construction of tower blocks to house the displaced population. Compared to the insanitary slum tenements which they replaced, the new concrete edifices were initially welcomed, but it soon became apparent that the new

developments had created as many problems as they had solved. Social structures which had been in place for generations in the disbanded communities were suddenly broken up, whilst the poor quality construction of many of the buildings resulted in them becoming crime ridden slums themselves within a few short years. One example of this is the much maligned Red Road flats, on which demolition has begun. By the end of the 1970s, the city had begun to realise that the grand regeneration scheme, although necessary, had serious flaws. The poorly co-ordinated slum clearance programme was halted, and the surviving tenements were instead saved in favour of refurbishment and became desirable public and private housing. The last tower block was built in the city in 1978. The 1980s was quite possibly the worst decade in the city’s history, both economically and housing wise.

Cracks began to appear in the housing estates. The growing economic unrest meant that more people were turning to crime as a way of making ends meet or taking out their frustration on others. Brutal assaults, youth crime, gang warfare and theft gained Glasgow its “No Mean City” image. The cracks in the houses themselves began to appear, as haphazard and ill-planned construction meant that entire neighbourhoods were becoming like the slums they replaced. The Hutchesontown Area E estate in Gorbals was the first to be demolished in 1987, having been uninhabited

since 1984 due to damp. Continuing into the 1990’s, the demolition of poorly planned estates picked up speed. Vast areas of tenements only a few decades old were razed to the ground. The people of Glasgow, particularly the East End, were paying the price for a flawed version of a better world. Today Glasgow Housing Association has overseen regeneration of much of the city. The housing estates are being rehabilitated with new low rise housing. A falling population is making demands easier this time, as are private investment and projects.


April 2013

April 2013

City Building apprentices set to join team of tradespeople travelling to Malawi

City Building delighted to be working with GHA building new homes

We are one of Scotland’s construction companies. Within turnover of almost City Building arelargest delighted to be working partnership £200 million, we were established in 2006 from the former Building Services with GHAofon the City Marfield Street housing Department Glasgow Council and have grown into aproject highly successful commercial business. We have delivered more than £33 million in cash surplus delivering exciting new energy efficient homes for theover the last five years, to Glasgow City Council for investment in front line services.

people of Glasgow and sustaining employment and Our award-winning training academies in Queenslie Laurieston are the most apprenticeship opportunities for theand local community.

successful apprentice-training centres in Scotland. We also operate Royal Strathclyde Blindcraft Industries (RSBi), one of the most successful supported employment City Building currently deliver repairs and50maintenance facilities in Europe, which employs over 240the people, more than per cent of whom have a disability. service to over one million GHA homes and have achieved

a provide customer satisfaction rate of and 96% over the operations past 4 years. We a diverse range of construction manufacturing including: • Design to & Build Projects City Building will continue deliver the best service • New house building possible to our GHA customers and are committed to • Repairs & Maintenance continuing to put GHA customersProjects first. • Refurbishment • Manufacturing • Major investment programmes • Range of specialist services • Micro-renewables “Building a Sustainable Future” Our mission is to contribute excellence in construction, repairs, maintenance, manufacturing and training to customers, our employees, partners, suppliers and the local communities in which we work. Our unique social ethos will continue to underpin everything we do and will drive the creation of training and employment opportunities for a diverse range of people, including minority and other under-represented groups, across Glasgow and beyond.

For further information please contact, Lesley Quinn on 0141 287 2287 or For further information please contact, Lesley Quinn on 0141 287 2287 or

TWO young Glasgow-based apprentices have been selected as part of a team of specialist tradesmen that will travel to Malawi this summer to upgrade a medical centre in the country’s capital Lilongwe. Leading Scottish construction company City Building (Glasgow) LLP, working with Glasgow’s Lord Provost has been sending teams of its building professionals to Malawi since 2008 and this year marks the first occasion that apprentices, hired through Glasgow City Council’s Commonwealth Apprenticeship Initiative, have been given the opportunity to be part of the annual project. Commonwealth apprentice painter, Lee Raeburn (18) and Commonwealth apprentice joiner, Lee Thomson, (19) both from Glasgow, were chosen to be part of the team in recognition of their high standards of work. These standards were demonstrated during an extensive application and interview process carried out by representatives of City Building and the council’s Lord Provost’s and International Office that saw more than 15 City Building apprentices apply for the coveted places on the team. They will join the rest of the team that will travel to Malawi in September to refurbish a medical centre in the capital Lilongwe. The improvements to the facility will include new kitchen and toilet facilities, dental suite, pharmacy and laboratory. Lee Raeburn said: “Winning a place on the Malawi Team has boosted my confidence and will be a great

“He is highly respected by those he works with and I would highly recommend him for the trip to Malawi so that he may share his skills with those in need.” Mark Gillespie, Lee Raeburn’s instructor put him forward for the trip. He said: “Lee is a great team player and is always willing to help. He would be a great asset to the team going to Malawi.” Graham Paterson, Executive Director at City Building, said: “We are very proud to include two of City Building’s hard-working apprentices to our team of skilled professionals that will travel to Malawi this summer. “This not only demonstrates the level of confidence we have in our apprentices, it also displays our continued commitment to engage with communities beyond Scotland’s borders to help those in need.”

City Building creates 36 new apprenticeship jobs LEADING Scottish construction company City Building (Glasgow) LLP, has helped 36 young people out of long-term unemployment by generating a number of new apprenticeship positions. City Building, Glasgow City Council’s arm’s length construction firm, welcomed the new apprentices on Monday 8th April, taking the total number of apprentices going through the programme to over 400. Glasgow currently experiences one of the highest number of young people claiming unemployment benefits for longer than 12 months than anywhere else in Scotland. Addressing youth unemployment is a key commitment of City Building. In support of this, funding was secured from the Integrated Grant Fund which is allocated to support Glasgow City Council’s budget priorities, including continued investment in craft apprenticeships. This enabled the company to create the additional positions for 18 – 24-year-olds. The creation of the new positions supports the council’s delivery of the £25m Glasgow Guarantee, which aims to ensure every Glaswegian between the age of 16 and 24 has access to a job, training or an apprenticeship. One of the new recruits, apprentice painter, John Petrie (18) gained his place on the programme after being unemployed for more than 12

Free Fun at Easter a Great Success Across North Glasgow TWO weeks off school flew in for loads of young people across North Glasgow this Easter as over 100 children aged 7-13 took part in a range of free activities including

opportunity to give something back and make a huge difference to the community we will be helping.” News of their inclusion in the team follows the 200th birthday of Scots explorer, David Livingstone, who first established links between Scotland and Malawi around 150 years ago. Lord Provost, Sadie Docherty, said: “My office has long standing and continuing commitment to Malawi spanning nine years. I am deeply encouraged that two promising apprentices recognised for their skill will join the team. I can promise them they will make a life changing contribution to the people of Malawi.” Lee Thomson was nominated for the trip by his instructor Ian Hazelton. He said: “I have worked with hundreds of apprentices during my tenure with City Building and Lee stands out as one of the very best.

swimming, football, basketball and cricket. The events were held at local venues Springburn Leisure Centre, Springburn Academy and Firhill Stadium, home of League

One leaders Partick Thistle FC. Young people who had further to travel to get to the venues were taken to and from the venues in the new ng homes community bus.

