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Friday 11th March 2011

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Shandwick Saviour for Women’s Centre SHANDWICK Square Shopping Centre manager Renia Tysler certainly came up trumphs as far as Easterhouse Women’s Centre group were concerned earlier this week. A couple of years ago following a flood at the Women’s Centre in Boyndie Street Easterhouse, (within the old St George and St Peter’s Church Building), the group had to find new temporary premises and after hearing about their plight Renia approached her “Big Bosses� about giving them space within the Shandwick Square Shopping Centre. This arrangement continued until it became time for the Women’s Centre to move back to Boyndie Street where they have now settled in to the excellent new church building. While based at the Shopping Centre, Renia and her management team were able to see for themselves, just what a tremendous project the Women’s Centre was and how it was a lifeline for

many local residents on a weekly basis. Little did the group know that when they had to find the temporary premises, it was about to be the start of a great news story for the members. British Land (the Shandwick Square Shopping centre parent company), are well known for helping out deserving causes and every so often they approach their centre managers to recommend a local good cause. Renia thought about the Women’s Centre Group and put their name forward, thankfully the British Land management agreed and this week the Re-Gen caught up with the group to capture Renia handing over a cheque for £8750-00 to Cathie McLay (Chairperson of Women’s Centre). This is the first of three cheques to be awarded to the group over the next three years and these will go a massive way towards planned courses to be run within the Centre. Since forming in Shandwick Street/ Arnisdale Street away back in the 1980’s

the Women’s Centre has continually worked with local women and the ReGen remembers calling in to the Flat at Shandwick to take pictures of many of the members working on various projects. Now with the award from Shandwick Square Shopping Centre these courses will be able to continue. Decoupage classes were always very

popular and these along with Alternative Therapy, Sewing/Mending, Reiki Healing and Keep Fit Courses are now back on the Menu at Boyndie Street thanks to British Land’s generosity. The Women’s Centre members must be some of the friendliest people in the area and there is a cuppa on hand as soon as a visitor appears, now

with the new funding/ sponsorship the smiles will be even bigger and as for the cups, there will be no time for tea drinking with all these new classes starting. Congratulations on your award and well done Renia and the staff at Shandwick Square Shopping Centre for recognising a great cause and one that will appreciate the donation.

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Friday 11th March 2011




Friday Friday 28th 28th January January 2011 2011


Friday 28th January 2011

light Margaret the proposed to vital community lifeline INDUSTRY AWARDS The newly redeveloped Bridgetonchanges breastfeeding support and parenting year, provides an extended range ofMcAveety Curran MP and Frank MSP highHealth health services to a local population groups. Taken together these DENTAL PRACTICE AT TOP UK Margaret and Margaret Curran Curran andCentre was officially opened light the proposed changes to vital community lifeline INDUSTRY AWARDS



this week by Andrew Robertson, significant achievements, building of more than 23,000 residents in Frank visited Frank McAveety McAveety visited Re-GEN Chairman of NHS Greater Glasgow state-of-the-art, fit for purpose on the excellent existing services, Friday 28th January 2011 Baillieston post office Baillieston post office Margaret Curran and Re-GEN Friday 28th January 2011 and Clyde (NHSGGC). mean that even more people can facilities. Bridgeton’s new facilities at to Frank McAveety visited at the the weekend weekend to Baillieston post The Board has office invested £1.5 million and services include a redesigned and be treated locally, Health Secretary congratulate Mark Adrian congratulate Mark Adrian aton the weekend and the and his his staff staff on the refurbishing andto extending the larger pharmacy area, a physiotherapy Nicola Sturgeon said: “Around £1.5 Adrian service from and the service run run congratulate from and the Centre and atMark a special ceremony Mr exercise gym to assess and treat million has been invested by the and his staff on the success Post success of of Baillieston Baillieston Post Robertson unveiled a commemorative patients, and five new podiatry health board to refurbish and extend Margaret Curran and and the service run from Office. Office. Margaret plaque officially declaring treatment rooms, including nail Bridgeton Health Centre and it can Curran and Frank McAveety visited success ofand Baillieston Post They how They know know how valued Frank McAveety visited the valued new look Centre open. The surgery. Two new health education/ be seen in the excellent improved Baillieston post office Office. the post office is the local localat post office is to tooffice Baillieston post theThey weekend to know how valued redeveloped Centre, which opened meeting rooms have also been facilities that are now available for the of Baillieston. the people people of Baillieston. at the weekend to congratulate Mark Adrian the local post office isinto its doors to patients November last created to work with groups such as more than 23,000 patients. Even in This news in This is is great great news in congratulate Mark Adrian and his people staff on the ofthe Baillieston. the challenging financial times we Baillieston but Baillieston but legislation and hislegislation staff onnews the service run from and in the This is great now face, investment in primary care service run from the recently passed in the recently success passed in Baillieston the of Post Baillieston butand legislation remains a priority. That’s particularly success of Baillieston Post House Commons will House of ofOffice. Commons will recently passed in the The can The team team at at Spring Spring Grove Grove Clinic Clinic in in can provide provide the the same same level level of of treatment treatment Office. true when it means investing in They know House of how Commons will mean privatisation of mean the the privatisation ofvalued Barrachnie Garrowhill is options, care surroundings as Barrachnie Road Garrowhill iscelebrating celebrating options, care and surroundings as aa The teamRoad at Spring Grove Clinic in can provide theand same level of treatment They know how valued the fantastic achievement of winning large city centre based dental practice. the This local post is to theBarrachnie fantastic achievement ofiswinning large city centre based dental mean the office privatisation of Road Garrowhill celebrating options, care and surroundings aspractice. a primary care to make sure patients Royal leads to Royal Mail. Mail. This leads to news for the Bridgeton community Support) Staff, 10 Adult Services two of the top UK Private Dentistry Commenting, David Cunningham said, two of the top UK Private Dentistry Commenting, David Cunningham said, the fantastic achievement of winning large city centre based dental practice. local post office is to to the people of Baillieston. Royal Mail. This doubts the of doubts over over the future future of leads can access services as close to home Awards of 2010, Practice of the “The worked incredibly hard two the top namely UK Private Dentistry Commenting, David Cunningham said, Awards of 2010, namely Practice of(Staff the Nurses/Health “The team team has has worked incredibly hard to to which depends onof the Centre.” The Care Assistant) the doubts people of Baillieston. This is great news in over the future of the Awards of 2010, namely Practice the “The team hasGrove worked incredibly hard to the Post Post Office Office network network Year and Patient Care. ItIt was also make Spring Clinic aa fantastic place Year and Best Best Patient Care. wasof also make Spring Grove Clinic fantastic place as possible. Thisthe is great news in following is a break-down of some of Staff, 3 Treatment Room Staff, 11 Baillieston but legislation Post Office network Year and Best Patient Care. It was also make Spring Grove Clinic a fantastic place awarded for awarded runner runner up up in in Best Best Community Community for our our patients. patients. II am am delighted delighted that that our our which no be which can can no longer longer be “The newly-redeveloped Bridgeton awarded runner in Best Community for our patients. delighted by that ourtop Baillieston but no legislation recently passed inlonger the Charity Project and Outstanding efforts have recognised which can be Charity Project andup Outstanding Individual efforts have been recognised by the the top the many facilities available within theIndividual Administration Staff,been 4I am Physiotherapists, guaranteed in years guaranteed in the the yearsin the Charity Project and Outstanding Individual efforts have been recognised by thefocus top has of the Year along with being shortlisted UK industry professionals.” “My Health Centre is a fantastic resource for of the Year along with being shortlisted UK industry professionals.” “My focus has recently passed House of Commons will guaranteed in the years newly refurbished Health 6 Podiatrists, 5 Care Mental The team atBridgeton Spring Grove Clinic inshortlisted can provide thePrimary same level of treatment of the Year along with being UK industry professionals.” “My focus has to Margaret who to come. come.mean Margaret who for Practice and Best always been to patient for Most Most Attractive Attractive Practice and Best always been to provide provide excellent excellent patient House of Commons willwho privatisation of people throughout Bridgeton and the to the come. Margaret Barrachnie Road Garrowhill is celebrating options, carethe and surroundings as a for Most Attractive Practice and Best always been to provide excellent patient The team at Spring Grove Clinic in can provide same level of treatment Team. Winning the of care with the best dental Centre, Community Dental, Child Practitioners, 20 Child Team. Winning the Practice Practice of the the Health care withbased the very very best dental advice advice and and spoke the debate made spoke in inRoyal thespoke debate made the fantastic achievement ofiswinning large city centre dental practice. Team. Road Winning the Practice of the care with the very best dental and mean the privatisation Barrachnie Garrowhill celebrating options, care and surroundings a advicetime Mail. leads toofmade inThis the debate Calton.” Year and Best Patient Care Awards is aa treatment. II believe in as spending with Year and Best Patient Awards treatment. believe spending time two of the top UK Private Dentistry Commenting, David Cunningham said, Year and Best PatientCare Care Awards is is aDevelopment treatment. I believe in in spending time withwith Development Centre, Children & Centre Staff. In thepreventative the fantastic achievement ofFamily winning large city centre based dental practice. clear the legislation clear that that the legislation Royal Mail. This leads to doubts over the future of clear that the legislation great endorsement of the Spring Grove my patients, fully explaining great endorsement of the Spring Grove my patients, fully explaining preventative Awards of 2010, namely Practice of the “The team hasDavid worked incredibly to Mark Fienmann, North East Director, great endorsement of the Spring Grove my patients, fully explaininghard preventative two of the top UK Private Dentistry Commenting, Cunningham said, Services, District Nursing Services, GP newmake Pharmacy there are , to8to members is and is not is aa big big mistake mistake and isnetwork not Clinic teams’ commitment and treatment options them and doubts the future Clinic teams’ commitment to providing andtreatment treatment options to them the Post Office is a over big mistake andofis not Year and Best Patient Care. Itto was also Spring Grove Clinic a fantastic place Clinic teams’ commitment toproviding providing and options them and Awards of 2010, namely Practice of the “The team has worked incredibly hard toand Glasgow City Community Health affordable, money, community supporting them as they choose their affordable, value for money, community supporting them as they choose their awarded runner up infor Best Community for our patients. Ithem am delighted that our affordable, value for money, community supporting asCommunity choose their the Post Office network supported by the public. supported by the public. Year and Bestvalue Patient Care. It was also of staff make Spring Grove Clinic athey fantastic place Services, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, and within the which can no longer supported by thebe public. based, professional family oral and dental treatment plans. I am very grateful to based, professional family oral and dental treatment plans. I am very grateful to our our Charity Project and Outstanding Individual efforts have been recognised by the top based, professional family oral and dental for ourtreatment I am verythat grateful Partnership, said: “The new Centre the awarded runner up in Best Community patients. plans. I am delighted our to our which can no longer be took Margaret and Frank took in the Frank years Margaretguaranteed and Frank took Margaret and Urban Offices face living Barlanark to protect service.” Urban Post Post Offices often face person person living in in Barlanark steps to protect thethe service.” Urban Postoften Offices often person face living in Barlanark steps steps to protect service.” Treatment Room. Bridgeton Health Dental Practice ,for there isfantastic a“My Dentist, 5 in inin of the Year along with being shortlisted UK industry focus has health care, advice, support and patients their comments health care, advice, support andtreatment treatment patients for their fantastic health care, advice, support and treatment patients for their fantastic comments Charity Project and Outstanding Individual efforts haveprofessionals.” been recognised bycomments the top is a superb, modern, bright facility guaranteed in the years to come. Margaret the opportunity to make for Most Attractive Practice and Best always beenprofessionals.” to provide excellent patient the to make to an exceptionally high standard. The support of our Awards application.” the opportunity opportunity to make who different challenges frommay be unable McAveety says “ also an exceptionally high standard. The support of our Awards application.” At different from unable to to McAveety says ““Centre to an exceptionally high standard. The support our Awards application.” At the the different challenges challenges from may be bemay unable to get getto toget to Frank FrankFrank McAveety says ofto the Year with being shortlisted UK industry “My focus has hosts a along number of visiting Dental Nurses, 1of Dental Therapist, 1 At the Team. Winning thepractice Practice of the care with the to very best dental advice and award winning practice prides itselfon on Awards presentation, the Spring Grove Clinic to come. Margaret winning prides itself Awards presentation, the Spring Grove Clinic foraward Most Attractive Practice and Best always been provide excellent patient award winning practice prides itself on Awards presentation, the Spring Grove Clini spoke in the debate made which patients Privatisation and staff are already passing shoppers aware of in thosecommunities, in rural communities, any of theretailers large retailers Privatisation of the Royal which passing aware of passing shoppers shoppers aware ofwho those any of Royal those in rural rural communities, any of of the the large large retailers Privatisation of the the Royal services, include, AntiReceptionist and in the Private Dental Year and Bestfocussed Patient Care Awards is a treatment. Iwere believe in spending time with its patient focussed approach which is team were commended for excellence Team. Winning the Practice of the care with the very best dental advice and its patient approach which is team commended for excellence its patient focussed approach which is team were commended for excellence spoke in the madethey clear thedebate legislation the change to legislation and they with too deal with isolation in the community. A single has the term much enjoying. The Centre the to legislation and the change change tothat legislation and endorsement of efficient the Spring Grove my patients, fully explaining preventative too isolation in A single Mail has the term always courteous, efficient and across the forfor the state of of they too deal deal with isolation in the the community. community. A very single Mail Mail has the long longlong term Year and Best Patient Care Awards isfriendly, afriendly, treatment. Iall believe incategories, spending time with always courteous, and across all the categories, the state always courteous, efficient and friendly, across allofof of the categories, for the state of Coagulant,great Community Addictions, Practice there are 2 Dentists, 5team Dental clear that the them legislation is a asked big mistake andto is pledge notand represent teams’ commitment to providing treatment options to being them and within surroundings thatare areluxurious, luxurious, and the and a who strive and represent lifeline to 3 provides children and threat to jobs services Clinic great endorsement of the Spring Grove my patients, fully explaining preventative asked them to pledge set within surroundings that asked for for them tofor pledge the art facility, and being aa team who strive very best facilities for aa lifeline mother with children and threat to and services setset within surroundings that are luxurious, theart artfacility, facility, and being team who strive and represent lifelineato to mothermother with 33with children and the threat to jobs jobs andand services affordable, value for money, community them as they choose their Continence, Counselling / Primary Nurses / There are comfortable and welcoming. Heading up supporting toReceptionists. provide excellent patient care. Its’ efforts is a the big support mistake and is not a Clinic teams’ commitment to providing and treatment options to them and supported by the public. by signing their communities. We need without a car relies on local at a local level. I will be comfortable and welcoming. Heading to excellent patient care. Its’ comfortable andfamily welcoming. Heading up up to provide provide excellent patientto care. Its’ efforts effort the by aa the support support by signing signing their without local at local level. II will their communities. communities. We We need need without aa car car relies relies on on local based at aa localcare level. will be be based, professional andCunningham dental plans. I am grateful our community health services the clinical team is Droral David in raising funds tovery support Yorkhill Children’s affordable, value for is money, community supporting them as they choose their supported by Barlanark the public. the clinical team David Cunningham in raising funds to support Yorkhill Children’s Margaret and Frank tookPost Care Mental Health, Diabetic 8 GPtreatment Practices inECMO total with 18 GP’s, the clinical teamsupport is Dr DrClinics, David Cunningham infor raising funds towon support Yorkhill petition. Urban oftentoface livingthat in Barlanark to protect the service.” to Post take Offices action now ensureperson services the Post Office steps working with Margaret to health care, advice, and treatment their fantastic comments inour Children’s established his practice indental Garrowhill patients Hospital Unit the runner-up based,who professional family oral and treatment plans. I am very grateful to petition. Barlanark Post petition.Margaret Barlanark Post to take action now to ensure services that the Post Office working with Margaret to to take action now to ensure services that the Post Office working with Margaret to which the community can be rightly who established his practice in Garrowhill Hospital ECMO Unit won the runner-up who established his practice in Garrowhill Hospital ECMO Unit won the runner-up and Frank took Urban Post Offices often face person living in Barlanark steps to protect the service.” the opportunity to make to an exceptionally standard. The two support of our application.” At Office is currently for sale different challenges from be unable to legislation get to McAveety says “of over yearshigh ago. Winning these award forAwards Best Community Charity Project. that we do not end up in a mayprovides. This is Frank ensure the voices the Midwifery, Welfare Rights /Winning Money 13 Practice Nurses and 3comments Healthcare health care,14 advice, support and treatment patients for their fantastic in the Office currently for overAwards 14 ago. these award for Best Community Charity Project. Office is is passing currently for sale sale that do not end up in aa provides. This legislation the voices of the 14 years years ago. Winning these two award for Best Community Charity that we we do not end up infrom provides. This legislation is ensure the voices of award winning practice itself on two Awards presentation, the Grove Clinic recognises his firmly held belief Spring Grove Clinic isSpring a leader in providing the opportunity make of.Post I amensure delighted that to over an exceptionally highprides standard. The support of our Awards application.” At the Project. different challenges mayaof be unable to get tois Frank McAveety says “the shoppers aware and unless ato buyer isoffound those in rural communities, the large retailers Privatisation of Royal situation on which a large any forerunner ofproud many east endthis arethe heard and all Staffing Advice. within the Centre Assistants. Overall areas of Calton Awards recognises his firmly held belief Spring Grove Clinic is aa leader in providing Awards recognises his firmly held belief Spring Grovethe Clinic isexcellence leader in providing its patient focussed approach which is team were commended for that a community based dental practice, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, and a buyer is found and unless unless a buyer is found award winning practice prides itself on Awards presentation, the Spring Grove Clinic situation on which a large a forerunner of many Post east end are heard and all situation on which a large a forerunner of many Post east end are heard and all passing shoppers aware of Andrew Robertson (Chairman, NHSretailer Greater Glasgow and GCHP Markretailers those in rural communities, any ofDirector theclosures large Privatisation of the Royal are the change to legislation and its fate remains uncertain. they too deal with the community. A single we Mail has the long term redeveloped facility isthe operational, steps inisolation andClyde) takeswithin Office because local post offices that a community based dental practice, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, that a community based dental practice, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, courteous, efficient andwhich friendly, all of commended the categories, the of family where patient relationships and are across invisible braces, tooth whitening and its focussed approach is trust and team were forfor excellence comprisesalways of:patient Primary Care Services, 13 Bridgeton will certainly be state well its uncertain. its fate fate remains remains uncertain. retailer in and Office closures because we the local offices are retailer steps in and takes Office closures because we the local post offices are the Margaret change toCurran legislation and they too deal with in the A single Mail has the long term Fienmann Anne atsteps the unveiling of theisolation plaque to celebrate thecommunity. opening asked for them toand pledge where patient relationships and trust invisible braces, set within surroundings that arefriendly, luxurious, artdentistry. facility, and beingtooth a team who strive says Hawkins “ and represent a takes lifeline mother withtaking 3 of children andexcellent threat to post jobs and services where patient relationships and trust are are the invisible braces, tooth whitening and family family key, using the latest dental technology, over the service. An to elderly are not the necessary protected”. always courteous, efficient and across all of the categories, forwhitening the state ofand providing services to the Children and Family (Health bydentistry. the new improved comfortable and Heading up served to excellent patient care. facilities. Its’ efforts Margaret Curran says key, using the latest dental technology, Margaretthe Curran says the An not the necessary protected”. asked for them to pledge key, using thewelcoming. latestVisitors/ dental technology, dentistry. over the service. Anaelderly elderly arewithout not taking taking the necessary protected”. set within surroundings that are luxurious, theprovide art facility, and being a team who strive andservice. represent lifeline to are mother with 3relies children and threat to jobs and services support by““signing a over their communities. We need a car on local at a local level. I will be the refurbished health centre. THE


