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Unchanged. Photographs by

Ryan Donnell

A look at Philadelphia’s Unique Polling Stations

When most Americans think about a polling place, a high school gym or a local church springs to mind. Not in Philadelphia. In this old East Coast city, governed by ward politics and old Democratic party machinery, polling places are tucked away in unexpected locations – like private homes, bars and auto repair shops. Even on an Election Day fraught with change, these voting spots remained untouched. Here’s a look at where Philadelphia voted on Nov. 4, 2008.

Bar, Fishtown.

Auto Repair Shop, Southwest Philadelphia.

Rollerskating Rink, Southwest Philadelphia.

Mosque (prayer rugs covered), Northeast Philadelphia.

Residential Garage, Northeast Philadelphia.

Italian Social Club. South Philadelphia.

Wallpaper Store, Bella Vista.

Vietnamese Restaurant, South Philadelphia.

Barber Shop, Pennsport.

Residential Basement (owner deceased), South Philadelphia.

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Unchanged: Philly's Unique Polling Places  

A look at Philly's strange and threatened polling culture.