Now, even though the school holidays are over, ngsportslegacy is also supporting continued FREE activity in the area. Opportunities include: MONDAYS Football for 8-16 year olds with Partick Thistle Community Trust, 4pm-6pm @ Petershill Leisure Centre; Table Tennis for 12-16 year olds, from 4pm-5.30pm @ Springburn Academy

Football for u14 GIRLS with Glasgow City FC, 4pm-5pm @ Petershill Leisure Centre Table Tennis for u14, 4pm5.30pm @ Tron St Mary’s Church (Red Road) Cricket with Glasgow Bravehearts , 5pm-8pm @ All Saints Secondary who want to gain training and employment. “The difficult economic times have hit young people particularly hard and we are happy to be able to help give these 36 individuals the opportunity to create a brighter future for themselves through our apprenticeship programme.” City Building engaged with Jobs and Business Glasgow, an agency which helps Glasgow residents into employment and training, who provided candidates for consideration during the recruitment process. Following a series of tests and interviews the 36 apprenticeship posts made up of joiners and painters were created. The new apprentices will now go on to complete either two or four years of training depending on their trade and age.

All the events were totally free and provided by ng homes as part of the ngsportslegacy programme under the umbrella of the newlylaunched ng_legacy series, which sees all nghomes activity linked to one of the six themes of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. As you can see from the smiles on the faces of the boys and girls taking part the fortnight of free fun was a great success and we are sure the mums and dads were happy too!


months. “I’ve always liked working with my hands. When I left school I decided to go to college to do a course in civil engineering then got a job as a trainee labourer, but eight months later I was made redundant and was out of work for a year. “Getting a place on this apprenticeship programme will help me learn new skills and grow my understanding of the industry – it will be a great experience. I’ve got my uniform now and I can’t wait to get on site and start working.” Councillor Paul Carey, Chair of City Building LLP, said: “I am pleased to welcome our new intake of apprentices to the company. The creation of the additional apprenticeship roles demonstrates our continued commitment to support young people in Glasgow


FRIDAYS Football for 8-16 year olds with Partick Thistle Community Trust, 6pm-8pm @ Springburn Academy SATURDAYS (from 20th April) Basketball for u14 with Glasgow Storm, 11am-1pm @ North

Glasgow College More activity is planned for Possil, Carron and Red Road areas starting in May, including Mountain Biking, Rugby, Parkour & Athletics – for dates and more information follow us on Twitter (@ ngsportslegacy) or via our Facebook page ( ngsportslegacy) So who says there’s nothing to do in North Glasgow? There’s lots happening as you can see so get out there and do it!

Come along and take part in some basic fun rugby skills & games with high quality professional development staff and local School of Hard Knocks coaches, and work towards the STREET FINAL, with a game between the sites on 30th May 2013. For more information, check out Facebook page ( or email

STREET RUGBY In partnership with Glasgow Life Rugby Development, May is RUGBY MONTH, with FREE street rugby sessions at two local sites. Every Tuesday from 30th April @ Eastfield Park/Carron Estate & Thursday from 2nd May @ Red Road flats (Petershill Road) – both sessions between 6pm & 7.30pm for 10-16 year olds (sessions will be split if needed!).

One Vision - New North Glasgow. A great place to live, learn, work, visit and invest.

Springburn (East)

Ned Donaldson House, 50 Reidhouse Street Springburn, Glasgow, G21 4LS Tel: 0141 560 6000 Fax:0141 560 6005

email: Website: ng homes is a trading name of North Glasgow Housing Association

Possilpark (West)

252 Saracen Street, Possilpark, Glasgow, G22 5LF Tel: 0141 336 1300 Fax:0141 560 6005


April 2013

THE CAMPAIGN FOR CHANGE Welfare Reform is here, now we must work together help our most vulnerable

Springburn (East) Ned Donaldson House, 50 Reidhouse Street Springburn, Glasgow, G21 4LS Tel: 0141 560 6000 Possilpark (West) 252 Saracen Street, Possilpark, Glasgow, G22 5LF Tel: 0141 336 1300

GEMAP Scotland ltd Phone:0141 773 5850 Email:

Log onto to find your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau

Milnbank Housing Association 53 Ballindalloch Drive, Dennistoun, Glasgow G31 3DQ Tel: 0141 - 551 8131

For General Enquiries please call: 0844 892 0321

GHA Shop,173 Trongate , Glasgow ,G1 5HF Tel: 0141 274 6460

As the full horror of Welfare Reform starts to bite, communities across the country are starting to pay the price. The most publicised cut is the change in Housing Benefit, also known as ‘The Bedroom Tax.’ This will see social tenants penalised for having ‘spare’ rooms without taking into account any of the reasons or circumstances of the tenant. But there are other painful changes ahead that we need to be aware of coming down the track. The ReGEN has been at the forefront of making people aware of the reforms, but we must also start the campaign to reverse the disastrous decisions of the Government’s flawed logic. In this edition, we interviewed someone who not only has to cope with the attack on housing, but also ensure that struggling tenants are helped as much as possible at this difficult time. Here we interview Milnbank Housing Association Director Alan Benson. Milnbank HA are located in Ballindalloch Drive, Dennistoun, and have housing stock located in Dennistoun and Haghill. Name: Alan Benson Job: Director, Milnbank HA As a Director of a community based housing provider, how have you prepared your tenants for the changes? “We’ve spent that the last 5 or 6 months trying to raise awareness about how people’s benefits will change across the board. Most people have concentrated on ‘The Bedroom Tax’ since that was the first one to hit, but there is a lot more to come.

