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A Simply Perfect Day! Double Dutch Fun Day & Outdoor Games!

It was a Perfect Fantastic-“Funtastic” Event! Double Dutch Fun Day & Outdoor Games! Presented by: St. Luke’s Episcopal Church (New Haven)

Linda Mose Meadows (wife of Rev. Richard D. Meadows, Jr. Pastor/ Priest of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church) initially shared her "Double Dutch Day" idea with Diane Brown , Manager of The New Haven Free Public Library-Stetson Branch. A great community partnership was then forged.

and The New Haven Free Public Library -Stetson Branch

Saturday, September 28, 2013 

GREAT IDEAS! It was indeed a funtastic/fantastic” Double Dutch Fun Day & Outdoor Games event! Oh what a perfect Saturday for friends and family to play outdoors! It appeared that Mother Nature and God had rubber stamped the “Double Dutch” idea which was draped in a canopy of warm weather, blue skies, `plenty of joy and great laughter. “Funtastic” can’t be found in the dictionary, but that’s just how wonderful it felt to be in that moment! Linda Mose Meadows (wife of Rev. Richard D. Meadows, Jr. Pastor/Priest of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church) shared her idea of such an event and the church readily agreed. They eagerly supported this unique outreach effort. Being a new resident to the New Haven community Linda was invited to a “dance” at the Stetson Library and was it ever fun. Salsa and African dance lessons were included in that lively afternoon dance.

Linda quickly realized that the Stetson library branch manager knew how to creatively think outside the box and bring community together.

On that day, Linda witnessed youngsters and adults collectively enjoying the dance lessons and pizza party. Linda initially met and chatted with the Stetson’s Library Manager Diane Brown about the fun atmosphere and possibly having an afternoon of Double Dutch fun at the library.

Diane eagerly embraced the idea and stated that for many “library goers”, community children seek out the library because it provides not only library books, but know their families trust Stetson as a safe haven in the Dixwell community. Linda shared that St. Luke’s Episcopal Church is embarking on its 170th anniversary-with sustaining ministries having a heart for serving the New Haven community. Linda desired to continue operating in that legacy and wished to partner with the library-continuing outreach endeavoring to provide meaningful and relevant services.

Instantly a great partnership was formed between Stetson Library and St. Luke’s Episcopal Church.

Members from St. Luke’s Episcopal Church actively donated gifts and volunteered their time in planning/ preparation for the event (i.e. Rita’s stellar photography, her creation of the “kitchen floor”, her donation of sidewalk chalk, Weber Bank Bags, multiple gifts and tons of energy. Danisha capturing the spirit of the day with creation of a fun flyer; Yvette blessed us with student planners and granola bars. Carol hand delivering the remaining payment for the banner.

DEDICATED COMMUNITY PARTNERS Getting On Board! Planning got underway and outreach support commenced! Reference our Thank You List below of our dedicated and reliable community partners. Anne Demchak (Stop & Shop, Store Manager) and Kate Walton (Stop & Shop Community Relations and Exec.Director of Interfaith Volunteer Care Givers of Greater New Haven) are not only St. Luke's Community Partners but are our reliable neighbors! Neighbors with hearts of compassion! They provided the nutritious lunch of sandwiches, fruit and water.

Alderwoman James-her many donations and caring gestures. Marsha @ FISH providing bags of yummy snacks and resource information. Marcia & Margaret ensuring receipt of necessary funds, loads of energy and providing the perfect TD Bank bags. Shelly providing helping hands and essential advice needed. And our beloved St. Luke’s Steel Band delighting us musically, their generosity is divine!

Linda also shared her desire to have this event with the Honorable Jacqueline James, Alderwoman Ward 3 and the “planning” ball really got rolling. Alderwoman James was instrumental in igniting enthusiasm in the public arena and fervor grew for Double Dutch Fun Day & Outdoor Games!

Linda had an “Aha Moment” and reached out to the New Haven Department of Parks and Recreation. She felt she couldn’t go wrong with soliciting their help with necessary recreation items. They didn’t disappoint her or the children including the young-at heart attendees. They provided the New Haven Activity Bus complete with caring staff and the essential recreational items inclusive of arts and crafts activities!

COME ON LET'S PLAY! Transformation occurred quickly behind the Stetson library. The New Haven Police Department assisted with barricading selected parking spaces and being present during the festivities. This safe play space assisted in our carving out an outdoor play arena complete with an: arts-n-crafts station, skate boarding section, hop scotch area, jump rope/Double Dutch section, parachute arena, and bandstand for St. Luke’s Steel Band. The zealous hula hoppers, “hulaed” wherever and whenever the spirit struck and the jack players enjoyed playing on linoleum pieces, reminiscent of our kitchen floors of bygone days!

Capturing Memorable Moments: photography by Rita “Sheri� Richards

and iphotos and photo collages by Linda Mose Meadows


Each attendee received take-home goody bags filled with items from compassionate community partners. These partners helped make a memorable fun day, an awesome day!

The remarkable team of New Haven Police Officers (present) and the individuals/business's on the Thank You List below embraced our vision of creating a memorable day! This was indeed a day filled with fun, fitness and literacy for all ages.

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Double dutch newsletter