Margaret Curran MP and Frank McAveety MSP highMargaret Curran MP and Frank McAveety MSP highlight the proposed changes to vital community lifeline light the proposed changes to vital community lifeline

McAveety Slams McAveety Slams McAveety Slams SNP Games SNP SNP Games Games Funding Decision

the support by signing their communities. Weensure need petition. Barlanark Posta to take action now to petition. Barlanark to take Office is currently forPost sale that we action do notnow end to upensure in a Office is currently that we do endaup in a and unless a buyerfor is sale found situation onnot which large andfate unless a buyer is found situation on which large its remains uncertain. retailer steps in anda takes its fate remains retailer in and takes Margaret Curran uncertain. says “ over thesteps service. An elderly Glasgow Shettleston Margaret Curran says “MSP Frank over the service. An elderly

local community. This is indeed good

without a carthe relies onOffice local services that Post services that Post Office provides. Thisthe legislation is provides. Thisoflegislation a forerunner many Postis a forerunner ofbecause many Post Office closures we Office because we are notclosures taking the necessary are not taking the necessary

at a localwith level. I will beto working Margaret workingthe with Margaret ensure voices of theto ensure the theall east end arevoices heardofand eastlocal end post are heard the officesand areall the local post offices are protected”. protected”.


the clinical team Dr David Cunningham comfortable and is welcoming. Heading up who established practice in Garrowhill the clinical team his is Dr David Cunningham over years ago. two who 14 established hisWinning practice these in Garrowhill Awards firmly these held belief over 14 recognises years ago. his Winning two that a community dental practice, Awards recognisesbased his firmly held belief where patient relationships and practice, trust are that a community based dental key, using the latest dental technology, where patient relationships and trust are key, using the latest dental technology,

in to support Yorkhill Children’s to raising providefunds excellent patient care. Its’ efforts Hospital won theYorkhill runner-up in raisingECMO fundsUnit to support Children’s award forECMO Best Unit Community Project. Hospital won theCharity runner-up Spring Clinic is a leader in providing award Grove for Best Community Charity Project. dental cosmetic dentistry, Spring implants, Grove Clinic is a leader in providing invisible braces, tooth whitening and family dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, dentistry. invisible braces, tooth whitening and family dentistry.

ASDA Give Kids a Sporting Chance Airsprung Beds DEBT SOLUTIONS DEBT SOLUTIONS Funding Funding Decision Decision McAveety has hit out at a McAveety Slams McAveety Slams SNP Games SNP Games Funding Decision WHETHER YOUR DEBTS DEBTS ARE ARE LARGE LARGE Funding Decision WHETHERYOUR