“The ironic thing we are discovering is that there are huge amounts of unclaimed benefit at the minute. With the help of GEMAP we have helped our tenants with an additional £300,000 worth of successful benefit claims over the past few months. These are things like Working Tax Credits that people are entitled to so we are trying to raise awareness of this as well. What else can your tenants expect to see change in due to welfare reform? “The next big change we are expecting is the change from Disability Living Allowance (DLA) to PIP (Personal Independence Payment) happening soon. And then there is the Universal Credit which will be another huge worry for many of our tenants. We are in the process of making people aware of this and also ensuring our housing officer’s are equipped with the knowledge to help deal with questions from residents. “With ‘The Bedroom Tax’ alone, 205 of our most vulnerable tenants are affected. That is £93,000 a year that some of the poorest in our communities will be expected to pay. It’s the equivalent of a 2% rent increase to all our tenants. The government have imposed these changes, what are concerns you have as a registered social landlord? “I am coming from the position that we should start to channel our efforts into making sure that the changes to Housing Benefit are scrapped and that we can have a situation where people don’t

fear for their home. “Community organisations are going to have to start to work together in opposition to things like the bedroom tax because we need to be united. The danger is we have the potential for community groups being at odds with each other if the response to the bedroom tax becomes only a no eviction campaign. The worst thing possible is for the community to be divided in its opposition to these changes. What will happen if people cannot afford to pay ‘The Bedroom Tax’? “We are a community owned organisation and rely on rents to operate. If people don’t pay their rent then it harms the community. We did some work in advance of the Housing Benefit changes and we reckon that if we have 9 or 10% arrears, our ability to

operate effectively is seriously compromised. We would struggle to maintain our current repairs and maintenance service as well as other things like welfare advice and anti social behaviour services. Will the cut in Housing Benefit save the Government money? “The Government have already admitted that the Housing Benefit changes will not actually save money. The public purse will still be getting hit. “The overall cost of evicting somebody can be as much as £40,000. That may seem excessive, but we have to factor in the statutory obligations that Council’s have to house someone who is homeless and the combined costs of administration, repairs and rent loss have to be taken into account. Clearly, this policy has not been thought through. Is there a danger that the quality of the housing stock will suffer? “We have to be wary of a race to the bottom that we have seen in the past with council housing in Glasgow. As the investment level in housing drops, we see fewer services in the community with cutbacks leading to poorer levels of repairs. As a result the quality of the houses will be adversely affected. Taking money away from people in this way won’t save the tax payer money, and it penalises entire communities not just our tenants. What is the future

for tenants affected by ‘The Bedroom Tax’ and other benefit changes? “I think there are two aspects to this. We are going to see an increase in the existing housing problems that we currently face. As people will be forced into 1 bedroom houses, the added demand will mean people who would normally rent these types of houses will face a struggle to get them. We simply don’t have enough properties in the first place so it will be impossible to help everyone affected by the Bedroom Tax within our sector. “The other thing we need to do is make sure that people are given hope that future governments will change this policy. We need to work together and campaign to reverse the current situation. Does Welfare Reform actually encourage people to work? “One of the biggest tragedies we have at the minute is that we know of tenants who want to work and get a job, but really struggle because they can’t find permanent full-time employment. Our analysis of rent arrears shows that people who are in temporary or part-time employment and zero hour contracts find it most difficult as they find themselves in and out of the benefit system on a regular basis. The irony is that government will claim these are the type of people they want to help, but the system is stacked against them. The government objective of reforming the welfare system in order to encourage people back to work is fundamentally flawed if there are no real jobs available. “We need to help people get out of the benefits trap, but the government are going the wrong way about it.”


GLASGOW MSP Bob Doris addressed an event in Maryhill this month to celebrate parenting in the city. The event, held by Choices – One Parent Families Scotland, heard from several Maryhill mums who had worked with the organisation and who gave personal testimonies of how One Parent Families Scotland had helped them. The organisation runs a weekly group for local lone parents and offers various forms of support. It also runs a free helpline which anyone can call on 0808 801 0323. Speaking at the event, Mr Doris said: “These Maryhill mums do a remarkable job every day of the week, raising children in what is often very difficult circumstances. “Many of them told me they are struggling due to the UK welfare reforms. Nearly 9,000 lone parent families are being hit by the Bedroom Tax, and Child Benefit reforms will lead to a cut of £1,000 for parents with two children. “The help and support offered by One Parent Families Scotland is vital to supporting local mums, and I would urge anyone

who would benefit from the service to get in touch. “Today was about celebrating the hard work of being a parent.” Pictured at the event is Cllr Martin Rhodes, Marion

Davis (Policy Development and Training Manager, Choices – One Parent Families Scotland), Fiona Forsyth (Director, Choices – One Parent Families Scotland), Bob Doris MSP and Cllr John Letford.

April 2013

CLEANING UP AND CASHING IN GHA staff in £2k scrap metal charity boost

Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) environmental staff have raised thousands of pounds for charity by recycling scrap metal. GHA’s Neighbourhood Environmental Teams (NETs) collected discarded household items such as old washing machines and microwaves from back courts and bin shelters and sold them on.

y Ahealn alth bene lotment has man fits for you,

And as well as helping keep GHA neighbourhoods spick and span, the teams have boosted the coffers of Yorkhill Children’s Foundation – GHA’s charity of the year for 2012 – by more than £2,000. The NETs team from the West and South of the city collected around 14 tons of scrap metal – which would otherwise have ended up in landfill.

GHA Chair Gordon Sloan said: “Our NETs teams do a great job in keeping our communities clean and collecting these unwanted items has been really good for the environment in our communities. “It’s also been a fantastic way of raising muchneeded funds for Yorkhill Children’s Foundation.”

your family and friends.

A great way to eat healthy and stay fit. A pastime that all the family can enjoy together. in Spfend time outdoors rather than stuck f ront o the TV. For a small yearly fee you could soon be reaping in the Kings Place in Lambhill,* rewards. The 9.43 acre site at p have allotment lots available for you to rent now. Alternatively, why don,t you join with friends and neif ghbours you could share the workload and cost ~ g o runnin the allotment. To keep updated on developments or to reserve a plot, contact: * Behind The FiLLing STATion & ShoPS on BALmore roAd.


