Critical Kits and How We Use Them

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perspective, the work seeks to critique the deterministic way in which technological developments intersect with our experience. It has become such a reflex to go to your phone to check where you are that it becomes difficult to imagine a time when getting lost (at least spatially) was a real concern. Earlier technologies, like a paper map, begin to seem quaint and outdated. By bringing the GPS infrastructure back into focus and rethinking what uses we make of it, the work provides space for reflection. This reflection is reinforced by the act of asking for and receiving a tarot reading – an esoteric, if not mystical, way of reading.

networked set of interactions, which pass from a given moment into an archive of experience for both the artist and participant. It may be difficult to understand this project as a model for others to follow, as the form of the card kit is so enmeshed in the content of the work. However, for other practices based around interpersonal interaction or which want to play with the symbolism of the service industry, this card kit model could be fruitful. Even if the kit does not match thematically with other projects, the extreme mobility and unpredictability of the kit could act as a form of inspiration for other kits.

Question Should I move to from Dublin to London? Tarot Reading After an initial period of great potential you move through the world with a strong force, bounded on either side with the potential for combining earthly and spiritual/creative energies (Chariot flanked by Pope and Devil cards)..... To answer the question, you have the energy to forge any path you wish, but the cards indicate the presence of a call to action which should be answered (Judgement card) do not ignore this call.

As an object the kit is highly mobile and has the potential to appear in unexpected places. To date, cards have been passed to friends and contacts and, thereby, allowed to circulate through personal connection and conversation. An inspiration was the small flyers and business cards handed out by healers and sorcerers in markets or on the street. One card has been left in a public place – on the announcements board of a supermarket in rural Canada. I don’t believe this card has led to any contact. However, this raises another issue around this type of kit. It is very difficult to track the movement and impact of such a business card. Indeed, when a request for a reading arrives, the number is typically unknown, with the country code being the only identifying feature. The chaotic and untrackable distribution of the kit adds to the mystery implied by its content. The interactions created by the card are unique according to the question asked and the position of the satellites overhead, but could equally be seen as part of a larger 40