Glasgow MSP Glasgow Shettleston Shettleston MSP Frank Frank decision by Scottish Enterprise McAveety hit out at McAveety has hasto hit outCommonwealth at aa slash Games decision Enterprise decision by by Scottish Scottish Enterprise WHETHER YOUR DEBTS ARE LARGE legacy funding by almost half. to Games to slash slash Commonwealth Commonwealth Games Clyde Gateway, the body OR SMALL WE REALLY CAN HELP YOU legacy by legacy funding funding by almost almost half. responsible forhalf. regenerating Glasgow Shettleston MSP Frank Clyde the body Clyde Gateway, Gateway, the body the East End of Glasgow, has McAveety haswith hit out at a Glasgow Shettleston MSP Frank hit a 46% cut in responsible for regenerating responsible forbeen regenerating WE CAN PUT AN END TO THE decision byhas Scottish Enterprise McAveety out at a forhit urban regeneration in the of Glasgow, has the East East End End offunding Glasgow, has to slash Commonwealth Games decision by Scottish Enterprise been been hit hit with with a2011/2012. a 46% 46% cut cut in inThe agency has been ENDLESS LETTERS AND CALLS FROM WHETHER YOUR DEBTS ARE LARGE legacy funding by almost half. tourban slash Commonwealth told it will share around £6.8 funding regeneration in funding for for urban regeneration in Games WHETHER YOUR DEBTS ARE LARGE Clyde Gateway, the body legacy funding by almost half. YOUR CREDITORS million with five other agencies, OR SMALL WE REALLY CAN HELP YOU 2011/2012. 2011/2012. The The agency agency has has been been responsible for regenerating Clydeinstead Gateway, the£7 body of the million it was OR SMALL WE REALLY CAN HELP YOU told share around £6.8 told itit will willthe share around £6.8 East End for of Glasgow, has responsible regenerating initially promised. million agencies, million with with five other been hitother with aagencies, 46% in thefive East End of Glasgow, has Frank said: “The cut Enterprise YOU MAY EVEN QUALIFY FOR instead the ititregeneration was WE CAN PUT AN END TO THEADVICE instead of offunding the £7 £7 million was for urban been hitmillion with a 46% cut Minister seems to beinmorein WE CAN PUT AN END TO initially initially promised. promised. 2011/2012. The agency has been funding for urban regeneration in AND ASSISTANCE interested in facilitating meetings ENDLESS LETTERS AND CALLSTHE FROM Frank “The Enterprise Frank said: said: “The Enterprise told it will £6.8 2011/2012. The around agency has been for hisshare friend the Education ENDLESS LETTERS AND CALLS FROM Minister to be more YOUR CREDITORS million with five other agencies, Minister seems seems to be more told it will share around £6.8to Minister, who he wants of thefive £7 million it was YOUR interested in meetings million with other interestedinstead in facilitating facilitating meetings succeed him as anagencies, MSP than he FOR CREDITORS FAST, EFFICIENT initially promised. instead of thewell £7 million it the waspeople for the is inEducation the being of for his his friend friend the Education HELPFOR SIMPLY CALL Frank said: “The Enterprise initially promised. of the Eastto End. Minister, he wants Minister, who who he wants to YOU PROFESSIONAL MAY EVEN QUALIFY ADVICE Minister seems to behe morehe should Frank “The Enterprise Atsaid: this very moment succeed as an MSP than YOU MAY AND EVENASSISTANCE QUALIFY FOR ADVICE succeed him him as an MSP than he interested in facilitating meetings Minister seems be more be pulling atomeeting together is being of people is in in the the well well being of the the people AND ASSISTANCE for his friend the Education interested in facilitating meetings with Scottish Enterprise to of of the the East East End. End. Minister, who he wants to for his friend the Education demandhe that they withdraw At moment should At this this very very moment he should succeed anwants MSP than he get Minister, whoashe to and this him ridiculous proposal FOR FAST, EFFICIENT be aain meeting together be pulling pullingis meeting together the well being of with the people succeed himthe as an MSP than around table allhe the FOR FAST, EFFICIENT with Enterprise to with Scottish Scottish Enterprise to PROFESSIONAL HELP SIMPLY CALL of the East End. is in the well being thepromises people partners to fulfilofthe demand they withdraw demand that that they withdraw PROFESSIONAL HELP SIMPLY CALL At very moment he should of this the East End. made.” this ridiculous proposal and get this ridiculous proposal and“Unlike get be pulling meeting together At this verya moment he should Frank added: any other around table with all around the the table with all the the together with Scottish Enterprise toin the be pulling a meeting renewal programme demand that they withdraw partners to fulfil the promises with Scottish Enterprise to were partners to fulfil the promises country commitments ridiculous proposal and get demand that withdraw made.” made to they ensure that Glasgow made.” this around the table with all the this ridiculous proposal and could make the best of get the Frank other Frank added: added: “Unlike “Unlike any any other ASDA Parkhead events manager Ann of Glasgow Athletic Club, is known as a partners to fulfil the around the table with all the opportunities forpromises the Games renewal in renewal programme programme in the the made.” partners to fulfil the promises and Marie regeneration investment. country were Rock joined colleagues from other country commitments commitments were 400mtre/800mtre athlete and her main Frank added: “Unlike any other made.” There isGlasgow no better case for made that made to to ensure ensure that Glasgow Asda stores throughout the area at a aim at the moment is to get herself in the renewal programme in the Frankhaving added: “Unlike any other an impact on Scotland’s could the of could make make the best best of the the country commitments renewal programme inwere the and economic performance I am special seminar held in the Waddell 1 TOLLCROSS ROAD, G31 4UG position to beGLASGOW quoted as a contender for opportunities for Games opportunities for the Games made tothe ensure that Glasgow country commitments weremeeting demanding an urgent and investment. Suite at Ibrox Stadium earlier this the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. and regeneration regeneration investment. could make the best of the made to ensure that Glasgow with the Scottish Government There better case for There is is no no better case for opportunities for the Games could the best of the them tomake urge them to ensure Scottish week. Joining were some of the With help from the Asda Foundation and having impact on having an anand impact on Scotland’s Scotland’s regeneration investment. opportunities for the Games Enterprise withdrawal the young athletes from the Scotland National localGLASGOW Asda Stores suchG31 as the Parkhead store economic performance and II am economic There performance and am is no better case and regeneration investment. 4UG proposal to make afor massive cut1 1 TOLLCROSS TOLLCROSS ROAD, ROAD, GLASGOW G31 4UG having an impact on Scotland’s squad that the are demanding an urgent meeting Jade will receive all the encouragement There istheir no better case for Asda Foundation demanding anin urgent meeting previous commitments to economic performance and I am having impact on Scotland’s with Government thean area.” with the the Scottish Scottish Government 1 TOLLCROSS ROAD, GLASGOW G31Jade 4UG sponsoring via the Asda Sporting Chance the colleagues can muster. and Ann demanding an Scottish urgent meeting economic performance and I am to to 1 TOLLCROSS ROAD, GLASGOW G31 4UG to urge urge them them to ensure ensure Scottish initiative introduced back in 2008. One Marie are pictured here with colleagues from with the Scottish Government urgent meeting Enterprise withdrawal the Enterprisedemanding withdrawalan the to urge to ensure with thethem Scottish Government of the youngsters that the Parkhead store other local Asda stores prior to young Jade proposal make a massive cut proposal to to make a massive cutScottish Enterprise withdrawal to urge commitments them to ensurethe Scottish in to in their their previous previous commitments to are sponsoring young Jade MacLaren receiving a cheque for £500 towards her proposal towithdrawal make a massive Enterprise the is cut the the area.” area.”in their previous commitments to





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0141 556 6651

0141 556 0141 556 6651 6651 Jade, a member of City training needs.

proposalfrom to make a massive cut Dennistoun. the area.” in their previous commitments to the area.”

0141 774 7681 Unit 13 Queenslie Industrial Estae Stepps Road Glasgow G33 3NG

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Friday 11th March 2010

March Offer 1,000

Business Cards

Designed and Printed

£89 * Terms & Conditions apply

Full Colour, double sided, printed on 350gsm, Basic Artwork included.

Your Horoscope Predictions

By Anne Smith Aries (21 March - 20 April) You are feeling a little insecure at the moment, not your usual self at all. If you ask for advice from an older- wiser family member how to move past this block you will find that you will be feeling like your old-self in no time.

Taurus (21 April – 21May) Embrace all things that make you passionate this week, go for your dreams and desires allow the feeling of excitement cascade through the veins in body and feel that inner drive burn away all those who doubted you!

Gemini (22 May – 21 June) Lady luck is smiling on you bringing in that which you are looking for at this time, wither it is a house exchange, that dress you have had your eye on for some time, your luck is about to change, however do not throw caution too the wind trust your intuition as not al that glitters is gold!

Cancer (22 June – 23 July) You are a caring soul and your ability as a counsellor or healer comes into its own this week. People are naturally drawn to you and you seem to be able to say the right thing that gives them comfort. Try to listen to the advice you give others this week as like attracts like.

Leo (24 July – 23 Aug) After a period of difficulty your life is just about to turn around and you will be beaming with happiness and excitement. Enjoy life for what it is and get carried away with this period of Joy. Try to remember life is what we make it.

Virgo (24th Aug 23 Sept) A deep soul who does not give much away about there deepest emotional thoughts, yet you are ready to listen to those around you, as a worrier it is time to let go of your problems and to listen to that wee still voice inside of you, follow your gut instincts you wont go far wrong.

Libra (24 Sept – 23 Oct) You are accepting an unpleasant situation for the sake of peace. It is good to be diplomatic, but someone is taking your kindness for foolhardiness. Time to step forward and be heard.

Scorpio (24 Oct – 22 Nov) You are accepting an unpleasant situation for the sake of peace. It is good to be diplomatic, but someone is taking your kindness for foolhardiness. Time to step forward and be heard.

Sagittarius (23 Nov – 21 Dec) At times of stress you may find that your body reacts in differently, you need to keep a close eye on what is happening to your physical body. Try to eat wholesome organic foods and to relax at the end of a long day, why not try Yoga.

Capricorn (22 Dec – 20 Jan) You have been overly concerned of late of outwardly appearances, wither it is what people might say about your current situation or what they say about how you look. At the end of the day we all have problems as long as we remain focused on what’s best for everyone, then we can do no more.

Aquarius (21 Jan – 19 Feb) You are feeling a little low at the moment, feel you need some nurturing, as you nurture the children around you try to nurture your own inner child too. A peaceful time ahead!

Pisces (20 Feb – 20 Mar) Time to stand up and be counted, put your money where your mouth is1 If you are so intent in giving your opinion make sure your facts are right as you will be held accountable for them at a later date. If you can not say anything positive then please don not say anything at all.

New, A Psychic Post Bag, where you can write to Anne to ask personal questions on your life or from your loved ones on the other side. Please send your question and three numbers from 0 – 78 or a picture of your loved one in a sealed envelope to Angel Anne Smith c/o The Re Gen, Main Street, Baillieston. Or e-mail Anne at Please note that we cannot guarantee the safe return of photographs.

Anne is a Spiritualist Medium, Tarot reader and a Reiki Master & available for private consultation, healings and church services contact, ANNE on 07506723569 Email or visit

Call us on:

01698 803909 Email: Suite 17, Ellismuir House, Ellismuir Way, Tannochside Park, Uddingston G71 5PW

ANGEL ANNE Psychic Medium Available For Private Readings Reiki Healing and Attunements Past Life Regressions Psychic and Development Groups Contact Anne on 07506723569 or e-mail

Sizzling Suzie’s Spring Spreads How nice has the weather been? Everyone smiling instead of scowling down into their scarves and hurrying along. A bit of sunshine cheers everyone up. Little ones don’t care though, as long as they are bundled up and cosy they can stay out for hours. Was murder trying to prise my wee one away from the ducks at Drumpellier loch at the weekend. For although it was a lovely day it was freezing. Pancake day was Last Tuesday and there is nothing easier to make. I love both kinds. The Scottish fluffy ones and the French style crepe ones. I have given you a recipe for both. You can buy them ready made but it is worth making them from scratch as they really do taste better than shop bought ones.

Scottish pancakes 2 cups of self raising flour 2 eggs 1tsp of baking powder 2 heaped tbsp of caster sugar ½ cup of milk Pinch of salt

Sift the flour, baking soda and salt into a large bowl. Crack the 2 eggs into a well in the middle. Add the salt and milk and whisk until smooth and bubbly. Batter should be quite thick, porridge consistency Heat a large non stick pan. Using a ladle as a measure, pour the batter into the pan. When you see bubbles forming quickly slide a large fish slice under the pancake and flip be careful you don’t burn them as they cook very quickly. 2 min each side. Put pancakes on a warm dish and continue making them. You can eat them hot with lovely butter fresh out of the pan or allow them to cool and eat at your leisure. For a variation try adding a mashed banana or a few fresh raspberries to the batter. I love them served with crispy bacon and loads of maple syrup.

French style crepes 2 cups of plain flour 1 egg 1 cup of milk Whisk all the ingredients together until smooth and bubbly. Batter should be quite runny, double cream consistency. Heat a non stick pan and brush with a piece of kitchen roll dipped in oil. Using a ladle as a measure pour the batter into the centre of the pan and swirl round to cover the base. Wait 30 seconds and using a large fish slice or palette knife loosen the edges and flip. Place crepes on a warmed plate and continue making them. Remembering to brush with the oily paper every time to prevent sticking. I love them served with a sprinkling of sugar and squeeze of fresh lemon. These crepes can be served sweet or savoury. Try stuffing them with bolognese sauce or chicken curry or whatever takes your fancy.


Friday 11th March 2011


5K RUN AND BIG DAY OOT Shettleston Housing Office SUCCESS OF YOUTH JOBS wins Another Award FUND LEADS TO EXPANSION AN initiative to support young people in South Lanarkshire has led to the scheme being expanded and launched in Glasgow. The Youth Jobs Fund was initially established and run by South Lanarkshire Council in 2009 to provide specialist support to assist young people into employment. Clyde Gateway has been involved with the Fund since April 2010, and in the first year of partnership, was able to support 12 jobs for young people from South Lanarkshire across a variety of disciplines. The success within South Lanarkshire has led to the launch last week (4 March) of the Clyde Gateway Youth Jobs Fund for Glasgow under which 50 young people, aged 16 and 17, from the communities of Bridgeton, Calton, Camlachie, Dalmarnock, Oatlands and Toyglen will be supported to take advantage of opportunities in officebased work, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and construction. The Glasgow programme is a partnership with the Re-GEN City Council and the charity 20

Action for Children Scotland which already runs a succesful Youthbuild programme that finds work in the construction industry for young people. Niki Spence, the Community Benefits Manager at Clyde Gateway told the ReGen, “Our efforts in South Lanarkshire delivered exceptional results over the past 12 months and every youngster who was eligible and wanted support was able to go on and find a job thanks to the Youth Jobs Fund. “It makes perfect sense to look to use a similar model in Glasgow where the numbers of youngsters requiring help are expected to be larger, and so we are looking to support 50 local youths from right across Clyde Gateway in the east and south-east of the city. Our aim is to match the success of the South Lanarkshire programme and ensure that everyone supported by the Fund finds full-time employment.” This is excellent news for the youngsters in the East End and continues the good news stories emanating from Clyde Gateway offices in Bridgeton.