LambhiLL S tab LeS , 11 CanaL bank nort h, LambhiLL brid ge, gLa S gow, g22 6rd

e: aLLot ment S@LambhiLLS tabLeS .org

w w

t e L: 0141 945 4100


April 2013

GROUND BREAKING EPILEPSY Council calls for national enquiry into infant cremations UNIT OPENS IN GLASGOW GLASGOW City Council have called on the Scottish Government to extend their enquiry into the scandal of infant cremations after it was revealed that council run crematoriums may have misled families about the children’s remains. Enquiries were made to Glasgow City Council by concerned families after reports by BBC Scotland and The Daily Record that families were not fully informed about what happened to the ashes of their loved ones. A council statement said: “Following the recent publicity about Mortonhall crematorium in Edinburgh, Glasgow City Council received a number of inquiries from bereaved parents whose children were cremated in GCC crematoria. For the most part these inquiries came from parents who had been told by their funeral director or midwife that there were, or would be, no remains following the cremation. “Following those inquiries we carried out a brief internal review of our processes. That review found no cases where we were able to recover remains, where we were

instructed to return them, and where we failed to do so. “The initial review considered a sample of 120 cases from the 2385 infant cremations we have carried out in the last 15 years. The next phase of the review will look at the remainder of the cases and consider whether our procedures have been correctly carried out in all cases. “We will be writing to the Scottish Government asking them to consider launching a nationwide inquiry into the policies and practices of all crematoria in Scotland, public and private, as well as the policies and practices of funeral directors and the NHS. We hope such an inquiry will give answers

to parents who are rightly angry to discover that something they believed for years was not true, but just as importantly lead to national guidance which will be followed by all crematoria in Scotland and by all funeral directors and NHS staff who deal with bereaved parents.”

Patricia Ferguson MSP For advice or assistance please contact: Constituency Office, 43 Atlas Road, Glasgow G21 4TA Tel: 0141 558 9483. Email: Website: Working hard for the communities of Acre, Ashfield, Balgrayhill, Balornock, Cadder, Carron, Colston, Cowlairs, Gairbraid, Germiston, Hamiltonhill, Kelvindale, Keppochhill, Kirklee, Lambhill, Maryhill, Maryhill Park, Milton, Parkhouse, Petershill, Port Dundas, Possilpark, Royston, Ruchill, Sighthill, Springburn, Summerston and Wyndford.

Surgery Details 11.30am: Maryhill Hub 186 Wyndford Road, G20 8HF

1st Monday of the month 4pm: Springburn Alive & Kicking Project, 94 Red Road, G21 4PH 5.30pm: St Monica's (Milton) Primary School, 200 Liddesdale Road, G22 7QH

providing a unique care package for patients.” Quarriers chief executive Paul Moore said: “Today marks the start of a new chapter in the history of the charity’s services for people with epilepsy, which have been going for more than a century. “Future generations of epilepsy patients from across the UK and further afield

will also benefit from the research and training that will take place at the William Quarrier Scottish Epilepsy Centre. “The vision of the charity’s founder, William Quarrier, is very much embodied in this new state-of-the-art centre which will truly transform lives.”

North Glasgow Residents Enjoy a Song, a Shimmy and a Sausage Roll

Member of the Scottish Parliament for Glasgow Maryhill & Springburn

1st Saturday of the month 10am: Kelvindale Primary School, 11 Dorchester Place, G12 0BP

UP to 100 patients a year will benefit from a new centre in Glasgow that aims to improve the quality of life for sufferers of epilepsy. The £6.4m William Quarrier Scottish Epilepsy Centre in Govan officially opened its doors last week and has started to take referrals already. The unit will specialise in treating those who have complex epilepsy or a diagnosis where the condition is uncertain. Deputy First Minister and former Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon MSP conducted the official opening of the centre. She said: “The William Quarrier Scottish Epilepsy Centre is the first of its kind to offer an enhanced service which will significantly improve quality of life for those living with the condition. “The centre is a great example of the third sector and NHS Scotland working together to build and deliver world-class services to people with epilepsy,

2nd Monday of the month 4pm: Lambhill Stables, 11 Canal Bank North (off Balmore Road), G22 6RD

4th Monday of the month 4pm: Roystonhill Recreation Centre, 15 Forrestfield Street, G21 2HG

5.30pm: Ledgowan Tenants' Hall 1 Ledgowan Place, G20 0JZ

5.30pm: Elmvale Primary School 712 Hawthorn Street, G22 6ED

3rd Monday of the month 4pm: K.A.T.S, 1 Fountainwell Square, Sighthill, G21 1RB

•There will be no surgeries on public holidays and no surgeries in schools during school holiday periods.

5.30pm: Possilpoint Community Centre, 130 Denmark Street, G22 5LQ

•Those unable to attend a surgery can be visited at home by arrangement. •For further information, or to make a surgery appointment, please contact the constituency office on 0141 558 9483.

The Scottish Parliament has legislative responsibility for: Health, Education, Transport, Housing, Economic Development, Enterprise, Culture, Environment, Rural Development and Justice

North Glasgow Residents are ‘young at heart’. Over 60 residents across Possilpark, Springburn and surrounding areas have been practicing their dance moves at the monthly ‘Song, Shimmy and Sausage Roll’ events that are held at Balgrayhill Community Hall. Entertainment has been provided by the fabulous singer, Tommy Twigg who now has a fan club in the North. The popularity of the events has increased and friendships are being formed with people from across sheltered housing complexes and residents from various areas. During these activities residents were asked for their views and ideas for future events and a full programme is being set up. Over the next few months there will be a number of organised visits to Museums and places of interest, afternoon tea, art workshops, Opera in a

Box, and computer training. Events will be held at a variety of venues and transport will be available for museum visits. If you would like information about our events then please contact ng homes Regeneration Manager Margaret Layden on 0141 630 4288. Events Coming Up… Friday 26th April and Friday 31st May between 1-4pm Song, Shimmy and Sausage Roll – Balgrayhill Community

Centre, 139 Balgrayhill Road Glasgow G21 3AE So why stay at home come and enjoy the fun and meet new people. One resident summed up what most of those attending have said, “The entertainment is great, I love it all and really enjoy myself. I don’t get out of the house much so these events are great and everyone mixes together and I have made new friends.”

