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The logos within this portfolio were all

created by me, Roody Innocent. I began professional logo designs in the fall of 2012 during my freshman year in college. From the class, I learned use various advanced techniques to design the best looking logos for print and web. All logos in this portfolio were designed for professional companies, groups, studios, and individual identities between the fall of 2012 and the fall of 2013.

client: 4H NYC site: The task of this logo was to incorporate a symbol for aid, of Haiti, and of the company’s name, 4H NYC. The resulting design came from constant experimentation with shapes, typeface, and color.

client: Country Roads Foundation site: Country Roads Foundation is a fast-足growing, volunteer-driven, Brooklyn-足based organization that is profoundly impacting the lives of hundreds of children nationwide. I was contacted by CRF to redesign their Camp Power logo for their 2013 sleepaway summer camp. The objective was to keep the original Camp Power identity while introducing a fresh look. With a new type face and composition, the new Camp Power logo came to life.

client: Mindless Entertainment site: The design process behind this logo resulted in three versions, each had to include a sense for music and “mindlessness�. The other two versions were dismissed for this simple, sleek, and compact design.

client: Humble Youth Basketball site: Humble Youth is a junior basketball team in New York.The founder of Humble Youth wanted me to make a logo that symbolized the wealth and pride of the team, resulting in the black and gold color scheme.

client: Metamorphoses Fitness site: My very first logo using Illiustrator, the MetaFit logo was one of my the designs to create. I was new to Illustrator and I was lacking in conceptual thinking. It took 15 different versions before this design was finalized.

client: N/A site: N/A These are personal logos designed for practice using Illustrator.

Logo Portfolio  

The logo portfolio of Roody Innocent.