Friday 8th October 2010

Its back! Glasgow East 5K Fun Run & Big day OOT returns on Sunday 12 June 2011. We are five years old this year and are planning lots of great things for all the family to do. The fun run and festival day takes place at Tollcross Park and it’s FREE to enter. Register ASAP, and hurry as places are limited with 4000 fun runners signing up and last year people were left disappointed as they tried to register too late. This year you will be able to register your group as well as your family on line. So if you are in a local youth group, jogging network, sport club then follow the easy instructions when registering to register your group. Alternatively paper entry forms will be available from local

To Advertise Our Paper: office Shettleston HousingIn Association PUBLIC NOTICES named Best Building in Scotland! PER D SO SIFIE LAS




C THE Shettleston Housing AsMOT THE ORIN sociation is delighted that itsES L A G Sawarded new offices have been E S the RIAS Andrew HOU Doolan prize SITU for the best building in Scotland. AT This is a very great honour for T The Paper That Money Can’t Buy! N E M project VAC IONS T everyone involved in the I U ANT R The Paper That Money Can’t Buy! the Association REC must congratulate Architects, Elder and Cannon whose commitment to the project has been second to none. Commenting on the award, Association Chairperson, Mary Thomas, said: “Everyone in Shettleston should be proud that the Association has won this prestigious award. Good design and good architecture should never be just the preserve of the brought modern architecture alongneighbour, its scale is simultanecity centre or for huge and grand side our older building in a way that ously respectful and distinctly of the projects. Our offices show that great complements each other. This award current era. By extending the frame architecture has its place in every is a testimony to the hard work of of the new building to the eaves community and the Association everyone involved and it is one that level of its historic neighbour, these is proud of the work done by our the community in Shettleston can quite distinct structures are read as Architects and all of the design team be proud of.” parts of an elegant entirety. in bringing this project to such a sucThe RIAS judges were very compliThis is an important building for cessful conclusion.” mentary about the new building: Shettleston. There is no question Shettleston Housing Association “The former Co-operative halls, an that new architecture of this quality director, Chris Cunningham, exEdwardian red sandstone building, will contribute to enhanced pride plained the background to the new is among the finest monuments of place and hopefully serve as offices: within Shettleston. Its adaptation a catalyst to further high quality “A number of years ago the Assoand extension provides a welcomdevelopment in the area.” ciation made the decision to extend ing reception area, meeting rooms, As well as this award, the offices our existing offices rather than build open plan and cellular office spaces won the Best Commercial Building new ones. Our growth as an organiand a large boardroom. in the Glasgow Institute of Architects sation meant that we required more The historic features of the former awards and also the Roses Design space and we were particularly co-operative building, particularly Awards. The Roses Awards are for concerned at the quality of our pubAll Major Credit / Debit card accepted the upper level proscenium and architecture and design across the lic areas. We did not want to leave the double-height upper hall are UK outwith the London area. our existing offices however, as they respected within the new developThe offices have also been entered have an important place in the heart ment. The two-storey extension in the Civic Trust awards which will of Shettleston. provides the entrance to the linked be decided early next year. Deciding to extend rather than Email us @within. spaces While its strippedThere is an exhibition about the build a new office brought chaldown contemporary form contrasts RIAS award in the Association’s lenges, but with those challenges or with the decorated sandstone of its reception area. came inspiration as our architects



The Re-Gen The Number One Campaigning Newspaper for the East-End

Glasgow Furniture Glasgow FurnitureInitiative Initiative

facilities across Glasgow East from late March. The event kicks off at 10am for the Big warm up with the fun run leaving Tollcross Road at 10.30am. Make use of Glasgow Club Tollcross Club to get changed (Dry side only) Stick Around all day for lots of fun, live music and great things to do for all the family at the Big Day OOT. East Glasgow’s Big Festival day Lots more information about the event will be posted here soon. So whether you want to run, hop, walk or cheer on your friends at a great day OOT then be part of 2011 5K fun run. Registration Now Open!

THE Shettleston Housing strong statement of commitment Association’s new offices in to an area in need of investment. Pettigrew Street have won a This is a mature project which further design award, this time the client clearly loves that gives from the Civic Trust. dignity to the neighbourhood and The Association is delighted that users. Speaking on behalf of the its new offices have won a Civic Association, Chris Cunningham the Trust Award for 2011. Director said: “We are thrilled and From 333 national and honoured that our office extension international entries, 57 projects and redevelopment continues were recognised by the prestigious to receive the recognition that it Civic Trust Awards at a ceremony deserves. When our growth as held in the People’s History Museum an organisation required us to in Manchester. The awards were look at expansion in our office presented to the best new build, we recognised that extending conservation, restoration and public rather than building a new office realm by Civic Trust Awards Patron, brought challenges. But with those architect and TV presenter George challenges came inspiration as Clarke. our architects brought modern In total, 27 Awards were given, architecture alongside our older including 7 projects that were building in a way that complements chosen to receive a Special Award, each other. This award is a demonstrating outstanding testimony to the hard work of credentials in a specific area. everyone involved and it is one that The Civic Trust awards projects that the community in Shettleston can make an outstanding contribution to be proud of. the quality and appearance of the built environment. Award level schemes demonstrate excellence in architecture or design, sustainability, inclusive design and provide a positive, cultural, environmental or economic benefit to the local community. Commenting on the award to Shettleston, the Civic Trust Judging panel said, “Investment by the Housing Association in high quality buildings such as this make a positive Friday 14th January 2011 contribution to the local environment and are a


6 Friday 11th March 2011


PUBLIC NOTICE TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING (DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT PROCEDURE) (SCOTLAND) REGULATIONS 2008 Notice under regulation 7(2)(b) Pre-application consultation by Spectrum Properties (Scotland) Limited Display of proposals at Cathedral House Hotel, 28-32 Cathedral Square, Glasgow for a residential development at 148/160 Wishart Street, Glasgow, G31 2HT on 21st March 2011. Details available for inspection between 08.00hrs to 20.00hrs, with presentation, questions and answers from 18.00hrs.

DOES YOUR GROUP NEED FUNDING? ARE you involved with a local voluntary organisation? Does your organisation need funding? If you answer Yes to both these questions, then this free event on Monday 21st March could be just the thing for you. VSEG (Voluntary Sector East Glasgow) in association with Parkhead Citizens Advice Bureau is arranging a half day briefing session for members of the voluntary sector in our area to meet up with key potential

funders (Santander Foundation, Big Lottery Fund and The Robertson Trust are confirmed; Glasgow City Council (Area Committees) and Bank of Scotland Foundation may also attend). There will also be an opportunity to consider the implications of changes to funding and planning boundaries for the voluntary sector and to find out more about the digital switchover and what help is available for specific groups of people such as

older people, those with learning difficulties or whose first language isn’t English. The event will run from 9.15am to 12:45pm followed by a buffet lunch on Monday 21st March. The venue is Reidvale Neighbourhood Centre in Whitevale Street, Dennistoun. Booking is essential as there are only 50 places available. Contact Michelle Burke at Parkhead CAB on 0141 554 3834 or by email at

East End Parents Encouraged to Play with their Children AN award winning community project based in the east end of Glasgow encourages parents to put down their mobile phones, switch of their computers and spend quality play time with their children. This comes following the launch of a new report, Joining the Dots, a better start for Scotland’s children, by former health minister Susan Deacon on improving a youngster’s start in life. PEEK (Possibilities East End Kids) is championing play as an essential part of a child’s development and is encouraging adults to take the time to have good old-fashioned fun with their child, such as den building, baking and games. Since October 2009 PEEK staff and volunteers have been working and playing with children and young people in 10 different areas across the east end of Glasgow. However, PEEK believes that it is essential that parents also take the time to play with their children. Melodie Crumlin, Project Development Manager, said: “There’s no better feeling in the whole world for a child as when they spend time with their parent(s). My fondest memories of childhood was spending time with my mum in the kitchen, helping to stir, fold, bake and ice cakes as well as lick the bowl. This play time helped my mum and I talk, share and have fun together. Nothing beats those precious memories.� Some Tips and Ideas for Parents Make up a box of crafts, games, books, dressing up clothes – you don’t need to buy lots of materials, just use things you have around the house

- children have great imaginations! Give your child your undivided attention – turn off mobile phones, computers and televisions! Encourage your child to pick what they want to do – this helps them learn to make their own choices and decisions! Don’t be afraid to get messy - kids love getting making a mess! Put on some old clothes, put down some old

newspapers and get the paints out! Allow your child to take risks – risk taking is an important part of child development. For example, sometimes allowing your child to climb a tree can be more beneficially than dangerous! Get involved – there is nothing your child will love more than seeing you join in, be silly and get messy!

Scottish National Party

David Turner

Councillor Baillieston Ward

Local Surgeries Held at: Garrowhill Community Hall, 35 Maxwell Drive - 7pm, ďŹ rst Monday each month

The Carers Centre A carer is a person who looks after a partner, relative or friend who cannot manage without help because of an illness (including mental illness), addiction, frailty or disability.

What we can offer you Information and Advice on Services, Benefits, Respite, Carer Support, Training and Well-being, Having A Say, Former Carers, Young Carers Call in or phone us at ... Academy House, 1346 Shettleston Road, Glasgow G32 9AP 5FMt'BY Email: Opening Times between 9.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Thursday 9.30am and 3.30pm Friday

St Bridget’s Primary School, Camp Road - 7pm, 2nd Wednesday each month Caledonia Primary School, Calderwood Drive, Baillieston G69 7DJ - 6pm, 3rd Monday each month Barlanark Community Centre, 33 Burnmouth Road - 7pm, 4th Tuesday each month

No surgeries held during school holidays

phone: 0141 287 3592 fax: 0141 287 4927 mobile: 07776 488103

Councillor Turner Can be contacted:



Friday 11th March 2011

VOTE YES FOR A guarantee on what you pay in rent until 2015

Local people in control Improved services Spending your money in your community – not city wide Building more new quality homes Excellent customer service Tollcross Housing Association 84 Braidfauld Street Tolllcross Glasgow G32 8PJ

Tel: 0141 763 1317 Fax: 0141 778 4528

Building new homes

Rent guaranteed Improved Repairs until 2015 Service


8 Friday 11th March 2011


Safer Communities for Everyone Member of The Scottish Parliament

On Friday, 25 February 2011, officers for Glasgow Shettleston Constituency of the Community Policing Team at Shettleston organised an event entitled “Safer Communities for Everyone” which took place within Tollcross Leisure Centre, Glasgow. The primary objective was to not only raise awareness of domestic violence/abuse within the East end of Glasgow but to offer free support and advice to anyone who is or has suffered from any form of domestic abuse. The event was opened by Chief Inspector Tom Cruikshank, Area Commander for Shettleston, 2nd Friday of month: 2.30-3.30pm Baillieston and Greater Easterhouse. Parkhead Library Officers from Shettleston Community Policing Team hadTollcross made contact with several of the 64 Road service providers that operate within the Glasgow area providing a range of services our community. Domestic Abuse Service Providers and 2nd supportFriday to individuals and their families who and partners were on hand to offer information, of month: 3.45-4.45pm have or are suffering from domestic abuse. On advice and support. On the day we had five the Bridgeton day (25 February Library 2011) 10 service providers referrals who sought help from Domestic Abuse took23 part,Landressy as well as other agencies who were service providers and police, one of which required Street also invited, to offer advice and support to a broad immediate assistance.” Your MSP deals with section of members of the public who reside within “The event was also a tremendous opportunity for our community such as Concern”5-6pm on hand to Servicematters including 2nd Friday of“Age month: Providers and partners to learn more about offer advice for the elderly. Strathclyde Fire and one another, Health, Education, so that together they are better able Gorbals Sports Centre Rescue also attended and were on hand to offer to provide the right kind of information, advice, Law and free Ballater fire prevention advice. NHS Scotland and the supportTransport, Street and assistance to those that seek their Glasgow Council Prevention and Education Team help. As Order. with last year it was very much the hope combined to provide a stall offering advice on that event Please was ancontact enjoyable day The event alcohol andFriday drug awareness. Staff from “Breathing was again supported by Playbusters who provided 3rd of month: 2.30-3.30pm have anything you wish Space Scotland” also attended providing a free and a crèche the young ones enjoyed face painting Shettleston Library toand discuss matters confidential service to any individuals experiencing and other fun stuff. on Staff and students from depression, mental healthRoad problems or emotional Coatbridge Govanhill 154 Wellshot thatCollege are devolved to the again supported the event distress and to provide assistance at an early stage by providing hair and beauty makeovers. These Scottish Parliament preventing such problems from escalating. In were very popular and everyone told us that these total, over 200 members of the public attended services were a good confidence booster and stress 3rd Friday of month: 4-5pm Contact Details the event. and of course, they were free. I would Academy House Neighbourhood CntrCommunity debuster, Inspector Danny Hatfield, Shettleston especially like to express my thanks to Janet Tobin Policing Team, explained, 1346 Shettleston RdWomen’s 6 Daisy Street “The main focus of the of the Glasgow East Violence Against event was an information day for anyone affected Group for assisting us with funding the event and G32 9AT by domestic abuse. The event raised awareness of to Gary Bruce and his staff at Tollcross Leisure 0141 7640175 the issues associated with domestic abuse within Centre for providing us with the facilities “

Frank McAveety MSP

Surgery Details


In the early hours of Tuesday 1st March, police officers from Shettleston responded to a report of a man threatening to jump from a bridge near Garrowhill Railway Station. Despite initially rebuffing efforts to assist and throwing missiles, police negotiators brought the incident to a safe conclusion and the man was apprehended. Two people were arrested and 33g of Diamorphine, with a street value of £1,000 was seized on Wednesday 2nd March, when police officers carried out a house search under warranty in Shettleston. Both individuals were charged with intent to supply under the Misuse of Drugs Act. Twenty eight grams benzylpiperazine and 10gms of cocaine were recovered after police officers responded to a report of a man acting suspiciously at a bookmakers shop in Carntyne Road. The man has since appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court charged under the Misuse of Drugs Act. A quantity of cannabis was recovered when officers from London Road police office executed a search warrant at a property in north Dennistoun. Two men have been found to be in possession of knives following routine police stop searches. In the first instance, a man in Threestonehill Avenue was found with three throwing knives. The man was later found to have another case pending for possession of knives. And in Tollcross Road, a man was caught in possession of a lock-back knife. Both men were arrested and held custody for court. A man who was the subject of five apprehension warrants, and a woman with six warrants, have been arrested after officers from London Road searched a flat in the Parkhead area.