April 2013


Parliamentary Patter Bob Doris MSP I write this as the Scottish Parliament returns from its Easter recess and prepares to debate a highly pertinent issue. The Scottish Government is leading a debate on universal services and will make a strong defence of the principle of universalism, which is currently under attack by the Labour and Tory parties. A case has to be made for the importance of things such as universal prescriptions for the sick, and bus passes for the elderly. The alternative is a slide towards the kind of rightwing politics we see at UK level, where access to essential services is dependent on the ability to pay. Of course, these services are not free: they are funded by taxpayers. Universal benefits are not a giveaway, or part of a “something-for-nothing society”, as Labour leader Johann Lamont infamously claimed. Let’s look at the two services I mentioned, starting with “free” prescriptions. The NHS has

here has not only escaped the privatisation agenda commenced in England under Tony Blair and accelerated by David Cameron, it has received a real-terms funding increase from the Scottish government. Someone needing medicine in England today may be charged £7.85 for each item on their prescription. In Scotland it is free. The cost of this approach to the Scottish NHS, which has a £12 billion budget, is around £50m, or £10 per person. Labour say this is too expensive - but over the last five years, despite this and other universal services, public spending in Scotland has accounted for a lower share of the economy than in England. Some ask why well-off people should get “free” prescriptions. First of all, it is less well-off people who benefit most from universalism. Before the SNP abolished charges, 600,000 adults in Scotland who had an income of under £16,000 had to pay for their prescriptions. Secondly, well-off people are taxed along with

Paul Martin MSP

Recently in Parliament I raised the issue of the importance of social landlords and the role that they play in our communities in the North and East of the city. When I was first elected in 1993 as a Councillor, it was clear that our council house stock needed major investment. Basic repairs took a long time to carry out and new builds had ground to a halt as the city was crippled by a debt of nearly £1bn in its housing department. It was clear that this model for providing decent housing at affordable rents was not working and that we as politicians needed to find a better way to help tenants across Glasgow. It is now 10 years since the GHA was

formed and it is quite easy to forget just how controversial it was at the time. There was a great deal of opposition to the move from the SNP and others to the move from Glasgow City Council Housing to the GHA, but having seen the problems tenants had faced for years at my surgeries it was clear we needed a change. Yes, the GHA are not perfect, however I know from my own surgeries and from my colleagues that people are no longer waiting weeks and weeks for basic repairs. And now, having seen so much progress in the improvement to our housing stock in Glasgow, we have a new challenge. The motion I put down in Parliament praises

everyone else to pay for our NHS. If you support taxing the rich more, why wait till they are ill to do it? Such arguments are a weak attempt to conflate the two separate matters of the universal service provided by the Scottish NHS, and taxation in general. A society that charges the ill for medicine is on the route to charging for a visit to a GP or to hospital. As for bus passes for the elderly, which Labour have also threatened to abolish if they return to power: in Scotland all over-60s get a bus pass. For many, this is a lifeline which not only helps with their household budget, but prevents from becoming socially isolated. But what about the well-off pensioner? Labour and the Tories ask why they should benefit from this. But has that pensioner not paid taxes for the best part of their lives? How is that something for nothing? In addition, bus companies are reimbursed based on journeys taken, not bus passes held. A pensioner who

the work of community based landlords and the important role that they play in building the communities that they serve. But this work is in jeopardy because of the Scottish Government’s decision to cut new build and development funding to Housing Associations in Glasgow. It’s had support from across the Parliament so I am hoping that we can bring the debate to the floor of the chamber. Let’s face it, Glasgow has been getting a raw deal from the Edinburgh Government ever since the SNP came to power in 2007. But the reduction from £78.5m to £50.9m will mean higher rents for tenants in Glasgow, and higher borrowing costs for community based housing

drives a car and never uses their bus pass will incur no cost to the public. Imagine a society where only the absolute poorest get their medicine free at the point of need: a society which divides our pensioners into the haves and the have-nots. It’s a divisive and corrosive thing to do, and will ultimately undermine social provision of services. I don’t want a Scotland where some people ask why they pay taxes to the state but receive nothing in return. Universal services benefit all of society, ensuring that the social contract between Government and communities remains strong, and that taxation is seen as a duty. Following the death of Margaret Thatcher, the Greens and independent MSPs have arranged a parliamentary debate on the theme of “there is such a thing as society”. I agree with them: there is such a thing as society, and universal services are a fundamental part of that.

3rd Floor, Empire House 131 West Nile Street, Glasgow G1 2RX Tel: 0141 353 0784 email: bob.dorris.msp@

associations. Whenever the ReGEN has carried it’s Housing Feature, I am always heartened to see the improvements in the fabric our housing stocks as well as the growth in our communities. However, if the SNP Government continues to punish Glasgow then it will be impossible to enable our community based landlords to provide the highest standard accommodation at affordable rents. If you would like to contact me about this or any other issue then please do not hesitate to get in contact with me on 0141 564 1364 or on paul.

Patricia Ferguson MSP The date of the referendum on whether Scotland separates from the UK has been announced as the 18th September 2014. Confirmation of the date means that there are just over 500 days for voters to be given the information they need to make an informed decision. I know from meeting constituents that there are a huge number of questions that they want answered. For a long time now the Scottish Government has made claims that

have been proven not to be the case. Statements have been made about the relationship between an independent Scotland and the Bank of England, our place in the European Union, and the economic strength of an independent Scotland. One by one public statements by the Scottish Government on these issues have been shown to be based on speculation rather than fact. Indeed, a Scottish Government document leaked last month showed that they have been saying one thing in

public and another thing in private. That’s why we now need the detail of what an independent Scotland would look like, and the facts to back this up. The First Minister has promised to bring forward his plans in the Autumn, possibly another 5 or 6 months from now. Myself and my Party colleagues think this is too long to wait. I supported Scottish Labour leader, Johann Lamont, when she called on the First Minister to publish his plans now.

