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The Best Halloween Costumes For Every Woman's Body Type Not all women are built the exact same and some women might not look their best in skimpy Halloween costumes, however that does not mean you won't find a costume that can look amazing on your body shape. Whether you're a size zero or you want to purchase plus size costumes, if you take some time to find the right costume for your body type, you'll end up looking amazing at your upcoming Halloween party. Here are a couple things to look for when finding the best Halloween costume for your body type. Hourglass Figure For those that have an hourglass figure, there are several types of Halloween costumes that will look amazing on you. You will want to choose clothes that flatter your curves, since your hips and shoulders are approximately the same width and you've got a more defined waistline. Costumes including pencil skirts and defined waistlines will be quite flattering on you. If you can find a costume with a belt around the middle, it's going to further define your narrow waist and curvy figure. Because your hips and chest are already fairly prominent in the first place, stay away from costumes that add bulk to your hips and your chest. You might want to think about a sexy cat suit or a more classic princess dress that will flatter your figure. Apple Shape When you have an apple-shaped body, then your shoulders and chest are broader than your hips. If you're a full apple shape, then you want to find costumes that will help fill out the bottom half of your body and will not accentuate the top half. Costumes that have full skirts will be good since they help add balance to your body. Always choose skirts that will be at least knee-length, since something shorter will give off a bulkier appearance, which is the exact opposite of what you want. There are a variety of plus size costumes that'll be fantastic for apple-shaped bodies. You might choose a Greek goddess costume that has loose, flowing fabric or a Marilyn Monroe costume that can bring the attention to your chest rather than your waist. The Pear Shape If your body is pear-shaped, you'll have fuller hips and thighs while your waist is quite small. When you are selecting a costume, while adding shape to your waist, your main purpose will to be minimize the size of your hips. Don’t purchase costumes that will be tight on your behind or that have super clingy fabric. Find dresses that highlight your small waist instead, and hang more loosely on your hip area. To draw focus to your waist, accessorize with flashy belts or a bodice. It's also advisable to wear chunky jewelry that will draw the eye upward, away from your hips. You might opt for a costume that cinches at the waist, or maybe a pirate wench that contains a bodice top and a more sweeping skirt. The Athletic Shape You'll want to purchase a costume that will add curves wherever possible if you have a more athletic shape, or referred to as a boy shape. Buy sleeveless costumes or ones with thin straps to Costume Nation

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The Best Halloween Costumes For Every Woman's Body Type show off your fit, tone shoulders. You may also add dimension to your body by finding a fitted costume that defines what little curves you have. Look for a superhero costume like Cat Woman or Wonder Woman, because these are usually tight and showy. You may also want to look for genie costume or a flapper costume that will show off your fit body. You should be able to find an attractive and fun costume for your upcoming Halloween costume, if you know what kind of costume will flatter your body the most. You will discover the very best plus size costumes for your upcoming party online. For much more details on, view them at their web site,

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The Best Halloween Costumes For Every Woman's Body Type  

You will discover the very best plus size costumes for your upcoming party online. For much more details on, view them at...