Bridgeton Gorbals

Shettleston Govanhill

Strathclyde police are warning members of the public to be vigilant when they are within crowded areas including shopping centres throughout the east end of Glasgow. There has been a noticeable increase in the reports of distraction thefts from handbags including purses and bank cards. It appears that a gang are targeting elderly persons in busy shopping areas and bumping into them and taking purses from handbags. Officers from London Road police office have been handing out small bells to individuals to attach to purses and handbags which will alert the owner of any attempt to steal the purses. Sgt Gwen McEwan stated “We ask all members of the community to be vigilant when in busy shopping areas. Eep all bags closed and zipped. Be aware who is around

you. And report any suspicious activity.” Officers have also gone high tech by providing crime prevention advice via Bluetooth technology within the Forge shopping centre and various other events.

Anyone with information is asked to contact CRIMESTOPPERS can be called anonymously on

0800 555 111


2nd Friday o

Parkhead L

64 Tollcross


2nd Friday o


23 Landress


2nd Friday o

Gorbals Sp

Ballater Stre


3rd Friday o


154 Wellsho


3rd Friday o


6 Daisy Stre

frank.mcavee www.

Member of The Scottish Parliament for Glasgow Shettleston Constituency

Four people face a total of 22 drug supply charges following a police operation targeting drug suppliers in the Easterhouse area. A four-figure sum of money was also seized in a series of searches at four houses.

Distraction Theft

0131 3485906


Frank McAveety MSP Surgery Details




Parkhead Library

Parkhead L

2nd Friday of month: 2.30-3.30pm

2nd Friday o

64 Tollcross Road

64 Tollcross



Bridgeton Library


2nd Friday of month: 3.45-4.45pm

2nd Friday o

23 Landressy Street


2nd Friday of month: 5-6pm

Gorbals Sports Centre Ballater Street


3rd Friday of month: 2.30-3.30pm

Shettleston Library 154 Wellshot RoadGovanhill


3rd Friday of month: 4-5pm

23 Landress Your MSP deals with matters including Health, Education, Transport, Law and Order.

Please contact me if you have anything you wish to discuss on matters that are devolved to the Scottish Parliament

Contact Details Academy House 1346 Shettleston Rd 6 Daisy Street G32 9AT 0141 7640175 0131 3485906

Neighbourhood Cntr


2nd Friday o

Gorbals Sp

Ballater Stre


3rd Friday o


154 Wellsho


3rd Friday o


6 Daisy Stre

frank.mcavee www.


Friday 11th March 2011


Lori Won’t Slip with this Hit John Wheatley College Members - Board of Management John Wheatley College provides vocational training and learning of the highest quality to the residents of Greater Easterhouse and Glasgow’s East End. Applications are invited from interested candidates to fill several vacancies on the College’s Board of Management and Standing Committees. We are looking for people with a commitment to the ethos and vision of our award-winning College, and who can contribute a wide range of skills and experience. We want to achieve the widest possible diversity amongst members of the Board, and will be delighted to hear from people who work or live in our catchment areas, and from former students of the College. The College will especially welcome applicants with skills, experience and qualifications in:

x x x x x

Accounting and financial management Commercial and business management Human resources management Law and legal affairs Post-school education and management

You should have an interest in post-school education, and we would also like to hear from people with a background in curriculum development, skills or training; and from those with experience in the College’s main subject areas including construction, healthcare, hospitality, the cultural industries, and information and communication technology Past experience of committee work is not essential as training is provided. Board Membership involves attending around eight meetings per year, mostly in the early evening, plus taking part in 4 – 6 evening training and development events per year.

Young, Swinton singer/songwriter, Lori McTear is on the verge of taking the charts by storm following the release of her latest single “I Don’t Slip.” The song was launched at the beginning of this week and already it has had airplay on a couple of radio shows. Lori performed the new release last Sunday at Pivo Pivo and it went down a bomb giving her hope that it could become a big hit. Following her appearances at the “Winterfest” spectacular in George Square Lori has been hard at work in the recording studios laying down tracks for her debut album which will be released very shortly. We at the Re-Gen wish Lori all the best with her new single and look forward to interviewing her when she makes the “Big Time”.

Margaret Curran Donates Resettlement Grant to Local Schools AS Margaret Curran will be standing down from the Scottish Parliament at the May elections she is entitled to a resettlement grant. Margaret announced during the General Election campaign that if elected as Glasgow East MP she would not keep any payment from her role as MSP for Glasgow Baillieston. Since

To apply, please write enclosing your cv and a short statement of why you want to join the College’s Board and what you can bring to the position.

Your MP for Glasgow East

Applications should be posted or e-mailed to:

Advice Surgery Details

Roger Stewart, Clerk to the Board of Management John Wheatley College, 2 Haghill Road, Glasgow G31 3SR E-mail

1st Friday of the Month

For more information, visit the College’s website at

10am 1pm

The Board of Management of John Wheatley College is a Scottish Charity, Charity No SC021200

MSPs standing down from Parliament are obliged to take this grant under the Parliaments rules. I therefore wanted to ensure that it was the people of Glasgow Baillieston who benefited from this money. I have made the decision to donate this grant to the local Secondary Schools who continue to do excellent work with pupils from across my constituency.“

Margaret Curran MP

Membership of the Board is voluntary and unpaid, but relevant expenses are reimbursed.

Closing date for applications: Friday 8 April 2011

May 2010 Margaret’s MSP salary has been split between the charities Glasgow East Women’s Aid and Mary’s Meals. Margaret will now spit her resettlement payment over the three Secondary Schools in Glasgow Baillieston. Lochend Community High, Bannerman High and St Andrews’s will all receive a share of the money. Margaret says “All

Parkhead Library, Tollcross Road Mount Vernon Community Centre, Mount Vernon

2nd Friday of the Month 10am

GESH Hall, Redcastle Sq, Garthamlock

3rd Friday of the Month 10am

Tollcross Leisure Centre, Tollcross Park

4th Friday of the Month 10am 11am

Carmyle Community Centre, Hillcrest Road The Bridge, Easterhouse

1st Saturday of the Month 10am 11am

Eastbank Academy, Shettleston St Andrew’s Church, Baillieston

3rd Saturday of the Month 10am

St Andrew’s Secondary, Carntyne N.B There will be no surgeries held during school/bank holidays

Margaret also offers specialist surgeries at various times for young people, schools and other as requested. Please contact her office for details.

Contact Margaret

Phone: 0141 771 4844 Fax: 0141 771 4877 Email:

Westwood Business Centre 69 Aberdalgie Road G34 9HJ

10 Friday 11th March 2011


Grow Green with Glasgow’s East End A

The Grow Green with Glasgow’s East End Awards are com March to celebrate all of the fantastic work that has been greener and more sustainable.


Dennistoun Diggers are creating a space for people in the community to come together and grow their own food. This provides a place for people who may not have access to their own growing space as well as the opportunity to learn through workshops and activities to help people gain new skills and build confidence. The gardens are open to anyone, regardless of their level of knowledge or experience of gardening to come and enjoy, learn and exchange skills with others. In addition to the practical gardening space and skills the group also organise film and discussion nights to look at the wider issues of the environment and to raise awareness and facilitate a space where people can brainstorm other ideas for creating a more sustainable Dennistoun. This initiative has come from the community and is always looking to get more people involved and take ownership to ensure that it

The Grow Green with Glasgow’s East End project has been b of a more sustainable lifestyle through raising awarenes growing. The project is celebrating its first year by holdi those who have demonstrated passion and commitment t The project is looking for nominations from the community which will be passed through for each of the following categories:-

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Nominees must have shown true commitment to making Glasgow’s East End a greener p portunity to recognise the achievements made over the past year.

East End Kids and Co I]Zegd_ZXihV^bhidiVX`aZi]Z)6Éhd[[ddYedkZgin/V[[dgYVW^a^in!VXXZhh^W^a^in!VkV^aVW^a^inVcYVlVgZcZhh#I]Z\gdje]VkZWZZc^ckdakZYZck^gdcbZciVa[jcYVnhidegdbdiZ]ZVai]nZVi^c\VcYVgZadd`^c\[dglVgYid bV`^c\jhZd[adihd[adkZan]ZgWhVcYkZ\ZiVWaZh[gdbi]ZcZlXdbbjc^in\VgYZch^ci]Z^ghjXXZhh[jaÈ<Zi8dd`^c\!<ZiH]dee^c\ÉXdjghZh

Nominations are open until Sunday 13th March so to find out more or get a nominations f The Grow Green with Glasgow’s East End Awards are generously supported by: Gera Social Economy Team Tollcross Housing Association Glasgow Housing Association North Glasgow Housing Association Climate Challenge Fund


“The assistance we have received …. in 2010 means that we now have a vegetable garden which will provide fresh produce for use in our kitchen and for distribution to users of our service in 2011. Service users are now participating in a rewarding and healthy activity while developing new skills and knowledge.” -John Hamilton, Lodging House Mission


A group of local volunteers meet every week at Cranhill Community Project to work together to create a beautiful community vegetable garden. They grow vegetables, compost and learn new skills together.

H]ZiiaZhidc8dbbjc^in<gdl^c\Egd_ZXi A brand new community growing space has been developed on previously derelict land in Shettleston with support from the Climate Challenge Fund.


The Swap Shops are a chance to revamp your with fun and creative ideas about what to do There are fun activities and workshops and a and reduce your carbon footprint. There are three easy steps to the Swap Shop ™ 7g^c\Vadc\VcnjclVciZY\ddYXdcY^i^dc ™ HlVe[dgdi]ZgXadi]ZhdgZkZcXjhidb^hZ ™ =VkZ[jcVcYaZVgcbdgZVWdji]Zae^c\i]


Friday 11th March 2011 13



ming! Playbusters are organising the event this going on over the last year to make the East End

Tollcross Advice & Learning Centre provides benefits & money advice, credit union, library and learning centre within their premises at 1061-63 Tollcross Road. When approached by Playbusters with the idea of a small community garden round the back of the premises the staff and volunteers jumped at the opportunity.

bringing people together to promote the benefits ss of energy use, recycling, reuse and local food ing an awards ceremony to show recognition to to this cause.

I]^h\VgYZc^hV\gZVigZaVm^c\eaVXZ[dgeZdeaZjh^c\i]Z8ZcigZidgZVYi]Z^ga^WgVgn book or just to chill. Volunteerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s upkeep the garden at their leisure. Auchenshuggle Community Council has very kindly donated a bench to the garden. If you would like to find out more about the garden or any other services at Tollcross Advice & Learning Centre contact Veronica or Laura on 0141 764 1234.

a selection process, and a winner will be chosen


Tollcross Advice & Learning Centre provides benefits & money advice, credit union, library and learning centre within their premises at 1061-63 Tollcross Road. When approached by Playbusters with the idea of a small community garden round the back of the premises the staff and volunteers jumped at the opportunity.

place to live and the Awards ceremony is our op-

form please contact Jeremy on 0141 551 0071 or


Egdbdi^c\XnXa^c\i]gdj\]dji<aVh\dlWndg\Vc^h^c\igV^c^c\VcY\j^YZY XnXaZ g^YZh id ]Zae id Wj^aY je eZdeaZĂ&#x2030;h XdcĂ&#x2019;YZcXZ VcY \Zi i]Zb dji XnXa^c\#


r wardrobe while learning about reuse and recycling o with things that would otherwise go to waste. an opportunity to learn about how to save energy

: cXadi]^c\i]VindjlVciidhlVe dgX]Vc\Zi]Zb^cidcZlVcYZmX^i^c\i]^c\h ]ZZck^gdcbZci


A new group is being formed in Parkhead to create a community garden where people can grow their own food on a piece of derelict land near to Parkhead Library. Consultations and community meetings have been held to decide exactly what the local community would like to do with the land.

8aVgZ7ZccZii Volunteer Training Coordinator

Â&#x2122;Congratulations to volunteer Chelsea for winning â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;young individualâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Evening Timesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; East

Community Champions January 2011! A huge well done to volunteer Audrey, and staff Ann-Marie for reaching the final.