I echoed this call in Parliament on the 21st March when I urged him to bring forward the facts about Scotland’s economy after his claims about an oil boom were discredited by the Office of Budget Responsibility If we are to have an honest and open debate we need the evidence based information to allow that to take place. We’ve already waited years for the date of the referendum we shouldn’t have to wait for many months more for the detail.

finances. Key to that is raising the numbers of women in work. But the biggest barrier to as many as one million women becoming economically active is the poor availability of affordable childcare. So shifting resources into providing households with at least 25 hours a week childcare or early years education at an affordable cost should be a priority for pro-growth and pro-equality welfare reform. Childcare costs gobble up as much as a third of families’ after-tax income in the UK, compared with just 9% in Denmark. In 2009, the UK under Labour was spending the joint third highest amounts in the OECD as a share of GDP in terms of cash benefits to families, but the Nordic countries were spending much more on supporting childcare. On pay, nearly a third of my constituents earn less than the level for a living wage, leading nearly 10,000 households to need subsidies through the tax credit and housing benefit systems to reach any kind of acceptable standard of living. The median wage is £3,200 lower in real terms now than it was in 2009,

and average families are losing four times more this year through the tighter squeeze on real wages than they will gain by the increase in the personal income tax allowance. As well as attacking living standards of 800,000 people in Scotland in this position through the 1% cap on tax credits which was introduced on 8 April, the Coalition is also questioning its commitment to the national minimum wage. In response, we should consider giving the Low Pay Commission a wider remit to consider the introduction of an affordable wage, bringing the living wage to those parts of the private sector, like the major corporations, where the costs of introduction are minimal, and where workers will benefit, as well as the economy from the boost to demand, and reduced rates of staff turnover. Our focus should be on welfare policy that works and reduces joblessness and inequality, not a politics of division pitched at the very worst sentiments of human nature.

Patricia Ferguson MSP 43 Atlas Road Glasgow G21 4TA t: 0141 558 9483 patricia.ferguson.msp@

Willie Bain MP The debate on welfare has become increasingly polarised in recent weeks by Tory ministers regrettably trying to use extreme individual cases and instances of appalling criminal behaviour to draw divisions between what they regard as the deserving and undeserving poor, and to turn attention away from their own calamitous economic performance. The Right want to turn neighbour against neighbour, and shift their focus away from the skyrocketing wealth of the super-rich, or from the role of Government in securing the conditions for greater equality which is a prerequisite for lasting economic growth. Whatever, trying to conduct a debate on welfare by arguing that a majority of benefit recipients are scroungers or layabouts is deeply irresponsible, divisive, and corrosive of social solidarity. We need facts to drive the debate, not simply assertion or prejudice. The constituents I meet who struggle with low paid part-time work in a weak jobs market are forced on to housing benefit because of high rental costs and declining real wages. That,

and the fact we have 2.5m people officially unemployed and over 6m people desperately seeking full-time work is the reason the benefits bill remains stubbornly high – according to the OECD we spend 5.9% of GDP on cash benefits, but we spent even more in 1980, at some 6.4% of GDP. In comparison with other major countries, the UK is neither a particularly big nor low spender on welfare. Where we need to recast the welfare state is around three main areas – full employment, higher pay, and stronger family services. To simply restore the employment rate to its pre-economic crisis levels would require the creation of 850,000 additional jobs now. To get to a situation of reducing structural unemployment to 3%, we need active labour market policies, like a jobs guarantee for the long-term jobless, such as those which put Sweden back to work in the 1990s as well as cutting its deficit too. Only by increasing the levels of participation in the jobs market can we generate the growth and tax revenues required to restore our public

William Bain MP Shadow Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs Minister Labour MP for Glasgow North East Westminster Office: 0207-219-7527; Constituency Office: 0141-557-2513 E-mail: Twitter: Facebook:


April 2013

Stop Stalking in its Tracks STALKING victim Ann Moulds has helped launch a Glasgow campaign highlighting the warning signs of a crime that ruins lives. Ann is backing a new multiagency campaign designed to make people aware of the early indicators of stalking and urging them to seek help. Glasgow Community & Safety Services (GCSS) have produced two short films outlining how incidents which might seem innocent in isolation can actually be signs of stalking. Stalking is insidious and on the increase due to widespread use of new technology. Social networking sites make it easy for people, including those with bad intentions, to learn details about you and your life and computers and mobile phones give them virtual access to your home. The films explode the myth that people are mainly stalked by strangers when it can be an acquaintance, colleague or, most commonly, a former intimate partner. They were unveiled at the Glasgow Film Theatre on

(April16th) and launched on twitter and Youtube. The event preceded National Stalking Awareness Day on April 18th. The films were scripted and commissioned by Glasgow Community & Safety Services (GCSS) in partnership with the city’s Violence Against Women Partnership. As well as being posted on social media, they will also be screened in Glasgow’s Best Bar None venues including the Arches and The Society Rooms. Partners in the project include

GCSS, Glasgow City Council, Police Scotland, Rape Crisis Scotland and Action Scotland Against Stalking. Councillor Jim Coleman, Chair of the Glasgow Violence Against Women Partnership, said: “The initial signs of stalking can be insidious but these films are designed to help people identify the warning signs and encourage them to seek support before a situation develops into something really sinister. “Often people feel helpless and alone but there is no need

to suffer in silence. Help and advice is out there for anyone suffering unwanted attention.” Often people suffering unwanted attention may not initially recognise it as stalking. Warnings signs can include unwanted gifts or texts messages, a work colleague interfering with personal items on your desk or an acquaintance turning up at a venue where they know you will be. Sometimes stalkers create a crisis for their targets so they can come to their rescue. This could

Crimestoppers: 0800 555 111 information can be given anonymously.

GANG FIGHTING – RUCHILL POLICE Scotland is appealing for information and cooperation from the residents in the vicinity of Ruchill Park, in relation to recent gang fighting in the area. These incidents have been occurring in the evenings from around 6.30pm onwards and involve groups of youths fighting with each other within Ruchill Park and the neighbouring streets. There have been reports from residents that some of the youths have been in possession of knives and large stones. Six youths have been charged with various gang related offences and Police Scotland is currently deploying additional resources in the area. Local Area Commander Ann Hughes is concerned that someone is going to be seriously hurt and is asking local residents to ensure they know the whereabouts of include something like your mobile phone or keys going missing only to be “found” and returned by the perpetrator. Ann Moulds was the victim of a harrowing stalking case which still haunts her years later. Her tormentor was eventually convicted in court and sentenced to community service but Ann felt compelled to move 80 miles to get away from him - leaving her business, home, family and friends. The experience had such an impact on her life that she went on to launch an awardwinning campaign. Action Scotland Against Stalking (ASAS) which helps victims and successfully campaigned for stalking to be made a specific offence in Scotland. ASAS quickly became an international campaign and England and Wales introduced anti stalking legislation in 2012. (Note: Ann is available for interview.) Since 2010, police across Scotland have investigated 1001 stalking cases and 761 people have been reported to the Procurator Fiscal. Detective Chief Inspector Craig Willison of Police Scotland’s Domestic Abuse Taskforce said: “Stalking and harassment are completely unacceptable and have been a criminal offence in Scotland since December 2010. “Stalking exists in many forms - it could be unwanted attention or behaviour from an ex-partner for

their children at night. She says “We are working closely with our partners in Social Work, Glasgow Community & Safety Services and local housing associations to address this issue and have already jointly visited a number of parents of young people involved in or on the periphery of the gang fighting.” “I need the support of the local community and in particular parents, to make sure with the lighter nights, that they know where and what their children are up to. The message is clear. This needs to stop before someone gets hurt.” If you have any information in relation to this issue, please contact the local community police team on 101 or by email MaryhillKelvinCPT@scotland.

example, and could include telephone calls, texts or more threatening behaviours such as appearing at your workplace or home unannounced and unwarranted. These types of behaviours can be terrifying, debilitating and can seriously affect a person’s quality of life in so many ways. “I would urge any person experiencing such unwanted attention to get in touch with police - we will provide you with advice and refer you to one of our partner agencies for support. If you feel you are a victim of stalking or harassment, please seek help.” Glasgow Bailie Nina Baker got involved in setting up the campaign after meeting Ann Moulds and hearing about her work. She said: “Stalking is something we hear about happening to high profile celebrities or when it ends in tragedy but it also happens to ordinary people whose lives can be ruined even if it does not develop into violence. “Through this campaign, we want people to recognise the early warning signs of stalking and to seek help before it progresses.” Anyone who fears they may be a victim of stalking should contact Police Scotland , the National Stalking Helpline on 0808 802 0300 or Action Scotland against Stalking by emailing stalking.scotland@

Green in 2013– What’s happening in North Glasgow? Elmvale Primary School P4/5 pupils participated in Climate Week activities recently at Balgrayhill in partnership with fantastic sports legacy volunteers, nghomes, Zero Waste Scotland’s Love Food Hate Waste campaign and Glasgow Community and Safety Services. Pupils worked hard in freezing cold conditions to complete a recycling litter pick around Balgrayhill

Community Centre where they collected 2 bags of rubbish and 3 bags of recycling. They then headed up to 198 Balgrayhill multi storey flat entrances where they learned how to reduce food waste, save money and keep their fruit and vegetables fresher for longer and in the afternoon they planted seeds in plant pots to take home to grow and ask their parents if they are interested in becoming

Green Community Champions – Wednesday 8th of May 2013 – 6pm

Ron Davey Enterprise Centre, 10 Vulcan Street, Springburn, Glasgow G21 4BP Last year, nghomes tenants secured funding from the Climate Challenge Fund and Zero Waste Scotland to address climate change issues specifically trying to reduce and recycle waste, reduce energy costs and home energy use, growing your own food and setting up a food bank. A group called Community Green Champions will be formed so that local people can come together to address these issues. Each month will have a different theme in relation to climate change and there will be opportunities to access training, suggest new projects, events and/or activities. We will have the 1st meeting at the Ron Davey Enterprise Centre in Vulcan

Street on the 8th of May at 6pm, if you would like to attend and have children then please feel free to bring them along. We will provide refreshments and expect the workshops to last a maximum of 2hours. If you would like to get involved then please contact; Sarah Robinson on tel: 0141-630-4281 or email:srobinson@

Upcoming Green Events Please check www. for up-coming event details and if you would like more information about any of the above events, please contact Sarah Robinson on 0141-630-4281 or email on srobinson@

Are you interested in: Waste - Reducing, Re-using and Recycling? Saving Money and Saving Energy at Home? Growing Your Own Food? If you answered yes to any of the above, then come along to our Community Green Champions workshops. We will have cakes, tea, coffee and lots of fun!

All Welcome!!! Young people must be accompanied by an adult. Wednesday 8th of May 2013 – 6pm Ron Davey Enterprise Centre, 10 Vulcan Street, Springburn, Glasgow G21 2BP Contact: Sarah Robinson for more details or 0141-630-4252

April - Balgrayhill Families Environment Group May - Grow Your Own Food workshops June - Recycling workshops Sunday 2nd of June - Big Lunch Balgrayhill Community Centre 12-2pm

Balgrayhill Goes Recycling Crazy! Since introducing the Waste Improvement Plan last year, ng homes tenants at Balgrayhill have been recycling crazy. The chute recycling day on average fills 12 large Taylor bins per week, the clothing banks have recycled 350kg and the glass and bulk recycling continues at a good rate. Sarah Robinson, Climate Challenge Officer said: “Well done everyone at Balgrayhill for your efforts to recycle, it has a great carbon saving so keep up the excellent work. We are in discussions with the council about rolling out recycling to other properties so watch this space for future recycling opportunities.” Staff at nghomes are also working hard to reduce and recycle waste in the offices and have been collecting cans, recycling ink cartridges and reducing paper waste. We are currently introducing our own Office Green Champions who will be involved in reducing waste, increasing recycling and reducing energy use.

raising environmental issues in North Glasgow North Glasgow Housing Association

x ban Fo The Ugrramme Pro 001 - 59 Final full version black & white



involved in our Community Green Champions activities. If you’re interested in becoming a Community Green Champion or would like your school to participate in the School Community Green Champions, please contact; Sarah Robinson on tel: 0141-630-4281 or email:

Community Green Champions

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He said: “I think they will do us Head Coach Iain King and his backroom staff have already proud in the Denmark Cup. “It was heartening to see been impressed with the talent the West boys look to play on view at training sessions and possession football all the friendly games against Boys’ time, and play their way out of Club and Pro-Youth teams. trouble.” The latest encouraging signs came during a 5-2 win against Iain King revealed: “The Motherwell F.C. (2000 team) at players are progressing and their discipline in playing to the K-Park Academy, East Kilbride. system we have set out has Three 30-minute periods were kicked-off in style, when been excellent.” Meanwhile, West Region Steven Robertson slid home Under-19s stunned Drumchapel their opening goal, and a Scott Simpson cut-back was finished United Under-21 with a 5-3 by Andy Dallas. friendly victory at Braehead. Matt Humphries (2) and man Robertson added No 3, and of the match Paddy Woods although ‘Well reduced the netted first half goals. United leeway after a raft of changes, struck twice on the re-start, normal service was resumed but Humphries raced clear to through Alberto Vezza and Kyle complete his hat-trick. McDonald on the hour mark. Drumchapel replied again, and Motherwell netted a second Kyle Gallacher wrapped up an goal in the final 30 minute slot, excellent display with a fifth and Fir Park Head of Children’s West goal. Football, Paul line-up Burns, was very PRE-MATCH of the South West and West Region Under-16 squads. West secured a 2-1 victory and now await impressed with their hosts.

their Inter-Regional Cup final opponents from the East Conference programme.