Â&#x2122;Congratulations to David McLuckie for winning a Project Scotland â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Voscarâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Award January 2011 in the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Significant Contributionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; category.

Â&#x2122;Congratulations to young volunteer Stephen Kenny for being shortlisted for the Young Scottish Green List 2011. I]Zn]VkZVaaYdcZZmigZbZanlZaaidWZgZXd\c^hZY[dgi]Z^g[VciVhi^XVX]^ZkZbZcih

1345/1351 Gallowgate Parkhead, G31 4DN Telephone: 0141

551 0071

Tel: 0141 551 0071

12 Friday 11th March 2011


A CELEBRATION OF GLASGOW EAST REGENERATION AGENCY When the Glasgow East Regeneration Eastenders. Agency was formed back in 2007 Jobs Fairs were organised in both following a merger between the East End Easterhouse and Parkhead and these Partnership and the Greater Easterhouse proved very popular with major companies Development Company many people setting up recruitment stalls and many local looked at this as an empire building residents finding worthwhile employment exercise which would go the way the throughout the area. other agencies set up for the Outreach training and learning good of the East End had centres were set up gone, such as the ill-fated throughout the area Within weeks GEAR, (Glasgow East for the convenience Area Renewal), of not only those of taking the reins, project which looking for Ronnie had eliminated the was set up in work but 1976 by the also for local “Them and Us” attitudes that Secretary of residents had previously existed between wishing to State for Scotland in new those based in Parkhead and those learn an effort to skills on the attract private in Easterhouse and despite some computer. investment Restoring misgivings, all employees of the selfinto the East End. new GERA were soon working in confidence What resulted and pride in tandem for the good of the was that the Iron local residents and Steel works was utmost in East End. at Parkhead and the GERA plans Cambuslang closed down, and with this came Unemployment rocketed and more opportunities of the East End was left worse off than employment as more companies ever. were encouraged to invest in the area. With the introduction of GERA, came the Linking in with Glasgow Works meant appointment of Chief Executive Ronnie that more opportunities came about Saez, a man born and bred in the East End, and over the past couple of years, and a man with a vision of what the area this programme of training long term should be striving for. unemployed people then securing jobs for Within weeks of taking the reins, Ronnie them, has been the envy of the whole of had eliminated the “Them and Us” attitudes the Glasgow area and beyond. that had previously existed between Under the Ronnie Saez leadership, those based in Parkhead and those in GERA certainly became a major force Easterhouse and despite some misgivings, throughout the East End thanks to all employees of the new GERA were soon engaging with local residents and working in tandem for the good of the East communities and this is where GERA End. certainly scores. Unemployment was a major problem Community involvement means exactly Ronnie Saez (Man with a mission) which had to be addressed and Ronnie what it says and no matter where and his team set about trying to attract TOLLCROSS ADVICE & investment into the area. A major coup for Ronnie, (as Chief LEARNING CENTRE Executive of the old GEDC), was the success of getting the “FORT” shopping centre 1061-1063 Tollcross Rd, Glasgow G32 8UQ located in Easterhouse. This success story meant that numerous “High Street” shopping outlets re-located in We would also like you to let us know the area and with this came countless jobs. what else you would like to learn To fill these vacancies required trained If interested please come along or call personnel and this was where GERA came 0141 - 764 1234 to the fore by not only running training programmes themselves but also linking into other programmes for the benefit of

48 Methven Street, Lilybank Glasgow G31 4RB Tel: 0141 556 1195


Friday 11th March 2011



you go in the area, from Dalmarnock to Garthamlock, the GERA name is to the fore. Assisting long term unemployed into work is one of the main triumphs GERA can claim in the East End but that is only the tip of the ice-berg. Working with various agencies GERA realises that partnership working can achieve much more and so it has proved over the years, take for example the link between GHA and GERA which has now resulted in over 250 community janitors working in the area providing a vast range of services to the benefit of local residents and the environment in general. Earlier last year Ronnie Saez and GERA, launched a “Personal Best” programme aimed at encouraging long term unemployed people to consider volunteering as an option for improving their skills, knowledge and experience. At the time of the launch Ronnie told the Re-Gen, “We anticipate that 80% of those participating on the programme will undertake the volunteering opportunity and 50% will move into employment,” as far as the figures are concerned, this has already began to show signs of fruition. The Glasgow East Regeneration Agency files are crammed full of successful case histories and people who had previously given up all hope of employment successfully gaining meaningful work, thanks to the help and assistance they have received from the staff at GERA. The staff at GERA has been one of the major reasons behind the overall success of the company and Chief Executive Ronnie Saez must take

Westwood Business Centre

great credit for setting up the company with such expertise in place. Take for example the Community Academy which was opened in the Gallowgate under the GERA banner. The Community Academy in conjunction with CISCO Systems and Microsoft was set up to offer FREE Computer courses and training to unemployed people in the East End and across Glasgow. At a cost of over £1million it offers the most up to date IT learning facilities available and all GERA looks for in return are people eager to learn new skills, actively seeking employment and willing to undertake a work experience placement. Over the couple of years since the opening there are

Dalmarnock Centre 3 Lily Street Glasgow G40 3HE Tel: 0141 556 4776

1345/1351 Gallowgate, Parkhead, Glasgow G31 4DN Tel: 0141 551 0071

14 Friday 11th March 2011



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many Eastenders who have transformed Involvement has always high on the their lives thanks to enrolling in a course at GERA list and when the East End Healthy the Community Academy. Living Project asked for help Ronnie and Another legacy of the GERA presence in the his team stepped in with a plan to get East End has been the complete the project back on track and now transformation of the old with the place “buzzing” Another Blairtummock House again and a children’s legacy of the GERA from a run-down nursery in the offing, derelict building the future is looking presence in the East into State of the bright down End has been the complete Crownpoint Road Art business accommodation way. No matter transformation of the old which is the where you turn Blairtummock House from a in the East End, envy of many. Blairtummock name GERA run-down derelict building isthe House is a Grade always to the into State of the Art business fore, whether it is B listed building, which originally involving, training accommodation which is courses, served as a Country employment the envy of many. House for local opportunities, business industrialists, dating advice or premises, back to 1721. The elegant Childcare, Community blonde sandstone building has matters or just a listening ear, GERA been sympathetically refurbished to retain has proved over the years, that when it many of its period features. The property comes to the East End and caring about now provides a multi-purpose enterprise the future of the residents, Glasgow centre comprising of high specification East Regeneration Agency will be first offices and conference facilities set beside in line to a walled rose garden offering attractive take up the break-out areas and recreational space. An gauntlet. eight-person passenger lift gives easy access to all floors. The internal layout maximises natural daylight, through the incorporation of a central atrium and large windows to the hallways and corridors. There are at least 24 car parking spaces within the surrounding landscaped grounds, in addition to ample on-street car parking. Community


Clyde Gateway 15 Bridgeton Cross Glasgow G40 1BN T: 0141 276 1573

East End Campus,2 Haghill Road, Glasgow G31 3SR

Tel: 0141 588 1500 It’s Never Too Early to Enrol in a course.

Blairtummock House

Ronnie Saez and Yvonne Kucuk of Dalmarnock Community Centre


Friday 11th March 2011


A CELEBRATION OF GLASGOW EAST REGENERATION AGENCY TO name everything that GERA has been involved in throughout the community over the past few years would take ages suffice to say that whenever GERA is called upon they appear. Take for example the annual â&#x20AC;&#x153;Big Day Ootâ&#x20AC;? held in Tollcross Park. A real Gala Day experience is organised for the local residents and needless to say working in partnership with all the other agencies you find many of the staff from GERA volunteering to ensure the day passes off without a hitch. Local Charities also have a lot to thank GERA for as the Business club side of the company raises funds every year and donates them to deserving causes. Beneficiaries have included, The Lodging House Mission, Scottish Outward Bound Association and The Happy Club among others and such help is greatly appreciated by these organisations. GERA can also boast a success story in the construction of the M74 extension as the Employability Services division of the company ensured many local residents were given the chance to gain employment on a project which will transform the whole of the East End when totally up and running. Pictured here are some of the celebration days and nights that GERA has been involved in during the past years. We at the Re-Gen wish to acknowledge the contribution Ronnie Saez and his team at Glasgow East Regeneration Agency have made in the East End and continue to do so.

Platform, The Bridge, 1000 Westerhouse Rd, Glasgow G34 9JW

0141 276 9670


16 Friday 11th March 2011



THE Project has been running for over 15 years set up by local people for the young people in the area. Now it continues to deliver a service still run by local people in the form of a Board of Directors with the involvement of young people in the Youth Boards. Going into 2011 we face one of our toughest years yet. In the past year we have seen jobs end due to funding ending but despite that we will still have a variety of programmes on offer to young people. These programmes include: Seasonal Programme during school holidays where in the past year activities have included Ayr Beach, Country

Parks where they have tried orienteering and pond dipping, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Blair Drummond Safari Park, Louden Castle. Look out for our next seasonal programme during the Spring Break. Our Youth Clubs take place on a Saturday and Monday night 6.30pm – 8.30pm for young people 8 yrs and over in the Calton Parkhead Parish Church where young people enjoy many activities including table tennis, games, basketball, arts and crafts, games consules and much more. Here young people meet new friends in a safe fun environment. Streetworkers engage with young people on the streets assisting them with any issues affecting them, taking out information and signposting them to the services provided by ourselves and the various We other Organisations in the area. respond to the need of the young person on a variety of For many years the Project has taken issues including starting a CV, searching for training and young people to Hopscotch a further education, job searches, housing issues, children’s charity that Our sexual health problems and information and provides 12 young everything and anything that young Youth Clubs take people with a 5 people want day residential. place on a Saturday and information, we This is full of fun will support Monday night and games with them all the young people way. Please 6.30pm – 8.30pm leaving behind the contact the for young people computer games, Project and ask to laptops, games consules speak to someone or 8 yrs and over to take part in activities such pop in and we can arrange as beach visits, horse riding, baking, time for you to have a chat. talent shows and much more. An We also provide Volunteering experience to remember for staff and opportunities and student placements young people alike. for young people in all the services Our Mile Run Activity programme that we offer. We are proud to see last year included Football Camps

The Forge, Parkhead, Glasgow

“ Partnership working with PYP & the work they do for the community and would like to congratulate them on their 15th anniversary”


PYP on all your achievements over the past 15 years!

one of our Volunteers Sherie Gracie heading off to Camp America in the summer to share her skills with young people in Maryland. Sherie has worked hard over the years to get this far and everyone at the Project is so proud of her and wish her well. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the many Funders that have invested in the Project over the years, our partners that have helped provide young people with a range of activities and services and also the community as a whole for supporting us. We look forward to the next year and the challenges it brings and most of all working with all the young people in order that they will shape and inform us of exactly what they are looking for in a Project. Finally a great big thanks to all the young people that have taken part in what we have to offer. Without you all coming along to activities and helping each other there would perhaps not be a project.

urch Gallowgate Parish Ch g ldin Bui e’s St. Luk 17 Bain Street “Congratulations PYP Calton Glasgow on your G40 2JZ 15th Anniversary” Tel 0141 552 5757 Email info@peekpro

Web www.peekprojec Facebook www.facebo


132/134 Westmuir Street, Parkhead, Glasgow, G31 5BW

0141 550 2621 Bowling Swimming Football Outdoor Activities Orienteering Country Park Visits Fun & Games And lots more.... Age 8 - 18 years

1345/1351 Gallowgate, Parkhead, Glasgow G31 4DN Tel: 0141 551 0071 and Golf Camps in partnership with Urban Fox and South Camlachie Youth Project, Streetdance and also Outdoor Adventures including canoeing, hillwalking, orienteering, mountain biking and kayaking. For the past 4 years the Groupwork Programme has provided young people with the chance to take up a 12 week programme that explored issues affecting them. These issues have included drugs, alcohol, lack of community facilities, fundraising, health and fitness and lots more. The programme also provided young people with the chance to go on a residential with lots of outdoor fun. Unfortunately this programme has reached the end of its funding and its time now to develop new programmes that help in addressing the need of the young people so watch this space. One off events in the past years have included the East End 5k Fun Run, Halloween Events, the young person’s Housing Forum with Parkhead Housing Association and lots more. An important service that can go unnoticed is the Information, Advice and Support that we can offer young people.

me gram o r P ox ban F r U e Th urba www.

“Wishing PYP all the best on their 15th Anniversary and will continue to enjoy partnership working with Liz and the team”

48 Methven Street, Lilybank Glasgow G31 4RB Tel: 0141 556 1195


Friday 11th March 2011


Parliamentary Patter Margaret Curran MP March 8th 2011 is the Centenary celebrations of International Women’s Day. This day is recognised as a public holiday in many countries across the world including in Afghanistan, Uganda and Russia, and I will be joining forces with women here in the UK to celebrate the achievements of women from around the globe. There have been significant advances in the wellbeing and equality of women’s lives in Britain since the

first International Women’s day in 1911 when women would still need to wait 7 years to gain the right to vote, and another 10 years until they had equal suffrage rights as men. However, the unfortunate fact is that women still face many barriers in our society. Women are still not paid equally to that of their male counterparts, they are under-represented in positions of business and in politics, and internationally, women’s education and health is of a lower standard than that of men.