SYFA West Region chiefs

in the previous Central match,

A delighted, but nervous the net. West coach Davie Cartwright Goalkeeper Ben Collinson admitted: “The players made a terrific double save SHETTLESTON Juniors visit Larkhall following Thistle’s Gasworks had to dig deep, butwill sheer a South Park Westin the sponsored Euro Engineering Central League Cup first round. The determination saw us through. free kick as the homesters winner meet at Provanmillattempted Park, Garngad in round “Wellwill done to St allRoch the players to pull level two. before


VALE OF CLYDE, who received a first round bye, are away to Kirkintilloch Rob Roy.

are required. Training Tuesday and Thursday at Petershill Park (7pm-9pm). Contact 07595947196.


THE prospect of representing Scotland at this summer’s Denmark Cup should hold no fears for the brand-new SYFA West Region Under-14 Squad.

are celebrating a fifth for players and game.”January 1, 1999. FINNART BC are looking bornthis on/after Training at Crownpoint (every Thursday), andcould play home games on a consecutive Inter-Regional West not have asked Sunday at Glasgow on 07717723149 email Cup final place. Green. Call Mark Ainslie for a better start. Afteror three DENNISTOUN AMATEURS, who playCallaghan in the West of The Under-16 squad minutes, Mark Scotland Football South League, arethreaded seeking quality (all needingAmateur a draw against a passadult intoplayers the feet positions). The-team train aand games at Whitehill School, West Region recorded 2-1 play home of Kevin Lavelle, who moved Dennistoun. Anyone interested should contact 07801394113. CELTIC Friday night victory on Ayrshire past his opponent and cracked Boys’ Club require an experienced goalkeeper for the 1999 age group soil. a dipping 20 yard shot high into team. Call Brian McGarvey on 0141 583 1282

MARYHILL 1998 team seek players ( all positions). Call 07972693263. PETERSHILL 2001 are moving


the interval. substitute Craig Cowan to Seven minutes into second outjump everyone and direct SCOTTISH Amateur Football League are taking applications for next season. half, South West did equalise his header into the net off a Clubs should contact Mike McLean with background information about their when Hume was and home ground post. location. Contact Mr McLean history,Andrew committee members penalised for a tackle inside Over the closing minutes, via email: the penalty area, and Collinson Kieran Hughes and Chris from WEST of Scotland Amateur Football League will accept memberships new and teams for the 2013-2014 season. OfficialsPrimescout require to could notexisting stop the resultant Dooley - voted consider all applications by February 28. Man Call secretary Terrence Harding on spot kick. of the Match - almost 0141 946 7903 or 07732965319 or email With the game opening up added to the visitors’ tally. in midfield, South West hit the West Region will now bar, and David Coyle shot over meet the winner of the East at the other end. Conference set-up, and they ADULT netball players are required for a new team training every Thursday 72 minutes West grabbed won’t be Glasgow lacking confidence at On Smithycroft Primary School, Smithycroft Road, G33. Said coach whatMacMillan: proved to“I be winner. after having this last agemonth Julie amthe looking for all abilities, and afterwon starting we haveGraham a good crossed bunch of for girls. Anyone interested Julie on Aarron group for thecan pastcontact four years.


07999845557, or email The netball sessions run from 6.30pm-8.30pm.

SYFA West Region chiefs have confirmed Petershill Park will host all of the sponsored Only Sport Regional Cup finals on the weekend of June 8/9.


RANGERS SABC requires coaches for their 2001 team and to assist the progression into 11-a-side football. Call Kyle Stewart on 07780331418.

HAMPDEN DATE THE Scottish Youth Football Association Annual General


ASHFIELD Juniors have extended

Meeting will take place at Hampden Park on Saturday, June 15. Club delegates must attend. the contracts of Mark Thomson, Robert Wright, Gary McCann and Chris Hall until 2014.


GLASGOW PERTHSHIRE have brought in defender Chris Paul, who had spells at PETERSHILL Juniors have signed St Anthony and Glencairn, and former Pollok Juniors and St midfielder Mark Begg on loan Anthony goalkeeper Graham KYLE GALLACHER... wearing No 17 from East Stirlingshire. Black.

blue shirt, netted for the SYFA West Region in their 5-3 victory against Drumchapel United.


3 - Parkhead v Springburn. May 10 - Carmyle v Springburn. May SPRINGBURN are facing the 17 - Springburn v Riddrie. May 24 prospect of fixtures against three - Springburn v Baillieston. May clubs who were relegated with 31 - Tollcross v Springburn. them fromAFC Division One of the WELLSHOT are through to the quarter-finals of the Mediaspec Clubs 4-1. should notelast results have Glasgow North League Cup afterEastern beatingLeague Springhall Spartans Other 16 results: to be telephoned their League last seasonDynamo - Parkhead, Carmyle 1; Cumbernauld Castlemilk 5, Beechwood Colts to 2, Southside Friday, and and Baillieston. Whitecart 5; Drumchapel 2, ManhattanSecretary Blacks 0;every Haldane 3, Eastfield 2; will beVogue updated The new Two1; Treble 2 AFCplacings Quayside 5,Division Crownpoint 1, Rutherglen 2. on the Garrowhill Bowling Club website programme reads: April 26 under “News”. Springburn v Springboig. May



BELLGROVE AFC have been handed a boost in the draw for the last 16 of the sponsored GlassCo Cup by entertaining F.C. Polonia. ST ROCH United Junior Football Club Rovers meet of June. Phoenix and Eastend in what should be a cracking are renting their Provanmill Contactvthe club’s Commercial pairing. The out remaining cup ties are Thornwood Cumbernauld Colts; Park facilities pitch and on 07833666754 or Castlemilk East( vgrass Southside Whitecart;Manager Beechwood Athletic v Gartferry; dressing rooms ) until the end Dynamo; email Springhall Spartans v Castlemilk Milton v Treble 2 AFC; Northend v Manhattan Blacks. Dates to be arranged.

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