In Glasgow we have a particular problem with violence against women. Recent figures show that domestic violence dramatically increases following Old Firm matches; after the most recent match, incidents of domestic violence in Glasgow reportedly rose by 81%. As a supporter of the Glasgow East Women’s Aid (GEWA), which offers sanctuary to many women who have been victims of domestic violence, I am shocked that the passion

for our sport can get so out of hand and that it is the women that face the brunt of such aggression. GEWA does all that it can to help but like so many other agencies at this time of Tory cuts, the organisation faces increasing pressure on its funding, and is unable to help as many victims as it would like, and needs, to do. It is terribly important that elected representatives do all that we can to protect the victims of domestic violence and help them to

rebuild their lives, which is exactly what GEWA do now. There is no excuse for domestic violence and as a society we should condemn all the violence associated with the recent Old Firm matches both on and off the pitch.

Margaret Curran MP 0141 771 4844

Paul Martin MSP Time Up for rogue property factors who have got away with ripping off homeowners for far too long. The Property Factors (Scotland) Bill brought to the Scottish Parliament by my colleague, Patricia Ferguson MSP, has now received the overwhelming support of MSPs in the Scottish Parliament. Residents in factored properties, and many within the industry, welcome the move which will require all factors to comply with a code of conduct and be registered. The passing of

the new law will mean the introduction of mandatory regulation of Property Factors. This legislation will help to root out the rogue element in the property factoring industry and give it the opportunity to show that most factors do work to a high standard. The vote in Parliament is a clear signal to unscrupulous property factors that it is time to get their houses in order or face being refused registration. These measures cannot come soon enough for homeowners who have suffered for far too long at the hands of their factor. This legislation will make sure that,

in future, Property Factors cannot rip off their customers, and those in dispute with their factor will have somewhere to go to have their problem solved. I look forward to seeing this new law being enforced very soon. Damages Bill Passed The Damages (Scotland) Bill, a Member’s Bill introduced by my colleague, Bill Butler MSP, was passed last week in Parliament. This legislation will improve the rights to damages in respect of personal injuries and wrongful death. The new

law overhauls the current system and provides a fair level of compensation in cases of wrongful death without the need for unnecessarily long and distressing court cases. The changes will benefit hundreds of people across Scotland each year. On average, 30 people die each year in Scotland in workplace accidents. Between 1st January 2009 and 20th April 2010, 210 people with mesothelioma and 58 people with asbestos-related lung cancer sought assistance from Clydeside Action on Asbestos. We can act now to speed up the legal process and ensure

that people who have suffered the tragic death of a loved one can begin to rebuild their lives as quickly as possible without having to endure lengthy legal cases.

because bluntly those issues are society’s problem. But if the so-called ‘football summit’ is to mean anything then let’s do some pretty simple but effective things: I. Target individuals who hold season tickets or supporters buses with regular members who conduct themselves unacceptably. II. Find more suitable times for the games by either returning to Saturdays at 3 pm or midweek evenings. III. Ensure the clubs lead by example and deal with members of staff – players or managers – in a more public and direct way. Perhaps Neil Lennon and Ally McCoist should have been fined and the money given to a programme involving

young people trying to cross the football divide. IV. Identify much more collaboration between the clubs to demonstrate that what unites them is football even if the traditions are different. V. Demand much more self-regulation of the journalists and media who thrive on confrontation and tackle the cancer of the internet and web poison that allows innuendo, smear and misrepresentation to be spread without responsibility for the truth to be put forward. If the summit reflects some of these suggestions I hope it makes a difference. After all, it is only a game!

The passing of these Members’ Bills illustrate the fact that Labour MSPs have been active in bringing forward legislation that will make a difference to Paul Martin MSP people’s lives - it is Paul Martin MSP a pity that the SNP Constituency Office Scottish Government 604 Alexandra Parade has very little to GlasgowG31 3BS show for their four 0141 564 1364 years in government.

Frank McAveety MSP I settled down last Sunday to watch a game of football after a good few hours out campaigning to be re-elected as Labour MSP for Glasgow Shettleston. As I regenerated with a cool glass of Irn Bru I witnessed a match that contained two outrageously dangerous fouls, a major bust up involving at least twelve players, and aggressive ¬shouting between two sets of supporters. It was riveting stuff and was played with passion and ¬¬commitment bordering occasional on the maniacal. After the match, little was said and certainly no senior politician butted in with their views on how the matched ‘shamed’ England.

Contrast that with the reaction to the recent Old Firm Cup tie. No doubt the conduct of some of the players was unacceptable and their refusal to behave deserved criticism. But none of the challenges were unduly dangerous or career-threatening as those in the Liverpool-Manchester United match. There were no massive bust-ups on the pitch between the players. There was an unsavoury incident between the Rangers Assistant Manager and the Celtic Manager which the clubs should deal with. Yet, since the match, the media have been full of comment and opinion and senior politicians have decided that the match ‘shamed’ Scotland. No irony from the media who

fuelled some of the tension over the match by running every day on the ‘High Noon’ showdown between two players. No irony for Scotland’s most senior politician whose own team only a few weeks back were involved in a match that had the fans throwing bottles at each other onto the park. No irony from senior police officials who have failed to tackle the cancer of sectarian singing at matches or in certain pubs in our city even when the legislation clearly allows them to act wherever it occurs. We need a sense of perspective before we beat up on our National game and our two biggest clubs about issues that are outwith their control

Frank McAveety MSP 0141 764 0175



Friday 11th March 2011

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Friday 11, March 2011





CONGRATULATIONS to Garrowhill Bowling Club, who have retained the Eastern Carpet Bowls League championship, writes JACK HIGH. WHITEVALE and SHETTLESTON changed positions from last season’s campaign after the latter recorded an emphatic last-game victory. The run-in was: WEEK 12 - Mount Vernon 4 (13-4, 5-10, 7-3), Whitevale 2; Springboig 4 (3-6, 10-1, 6-5), North British 2; Garrowhill 6 (10-3, 8-4, 8-5), Sandyhills 0. WEEK 13 - Garrowhill 6 (8-6, 7-5, 5-4), Mount Vernon 0; Sandyhills 2 (10-5, 3-5, 5-6), Whitevale 4; Shettleston 6 (17-0, 12-1, 10-4), Springboig 0. WEEK 14 - North British 3 (8-8, 6-9, 15-2),Sandyhills 3; Shettleston 6 (14-4,17-5,9-1), Whitevale 0; Springboig 3 (15-4, 6-6, 1-8), Mount Vernon 3. FINAL PLACINGS GARROWHILL SHETTLESTON WHITEVALE MOUNT VERNON NORTH BRITISH SANDYHILLS SPRINGBOIG

P. 36 36 36 36 36 36 36

W. 24 22 18 18 16 12 8

D. 2 2 2 1 2 5 2

L. 10 12 16 17 18 19 26

For 271 291 244 245 236 235 206

Against 203 223 247 244 283 246 284

Points. 50 46 38 37 34 29 18

SHETTLESTON Bowling Club will host the League presentation on April 7. Meanwhile, the Top Ten competition is set to run over three weeks.

MATCH ACTION REPORTS SPECIAL SOUTH CAMLACHIE YOUTH PROJECT 2, BROOMHILL 3. UNDER-14 League. Aldo Manirankunda (2). Man of the Match - Jordan Robertson. KILWINNING RANGERS 2, SCYP 7. UNDER-21 League. Doubles from Liam Cusack and Steven Douglas helped Camlachie to victory. Other scorers: Alan Clark, Craig Buchanan and Ryan Haxton. SCYP 7, RUTHERGLEN GLENCAIRN 2. SIX different goalscorers - Steven Douglas (2), Craig Buchanan, Ryan Haxton, Brian Hughes,Liam Cusack and Mark McKelvie. STRATHCLYDE COLTS 0, SCYP 3. COLTS proved difficult opponents before Craig Buchanan, Liam Cusack, and Brian Hughes clinched victory. SCYP 7, STEINS THISTLE 1. FOUR-goal Liam Cusack stung Jags in the LSK Supplies West of Scotland Cup. Aarron Douglas, Nico Petrucci and Brian Hughes also netted. SCYP 3, THIRD LANARK 4. HI-HI under-14s won a sevengoal cracker. Sean Munro (2) and Aldo Manirankunda scored. VALE OF CLYDE 1, EAST KILBRIDE THISTLE 1. SUBSTITUTE Derek Anderson equalised for E.K. in 80 minutes against Vale, who had McKenzie and Paul sent off. Just before the interval, Vale, who had struck woodwork, deservedly went ahead. Murdoch could only parry a McBride effort and Scott McManus netted. Both goalkeepers made outstanding saves to keep the game level. SANDYMOUNT AFC 5, SOUTHSIDE ACCIES 0. TWO first half goals from Mark Anderson and John Doyle gave an experimental ‘Mount team confidence. Man of the Match Michael Rotchford, Steven Neilson and Leigh Morrison also scored. PETERSHILL 2, THE CELTIC BOYS’ CLUB 3. CELTS’ under-21 continued their unbeaten league run. Scorers: Jack Marriott, David Reid and Craig Fleming. DRUMCHAPEL UNITED 1, THE CELTIC BOYS’ CLUB

2. CELTIC took a big West Premier Division scalp in the Scottish Under-21 Cup quarterfinals thanks to goals from Craig Fleming and Sean Viola. BROOMHOUSE BC 6, NEILSTON JUNIORS 2. TON opened the scoring at Greenfield Football Centre. Before half-time, Mark Anderson, David Quinn, and Darryl McKernan had replied. Quinn made it 4-1 and after Neilston netted again, substitute Darren Hogan and Mark McGeough completed the win. BAILLIESTON JUNIORS 6, ROCHSOLES 3. UNDER-16 League: Nicky Fraser (3), Chris Watson, Stephen Paterson and Ryan Cox at Lochend. ASHFIELD JUNIORS 2, VALE OF CLYDE 4. CLINICAL finishing helped Vale avenge an earlier defeat this season at Tollcross. Vale led 2-0 and 3-1 at Saracen Park. Stephen McGowan (3) and Aldo Mackin. WELLHOUSE BOYS’ CLUB 9, RUTHERGLEN 1. MAN of the Match Jamie Halliday (2), Joe Smith, Tommy Porter and a trialist netted first half goals. Halliday completed his hat-trick, Stevie Kerr, Porter and another trialist made it nine before Glens grabbed a well-taken consolation. WESTHILL 3, SANDYMOUNT AFC 2. THE rebuilding process continued for ‘Mount, who can take plenty of positives from this Premier Division defeat. John Doyle netted in 35 minutes from a Sean Cannon cross. Doyle turned provider for Jamie Campbell 20 minutes from time. BROOMHOUSE BC 4, GOLDENHILL 2. HOUSE trailed following a 49th minute free kick. David Quinn equalised, and in the last half hour they asserted themselves through Sean Cairney (73 mins) and a Quinn penalty four minutes later. Goldenhill grabbed a lifeline on 81 minutes, but unbeaten Broomhouse responded when Chris Neilly’s assured finish came after David Quinn beat the offside trap. HAMILTON CALEY 0, GLASGOW GIRLS F.C. 7. THE

Under-13s had never played together as a team, but will take heart from a fine display. Scorers: Trialist (2), Shelby Thomson, Ebony McEachran, Janeen Campbell (2), and Charmagne O’Donnell. PROVANMILL THISTLE 1, BUDHILL AFC 3. BUDHILL came from a goal down against ten-man Thistle in the Scottish Sunday Amateur Trophy at Greenfield Football Centre. Shaun Gallacher put Provanmill ahead after 30 minutes, but Lee McNicol equalised nine minutes later. Provanmill had a player sent off - the wrong decision in my opinion - and on the hour mark Peter Driscoll drilled home No 2, followed by a header from Davie Green in the 68th minute. Brian Berry missed a great opportunity to reduce the leeway, when he sent a penalty kick wide of the target after 78 minutes. CENTRAL REGION 1, WEST REGION 3. HOLDERS West Under-16s made a winning start to this year’s tournament at Stenhousemuir. Lewis Kinnaird netted in five minutes, but Central equalised 20 minutes later. Kieran Galloway crossed for captain Greg Marshall to volley home a second, and Kyle Doherty made it 3-1 from Waddell’s pass. STEINS THISTLE 2, BAILLIESTON JUNIORS 9. TON Under-16s had the game won by half-time with a 6-0 half-time lead. Stephen Paterson netted a hat-trick. SCYP 3, MORTON 8. UNDER-14 Regional Cup. Scorers: Robin Omar, Jordan Robertson and Thomas Longford. Jay Armstrong was named Camlachie Man of the Match. ST MIRREN 4, WELLHOUSE BOYS’ CLUB 1. FIRST league defeat this season for the Under-16s, who hit a consolation through Stevie Kerr. VALE OF CLYDE BOYS’ CLUB 0, RANGERS SABC 1. GOALKEEPER Steven Mullen produced a brilliant display for Vale Under-15s, and was rightly named Man of the Match at Greenfield Football Centre.

WINNERS... left to right... Cameron Sinclair, Christopher Todd and Mark Reid. SCOTLAND’s longest-running goalkeeping coaching structure has rewarded their own talented pupils with a coveted annual award. Based on attendance, work ethic, improvement over a year and, most importantly, looking after their kit, MARK REID and CAMERON SINCLAIR were honoured at a recent presentation carried out by the highly acclaimed Shot Stoppers Goalkeeping Coaching Academy, whose own proud history dates back to 1994. Helping to reach a decision on the latest nominees was former senior and junior football goalkeeper Chris-

topher Todd, who has been part of the Academy, firstly as a young graduate and now top Group Three Coach, for over 16 years. He said: “Mark typifies what this setup is all about. Dedicated to the extent that when a broken finger ruled him out of action with Celtic Community, he only missed one week with us and still attended with a pin inserted to help speed up the healing process. “Cameron (or Cammy as we know

him) has been the real surprise over 12 months. He has shown a tremendous work ethic, and it has helped his progression through the ranks at Queens Park F.C..” Proving that practice makes perfect, the Group Coach was able to display one of the trophies he picked up after helping his company win the R.S.M. International Tournament in London. As additional British champions, Christopher will help them defend the trophy in May.

SCOTTISH UNDER-21 CHALLENGE CUP QUARTER-FINALS: Drumchapel United 1, The Celtic Boys’ Club 2; Tower Hearts 4, Bonnyton Thistle 0; Murieston 1, Harmony Row YC 5; Campsie Black Watch 3, Bonnyrigg Rose 0. SEMI-FINALS: Tower Hearts v The Celtic Boys’ Club; Campsie Black Watch v Harmony Row Y.C. National Lady Darling Cup: QUARTER-FINALS - Dumbarton Harp v Giffnock; Hutchison Vale v Mill United; Renfrew F.C. v Cramond F.C.; Edinburgh United v Clydeside F.C. Third Round result: Claremont 1, Cramond F.C. 3.

NATIONAL YOUTHS ROUND-UP Under-13: QUARTER-FINALS - Fauldhouse Foxes 2, Leith 1; Wishaw 1, Syngenta 2; Arbroath Lads 0, Moorlands 8; Airdrie United 3, Hutchison Vale 3. Replay 2-4. SEMI-FINALS - Fauldhouse v Moorlands; Syngenta v Hutchison Vale. Under-14: QUARTER-FINALS Petershill F.C. 1, Tynecastle 1; St Johns 0, Syngenta 3; Deveronvale 0, Airdrie United 1; Holytown 2, Antonine Blacks 4. Replay - Tynecastle 3, Petershill F.C. 0. SEMI-FINALS - Airdrie United v Antonine Blacks; Tynecastle v

Syngenta. Under-15: QUARTER-FINALS: Clydebank 0, Park Villa 2; St Cadoc’s 3, Albion BC 1; Edina Hibs 2, Tynecastle 1; Clark Drive 3, Gourock 1. SEMI-FINALS - Park Villa v Clark Drive; Edina Hibs v St Cadoc’s. Under-16: QUARTER-FINALS: Dyce 4, Albion Rovers 2; Hutchison Vale 5, Deveronvale 0; St Johns 1, Ferry Athletic 2; Erskine YFC v Rossvale or Blue Brazil. SEMI-FINALS: Dyce v Erskine or Rossvale; Ferry Athletic v Hutchison Vale.

Under-17: QUARTER-FINALS: Banks ‘O Dee 3, Linwood Rangers 1; KSC Eglinton 1, Kerse 3; Dunbeth 3, Woodside 0; Goldenhill 3, Coltness 1. SEMI-FINALS: Kerse v Goldenhill; Dunbeth v Banks ‘O Dee. Under-19: QUARTER-FINALS: Whitburn or Allanton v Claremont or Salvesen; Bonnyton 2, Stoneyburn 1; Mossend 6, Airdrie Victoria 5; Linwood Rangers 1, Glenburn Miners 0. SEMI-FINALS: Linwood Rangers v Bonnyton; Mossend v Whitburn or Allanton or Claremont or Salvesen.

AROUND THE CLUBS - LATEST NEWS BROOMHOUSE Boys’ Club have added to their playing staff before starting the process of catching up with a backlog of fixtures around Easter. Sean Patrick has been signed from Alba Thistle, and the Paisleybased goalkeeper looks a good prospect. Striker Darryl McKernan, formerly with Weir Recreation, should have no trouble settling into the Under-21 set-up. His brother, Eddie, has been with the club for a few seasons. Broomhouse have kept themselves ticking over under floodlights at the Greenfield Football Centre. Amateur and junior clubs accepted the offer of friendlies the latest of which involved St Anthony in a cracking 3-3 draw. McFadden opened the scoring for Ants in 6 minutes, McGowan added a second goal on 41, and

Deanie made it 3-0 after 52 minutes. Broomhouse, who had a good first half, upped their game and netted through Darren Hogan on 57 minutes, Mark McGeough (60) and David Quinn (82). VALE OF CLYDE Boys’ Club official Peter Phillips didn’t know whether to laugh or cry after the Under-19s reached the quarterfinals of the Regional Cup recently. Three consecutive away wins - including a penalty kick shoot-out at Wishaw Wymcombe Wanderers – has added more pressure to a fixture list, which looks like stretching beyond 20 games from now until early June. Said Peter: “We are working with a very small squad in the Cumbernauld and Kilsyth Youth League, and there is scope for signing three or four new players, born 1992 or 1993.” Give Peter a call on 07920039300.

SHETTLESTON JUNIORS did themselves proud reaching the fifth round of the Emirates Scottish Junior Cup last month, and they will learn from the experience of going up against big clubs like 4-0 winners Irvine Meadow. The current squad is one of the youngest to play at Greenfield Park for several years, and I was impressed with their second half display in a 2-0 fourth round victory against Maryhill Juniors. Stuart Kelly and David McKay netted, but the star turn for my money was Conor Boyle. His mazy run through midfield set-up Kelly’s strike - a week after scoring a sensational solo goal in their 3-3 draw at Lochburn Park. History tells us teams usually suffer a dip in domestic form after going out of any Scottish Cup, but with talent like him in their ranks, Town will be hoping he doesn’t go off the Boyle!

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CITY PLAY TOP ENGLISH OPPOSITION GLASGOW City F.C. have rounded off pre-season preparations with another encouraging display against top English opposition, writes TOM SCOTT. The record-breaking four- shot, which had Birmingham in-a-row Scottish Women’s ‘keeper Hourihan beaten, but Premier League champions was cleared off the line by a defeated Doncaster Rovers covering defender. Belles 2-0 in their final warm- Birmingham picked off their up game at Petershill Park. Glasgow hosts with a third City have now played Liver- goal on the resumption from pool, Chelsea, Birmingham Rachel Williams, and Sally City and Doncaster - and Stanton grabbed No 4 with an the new-look backroom staff excellent overhead kick. have plenty to reflect on from Susi was always dangerous every match. None more so and she completed her hatit would appear than the 5-0 trick as Birmingham demondefeat inflicted by the classy strated the need for Glasgow Brummie squad at Toryglen City to work on pre-season fitlast month. ness, ball retention and match Birmingham are strongly sharpness with their new signtipped to challenge for the ings - the latest of which feanew English Women’s Super tured central defender Danica League championship, and it Dalziel from Celtic. was easy to see why as the Dalziel, a former Scotland well-organised and strong vis- Under-19 International, has itors’ squad produced some returned to the club after a excellent football. four-year absence. England international Dunia Danica admitted: “I left City Susi gave a taste of what was when I was pretty young and to come with a run and 30 the experience of going to yard finish past ‘keeper Claire some other clubs has been Johnstone. good for me. The same player struck again “It is time to really focus on my before half-time with a close football career.” range shot. Dalziel is the third closeGlasgow City’s best effort re- season signing from Celtic, sulted from an Emma Fernon who have also lost Jo Love

ACTION from the Glasgow City F.C. v Birmingham City at Toryglen. Photograph taken by Lorraine Hill

and Christie Murray. The trio enjoyed better fortunes against Doncaster as City controlled possession and totally dominated play - a clear reflection on the lessons learned from that Birmingham clash. Having arrived without a recognised goalkeeper, Belles were helped by Claire Johnstone playing against her team mates, while Laura Williamson

was between the posts for City. Christie Murray fired home a first half corner, and after the interval Johnstone was beaten from the penalty spot by Leanne Ross. Meanwhile, City recently staged a successful Open Day at Glasgow Green. Youngsters of all ages were invited to attend and be coached by qualified staff with a view to joining a team within the club.

CHARITY CEILIDH GLASGOW CITY F.C. are helping to support the Parkinson Charity Ceilidh this month. The traditional Supper and Raffle will take place at St Andrews in the Square on Friday, March 18 (7.30pm). Tickets are still available, and City Chairperson Carol Anne Stewart told me: “It’s friends of mine who are involved in treating Parkinson’s sufferers, and they organise this event every year to raise funds. “Glasgow City give their support by promoting it to all our sponsors, in addition to helping them with raffle prizes.”

SCOTTISH SUNDAY THE Scottish Sunday Amateur Trophy quarter-finals are finally taking shape after recent bad weather. Fifth Round: Provanmill Thistle 1, Budhill AFC 3. Sixth Round: Gantry AFC 3, Westhill 1; Calderbank 4, Airdrie United 3 aet; Dundee Argyle 1, Kilbride Tavern 2; Bowery Bar 1, Castlemilk Dynamo 2; Motherwell War Office 3, Boca Juniors 1. The full 7th Round Draw is: Tower or St Vincents v Castlemilk Dynamo; LBC AFC or Budhill AFC v Motherwell War Office; Kilbride Tavern v Gantry AFC; Calderbank AFC v Lothian Athletic or Eddy’s Bar or Sheddens

CELTS’ CUP TARGET THE Celtic Boys’ Club are ready to target a Scottish Under-21 Challenge Cup final place – at the expense of Tower Hearts. Celts are the only team out-with the West of Scotland League Premier Division to reach the semi-finals, but there is no doubt they deserve this recognition after winning three of their cup ties on opposition soil. Beaten quarter-finalists at Under-19 level last season, Celtic currently top the Lanarkshire Youth Football League. Tower Hearts won the national trophy under the late and much respected secretary Andy Morton. Elsewhere, record nine-time holders Campsie Black Watch, semifinalists last season and runners-up in 2009 and 2006, meet Harmony Row Youth Club, who tasted success in 2005, 2007 and 2008. ROAD TO THE SEMI-FINALS: The Celtic Boys’ Club: Round One - Bye; Round Two - Petershill F.C. (home) 2-2. Replay 5-0. Round Three - South Camlachie Youth Project (home) 4-2. Round Four - Johnstone Burgh (away) 4-1. Quarter-finals - Drumchapel United (away) 2-1. Tower Hearts: Round One - Bye; Round Two - Rosyth Rec (home) 4-0; Round Three -Carbrain (away) 5-2; Round Four - KRR Harestanes (home) 2-2. Replay 3-0. Quarter-finals - Bonnyton Thistle (home) 4-0. Campsie Black Watch: Round One - Tynecastle F.C. (home) 4-0; Round Two - Goldenhill (home) 5-1; Round Three - Boness (home) 2-1; Round Four - Neilston Juniors (home) 3-0. Quarter-finals – Bonnyrigg Rose (home) 3-0. Harmony Row: Round One - Bye; Round Two - East Kilbride Thistle (home) 3-1; Round Three - Torrance Youth Club (home) 7-0; Round Four - Knightswood Juveniles (away) 2-0; Quarter-finals - Murieston (away) 5-1.

PLAYERS WANTED WELLHOUSE Boys’ Club, who play in the Glasgow and District Youth Sunday Football League, require players aged Under-16. Call 07946371645 or 07836234127. VALE OF CLYDE Boys’ Club are seeking a goalkeeper for their Under-14 team, who are top of the Glasgow and District Youth Football Sunday League. Call 07967831228. VALE OF CLYDE Boys’ Club want players for their Under-19 team (born 1992 or 1993). Contact 07920039300 or 07881743940.

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Re-GEN - Issue 52  

Re-GEN is a gree news paper based in the East End of Glasgow.

Re-GEN - Issue 52  

Re-GEN is a gree news paper based in the East End of Glasgow.